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Mother's Day Coupons

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									    Mother's Day Coupons Mom Really Wants
          from That Works for Me!
             Use as many of these free printable coupons as you'd like
                 to "wow" the Mom in your life this Mother's Day.

                                                          This coupon is good for a
        This coupon is good                                spa day with a manicure
       for one whole day free                              and pedicure OR a new
         of diaper changes.                                article of clothing.
                                                           (Note: Article of clothing includes
                                                            one pair of cute shoes.)

                                                         This coupon is good for
       This coupon is good
                                                          either the supplies, time,
       for completion of your
                                                           and/or encouragement
       least favorite chore.
                                                          needed to finish your
        (Redeemable at any time.)
                                                         latest creative project.

This coupon is permission to                             This coupon is good for
     change one thing about                               one afternoon of bossing
          your home.                                       directing the family in
        (Even if it's something hideous                     the garden.
      hanging over from your husband's
   college days or an unwelcome gift you                (This could mean planting, pruning,
   can't part with because of guilt.)               mowing, or good, old-fashioned weeding.)

   This coupon is redeemable                              This coupon is good for
     for a copy of the That                                 one lunch or night
      Works for Me! e-book.                                    out with your
           (And time to read it.)                            favorite friends.

      This coupon redeemable
         for one night off                              This coupon is redeemable
          in the kitchen.                                for folding and putting
      (This means no meal preparation,                      away a day's worth
      eating your food at a temperature                         of laundry.
       other than lukewarm, sitting the
                                                           (Yes, it does say "putting away.")
          entire time, and no dishes.)
This coupon is good for         This coupon is good for
  one no-obligation-                one date night.
     to-return-it                 (Planned and executed by
       backrub.                     your husband, down to
                                       the babysitting.)

This coupon entitles you
                                This coupon is good for
 to listen to the music
                                one extended period of
     of your choice.
                                no whining or fighting
   (This is redeemable either
    at home or on the road.)       between siblings.

This coupon is good for         This coupon is good for
  one uninterrupted               one hour of surfing
   hour of anything.                  the Internet.
      (Ideas: nap, journal,
      exercise, daydream)        (Finally, guilt-free Pinterest!)

 This coupon is good for        This coupon is good for
   one app you've been            one trip to _______ .

 This coupon is good for        This coupon is good for
 ___________________             ___________________
 ___________________             ___________________
 ___________________ .           ___________________ .

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