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					Global Learning Center Update
At Technology Square
Opening September 2003
Presented by
Dr. Bill Wepfer, Vice Provost
Distance Learning and
Professional Education (DLPE)
                Technology Square

Technology Square project includes:
• Global Learning Center
• Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
• DuPree College of Management including an executive
  education center
• EDI Building
• Georgia Tech Bookstore
• Technology Square Research Building
• ATDC building
• Retail and restaurants



               Technology Square
         Relationship between GLC and
               Technology Square
• Physical connection of GLC to The GT Hotel and Conference
  Center (GTHCC) will allow for seamless operation between the
  two facilities
• Proximity to retail and restaurant establishments in Midtown will
  increase the range of meeting, learning and hospitality services
  to Georgia Tech and to the greater Atlanta community
• Faculty and course participants will have convenient access to
  Georgia Tech Bookstore
• Most distance-delivered credit courses will remain on the main
  campus but will utilize GLC technology and can be delivered
  anywhere around the world
  Relationship between GLC and GTHCC

• GLC will host short courses, day conferences, and joint
  programs with the GTHCC
• GTHCC will host multi-day conferences and joint-
  programs with the GLC
• GLC and GTHCC have complementary capabilities and
• Seamless coordination of GLC and GTHCC will enable
  Georgia Tech to host conferences of up to 500 attendees
                      DLPE Vision

• Georgia Tech will be the leading provider of technology
  related short courses and conferences in the southeastern
• Georgia Tech will be the best world-wide provider of
  distance-delivered premium engineering and technology-
  related MS degrees to working professionals
   The GLC will enable Georgia Tech to:

• Be a leader in educational pedagogy and the delivery of
  distance education, especially as it impacts lifelong
• Grow its international outreach
• Provide educational outreach to its key research partners
  in a manner that will assist the growth of our research
                                                                          GLC – 1st Floor


Computer Rooms           Registration       Video Conference
Distance Learning Room   Break Area         Stairs to Second Floor
CoC Office Suite         Temporary Office
DL Office Suite          Studio
                                                                      GLC – 2nd Floor

75-Seat Auditorium    Registration          Entry from Parking Deck
125-Seat Auditorium   Break Area
250-Seat Auditorium   Temporary Office
Link to Hotel         Stairs to 1st Floor
                                         GLC – 3rd Floor

Sub-Divisible Rooms   Registration
Rooms                 Break Area
Conference Rooms      Temporary Office
                                                 GLC – 4th Floor

Vice-Provost Suite                 DLPE Suites
Special Use Classroom (60 Seats)
50 DLPE Workstations
                     GLC Features

• 27 rooms including 5 auditoriums, 7 computer labs, and a
  total seating capacity of 1,500
• Convenient parking for faculty and course participants with
  1,200 space parking deck located next to GLC and GT
  Hotel and Conference Center
• Wireless network will allow instructors to check email and
  access the internet
• Technology to deliver and receive programs from around
  the world
            GLC Features continued...

• Ability to download information from campus servers to
  GLC for presentations/instruction
• State -of-the-art technology will allow instant
  communication with facilities in GT Lorraine, Singapore,
  GTREP and virtually anywhere in the world
• Transient offices for faculty
• Stinger shuttle will run between campus and Technology
  Square every 4 minutes
• Easily accessible by MARTA, I-85 & I-75, Hartsfield
  International Airport
    Distance Learning Services Available
              Through the GLC
•   Executive video conference service
•   Video tape & CD-ROM duplication service
•   Video editing service
•   Streaming media services
•   Remote video production service
•   TV production studio
•   Satellite broadcasting service
•   Audio/Video/Data connectivity
     Features for GLC 1st Floor Distance
               Learning Room
    There is one premium distance learning room available
    with the following room features:

• 5 permanently mounted TV cameras
• Permanent TV production console in separate control room
• 5 plasma panels
• Microphones and Internet data ports on desks for participants
• Video teleconferencing
• Audio digital signal processing equipment with integrated
  audio teleconferencing hybrid
• Power and LAN connections
     Professional Education Services &
      Steps to Teaching a Professional
             Education Course
• Contact Dr. Joseph Boland, Interim Associate Vice-Provost,
  and he will assign a team to work on your course

• An initial meeting will be setup with you to discuss
  expectations regarding your course

• Team members work with you on a preliminary budget,
  securing meeting space and coordinating any food and
  beverage needs
    Professional Education Services &
     Steps to Teaching a Professional
            Education Course
• Course marketing is initiated including market research,
  selecting mailing lists, formulating a marketing plan,
  coordinating design and mailing of marketing materials and
  listing course on Professional Education web site
• Registrations and payment are processed via checks, cash,
  credit card and confirmation letters are mailed to course
• Professional Education team coordinates all aspects of course
  logistics including enrollment, food breaks, notebook
  production, copyright issues and room setup
     Professional Education Services &
      Steps to Teaching a Professional
             Education Course
• On-site registration is provided on the first day of the course
  and includes course rosters, name badges and processing of
  walk-in registrants
• Vendor invoices are paid
• Course financials are prepared and sent to course
  administrator and course surplus is transferred to sponsoring
• Course evaluations are sent to you for Professional Education
  Services provided
                 Faculty Benefits

• Earn extra compensation
• Earn revenue for your Unit
• Increase visibility and recognition
• Opportunity to teach in a modern learning environment
• Host a regional, national or international conference in a
  state-of-the-art facility
For short course and conference
         needs contact:
Dr. Joseph Boland, Interim Associate Vice-Provost
    Distance Learning and Professional Education
                Phone: 404-894-8572
         Email: joe.boland@glc.gatech.edu

   To schedule an event at the
          GLC contact:
          Tim Gargis, Sales Manager
             Global Learning Center
               Phone: 404-385-3532
         Email: tim.gargis@glc.gatech.edu

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