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Why employ MJ Wood Management?
  MJ Wood Management is an independent project management
  consultancy company, with a proven track record in the provision
  of the following suite of services to a diverse range of clients:

  •   Residential Project Management Services
  •   Commercial Project Management Services
  •   Construction Management Services
  •   Strategic Advice

  The company possess the necessary skills and experience, to
  reduce the time and cost of your project by at least 20%.

                                                   Call us: 02 9997 3426
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About MJ Wood Management

      MJ Wood Management was founded by Michael Wood in February 2000.
As a qualified engineer and building project manager, Michael Wood brings to
the business thirty years of “hands on” experience in all facets of the
construction industry, from planning and estimating through to construction
supervision and project management.
 “Our prime focus is to ensure that all aspects of the project are delivered to the
 complete satisfaction of the client.”

     MJ Wood Management can add value to your project at any time during its
     lifecycle. However, the earlier our involvement, the greater the value added.

                                                              Call us: 02 9997 3426
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  MJ Wood Management offers an initial complementary
  consultation with each client, to obtain a clear understanding of
  the current status of the project, and to discuss the client’s key
  objectives and requirements moving forward.

        For more information about our approach, identifying the optimum
        property solution, design and planning approval, etc. visit:

        • Residential Project Management
        • Commercial Project Management
        • Construction Management
        • Owner Builder Services

                                                          Call us: 02 9997 3426
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What our clients say

                       Call us: 02 9997 3426
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Contact MJ Wood Management
  To arrange a complimentary assessment of your specific project
  requirements, please contact Michael Wood on:

  Phone number: 02 9997 3426
  Facsimile:           02 9979 2793
  Mobile:              0403 066771
  Email: michael@mjwoodmanagement.com.au
  Site: http://www.mjwoodmanagement.com.au/

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                                                     Call us: 02 9997 3426
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