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									Private IP Range:
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04.05.2012. is an IP address. Casual Internet users probably are not familiar with it. However,
administrators that work with local area networks (LAN) should be aware of its properties.
Those who use routers ought to be familiar with this IP address too.

Properties and Function of the IP Address

This IP address is one of several that are between and The
address is categorized as private. Currently it is being used by some broadband routers and
companies like Netgear.

The broadband router is one of the vital components in a network. If your home has a
network, the router will be a part of it. Many kinds of routers exist, but their basic function is
the same. They are used to facilitate DSL, cable games and various online connections.
What the router does is process information. This makes it unnecessary to install switches and
DHCP servers.

Other Facts about

This is usually the default address in many browsers. However, you can change this using a
Web browser. This step is usually performed by network administrators in case of a network

This IP address’ properties mean only a single device can be connected to it. Do not attempt
to link it up to another device. This will result in a network malfunction. For this reason,
inexperienced users should not be allowed to alter the settings.

This address may also be passed through repeatedly. Even though only one device can be
assigned, numerous designations may be used. This feature allows them to be used in
connecting computers to varying networks.


The IP address is used mainly for broadband routers. It is also utilized as the default gateway
in different systems. The default gateway is the method through which a subnet sends data to
other subnets.

Imagine a highway where numerous vehicles traverse. Replace the vehicles with data; that is
how the process works. This is the typical setup in LAN. But some are configured internally.


Various problems can arise from using different IP addresses. If troubles arise, the first place
to look would be the IP address. Ensure that no other device is using it. Because it is the home
page, numerous controls can be modified here.
Check the WEP and the DHCP settings if a security breach is suspected. If that does not
resolve the problem, change the modem settings. You can also change the LAN setup if
necessary. The configuration and the process are similar in D-Link and Netgear.

As stated earlier, this IP address is something network administrators should know. Casual
computer users will probably not know much about But some knowledge may
come in handy if they have to suddenly deal with routers or networks.


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