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									                                     Catch And Release is a good place for you as a lover of fishing or for those of
you who want to know the world of fishing. Because here we provide a wide range of information
and various activities related to fishing. We will review this bit about the dangers of its special nature
conservation of water. Where it is certain there is a connection with fishing. Catch and release
technique is the technique of catching fish when fishing is environmentally sustainable. Fishing with
this technique will preserve the environment due to the continuity of the life cycle can be perfectly
preserved fish, any fish, especially the midwife will be able to continue the cycle of life perfectly.
Catch and release technique is a commitment that can be done by the angler to preserve the
environment that it is now very disturbed by the presence of a large commercial fishing - as well the
amount of water and environmental pollution are severe enough that a variety of fish life is
disrupted and it is possible number of different bait fish in the wild to be reduced rapidly. How to
fish with the spirit of the catch and release fish caught by releasing you after you get it. You can
catch fish photos for documentation purposes but you can not kill it. With the release of fish that
you catch, the fish can be kept awake sustainability.

Fishing is a fun activity to do with catching fish, but in some cases, environmental sustainability must
be our common concern that hobby fishing can still be done by our children and grandchildren for
decades - twenty years from now because of the preservation of fish target fishing is still well
preserved. With the strict conservation of the natural continuity of our hobby is fishing sustainable.
Catch and release fishing techniques can be performed on fresh water fishing or sea fishing. Given
the many types of fish are now included in the category of fish rare fish. But in some countries the
implementation of catch and release techniques are still not popular given our environmental
awareness is still low, but if we as anglers can still concerned with environmental conservation catch
and release techniques will help to rescue the environment.

In some fishing clubs, it was suggested to use a hook with no barb or barbless. Barb is available at
the end of the latch hook to keep fish that are caught by the hook do not get out. The use of
barbless hook does reduce the risk of death once you catch fish, but there is also the opinion of
some anglers who said that if the hook does not use a barb, the possibility of target fish can escape
from the hook will be easy and of course the chances of getting the smaller fish as well.
How To catch and release was not made official rules in my country is Indonesia for nature
conservation, but we recommend the angler to use it as a form of concern for the conservation of
Happy Fishing .. 

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