Starting A Balloon And Party Needs Business

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					Starting A Balloon And Party Needs Business

A balloon party needs business requires only a small starting capital,but
there are plenty of opportunities to expand and make big profits.The
demand is huge since many parents nowadays find balloons necessity in a
children's party.There are many ways to get into the party needs
business,but the usual path is through supplying balloons and balloon
decoration.Below are the suggestions to get you off to a great start:

Find a high traffic location near middle or upper class neighborhoods
While there are many potentially excellent locations in lower class
districts,it is only logical to target the more affluent crowd because
they are ones most likely to host large parties.For start-ups,more
locations are usually too expensive.

Have your store professionally designed.
If you plan to set up a party needs store,it is best to invest in the
services of a professional interior designer.An attractive store is the
best selling too!.Note,however,that if you lack the funds,you could
initially be home-based if you can market effectively without a store.

Lease or acquire delivery van.
While you can make do with just inflating your balloons on-site at
first,there will be situations where this is not possible due to lack of
time.If you lack capital,you may rent a van when needed.

Buy necessary equipment.Start with a minimum of the following:a basic
inventory of different types of balloons,a letterset for printing
messages on the balloon,an electric compressor or heavy-duty hand
pump,balloon sticks and inks of different colors.

Know to do balloon decoration.
Attend workshop on balloon decorating.Even if you plan to hire somebody
else to do the job,this would enable you to see if your employee is doing
the right thing and if the task is being done promptly.

Learn how to cost and price properly.
Know how to include all the cost,including not only the materials used
but also the labor cost.You must also canvass the pricing of your
competitors so that your pricing is not too high.

Carry other profitable items and services.
You should sell complementary items.Usually the most profitable items
after balloons are table and chairs,since they are often in demand.You
could also provide services like clowns and magicians.

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