Misconceptions about Holistic Lifestyle and Aromatherapy by Bapak.Suhartono02x


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									The best way to start a medication is to understand its misconceptions
first. Holistic lifestyles are not so common that everyone is aware of
it; hence this too has its share of misconceptions clearly aided by
rumors. Comparing articles online or talking to a holistic lifestyle
practitioner is a good way to start.

 Some basic misconceptions about holistic lifestyle which utilizes
natural health supplements, is as follows.

 Statement: Holistic lifestyle is for old or people fighting with life
threatening diseases.

 Truth: No doubt holistic lifestyle helps people suffering from many
illnesses, but it is not like young people cannot try such an existence.
In today's hard paced lifestyle, our solutions are creating many problems
to one and all. A scientist documented the above fact as follows. "We all
are self created time bombs." Holistic lifestyle is accepted to attain a
healthy body and mind.

 Statement: Holistic lifestyle makes you a good person.

 Truth: Like you cannot generalize emotions, same way you cannot judge if
a person is good or bad by yourself. Holistic lifestyle takes you towards
nature so in a way it makes you more aware of things. Becoming a certain
type of person is an individual's choice though. Also, as holistic
lifestyle influences your mind and spirit, your general awareness about
values of life increases and you may become a better person.

 Statement: All essential oils have a nice glowing smell.

 Truth: Some essential oils may create an aroma but not all. In addition,
many fake essential oil manufacturers add such perfumed extracts to woo

 Statement: Do not buy essential oils in aluminum bottles.

 Truth: If aluminum bottles are lined from inside, you can use essential
oils stored in such bottles.

 Statement: Holistic healing can cure aids/cancer/diabetes and other
incurable diseases

 Truth: Such statement is like overrating something. Holistic healing is
a process which works on the imbalances of your body, but never ever has
any holistic lifestyle practitioner or coach claimed curing aids or
diabetes. Holistic lifestyle is a way of life and not a medicinal
solution for a certain problem.

 There are many other misconceptions about living a holistic lifestyle or
usage of aromatherapy essential oils which have been started by small
time manufacturers to boost their sales. The worst being people still
fall prey to such bogus claims.

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