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									What Is Destined For My Daughter

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1) This is the most difficult question posed by a relation for her daughter. As the outset
it is stated that no Astrologer is God and only Brahma knows the troth about the
destiny of a particular native.

2) The telephonic question was put to me on 10th September, 1994 at 8.00P.M (Delhi).
The question had been put by mother to know about her daughter with reference to
over-all prosperity keeping in mind the death of one of the Twins son on 11.08.1994
and her shifting with husband and children for a distant place in connection with
business/profession of her husband. The planetary position on 10th September 1994.

3) Form the above it is seen that dual sign Pisces was rising at the time of question.
Lagna Lord Jupiter gets to the so-called inauspicious house (8th house) with Venus and
Rahu accepted by are and also aspected by Retrograde Saturn. Therefore some
troubles/diseases to the body are indicated as the Lagna is hemmed by malefic and
Lagna Lord is under the influence of malefic. With Mercury in its sign Virgo would make
the journey comfortable in view of the supporting strength given by planets i.e. Sun in
its own sign, Venus in its sign and Saturn, though Retrograde, in its mool-trikona sign,
be that as it may, her mind shall remain disturbed in view of Mars in 4th house
aspecting 8th house, 10th houses. The moon's entry (Moon debilitated) in Anuradha
ruled by Saturn may also increase mental worry.

I have the birth chart of the native about whom enquiry is being made and the attached
chart with the Dasha running would speak for the welfare or otherwise of the native:

By chance the Lagna rising is the same as in the question asked by mother. Here again
the Lagna Lord is at the fable degree of 29.22 though in Chalit it travels to the Lagna
and gains some strength. But the degree of the rising Lagna is also not that powerful.
Here the benefic Jupiter owning Lagna is weak and Lagna itself with less degree is also
weak. In addition, the Lagna is aspected by Saturn is aspected by Saturn and in turn
Saturn is aspected by Retrograde Mars and Rahu. The other powerful benefic in
astrology is Venus which again is in the frap of malefic i.e. Saturn, Rahu, Mars and
Ketu. Neutral Mercury has been no strength because of its degree. Sun is in 12th house
and in the sign of Saturn but aspecting its own 6th house-thus saving the active from
ladies problems. 5th house relating to children id badly damaged as it has Mars (R) and
Rahu in it (Mars is debilitated) and aspected by Saturn and Ketu though the aspect of
beneficial Venus cannot be ignored.

The native was born in Ardra Nakshtra – ruled by Rahu. The day of birth was Tuesday
owned by Mars. The natives born under this Nakshtra are given handsome body,
chaming eyes and prominent nose and is well behaved and peace minded but the
position of certain planets having no strength are capable of giving mental agony to the
native and physical aliments. The facial test as per astrological distains satisfied in the
case of the native.

With regards to education, such natives normally get to electronics, drugs/
pharmaceutical. They also earn by consultation work. Some of them turn out to be
teachers/ professors. This test is also satisfied as the native is a teacher by profession.

Many thoms are indicated in married life and the native cannot enjoy full happiness
from the relations of husband. Here going to a distant place is also confirmative of the
separation from members of the family.

Moon is Ardra is capable of causing cough and cheat problems. Therefore the native
had been advised to take care of this aspect so that no Asthma is caused later in life.
This is also responsible for making the native 'sadistic'. Accordingly, she need to be
consoled specially after the death of her son (as indicated above) so that she should be
in position to maintain her mental peace.

It is indicated that the native is extravagant to the point of wastefulness. Advised to
spend when considered absolutely necessary.

The Moon in Gemini can cause nervous temperament and make the native excitable to
do man things at a time with extreme mental activity. Though imaginative, she is
capable of collaborating in her husband's business and become a good organizer.

Shanker Adawal

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