Communications fundamentals

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					Communications fundamentals
  - Communication means an exchange of ideas, facts, opinions, information and
    understanding between tow or more persons.
  - Communication is the process of transmitting information for one person to

Communication-The two way process:
Communication is the exchange of information that is mutually understood. When
you sand a message, the person who receiving the message should understand what
you mean. There is no misinterpretation and no misunderstanding. Everyone
understands communication has occurred the processes of transmission.
Communications are not complete unless the receiver understanding is known
through his response. That is why communication is regarded as a two-way process.

The role and importance of communication in management.

Tee managers world is a world of words. Most of the time is spent in communicating
With about him. According to Chester I Barnard, the first executive function is to
developed and maintains a system of communication. With reference to such
communication system the positions of managers may be described as
communication centers, receiving information from various sourced and passing it to
other points.
     As a management function, communication is a continuous, on-going process.
Managers have to be in regular touch with their subordinate’s supervisor,
stakeholders, suppliers, buyers or customers to maintain the progress of various
activities and improve upon work performance.
Communication plays a vital role in implementing the managerial functions of
planning, organizing, directing, co-coordinating, motivating and controlling.
Communication is like a skeleton, which holds together all the known managerial
function, and it absence the whole structure of managerial function will fall apart. It
is the means by which behavior is modified, change is effected, information is made
productive and goals are achieved. It is the means by which people are liked
together in an organization in order to achieve central purpose. Group activity is
impossible without information transfer, because without it coordination and change
can not be effective. It is the means by which organization activity is unified.
Science management is getting things done by others it is an obvious requirement
that the manager communicate with the members of the organization and outside of
the organization. Manager spends most of the time communicating either sending or
receiving information. Only through good communication, company polices and
practices can be formulated and administered only with effective communication
misunderstanding can be coordinating and controlled.
Communication is useful in improving the employee relations, e.g. industrial relations
and also in improving the communication relations; it is also helpful in improving the
overall business climate.

Communication involves in exchange of facts, feeling and information by two or more
persons and provides the means of putting people are into acting in an organization.
People are to be informed, guided, and divided as to what should be done by them
every now and then.
The information is done through the use of communication. It conveys offer,
instructions and decisions of managers to subordinates at different level of
organization, and carried back information, suggestions, problems from the
subordinate. Communication sets employees in individual’s jobs, regulates their flow
of work, and coordinates their efforts and better and higher work accomplishments.
Management in action comes into existence as a direct result of communication. The
success of all managerial functions depends on successful and effective
communication. The achievement of internal goal is of all paramount importantance
and that communication is one of the important tools available to manager in selling
to attain them.

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