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									                                                         Ocean Bay Elementary                     Kids Fishing Derby
                                                           Upcoming Events                        The first fishing derby for kids held Sunday
                                                                                                  July 23rd was a huge success. Over 10 children
                                                   October 2nd:      Family Dinner/PTO            participated, with several fish being caught by
                                                   Meeting.    To be held in the OBE              everyone. A big thanks to Jerry for hosting this
                                                   cafeteria. Contact Lisa Williams 222-          event.
   The Plantation Post                                                                            Storage of Small Non-Powered Boats
                                                   October 3-5:     Muffins for Mom.              Well maintained non-motorized boats less than
       October 2006 Edition                        Contact Tonya Mueller 997-9723.                10 feet in length will be able to be stored on the
                                                                                                  lake bank and behind houses as long as they
                                                   October 14th: OBE Day @ Gymnastics             cannot be seen from the street.              This
Emergency Contacts                                 Inc. For more information contact Jackie       enforcement policy is subject to change at any
Plantation Lakes Project Coordinator
                                                   Davis 903-1575.                                time. If you have any questions please call
Jerry Williams 843-902-0861
                                                                                                  Jerry Williams at 902-0861.
                                                   October 21st: Ladies Night Out. Place
Wright Management, Assoc. Mgt. Co.
                                                   TBD. Contact Lisa Williams 222-1486.           Neighborhood Courtesy
Association Inquiries Mon-Fri 8-5 or 24 hour
Emergency Number: 843-839-9888                                                                    With fall upon us, many homeowners look
                                                   November 4th:         Father-Daughter          forward to turning off the air and opening their
                                                   Dinner/Dance at the OBE Gym. Contact           windows. Please be sure that if you own a
Excalibur Security
                                                   Tonya Mueller 997-9723.                        dog(s), supervise the animal while outside.
                                                                                                  Many neighbors are complaining of barking
                                                   November 18th: Men’s Day Out. TBD              dogs at all hours of the day and night. Also, if
Newsletter Coordinator
                                                   (flyer coming soon).  Contact Lisa             you walk your dog along common areas and
Susan Peterson, 288 Shoreward Drive
                                                   Williams 222-1486.                             along the sidewalks, please be sure to clean up
                                                                                                  after your pet.
                                                   If you are interested in being a part of the
Pool Closing Date                                  Ocean Bay PTO please call or send an e-
The pools will close Sunday October 29th for the   mail. Grandparents are welcome and
                                                                                                  Fall Scrap Booking Class
season. They will reopen in spring as soon as                                                     Classes in scrap booking will be held at the
                                                   encouraged to join too!
weather permits.                                                                                  Clubhouse this fall. To participate contact
                                                                                                  Betty Podell at 236-1167.
                                                   PTO Phone: 222-1486
PL License Plates Now Available                    PTO E-mail:
                                                   PTOWeb:                                        PL Ladies Luncheon
If you would like your own Plantation Lakes
                                                       The PL Ladies Luncheon is going strong, with
license plate, contact Jerry Williams at the
                                                   PL PTO Representative: Sheila Duff             as many as 24 women attending the monthly
clubhouse. Plates are $12 each.
                                                   903-1925                       event. If you would like to attend contact
                                                                                                  Eileen Varelli at 236-3751. The next luncheon
                                                                                                  is October 19th at the Culinary School.
                                                                                                MYRTLE BEACH, SC 29572
                                                                                                P.O. BOX 7248
                                                                                                PLANTATION LAKES POA
Card Group at Clubhouse                            Clear Storm Drains
Join your neighbors for a fun game of Hand &       With significant rainfalls, the storm
Foot cards every Tuesday morning at the            drains on our streets may get blocked due
clubhouse. It’s an easy game to learn and play     to pine straw and other debris. If you see
begins 11am each Tuesday. If you’d like to         water backed up on your street, simply
play just once in awhile subs are needed too.      use a rake or broom to clear away the
Contact Eileen Varelli at 236-3751.                debris so the drain will work.

Golf Cart Registration By Oct. 31st
The state of SC requires golf cart registration.
If your golf cart is not registered, you must
present proof of insurance at the DMV and pay
a small registration fee. You must be a
licensed driver to operate a golf cart on PL
roads. Once you’ve registered your golf cart,
pick up a PL registration form from the
Clubhouse. Complete and put in the black lock
box in the foyer. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR

Plantation Lakes E-Mail Group
To join the PL e-mail group, send an e-mail to
Include your name, lot # & address. Once
you’ve subscribed, send a message to and your
message will go to everyone on the list. Please
remember that this should only be used to
convey information that would benefit the
property owners and anyone abusing the list
will be removed.

Signage Reminder
Plantation Lakes has a strict policy regarding
signs in yards. This includes the small “Take
One” signs that have appeared recently.

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