Top 3 reasons one must use credit monitoring service

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					                 Top 3 reasons one must use credit monitoring service

As we all know, our credit score is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. This is
why we should be monitoring it as much as we can. Your credit report will contain practically
everything that you do that is related to your credit. Such as payments, bills, missed payments,
loans, debts and of course, the most important your credit score. Your credit will be the one to
determine how worthy you are to banks, lenders or companies. You have to maintain, boost and
protect your score all at the same.

Credit monitoring services are very reliable if you want to maintain and keep track of your score.
Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider subscribing to a monitoring service.

     Early detection/Protection against identity theft- Credit monitoring services keep you
      updated all the time. It will notify you if there have been any changes in your account,
      such as exceeded limits, change in information, transactions etc. Being a victim of identity
      theft requires you to check credit score & report at least once a week. A monitor service
      will let you check as often as necessary. You will be able to track fishy transactions early
      and you’ll be able to move quickly about it.
     Report/fix errors faster- Having an online service will help you check if there are errors on
      your report. Knowing early will of course help you act immediately. Requesting for the
      latest copy of your report will take at least a month before it arrives, it’s quite time
      consuming especially if you have to fix the errors immediately.
     Be notified about payments, exceeded limits etc. - People are very busy nowadays that
      they often forget about their bills. Another advantage of credit monitoring is that you will
      receive notifications about your report. You can even customize it too. Missing out on
      payments is the last thing you would want and need on your report so it’s best to keep
      them at bay.

Having a credit monitoring service can be pricey for some. At around $600 annually it can really
be steep. But if you are at risk of identity theft or if you want to be updated all the time with your
credit report then it’s all worth it. Still, it is best to determine the things that you need before
subscribing to a service.

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