Invest in your child's care by jaymark1991


									Invest in your child's care

They say the best investment is loving a child because there is no money
involved in this affair.Man is the only creature who devotes energy to
make his offspring" happy'while the rest of animal kingdom is devoted to
fostering competence to survive in the world.Man's ultimate goal is to
raise healthy children who will become independent,competent,productive
adults.the central goal in parenting is the challenge in helping children
deal with this life's major routine disappointment.Often,parents shield
children from these.They should bear in mind that failure is very
important to raising confident children who can handle problems and are
unafraid to take risk.Failure is a much better teacher than
success.According to Eleanor Roosevelt "the surest way to make it hard
for children is to make it easy".

Problems and disappointments are very much part of our life and problem
solving is a survival tool according to sociologists.Children who are
overprotected by their parents feel great distress when faced with the
challenges of the real world and will lack confidence and skills to cope.

Here are some tips you can follow to help children cope with
1.Do not praise too much because they may lead to unrealistic notion
about their self-assesstment skills
2.Urge them to express their feelings and find things to value about
themselves.Children need to recognize their own self-worth without
relying on other's opinions.
3.Allow children to experience the consequences of their behavior.
4.Do not tie a child's accomplishments to your self-worth.You can set an
example by talking about your own failures and mistakes,and the lesson
you learned from them.
5.Do not offer instant gratification,they can wait and learn
patience,perseverance and self sufficiency.
6.Always keep a promise;unfulfilled promises will lead to lack of trust
and disappointments.
7.Never lie on your children because they will do the same and thus,lose
trust as well as respect.
8.Making a child do what you want him to do out of fears shows the
parent's laziness and ignorance to try anything other than aggression.
9.Never laugh at or make a fool of your child.this will lead to loss of
the child's self esteem.
10.Never be too busy to listen or to talk to your child.Never delay it
either even until later in the day.
11.Always be his friend but never a contemporary.The latter is
embarrassing and impossible.
12.Take care of him or her emotionally and mentally,even more than
13.Respect of privacy should be mutual,knock first before you enter your
children's rooms and never poke on
their belongings and properties.Never open their letters and tell others
of their personal secrets.
14.Sexual equality is important for both sons and daughters.There should
be equal domestic responsibility for them.
15.Always show affection.Let them know you are always available when
wanted,thus creating security.Tell them you love them and do not be
ashamed to embrace or cuddle them.
16.Make a few big changes in their young lives as much as possible.Never
force direction in life.You are just guiding hand to whatever they wish
to become.
17.Never interfere.The child would not listen if he has not asked for
your intervention.
18.Lastly,give love and make all sacrifices without thinking of getting
something in return.In loving your child unconditionally,he or she will
do the same for his or her own children one day.

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