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					Importance of Salary has projected lime light on compensation & benefits under company review and job-role
section. has extensive rating of employees’ anonymous feedback on salary for different
companies. You can visit to see these ratings on Salary is an important
criterion that employees consider in terms of evaluating company and job-role. Salary of an individual is
based on his skill, experience and a responsibility in the respective provides you salary
information shared by real employees in different companies. You can review salary numbers by visiting

Dhung is a community of active career seekers who want to make best career decisions in life. Dhung
provides these users with tools, information and analytic that helps them in making right career
decision. Dhung community can take advantage of the information shared anonymously by other users
in the community. The community also needs new information so Dhung team requests users to share
their information anonymously so that others can take advantage of that information. We believe in
growing by sharing.

We also help employers because if employees make the right career decisions about the company and
role then they will be more satisfied and this will have a positive impact on employee’s long term loyalty
to the company and enhanced productivity.

Company Review: Before you are about to Join a new company or spend your hard earned money
paying service the organization provides you may like to find out the reputation of the firm yourself
form the reviews of prospective companies. Hoping that the job you want or work you like to be done
will be done well, definitely you will get the Company reviews online here.

Interview: There is several types of job interviews questions that the job seeker faces while doing the
Job search. In we provide the Interview questions may ask in the interview of different
organizations for different profiles and company. I am sure that this will help all the peoples looking for
a job to prepare them self for the interview better.

Salary: Employee salary reviews in different organizations provide peoples reasons for salary decisions
to choose the best package for the job in the companies. It's a good practice to boost the confidence of
your as a employee, to develop their strengths and work on the specified weaknesses.

Job Roles: People always wonder that the current job skills will be useful for their in your next job or
not? Many of Employees lose their current positions and are unable to find new jobs. It is possible that
there is a lack of demand in their particular field. Dhung will provide you the better idea of a job role or
skills required in the particular job.

To get more information on salary structure you can log on to

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Description: Dhung Provides Information of Company Reviews, Interview Questions, Salary, Skills, Job Roles posted by the employees