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									                   Symptoms of malwares and ways to remove them from your PC

Whether you are a student, a faculty member or an administrator, most of your life revolves around a
computer. Computers play a very important role in your lives as they hold most of the important
documents and data you need. Therefore, you must understand the impact it has on you when your
computer encounters virus attacks.

Although optional, it has become very necessary to equip your computer with an effective anti-virus
software since viruses can attack just about any computer. This helps protect your system from being
vulnerable to attacks made by viruses. Protecting your computer includes doing routine maintenance,
setting up security firewalls and cleaning your system so that you will not lose any important data and
information stored in your computer.

There are many different kinds of viruses capable of attacking your computer system. These viruses are
always ready to hamper your routine activities, leak your information or worse make your system crash
completely. Some of these viruses include worms, Trojans, malwares, spywares, spam and many more.

Out of all the mentioned viruses, malwares have proved to be the most destructive and damaging since it
can spread easily and has the ability to enter your system and hamper your online activities, discreetly.
You might think that you are working safely online, but at the same time, you are also losing huge
amounts of data in your computer.

Symptoms of virus and malware attacks:

To understand malware threats, it is highly necessary for you to understand the signs and symptoms of
the malware attacks.

    1. When you start your computer or when it is in idle position, the Internet browser opens to display
       Web site advertisements.
    2. While using the browser to view any website, browsers suddenly open to display web site
    3. Web pages are unexpectedly added to your Favorites folder;
    4. You are unable to start any program or when you click a link in a program, it doesn’t work.
    5. New toolbars are unexpectedly added to your Web browser;

Protecting your system from the vulnerable attacks by the malwares:

It is mandatory to find a computer virus removal solution for yourself so that you can perform efficiently
and effectively. The best antivirus software will undergo regular back up of your data and will configure
automatic updates. By getting the best antivirus download, you can also activate the firewall protection for
enhanced network security.

When you install the anti-virus solution, it will regularly scan your hard drive for any infected files. Apart
from that, you must always remember to not download anything from distrusted and suspicious websites.
Make sure to set up strong passwords for your online accounts so that you attain complete PC virus
protection. Make a good research to find the most suitable antivirus download that can help you stay

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