What follows below is an example of how resume evolves from

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What follows below is an example of how resume evolves from Powered By Docstoc
					What follows below is an example of how a resume
evolves from a draft to a finished product.

The first page is a working draft that was originally created
by the student.

The following two pages show a revised final version that
was produced by the student after meeting with a Career
Services counselor.
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To make a difference by aiding public initiatives through use of my strong analytical & public management skills

University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences, Fels Center of Government, 9/98-8/00
MGA, Master of Government Administration, August 2000
     Relevant Coursework: Economic Analysis and Public Sector; Politics, Policy and Public Service; Accounting and
     Management Control; Public Financial Management; Public Expenditure Budgeting; Politics, Technology, and Economic
     Development; Privatization and Government Reinvention; Leadership in the Public Domain; Governance; and Early Childhood

University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, 9/91-5/95
BA, Bachelor of Arts in English and History (double major), May 1995

University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 9/97-present
Senior Secretary, Office of Academic Programs (APO)
Editor/Project Management:
Major Publications include: Penn Technology News—biannual research bulletin (Volume V- Spring 2000), two 12-page master’s
degree program admissions brochures (Fall 2000), seven 12-page, departmental doctoral degree program admissions brochures
(Summer 1999), one 18-page main admissions catalog (Summer 1999), four lecture invitations and posters for Penn Engineering
Distinguished Lecture series (Fall- Spring 1999), commencement invitations, programs and certificates for undergraduate, master’s
and doctoral graduation ceremonies (May, 1998-2000), freshmen advance registration handbook (August, 1998-2000), and student
academic cards pilot (1999-2000). External staff: freelance photographer and copywriter.

Web Maintenance: Point person for web maintenance of www.seas.upenn.edu (School’s homepage). Oversaw transition of
entire web site from old design to new (Summer 1999). Managed work-study student who provided web support.

Administrative Support:        Manage the daily calendars/ coordinate meetings for the Deputy Dean, the Associate Dean for
Academic Affairs, and the Director of Academic Affairs; schedule all committee meetings supported by APO; provided editorial
support for research proposals; draft relevant correspondence; set itineraries for corporate and congressional delegations; disseminate
fellowship information and research opportunities; manage non-tenure faculty and postdoctoral appointments; maintain graduate
group (faculty) memberships; compile survey statistics; and handle office supplies and letterhead and business card orders.

Careers Through Culinary Arts Program, Inc. (C-CAP), New York, NY, 9/95-9/97
Administrative Assistant/ Program Administrator

Regional programs: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Virginia Beach.
Select national corporate sponsors include: Cuisinart, T-Fal, RH Forscher, Land O’Lakes, and Zagat Survey.
Select scholarship sponsors include: Le Cordon Bleu in London, California Culinary Academy, Culinary Institute of America,
Johnson and Wales University, Swiss Hospitality Institute, New York Restaurant School, Restaurant School in Philadelphia, and
New England Culinary Institute.

     •    Liaison between central office and public relations director, volunteer regional directors, corporate sponsors, scholarship
          recipients, area public high school teachers, board of directors, board of advisors, major donors, and volunteer chefs.
     •    Daily responsibilities included editorial support for grant proposals, coordination of benefits/ fundraising efforts,
          preparation of media kids & press releases, maintenance of student and donor databases, and administrative support for
          area teacher in-service programs, adopt-a-school partnerships, and regional competitions and awards ceremonies.

Computer skills include: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Filemaker Pro, Meeting Maker, Eudoro Pro, and Netscape.
Attended professional training workshops for Microsoft Excel and Adobe PageMaker 4.0

References available upon request.
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Accomplished driver of diversified projects in the governmental, educational and non-profit fields. Exceptional
communications skills coupled with the capacity to assimilate, shape and use large stores of information quickly.
Possess an extensive background in the following broad-based competencies:

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND                         PROJECT MANAGEMENT                           NON-PROFIT DONATIONS
EDUCATIONAL COSTS                               MULTI-TASKING                                STRATEGIC THINKING

STATE OF ARIZONA – Phoenix, Arizona                                                                 2003 – present
Education Program Specialist, Department of Education
        Responsible for the Consolidated State Performance Report describing federal consolidated program
        activities as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.
        Responsible for biennial update of school district boundaries for the U.S. Census Bureau.
        Responsible for maintaining Arizona’s Teacher Cancellation Low-Income Program annual database of
        eligible schools as posted on the U.S. Department of Education Student Federal Aid website.
        Responsible for offering Arizona’s public school districts and charter schools program guidance and
        technical assistance on the Title I fiscal requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, including
        comparability; supplementing, not supplanting; and maintenance of effort.
        Responsible for joining LEA monitoring site visits to oversee fiscal compliance of federal program funds
        and facilitating audit resolution issues,.
        Responsible for verifying data used in federal allocation determinations for select formula grants and LEA
        eligibility for discretionary grants based on statutory guidelines. Such federal programs include Title I
        (disadvantaged youth/ low-income), highly qualified teachers/ professional development, safe and drug
        free schools, limited English proficiency, innovative programs, homeless education, neglected and
        delinquent youth, education through technology, and migrant education.

COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania                                                    2001 – 2003
Executive Policy Specialist 2, Department of Education
         Assisted school business staff of the required data elements and provided direct input to the vendor on the
         design and performance of the overall web-based application and public website design and display.
         Conducted regional workshops and conference presentations on new financial data reporting initiative and
         technical training for the agency’s first web-based application for all 501 public school districts.
         Analyzed state statistics on 501 school districts, including various revenue sources, total outstanding long-
         term debt, reserved and unreserved (designated and undesignated) fund balances, special revenue funds,
         and expenditures by program areas across all governmental funds.
         Project managed “School Finance 101” and chaired the Advisory Board Committee. Managed the vendor
         contract to develop the School Finance 101 website. http://www.schoolfinance101.state.pa.us.
         Helped brief the Secretary of Education for annual budget and education committee hearings.
         Key member of the department’s newly formed, Data Council:
             o Researched data requirements for the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
             o Transmitted over 1,500 data elements for Standard & Poor’s School Evaluation Services project.
             o Reviewed School Report Card bill and other key legislative measures.
             o Researched feasibility of statewide implementation of Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF)
                 to transmit data seamlessly from four school districts to the state. Funded by national NCES grant.
             o Led preparation for Performance Based Data Management Initiative (ED) visit in July 2003.
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                             1997 – 2001
Senior Secretary, Office of Academic Programs
Challenged to manage daily calendars and correspondence for the Deputy Dean, Undergraduate Dean of Academic
Affairs and Director of Academic Programs while studying evenings/weekends to earn a master’s degree in
government administration.
         Served as sole project manager of the Graduate Admissions Catalog for the School of Engineering and
         Applied Science (SEAS) and its seven departmental supplements.
             o Collaborated on academic content with seven graduate department heads and the Dean and on
                   photography and art with a professional photographer and the Deputy Dean.
             o Required only four months to ensure accurate representation of university research and
                   recruitment needs.
         Submitted and analyzed statistical information on undergraduate and graduate membership, university
         faculty, post-doctorate fellows, and university research assistants.
         Published student handbook and revised course planning guidelines, impacting all undergraduates.
         Disseminated research grant and fellowship opportunities to 2,400 undergraduates.
         Served as core member of the SEAS Commencement Committee.
             o Coordinated design and printing of two programs.
             o Led team managing entrance and exit of nearly 10,000 parents and guests.
         Coordinated annual graduate research symposium to facilitate technology transfer.
         Launched Distinguished Lecture Series of speakers from government and industry who inspired students to
         seek research and entrepreneurial careers and affirmed the importance of the field of engineering.

CAREERS THROUGH CULINARY ARTS PROGRAM, INC. – New York, New York                                      1995 – 1997
Program Administrator
Brought on by C-CAP, a non-profit organization providing food service career opportunities for inner-city youth, to
run day-to day operations with the President, Program Director and part-time, Communications Director.
         Responsible for in-kind donations from participating food industry vendors and culinary schools.
         Responsible for regular communication with regional coordinators.
         Supported annual fundraising efforts and helped coordinating program’s first benefit in Philadelphia, PA.
         Confirmed amounts and conditions of about 100 annual scholarships from such donors as Le Cordon Bleu,
         Culinary Institute of America, Johnson and Wales University, French Culinary Institute, L’Academie de
         Cuisine and New York Restaurant School.
         During two-year tenure, C-CAP awarded over $3.2 million of scholarships to post-secondary institutions
         and collected more than $500,000 in donated equipment and supplies. Participating cities included New
         York City; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Fairfax, Virginia; Los Angeles; and Phoenix.

UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                             Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Master of Government Administration (M.G.A.)                                                                2000

UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                             Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) [Dual Major: English and History]                                                    1995

References are available upon request.

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