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					The Jim Engster Show: 2010 Guests & Topics

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 4
Guests: Dan Claitor, Andy Anderson, Claire Major
Summary: Sen. Dan Claitor of Baton Rouge talked of the New Year’s Day fire that
destroyed his family’s bookstore and shopping center; Financial adviser Andy Anderson
predicted a bull market for 2010; Claire Major touted this week’s Lollapalooza

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 5
Guests: Jack Germond, Jim Agresti
Summary: Writer Jack Germond assessed the first year of President Obama in the White
House; Author Jim Agresti talked of his book, “Rational Conclusions,” about his odyssey
from atheist to fundamentalist Christian.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 6
Guests: Manuel Martinez, George Morris
Summary: Tailor Manuel Martinez looked at men’s fashions for 2010; George Morris of
the Baton Rouge Advocate recapped some of his feature writing in his 28 years with the
Advocate and State Times.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan. 7
Guests: Richard Reeves, Alanna Nash
Summary: Author Richard Reeves discussed his book about the Berlin Airlift of 1948;
Alanna Nash remembered Elvis Presley one day shy of the 75th anniversary of his birth
and noted some of the many love interests of Presley detailed in Nash’s book, “Baby,
Let’s Play House.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 8
Guests: Foster Campbell, Jeff Palermo
Summary: PSC member Foster Campbell recapped PSC moves to protect residents from
power cutoffs during cold weather snaps and expressed support for health care reform;
Jeff Palermo, Louisiana Network news and sports director, discussed the state of the LSU
football program after a 9-4 season that ended with a 19-17 bowl loss to Penn State.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 11
Guests: Joe Conason, Michael O’Brien, Molly Buchmann
Summary: Writer Joe Conason reflected on the book “Going Rouge”—the liberal
response to the bestselling book from Sarah Palin entitled “Going Rogue;” Michael
Obrien, author of “America’s Failure in Iraq,” stated that 100,000 additional contract
warriors are planned to assist U.S. military action in Iraq; Molly Buchmann of the Baton
Rouge Ballet Theatre looked previewed the year in dance in Baton Rouge.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 12
Guests: David Denby, John Maginnis
Summary: New Yorker film reviewer David Denby discussed his book, “Snark,” which
looks at the downfall of public discourse; Louisiana political columnist John Maginnis
assessed the year in politics for Bobby Jindal, David Vitter and other state figures.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 13
Guests: Rudy Macklin, Diane Losavio
Summary: Rudy Macklin, executive director of the Governor’s Council on Physical
Fitness, encouraged listeners to get in shape in 2010 and discussed his number 40 being
retired 29 years after he starred for LSU on the basketball court; Diane Losavio of Baton
Rouge Green looked forward to this week’s Arbor Day events.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 14
Guests: Michael Fauntroy, Kacy Edwards, William Taylor
Summary: George Mason University Professor Michael Fauntroy weighed the political
damage to Senate majority leader Harry Reid due to racially insensitive remarks about
President Obama acknowledged by Reid; Kacy Edwards of Career Compass spoke of her
group which began four years ago in Baton Rouge to assist public high school students
with their college and career choices; New Orleans Saints authority William Taylor
looked at Saturday’s NFC playoff clash between the Saints and Arizona Cardinals.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 15
Guests: Joe Delpit, Marc Berman
Summary: Former Louisiana lawmaker and civil rights pioneer Joe Delpit remember
Martin Luther King Jr. on what would have been Dr. King’s 81st birthday; Marc Berman
of Mediaweek sized up the late night turmoil pitting Conan O’Brien against Jay Leno
against David Letterman.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 18
Guests: James Rollins, John Michael Byrd, George Eames, Brian Rodriguez
Summary: Author James Rollins talked of his latest novel, “Altar of Eden,” set in New
Orleans; Former Baton Rouge NAACP President George Eames called on major sports
stars to contribute $1 million each to relief efforts in Haiti; Brian Rodriguez provided
information on a social media event in Baton Rouge featuring wine blogger Gary
Vaynerchuk; John Michael Byrd previewed an upcoming event at the Baton Rouge
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 19
Guests: John Gillespie, David Zweig, Harvey Hoffman, Tania Nyman
Summary: Harvey Hoffman updated this week’s fourth annual Jewish Film Festival in
Baton Rouge; John Gillespie and David Zweig were questioned about their book,
“Money for Nothing,” detailing issues with corporate boards in America; Instructor Tania
Nyman told listeners about a rally to protest budget cuts at LSU.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 20
Guests: Nervin Fanous, Nicole Kleinpeter, Renee Areng
Summary: Dr. Nervin Fanous, the first female heart surgeon in Baton Rouge, and Nicole
Kleinpeter of Baton Rouge General previewed the Heart for Her event that is designed to
inform women in the area of the number one killer of women in the United States; Renee
Areng of the Baton Rouge Convention and Visitors Bureau looked at events in 2010.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 21
Guests: Gus Weill, Barry Strauss, Pincipal Dokman, Tevfik Kosar, Nicole Staudenmaier,
        Sigourney Morrison
Summary: Political consulting veteran Gus Weill sized up the Massachusetts Senate
election in which Republican Scott Brown scored an upset victory; Author Barry Strauss
reflected on his book, “The Spartacus Wars,” LSU Associate Professor Tevfik Kosar and
Principal Dokman previewed upcoming state and regional science fairs at Kenilworth
Middle School; Red Stick Roller Derby members Nicole Staudenmaier and Sigourney
Morrison spoke of the resurgence of roller derby in America.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 22
Guests: Kevin Mills, Katherine Green, Susan Roberts, Howell Gibbens
Summary: Kevin Mills talked of his impersonation of Elvis Presley as part of the
Ultimate Elvis Tribute Tour appear the Baton Rouge River Center; Lawyer Katherine
Green update efforts to combat human trafficking in Baton Rouge; Professor Susan B.
Roberts of Tufts University discussed the “I diet,” designed to keep weight off people
who lose pounds; Film industry veteran Howell Gibbens recapped the genesis of the
Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 25
Guests: Bob Davidge, Stephanie Nelson, William Taylor
Summary: Bob Davidge, former CEO of Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical
Center, recapped the process that resulted in a new agreement for the Baton Rouge
hospital and Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Stephanie Nelson, the coupon mom, stated that
families of four can save $5,000 yearly by using coupons; New Orleans Saints historian
William Taylor reflected on the Saints 31-28 overtime victory over Minnesota to move
the Saints into their first Super Bowl in the 43-year history of the franchise.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 26
Guests: Curt Eysink, Darwin Porter
Summary: Curt Eysink, Executive Director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission,
gauged the job situation in the state with Louisiana’s unemployment rate of 7.5 percent
falling below the national mark of ten percent; Writer Darwin Porter examined the life
and career of actor Paul Newman on what would have been Newman’s 85th birthday.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 27
Guests: Mike Reitz, Lawrence Jackson, Zack Godshall
Summary: Mike Reitz, president and CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana
assessed the negotiations and agreement reached with Our Lady of the Lake Regional
Medical Center of the next 27 months; Southern University Band Director Lawrence
Jackson discussed his band’s national recognition; Filmmaker Zack Godshall provided
information about his work, “God’s Architects,” which resulted in Godshall being named
Louisiana filmmaker of the Year at the New Orleans Film Festival.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 28
Guests: Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Bob Mann, Jeffery Allen
Summary: Mary Jo Buttafuoco looked back at her shooting by her husband’s lover in
1992 and how it affected her life and made her a national celebrity; LSU Mass
Communication Professor Bob Mann analyzed President Obama’s first formal State of
the Union address; Ernest Gaines award winner Jeffery Allen told of his selection for the
annual honor given to a writer of great promise.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Jan 29
Guests: Leo Honeycutt, Dwayne Raymond
Summary: Leo Honeycutt talked about the success of his authorized biography of Edwin
Edwards; Dwayne Raymond spoke of his book, “Mornings with Mailer,” detailing the
friendship the author had with the legendary writer for the last five years of Mailer’s life.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 1
Guests: Elaine Bromka, Patrick Carriere, Chelsea Laborde
Summary: Actress Elaine Bromka previewed her performance at the Manship Theatre
where she will portray a trio of first ladies in “Tea For Three;” Southern Associate Dean
Patrick Carriere described the horror of losing four of his family members in the
earthquake in Haiti; Chelsea Laborde of LSU spoke an effort by students ensure that
college pupils are counted in the 2010 Census.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 2
Guests: Bob Edgar, Jerry Passman, Billy Ward, Eric Bricker
Summary: Jerry Passman and Billy Ward of the Capital Region Builders Association
analyzed homebuilding trends in Louisiana; Common Cause President Bob Edgar
expressed alarm at a U.S. Supreme Court decision giving corporations more latitude in
political advertising; Eric Bricker talked about his film, “Visual Acoustics,” showing on
Feb. 4 at the Manship Threatre.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 3
Guests: George Judy, Vastine Stabler, Sally Nungesser, Trey Ourso
Summary: Director George Judy and Swine Palace spokesman Vastine Stabler provided
a glimpse at the production of “A Doll’s House,” showing at the Reilly Theatre;
Republican Sally Nungesser and Democrat Trey Ourso reviewed political races in
Louisiana this year, including the New Orleans mayoral election this Saturday.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 4
Guests: Nick Spitzer, Frank Simoneaux
Summary: Nick Spitzer, host of “American Routes,” previewed next week’s
Spanishtown Mardi Gras parade in which Spitzer will serve as grand marshal; Louisiana
Ethics Board Chairman Frank Simoneaux related concern about ethics enforcement in the
state, contending that recent laws have created a less ethical climate for public officials.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 5
Guests: Stephen Moret
Summary: Secretary of Economic Development Stephen Moret talked of the economic
benefits the state should receive from the Saints appearance in the Super Bowl, and
Moret predicted strong growth for attracting business in Louisiana in 2010.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 8
Guest: Michael Martin
Summary: LSU Chancellor Michael Martin discussed the impact of prospective budget
cuts to the state’s flagship university and suggested raising the TOPS standard from a 20
ACT score to 23.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 9
Guests: Bill Cassidy, Brent Bankston, Tom Aswell
Summary: Congressman Bill Cassidy and LSU team doctor Brent Bankston described
their trip to Haiti to assist victims of the devastating earthquake that ravaged the country;
Tom Aswell spoke of his book, “Louisiana Rocks,” which contends that rock & roll
began in New Orleans in 1947.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 10
Guests: Adam Knapp, Dave Dixon
Summary: Adam Knapp, President and CEO of the Greater Baton Rouge Chamber of
Commerce, voiced support for funding a rail system connecting Baton Rouge to New
Orleans; Entrepreneur Dave Dixon recalled the genesis of the New Orleans Saints nearly
a half century ago when he began promoting an NFL team in the Crescent City.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 11
Guests: James Hirsch, Eddie Ashworth
Summary: Author James Hirsch described the career and life of baseball icon Willie
Mays, the subject of an authorized biography from Hirsch; Eddie Ashworth of the
Louisiana Budget Project forecast major budget challenges for the state’s low income

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 12
Guests: Jay Dardenne, James McGrath Morris, Garland Goodwin Wilson, Caroline
Summary: Secretary of State Jay Dardenne announced his intention to run for Lieutenant
Governor with Mitch Landrieu being elected Mayor of New Orleans; James McGrath
Morris reflected on the remarkable life of 19th Century media mogul Joseph Pulitzer;
Garland Goodwin Wilson from Of Moving Colors looked at the group’s 2010 season;
Caroline Moses announced her departure from WAFB as Capital Correspondent to accept
a position as an investigative reporter in her hometown of Nashville.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 15
Guests: Jim Donelon, Robin McCullough-Bade
Summary: Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon informed listeners of insurance rebates
available to some state ratepayers; Robin McCullough-Bade, president of the Louisiana
Interfaith Federation, updated efforts to unite people of various religious backgrounds in
the state.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 16
Guests: Vinny DeMarco, Frenchie Cox, Jeannine Kaiser
Summary: Activist Vinny DeMarco encouraged Gov. Jindal to support an increase in
state tobacco taxes; Louie’s Café Chef Frenchie Cox recapped his 23 years of cooking
on State Street; Relationship Coach Jeannine Kaiser discussed her dates with 100 men in
a single year before finding the man of her dreams.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 17
Guests: Raushauna Hunter, Feraud Calixte, Derek Gordon
Summary: Southern University Law Center students Feraud Calixte and Raushauna
Hunter told of assistance being sought at Southern University to help victims of the Jan.
12 Haiti earthquake; Derek Gordon of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge spoke of
upcoming performances in the city from Ramsey Lewis, Dianne Reeves and Laurence

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 18
Guests: Hilton Cole, Charles Elliot
Summary: EBR Animal Control and Rescue Director Hilton Cole lamented the aging
facility where nearly eight thousand dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the parish;
Well known Baton Rouge bookstore owner Charles Elliot provided information about a
readers and writers literary event in St. Francisville.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 19
Guests: Theresa Andersson, Roy Zimmerman, George Bishop, Steve Mitchell
Summary: New Orleans musician and singer Theresa Andersson sang a few of her hit
songs and detailed her upcoming concert dates; Satirist Roy Zimmerman previewed his
performance at the Unitarian Church; Author George Bishop reflected on his debut novel,
“ Letter to My Daughter;” Steve Mitchell of the BRCC Performing Arts Pavilion spoke
of an upcoming appearance by Philadanco at his arena.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 22
Guests: Bill Profita, Gloria Allred, Mike Strain, Kim Matsko
Summary: BR Airport spokesman Bill Profita noted a small decline in air traffic due to
economic conditions as the airport pursues another carrier; Attorney Gloria Allred voiced
skepticism about Tiger Woods’ apology last week. Allred represents a former porn star
who alleges a three-year affair with the golf superstar; Louisiana Agriculture
Commissioner Mike Strain noted an open house at his office on March 19th; Kim Matsko
spoke of a Baton Rouge appearance by nationally recognized yoga instructor Bryan Kest.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 23
Guests: Alan Levine, Fred Cerise, Scott Wester, Kip Holden
Summary: Louisiana Health and Hospitals Secretary Alan Levine, LSU System Vice
President Fred Cerise and Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center President Scott
Wester assessed the projected move of the charity hospital system in Baton Rouge from
Earl Kemp Long Medical Center to OLOL; Mayor-President Kip Holden outlined his
goals for the parish in 2010.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 24
Guests: Will Carroll, Alex Cook, Elliott Stonecipher
Summary: Baseball Prospectus Editor Will Carroll analyzed the talents of many baseball
greats past and present; Music writer Alex Cook previewed a performance in Baton
Rouge by longtime rhythm and blues artist Andre Williams; Pollster and demographer
Elliott Stonecipher took aim at the 2010 Census.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 25
Guests: Ken Gormley, Darryl Wheat, Irving Epstein
Summary: Author Ken Gormley detailed his opus about the Clinton impeachment,
entitled “Death of American Virtue” and spoke of his interviews with Bill Clinton, Ken
Starr, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and others; Counselor Darryl Wheat talked of his
book, “The Genius of Great Achievers;” Brandeis University Chemistry Chair Irving
Epstein provided information about scientific advances to be showcased in his address at

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Feb 26
Guests: Bob Stallman, Steven Solomon, Jim Brown, O’Neal Isaac
Summary: American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman related concerns
about legislation being debated in Congress; Author Steven Solomon contended that
water is the new oil as he talked of his book, “Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth,
Power and Civilization;” Former Louisiana politico Jim Brown lamented the legislative
stalemate on Capitol Hill; Actor and director O’Neal Isaac spoke of the dramatic
presentation of the play, “Sojourner Truth is My Name.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 1
Guests: Jason Hughes, Pam Bordelon, Renee Chatelain, Collyn Cooper, Len Bahr
Summary: Jason Hughes of Southern University talked of efforts at Southern to retain its
autonomous governing board; Pam Bordelon of the Baton Rouge Advocate spoke of her
duties covering a busy party scene in the community; Renee Chatelain and Collyn
Cooper showcased a recycling show at Dunham School; Environmentalist Len Bahr
described how he was a victim of an internet hoax with him allegedly stranded in
Scotland with no money.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 2
Guests: Ann West, Fred Reggie, Bill Minutaglio, Randy Walsh
Summary: Ann West previewed the annual Book Bazaar at LSU; Fred Reggie noted his
work in raising money for the Special Olympics; Bill Minutaglio recapped the rich life of
his biography, Molly Ivins; Randy Walsh spoke of his book, “12 Days in October,” in
which he reflects on a horseback journey from South Louisiana to Natchez in
Confederate regalia.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 3
Guests: Mike Manning, Sue Rainer, Barrett Tillman, Erin Rolfs, Elise Toups
Summary: Mike Manning of the BR Food Bank and Sue Rainer of the Rotary told of
their joint effort to secure funding for the financially strapped Food Bank; Author Barrett
Tillman detailed his book, “Whirlwind,” about the U.S. bombing of Japan in WWII; Erin
Rolfs and Elise Toups of Culture Candy pitched for support for arts programs targeted for
sizable reductions in state spending.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 4
Guests: Thomas Cobb, Brian Costello, George Cloutier, Margaret Ambrose
Summary: Author Thomas Cobb detailed the path his book, “Crazy Heart,” took to
become a movie featuring Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges; Brian Costello
provided a synopsis of the rich history of New Roads; George Cloutier detailed his
business philosophy outlined in “Profits Aren’t Everything. They’re the Only Thing:”
Margaret Ambrose of Southern University previewed Founder’s Day festivities at the

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 5
Guests: Silky Slim, Greg Meriwether, Jim Hogg
Summary: Guest host Mike Danna talked with Arthur Reed, AKA Baton Rouge rapper,
Silky Slim, who’s documentary profiles black on black crime in Baton Rouge; WAFB
reporter Greg Meriwether and musician Jim Hogg are also featured on the show.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 8
Guests: Zachary Richard, Jeff Palermo, Jim Tucker
Summary: Guest host Jim Nickel talked with musician Zachary Richard about an LPB
documentary featuring the Louisiana artist, Louisiana Network sports director Jeff
Palermo talked of the NFL and House Speaker Jim Tucker gazed ahead to the start of the
Louisiana Legislative session on March 29th.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 9
Guests: Jesse Ventura, Kathleen Blanco, Roy Morris
Summary: Jesse Ventura spoke of his book, “American Conspiracies,” about alleged
intrigue of the U.S. government; Former Gov. Kathleen Blanco angrily denounced claims
of Bush White House adviser Karl Rove that Blanco caused most of the problems
associated with the Hurricane Katrina rescue; Author Roy Morris spoke of his book about
Mark Twain one month shy of the 100th anniversary of the death of famed American

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 10
Guests: Lenore Feeney, Ed Dodd, Tika Laudun, Max Watman, Renita Marshall, Gloria
Summary: Author Max Watman provided a history of moonshining in America in his
book, “Chasing the White Dog;” Lenore Feeney disclosed the subjects of this week’s
cemetery tour--Magnolia Memories VII; Ed Todd and Tika Laudun talked of the LPB
documentary, “Forever LSU;” Renita Marshall and Gloria London detailed the annual
livestock show at Southern University.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 11
Guests: Bill Black, Kathy Mattea, Todd Mouton, John Otis
Summary: Buckskin Bill Black recapped his 35 years as host of WAFB’s Storyland;
Singer Kathy Mattea talked of her appearance in April at the Manship Theatre while
Todd Mouton of Louisiana Crossroads previewed at appearance at the Manship by the
Preservation Hall Jazz Band; Bogota based correspondent John Otis of Time Magazine
spoke of his book, “Law of the Jungle.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 12
Guests: John Filostrat, Jenny Pavlovic, Jean Saucier, Michael Aguirre, Tamara Sabine
Summary: Navy Commander John Filostrat expressed personal opposition to the
military’s ban on gays; Author Jenny Pavlovic discussed her book, “8 State Hurricane
Kate,” Jean Saucier of Circo Comedia and Michael Aguirre of BREC previewed the
performance at Independence Park Theatre; Tamara Sabina looked ahead to the Baton
Rouge Ballet Theatre production of Cinderella.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 15
Guests: Jeff Arnold, Whitney Breaux
Summary: Rep. Jeff Arnold explained his four bill package he has sponsored to ban or
limit the use of red light cameras in Louisiana; Whitney Breaux of the Baton Rouge
Convention and Visitors Bureau suggested ways for the city to get ahead of the pack in
the blogosphere.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 16
Guests: Joe Ricapito, Dianne Hanley, Larry Korb, John Daniel, Bill Kelley
Summary: Historian and LSU Professor Joseph Ricapito described the St. Joseph altar
tradition and the Italian influence on Louisiana; Storyteller Dianne Hanley provided
insight into a lost art of telling tales; Former Assistant U.S. Defense Secretary Larry Korb
analyzed hot spots in Israel and Irag; John Daniel previewed Unity Day in Baton Rouge;
Keyboard player Bill Kelley talked of an LSU appearance by the Incense Merchants.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 17
Guests: Adelaide Russo, Richmond Eustis, Debra Conner, JR Ball, Joanna Battles
Summary: LSU Comparative Literature Professor Adelaide Russo and doctoral
candidate Richmond Eustis provided a look at a March 19 literary event at LSU; Debra
Conner provided information about her appearances at the East Baton Rouge Library
system in character as Zelda Fitzgerald; JR Ball of the Greater Baton Rouge Business
Report advised Mayor Holden to try to get his bond initiative passed without the Alive
proposal attached; Joanna Battles provided a glimpse of the Swine Palace production,
“Self Defense.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 18
Guests: Jim Nickel (host) Gil Dupre, Michael Hackett, Renee Skinner
Summary: Jim Nickel reviewed health care reform legislation passed by Congress with
Gil Dupre, CEO for the Louisiana Association of Health Plans; Michael Hackett and
Renee Skinner spoke of local efforts to rescue and provide shelter to animals in the area.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 19
Guests: Mike Danna (host) Julie Baxter, Ronnie Stutes, John Kennedy
Summary: Mike Danna talked with Julie Baxter and Ronnie Stutes about the annual
Gridiron Show spoofing state and local personalities and politicians; Treasurer John
Kennedy spoke of revenue concerns ten days before the opening of the legislative

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 22
Guests: Paul Pastorek, Brian Shaw, Tom Hooten
Summary: Education Superintendent Paul Pastorek related continuing efforts to revamp
public education in the state; LSU Assistant Professor of Trumpet Brian Shaw previewed
appearances at the LSU Recital Hall featuring Shaw and Tom Hooten of Atlanta on

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 23
Guests: Dan Claitor, Gus Weill
Summary: Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor looked at the opening of the Louisiana
legislative session on March 29 when lawmakers convene with an estimated $1.7 billion
shortfall projected; Veteran political consultant Gus Weill hailed President Obama for
successfully leading a health care reform bill through Congress and to his desk for
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 24
Guests: Darwin Porter, Chris Stewart
Summary: Author Darwin Porter provided information about his latest biographical
subject, Steve McQueen, on the 80th anniversary of the actor’s birth; Chris Stewart,
president of the Baton Rouge Police Union, denounced reports of misconduct by BRPD
members after Hurricane Katrina from police officers in New Mexico and Michigan.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 25
Guests: Bevil Knapp, Danny Heitman, Rachel Emanuel, John Sykes, Donald Moss, Joe
Summary: Bevil Knapp and Danny Heitman described Knapp’s book of photography
showcasing the history of St. Francisville; Rachel Emanuel, John Sykes and Donald Moss
previewed a documentary about arrests of black citizens in Baton Rouge in 1960 when
attempts were made to integrate downtown businesses; Joe Traigle, chairman of the LPB
Foundation, related concern about proposed budget cuts to LPB.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 26
Guests: Billy Tauzin, Steffie Woolhandler, Josh Harvey, Natalie Harvey
Summary: Former Louisiana Congressman Billy Tauzin, president of PHARMA, gave
mixed reviews to the health care reform measure signed into law; Steffie Woolhander,
co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Care Program, said the new law is a step
sideways; Josh and Natalie Harvey previewed the Third Annual Storyville Fashion Show.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 29
Guests: Carl Redman, David Cullier, Leonard Moore
Summary: BR Advocate Executive Editor Carl Redman related alarm over the lack of
transparency in government at all levels; Author David Cullier noted government
resistance to public records as he spoke of his book, “The Art of Access;” Leonard
Moore, professor at the University of Texas, talked of his book, “Black Rage in New
Orleans,” which details alleged police corruption in the city since WWII.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 30
Guests: Robert Grayson, Bill Grimes, Mike Edmonson
Summary: Music Professors Robert Grayson and Bill Grimes spoke of their
collaboration on a program featuring jazz and opera at the Manship Theatre in April;
State Police Commander Mike Edmonson lamented budget cuts to his operation but
stated that crime is down in Louisiana and he remains vigilant in capturing sex offenders.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: March 31
Guests: Jack Germond, Andy Anderson
Summary: Veteran political commentator Jack Germond praised President Obama for
convincing Congress to pass health care reform legislation; Financial adviser Andy
Anderson remains bullish on stocks, particulary Apple and Green Mountain Coffee.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 1
Guests: Kirby Goidel, Brij Mojan
Summary: Dr. Kirby Goidel, director of the LSU Survey, released the results of the 2010
report showing that state residents favor sin taxes to pay for government services; Dr.
Brij Mojan of the LSU School of Social Work looked back at 34 years at LSU and
reflected on a ceremony to honor his service held Wednesday in Baton Rouge.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 2
Guests: Ellen Fitzpatrick, Mireya Mayor, Evelyn Wilson, C.B. Forgotston
Summary: Ellen Fitzpatrick discussed her book, “Letters to Jackie,: featuring 250 letters
written to the former first lady after President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963; Former
Miami Dolphins cheerleader Mireya Mayor talked of her odyssey from football to
primatologist working in the Congo and coming face to face with 350-pound gorillas;
Southern University Law Professor Evelyn Wilson previewed the second Ortique Health
Care Symposium at the school; Capitol watcher C.B. Forgotston recapped the first week
of the Louisiana legislative session highlighted by House Speaker Jim Tucker’s removal
of two members of the House Appropriations Committee.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 5
Guests: Tommy James, Lawrence Kaptain, Roy Fletcher
Summary: Legendary rocker Tommy James disclosed that his label, Roulette Records,
was a mob front; LSU Dean of Music and Dramatic Arts Lawrence Kaptain touted the
classical music program “From the Top” with Christopher O’Riley; Political consultant
Roy Fletcher chided lawmakers and the governor for repealing the Stelly Plan.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 6
Guests: Bill Geerhart, Neil Hayes, Bill Grimley
Summary: Author Bill Geerhart assumes the pose of a child in “Letters from Billy” as he
exchanges correspondence with famous and infamous newsmakers; In “The Last Putt,”
Neil Hayes describes the battle between the golfing teams of Oklahoma State and
Stanford led by freshman Tiger Woods for the 1995 national championship; Lawyer Bill
Grimley talked of his novel, “The Benefactor.”
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 7
Guests: Jim Brandt, Mark Martin, Chris Brooks
Summary: Jim Brandt of the Public Affairs Research Council discouraged use of trust
fund monies to address the state’s budget problems; Mark Martin spoke of a bicycle
festival this week in Baton Rouge; Chris Brooks of Tiger Weekly implored listeners to
support WRKF.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 8
Guests: Raymond Strother, Smiley Anders, Monika Olivier, Andy Batson
Summary: Political consultant Raymond Strother lamented the tone of American
politics; BR Advocate columnist Smiley Anders talked of his missing the annual Gridiron
Show as his daily column approaches its 31st anniversary; Monika Olivier showcased the
annual International Heritage Festival in Baton Rouge; Andy Batson helped make the
case for contributing to WRKF.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 9
Guests: Howell Gibbens, Steve Carter, Franklin Foil, Suzy Welch
Summary: Filmmaker Howell Gibbens announced intentions to run his company from
St. Francisville; Representatives Steve Carter and Franklin Foil touted school board
reform legislation; Suzy Welch offered life changing recommendations from her book,

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 12
Guests: Jeff Cobb, Leo Honeycutt, James Fox Smith, Kelly Viator, Allison Neustrom,
Frank McMains
Summary: Jeff Cobb talked of his second annual car show benefitting cancer services;
Leo Honeycutt said the targeted release date from federal prison for Edwin Edwards is
Jan. 4, 2011; James Fox Smith of Country Roads magazine provided details about a
writing contest; Kelly Viator and Allison Neustrom of LANO described the challenges of
non-profits in Louisiana amid a budget crisis; Frank McMains encouraged listeners to
contribute to WRKF on the next to last day of the spring fund drive.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 13
Guests: Matthew Randazzo, Byron Henderson, Tyler Kitchen
Summary: Matthew Randazzo spoke of his book, “Mr. New Orleans,” about underworld
legend Frenchy Brouillette; Nineteen year-old Tyler Kinchen previewed his band’s
appearance at Sunday in the Park and stated he was inspired by the late rhythm and blues
artist Tyrone Davis; Byron Henderson of the Department of Revenue offered tax tips
with the federal filing deadline just two days away.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 14
Guests: Bill Cassidy, Michael McLendon, Maureen Joyce
Summary: Congressman Bill Cassidy slammed the health care bill signed by President
Obama; Professor Michael McLendon of Vanderbilt University assessed the budget
challenges of higher education; Maureen Joyce of the Arts Council looked ahead to the
April 22 appearance at the Manship Theatre by jazz legend Paquito D’Rivera.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 15
Guests: Tim Muffitt, Erin Rolfs, Johnny Palazzotto
Summary: Tim Muffitt, conductor of the Baton Rouge Symphony, discussed tonight’s
season finale at the River Center Theatre; Erin Rolfs of Culture Candy talked of an array
of events in the area in April and May; Johnny Palazzotto provided information about
Blues Week with Johnny Rivers opening the festivities at Baton Rouge High School on
April 17.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 16
Guests: Andy Kim, Josh Axelrad, Jennifer Shields
Summary: Rocker Andy Kim talked of his comeback 36 years after his chart-topper,
“Rock Me Gently;” Josh Axelrad recapped his odyssey as a card counter, who gave up
his investment job on Wall Street to tour casinos making hundreds of thousands of dollars
at the blackjack table; Jennifer Shields, curator of the Baton Rouge Zoo, announced the
Realm of the Tiger program at the zoo set for April 17.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 19
Guests: Raymond Jetson, Matt Skinner, Hafid Laroussi, Chelsea Harris
Summary: Former State Rep. Raymond Jetson talked of his roles as one of the most
prominent ministers in Baton Rouge and as a fellow at Harvard; Journalist Matt Skinner
remembered the Oklahoma City federal building bombing 15 years ago; Hafid Laroussi
talked about the tenth anniversary of the International School in Baton Rouge; Chelsea
Harris of Big Buddies previewed the Moveable Feast event.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 20
Guests: Michael Martin, Robert Adley, Jean Armstrong
Summary: LSU Chancellor Michael Martin looked ahead to Saturday’s LSU Day; Sen.
Robert Adley of Benton expressed dismay over the Jindal administration’s stance on
Adley’s bills to foster more transparency in government; Longtime League of Women’s
Voters chief Jean Armstrong related satisfaction at her induction in the Women’s
Political Hall of Fame at Nicholls State University.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 21
Guests: James Carville, Noel Hammatt, David Chernicoff, Ken Berthelot
Summary: Political consultant James Carville recapped his career of advising President
Clinton and reflected on induction into the Manship School of Mass Communication Hall
of Fame; EBR School Board member Noel Hammatt discussed the sudden resignation
announcement of Superintendent John Dilworth, David Chernicoff of Chicago City
Limits previewed his group’s appearance at the Manship Theatre; Sportscaster Ken
Berthelot looked back to the origin of the Who Dat craze in New Orleans.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 22
Guests: Sanjay Gupta, Diane Deaton, Pamela Vinci, Peter Elkind
Summary: CNN Chief Medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta spoke about his varied
career as a medical career and international journalist from war zones to covering U.S.
presidents; Diane Deaton of WAFB and Pamela Vinci of the LSU Textile Museum gave
information about the facility, including the Dior exhibit; Peter Elkind, author of “Rough
Justice,” described the downfall of New York Gov. Eliott Spitzer.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 23
Guests: Mike Edmonson, Elise Toups, Leigh Harris, Anam Thubten, Christoper Kersey
Summary: State Police Commander Mike Edmonson advocated passage of legislation to
boost the fee for a driver’s license, stating that the estimated $13 million per year would
be helpful for public safety; Artist Elise Toups promoted an exhibit at the Arts Council;
Leigh Harris of Keep Louisiana Beautiful urged listeners to stop littering; Buddhist Anam
Thubten spoke of paths to peace; Christoper Kersey looked at events at the LSU
observatory associated with International Astronomy Day.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 26
Guests: Stacey Simmons, Mariah Stinham, Debbie Taylor, Michael Tipton, John
Maginnis, Clemens Dolzlmuller, Joe Dean
Summary: Stacey Simmons, Mariah Stinham and Debbie Taylor gave a glimpse of a
local production of the “Vagina Monologues:” Michael Tipton updated efforts by Teach
for America in South Louisiana; Commentator John Maginnis looked at the Louisiana
Legislature; Dr. Clemens Dolzlmuller previewed his appearance at the Red Shoes;
Former LSU Athletic Director Joe Dean observed his 80th birthday.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 27
Guests: Demond Wilson, C.B. Forgotston, Molly Buchmann, Rick Holden, David
Valdes Greenwood
Summary: Actor Demond Wilson recalled his role as Lamont on Sanford and Son;
Capitol watchdog C.B. Forgotston contended state and local government is growing less
transparent; Molly Buchmann of the Ballet Theatre and Rick Holden of Swine Palace
previewed appearances at LSU; David Valdes Greenwood spoke of the influence of small
town pageants at festivals in Louisiana detailed in his book, “The Rhinestone

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 28
Guests: Mike Reitz, Steve Mitchell
Summary: Mike Reitz, president of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, assessed the
health care reform law approved by Congress and signed by President Obama; Steve
Mitchell of the Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion at BRCC touted the show, “The Night
of the Iguana.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 29
Guests: Jeff Palermo, Chris Wheelan, Sandy Parfait, Karen Elzey
Summary: Jeff Palermo, news director of the Louisiana Radio Network, reported on the
British Petroleum oil spill threatening the Louisiana coast; “Naked Economics” author
Chris Wheelan looked at the national and international economy; Sandy Parfait of the
Arts Council looked at this weekend’s Fest for All celebration; Karen Elzey, vice
president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, detailed an education summit in New

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: April 30
Guests: Kevin Mawae, Julie Baxter, Sid Gautreaux, Jay Perkins
Summary: Kevin Mawae, president of the NFL Players Association and eight time Pro
Bowler from LSU, denounced legislation under debate in Louisiana designed to thwart
worker’s compensation lawsuits by former NFL players; Julie Baxter of Rebuilding
Together BR described Friday’s volunteer effort to spruce up homes of senior citizens;
EBR Sheriff Sid Gautreaux urged voters to renew a tax to fund the sheriff’s department;
LSU Mass Communication Professor Jay Perkins announced his retirement from the
school after 28 years and criticized the state of journalism in America.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 3
Guests: Robert Barham, Tom Guarisco, Jeff Roedel
Summary: Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham updated recovery efforts
from the British Petroleum oil spill threatening the Louisiana coast; Tom Guarisco and
Jeff Roedel of 225 magazine looked at people and events in Baton Rouge including the
Memorial Day weekend Bayou Country Superfest celebration at Tiger Stadium.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 4
Guests: Wilbert Rideau, Jodi Conachen
Summary: Convicted killer and celebrated writer Wilbert Rideau in his first live radio
interview reflected on his life as a 19-year-old killer, death row inmate, accomplished
prison journalist and free man after 44 years behind bars; Jodi Conachen of the
Department of Transportation and Development updated highway projects in the state.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 5
Guests: Norris Church Mailer, Chris D’Elia, Ed Overton, Gay Mack
Summary: Norris Church Mailer, widow of Norman Mailer, described her 33 years with
the Pulitzer Prize winning novelist detailed in her book, “Ticket to the Circus;” Chris
D’Elia, dean of the LSU School of the Coast and Environment, and Professor Ed Overton
provided insight into the potential damage to the Louisiana coast from the BP oil spill,
Gay Mack of Big Buddies previewed the annual Dancing with the Stars event.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 6
Guests; Kofi Lomotey, Patrick Moore, Heather Day, Tim Young
Summary: Southern University Chancellor Kofi Lomotey stressed moves to enchance
the study body at Southern, including the raising of admission standards; Community
planner Patrick Moore noted efforts to produce smart growth in the greater Baton Rouge
area; Heather Day and Tim Day of HEART provided information about the annual
fundraiser for AIDS and HIV awareness.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 7
Guests: Brian Marshall, Noel Hammatt, Annette Pressler, Sharon Furrate
Summary: Brian Marshall, CEO of Capital Area Transit System, detailed moves to
upgrade bus rides in the area; EBR School Board member Noel Hammatt recapped the
decision by Superintendent John Dilworth to remain in his position and rescind his April
16 resignation; Annette Pressler previewed Saturday’s annual Master Gardner plant sale
at the LSU Burden Center; Sharon Furrate showcased Friday night’s Mid-City open
house featuring more than 30 businesses in the area.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 10
Guests: Kimberly Willis Holt, Jean Armstrong, Carl Hacker
Summary: Author and National Book Award winner Kimberly Willis Holt spoke of her
latest book, “The Water Seeker,” and reflected on her youth in Louisiana; Jean
Armstrong of the League of Women Voters talked of a campaign seminar featuring many
state and national politicos; Carl Hacker of the University of Texas School of Public
Health sounded alarm bells about the consequences of the massive BP oil spill
threatening the Gulf Coast.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 11
Guests: Foster Campbell, Chris John, Jiji Jonas
Summary: Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell and Former Congressman
Chris John, now president of the Mid Continent Association of Oil and Gas, weighed the
impact of the BP oil spill and offered different resolutions to challenges related to drilling
and its impact on the coast; Jiji Jonas updated a conference on physical fitness in BR.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 12
Guests: Ed Cullen, Connie Green
Summary: Ed Cullen of the Baton Rouge Advocate spoke of his 38 years with the
newspaper and his last eight years as a contributor to “All Things Considered;” Connie
Green announced the formation of the “Dress for Success” chapter in BR, the 101st
chapter internationally.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 13
Guests: Strobe Talbott, Bill Madden, Bill Morgan, Brian Dixon
Summary: Former high-ranking diplomat Strobe Talbott reflected on the Clinton
Administration commitment to the issue of climate change and contemporary
misconceptions about global warming; Bill Madden detailed his comprehensive
biography of George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees; Bill Morgan noted
the importance of the Beat Generation, a subject Morgan explores in various books; Brian
Dixon provided information about the Mentorship Academy opening this fall in Baton

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 14
Guests: Zia Tammami, Barry Erwin, Farleigh Jackson
Summary: Zia Tammami looked back on 33 years as announcer on the LSU campus
station and remembered Frank Sinatra on the 12th anniversary of Sinatra’s death; Barry
Erwin of the Council for a Better Louisiana sized up the legislation session with just over
five weeks remaining before the final gavel on June 21.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 17, 2010
Guests: Robert Travis Scott, Christine Corcos
Summary: Robert Travis Scott of the New Orleans Times Picayune remembered
Southern University Journalism Professor Terry Kennedy, who died last week at 64 and
expressed concern about lawmakers changing their votes during the legislative session;
LSU Law Professor Christine Corcos discussed law on television and the relationship
between law and magic.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 18, 2010
Guests: Rod Paige, Debbie Allen
Summary: Former U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige reviewed an achievement gap
between black and white students in public schools in America; Entertainer Debbie Allen
previewed the production of “Just Dance” at the Manship Theatre this week.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 19, 2010
Guests: Buddy Leach, Casey Groves, John Gray, Chris Clark
Summary: Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Buddy Leach predicted an upset
victory this fall as Congressman Charles Melancon attempts to unseat GOP U.S. Senator
David Vitter; Actor Casey Groves spoke of his performance at Carville in “Damien;”
Musician John Gray alerted listeners about the performance of “Kick Some Brass;” Chris
Clark disclosed two events related to the bicycle hit and run accident that severely injured
Michael Bitton of LSU.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 20, 2010
Guests: Joe Traigle, Ulysses Long, Chris Warner
Summary: Businessman and activist Joe Traigle lamented the refusal of the BR Metro
Council to endorse a tolerance resolution first presented to the council three years ago;
Ulysses Long and Chris Warner recalled more than 20 years in prison spent by Long
before former LSU Basketball Coach Dale Brown persuaded former Gov. Edwin
Edwards to release Long in 1988.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 21, 2010
Guests: Herman Jackson, Harry Anderson, Stacey Nelkin, C.B. Forgotston
Summary: Musicians Herman Jackson and Harry Anderson promoted a benefit concert
at Southern University to raise funds for Alvin Batiste Jazz Institute; Actress Stacey
Nelkin revealed that she was the inspiration for the young love interest in the film
“Manhattan” and stated that she had a relationship with the filmmaker Woody Allen
when he was 41 and she was 17; Capitol watcher C.B. Forgotston expressed concern that
many state workers are earning more than the $135,000 paid to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 24, 2010
Guests: Jim Donelon, Lewis Unglesby
Summary: Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon embarked on a statewide storm tour,
urging Louisiana residents to purchase flood insurance before the June 1 start of
hurricane season; Attorney Lewis Unglesby remembered his mentor, Sam D’Amico, who
died at age 95 on May 22.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 25, 2010
Guests: Albert Sam, Nannette McCann, Charlie LeDuff
Summary: Dr. Albert Sam of Baton Rouge General announced a stroke seminar to be
held on May 27 at the hospital; Nanette McCann of Baton Rouge General Magnet High
School discussed her being named national teacher of the year at the 1,280 student
school; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Charlie LeDuff spoke of greed in America and
its impact on the economy and quality of life.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 26, 2010
Guests: Bill Press, Katherine Putnam, Kelly Bernard, Matt Callac
Summary: Political pundit Bill Press lamented conservative dominance in radio talk
circles as he discussed his book, “Toxic Talk;” Katherine Putnam, Miss Louisiana, and
Kelly Bernard, Miss Teen Louisiana, recapped their reigns as pageant winners with
Putnam being third runner-up for Miss America; Matt Callac told listeners how he was
using his mustache to raise money for charity.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 27, 2010
Guests: Byron Henderson, Carolyn Bennett, Gus Weill
Summary: Byron Henderson of the Dept of Revenue informed listeners about a tax-free
weekend for purchase of hurricane supplies; Carolyn Bennett of the Foundation for
Historical Louisiana updated her group’s push to preserve Charity Hospital in NO and the
Huey Long swimming pool and Lincoln Theatre in BR; Political consultant Gus Weill
provided analysis from New York on the latest catastrophe to hit Louisiana—the BP oil

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: May 28, 2010
Guests: Julie Baxter (host) Kip Holden, John Michael Byrd, Barbara Outland, Matthew
Summary: Mayor-President Kip Holden looked at this weekend’s Bayou Country
Superfest in Baton Rouge; John Michael Byrd of the BR Gallery previewed events
including Movies on the Lawn, Barbara Outland of the LSU Press discussed outreach
efforts, attorney Matthew Block analyzed imminent litigation stemming from the BP
catastrophe on the Gulf.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 1, 2010
Guests: Mary Landrieu, Cyril Vetter, Sonjay Gupta, Gloria Reuben
Summary: U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu and media mogul Cyril Vetter denounced the
federal response to the oil leak catastrophe on Gulf Coast; Dr. Sonjay Gupta of CNN
related concern about health issues related to the ecological disaster on the coast; Actress
Gloria Reuben called for less dependence on oil and gas after touring the affected area by
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 2, 2010
Guests: Dr. Robert Butler, Chuck Hustmyre, David Madden, Kristie Carline
Summary: Dr. Robert Butler, president and CEO of the Longevity Center at Columbia
University, offered eight recommendations for extending quantity and quality of life,
Reporter Chuck Hustmyre assessed Baton Rouge’s ranking as one of the deadliest cities
in America; Author David Madden lamented the loss of the Louisiana Book Festival and
U.S. Civil War Center to budget cuts and spoke of his ninth novel, “Abducted by
Circumstance;” Kristie Carline of Cancer Services previewed the annual survivor’s day
in Baton Rouge.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 3, 2010
Guests: Mary McBride, John Kennedy, Jeffrey Marx
Summary: Singer/songwriter Mary McBride reflected on her varied career and a
Saturday performance at the O’Brien House in Baton Rouge; Treasurer John Kennedy
analyzed the state budget situation and the quandary involving the BP oil spill and its
affect on the Louisiana economy; Pulitzer Prize winner Jeffrey Marx noted an event to
assist the Wendy Marx Foundation for Organ Donation—named in honor of his sister
who lived 14 years after a liver transplant.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 4, 2010
Guests: Michael Jackson, Andy Anderson, Fairleigh Jackson
Summary: Baton Rouge Rep. Michael Jackson assessed actions by the Legislature with
just over two weeks remaining in the regular session; Financial analyst Andy Anderson
looked at oil stocks battered on Wall Street since the BP disaster; Fairleigh Jackson
touted the Community Fund for the Arts which supplies funding to 14 arts organizations
in the community.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 7, 2010
Guests: Michael Martin, Si Kahn
Summary: LSU Chancellor Michael Martin voiced support for tuition hikes at public
universities and announced that Jack Hamilton would be named provost at LSU; Singer,
songwriter and activist Si Kahn encouraged more grass roots politics in America.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 8, 2010
Guests: Jonathan Alter, Renee Chatelain
Summary: Newsweek columnist and editor Jonathan Alter focused on his book about
President Obama’s first year in office, “The Promise:” Renee Chatelain, new director of
the Manship Theatre, announced several entertainers featured in the coming season,
including Aaron Neville, the B 52’s, Ramsey Lewis and Dianne Reeves.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 9, 2010
Guests: John Carey, Stephen Saunders, Raymond Strother
Summary: John Carey, the biographer of William Golding, looked at the life and career
of the author, who wrote “Lord of the Flies:” Stephen Saunders, former Deputy Secretary
of the Interior, noted that at least 15 national landmarks are in jeopardy due to the BP
catastrophe; Political consultant Raymond Strother analyzed the Tuesday primary results,
including U.S. Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln’s narrow victory over Bill Halter in
Arkansas, and victories by GOP candidates Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina in

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 10, 2010
Guests: Jeff Holeman, Derek Gordon, Val Marmillion
Summary: Jeff Holeman, regional manager for Entergy, assessed what is expected to be
a busy hurricane season, Derek Gordon of the Arts Council announced the continuation
of Friday concerts at Galvez Plaza in the summer, Val Marmillion of America’s Wetland
Foundation reinforced the need for coastal preservation efforts after the BP disaster.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 11, 2010
Guests: Donald Davis, Jodie Markell
Summary: Donald Davis, author of “Washed Away,” reflected on his book which is
devoted to the people who have inhabited the coastal wetlands in Louisiana for centuries;
Jodie Markell, director of “The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond,” spoke of two showings of
her film at the Prytania Theatre in New Orleans. The movie, shot in Baton Rouge, is
based on a 1957 work of Tennessee Williams.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 14, 2010
Guests: Michael Sartisky, Justin Osmond, Billy Sinclair, Jodie Sinclair
Summary: Michael Sartisky of the Louisiana Endowment for the Arts detailed the
impact of budget cuts on the mission of LEH; Justin Osmond, nephew of Donnie and
Marie, discussed overcoming a hearing deficit; Convicted killer and celebrated journalist
Billy Sinclair and his journalist wife, Jodie Sinclair, explained their feud with Sinclair’s
former cohort, Wilbert Rideau.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 15, 2010
Guests: Julie Baxter (host) Brad Meltzer, Chet Chaisson, Robert Travis Scott
Summary: Julie Baxter talked with author Brad Meltzer about his book, “Heroes for My
Son;” Robert Travis Scott of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reviewed the legislative
session and Port Fourchon Executive Director Chet Chaisson noted enormous challenges
related to the BP oil leak.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 16, 2010
Guests: Michael Chabon, Ayelet Waldman, Charlie Roberts, Foster Campbell
Summary: Writers and married couple Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman talked of
their relationship and their books about parenthood; Charlie Roberts of the LSU Alumni
Association recapped response at alumni chapters across the United States, including a
32-hundred person turnout in San Diego; Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell
complained about oil companies in general and BP in particular in the disaster in Gulf.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 17, 2010
Guests: Betty Thesky, David Burley, C.C. Lockwood
Summary: Flight attendant Betty Thesky talked of unusual episodes she has witnessed in
25 years in the air; Environmental sociologist David Burley of Southeastern Louisiana
University spoke of ecological damage to the Louisiana’s battered wetlands; Nature
photographer C.C. Lockwood chided BP and government officials for incompetence in
the oil leak threatening the state’s coast.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 18, 2010
Guests: Casey Kelly, Leslie Ellis, Tony Marabella, David Roberts
Summary: Songwriter Casey Kelly and Grammy Award winning singer Leslie Ellis
previewed an appearance in Baton Rouge; Judge Tony Marabella described different
sentencing provisions for drug offenders; David Roberts of the Louisiana Office of
Student Financial Assistance offered advice on saving for college.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 21, 2010
Guests: John Kennedy, Kelly Williams
Summary: State Treasurer John Kennedy commented on the state economic impact from
the BP disaster; Chef Kelly Williams assessed the damage inflicted on the Louisiana
seafood industry.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 22, 2010
Guests: Dan Claitor
Summary: State Senator Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, recapped the 2010 Legislative
session with intense conflict between the Senate president and House speaker at the close
of the session on June 21.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 23, 2010
Guests: Michael Steele, John Bel Edwards, Trey Ourso
Summary: National GOP Chairman Michael Steele offered criticism for President
Obama and praise for Steele’s former brother-in-law, Mike Tyson; Democratic Political
Consultant Trey Ourso challenged Steele’s prediction for re-election of U.S. David
Vitter; State Rep. John Bel Edwards, D-Amite, reviewed health care legislation passed in
the 2010 session.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 24, 2010
Guests: Jim Brandt, Jim George, Cecil and Neila Phillips
Summary: Public Affairs Research Council President Jim Brandt analyzed the 2010
Legislative session and predicted tougher budget times in 2011; Attorney Jim George
shared his views on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan; Cecil and Neila Phillips
talked about a national ballroom dancing competition in Baton Rouge.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 25, 2010
Guests: Bill Profita, Jim Caldwell, Paul Harrison, Darlene Rowland
Summary: Bill Profita and Jim Caldwell of the Baton Rouge Airport unveiled new U.S.
Air Service to Charlotte; Paul Harrison of the Environmental Defense Fund allayed
concern about the impact of the BP leak on the future of the Gulf; Darlene Rowland of
BREADA noted the Saturday success of the downtown Farmer’s Market.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 28, 2010
Guests: James Carville, Cyril Vetter, Don Molino, Chandra Theegala
Summary: Political observers James Carville and Cyril Vetter reflected on the crisis on
the Gulf with Carville calling for Gov. Jindal to name Gen. Stanley McChrystal to lead
the clean-up effort in Louisiana; Louisiana Agri-News Director Don Molino talked about
his assignment in Cuba; LSU Professor Chandra Theegala showcased his “Tiger
Skimmer,” stating that the device could be used to siphon oil from the Gulf.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 29, 2010
Guests: Robert Adley, Jack Germond, Melissa Daly
Summary: Sen. Robert Adley of Benton railed against Gov. Jindal for vetoing a BP
transparency bill and for cutting projects in Adley’s district; Political commentator Jack
Germond remembered the late U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd and promised not to have a death
bed conversion from his atheistic views; Melissa Daly of the LSU Museum of Art noted a
4th of July celebration at her location above the Mississippi River.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: June 30, 2010
Guests: Jim Hawthorne, Andy Anderson, Eiad Asbahi, Tom Guarisco
Summary: Voice of the LSU Tigers Jim Hawthorne recalled his former broadcast partner
Larry King on the heels of King’s announcement he is leaving his CNN program after 25
years in the same time slot; Financial advisers Andy Anderson and Eiad Asbahi argued
over their respective investment strategies; 225 Magazine’s Tom Guarisco recapped the
Annual Best of Baton Rouge selections.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 1, 2010
Guests: Chris Andrews, James Savage
Summary: Rev. Chris Andrews of First United Methodist Church in BR offered support
for a tolerance resolution and voiced opposition to guns in churches and covenant
marriages; Author James Savage spoke of his book: “Jim Garrison’s Bourbon Street
Brawl”---detailing the famous New Orleans District Attorney’s closure of several French
Quarter strip joints in 1962.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 2, 2010
Guests: Joyce Haynes, Roy Fletcher
Summary: Louisiana Association of Educators President Joyce Haynes chided Gov.
Jindal for his stance on education bills in the recently completed legislative session;
Political consultant Roy Fletcher expressed alarm at the rate of response to the crisis on
the Gulf and looked ahead to November with Louisiana voters set to choose candidates in
elections for U.S. Senate and lieutenant governor.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 5, 2010
Guests: Neil White, Robin Kistler, Frenchie Cox, Brenda Dardar-Robichaux
Summary: Author Neil White and Robin Kistler of the One Book One Community effort
touted White’s book and the BR library group’s summer reading selection, “In the
Sanctuary of Outcasts;” Frenchie Cox discussed his role as the top cook at Louie’s Café
on the fringe of the LSU campus; Brenda Dardar-Robichaux, former chief of the United
Houma Nation, talked of 17,000 members of her tribe affected by the BP oil leak.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 6, 2010
Guests: Jeff Roedel, Gus Weill
Summary: Music critic Jeff Roedel unveiled the CD, “Red Stick Sounds;” Political
consultant Gus Weill encouraged Gov. Jindal to establish at Renaissance Commission to
study the future of Louisiana amid a series of natural and man-made disasters to hit the
state in the past five years.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 7, 2010
Guests: Whitney Breaux, Maggie Richardson, Brian Dixon, Denny Bond, Ben Heroman
Summary: Whitney Breaux, born in 1987, and writer Maggie Richardson recapped a
feature about the impact of Generation Y, those born between 1981 and 2000; Brian
Dixon announced the opening of the Mentorship Academy in BR; Denny Bond and Ben
Heroman looked at the educational role of the Dream Teacher program in the area.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 8, 2010
Guests: Sandy Davis, Quin Hillyer
Summary: Sandy Davis, reporter for the Baton Rouge Advocate, assessed the damage
done to the coast and its residents by the BP oil leak; Quin Hillyer of the Washington
Times and American Spectator urged U.S. Senator David Vitter to refrain from seeking
re-election due to the senator’s handling of an aide who assaulted his girlfriend.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 9, 2010
Guests: Mike Foster, Steven Selzer, Ben Reed
Summary: Former Gov. Mike Foster offered his assessment about the latest disaster to
afflict Louisiana two days before Foster’s 80th birthday; Steven Selzer told his story of
his former teacher, the fabled Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Joe Black; Ben Reed of the Walt
Disney Corporation spoke of his appearance at a conference in Baton Rouge to disclose
the Disney management strategy.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 12, 2010
Guests: David Spunt, Chris D’Elia, Len Bahr, Robert Gard
Summary: WAFB Reporter David Spunt, LSU Coast and Environment Dean Chris
D’Elia and environmental activist Len Bahr assessed latest developments regarding the
BP oil leak on the Gulf Coast; Retired General Robert Gard expressed skepticism about
U.S. success in Afghanistan.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 13, 2010
Guests: Jamie Wax, Tony Guarisco, Adam Green, Mark Upton
Summary: Actor Jamie Wax noted the 20th anniversary of his one man play, “Goin’ to
Jackson,” performed by Wax in 38 states; Former La. Senator Tony Guarisco of Morgan
City reviewed the ecological and economic damage from the BP leak; Activist Adam
Green attacked BP’s response to the oil spill; Mark Upton of the Foundation for
Historical Louisiana detailed the group’s annual awards presentation.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 14, 2010
Guests: John Maginnis, Chris Brooks, Ward Bond, Trevor Shelly
Summary: Political columnist and commentator John Maginnis assessed the U.S Senate
race with incumbent David Vitter facing challenges from Republican Chet Traylor and
Democrat Charles Melancon, Art Melt Co-Chair Chris Brooks provided information
about this year’s event; Activist Ward Bond and student Trevor Shelly spoke in favor of
LSU preserving the Eric Voegelin Institute.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 15, 2010
Guests: Tony Clayton, Kevin Franck, Sally Campbell
Summary: Southern University Board Chair Tony Clayton chided U.S. Senator David
Vitter for supporting lawsuits challenging the birthplace of President Obama; Kevin
Franck of the Louisiana Democratic Party and Republican supporter Sally Campbell
differed on Vitter’s fitness for re-election.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 16, 2010
Guests: Bill Cassidy, Kelsi Crain, Harold Williams, Jonathan Holloway, Patrick
       Mulhearn, Val Marmillion
Summary: Congressman Bill Cassidy called for an end to a moratorium on drilling in the
Gulf of Mexico; Miss Louisiana Kelsi Crain of Monroe expressed optimism about her
chances of becoming Miss America; BR GOP Chair Harold Williams and Republican
turned Democrat Jonathan Holloway debated the wisdom of African Americans
supporting GOP candidates; Patrick Mulhearn previewed the Irish Film Festival; Val
Marmillion of America’s Wetland Foundation analyzed damage to the coast from the BP

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 19, 2010
Guests: Daniel Silva, Dudley Lehew, Joe LeDoux
Summary: Best-selling author Daniel Silva described the story behind his 13th novel,
“The Rembrandt Affair,” in which hero Gabriel Allon returns to save the day; Journalist
Dudley Lehew remembered being on the AP desk on July 19, 1969 in Boston where he
broke the story about Ted Kennedy’s involvement in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at
Chappaquiddick; Neuroscientist Joe LeDoux of NYU by way of Eunice, La. detailed his
work on the emotion of fear and touted his rock group, the Amygdaloids.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 20, 2010
Guests: Perry Daniel, Chet Traylor, Gloria Allred
Summary: Perry Daniel, principal of Scotlandville Middle School in North Baton
Rouge, told of the challenges and successes of running a school in an impoverished part
of the city; Retired Supreme Court Justice Chet Traylor gave reasons why he is
challenging U.S. Senator David Vitter in the GOP primary slated for Aug. 28; Feminist
attorney Gloria Allred denounced actor Mel Gibson and confirmed she has no public
relations team.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 21, 2010
Guests: Mike Reitz, Raul Gomez, Barry Weinstein, Hugh Buckingham
Summary: Mike Reitz of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana spoke of challenges
serving 1.2 million clients in the state on the four month anniversary of the passing of
national health care reform by the U.S. House of Representatives; Violinist Raul Gomez
previewed his performance this week at the LSU Recital Hall; Rabbi Barry Weinstein
remembered radio producer and announcer Ricky Stockner on the 52nd anniversary of
Stockner’s birth; LSU Professor Hugh Buckingham defended high salaries for university
administrators amid budget cuts across campus.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 22, 2010
Guests: Mary Landrieu, Sam Wasson, Vastine Stabler
Summary: U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu criticized the Obama administration for
imposing a moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico; Author Sam
Wasson reflected on his book, “Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.,” about the making of the 1961
film classic, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s;” Vastine Stabler announced his departure from
Swine Palace after five years as the group’s public relations director.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 23, 2010
Guests: Jeff Ma, John Wirt
Summary: Jeff Ma talked of his book about his adventures as a card counter, “The
House Advantage;” John Wirt of the Baton Rouge Advocate surveyed the local and
national film and music scene.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 26, 2010
Guests: Rob Marionneaux, Jennifer Winstead, Steven Heymsfield
Summary: Sen. Rob Marionneaux called for smoke-free bars and casinos in the state and
pushed for an oil processing fee to secure revenue for state services; Pennington
Foundation CEO Jennifer Winstead and Pennington Biomedical Research Center
President Steven Heymsfield talked of the center’s research into obesity and previewed
the annual balloon show to benefit the Pennington Center.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 27, 2010
Guests: Keith Jones, Jason Furrate
Summary: Attorney Keith Jones spoke of the loss of his son, Gordon, on the April 20
Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and called for a change in a 90-year old federal law
limited damages in accidents at sea; Local filmmaker Jason Furrate showcased his
production, “La-308,” with

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 28, 2010
Guests: Mike Newport, Faye Williams
Summary: Mike Newport spoke of his multi-million dollar gamble on hitting a natural
gas jackpot along the Louisiana-Mississippi border north of Natchez in a deeply buried
section of the Haynesville Shale; Activist Faye Williams analyzed the firing of Shirley
Sherrod as a Department of Agriculture official after a conservative blogger placed an
edited video of Sherrod on the worldwide web.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 29, 2010
Guests: Jay Dardenne, Milt Abel, William Taylor
Summary: Secretary of State Jay Dardenne previewed the Huey Long Symposium set
for Aug. 28 and 29 at the Old State Capitol in conjunction with the 75the anniversary of
the death of the Kingfish; Milt Abel talked of his show, “Stand Up Dads, showing at the
BREC Theatre at Independence Park; Saints historian William Taylor reflected on Saints
owner Tom Benson’s reluctance to have the Super Bowl champs honored by President

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: July 30, 2010
Guests: Joan Baez, Peggy Polk, Jamie Wax
Summary: Legendary singer Joan Baez recapped her 50 year career and life as an
activist; Dr. Peggy Polk, president of Project Purr, described her five-month old
organization formed to save cats in Baton Rouge from euthanasia; Actor Jamie Wax
discussed his 20-year tenure in the one-man play, “Goin’ To Jackson” and updated his
project involving a one-man play about Bobby Kennedy.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 2, 2010
Guests: Jim Nickel (Host) Tom Schatz, Scott Angelle
Summary: Guest host Jim Nickel talked with Tom Schatz of Citizens against
Government Waste about his group’s actions and visited with Scott Angelle, Louisiana
lieutenant governor, who is serving as the replacement of New Orleans Mayor Mitch
Landrieu until a successor is chosen in a special election.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 3, 2010
Guests: Sandra Lee, Joycelyn Elders
Summary: Chef Sandra Lee touted the joys of ice cream while former Surgeon General
Joycelyn Elders denounced legislation approved by the Louisiana Legislature and signed
by Gov. Jindal stripping medical malpractice insurance for abortion providers in the state.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 4, 2010
Guests: Bruce Watson, Ron Kessler, Roger Villere, Phillipa Gregory
Summary: Author Bruce Watson discussed his book, “Freedom Summer,” about the
summer of 1964 when civil rights activists arrived in Mississippi and violence erupted;
Ron Kessler reflected on his book, “In the President’s Secret Service,” and offered
insights such as Chelsea Clinton being regarded as the best behaved presidential
offspring; Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere answered questions about his quest to
succeed Mitch Landrieu as lieutenant governor: Best-selling author Phillipa Gregory
detailed her latest work, “The Red Queen,” with 15th Century England as the backdrop.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 5, 2010
Guests: Ronald Mason, Sanya Richards-Ross, Danny Plaisance
Summary: Southern University President Ronald Mason spoke of his goals for the
university system 36 days into his tenure; Sanya Richards-Ross provided insights into her
training and discipline that resulted in gold medals in 400 meter competition in 2004 and
2008; Danny Plaisance previewed the annual ceremony at the Magnolia Cemetery
commemorating the Battle of Baton Rouge fought on Aug. 5, 1862.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 6, 2010
Guests: Leo Honeycutt, Susan Cowsill
Summary: Edwin Edwards’ biographer Leo Honeycutt talked about the former governor
on the eve of EWE’s 83rd birthday and stated that Edwards will be released from federal
prison on Jan. 4, 2011; Singer Susan Cowsill recapped her long career, starting at age
nine when she became the youngest singer to reach the Billboard Top Ten with “Indian
Lake,” recorded by her family band known as “The Cowsills.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 9, 2010
Guests: Paul Rainwater, Nolde Alexius, Judy Kahn
Summary: Former Louisiana Recovery Authority President Paul Rainwater summarized
state budget challenges on his first day as commissioner of administration; Editors Nolde
Alexius and Judy Kahn described their book, “The Best of LSU Fiction.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 10, 2010
Guests: Nancy Litton
Summary: Actress Nancy Litton previewed her one-woman play opening Thursday at
the Baton Rouge Little Theatre, “The Last Flapper,” about the life of Zelda Fitzgerald,
the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 11, 2010
Guests: Eli Jones, Jim Purgerson, Bob Mann
Summary: LSU College of Business Dean Eli Jones and Jim Purgerson, senior vice
president of Citizens Bank and Trust in Baton Rouge spoke of the annual Lousiana
Looking Up event saluting the MBA program at LSU with Jones saying the program
ranks 26th nationally and 48th worldwide; Bob Mann of the Manship School of Mass
Communication surveyed the political landscape in U.S. Senator David Vitter’s quest for
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 12, 2010
Guests: Polite Stewart, Bernie Pinsonat, Sheila Arrington
Summary: Southern University Polite Stewart talked about his status as a 16-year-old
junior with a double major in chemistry and physics; Pollster Bernie Pinsonat gave
reasons why David Vitter leads challenger Charles Melancon by 18 points in Pinsonat’s
U.S. Senate survey; Aneurysm Outreach Founder Sheila Arrington previewed her group’s
annual fundraiser for research.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 13, 2010
Guests: Leon Medica, Brett Blackledge, Adam Knapp
Summary: Louisiana LeRoux founding member Leon Medica traced the group’s
beginning in 1978 and its return this month to the stage in Baton Rouge where it all
began; Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent Brett Blackledge assessed conditions in
Afghanistan where he spent much of the last month reporting; Adam Knapp, president of
the Greater BR Chamber of Commerce, spoke of the chamber’s annual canvas with this
year’s visit slated in September in Pittsburgh.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 16, 2010
Guests: Sammy Kershaw, Elizabeth “Boo” Thomas, Molly Buchmann
Summary: Singer Sammy Kershaw revealed his reasons for running for lieutenant
governor; Elizabeth “Boo” Thomas previewed the fifth Smart Growth Summit in Baton
Rouge, Molly Buchmann of the BR Ballet Theatre provided information about the 2010-
2011 season.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 17, 2010
Guests: Stump Mitchell, Barry Weinstein, Leigh Harris
Summary: Southern University Football Coach Stump Mitchell predicted the Jaguars
would win every game in his first season; Rabbi Barry Weinstein voiced support for the
BR Tolerance Resolution nixed by the Metro Council; Leigh Harris of Keep Louisiana
Beautiful talked of her group’s annual conference.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 18, 2010
Guests: Byron Harmon, Mike Edmonson
Summary: CNN International executive producer Byron Harmon talked of his days at
Southern University and WBRZ and noted that his play, “All the Women I’ve Loved,” is
showing next week at the Manship Theatre; State Police Commander Mike Edmonson
lamented budget challenges at his agency and lauded the leadership of Gov. Jindal.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 19, 2010
Guests: Doug Duncan, Nancy Salamone
Summary: Doug Duncan, Vice President of Fannie Mae assessed housing trends in the
U.S; Nancy Salamone recapped her experience as an abused wife while working as a
successful operator on Wall Street.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 20, 2010
Guests: Andy Anderson, Steve Stahler, Fleur Ferrara Williams, Lyn Doucet
Summary: Financial analysts Andy Anderson and Steve Stahler differed on investment
strategies; Fleur Ferrara Williams announced she was leaving as development director at
Louisiana Public Broadcasting to travel Europe with her husband; Lyn Doucet touted the
beauty and history of Grand Coteau.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 23, 2010
Guests: David Kopay, David Zinman, Rodney Mallett
Summary: Former NFL running back David Kopay reflected on his decision 35 years
ago to reveal he is gay and discussed views on homosexuality in sports and in American
life; Author and Historian David Zinman previewed this week’s Huey Long Symposium
in BR a few weeks short of the 75th anniversary of the assassination of the Louisiana
governor; Rodney Mallett of the Department of Environmental Quality spoke of this
week’s Green Business Expo at DEQ offices.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 24, 2010
Guests: Charles Melancon, Katherine Martin
Summary: Congressman Charles Melancon accented differences between his positions
and those U.S. Senator David Vitter as they prepare for Saturday’s Democratic and GOP
primaries; Katherine Martin talked of the history of the O’Brien House as a haven for
treatment of alcoholics in Baton Rouge and described her personal path to sobriety.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 25, 2010
Guests: Paul Pastorek, Carol Haase
Summary: Education Superintendent Paul Pastorek updated the condition of his friend,
former LSU Chancellor Sean O’Keefe, who was seriously injured in a plane crash in
Alaska in which five people died, including former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens; Pastorek
also expressed disappointment over Louisiana losing out in the federal Race for the Top
funding; Author Carol Haase recapped the history of the Old State Capitol.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 26, 2010
Guests: Jack Weiss, Michael Wolf
Summary: LSU Law Center Chancellor Jack Weiss previewed a forum next month in
Baton Rouge accenting freedom of press issues in Latin America; Attorney Michael Wolf
related enthusiasm over Saturday’s first-ever Libertarian Party Primary of U.S. Senate
hopefuls in Louisiana.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 27, 2010
Guests: Michael Medved, Jason Petty, Leslie Jacobs, Susan Butler
Summary: Conservative commentator Michael Medved offered observations on
controversies involving Mel Gibson, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Glenn Beck and the
proposed mosque near Ground Zero; Entertainer Jason Petty spoke of his upcoming Hank
Williams tribute at the Manship Theatre; Former BESE member Leslie Jacobs of New
Orleans cited improvements in education in the five years since Katrina; Author Susan
Butler remarked on the 90th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in America.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 30, 2010
Guests: Russell Mosely, Dan Borne,’ Michael Eskin
Summary: The great-grandson of Huey Long, Russell Mosely, remembered the Kingfish
on the 117th anniversary of Huey Long’s birth; Dan Borne,’ a former aide to Sen. Russell
Long, assessed the Long legacy; Professor and author Michael Eskin talked of his book,
“The DNA of Prejudice.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Aug 31, 2010
Guests: Charles Stenholm, Stephanie Riegel, Gal Holiday (Vanessa Niemann)
Summary: Former Congressman Charles Stenholm called for an end to the Obama
Administration’s moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico; Stephanie
Riegel of the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report detailed her journey from New
Orleans to Baton Rouge five years ago after Hurricane Katrina and noted changes to the
area related to the aftermath of Katrina; Singer Vanessa Niemann, known as Gal Holiday,
previewed a performance by her band at the Manship Theatre.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 1, 2010
Guests: Scott Simon; John Camp, Peggy Sweeney McDonald, Malia Krolak, Julie Baxter
Summary: Scott Simon of NPR talked of his book about the joys of adopting two girls
from China; John Camp reflected on the origin of the Baton Rouge Press Club; Peggy
Sweeney McDonald showcased her events in the community where well known people
tell stories related to food; Malia Krolak spoke of an exhibition at the Glassell Gallery
featuring the work of the late artist, Robert Hausey; Julie Baxter told listeners of the
block party on Wiltz Drive to recognize the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Gustav.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 2, 2010
Guests: Ron Richard, Chante’ Warren
Summary: General Ron Richard, CEO of the Tiger Athletic Foundation and veteran of
Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War, chided American foreign policy and expressed
optimism about LSU football two days before the Tigers’ season opener at Atlanta
against North Carolina; Chante’ Warren of the Baton Rouge Advocate announced that
Friday would be her last day with the newspaper after working 17 years as a reporter for
the Advocate.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 3, 2010
Guests: Louis Herthum, Karen Roy, Ann Marks
Summary: Actor Louis Herthum savored the box office success and critical acclaim of
“The Last Exorcism,” shot in Baton Rouge for $1.5 million; Activist Karen Roy talked of
her three children born after a downtown shooting in September of 1987 that left Roy
paralyzed and unable to walk; Ann Marks spoke as the facilitator of a 12-week forum on
creativity in the workplace.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 6, 2010
Guests: Charlie Smith, Noel Hammatt, Barbara Reich Frieberg, Judith Fein
Summary: Veteran lobbyist Charlie Smith looked back at 42 years at the Capitol and
ahead to his induction into the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame in Winnfield next
February; EBR School Board member Noel Hammatt and challenger Barbara Reich
Frieberg disagreed over the performance of Education Superintendent Paul Pastorek;
Travel writer Judith Fein discussed traveling on a limited budget.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 7, 2010
Guests: Buddy Leach, Jon Bowermaster
Summary: Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Buddy Leach predicted an upset
victory for Congressman Charles Melancon in his Nov. 2 election challenge of U.S.
Senator David Vitter; Adventurer Jon Bowermaster recapped his time in Louisiana
producing, “SOLA, Louisiana Water Stories.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 8, 2010
Guests: Laura Lindsay, Glenn Guilbeau, Audra Snider, Joy Vandervort-Cobb
Summary: Former LSU Provost Laura Lindsay commented on her book, “Treasures of
LSU;” Gannett Sportswriter Glenn Guilbeau reflected on LSU’s 30-24 season opening
win over North Carolina and looked ahead to the Saints opener vs. Minnesota; Audra
Snider, great-granddaughter of Huey Long, assessed the legacy of the former governor on
the 75th anniversary of his assassination; Actress and Professor Joy Vandervort-Cobb
provided insight about her one-woman play, “Moments of Joy.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 9, 2010
Guests: C.B. Forgotston, Steve Crump, David Diamond, Haci Balil, Fahmee Sadree,
Melissa Juneau
Summary: Capitol watcher C.B. Forgotston remarked on reported friction between
House Speaker Jim Tucker and Gov. Bobby Jindal; Ministers Steve Crump and David
Diamond and Muslims Haci Balil and Fahmee Sadree exchanged views on the planned
burning of the Koran by a Florida minister on the anniversary of 9/11.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 10, 2010
Guests: Daniel Ellsberg, Jann Robbins, Larry Rohter, Paulette Senior, Renee Chatelain
Summary: Pentagon Papers legend Daniel Ellsberg commented on contemporary issues
regarding transparency in government; Jann Robbins, widow of writer Harold Robbins,
looked back on 23 books written by her husband with 750 million in worldwide sales;
Larry Rohter of the New York Times talked of his book, “Brazil on the Rise,” focusing
on the country’s emergence as an economic superpower; Paulette Senior of the YWCA
recapped her group’s history of racial reconciliation; Renee Chatelain of the Manship
Theatre spoke of upcoming events, including a one-man play featuring Ed Asner as
President Franklin Roosevelt.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 13, 2010
Guests: Tim Muffitt, Alan Hopper, Richard Kilbourne, Denise Marcelle
Summary: BR Symphony conductor Tim Muffett and BRSO executive director Alan
Hopper previewed opening night of the season at the River Center Theatre on Sept 16;
Financial historian Richard Kilbourne predicted an economic collapse for America; BR
Metro Council member Denise Marcelle called for an end to saggy pants in the city.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 14, 2010
Guests: Caroline Fayard, Frank Gumpert, Jared Leboeuf, Michael Desmond, Mike
Summary: Attorney Caroline Fayard revealed how she raised nearly $1 million in
campaign funds in her quest to become lieutenant governor; Frank Gumpert and Jared
Leboeuf announced major changes to the golf course at University Club; Architect
Michael Desmond spoke of an event celebrating the architecture on the LSU campus;
U.S. Senate candidate Mike Spears challenged Senator Vitter to a steel cage match at the
Cajundome on Oct. 16.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 15, 2010
Guests: Nancy McPherson, Raymond Jetson, Gus Weill, Pam Sills, Kelly Spell
Summary: Nancy McPherson of AARP in Louisiana touted her group’s work; Raymond
Jetson, pastor of Star Hill Church, previewed a conference at the Old State Capitol
Featuring 20 of his Harvard classmates, Gus Will remembered his friend Fred Dent, who
died on Sept 12; Pam Sills and Kelly Spell provided news about the annual fundraising
event for the Louisiana Art and Science Museum.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 16, 2010
Guests: Mark Mustian, Patrick Moore, Leslie Herpin Marx
Summary: Author Mark Mustian discussed his novel, “The Gendarme:” Urban planner
Patrick Moore recapped his work in Lake Charles where major construction has ensued
since Hurricane Rita five ravaged the area in September of 2005; Leslie Herpin Marx
alerted listeners to local relief efforts to assist earthquake victims in Haiti.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 17, 2010
Guests: Michael Blanding, Steven Roby, Brad Schreiber, Ed Behan, LaDonna Ward,
Jackie Lyle
Summary: Author Michael Blanding reflected on his expose’ about Coca-Cola, “The
Coke Machine;” Steven Roby and Brad Schreiber examined the legacy of Jimi Hendrix,
who died on Sept 18, 1970; Ed Behan of and LaDonna Ward of the Tea
Party shared different views about national and local politics; Jackie Lyle talked of an
event honoring the famed artist, Elemore Morgan.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 20, 2010
Guests: Albert Starr, Connie Bernard, Brandon DeCuir, Eva Kemp-Melder, William
Summary: Heart valve replacement pioneer Albert Starr talked of advances in his 60
year career in treatment of heart disease; District 8 School Board candidates Connie
Bernard, Brandon DeCuir and Eva Kemp-Melder exchanged viewpoints as they sought
for support in the Oct 2 primary; New Orleans Saints authority William Taylor looked at
the Saints-49ers matchup on Monday Night Football.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 21, 2010
Guests: Robert Grayson, Matt Morgan, George Judy, Brian Blackwell, Dave Murphy
Summary: LSU Music Teacher Bob Grayson and star pupil Matt Morgan of the NYC
Opera previewed a salute to Grayson, who is in his 25th year at LSU; George Judy of
Swine Palace gave details about the opening play, “Design for Living;” School Board
candidate Brian Blackwell talked of his campaign in District 8 in BR; Dave Murphy,
founder of Food Democracy Now, expressed concern about food safety due to a
proliferation of antibiotics provided to animals.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 22, 2010
Guests: Billy Andrews, Josh Harvey, Natalie Harvey, Smiley Anders, Angela Lau
Summary: Former SLU and Cleveland Browns linebacker Billy Andrews, now a farmer
in Clinton, remembered being the star of the first Monday Night Football telecast 40
years ago as he intercepted a pass from the Jets’ Joe Namath and returned it for a
touchdown in the closing seconds of the 31-21 Cleveland win; Josh and Natalie Harvey
of Storyville disclosed the latest controversy over Who Dat merchandise; Smiley Anders
of the Advocate shared insights on his 31 years as the top columnist for the newspaper;
Angela Lau of Volunteers in Public Schools spoke of an event sponsored by VIPS
featuring EBR School Superintendent John Dilworth.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 23, 2010
Guests: Pat Simon, Cherita Kado, Annabelle Armstrong, Lisa Stansbury
Summary: Former WAFB anchor Pat Simon reflected on his year of service in Iraq as a
colonel in the Louisiana National Guard; Cherita Kado stressed the role of CASA as a
legal advocate for those in need; Annabelle Armstrong spoke of her book about Baton
Rouge neighborhoods; Lisa Stansbury provided information about a social networking
conference in Baton Rouge.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 24, 2010
Guests: Michele Norris, Matt Williams, Robbie Giroir
Summary: Michele Norris, host of “All Things Considered,” talked of her book about
race relations after WWII, which sometimes included violence in America against black
soldiers who had fought in the war; Matt Williams of WAFB expressed anger over a
killing of a 42-year-old woman and the wounding of her nine-year-old daughter this
morning a block away from his station; Robbie Giroir, organist at St. Joseph’s Cathedral,
announced a musical event at the church on Sept. 26.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 27, 2010
Guests: Bob Mann, Mick Couette, John Stewart, Norman Sherman, Garland Goodwin
Wilson, Heather Day, Peggy Davis Coates
Summary: Bob Mann, Mick Couette, John Stewart and Norman Sherman discussed a
biography about LSU graduate and former Vice President of the United States, Hubert
Humphrey; Garland Goodwin Wilson and Heather Day previewed a running event to
raise funds for Of Moving Colors, Peggy Davis Coates of Friends of the Hilltop
Arboretum announced details for her group’s annual plant sale.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 28, 2010
Guests: Donna Douglas, Miles Copeland, Laura Smith
Summary: Actress Donna Douglas spoke of the enduring popularity of “The Beverly
Hillbillies,” nearly a half-century after the show’s debut in 1962; Miles Copeland looked
back on his years as producer for The Police and his newer incarnation as producer of an
internationally popular Belly Dance show; Laura Smith of the Louisiana Council for
Economic Education talked of her group’s annual golf tournament.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 29, 2010
Guests: Kip Holden, Craig Freeman
Summary: Mayor-President Kip Holden announced the arrest of a suspect in the Sept.
24thvBeauregard Town murder of Alexandra Engler as Holden said he was prepared to
give his life to make Baton Rouge a safer city; Lawyer, professor and media personality
Craig Freeman gave reasons why he is seeking a school board position.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Sept 30, 2010
Guests: Mary Landrieu, Jim Wharton, Steven Heymsfield
Summary: U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu outlined her differences with the Obama
administration on the presidential moratorium against oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of
Mexico; Chancellor Emeritus Jim Wharton related concern about Louisiana’s graduation
rate at universities across the state and lamented major reductions to high education
funding; Steven Heymsfield recapped his four months as head of the Pennington
Biomedical Research Center.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 1, 2010
Guests: Nancy Jo Craig, Marston Fowler, Brian Marshall, Butch Gautreaux
Summary: Nancy Jo Craig of Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council promoted her
group’s event promoting environmental benefits of recycling; EBR School Board
candidate Marston Fowler explained his reasons for following the political heritage of his
father, former Elections Commissioner Jerry Fowler; Brian Marshall, president of the
Capital Area Transit System, encouraged listeners to back at CATS tax on tomorrow’s
ballot; State Senator Butch Gautreaux talked on his longshot candidacy to become
lieutenant governor.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 4, 2010
Guests: Annie Murphy Paul, Jeanne Leiby, Angus Woodward, David Eagleman
Summary: Writer Annie Murphy Paul touched on her book, “Origins,” featured in a
Time Magazine cover story; Jeanne Leiby and Angus Woodward of the Southern Review
looked ahead to a writer’s event at LSU; Internationally recognized neuroscientist David
Eagleman talked of his appearance at LSU.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 5, 2010
Guests: Dale Archer, Derek Gordon, James Brown, Sherri McConnell
Summary: Dr. Dale Archer, a CNN and Fox News commentator from Lake Charles,
criticized the planned construction of an Islamic Center near Ground Zero; Derek Gordon
of the Arts Council previewed upcoming performances in Baton Rouge from the likes of
Ramsey Lewis; James Brown of Baton Rouge spoke of his appearance on “Jeopardy:”
Sherri McConnell of LED spoke of her role as the state’s advocate for landing business
from the film industry in Louisiana, which is ranked third among states for film revenues.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 6, 2010
Guests: Amy Schiffman, Luther Kent, Robert Putnam
Summary: Literary agent Amy Schiffman discussed her life in Hollywood and New
York as a major player in bringing books to film; Singer Luther Kent reflected on his
career as he readied his voice for a performance at the LSU Union Theatre; Robert
Putnam talked of his book, “American Grace,” about the impact of religion on life in the
United States.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 7, 2010
Guests: Andrei Codrescu, David Sedaris, Kathleen Nowak Tucci, Margaret Nowak
Summary: Former LSU Professor and NPR Commentator Andrei Codrescu spoke of his
latest novel based on his experiences in the classroom at LSU; Author and humorist
David Sedaris reflected on his life as a public radio personality as he prepared for an
appearance in Baton Rouge in November; Artists Kathleen Nowak Tucci and Margaret
Nowak Dobos informed listeners of their exhibit at Caffery Gallery.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 8, 2010
Guests: T.J. Walker, Erik Sass
Summary: Communications adviser and best-selling writer T.J. Walker offered analysis
regarding tirades from Rush Limbaugh this week as the conservative commentator
referred to President Obama as an “ignoramus” and a “jackass;” Author Erik Sass
reported on unusual facts of American life past and present detailed in his book, “Mental

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 11, 2010
Guests: Lisa Shepard, Cyril Vetter
Summary: NPR Ombudsman Lisa Shepard reported on observations she has received in
her three years as an independent reviewer of programming and practices; Broadcaster,
lawyer, musician and author Cyril Vetter examined the life of musician Butch Hornsby,
subject of Vetter’s forthcoming fictionalized biography, “Dirtdobber Blues.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 12, 2010
Guests: Caldwell Esselstyn, Roy Fletcher, Byron Henderson
Summary: Heart Doctor Caldwell Esselstyn told listeners how his book, “Prevent and
Reverse Heart Disease,” had helped former President Clinton give up fatty foods, lose 25
pounds and improve his health; Political consultant Roy Fletcher examined the fall
elections; Byron Henderson of the Department of Revenue informed non-profit agencies
of the importance of filing proper paperwork with the government.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 13, 2010
Guests: Froma Harrop, Gregory Williams, Sam LeBlanc
Summary: Columnist Froma Harrop expressed concern about statements by foes of
immigration; Gregory Williams gave insight into the preparation of a local production of
Dreamgirls; Sam LeBlanc provided an overview of the 50 year history of the Peace

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 14, 2010
Guests: Susan Whitman Helfgot, Mary Durusau, Tim Muffitt
Summary: Susan Whitman Helfgot recalled the anxiety of having her husband’s face
provided to a transplant recipient; Mary Durusau spoke of the annual Plane Pull to benefit
the ARC of Baton Rouge; Maestro Tim Muffitt previewed two performances by the
Baton Rouge Symphony.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 15, 2010
Guests: Gerald Kennedy, Neil
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 18, 2010
Guests: Gary Hart, Ann Rule, Dan Claitor
Summary: Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart focused on his life in politics, including his
unsuccessful bid for president in 1984 and the scandal that engulfed his 1988 campaign;
Novelist Ann Rule talked of her latest work and her long ago friendship with serial killer
Ted Bundy; State Senator Dan Claitor expressed alarm about funding for LSU.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 19, 2010
Guests: Alan Dershowitz, Jennifer Eller, Carole Marshall
Summary: Famed criminal attorney Alan Dershowitz looked back at some of his most
known cases and clients and talked of his latest novel, “The Trials of Zion;” Jennifer
Eller and Carole Marshall spoke of an event to benefit the March of Dimes featuring
Chef John Folse.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 20, 2010
Guests: Bob Mann, Jay Perkins
Summary: LSU Journalism Professor Bob Mann and former Mass Communications
Professor Jay Perkins shared observations about the November election and the funding
crisis facing higher education in Louisiana.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 21, 2010
Guests: Mark Feldstein, Gideon Rose
Summary: Writer Mark Feldstein examined the reporting of Jack Anderson, featured in
Feldstein’s book, “Poisoning the Press,” in which Feldstein states that President Nixon
considered assassinating the muckraking journalist; Author Gideon Rose concluded that
America has failed in the aftermath of major wars, the subject of his book, “How Wars
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 22, 2010
Guests: Rheta Grimsley Johnson, A.J. Meek, Lynn Pisto, Carlos Sam
Summary: Author Rheta Grimsley Johnson discussed her memoir, “Enchanted Evening
Barbie and the Second Coming;” Photographer A.J. Meek analyzed his craft in producing
his latest work, “Sacred Light; Holy Places in Louisiana;” Lynn Pisto of LPB previewed
the group’s televised auction; Carlos Sam of the EBR School System informed listeners
of EBR Mania at Cortana Mall where magnet and gifted programs are showcased.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 25, 2010
Guests: Kip Holden, Chere Coen, Christee Atwood, Sharon Garrison, Jon Hoffmeister
Summary: Mayor-President Kip Holden updated his battle against crime in BR and
touted the second coming of the Bayou Superfest country music festival at Tiger
Stadium; Chere Coen and Christee Atwood previewed the Acadiana Book Festival,
Sharon Garrison of the Mississippi Center for Justice lamented deplorable living
conditions for many residents in the Gulf South; Jon Hoffmeister, former President of
Royal Dutch Shell, advocated continued emphasis on the stability of the oil and gas
industry while expressing concern about the BP oil spill and dirty restrooms at service

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 26, 2010
Guests: Patrice Melnick, Xero Skidmore, Darrell Bourque, Ewell Smith, Ann Taylor
Summary: Organizer Patrice Melnick along with poet Xero Skidmore and Louisiana
Poet Laureate Darrell Bourque discussed the upcoming Festival of Words event:
Organizer Ann Taylor analyzed the U.S. Senate candidate debate between David Vitter
and his challengers; Ewell Smith, executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion
and Marketing Board announced a public event related to the challenges his industry is
facing after the BP episode.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 27, 2010
Guests: Farai Chideya, Mike Manning, Chelsea Harris, Carey Long
Summary: Farai Chideya provided background on her series, “Pop and Politics;” Mike
Manning and Chelsea Harris of the Food Bank of Greater Baton Rouge related issues
regarding operating funds during austere times; Fitness guru Carey Long of Baton Rouge
was questioned about his methods for staying in shape.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 28, 2010
Guests: Jane Leavy, Anne Butler, Ray Strother, Michael Tipton
Summary: Jane Leavy reflected on the life and legacy of Mickey Mantle, subject of his
biography, “The Lost Boy;” Anne Butler took listeners down Highway One, the focus of
her book about the roadway that connects the state from Grand Isle to the Arkansas
border; Ray Strother examined the political climate ahead of the Nov. 2 mid-term
elections; Michael Tipton told of the significant presence of Teach for America in

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Oct 29, 2010
Guests: Henson Moore, Joy Stoneham, Katherine Cecil, Joseph Torregano
Summary: Former Congressman Henson Moore recapped his efforts to raise funds
as head of the Forever LSU campaign amid budget cuts at the Ole War Skule; Joy
Stoneham and Katherine Cecil previewed a documentary about the 2006 New Orleans
Mayoral election showing at LSU; Cancer survivor and musician Joseph Torregano
Informed listeners of his performance at Baton Rouge General’s Bluebonnet Road

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Nov 1, 2010
Guests: Lisa Shepard, Lawrence Kaptain
Summary: NPR Ombudsman Lisa Shepard assessed the fallout from the organization’s
firing of Juan Williams; LSU Dean Lawrence Kaptain looked ahead to a taping at the
Shaver Theatre of “From the Top.”

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Nov 2, 2010
Guests: Charlie Melancon, Buddy Leach, Vincent Bruno, Barry Weinstein
Summary: Senate candidate and Democratic Party Chairman Buddy Leach predicted a
victory over David Vitter in Tuesday’s election; GOP official Vincent Bruno predicted a
Vitter win despite misgivings about the senator; Rabbi Barry Weinstein discussed his role
with Family Services of Baton Rouge.

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Nov 3, 2010
Guests: Wayne Parent, David Sedaris, John Kennedy
Summary: LSU Political Scientist Wayne Parent analyzed the GOP takeover of the U.S.
House and Republican gains in Louisiana; Humorist David Sedaris discussed differences
in audiences as he prepared for a performance on Wednesday in Baton Rouge; Treasurer
John Kennedy offered a method for slicing the state budget using attrition in the

Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Nov 4, 2010
Guests: David Eisenhower, Roger Villere, Lee Barclay
Summary: David Eisenhower, grandson of President Eisenhower, remembered the 34th
President as an exceptional leader in war and peace; Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger
Villere was exuberant over Senator David Vitter’s re-election by 19 percentage points
over Charlie Melancon; Lee Barclay talked of her book of 88 essays about post-Katrina
New Orleans.
Program: The Jim Engster Show
Date: Nov 5, 2010
Guests: Lod Cook, Charlie Roberts, Stacey Simmons, Hayley Zamora, Brian Sain
Summary: Business titan Lod Cook recapped his evolution from 1950 graduate of
LSU to chairman of ARCO and Global Crossing and friend of presidents; Charlie
Roberts, president of the LSU Alumni Association defended LSU Coach Les Miles on
the eve of the game against former Tiger Coach Nick Saban of Alabama; Stacey
Simmons spoke of the sixth annual Redstick Animation Festival; LSU students Hayley
Zamora and Brian Sain opposed budget cuts to higher education and announced a rally on
Nov 10 at the State Capitol.

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