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        FALL 2011                         B U I L D I N G             S U C C E S S             T O G E T H E R



• CEO Message: Media, Friend or Foe?

• 14th Annual Shining Stars Rising
 Above Stigma Benefit

• Meet the Doctor: Dr. Krista Fielding
• Volunteer Corner: Bentley, one of our
  Newest Volunteers

PAGE FIVE                                                               Progress So Far...
• Staff Profile: Anthony Miller           Remodeling of Litteral House will cost $350,000. The project is divided into three
• Meet a Board Member: Gary Ortega        phases. We have received generous funds from foundations, corporations and
                                          individuals such as Michelson Family Foundation, Heffernan Group, Wells Fargo
PAGE SIX                                  Foundation and Union Bank. We have made great progress raising 90% of Phase
• Annual Campaign 2012 (cont’d from       I of our project. We hope to raise funds to complete Phase I and for the next two
  page 1)
• Shining Stars Rising Above Stigma       phases by Spring 2012.
  2011 (cont’d from page 3)
• Shining Stars Benefit Sponsors          When the Litteral House remodeling project is complete the home will reflect its
                                          beautiful Victorian state and continue to be a positive environment where our
PAGE SEVEN                                clients can recover.
• Litteral House, Dr. Emmett Litteral
  (correction)                            This year, we hope you will consider making a year-end gift that will help those
• Informative Websites
                                          affected by mental illness now and in the future by contributing to remodeling our
                                          crisis residential property, Litteral House.
• Momentum Wish List
• Mark Your Calendar                      Be part of the effort to help well-        The year-end giving season provides
                                          ness prevail by making a dona-             many opportunities to make a differ-
                                          tion – small or large. Your act of         ence in our community by supporting
Email:                giving will help change the future         good works through a charitable gift.
                                          for someone with a mental illness.         As you consider your giving choices,
                                                                                                            continued on page 6
 2                           B U I L D I N G          S U C C E S S           T O G E T H E R

                                             than” that has to fight for equal oppor-    Mental illness is itself a communication
        CEO Message                          tunity and acceptance.                      problem. Sometimes it is used as a la-
                                                                                         bel for people who think, perceive, and
                                                                                         believe differently from what someone

                                             “ The time has come for the
                                             mental health community to
                                                                                         else thinks they should. This can lead
                                                                                         to dire consequences.

                                             befriend media.
                                             — Paul Taylor, President and CEO, Mo-
                                                                                         The time has come for the mental
                                                                                         health community to befriend media.
                                             mentum for Mental Health                    We must not demonize and withdraw,
                                                                                         but rather understand and embrace the
                                             During these times there has been a         many ways to communicate.
Media, Friend or Foe?                        challenging and changing relationship
Paul Taylor, President and CEO               with media. Just like we kept a low pro-
Momentum for Mental Health                   file years ago, we certainly did not seek
                                             and preferred to avoid any media atten-
Many recognize that stigma towards           tion. I submit because we mistakenly
people with mental health issues exists      believed hiding was best for our inter-
and acts as a strong barrier to seeking      ests, we neglected the opportunity to
help. It also contributes to the fact that   actively participate and shape the media    Momentum is moving forward using
even though one in four people will face     view of mentally ill people and the effi-   media to carry our message, believing
mental health challenges, having them        cacy of treatment. The vacuum our lack      it will assist clients and our entire com-
is still too often considered a mark of      of action created gave media free rein      munity. We are developing an interac-
shame and something to hide. When I          to create and propagate myths based         tive web site, producing quarterly news-
began this work many years ago provid-       on misinformation, fears and prurient       letters, issuing press releases, and more
ers more often than not reflected this       interests. As a result, too many believe    recently are experimenting with blog-
stigma by maintaining very low profiles.     people with mental illness cannot re-       ging and a Facebook page. We were
Our programs, while based on commu-          cover, work, be good neighbors or con-      delighted to honor two people from the
nity integration models, ironically were,    tribute much to society not to mention      media at the 14th Annual Shining Stars
and still are, only welcome in certain       have a greater propensity for violence.     Rising Above Stigma event.
neighborhoods, often with stipulations       The data, of course, does not support
and restrictions. As advocates, we have      these misguided notions.                    Communication is an essential ingre-
pushed to pass fair housing, disability                                                  dient to sustaining life. Babies will not
rights and insurance reform laws. We         We could sit on the sidelines and blame     thrive without the communication of
fought for dedicated funding in health       the media. The trouble with that is the     touch. Let’s work together to change
care budgets, and taxes mandated to be       media really is all of us, not someone      our own and society’s negative beliefs
spent on mental health care. We are          or something else. Somehow success          about mental illness and people who are
vigilant to see our modest successes are     stories and reporting of non-sensation-     “different” in general. Let’s recognize
implemented, sustained and enforced.         alistic facts does not sustain attention    that media is a very powerful commu-
                                             as much as a good old “man bites dog”       nication tool that can be used to enrich
While these battles are far from over        story.                                      everyone’s life. Media gives all of us an
and the victories delicious, one must                                                    opportunity to participate and advance
also recognize all these actions are the     Media and communication are essen-          society. The media belongs to us. Let’s
hallmarks of what people do who are          tially one and the same. In modern          use it wisely.
disenfranchised and with little power.       times there are more and more ways
We will know our day has come when           to communicate.        Communication
support for community mental health          is a constant in our lives, like breath-
is “taken for granted” like the public                                                       Read Paul’s Blog by going to
                                             ing. Sometimes we know what we are
health issues of clean water and sanita-                                        
                                             breathing; sometimes we are unaware.
tion, not something separate and “less       The same is true with communication.
                            B U I L D I N G          S U C C E S S            T O G E T H E R                                     3

14th Annual Shining Stars
Rising Above Stigma
 Shining Stars Light The Way

With over 300 people in attendance,
the Grand Mediterranean Ballroom of
the Crowne Plaza Cabãna Hotel in Palo       blyman Beall stated, “we are going to        ovation to show their appreciation.
Alto was alive with the spirit of hope      have a signed law. The law will require
and excitement when Momentum held           health insurers to provide care for men-     Premier of Agency Video
its 14th Annual Shining Stars Rising        tal health and substance abuse treat-        Following the personal accounts
Above Stigma Benefit on November 17.        ment equal to any physical illness. We       by Jessie and Calen, Judge Cordell
                                            will have equal treatment and equal ac-      introduced Momentum’s agency video.
It was an opportunity to honor mental       cess.”                                       The new video captured Momentum,
health advocates in our community.                                                       its mission and the personal stories
Media, local businesses and individuals     Moving Address from Keynote                  of two Momentum clients. It was
in the Bay Area sponsored the benefit       Speakers, Jessie Close and Calen Pick        overwhelmingly well received at the
with State Assemblyman Jim Beall as         Judge Cordell introduced keynote             event. Watch the agency video at
Honorary Chair and Judge LaDoris H.         speakers Jessie Close and Calen Pick,        www.momentumformentalhealth/
Cordell -- the independent auditor of       who captivated the audience with their       AgencyVideos.
the San Jose Police Department, long-       personal accounts of their experiences
time mental health advocate and retired     with mental illness.                         Fund-A-Need Fundraiser
Santa Clara County judge -- as the em-                                                   Everyone was in high spirits after an
cee.                                        Calen’s words resonated with the audi-       amazing video and moving accounts by
                                            ence with moving statements like, “the       the keynote speakers setting the stage
NAMI Santa Clara County Silent              truth is beautiful. For such a long time     for the Fund-A-Need Fundraiser with
Auction                                     I struggled with the truth, the kind of      the proceeds designated to the Client
Prior to the commencement of the din-       truth that sinks into your soul letting      Needs Fund. This fund benefits those
ner program in the ballroom, guests         you know of something larger that gov-       who need assistance with basic necessi-
mingled in the adjoining reception          erns your existence.” Calen concluded        ties that may not be covered by insur-
room during the Registration/Social         his portion of the talk with a call to ac-   ance. Such necessities include, but are
Hour viewing the offerings generously       tion to the audience, “cancel all the apa-   not limited to, groceries, dental and
donated by NAMI Santa Clara County          thy you can. Hold yourself responsible       optometry care, college books/tuition,
supporters to the NAMI Santa Clara          for becoming a caring spirit who knows       public transportation fees, toiletries,
County Silent Auction.                      that we need to admire people for their      job interview clothing and the like.
                                            strengths, but love them for trying to       Judge Cordell drove the call to give by
Welcoming the Guests                        overcome their weaknesses.”                  conducting an exciting fundraiser for
Paul Taylor, President and CEO of                                                        Momentum’s clients, which netted over
Momentum, welcomed the guests and           Calen then passed the microphone over        $12,000 in ten minutes.
kicked off the dinner program. Paul         to his mother, Jessie Close, who start-
gave a brief overview of Momentum and       ed with strong words about herself: “I       2011 Shining Stars Awards
introduced Assemblyman Jim Beall. As-       medicated myself with drugs and alco-        Judge Cordell introduced Shining Stars
semblyman Beall enthusiastically fired               .
                                            hol until I came close to killing myself.    Committee Chair and Vice Chair of the
up the crowd with his speech saying,        I can mourn now for the out of control       Momentum Board of Directors, Barbara
“we’re fighting stigma!” Assemblyman        me, the me that tried to kill myself. “      Zenz. The two presented Shining Stars
Beall is leading the charge for change at   Jessie’s speech was moving and pro-          Award recipients, Gene Burns -- KGO
the state level with Bill AB 423. Assem-    vocative. The guests rose to a standing
                                                                                                                 continued on page 6
 4                          B U I L D I N G           S U C C E S S            T O G E T H E R

                                            try. Dr. Fielding works part time at Mo-      the job fun because there is a team in-
Meet the Doctor
                                            mentum and the rest of the time at Stan-      volved with every client. They brain-
Dr. Krista Fielding                         ford. When asked why she joined Mo-           storm as to how to help the clients get
                                            mentum, Dr. Fielding replied, “I have         the services they need.” Dr. Fielding ex-
                                            always been interested in community           plained that the most challenging part
                                            mental health. Working at Momentum            of her job is the acuity of her clients.
                                            adds a richness to my work. It is re-         She enjoys connecting with clients and
                                            warding for me.”                              helping with their recovery and journey
                                                                                          of wellness.
                                            Dr. Fielding explains that the clients she
                                            sees at Momentum have acute mental            Dr. Fielding noted that some clients are
                                            health needs. She says that she never         young and they have lived so much in
                                            knows what the day will bring. She            their short lives, facing prolonged abuse
                                            continues by saying not only do the           and poverty. Many of them have lim-
                                            people that she works with have severe        ited nurturing connections to adults.
                                            mental illness, they also frequently have     She finished by saying that her work
Dr. Krista Fielding joined Momentum         primary care issues. Dr. Fielding states      can be powerful but it is only a drop in
in the Full Service Partnership Program     that what she likes about Momentum            the bucket in terms of the services cli-
at the Alameda site in May 2011 after       is the team environment: working with         ents need. Dr Fielding feels that she
spending 16 years at Stanford, both in      case managers, therapists, and the ad-        can be one stable relationship for them,
undergraduate studies and medical           ministrative staff in problem solving         and that can make a difference in their
training, specializing in Adult Psychia-    mode to help the clients. “It makes           lives.
try and Child and Adolescent Psychia-

The Internet and social media are instrumental in connecting nonprofit agencies with individuals interested in volunteering.
Sites such as, and serve as virtual marketplaces where
agencies post current volunteer opportunities and people search for those that match their skills, interests and availability.

Volunteer opportunities listed on the web are not just limited to people but to the increasingly popular use of therapy animals,
particularly in health care settings. A Facebook search reveals numerous pages devoted to therapy dogs, for example.

The therapeutic benefit of dogs in healthcare settings has been widely documented. Just a few minutes with a trained therapy
dog has been shown to reduce anxiety and blood pressure in hospital patients and even decrease the levels of stress hormones
epinephrine and norepinephrine. The benefit to clients in mental health care settings has also been documented:

“It has been found that animals can have a ‘de-arousing effect’ on humans and that they provide people with stress-reducing
or stress-buffering social support. Social support has a positive effect on the ability to cope with the normal stressors of life;
therefore, the effect of animals on humans may be not only physical in nature, but it may also promote mental well-being.”
(Research and Reflection: Animal-Assisted Therapy in Mental Health Settings journal article by Debra Phillips Parshall, Coun-
seling and Values, Vol. 48, 2003)

                           Bentley (pictured) is a gentle 125-pound Bullmastiff and one of the newest Momentum volunteers.
                           A certified therapy dog, he and his human companion visit our Transitional Age Youth program on
                           Thursday afternoons. Another certified therapy dog, Latife, recognizes his therapy jacket and accord-
                           ing to his human becomes excited when he knows he’s going to “work.”

                           If you know anyone who has a certified therapy dog and is available to volunteer during the week,
                           please ask him/her to call Momentum’s volunteer office at 408.254.6828.
                             B U I L D I N G            S U C C E S S           T O G E T H E R                                   5

Staff Profile
                                                                 MEET A BOARD MEMBER
Anthony Miller                                                                   Gary Ortega

                                              Personal: Gary is an alumnus of San Jose State
                                              University. He worked in the Carpenters/Mill-
                                              men trade for 10 years, and then changed his
                                              career path to Silicon Valley where he worked
                                              at AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) for 28
                                              years as financial and customer marketing ana-
                                              lyst. He has been married for 41 years and has
                                              two grown daughters and eight grandchildren.
                                              Momentum Role: Gary is eagerly looking forward
                                              to actively working with his fellow board members
Genuine and humble are the words that         in providing Momentum with exposure that will help continue to broaden its path
describe Momentum’s staff member              of success.
Anthony Miller. The assistant manag-          Philosophy: “Be true to yourself. If you lead with integrity, you can only move
er/ clinician at SART since May of this       forward.”
year, Miller is appreciative and grateful     Inspiration: “My wife Gloria is the heart and soul of our family dynamics.
for every working moment. “I have a           Through thick or thin, she has persevered. She always has a smile on her face
job that makes the world a better place.”     but her strength is solid as a rock. I have been fortunate to have her by my
                                              side since high school.”
Miller received his Masters of Science in     Interests: “Sports and music. I have played many sports in my lifetime and
Clinical Psychology from Notre Dame           the structure and discipline sports provides are the very tools needed for your
de Namur University in Belmont. “I            daily life. It really illustrates the power of collaboration over the power of I.
didn’t always have parental guidance          Music touches all souls. Whether through memories, current events, or
so I made a conscious decision to go          inspiration, it provides a historical marker to your life. Music reaches
to school for a better life,” says Miller.    out to all generations, rich or poor. It’s rooted in the fabric of our lives.”
Prior to coming to Momentum, he               Greatest Accomplishment: Gary was a member of the committee that or-
worked as a program manager for Pa-           ganized his recent junior high reunion. The school was opened from 1925
role Service Center, a 60-bed facility for    through 1971. “To see a gathering of people that in most cases hadn’t seen
parolees.                                     each other since junior high, was extraordinary. That was a great collabora-
                                              tive accomplishment.”
Miller lives with his wife, daughter,         Greatest Influence: “That comes from all walks of life. The Bible, my wife,
and brother in San Mateo. “My family          family and friends, my ministers, my teachers, my co-workers. Someone in
is my support system,” he says. Miller        need of help. They have all played a part of who I am. They all provided life’s
and his family live in a house built by       lessons.”
his grandparents where he was raised.         Little known fact: Gary is an ordained minister.
The home was passed on to the fam-
ily. Miller secured the home because he
finds importance in “keeping the fam-        tionships. He uses Facebook and Twitter to get feedback for his articles as well as to
ily tradition alive.”                        keep in touch with his family and friends. He says, “It’s rewarding to have the self
                                             confidence to do what I do and to be able to write from my heart.”
When asked about his hobbies, Miller
states he works out four times a week,       Miller sees the possibilities of a future with Momentum. He states, “Everybody that
usually after work, for the mental re-       I meet here is positive and supportive.” In addition to working with staff, he enjoys
lease. With a minor in Art he also finds     working with clients. “When clients say they are doing great, it makes me feel good
it relaxing to paint with his daughter.      that I had a positive impact on their lives.” Miller finds that by being a good listener
In his spare time, he writes articles for    and participating with clients, they help each other. “The greatest power is to em-, with a focus on rela-          power others.”
 6                            B U I L D I N G            S U C C E S S          T O G E T H E R

Annual page 1  Campaign 2012                                                         Stars
                                                                      Shiningpage 3 Rising Above Stigma 2011
                                                                      continued from
continued from

please think about the work done here at Momentum and                 Radio Talk Radio Host, Patty Fisher -- Director of Policy and
the importance of quality mental health services to our entire        Communications at the Health Trust and El Camino Hospital
community. Mental illness is a matter for all to consider.            with their awards in recognition of their contributions to
                                                                      mental health in the past year. Gene Burns’s pre-recorded
According to the Department of Health and Human Services,             acceptance speech was aired at Shining Stars because he was
one in four Americans are affected by one or more mental              unable to attend as he was on the air that night.
disorders at any given time. Mental illness does not discrminate.
It knows no age limits, economic status, color or creed.              Paul wrapped up the evening thanking the attendees for their
                                                                      attendance, generosity and support in assisting Momentum
Although there is still much to learn, we do know that quality        to eliminate stigma and encouraged people to go forward
treatment can help lead to recovery. We know that people with         as ambassadors. Watch the video of the event and Gene’s
a mental illness can and do get better. We know that recovery         acceptance speech on our Youtube Channel at
is possible in almost all situations - even when the path to          com/momentumforMH.
recovery is difficult to discover and stay on. Momentum is
a nonprofit organization founded to serve individuals with
mental illness in Santa Clara County. We know that treatment
                                                                             Thank you to Our 2011 Shining Stars
works and we know we can help. Our clients and their families
                                                                            Rising Above Stigma Benefit Sponsors
demonstrate this every day, but we can do so much more with
your help.

Momentum recognizes the importance of having a home while
recovering from a mental illness. Litteral House is a historic
home that provides residence for clients who have recently ex-
perienced a crisis related to their mental illness. It is an alter-
native to having our clients live in an institutional setting and
has been extremely successful in providing an environment
conducive to wellness and recovery from a mental illness. Like
our other properties, Litteral House has substantial need for
remodeling. Because the majority of our funding is restricted
to services, we are not able to allocate the funds necessary for
this project from our current budget.

Please consider a donation to remodel Litteral House. A gift
to help a person have a quality home can make all the differ-
ence in a successful recovery.

To make a donation go to http://www.momentumfor-

Your contribution will play a significant role and assist us to
provide the kind of programs and environment that help in-
dividuals achieve mental and emotional health, discover and
reach their potential, and fully participate in life.

Your support is needed. Thank you.
                            B U I L D I N G            S U C C E S S            T O G E T H E R                                                          7

Litteral House, Dr. Emmett Litteral (correction)                                             Momentum for Mental Health is a public benefit corpora-
                                                                                             tion that serves transitional-age youth and adults in all
                            In the Summer 2011 Newsletter we printed an article that         stages of life. We provide a broad array of effective
                                                                                             services that promote dignity and respect for people with
                            stated Litteral House, one of our most successful crisis resi-   mental illnesses and contribute to a healthier community.
                            dential homes, was donated for service to the mental health      Momentum is “building success together.”
                            community by Dr. Emmett B. Litteral. The house, in fact,
                                                                                             Board of Directors
                            was named after Dr. Litteral in recognition of the many          Pat Ortega, Chair, McKenna/Ortega Insurance Agency
                            contributions he made to the agency for 23 years.                Barbara Zenz, Vice Chair, President, The Stephenz Group
                                                                                             Larry Burns, Treasurer, Retired Executive
                                In 1979, the Board of Directors of Rehabilitation Mental     Richard J. Foley, Secretary, Co-founder,
                                                                                             Ewing-Foley, Inc.
                                Health Services, Inc. (RHMS), adopted a resolution ho
                                                                                             Paul S. Taylor, President, Momentum for Mental Health
                                noring Emmett B. Litteral, M.D., who had recently retired    Fernando Hernandez, Attorney, Hernandez Law Firm
from agency employment, by naming a proposed Transitional Residential Program                Jason Noriega, Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors
after him. Prior to working at RHMS, in his capacity as Assistant Superintendent of          Gary Ortega, Retired Financial Marketing Analyst
Agnews State Hospital, Dr. Litteral was very supportive of volunteer groups’ efforts to      Joyce Puopolo, Business Development Officer, First
                                                                                             Republic Bank
begin a “halfway house” program for clients. He provided neurological and psychiatric        Bart Stratton, Owner, Stratton Arts
services to clients, initially on a voluntary basis, and while employed he provided direct
psychiatric services to the agency’s clients for all RMHS programs with the exception        Advisory Board
                                                                                             Karen Baker, Community Volunteer
of SART. He helped the Agency garner local and national recognition for providing in-
                                                                                             James T. Beall, Jr., California State Assemblyman
novative, community-based psychiatric residential treatment programs as alternatives         Dana Rogers-Burns, Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors
to institutional care. The transitional residential program was the first residential psy-   Brian Cardozo, San Jose Harley-Davidson/Buell
chiatric treatment program provided by the agency and fourth of its kind in the United       Toni Casey, President, T. Casey & Associates
States. The nationally recognized success of the program was to a significant degree         Rob Elder, Writer
                                                                                             Stuart Ferguson, Community Volunteer
attributable to the contributions of Dr. Litteral.
                                                                                             Mary Hiland, PhD, Hiland & Associates
                                                                                             Mike Honda, Congressman, 15th Congressional
                                                                                             District of CA
                                                                                             Tim Hopkins, Esq., Attorney, Groom & Cave, LLC

              INFORMATIVE WEBSITES                                                           Mitch Juricich, Tournament Event Enterprises
                                                                                             Don Knight, Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors
                                                                                             Elena Morera, Human Resources Consultant
                                                                                             Massy Safai, MD, UCSF
                                                                                             Gilbert Sangari, Editor & Publisher, San Jose Magazine
                                                                                             Howard Smith, President & CEO, ePrise Solutions
      Mental Health America (formerly        The Bazelon Center for Mental
                                                                                             Sophia Vinogradov, MD, UCSF
      the National Mental Health             Health Law at
      Association) at                                                           Lynne Waldera, PhD, Founder & CEO, InMomentum, Inc.
                                             National Institute of Mental Health
      National Alliance on Mental            at                             Momentum Executive Team
      Illness at                                                                Paul S. Taylor, CPRP, President and CEO
                                             Substance Abuse and Mental                      Melinda Golden, Chief Financial Officer
      National Alliance on                   Health Services Administration at               Leslie Barry Connors, CFRE, Director of Development &
      Mental Illness — Santa Clara                                   Communications
      County Chapter at                                                                      Dan Correa, MHRS, Director of Residential Programs                 Strength of Us at                               Richard Jennings, JD, Director of Human Resources
                                                               Jerry McCann, CPRP, Director of Community Services
      Mental Health Association in                                                           Jim Millsap, CPRP, Executive Director of La Selva Group
      California at             Depression and Bipolar Support
                                             Alliance at                                     Michael Quach, MD, Medical Director
      BringChange2Mind at          
                                                                                             Please send address corrections or editorial comments to
                                                                                             Leslie Barry Connors at
                                                                                             Momentum for Mental Health
                                                                                             438 North White Road, San Jose, CA 95127
                                                                                             408.254.6828 phone, 408.259.2273 fax
8                                   B U I L D I N G                S U C C E S S               T O G E T H E R

                               Momentum Wish List                                                       MARK YOUR CALENDAR
    The following is a list of items that              •	   Projector
    Momentum is seeking to help meet the needs         •	   Umbrellas
    of our clients:                                                                                     DECEMBER
                                                       •	   iPods	or	MP3	players
    •	 Nintendo Wii                                    •	   Sewing	machine                              SEASONAL DEPRESSION AWARENESS MONTH
    •	 X	Box	with	games	(Rated	E	for	everyone)         •	   Math	or	English	text	books                  December 14-16, 2011
    •	 Weight	scale	w/height	adjustment,	new	or					   •	   GED,	PSAT	or	SAT	prep	books                 Immersion Training
        used                                                                                            2001 The Alameda, San Jose, CA
    •	 Musical	instruments	(guitars,	bongos,	
                                                       For donation information, please call us at
       tambourines, shakers, keyboards, small          408.254.6828. Momentum for Mental Health         MARCH
       drum kit, etc.)                                 is incorporated under the IRS Code as a not-
    •	 Potted	plants	for	garden	project                for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.               March 14-16, 2012
    •	 Piano	tuning	service                                                                             Immersion Training
                                                                                                        2001 The Alameda, San Jose, CA
    •	 Art	supplies	(beads,	paint,	paper,	canvas,	     We appreciate your support and assistance to
                                                       help individuals achieve mental and emotion-
       yarn etc.)
                                                       al health, discover and reach their potential,   JUNE
    •	 Computers	and	laptops,	new	or	nearly	new        and fully participate in life.
    •	 Bus	tokens                                                                                       June 4, 2012
                                                                                                        Golf Tournament
    •	 Flatscreen	TV,	new	or	used
    •	 Gift	cards
    •	 Personal	hygiene	products
    •	 Backpacks,	new	or	nearly	new                                                           

                                                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                          San Jose, CA
                                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 4778
438 North White Road
San Jose, CA 95127-1439

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