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									Mediation – Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1) Meditation embraces all facets of life and death. Death-the inevitable has come to all of
us. After realizing your inner-self, you will become to the feat of death. Under Yaksha-Prana
– the old epic, it was stated that death and rebirth make Brahamnas fallible fear makes
Kshtryas fallible. Weightier than earth is the mother faster than wind is the Mind (Moon the
controller of mind is the fastest planet). Further, day after day humans enter the abode of
Yama (Lord of Death) and yet, these who remain believe that they are alive forever. What
can be the greater wonder.

2) In the present-day, one has to dinf out middle path- i.e. Yogi while Bhogi. Do meditation
while performing your daily duties towards home and business/ service etc. once you get
deeply involved in one form of Worship (Pooja)-path, then automatically you will have
falling of detachment and family life and worldly affairs will become secondary to Supreme
will. Karma and meditation go together and nutshell the message to be advocated for the
welfare of humanity is 'Acha Bolo' (speak well), 'Achha Karo' (do-food) and 'Achha Dekho'
(See well). Practically Mahatma Gandhi had also preached the same things.

3) Meditation needs no place though when at home or your regular abode, meditation is
being done at a particular place. The place of meditation would differ from persons to
persons. But the point to be emphasized is that when you are on tour or the way even in '
Bus/train or aero plane, then meditation (pooja) need to be done at the fixed time or near
thereto as my be done at the fixed time or near thereto as may be found convenient
depending n the circumstances in which you are placed.

4) Connected with meditation is the cycle of birth and re-birth. Some say that 'poorva-
janama' does not relate to past lives but also refers to actions done in the present birth. We
all know some persons who apparently have not done any bad deed in this birth but still
they have suffered physically on account of illness and at times this attributed to the deeds
of precious birth-though difficult to verify. Be that as it may 'Pap' is sin but may par take
the character of one's duty.

5) With meditation goes the health. Health is wealth is accepted by all though in the case of
some yogis, meditation is the supreme and health secondary. I respected Jain Muniji who
had suffered all types of ailments bur acquired the power of a real yogi i.e. healing by touch
– all on account of sincere and constant meditation. In this connection, it would be apt to
say tat there are lakhs of people in the word who prepared to exchange all that they have in
exchange for health but every body has to suffer the pangs of diseases on account of their
own 'Karma' though now a days, some organs of human body are transplanted.

6) In Astrology, the 6th house of the horoscope is known for diseases. Therefore the
diseases and its intensity would depend on the planets concerned with the 6th house and
Lord. To overcome the evil and inauspicious effects of the 6th house, both Mantras and
medicines are suggested. Mantras i.e. meditation have also the required healing power.

Shanker Adawal

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