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Although all of the genetic and environmental factors are important to consider, the overwhelming evidence is that breast cancer is related to lifestyle. The following paragraphs outline the negative impact and positive impact on breast cancer of several common lifestyle related issues.

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									Lifestyle Management with Network Marketing

 Ever wonder why we do all this stuff for? Why do we work hard and try to
build a business? Why do we take on rejection and obstacles and make
ourselves uncomfortable? It is because you dream and desire a better
lifestyle. You do not have to wait and delay living an abundant life, you
can choose to start designing a better life right now and this post will

 Re-Reading the 4HWW

 On the flight back from Vail I started re-reading the 4 Hour Workweek on
my iPhone while my son and I passed the iPad back and forth playing
scrabble. I read this book years ago when I was just starting out trying
to learn the Internet. I believe now, and back then, that book is one of
the most impacting books I have ever read. It also made me realize that I
have designed a pretty awesome lifestyle through network marketing and
that anyone can do the same thing if they follow a certain formula.

 Steps to Design the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

 1. Pick people, not opportunity. People ask me why I chose my network
marketing company and I tell them the product attracted me but the
founders and leaders are what made me commit. Too often people buy into
the marketing of a product or compensation plan to realize later that
they have no support. If you have not created a large following or have
an existing team, the lack of support will crush you.

 2. Pay attention to what your niche wants and ask questions about. In
designing a great lifestyle, you don't want to have to constantly repeat
yourself. This is one thing I wanted to avoid with this attempt at
network marketing versus my prior ones. By building my asset of knowledge
(this blog), there are few questions in this niche that I have not
answered in my blogs. If you want to experience what I am talking about,
google (ray higdon -your mlm question-) such as Ray Higdon bandit signs,
ray higdon offline marketing, ray higdon attraction marketing, ray higdon
blog traffic, etc. You should find answers in about any direction you
take it. How does this help? Well, when someone asks me a question, I can
typically find an answer I have already provided online and supply them
with the link, this keeps me from repeating myself and focused on the
higher producing tasks.

 3. Look at your life, not just your network marketing business, and see
where you can do it more effectively and efficiently. The book does a
great job of talking about this. Too often I see people not even consider
being more efficient in their fulltime job, not make any adjustments and
then wonder why their network marketing business isn't taking off. I am
not saying you have to work 24 hours a day but I am willing to bet you
could be more effective at your fulltime job thereby giving you more time
to work your side business into your fulltime income.

 4. Spend your brainpower focused on your residual income. Why do we work
hard? I would hope to have more security and also to have more options
and freedom. Instead of looking for the hottest current thing that makes
you a bonus or two, focus on your choice of a network marketing company
and build your residual. It is the lowest overhead and risk way that I
know to build passive income. What is hot as an affiliate product may
come and go but if you get hooked into a good team and a good network
marketing company, that can be your bread and butter. What I see as a
test of awesome freedom is if you can take a killer vacation, let the
pursestrings fly and do anything you want and still come home to more
passive income than you spent that week, that, is pretty cool. :)

 5. Be specific and create a reward. I would highly suggest creating a
very specific reward that you save money for, like a vacation. Too often
I see people have a goal of making $20,000 a month and with that empty of
a goal, they don't create the vision to see it through. But, if you have
priced out a specific vacation, you can easily recall what you are
working for and keep going until you have saved enough to make it happen.
Most people come back from a vacation fired up and refreshed and with an
idea of what they want to do next.

 Lifestyle Engineering

 In the past 60 days we have been to Fiji for our honeymoon, Pennsylvania
with family, a staycation at a local Hyatt, a week in Vail and on
Saturday we leave for a 6 day cruise we won through our primary company.
Now, that is pretty cool but what is cooler is while at all of these
locations, we have residual income coming in regardless of our work
output. If you do not currently have a way where you can earn residual
while you are doing the things you truly want to do, perhaps it is time
to go through the above steps.

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