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									In spite f th dffrnt beliefs f dffrnt people ll rund th world, w n lw
choose rtn w t live ur wn lives. Evrn n choose wht t d wth compassion nd

 A vegan lifestyle h bn hailed n f th mt kind nd compassionate w f food
lifestyle. If person fllwng vegan lifestyle, u r pledging nt t eat n
kind f meat r animal products.

 Most vegans (vegetarians) blv tht animal farming   vr cruel w t mk
money. Raising animals nd turning thm nt meat nd thr products tht r
beneficial t humans vr inhumane.

 A person wh decides t b vegetarian t hl decrease th existence f animal
cruelty making rght choice t respect life.

 Most people blv tht humans nd meat products t absorb ll th nutrients nd
vitamins needed b ur body t properly function. However, vegetarians blv
tht bng vegetarian tull healthier bu vegetables, fruits, grains nd thr
plant foods n l substitute th nutrients tht w gt whn w consume meat.

 According t th American Dietetic Association, vegan lifestyle l
attributed t th significant reduction f risk fr heart diseases, coronary
ailments, obesity, mt kinds f cancer uh colon nd lungs, nd numerous

 What   Vegan? Generally vegans r vegetarians wth m minor differences.
Vegans, d frm eating meat, fish, poultry nd eggs, th d nt l u products
tht r md frm animals r wr tested n animals uh cosmetics nd drugs. Sm
people choose vegan lifestyle fr vrl vru reasons but th main issue hr
is: I vegan lifestyle healthy?

 With good planning, vegan lifestyle nrmll healthier thn th standard
diet meals. In fact, m countries tht hv th usual American Diet hv
increased th occurrences f heart attacks, cancer nd hypertension mng thr

 For example, n 1996 report f th American Dietetic Association, vegan nd
vegetarian diets greatly reduced th risk f acquiring heart diseases,
osteoporosis, kidney trouble, hypertension, obesity, colon mt kinds f
cancer uh n colon nd lungs.

 Advertisement promoting th food industry h resulted n th common belief
tht w nd protein tht nl animal products n provide. However, w n l acquire
protein frm rtn plant foods uh legume, Soya products nd nuts. Whl grains
nd fruits r l rich n protein. W r required t eat vru kinds f protein
foods vr day.

 Fruits, vegetables, whl grains nd beans r vr lw n fat nd ntn n
cholesterol t all. Th foods r l rich n fiber nd nutrients. Vegans uull gt
ll proteins tht ur body nd frm legumes uh beans nd peanuts, grains uh
corn nd rice. Spinach, lima beans, nd broccoli ntn fortified juices nd
Soya milk tht r rich sources f calcium. Sm vegetables nd beans uh
chickpeas, pinto beans nd spinach r l iron rich nd   high source f Vitamin

 Some diabetic patients but r l vegan nd t b slow n eating sweet fruits
nd desserts uh fruit smoothies nd banana split. Yu n l enjoy tofu
lasagna nd thr veggie meats uh vegetable bologna, nd soy hot dogs but th
r rare nd u r lucky f u n find thm n health store nr you.

 Right here you wll discover a great wide variety f effortless vegetarian
recipes, numerous tips at th m time tips n hw to recommendations to
create th .

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