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					C HAPTER 5390                                                                       M ARCH -A PRIL 2007
                                                                                     Harley Davidson of Seattle
                     THE DIRECTOR’S
                                                                                     Harley-Davidson on strike? Can
                         CHAIR                                                       that be? To me, the idea of The
                                                                                     Motor Company being on strike
                   Have you noticed that                                             is like nurses or firemen in a
                   there have been a few                                             similar circumstance. The logical
                   Spring-like days lately?                                          part of my mind knows it’s possi-
                   Riding season is just                                             ble and that these things happen,
                                                                                     but the emotional side does not
                   around the corner folks…                                          want to accept the reality.
I can’t wait!                                              I have more experience than most with labor strife. In a
                                                           past life as a teacher I spend several years in leadership
                                                           positions of my local and state teacher unions. In the
I want to take a moment and thank Caitlin                  two years I was president of my local union, we had the
                                                           first strike vote in our history the first year, and the first
and the rest of the HDoS folks for putting                 strike actual the second year. I did all the media stuff
on the 2nd Annual Membership Dinner, aka                   for a second and longer strike the third year, as I was
The HOG Pen Dance. Although the atten-                     leaving office to return to life as a classroom teacher.
dance was down from last year, those of us                 We also had three superintendents in two years, and one
                                                           school burn to the ground. Not all of that was my fault!
who were there had a wonderful time. And                   In addition I had the opportunity to work with others in
after spending a bit of time talking to a lit-             various areas of the state dealing with strikes, and some
tle birdie that night, I think there will be al-           interaction with the folks in Olympia who “referee” such
                                                           things. A dozen years later I had more experience, both
lot more fun & games involving the Dealer-                 on the line and then back in the office wielding a com-
ship and our Chapter in the months to                      puter, with another strike. Right about then the state
come.                                                      legislature learned that teachers were learning how to go
                                                           on strike effectively, so they changed the rules and
                                                           pretty much eliminated them.
                                                           Strikes are hard – on everybody. As a Harley enthusiast,
For those who didn’t / couldn’t make the                   you hate to see it, even if you support the people on the
dinner, remember that your Chapter mem-                    line. If you own stock in Harley, your concern becomes
bership has already expired and you will                   more personal, as a long strike could definitely affect the
need to renew if you intend on joining us                  stock price. Worst of all, if you’re planning on purchas-
                                                           ing a new Harley, you may have to wait, and it may cost
on our monthly rides are attending any                     more. If the strike drags on for an incredibly long
Chapter functions. Contact myself or                       time… let’s not go there.
                                                           I am writing this in early February, and we’re already
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                                             To check out the Chapter’s website, go to
 Executive BOARD 2006
GNW H.O.G. Chapter 5390
                                         You’ll find lots of photos, interesting information and valuable
            Dealer Sponsor:                 For daily ride and activity news, as well as Patt-isms, personal
     Harley-Davidson of Seattle          requests, tech info, Harley-Davidson of Seattle and Cycle Barn
            Jim Boltz, Owner
 Gary Harper, Chief Operating Officer
                                         news, join the GNW HOG Chat. This is exclusive to the mem-
                 Director:               bers of GNW HOG. To join, send an email to gnwhogchat-
               Mike Meade      
           Assistant Director:
               Brady Wright                                    Treasurer’s Report
              Sue Sprague                                       Beginning Balance Dec 15th            $4,415
              Membership:                                       Ending Balance Feb 15th               $5,768
            Georgia Vasilatos                                   Thank you to Georgia for hosting the pen night at the                                     dealership as well as all the other members that assisted. I
             Valarie Johnson
                                                                would also like to thank HDoS and Cycle Barn for hosting
             (425) 776-1420                                     the event.
         Cathleen Countryman                                    Membership renewals resulted in $1,392 revenue as a
             Michelle Meade                                     direct result of Pen Night.                                       Roger Clapper
                Treasurer:                                      Treasurer
             Roger Clapper

             Safety Officer:
              Linda Owens                                    From the Editor                                  I have noted that many in our group do not like
            Ladies of Harley:
               Cathy Sears
                                                             to ride on the highway.
                Historian:                                   Some go as far as to refuse to go on any ride that
                David Long                                   has highway miles.
                  Editor:                                    I wondered why that was and then I realized that
         Walter “Rev” Fletcher
                                                             many may never have taken a motorcycle on the
               Webmaster:                                    highway or had a bad experience if they did.
              Dan Sprague            Now I ride down 405 almost everyday and I am a relative newby so I
           Sergeant at Arms:            thought we might get some insight from people who actually com-
              Patt Comstock          mute on a bike and know what they are doing.
             Mark McCollum              If you do send me an article about it.
                                        Tell us what you like and what you don’t. Tell us what we need to
         ROAD CAPTAINS                  know in order to do this safely and right.
   Sr. Road Captain: Kurt Pepper
                 I can’t conceive of not riding to work now that I have done it. It
          Eric Buckmaster
           Rick Claghorn                scrapes over an hour off the commute because of the HOV Lane and I
           Patt Comstock                get to ride the bike EVERY DAY!
           Russ Faiferlick
        Bruce “Duck” Griffen            Linda once asked who had practiced an emergency stop lately and I
             Jeff Higgins
            Dee Hudgins                 thought “well I do it about 3 times a week!” Maybe that is why some
      Bruce “Yukon” Lougheed
          Joyce McCallum
                                        don’t like the highway.
            Linda Owens
           Susan Roberts                                                  REV
Tod Adams             Stan Fouts          Adam Porter
William Anderson      Donald Gant         Alla Puchkareva
Scott Austin          Scott Gordon        Jackie Ramsay
Jeff Barnfather       Susan Hagbrandt     Patrick Reardon
Brett Benson          Dirk Hall           Arthur Redford
Jonathan Bertheolte   James Hart          Edmund Reed
Michael Berwick       Michelle Hash       Robert Rempel
Toby Birdsell         Gon Ho              Jerry Rhoten
Gregory Bissell       Greg Hoskins        Ray Ridlon
Gary Blando           Daon Hulse          Joey Roberts
David Boughton        James Hynd          Ronald Rudy
Ronnie Burrows        Dennis Ingham       Eric Rust
Lori Cabodi-Paddock   In Sun Kang         Ronald Schmidt
Roberto Carrillo      Paul Larson         Mike Scott
Tom Chamberlain       Robert Ledbetter    Mark Shaler
Jerry Chamberlain     Barry Longthorpe    Bill Shiveres
Billy Chambers        David Lynch         Tom Sidick
Michael Condo         Joseph Lysek        Josh Smalley
Michael Cumming       Richard Marchetti   Russell Smith
Michael Curti         Dennis Matheson     Mark Stuvland
Diane Davis           Sara Mattern        Mark Suda
Dennis Dion           Jason McCarter      Gary Swanberg
Douglas Doll          Leland McClain      Bill Sweet
Ken Dorning           Tracy McCuist       Rick Sylte
Patty Dorning         Patrick McManis     Amanda Tapp
Roberta Dzeima        Gordon Miller       Mike Tomczak
Paul Erickson         Ken Olson           Kristal Whaley
Anthony Fields        Roy Peck            Charles Whitaker
Jerry Flynn           William Pence       Wayne Windred
Patrick Ford          Christina Pierce    Dave Zanger
                                                     Teddy Bear Run
What a great day it was for a ride!
I really want to thank those that showed up for today's ride and also for going easy on me when I showed up a little late. (Oops!
Garage door broke.) I think I saw about 13 bikes at the Barn for today's ride.
The weather looked so-so to start but it just got better and better as the ride progressed! We had a fantastic turn out at the Alano
club. It was estimated that 180 bikes showed up! We took a nice little scenic tour of the back roads of Auburn and Kent and
ended up at Auburn Regional Medical Center. They had quite the spread layed out for everyone. Plenty of food!
I believe it was around 2:30PM when it was all done and there were a bunch of us that wanted to keep on riding. It was sunny!
Blue skies! So, we headed off to Issaquah; stopped in Renton and changed our minds to head down to the waterfront of Seattle
instead. That in itself was quite a ride! Lots of challeging riding and many fun puddles that were calling my name.. Just had to
splash in them! As a result I think a couple of other bikes got a free bike wash! ;)
From there, I decided to head back home to Kent and see about getting the garage door fixed. Good thing I did! It just started
raining as I was pulling the bike in.
Again, I'm glad that everyone had a good time and was willing to brave the weather to attend this benefit ride! Thank you!
I'm thinking about doing it again next year if anyone's interested. Don't worry, I'll remind ya! LOL!
I want to thank Patt for agreeing to be the RC for the ride out to Auburn today! Also, thank you so much Dee for sweeping
us! :) I really appreciate you 2 helping me pull off this ride!
Thank you, thank you!
                                             KickStart Chronicles
                                                        The Conversation
I had the “Conversation” the other day.
You know the one. It’s when you’re talking with someone who says, “So, what is it about riding one of those things that is so
interesting, anyway?” That line is usually followed by some variation of, “They are so unprotected.” Or “You’re out there in all
the elements and rain.” Or “All the other vehicles on the road are bigger than you are.” Or even “It’s way too dangerous.”
It’s the time when the “cliché” is used to reply. You know that one, too.
The “cliché” is, “If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.” As I pondered tossing that one out and giving my best, smug
look, I bit my tongue and did something different. I asked how any of those things were a negative, exactly. It gladdened my
heart to have the other person sort of grind to a halt, as if there could be no other way to think about those things.
Then I began to educate. It turned out to be quite the little experiment.
We went point by point. Unprotected? Maybe so. But, isn’t that just another way of saying that we are able to see and hear the
road and other drivers more clearly than a person in a car? No distractions from radios, CDs, cell phones, kids or passengers
talking. Nothing to take away from the primary responsibility of all vehicle operators everywhere: watching the road! The best
protection any driver has is an alert mind and a constant vision of what is happening, or about to happen, around us. Our safety,
and that of the other drivers around us is foremost in our minds as we ride.
Can’t see anything negative in that.
Out in the elements? Yes, and it puts us more in touch with them as well. Northwesterners know the smell of rain on the way.
It lets us know that road conditions are about to change, and makes us better prepared to deal with them. The very fact that mo-
torcycles have two wheels instead of four requires us to be more in tune with the conditions of the pavement at all times. A
four-wheeled vehicle cannot fall over by itself, but our actual lives depend on a finely developed sense of balance, timing and
the effects of gravity and centrifugal force. Riding a motorcycle is a constantly changing exercise in vectors and the laws of
physics, all happening with no barriers between us and the road except our brains and about half a cow.
I submit that a competent cyclist is vastly more aware as a driver, than most four-wheeled vehicle operators, BECAUSE we are
out in the elements.
Other vehicles are bigger than we are? Damn straight, and it keeps us acutely aware of not only where the other vehicles are,
but of what they are doing at any given moment. The very reason that we are always the smallest, lightest vehicle on the road
allows us to use the maneuverability and acceleration we have at our command to escape trouble if it crops up. Every rider has a
story of getting cut off or stuck between cars or trucks that ends with using the power and quick direction-changing ability of
their bike to get out alive. But the thing to remember about those less-than-cool situations is that it takes awareness to be able to
make that escape. Driving along, listening to the cool jazz station on the car sound system and talking on the cell phone is NOT
conducive to driving well. People who drive like that are often the reason we HAVE to make those escapes, but it is the mindset
of being a biker that ALLOWS us to make them.
Too dangerous? OK, I’ll let one cliché fall, here. Danger is everywhere, every day. Riding a motorcycle is not dangerous, any
more than driving a car or walking down the street or taking a cab is dangerous. It’s how you prepare for those activities that
determines the level of safety.
In my mind, it is people who are dangerous, by their lack of awareness and preparation. Before a ride, a motorcyclist will check
over his bike for safety, put on protective gear for the riding conditions, and be fully aware that he or she is going out on a road
where others may not be looking for a small, light vehicle. Most car drivers just get in and go.
I say, that a biker is among the best prepared, most realistic, most safety-conscious operators on the road….any road. The very
things that my conversation partner brought up as negatives, are the things that make us better drivers. In addition to that, we
often go out of our way to take rider safety courses and other skill-improving classes, even though we may have many years of
experience. Show me how many car drivers do that.
The best part of this conversation was how it ended, though. After about half an hour of discussion, my friend said that he had-
n’t really thought about it in that way. He isn’t a rider; never has been, but I asked if he wanted to stop by the local dealer and
talk to someone with a different viewpoint and get some more info. So, later that day, we dropped into a shop and he spent time
talking with the ERC representative there, and looked over some bikes.
Hey….it’s a start.
I thought about the conversation as I rode home. I guess I could have just dropped the “cliché” and let it go. Instead, I may
have just added another member to our brotherhood.
I call that a good day!
Brady Wright
        Chapter events are in RED and non-Chapter events are in GREY.

                                                      March 2007

Mar 3 - Sat - Chapter Ride - Yep - 10:00 AM Harley Davidson of Seattle Departure
Rick (Primary) & Patt (Sweep) will take you on a fun ride to nowhere or somewhere.

Mar 5 - Mon - Board Meeting
7:00 PM - Denny's, 4109 196th St SW, Lynnwood (Just West of I-5). If chapter member has an interest to attend a
board meeting for observation purposes only, please inform any chapter officer prior to doing so. If you have an
issue that you would like to address the board, please contact any of the primary officers (director, assistant_director,
secretary, treasurer) prior to the meeting so that an agenda item can be added.

Mar 8 - Thu - GNWHOG Chapter Meeting
7:00PM - Alfy's Pizza at 4820 196th SW, Lynnwood Ph 425-775-5459. Come early and get dinner before the meet-
ing. Alfy's offers half price pizza for GNWHOG members.

Daylight Savings Time change on March 11th – Ride departure time returns to 9:00 AM from HDS

Mar 17 - Sat - Chapter Ride - Destination Gerbing - Arrive 8:15 HD of S for pre-ride information (8:30 AM
HDS Departure) Linda (Primary) & Dee (Sweep) will be taking you to Union, WA for shopping for heated clothing
at Gerbing. This is a nice paced ride which includes a ride Ferry to Kingston, riding on 2 lane roads and a 4 lane
highway. (Total ride from ferry is one hour) We’ll spend about an hour at Gerbing then return to Belfair for lunch
where the ride will end. You are welcome to return the same way we came or travel around over the Narrow Bridge,
either way, it’s a fun day. With lunch, plan on not being back to Lynnwood until about 4:00 pm. Link to Ferry
Fares: {}

Mar 18 - Sun - Ride changed to Saturday Mar 17th

Mar 22 - Thu - Ladies of Harley Meeting
7:00 PM - Azteca Restaurant, 18920 Alderwood Mall Blvd., Lynnwood, WA 98036 Ph 425.672.1771 (south side of
Alderwood Mall and the Sears store). Come early and get dinner before the meeting.

                                                       April 2007

Apr 1 - Sun - Annual Bunny Run - 9:00 AM Harley Davidson of Seattle Departure
will be held SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2007. You can drop off your toy bunny for the boys and girls at the dealership or
bring them with you on the ride. If you wish, you can also make a Cash and/or Non-Perishable Food donation at the
dealership or by contacting one of your Activities Officers Cathleen Countryman
[], Michelle Meade [] or Val Johnson [425-776-
1420]. This event takes place Rain or Shine. Please arrive at the dealership by 9:00 am to be ready to leave at
Apr 2 - Mon - Board Meeting
7:00 PM - Denny's, 4109 196th St SW, Lynnwood (Just West of I-5). If chapter member has an interest to attend a
board meeting for observation purposes only, please inform any chapter officer prior to doing so. If you have an
issue that you would like to address the board, please contact any of the primary officers (director, assistant_director,
secretary, treasurer) prior to the meeting so that an agenda item can be added.

Apr 7 - Sat - Chapter Ride - "P&P (Prince and Princess) Skills Review & Group Riding in Review - 9:00 AM
HSD Departurer
Joyce (Primary) & Linda (Sweep) - Skills workshop, usually in a parking lot where we won't run into cars and driv-
ers who don't understand. P&P is for all riders. Skills include emergency stops, s- l- o- w ride (no feet down) circles
(turns) or any skill you feel needs to be improved on. If enough interest, we may include a Group Riding in Review
session with a short group ride after the workshop.

Apr 12 - Thu - GNWHOG Chapter Meeting
7:00PM - Alfy's Pizza at 4820 196th SW, Lynnwood Ph 425-775-5459. Come early and get dinner before the meet-
ing. Alfy's offers half price pizza for GNWHOG members.

Apr 22 - Sun - Chapter Ride - Mt Saint Helens - 9:00 AM Harley Davidson of Seattle Departure
Jeff (Primary) & Linda (Sweep) This ride will provide you two return options. Make it a full, very long day of rid-
ing to and from with Jeff or plan to stay overnight in a nearby town and return Sunday morning after breakfast with

Apr 26 - Thu - Ladies of Harley Meeting
7:00 PM - Azteca Restaurant, 18920 Alderwood Mall Blvd., Lynnwood, WA 98036 Ph 425.672.1771 (south side of
Alderwood Mall and the Sears store). Come early and get dinner before the meeting.

                                                       May 2007

May 5 - Sat - Chapter Ride - Oh, Cinco de Mayo - 9:00 AM Harley Davidson of Seattle Departure
Dave (Primary) & Russ (Sweep) Oh, Cinco de Mayo! I'm sure Dave has a plan and has shared it with Russ.

May 7 - Mon - Board Meeting
7:00 PM - Denny's, 4109 196th St SW, Lynnwood (Just West of I-5). If chapter member has an interest to attend a
board meeting for observation purposes only, please inform any chapter officer prior to doing so. If you have an
issue that you would like to address the board, please contact any of the primary officers (director, assistant_director,
secretary, treasurer) prior to the meeting so that an agenda item can be added.

May 10 - Thu - GNWHOG Chapter Meeting
7:00PM - Alfy's Pizza at 4820 196th SW, Lynnwood Ph 425-775-5459. Come early and get dinner before the meet-
ing. Alfy's offers half price pizza for GNWHOG members.

May 20 - Sun - Chapter Ride - Eastward Ho - 9:00 AM Harley Davidson of Seattle Departure
Dee (Primary) & Dave (Sweep) leading you off into the sunrise!

May 24 - Thu - Ladies of Harley Meeting
7:00 PM - Azteca Restaurant, 18920 Alderwood Mall Blvd., Lynnwood, WA 98036 Ph 425.672.1771 (south side of
Alderwood Mall and the Sears store). Come early and get dinner before the meeting.
                                                                                 you are an accomplished solo rider
                                                                                 first, comfortable in a very small
                                Question:                                        group next, and then work your
                                                                                 way up to riding with a larger
"If you could only give one piece of advice to someone new to group riding,      group.
                        what would it be, and why?"
From Patt:                               case there was a accident. That         ****************************
                                         would be to have the correct            *************
My mantra is...Ride as if..."What
                                         amounts of insurance in case you        From Linda:
                                         would be off work for awhile or
                                         worse. Also carry emergency con-        You are responsible for your "own
What if...that single occupancy vehi-                                            safety" so before showing up for
                                         tacts on your person so emrgency
cle (SOV) Cadillac Escalade driver                                               the
                                         personnel can contact someone for
with the cell phone stuck in his ear                                             ride, understand the pace, the
                                         you if there is a incident. I wear a
blindly pulls into your (HOV) lane to                                            route, the procedures of group rid-
                                         dog tag that I purchased from Road
take cuts in front of the other SOV's                                            ing,
                                that has all my emergency
without signalling? What if a dog,                                               the skill and physical requirements
                                         contacts, some people laminate a
deer or person suddenly runs into                                                needed so you can be safe and so
                                         contact card and put it inside their
your lane, and the car to your right                                             you
                                         helmet what ever the method it's
lane splits, slamming on their brakes?                                           can contribute to a safe ride for
                                         important info to have.
What if the cars in front of you sud-                                            others in the group.
denly slam on their brakes? Where are
you going to go? What is your escape *****************************               ****************************
route? ...and, can you get there in    ************                              ************
                                       From Dee:                                 From Kurt:
You go were you look. So you better      Here's my one piece of advice:          Drive ahead! Don't get tunnel vi-
be spending your time looking at your    "Look ahead...where you want to         sion on the bike in front of
escape route. If you're looking at the   go...not the                            you. You are still driving a vehi-
bumper in front of you...or the road     pavement in front of you"               cle, take note of traffic ahead,
five feet ahead...that's where you'll                                            around you and see the street
end up.                                  Dee                                     signs! Anticipate!
Don't look where you are going           ************
(you've already looked there)...always
look five cars ahead, and where you      From Jeff:
would go "if"; that's where you will   My one piece of advice would be to
go...Always be looking towards and     learn to ride by yourself first.
about an escape route...the "What      Why? Because you have no busi-
if...?"                                ness putting others in a group at risk
-- Patt                                you are not a competent rider on
****************************** your own. Group riding requires a
*************                          far
                                       higher skill level, particularly better
From Eric:                             lane discipline and space
One piece huh? The one piece that I    management, than solo riding or
would give is a little morbid, but the even riding with one or two friends.
hobby we enjoy carries a high risk. Be Do yourself and everyone around
prepared. Have everything in order in you a favor; work on your skills
Chili Buns on January 1
Left home in plenty of time for a gas stop. Some rain. Met the group at Seattle HD for the 9am departure.
Kurt and Pam leading the way.. me following. Ok, small group for first departure.
Weather wasn't too bad from Lynnwood to Alki. No rain. Alki Tavern ran out of biscuits and gravy, but
there were a few stray biscuits. There were about 70 (plus) bikes by now from different chapters – as well
as a couple of Honda riders.
The 2nd group from GNW led by Patt showed up for the escorted ride to Federal Way Another 4 bikes.
The escorts did least they did for the short time I rode with them. My front tire started getting
mushy so I pulled over just out of Alki, and Dee and Roger stayed with me through the gas station stop for
air. We lost the group, but Dee got us to the Scoreboard ahead of them! No fighting for the bathroom and
we were first in line for chili dogs.
This year’s ride, sponsored as always by Downtown Harley Davidson, was for all the Fallen Brothers and
Sisters. There was a 50-50 drawing. Half was won by a rider from Downtown Harley. The other half was
donated to the escort group as a thank you. There were three items auctioned – including a small tool set
and a tire repair kit (no I didn’t bid on that!).
It rained pretty steadily while we had lunch. It was downright wet from Fed Way back home. My fingers
are almost back to normal as I write this. I think they were turning blue from the cold and my gloves and
jeans were soaked through.
Thanks Kurt and Patt for leading the way. Thanks to Dee and Roger for sticking with me while I took care
of my tire.
Even rain and cold are easier to deal with when you are riding with friends.
Jackie Subbie
(Continued from page 1)                       (Continued from page 1)

                                              seeing the effects. We only have nine Harleys in our
Georgia our Membership Officer if you         new rental fleet so far, and do not know when we’ll
have any questions.                           receive more. Harley announced a cutback in produc-
                                              tion for the domestic market a week BEFORE the
                                              strike. That alone will affect the availability of some
                                              models, so the strategy of waiting for June or so to get
We are planning several new events this       a lower price will almost assuredly not work this year.
year and I hear rumors that there may be      This will not come as a surprise to you, considering
at least one, maybe two overnight rides       the source, but I would recommend ordering early,
planned for later this summer. If anyone      and hoping the strike, which is kind of a double
                                              whammy, is over very soon.
has an idea for an event, a ride, or wants    I earnestly hope the strike is old news and long over
to help planning said rides and events,       by the time you read this. I’ve been there and done
you can contact me, one of our 3 beautiful    that, and although I don’t regret for a second going on
Activities Officers, or any one of the        strike any of the times I did, there’s no doubt in my
                                              mind that each and every strike is hard on everyone
Road Captains. We’re always looking for       involved – and in the case of a cultural icon like
volunteers.                                   Harley that means that many millions of people
                                              around the world are definitely involved.
                                              I don’t have any brilliant advice other than to hope for
                                              the best. In the meantime, … ride safe, ride fast, and
Word on the street is that there is another   ride often!
large wedding being planned in Winthrop
the same weekend as our Tumbleweed
                                              Dave Preston
Run. Two things to remember here…
                                              Public Relations, etc.
One, better start reserving your room or
                                              Cycle Barn MotorSports Group
camping accommodations now. You can
find hotel / motel / campground info at; Two, there             Dave is the public relations guy for all of the Cycle
                                              Barn MotorSports dealerships and motorsports facili-
might just be another wedding reception       ties. He’s one of our GNW HOG dealer representa-
taking place at our Saturday Night Dance!     tives, along with Assistant Sales manager Frank Kai.
YeHaaawww                                     Dave and Frank also assist GNW HOG Treasurer
                                              Roger Clapper.

As I said earlier, Spring is on it’s way…
make sure you, your bike, and your leath-
ers are in good working order – then
climb on and twist that throttle!
Hope to see you on the road.

                        “HOG HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS!”

5yrs - Our Director was Lance Mackay, Treasurer Dave Preston --- One occasion, un-
       der “New Business”, Lance made a bold suggestion to the chapter! To please
       consider having our meetings on Sunday mornings, so we could go on rides af-
       terwards! He requested the chapter to think about it???---

10yrs - The famous Harley Davidson Café opened in Las Vegas! First patrons in-
       cluded Burt Reynolds, a decked out Pamela Anderson & Jon Voight.

15yrs The Cycle Barn adopts "Harley the Pig"! Although little “Harley” was not a
      real motorcycle, over the next several years he became the most popular mascot
      a dealer could ever hope for. After all, he was a real HOG, FAT, and was Vivid
      Black in color, as well as, quite a Low Rider for the daring kids of the day!

20yrs In early 1987, Jim Boltz passed his short term GNW Director baton to Don
      Moody (a non-employee of the dealership). The GNW chapter then initiated its
      first membership campaign with the first 50 members being registered as
      “Charter Members”. Although the GNW Board started meeting twice a month,
      the early chapter meetings were held in what was called “The Wind” (instead of
      course, in stuffy rooms, like we do today!).

30yrs In 1977, the "BARN" moved into what we now call the "Recycle Barn" and also
      started its Harley Davidson franchise in that same year!

35yrs The 1st production installation of front disc brakes was introduced on HD MC's.
      Also, the Cycle Barn was first founded in 1972, in a real “BARN” about 250
      feet off Hwy 99, which then sold mostly Kawasaki's!

                                                              Historian – Dave Long
                                                               PRSRT SDT
                                                              US Postage
                                                              Seattle WA
                                                               Permit 699

       P.O. Box 1157
    Lynnwood,WA 98046
 And now, a word from our Sponsor
Harley-Davidson of Seattle
         Open 7 Days a Week
             (425) 921-1100

All Departments
  Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
  Sat 9am-6pm
  Sun 11am-5pm

Service Department closed Sunday


                                    Teddy Bear Run

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