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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DocTypes - Masterlist

Document Class Type                                   Document Class Subtype Description          Description                                                                                                                                                                       AKA
203K Consultant Report                                                                            Describes the work that needs to be done to bring the house to FHA standards.                                                                                                     203K Specification of Repairs
203K Homeowner Acknowledgement                                                                    Confirms the final bid amount for the project and the time frame for completion. A contract between the homeowner and the contractor.                                             203K Contractor Acknowledgement
203K Initial Draw Request                                                                         Provides information required to release funds based on work in place. Must be signed by contractor, borrower and inspector.
203K Maximum Mortgage Worksheet                                                                   Determines Maximum amount for 203K Mortgage based on the loan amount; closing costs; sales price (if purchase) and work to be performed. Provided to the Lender.                  MMW

203K Rehabilitation Agreement                                                                     Establishes the terms and conditions of the 203K loan program works and describes the guidelines that will be followed in administering funds.
Abstract Notice Agreement                                                                         Establishes that the lender will not be responsible for replacing the abstract.
Acknowledgement Of Notice Of Right To Cancel                                                      Confirms that a borrower has received and understands the Notice of Right to Cancel. Sometimes contained with the Notice of Right to Cancel.
Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure                                                        Informs the borrower of any Lender-related businesses (i.e., subsidiaries or affiliates) and borrower options related to using these providers. This document is a part of HUD
                                                                                                  Regulation X (RESPA/Reg X).
Airport Noise Pollution Agreement                                                                 Confirms that a borrower is aware of presence of airport and possible noise situations. Provided by Borrower.
Amendatory Clause                                                                                 Adds HUD required conditions to the Purchase Agreement. Escape clause allowing a borrower to exit transaction if it does not meet value. These do not have HUD number             Real Estate Certification
                                                                                                  but are required in Purchase Agreement.
Amortization Schedule                                                                             Describes interest and principal payments to a borrower from a lender, or lender to borrower, and their effect on the balance of the loan.                                        Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Amortization Schedule

Appraisal Recertification Form                                                                    Confirms that the appraised value of a home has not decreased.
Appraisal Report                                                                                  Describes findings of the appraisal process and provides an estimation of the subject property value. Provided by a qualified appraiser.                                          Master Appraisal Report, MAR, URAR, Uniform Residential Appraisal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Report , Chattel Land
Approval Letter                                                                                   Describes the loan approval status and any associated conditions to the borrower.                                                                                                 Notice of Loan Approval, NOLA, Commitment Letter, Conditional
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Approval, Conditional Commitment
Articles Of Incorporation                                                                         Establishes a corporation's purpose and structure, and percentages of ownership.
Assignment Of Mortgage                                                                            Transfers a mortgage from one party to another.
Assignment Of Rents                                                                               Transfers the right to collect tenant rents to the mortgagee from the property owner in the event of default by the property owner.                                               Assignment of Lease
Assignment Of Trade                                                                               Transfers the right to take delivery of mortgage-backed securities from one party to another.                                                                                     AOT
Assumption Agreement                                                                              Establishes that the buyer will assume responsibility for the obligations of a mortgage from the builder or original owner.
Assurance Of Completion                                                                           Describes escrowed repairs and certifies that escrowed repairs will be completed. Provided by Lender.                                                                             Mortgagee's Assurance of Completion
Attorney In Fact Affidavit                                                                        Confirms that a person is under a Power of Attorney and warrants specifics facts about the person such as: POA has not been revoked, principle has not died, no divorce
                                                                                                  action has been commenced if spouse of the principle, a guardian or conservator has not been appointed for the Principle.
Automated Clearing House Debit Form                                                               Establishes a direct debit from a borrowers account for loan or escrow payment.                                                                                                   ACH
Automated Underwriting Feedback                                                                   Confirms results from Desk Top Underwriter, Loan Prospector or other underwriting system, including the loan decision and conditions or stipulations of the approval.             DU Findings, LP Feedback, Feedback Certificate, Findings,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Feedback, Findings Report and Underwriting Analysis, AUS Findings

Automated Value Model Feedback                                                                    Confirms results from an automated property valuation system.                                                                                                                     AVM, Automated Value Model
Bailee Letter                                                                                     Confirms that a company will return to the funding lender the collateral package, the funded value or MBS of a property.
Balloon Refinance Disclosure                                                                      Informs the borrower that rate and payment amount may change when the refinance option is chosen for balloon loans and describes how the interest rate and payments are           Convertible Balloon Disclosure
Bank Deposit Slip                                                                                 Provides written evidence of a deposit to a financial institution.
Bank Statement                                        401 K, Stock Account, Mutual Fund Account   Describes transactions recorded and account balances of a customer's accounts during a specified period.                                                                          Account Statement
                                                      Saving Account, Checking Account

Bankruptcy Discharge Notice                                                                       Confirms that a person or company is legally free and clear to repay certain debts. Provided by the court.
Bid                                                                                               Describes required home repairs or improvements and provides an estimation of cost to complete.                                                                                   Estimate to Complete Work, Repair Estimate, Alteration Improvement
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    and Repairs
Birth Certificate                                                                                 Confirms details about an individual's birth. An official record provided by a government entity such as a state, county, city or borough.
Bond Certificate                                                                                  Confirms the ownership of a bond
Borrower Acknowledgment Of Property Condition                                                     Confirms that the borrowers understand the condition of the property.
Borrower Correspondence                               Letter of Explanation, Gap in Employment,   Describes items related to the application including borrower credit, income, employment or assets. Typically provided by borrower. Includes items provided by third parties in
                                                      Trailing Spouse, Letter of Intent           support of the borrower's application. Documents provided by the lender to be signed by the borrower are not considered Borrower Correspondence.

Borrowers Certification                                                                           Authorizes lender to request personal information on the borrower's behalf.                                                                                                       Borrowers Authorization, General Certification and Authorization
Broker Disclosure Statement                                                                       Describes sources and amounts of compensation a brokered mortgage transaction. Provided by Broker to Borrower.
Broker Price Opinion                                                                              Describes findings of the broker review process and provides an estimation of the subject property value. The report typically combines information from a drive-by exterior      BPO
                                                                                                  examination, and various external data sources, but not an interior examination.
Builders Certification                                                                            Confirms that the property construction is completed to HUD requirements. Provided by builder.                                                                                    Builder's Certification of Plans and Specifications
Building Permit                                                                                   Authorizes the builder to build on the property. Provided by local municipal authority.
Business License                                                                                  Authorizes the legal operation of a business in an area issued by the state or municipality.
Buydown Agreement                                                                                 Establishes a rate variant, or temporary adjustment, of interest rate on the loan. Used to reduce, or step down, an interest rate.
Buying Your Home Settlement Costs And Helpful                                                     Describes the settlement process, charges, rights and remedies available under RESPA, as well as explanation of settlement services and costs.                                    Settlement Cost Booklet
CABO Certification                                                                                Confirms that the property was constructed to CABO (Council of American Building Officials) standards. Provided by builder.
Cancellation of Listing                                                                           Confirms that a property is no longer listed with a real estate agent.
Check                                                                                             Represents money payable or paid (if cancelled).                                                                                                                                  Checks, Cancelled Checks
Checklist                                                                                         Describes the list of action items, steps, or elements required to be consulted or completed to accomplish a task.
Child Support Verification                                                                        Describes the legal obligation of a parent to pay money toward the care and maintenance of his/her children.
Close Line Of Credit Request                                                                      Requests that a line of credit be closed after receiving a payoff under a separate cover.
Closing Instructions                                                                              Describes the conditions that must be met in order to complete the closing. Provided by Lender to Closing Agent.                                                                  Lender Closing Instructions, Settlement Agent Instructions
Compliance Agreement                                                                              Establishes that the borrower will accommodate changes to loan documentation that result from errors and omissions, to ensure that the documents conform to industry              Errors and Omissions, E&O
Compliance Inspection Report                                                                      Confirms that property construction, repairs or improvements related to the loan (but not to the appraisal per se) have been completed acceptably. Provided by appraiser or       Final Inspection
                                                                                                  inspector. This is not Fannie Mae form 442. Ref HUD form 92051
Conditional Commitment                                                                            Establishes the property value and describes repair conditions. Provided by Underwriter. This is only related to appraisal and property.
Condominium Occupancy Certificate                                                                 Confirms the percentage of a Condominium (Condo) Association or phase is currently occupied.
Conservator And Guardianship Agreement                                                            Authorizes a person to sign documents for a borrower.
Consolidation Extension Modification Agreement                                                    Changes one or more of the terms of a mortgagor's loan in the security instrument. Used for refinance loans in state of NY.                                                       CEMA
Construction Cost Breakdown                                                                       Describes in detail the construction costs to build a new structure.
Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages                                                    Describes Adjustable Rate Mortgages and reviews their benefits and risks.                                                                                                         CHARM

Conveyance Deed                                                                                   Transfers title to a property from a seller (grantor) to a recipient (grantee); provides evidence of the legal right of ownership.
Cooperative Assignment Of Proprietary Lease                                                       Transfers lease rights (not responsibilities) from the Cooperative (Coop) to the lender. The lease can then be assigned to the note holder if the borrower defaults.
Cooperative Bylaws                                                                                Establishes the rules for governing and operating the Cooperative (Coop) Housing Corporation.
Cooperative Operating Budget                                                                      Describes the planned revenues and expenditures of the Cooperative (Coop) for the current fiscal year.
Cooperative Proprietary Lease                                                                     Establishes the rights and duties of the Cooperative (Coop) and member shareholder under which the shareholder is allowed to use a certain unit in the premises.
Cooperative Recognition Agreement                                                                 Establishes the responsibility of the Cooperative (Coop) to notify the lender in the event of borrower default.
Cooperative Stock Certificate                                                                     Confirms an individual's ownership interest in the Cooperative.                                                                                                                   Membership certificate/Perpetual Use & Equity Contract/Certificate of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ownership/Ownership Contract, Coop Stock Certificate

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DocTypes - Masterlist

Document Class Type                                  Document Class Subtype Description            Description                                                                                                                                                                        AKA
Cooperative Stock Power                                                                            Authorizes the lender to assign the borrowers stock certificate in case of default.                                                                                                Coop Stock Power
Cosigner Notice                                                                                    Informs a cosigner of a loan that they will be obligated to pay the debt if the main borrower's) default on the loan.
Counseling Certification                                                                           Confirms that the borrower participated in homeownership counseling.
Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System                                                     Confirms results from the HUD Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System, which indicates whether the individual is in default on direct or guaranteed federal loans or are    CAIVRS
                                                                                                   otherwise ineligible for an FHA loan. Result is transcribed or captured as a screen-print from the HUD website.
Credit Card Authorization                                                                          Authorizes a company to use a client's credit card for mortgage related charges. Generally these charges consist of credit report and appraisal fee.
Credit Insurance Agreement                                                                         Establishes the rates and charges incurred for credit insurance.                                                                                                                   Credit Insurance Terms, Credit Life Insurance Disclosure,
Credit Report                                                                                      Describes the borrowers credit history. Provided by a credit reporting bureau, or a service which consolidates reports from multiple sources into a single report (Tri-merge).     Tri-Merge, Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR)

Death Certificate                                                                                  Confirms the date, location and cause of a person's death. Issued by a government official.
Divorce Decree                                                                                     Establishes the terms of the divorce. Provided by a court or legal authority.                                                                                                      Final Judgment (divorce), Abridgment of Judgment (divorce)
Electronic Funds Transfer                                                                          Establishes a repeatable direct deposit of funds into an account of a borrower. Used by servicing.                                                                                 EFT, Automatic Funds Transfer
Energy Efficient Mortgage Worksheet                                                                Determines loan amount for Energy Efficient Mortgage loan (loan to finance repairs that increase energy efficiency of the home). Required by HUD. Provided by Underwriter.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act Form                                                                  Informs the borrower that all consumers are entitled to an equal chance to obtain credit.                                                                                          Reg B, ECOA
Escrow Agreement                                                                                   Establishes escrow accounts for taxes and insurance. Agreement between borrower and lender.
Escrow For Completion Agreement                                                                    Establishes work to be completed on a property and the terms under which the funds for the work will be released.                                                                  Holdback, Work Escrow Agreement
Escrow For Completion Letter                                                                       Confirms work on the property has been completed and any funds held in escrow can be released.                                                                                     Work Escrow Mortgagee Assurance of Completion (2300)
Escrow Waiver                                                                                      Confirms the lender agrees to waive collecting a monthly payment for taxes and insurance (escrow or impound account). Informs the applicant of their responsibilities to pay       Notice Regarding Payments For Homeowners Insurance And
                                                                                                   tax/insurance bills when due, whether an escrow waiver fee will be imposed, and information regarding lender placement of insurance.                                               Property Taxes
Estimate Of Closing Costs Paid To Third Party                                                      Informs the borrower of estimated loan closing costs.
Estoppel Agreement                                                                                 Establishes that certain statements of fact are correct as of the date of the statement and can be relied upon by a third party (including a prospective lender or purchaser).

FACTA Credit Score Disclosure                                                                      Informs the borrower of their credit score, range of possible scores, key factors affecting score, reporting agencies used, contacts for obtaining a report copy, and includes a
                                                                                                   statement that terms offered are based on consumer report information.
Federal Application Insurance Disclosure                                                           Informs the borrower that the lender is offering an insurance product or annuity in connection with an extension of credit.                                                        AntiCoercion Disclosure
Federal Sale of Insurance Disclosure                                                               Informs the borrower that the lender is selling credit insurance as part of the loan transaction.
FHA Five Day Waiver                                                                                Confirms that the borrower waives the requirement to receive the Notice to Homebuyer five days before closing.
FHA Limited Denial Of Participation General Services                                               Confirms that a borrower is not recorded on the LDP/GSA (Limited Denial of Participation/General Services Administration) lists, and therefore is eligible for an FHA loan.
Administration Checklist
FHA MIP Netting Authorization                                                                      Determines the appropriate amount for an FHA streamlined refinance loan.
FHA Mortgage Credit Analysis Worksheet                                                             Determines the appropriate amount for an FHA loan.                                                                                                                                 MCAW
FHA Referral Checklist                                                                             Confirms that all requirements have been met prior to FHA foreclosure. Provided to FHA.
FHA Refinance Maximum Mortgage Worksheet                                                           Determines loan amount for refinance loan, included with or attached to the MCAW. Required by HUD, provided by Underwriter.
Financial Statement                                  Income, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Financial   Describes financial performance of a business or individual.
Flood Hazard Notice                                                                                Informs the borrower that flood insurance may be required by the lender.                                                                                                           Special Flood Hazard Notice, Flood Hazard Notification
Flood Insurance Agreement                                                                          Establishes that a borrower will maintain flood insurance in the amount prescribed by the lender for the duration of the loan term.
For Your Protection Home Inspection                                                                Confirms that a borrower has received the information that the borrower should consider a home inspection.
Freddie Mac Owned Streamline Refinance Checklist                                                   Confirms that a loan meets Freddie Mac streamlined refinance criteria. Provided to Freddie Mac.

Funding Transmittal                                                                                Confirms final closing information and numbers on a brokered or third party closing.                                                                                               Funding Worksheet
General Loan Acknowledgement                                                                       Confirms receipt of all the disclosures in the Disclosure Booklet, HUD Guide to Settlement Costs. Also used to document the float/lock rate requests and mortgage insurance        GLAD
                                                                                                   requests and provide the Appraisal Notice to the borrower.
Gift Letter                                                                                        Confirms that the borrower is receiving all or part of the down payment as a gift. Provided by gift donor.
Good Faith Estimate                                                                                Describes the approximate costs borrower will pay at or before settlement, based on common practice in the locality. The mortgage banker or mortgage broker, if any, must          GFE
                                                                                                   deliver or mail the GFE to the applicant within three business days after the application is received. This document is a part of HUD Regulation X (RESPA/Reg X).

Group Savings Agreement                                                                            Establishes participation and terms in a Group Savings Plan.
High Cost Worksheet                                                                                Determines whether the loan is high cost or predatory based on state or national statutes.                                                                                         Anti-Predatory Worksheet
Hold Harmless Agreement                                                                            Establishes that the borrower will assume liability exposure of the lender.
Home Buyer Education Certification                                                                 Confirms that the borrower has completed a homebuyer education program. The program are usually in association with first time homebuyer and affordable housing
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Anti Churning                                                      Informs the borrower that the costs associated with the new HECM loan will not exceed the loan amount.
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Choice Of                                                          Confirms that a borrower will choose an FHA Insured HECM loan. Provided by the Lender.
Insurance Options Form
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Counseling                                                         Informs the borrower of right to waive HECM counseling requirements if the original loan is originated within five years of the preceding loan.                                    HECM, Reverse Mortgage
Waiver Qualification
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Extension                                                          Establishes additional time to sell a property associated with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Face To Face                                                       Confirms that a borrower has met with a lending representative, in person, at some point during the HECM loan origination process.
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Loan Submission                                                    Describes final loan information and figures in a HECM transaction.
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Nearest Living                                                     Provides contact information for a designated relative of a HECM borrower, in case borrower can not be reached.
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Notice To                                                          Informs the borrower of the steps to take if payment is not received from the HECM lender.
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Payment Plan                                                       Describes the charges associated with the HECM loan and the payments made to the borrower.
Home Equity Line Freeze Letter                                                                     Authorizes lender to freeze a Home Equity Line of Credit in anticipation of a pay off.
Homeowners Association Certification                                                               Confirms the property meets HUD requirements. Provided by the Condominium Association.                                                                                             Condominium Association Certification, HOA Certification, PUD
Identity Theft Disclosure                                                                          Informs the borrower about identify theft and how to protect one's credit.
Incomplete Application Notice                                                                      Informs the borrower that the application as submitted is incomplete and establishes a time period in which information must be received.                                          10 Day Letter, Request For Additional Information
Individual Development Account Statement                                                           Describes the funds available through a program that matches funds of the borrower deposited for the sole purpose of purchasing a residence.
IRS 1098                                                                                           Confirms the amount of interest a person has paid on a mortgage.                                                                                                                   Mortgage Interest Statement
IRS 1099 MISC                                                                                      Confirms a person’s non-salary income.                                                                                                                                             Miscellaneous Income Statement
IRS W2                                                                                             Confirms a person's wage income and taxes withheld.                                                                                                                                Wage and Tax Statement
IRS W8                                                                                             Confirms the individual is a foreign tax resident.                                                                                                                                 IRS Certificate of Foreign Status.
IRS W9                                                                                             Provides the borrowers tax identification number and certifies truthfulness of data provided. Provided by borrower via IRS W9 form.                                                Request for Tax ID and Certification, Tax Payer ID
Itemization Of Amount Financed                                                                     Describes the finance charges associated with the mortgage loan. May be included in the Truth in Lending disclosure.
Land Leasehold Agreement                                                                           Establishes the interest in land of a person who owns the lease granted by the property owner.
Last Will And Testament                                                                            Establishes the rights of others over an individual's (the Testator's) property after the individual's death.                                                                      Certificate of Appointment, Letters of Testamentary
Lender Correspondence                                                                              Informs the borrower or a third party, information from, or about, the lender. This is other then a federal, state, or local requirements or regulations.                          cover letters, generic letters
Line Item Budget                                                                                   Describes in detail the budget for the construction of a home.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DocTypes - Masterlist

Document Class Type                                  Document Class Subtype Description               Description                                                                                                                                                                                AKA
Loan Application                                                                                      Provides information about a prospective borrower's employment, income, assets, debts and other financial information. Includes information about the purpose of the home                  URLA, Uniform Residential Loan Application, 1003, Credit
                                                                                                      loan and about the property securing the home loan. Provided by Borrower with lender's assistance.                                                                                         Application, 65
Loan Closing Notice                                                                                   Informs the borrower of total finance charges and interest rates associated with the loan.
Loan Payoff Request                                                                                   Provides Lender with information to determine the amount required to pay off an account and the outstanding principle balance as of a specific date.
Loan Statement                                                                                        Describes transactions recorded and account balances of a customers accounts during a specified period.
Marriage Certificate                                                                                  Confirms that a marriage has occurred.
Military Discharge Papers                                                                             Confirms that a person served in the military and describes their veterans status.                                                                                                         DD Form 214, DD214
Mortgage Insurance Certificate                                                                        Confirms existence of the insurance policy protecting the lender against loss from the borrower's failure to make payments on the mortgage loan                                            Mortgage Insurance PMI, MIP, MI
Mortgage Insurance Conditional Commitment                                                             Establishes a commitment to issue mortgage insurance pending specified conditions.
Mortgage Insurance Modification                                                                       Changes one or more of the terms of the Mortgage Insurance Certificate after closing.
Name Affidavit                                                                                        Confirms the correct borrower name to be used in executing the documents.                                                                                                                  Signature Affidavit
Non Diplomat Verification                                                                             Confirms that a person is not a diplomat, in the case where the person is a non-resident alien.
Note                                                 New Money, Consolidated, HECM Loan               Establishes a legal obligation of the borrower to repay the debt secured by the mortgage.                                                                                                  Promissory Note, Mortgage Note, Loan Agreement
Note Addendum                                        ARM, Balloon, Prepayment                         Adds the specific terms of the ARM to the promissory note.
Note Allonge                                                                                          Adds additional page(s) to the Note for endorsements.
Note And Security Instrument Modification                                                             Changes one or more of the terms of a mortgagor's loan in the note and in the security instrument.
Note Modification                                                                                     Changes one or more of the terms of the loan in the promissory note.
Notice Of Action Taken                                                                                Informs the borrower of denial or other material change in the loan application.                                                                                                           Denial Letter, Statement of Credit Denial, Termination, or Change,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Notice of Adverse Action, Notice of Counter Offer, Credit Denial
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Letter, Withdrawal Letter, Request for More Information

Notice Of Completion                                                                                  Changes (updates) a previous appraisal that was prepared subject to completion of repairs or incomplete items.                                                                             FNMA 442
Notice Of Right To Cancel                            Credit Increase, Open Account, Add Security      Informs the borrower of their three-day right to cancel the loan application. Required by TILA / Reg Z.                                                                                    Right of Recision, Cancellation Notice
                                                     Interest, Increase Security
Notice Of Right To Copy Of Appraisal Report                                                           Informs the borrower of their right to a copy of their appraisal report.
Notice To Homebuyer                                                                                   Informs the borrower of the repair conditions listed on the Notice to Lender form, outlining any issues or comments on the appraisal. Provided by the lender to the borrower.              Homebuyer Summary

Notice To Lender                                                                                      Describes repair conditions on the subject property. Provided by Appraiser to the lender. Provided as an addendum to Appraisal.                                                            VC sheet, VC condition, valuation condition sheet,
Occupancy Agreement                                                                                   Establishes the borrower intends to occupy the property.
Occupancy Certification                                                                               Confirms that a property is fit for occupancy. Provided by local municipal authority.                                                                                                      CO
Partnership Agreement                                                                                 Establishes the terms of a partnership, including the rights and responsibilities of the partners.
Pay Stub                                                                                              Describes income for a particular pay period.
Payment History                                                                                       Describes history of payments on a loan.                                                                                                                                                   Loan History
Payment Letter                                                                                        Describes the terms of a loan and loan payments, often emphasizing timing and amount of the first payment.                                                                                 Loan Payment Information Sheet, First Payment Letter
Payoff Statement                                                                                      Confirms the remaining principle balance of a loan that is being paid off or refinanced, based on a defined close or pay date.                                                             Demand, Demand Statement
Permanent Resident ID                                                                                 Confirms a person's permanent legal residency.                                                                                                                                             Green Card, Temporary Permanent Residence ID
Personal Identification                              Drivers License, Passport, Visa, Military        Confirms a person's identity for the purposes of a government-regulated activity (such as driving or international travel). Provided by the controlling governmental authority.

Personal Property Appraisal Report                                                                    Describes personal property and provides and estimation of value.
Power Of Attorney                                    Durable, Limited                                 Authorizes one person to act as agent or attorney on behalf of another person.                                                                                                             POA
Pre Application Disclosure Notice                                                                     Informs the borrower of appraisal and credit report fees. A state disclosure.                                                                                                              Agreement Concerning Non Refundability of Advance Fee
Prepayment Charge Option Notification                                                                 Informs the borrower of "premium pricing option" (i.e., option of prepayment charge in lieu of higher interest rate).
Prequalification Letter                                                                               Informs a perspective borrowers that they will qualify for a loan based on the income and credit information the borrower has provided.
Privacy Disclosure                                                                                    Informs the borrower of privacy rights; describes what information will be collected and shared.
Property Inspection Report                           Carpet, Environmental, Footings, Framing,        Describes the condition of the subject property, or any of a variety of building systems or interior or exterior elements of the structure, or aspects of the surrounding property
                                                     Heating, Insulation, Pest, Plumbing, Roof,       (such as water or soil).
                                                     Septic, Soil, Structural Engineering,
                                                     Subterranean Termite, Termite, Soil Treatment,
                                                     Water Health, Well
Property Insurance Binder                            Earthquake, Fire And Extended Coverage,          Establishes a commitment to issue property insurance pending payment.
                                                     Flood, Hazard, Homeowners, Hurricane, Insect
                                                     Infestation, Leasehold, Mine Subsidence,
                                                     Personal Property, Storm, Tornado, Volcano,
Property Insurance Declarations Page                 Earthquake, Fire And Extended Coverage,          Describes the information regarding the risk covered by the insurance policy, including the name of the insurance company, its address, name of the policy holder, starting and
                                                     Flood, Hazard, Homeowners, Hurricane, Insect     ending dates of coverage, the actual coverage given in the contract, including locations and amounts
                                                     Infestation, Leasehold, Mine Subsidence,
                                                     Personal Property, Storm, Tornado, Volcano,
Property Insurance Policy                            Earthquake, Fire And Extended Coverage,          Establishes the terms and conditions of the contract for insurance covering the subject property.
                                                     Flood, Hazard, Homeowners, Hurricane, Insect
                                                     Infestation, Leasehold, Mine Subsidence,
                                                     Personal Property, Storm, Tornado, Volcano,
Purchase Agreement                                                                                    Establishes the terms and conditions for purchase of a property.                                                                                                                           Sale Agreement, Contract for Sale, Sales Contract, Purchase
Rate Lock Agreement                                                                                   Establishes that the lender and borrower have fixed (locked) specific terms of the loan application (including points, fees, expiration and product type) for a specified period.

Reaffirmation Agreement                                                                               Establishes that the borrower will reinstitute a mortgage debt after bankruptcy proceedings are completed.
Receipt                                                                                               Confirms the payment or exchange of a good or service.
Relocation Benefits Package                                                                           Describes terms and conditions of the relocation package.
Relocation Buyout Agreement                                                                           Establishes the terms between a relocation company and an employee to purchase a home based on the appraised value. It describes what happens if a home does not sell
                                                                                                      within a certain period (usually 60 or 90 days), and the circumstances in which a relocation company will buy a home.
Rental Agreement                                                                                      Establishes the rights and duties of the landlord and tenant in a rental transaction. At a minimum identifies the parties, the property, the term of the rental, and the amount of         Lease Agreement
                                                                                                      rent for the term.
Request For Copy Of Tax Return                                                                        Authorizes taxing authority (such as IRS) to provide certified copy of borrowers tax return.                                                                                               4506, 4506T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return, Request for Copy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 of Tax Form, 8821,Tax Information Authorization
Request For Notice Of Default                                                                         Establishes a requirement for a senior lien holder to inform a junior lien holder in the event of a default on the common property. Required to be recorded.                               Notice of Default
Road Maintenance Agreement                                                                            Establishes the parties and their respective responsibilities to jointly maintain a road.                                                                                                  Private Road Maintenance Agreement, Street Road Maintenance
Satisfaction Of Judgment                                                                              Confirms that a judgment filed against a property has been released. Provided by a legal authority.                                                                                        Judgment Letter, Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment
Satisfaction Of Mortgage                                                                              Confirms the mortgage has been paid off and the lien on the property is released. Required to be recorded.                                                                                 Reconveyance, Real Estate Lien Release, Satisfaction of Deed of
Section 32 Disclosure Form                                                                            Informs the borrower that a loan is considered a high cost loan. Required by Regulation Z.                                                                                                 2016a
Security Instrument                                                                                   Establishes the mortgage lender’s security interest in the real property. In most states, this security instrument is specifically a “Mortgage,” while in others it is a “Deed of Trust”   Deed of Trust, Mortgage, Security Trust Deed
                                                                                                      or “Security Trust Deed".

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DocTypes - Masterlist

Document Class Type                                    Document Class Subtype Description          Description                                                                                                                                                                           AKA
Security Instrument Modification                                                                   Changes one or more of the terms of a mortgagor's loan in the security instrument.
Security Instrument Rider                              1 To 4 Family, ARM, Balloon, Condominium,   Adds additional provisions to the security instrument.
                                                       Construction, Manufactured, Prepayment,
                                                       PUD, Second Home, Bi Weekly, Graduated
                                                       Payment, Growing Equity, Inter Vivos
                                                       Revocable Trust, Non Owner, Rate
                                                       Improvement, Rehabitation, VA
Servicing Disclosure Statement                                                                     Informs the borrower that the right to collect their mortgage loan payments may be transferred, and they have certain rights under federal law. Required by RESPA / Regulation        Notice to Mortgage Loan Applicants
Servicing Transfer Statement                                                                       Informs the borrower that the servicing of their loan is being transferred. Required by RESPA / Regulation X.                                                                         Notice of Transfer of Servicing, Hello/Goodbye Letter
Settlement Statement                                                                               Describes the funds that are payable at closing. Items that appear on the statement include real estate commissions, loan fees, points, and initial escrow amounts. Required by       Closing Statement, HUD1
                                                                                                   RESPA / Regulation X.
Social Security Award Letter                                                                       Confirms that Social Security benefits are payable and the amount received each month. Provided by the Social Security Administration.                                                Social Security Benefit Letter, Social Security Decision Notice
Standard Flood Hazard Determination                                                                Confirms whether the property is located in a flood zone and therefore whether it requires flood insurance. Provided by FEMA.                                                         Flood Cert, FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination
Statement Of Borrower Benefit                                                                      Describes how the borrower is benefiting from a loan transaction.                                                                                                                     Tangible Benefit Letter
Stock Certificate                                                                                  Confirms legal ownership of stock in a corporation.
Subordination Agreement                                                                            Establishes that a prior lien is made inferior to an otherwise junior lien. An Agreement between two creditors (lien holders) of a particular borrower.
Subsidy Agreement                                                                                  Establishes that the borrower will set up a subsidy account to supplement the mortgage payment.
Survey                                                                                             Describes encroachments on mortgaged property.                                                                                                                                        Improvement Location Certificate, Mortgage Survey
Survey Affidavit                                                                                   Confirms that no encroachments have been built since the preceding survey. Provided by the borrower.
Tax Certificate                                                                                    Describes taxes charged by state or local governments.                                                                                                                                Tax Information Sheet, Tax Bill
Tax Return                                             1040, 1065, 1120, 1120s, 1041               Provides information used to calculate income or other taxes.                                                                                                                         Partnership Return, Corporate Return, Individual Return, S-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation, Schedule K1, Schedule D
Ten Year Warranty                                                                                  Confirms existence of the insurance policy that covers the property against defects in workmanship. Provided by Insurance company.                                                    2-10 Warranty
Title Abstract                                                                                     Describes the result of a title search of public records. This is the source document that produces the conditions in a title commitment. Provided by Title Insurance company.        Title Search

Title Commitment                                                                                   Establishes a commitment to issue Title insurance subject to payment or other specified conditions. Provided by the Title Insurance company.                                          Preliminary Title Report, Prelim,
Title Insurance Endorsement                                                                        Changes one or more of the terms of the Title Insurance Policy.
Title Insurance Policy                                                                             Establishes that the insurer agrees to pay the insured (a purchaser or mortgagee with an interest in the property) a specific amount for any loss caused by defects of title to the   ALTA, CLTA, TLTA, Title Certification, Attorney's Title Opinion Letter.
                                                                                                   real estate.
Trust Agreement                                                                                    Establishes the terms of a Trust, including the rights and responsibilities of the trustee and the trustor.                                                                           Revocable Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Living Trust, Testamentary Trust,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Inter Vivos Trust
Truth In Lending Disclosure                                                                        Informs the borrower of the annual percentage rate, or APR, of the borrower's loan as well as other facets of the mortgage program. Required by TILA / Reg Z.                         TIL, TILD
UCC1 Statement                                                                                     Describes property taken as collateral from a borrower. Required to be filed in public records to record security interest in the property.                                           Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement, Notice of Security
UCC3 Statement                                                                                     Changes the UCC-1 by amending or terminating the security interest.                                                                                                                   Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement Amendment
Underwriting Transmittal                                                                           Describes key information utilized in the comprehensive risk assessment of the mortgage, and the final underwriting decision. Used for manually-processed applications for            Uniform Underwriting and Transmittal Summary, Transmittal
                                                                                                   single-family conventional first and second mortgages.                                                                                                                                Summary, FNMA 1008
Utility Bill                                                                                       Confirms the amount due for a person's utility bill.
VA Certificate Of Eligibility                                                                      Confirms a person's veteran status and prior home loan usage.                                                                                                                         26-1880, Certificate of Eligibility
VA Certificate Of Reasonable Value                                                                 Confirms the maximum value and loan amount for a VA mortgage.                                                                                                                         CRM, Master Certificate of Reasonable Value / MCRV
VA Collection Policy Notice                                                                        Informs the borrower of the actions that can be taken by the VA if a borrower defaults on a loan.
VA Foreclosure Bid Letter                                                                          Describes the procedure for purchasing a foreclosed VA property.
VA Funding Fee Notice                                                                              Informs the borrower of VA funding fee costs.
VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan                                                        Determines amount current VA homeowners can reduce their interest rate with no out of pocket expenses and minimal documentation.                                                      IRRRL
VA Loan Analysis                                                                                   Determines whether a veteran qualifies for a VA loan and whether a lenders adheres to VA standards.
VA Report And Certification Of Loan Disbursement                                                   Describes details of a VA closed loan.

VA Request For Certification Of Eligibility For Home                                               Provides VA with information to make determination of a borrower's VA eligibility.                                                                                                    Request for Certificate of Eligibility
Loan Benefit
VA Verification Of Benefit Related Indebtedness                                                    Confirms whether a veteran has the ability to incur debt on a loan.
Verification Of Credit                                                                             Confirms borrower credit information.                                                                                                                                                 VOC
Verification Of Dependent Care                                                                     Confirms dependent care expenses paid by borrower.                                                                                                                                    VODC
Verification Of Deposit                                                                            Confirms borrowers deposit information.                                                                                                                                               VOD
Verification Of Employment                                                                         Confirms borrowers employment information.                                                                                                                                            VOE
Verification Of Mortgage Or Rent                                                                   Confirms mortgage or rent expenses paid by borrower.                                                                                                                                  VOM, Verification of Rent, VOR
Verification Of Securities                                                                         Confirms information about securities owned by borrower.                                                                                                                              VOS
Volunteer Escrow Prepayment Designation                                                            Authorizes lender to increase borrower's escrow accounts.                                                                                                                             VEPD
Wire Instructions                                                                                  Describes the procedure for wiring funds to escrow account. Provided by closing agent.
Wire Transfer Authorization                                                                        Authorizes a wire transfer of funds.                                                                                                                                                  Wire Set Up Authorization, Seller Wire/Change Authorization
Wire Transfer Confirmation                                                                         Confirms that the recipient is in receipt of funds sent via bank wire process.
Worksheet                                                                                          Describes the procedure for performing an analysis or making a determination and captures results of the work.

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