mario brothers atari pacman tribute by mcreyes83


									MARIO BROTHERS and PAC-MAN : A tribute to two of the not so many TIMELESS
and genius games ever produced
"a timeless act or art is done in the right moment, not time, with talent
and/or skill at the right platform of expression and with will" - dax

From time to time we see great random things spring out of the open from
genius minds. Few are expected to come but most of them just startle us.
Some of them though can just be a fad or something that's gonna struck
you for days and then just fade. But, there are not many out there that
actually become timeless. So great and nice that people just cant get

and things like these came in video games (and many other aspects of

Well, so good to play during the days that kids and gamers cant get
enough of them and ask for more. This is one manifestation probably why
Game series' came to life.

Who in the earth does not know or even heard about Shigeru Miyamoto's
mario brothers? No wonder this wonderful creation became a success.

Just like the movies, this timeless video games' sequels were titled as
is. Developers or owners just placed 1, 2 or 3 for them to be more
recognizable or for whatever reason.

How about Toru Iwatani's originally puck-man or say pac-man ?

Now this is interesting, they didn't just place 1, 2 or 3 on the title ,
rather, they kind of completed the family by having the other series such
as having a Ms. Pacman and a Pacman Jr. Great idea to make it even more

I don't know if Retro game collectors share the same sentiment but, i
really do appreciate little things like obtaining these games. No
questions if they are rare or maybe as common like this mario brothers
cartridges. Thing is, they are fruit of hardships, wisdom and chance.They
were few of the many game creations who were permitted by time to be
remembered by most until now.

People liked them, I like them. Easy to say , they are wonderful
creations. Its not about how much or how few but just the fact of having
them lying on my house readily available for play today, tomorrow ,or if
possible in many years to come. That's probably too much to ask.
Kudos to the people who have created such timeless works, and ALSO to all
the people, partners, wives, friends and everyone who made it possible
for them to do so. You people might even deserve more acknowledgement
rather than those who actually got it but, i remember there was once a
ruler of an empire who said,

"History remembers Kings not soldiers"

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