Economic Disaster by mdmushtak


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									                                     The economic and financial disaster modern is now almost
                                     complete, and most of the land is now restored. The situation is
                                     very different in the media, and the crisis is not suddenly arriving. It
                                     is the result of bad fiscal policy, which had been taken over the past
                                     two decades.

                                    The first signs of the economic crisis began at the end of the 1990s
and beginning of the new millennium. Companies cannot move the sense of threat and continue to their
product sales online through credit cards. E-commerce makes things positive, but like all the rest, there
are a few disadvantages of this approach. Unfortunately, the impacts of the retail have many

However, the disaster, what is known in the 2008 year, have developed the global economic crisis.
Negative impact on trade and investment, the experience gained in a number of countries, export-
oriented. The threat of a double s more protectionism and drainage of trade on the horizon appear also.

Continuous decline of the obtained financial best environment for the development of the company is
more important than ever to mitigate these negative effects on the world economy, particularly in less
developed regions. Trade is very important for the recovery in the future and the world to promote long
term economy and structural change of aid for trade, in the form of the existing infrastructure and
develop capacity

Sales of money have a positive impact on the economy and financial performance. The money must be
distributed aid economic growth on the market, but in this case the good banks or customers and the
majority of the business units which reduces due to the financial management of evil. Return on
investment is close to 0 (zero) and the economic downturn and the financial situation, which is of the
Assembly of the rate of interest on bank loans and emptied of its finances if necessary. Organizations
are at risk to have the liquidation and some have survived anxiety.

The impacts of the economic and social crisis in some countries are destructive, and it could be even
worse. The world is not the idea of the seriousness of the problem. Millions of Filipino workers have lost
their jobs due to the financial and economic crisis and were forced to resettle in their countries of origin.
They are the currency of your country in this financial and economic crisis, but now they have joined
hands with millions of unemployed to prevent economic crisis.

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