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									Web Hosting Tips For Beginners
Selecting a web hosting company can be very difficult, particularly if you have never ran a website
before. The process can be made simple if you know what to look out for. Try the steps below to
make it easier to decide which company is right for you.

Make sure that the web hosting service you sign up for allows you to have more than one domain on
a single server. This is a good thing since you may want to have multiple sites to sell more than one
type of product or service. If you find a great service that does not allow that, you should probably go
with another company.

Do your best to find a service that will not make you sign up for a long term. Some companies require
yearly contracts, and you do not want to get stuck with one that is not doing you any good. Find a
service that will allow you to try their service out to see if you like it. A three month contract is great,
since that should be more than enough time to make a decision.

Never sign up for any company before doing the proper research. There are thousands of hosting
companies available, and many of them are out not worth the money. You need to do your best to
find a company that is worth the investment. Look at site statistics and anything else you have to in
order to determine if a site is worth the investment.

Having the server your site is on down all of the time can mean death to your business. Customers do
not want to depend on any business that cannot do their best to stay online all of the time. Most web
hosting companies allow you to see their uptime stats before you make a decision about signing up. If
a company does not have a high server uptime you should not consider it at all.

You do not want to have a site that is constantly suspended due to bandwidth issues. When people
go to your site, it needs to be available at that time. If you know that your site will get loads of traffic
then you should find a dedicated server that does not place a cap on bandwidth. This may cost a bit
more than a shared server, but it will eliminate any issues with your site being available.
If it takes a long time for pages to load on a site, chances are a visitor will get frustrated and go to
another site to get what it is they need. You should always look for a hosting site that has fast page
load times. Three seconds is the ideal time for a page to load. If it is too much longer than that, it
would not be a good idea to select that company.

Your web hosting company can mean the difference between the success and failure of your website.
Use the tips above to help you pick a great hosting site the first time.

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