General Dentists for Pain Relief in Houston

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					General Dentists for Pain Relief in Houston

Are you suffering from pain issues associated with poor oral health? If you are, then
you need general dentists who specialize in pain relief. If you have a variety of issues
with oral pain, it’s time to find the relief you deserve.

Therefore, allow Dr. Tom Hedge and Dr. Kathy Frazar at The Houston Dentists to
show you the different causes of oral pain and how they can help you.

What Are Common Causes of Oral Pain?

There are a multitude of causes of oral pain. Of course, there are several common
causes that can greatly impede your daily life, yet these causes can be easily

The common causes of oral pain include:

      TMJ migraine headaches and jaw pain
      Pain due to oral surgery
      Pain due to missing teeth

It is important to note that although these conditions can be quite serious, there are
several viable and effective ways to fix your problems with oral pain.

Common Procedures for Oral Pain Relief

There are several ways to address your issues with oral pain. If you choose quality
pain relief dentists, they can provide you with the following procedures to fix your

      TMJ therapy for jaw pain and headaches
      Sedation dentistry for oral surgery
      Dental implants for missing teeth

TMJ Therapy

TMJ therapy for migraine headaches and jaw pain can fix all of these problems
because it can help realign your temporormandibular joint, the cause of TMJ pain.

If you would like to learn more about TMJ and how you can remedy migraine
headaches and jaw pain, see this page:

Migraine headache and jaw pain relief with TMJ therapy

Sedation Dentistry for Oral Surgery and Other Dental Procedures
If you are having a major dental procedure, such as invasive oral surgery, or if you’re
simply have serious dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can help.

The common forms of sedation include:

      Oral sedation dentistry
      IV sedation dentistry
      Nitrous Oxide sedation dentistry

To learn more about how sedation dentistry can help you, please see the following

Sedation dentistry for oral surgery and dental anxiety

Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants can replace them. Dental
implants are essentially artificial tooth roots that are inserted directly into your
jawbone, replacing your missing teeth by anchoring

      Porcelain crowns
      Dental bridges
      Dentures

If you believe you may be in need of any of these dental procedures for pain relief,
consider The Houston Dentists. Call today for a complimentary consultation at 713-

Description: If you're looking for dentists for pain-relief in Houston, consider The Houston Dentists. They can provide you with sedation dentistry, TMJ therapy, and dental implants