Popping The GT Monster by mr.cepoot


									     Popping The GT Monster With Batanta 140gr Black
The island of Sumba, NTT is one of the best ground popping in Indonesia, and even the
world. Virtually no popping anglers who inadvertently missed in the history of Sumba Island
and popping their trip plans. If there are anglers who have not popping the ground Sumba, it's
just a matter of time, though heavy and hard, they will certainly continue to try to penetrate
the waters of Sumba to throw poppers at their best and their best tackle issue here. Sumba is
popping paradise that provides the best fighting chance for some angler . In my opinion, there
are three islands in Indonesia are competing as best as popping destinations in Indonesia:
Alor, Lembata, and Sumba. Everything in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. But in Alor
most people managed to get a fish with jigging technique.

Lembata is the "headquarters" of his monster GT in Indonesia. The island where people live
and catch whales Lamalera with this spear can be proud because it almost does not have GT
small fish. But the charisma Lembata as this monster nest GT are now starting to fade.
Lembata popping won fame as the best ground in silence. Not many anglers who know and
are able to penetrate the nature of the island. But now the monster GT has been hard to come
by in Lembata, because many anglers targeted the popping. And once, every strike GT fish
in Lembata, at least certainly weigh up 25 pounds! Lembata is the most enchanting islands in
Indonesia for anyone who wants to get a monster GT can break the national record, world
record even though not much that can penetrate the "thickness" of this island fortress.
However, some top anglers Indonesia and Japan, has thrown up its poppers here. Not many
people know because of them that publish infrequently.

Back to Sumba. Compared with Lembata and Alor, Sumba Island is more open. Everyone
can go through any. Sumba does have tremendous potential Sportfishing fascinating. The
south side of Sumba is a terrible popping ground. From the border to the West Sumba
Waingapu. Hundreds of kilometers of steep cliffs, stone bath, and drop off runs. The north
side of another Sumba, jigging spot here is that to this day still holds the potential is
respected. Geographical conditions are challenging, and the season winds have been keeping
Sumba remained strong to this day and affirm itself as the most powerful ground sportfhsing
in Indonesia. So, if you want to feel complete as popping and jigging anglers, do not ignore

Three times I have sailed to Sumba. This latest trip I just came together with my friends. And
Sumba once again proves it self as powerful popping of the best ground. In this latest trip, we
worked with the William, Shem, and Fandy.William is a senior angler Sumba .
afternoon at 12:00 pm we landed at the airport Tambolaka, West Sumba around. Exceptional
heat directly burn our sleepy. We arrived at the residence of William in Waikabubak (the
capital of West Sumba) 1.5 hours later. Waikabubak is a small town a hot, dusty and busy.
It's really a hallmark of Sumba. If we are not accustomed to the heat, would not be
comfortable. Especially for those of you who are unfamiliar with the native people of Sumba
are always carried a machete wherever they go. But we have been accustomed to because
that's exactly Sumba. You just have to be yourself and do not need to interfere in other people
then it will all be fine. There is something crucial fact when we arrived in Waikabubak. As
we were about to leave for base camp in the Gulf of Aili, about 3 hours to the south by car
suddenly all the stores in town closed. Apparently there is a battle between two warring tribes
in the city! but william said, though we passed each of them brandishing machetes, because
we are not part of the two camps, then we'll be fine.We finally arrived in the Gulf of Aili
around 09.00 pm. It is very difficult for us to take the Gulf Aili because the field is very
heavy indeed. The last hour we are truly through the streets in a forest full of derivative,
slope, and a sharp bend to the extreme. Along the way an incident that makes us stuck in the
middle of forest between the hours of 5 to 8 pm. Our Basecamp is a modest house on the
beach. Not very well maintained as this is a "shack" William built just for fishing. In a large
bay is only one person living alone, namely the belief named William Spell. Spell-like people
from the interior of the continent of Africa. We end this story first, because we rested that

The next day we woke early as possible to then go up into the main vessel at anchor in the
middle somewhat. We have to take a small boat first. Shallow coastal timber ships do not
allow us close to the beach. We then went to the spot that once we go to where we were
greeted by a fish monster GT. South Sumba in my time it was incredible because the strike
rate and size GT that we got was tremendous. However, the trip was far different this time.
We did not get a strike means of predator fish here. For two days popping with three anglers,
we only raise 5 GT tail alone! Whereas in the year 2010, we were lazy again popping up
because of the strike. Perhaps this is due to spread the news reached them. Whereas formerly
the border waters of East Sumba and West Sumba is not too see people because of the
difficulty of terrain. So the density of the popping trip, a little more impact on the spot.
In South Sumba yesterday, most of the GT obtained by my colleague, weighing about 25 kg.
all the fish we managed to raise your GT is all on poppers Batanta 140 grams of black
artificial Lure Hime. And once the most deadly for use in Sumba are popping Halco poppers.
But in this trip, Halco really not struck at all. But when we use this Halco, we absolutely zero
new strike and strike when the angler finally willing to try a black popper bad that I had
brought from Jakarta, with 140 grams of black Batanta. but in the last half a day, when we
use poppers Batanta 140 gram black, straight 3 GT landed tails. Yet despite our luck on the
rest of the improved third day, we were desperate and decided to head back to town
tomorrow Waikabubak then shifted to the East Sumba on the fifth day to try a new spot that
supposedly invented by one angler who is a family of William , namely Shem.

We arrived at a new spot finding Shem Sumba during the day when the sun is very hot. We
stay overnight in village homes which is not far from the spot.
Morning came quickly. Our breakfast quickly and directly off into the sea to pick up our fate
today. Spot finding Shem is a shallow reef just offshore. Maybe the distance is only 1 mile
away from the mainland. Not many spots like this, close to the mainland, near the fishing
village, but its the GT is abundant. But we still have to prove today whether it is true. We
arrived at the destination. Devices popping PE 8 and PE class 10 we have also prepared the
rod holder. Pseudo-popper Popper now replaced with 140 grams Black Batanta. They usually
only use 80 grams of poppers. We have to negotiate first who throw, does not allow four
ships simultaneously popping, popping angler only for two only, maximum 3 popping in

My friend and son of William became the first angler to throw. Batanta 140 grams was
directly in the exhaust into the sea. It did not take long played a popper, once or twice a jolt
straight "strike!" Double strike as well. Soon the two GT tail weighing between 15-25 kg
were we raise. My friend threw him back for his first strike has not been so exhausting. Re-
strike, although fatigue eventually raise our third GT. Size is very interesting, up 25 kg.
Back Batanta poppers 140 gram black shows himself as the best.
I now turn to greet the GT, because they have not seen a single one gets sized up the GT 30.
On the first pitch I used the Ripple Fisher Fanta Stick rod is fitted with a 120 gram pink
Batanta. But this rigid rod is not convenient for me because it is too stiff, then I put it back
and replaced with other, more flexible rod. Now the rod that had been following since
Batanta fitted with 140 grams of black. First time there is also a response yet. But in my heart
I do not believe that here there is no monster GT. So with a little daydream, keep me jerking
popper with a hard jolt to splash out so great and the sound was loud poppers. It seems there
will be no strike. One last tug before I raise poppers thrown back to my faithful and poppers
play with confidence. I was very surprised when I was about to lift the popper to the ship
suddenly appeared a figure of the great GT without permission smile and immediately hit the
poppers and swim rapidly back into water. Poppers position was about two meters from the
ship's side. This is a situation that does not strike for me, hope for the ship strike near our
waist immediately "hit". In stark contrast to the strike in the distance where we have the
opportunity to play the fish for longer so that we do not really suffer with loads of fish. GT
continues to dip into and carried off with strong rope. Medium action rod of this class brands
to straight. I could not even do anything about the fish facing a rebellion. After about 3
minutes, the GT seems to loosen his run. Carefully I began to fight. Lifting his problems
following a severe power makes us very miserable because it is difficult to pump rod and
rope roll. About 20 minutes Reef Sem monster GT finally can end their resistance. The most
exhausting battle with GT fish I have ever faced! We do not carry the weight of fish scales to
measure this, but think about his weight reached 35 kg. I pull the monster GT that was later
to cover trip. At 3:00 pm when the wind began to blow hard we decided to go home. Heavy
clouds gathered in the sky but it seemed the evening sun struggled to penetrate kepekatannya
visible.    Looks     very     beautiful    but    deadly     if    it   is   a    rain     later.

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