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									I decided to make some easy grilled chicken kabobs on my new weber genesis grill this evening. I ended up
getting a free range chicken breasts from whole foods. I went to the Fresh Market and saw they have
“natural” chicken but looking at the size, there is no way they are natural. Free range chickens just don’t get
that big. Anyway, so I headed on over to Whole Foods to get the real deal. It does make a difference and the
price difference is not much. These were nice and tender and juicy!

I used Ken’s Italian dressing without cheese to marinate the chicken overnight I also cut the chicken into
cubes about 1 inch. I also got red, yellow and orange bell peppers and some sweet onions and cut them into
somewhat square pieces to be able to get them on skewers. I also marinated them in a bowl overnight. The
key for flavor is overnight marination.

The next afternoon I brought everything out and let it get to room temperature and proceeded to skewer
everything. Alternated chicken, peppers and onions. I put them on high heat on the grill and turned them
every five minutes or so until the chicken was nice and juicy but white all the way through. They looked
great and even my wife even said they were really good! That's good Richmond barbecue!

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