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Flooding in Metro Manila


Are you living in a flood-prone area? Are you in the process of buying a piece of real estate property? Flooding is one of the biggest problems a homeowner could face. This presentation shows which parts of Metro Manila are prone to flooding. Be prepared and keep safe.

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									     Flooding in
    Metro Manila
Are you living in a flood-prone area?
18 to 20 flood
events occur in
Metro Manila each
          Social Science Diliman
        (January-June 2000) 1:1
                      pp. 60-105
In 1985, it was estimated
that seven percent or
66,000 hectares (660 sq.
kms.) of Metro Manila are
prone to flooding.
      Social Science Diliman (January-June 2000) 1:1, pp. 60-105
In 1990, 14 percent of Metro Manila (86.7
sq. kms.) are inundated with floodwaters.
             Social Science Diliman (January-June 2000) 1:1, pp. 60-105
This is a flood map of Metro Manila from the GMANews.TV MULTIMEDIA TEAM
showing all the areas in Metro Manila that are prone to flooding.
As you can see, Quezon City is among the least flood-prone cities in the Metro, if
not the least.
According to the Office of Civil Defense
(OCD), the areas considered to be flood
prone in Quezon City are:

•   Talayan
•   Libis
•   Galas
•   Tatalon Estate
•   Roxas District
•   Project 6
   To learn more about the flood-prone areas in the Metro, visit the
   following sites/pages:

   GMA Network Flood Map

   OCD List of Flood-Prone Areas in the Philippines

                                               TAKE CARE
Presented to you by:

Metrostar Realty and Development, Inc.
                                               KEEP SAFE
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