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Sea urchin attacks the coastal area of Mariveles_Bataan Phillipines


									Sea urchin attacks the coastal area of Mariveles,Bataan Phillipines

There are so many sea urchin can be found in every beach resort here in
Mariveles,Bataan Phillipines.Variety of sea urchin can be found here,the
black sea urchin,the purple color sea urchin,the green color sea
urchin,the orange color sea urchin and lastly the white color sea
urchin.Those sea urchin having a purple,green,orange and white color
those kinds are the sea urchin here that can be touch by everyone because
the spike of it is very soft while the black color sea urchin is very
dangerous to touch because the spike of it is long and hard,surely if you
touched this it will thorn you and possibly it will cause wound in your
hand.The population of sea urchin here is continue to grow up.Most of the
residence here was alarmed to the continuous increasing of population
size of sea urchin here.

Many people lives here choose to go in river or in pool instead of going
to the beach,because they are afraid in the appearance of sea urchin.In
the beach I observe most of the people loves to swim in here stay only in
the sandy part because in this area they are surely safe from sea
urchin.And others swims in the rocky part of the sea ignoring the
presence of a large number of sea urchin in order for them to survive by
picking up seashell and sell it into the market.

Many people here says sea urchin is a nightmare but for the others sea
urchin is a gift.A nightmare because many people experienced without
knowing thorn by the spike of the sea urchin,and for the others it is a
gift because they can earn a better income in sea urchin by selling the
UNI of it in some Japanese restaurant in a better price.Sea urchin UNI is
one of the favorite dishes by the Japanese.they are really really loved
the sweetie,salty taste of it.Thats why in every Japanese restaurant sea
urchin is always in the main menu.

When me and my friends discovered that,we dont waste our time we decided
to go in the sea and caught some sea urchin to proved that the taste of
sea urchin UNI is very yummy and delicious,In my first time tasting sea
urchin UNI I said wow the taste is very amazing .Its so very flavorful
yummy and delicious.In this summer vacation me and my friends enjoying to
get a large number of it.In that way the residence here here is very
thankful on us because in everytime we harvest a large number of sea
urchin the threat in danger to be thorn will be minimize specially for
those people loves to swim and dive in the beach.

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