Making Lifestyle Changes Is The Permanent Way To Good Health by Bapak.Suhartono02x


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									There are a lot of steps we can take to help jump-start our weight loss
program. First it should be considered a life-style change, not a diet.
Look into the foods that you eat and see what needs changing. If you are
eating sweetened cereals for breakfast, switch to natural grains instead.
Incorporate some protein at breakfast and don't skip this meal. Always
try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables for the best nutritional value.
Frozen is the next best way to go. Always have protein at every meal,but
be careful of the amount. Try to cut your portions sizes down.

Fill up on the salads and vegetables. Also watch your carbs. You want to
avoid added sugars and refined carbs. Try to get adequate fiber, it helps
regulate blood sugar and is filling. If you enjoy dining out like I do,
bring half of your meal home and have it for lunch the next day. It's
also very economical. Start thinking about food in a different way. Try
to think of food as fueling our bodies, not as treats and rewards. If you
have failed many times before try taking a different mental approach.
Start your mind thinking before you start eating. If you are eating until
you are stuffed, you have eaten too much. Just eat until satisfied.

Activity is very important also. But it's about the right kind. Trying to
pack in more at the gym isn't the route to take. It just feels like
drudgery to most people, and you end up quitting soon after you start.
Incorporate more activity every day. Take a walk, play with the dog, play
with your children, just get up and move and make it fun. Once you have
gotten used to moving you might want to add a more formal type of
exercise. There are many avenues for this. You have the internet at your
fingertips and it is a great resource.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful as you embark on you new life
style. Remember if you slip, pick yourself up and keep going. Don't let
one slip make you go on an eating binge. If you had a little fender-
bender with your car, you wouldn't try to smash it up more, would you?
It's the same with diet and exercise, just add it into your lifestyle and
it will soon become a way of life. You will be very proud of your
accomplishments and feel so much better physically and mentally. You'll
wish you had done something sooner.

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