Lemax Rod VS Giant Trevally On Action

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					                  Lemax Rod VS Giant Trevally On The Ship

Many things that are unique for anglers to enjoy the moment in fishing. There are many who
choose to try a place that may be in the extreme to say, it may take time and struggle to
achieve the difficult terrain. Or may choose to fish in fast-flowing water, or one that is very
rare that fishing in the waters and lakes are frozen. As his case with this one angler. This
time he tried to use a jigging technique and one unique thing is that he tries to lure from the
ship. How is it possible? Perhaps, because there was actually some technique while fishing on
the boat. However it is very important for you to remember, all the preparations and the liver
while fishing you need to consider. Because it is not possible you could have slipped or fallen
due to a lack of security. What are the professional anglers do not try this, if you do not have
the courage. That afternoon, wearing a blue shirt and a hat to protect her from the sun's heat,
he started his pursuit of the ship. Some friends also took part in the ship, but they are on
under. Only these anglers on board with one of his friends to record their activities. Rod that
he used is Lemax Rod and metal jigs. Jigging technique his used is the Butterfly Jigging
System. The reason is "to enjoy the feel of motion at any time with the fishes" he said.
Butterfly Jigging System was designed to attract and detect bites from fish, and even the most
difficult ones. Fishing began to cast down, jig began to sink into the water, then he started to
play the reel with a jigging motion technique (Retrieve jig a few meters from the base). After
that he began to let the jig fall back to the basics. This way in the back several times to entice
the fish to eat the jigs are in pairs. After the metal jig fall to the desired depth, the rod tip
down in front . With upward circular motion, lifted the rod tip up and down to the bottom
following the rotation of the reel. This technique will work with the action of fast and slow
depending on how the fish react to the target.

Do not wait to long the fish grab this angler's jig. "Strike .." These anglers with a carefully to
start the action because there is no restriction on the boat, so a little less safe for her, but this
is the uniqueness of fishing on the boat. Several times he started to play the pull rod and reel.
Did not feel tired at him as at once to enjoy the game of the fish. Once the fish begin to
approach the ship he gave his rod to her friends at the bottom. While waiting for her
downstairs to continue figting with this fish. Because if the continue on the boat will be very
difficult for the angler to lift the fish into the boat,cause of long distances by water. Up under
the back rod is controlled by the angler. played and continues to reel the fish began to appear
on the surface. Giant Trevally fish was a large success he get. Immediately lift the fish in nets
and fishing trips that evening was closing in maldives islands, and he was back realese the
fish that have been successful in catching. Fun instead of fishing on the boat? But once again
you have carefully while fishing on the boat for your safety needs to be noticed.
Good Luck... 

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