TECHNICAL OVERVIEW

CONTENTS                                                                   Mission Statement | Precision Opinion
Primar y Data Collec tion Program ......................... 2
                                                                           The mission of Precision Opinion is to
Technology ....................................................... 2
Data Processing / Tabulations .............................. 3
                                                                           deliver  peace-of-mind to our clients.
Securit y ............................................................ 3   We do this by providing unimpeachable
Audits and Aler ts ............................................... 3
                                                                           data, according to requirements, on time
Redundanc y ...................................................... 4
Infrastruc ture Specif ications .............................. 5
                                                                           and on budget via trained interviewers
Voxco Command Center ....................................... 7             utilizing proven CATI technology and
Voxco Pronto Predic tive Dialer ............................ 8             modern telecommunication equipment.
Voxco Architec ture Over view .............................. 10
Backup & Disaster Recover y ............................... 11             We are Experienced. Dedicated. Driven.

                                                                                TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
Primary Data Collection Program

Precision Opinion has experience with a wide variety of CATI programs and currently utilizes the Voxco
Command Center with Pronto Predictive Dialers. The system provides fluid interaction for telephone,
internet, IVR and multi-mode inbound/outbound data collection assignments.


Our new state-of-the-art 330 CATI phone center allows us to handle more jobs, more efficiently —
so we can continue to provide the best in quantitative market research services and public opinion
polling. Our commitment to client satisfaction is surpassed only by our uncompromising dedication
to collecting unimpeachable data. That’s what we do. Precisely.
Equipped with multiple DS3 circuits and over 22 PRIs to handle high call volumes, rest assured
your project is in good hands. Our modern call center’s high-tech capabilities allow real-time
delivery of frequency and percentages, production reports and data delivery. We truly have
a state-of-the-art facility with some of the most accurate predictive dialers and sophisticated
algorithms in the United States.
•	   330 Seat CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Workstations with Ability for
     Easy Expansion
•	   Voxco Command Center / Pronto Predictive Dialers
•	   HP Servers, Dell Workstations and Plantronics Noise Cancelling Headsets
•	   SQL Cluster 2 Terabytes
•	   Centralized UPS
•	   Training Classroom
•	   24hr Video Surveillance
•	   Redundant Core Cisco Switch Gear
•	   Gigabit Networking to each Interviewer Workstation
•	   Redundant Telephony
•	   Providers include Telepacific / Cox / XO / CenturyLink
•	   Direct Fiber Connection to Providers


                                                                 TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
Data Processing / Tabulations

Precision Opinion utilizes the Survey System tabulation program in response to clients’ requesting
both a faster turnaround and lower costs. The powerful package has not only helped clients who
use the Precision Opinion CATI and Web data collection methodologies but also those who have
been outsourcing their tabs or producing them internally. Each and every one have found the Survey
System not only to be cost effective but, an analytical preferred method.
Tabulations are produced in RTF, Word, Excel or HTML formats with the added feature of applying
customers proprietary style sheets and logos.


Precision Opinion is monitored and recorded with 24hr video surveillance. Precision Opinion systems
are protected by physical security and high availability corporate firewalls. The intrusion detection
system monitors network and system activities for malicious activities or policy violations. Should an
event occur, the system will automatically attempt to stop detected possible incidents while reporting
to security administrators. To ensure uptime and service level agreements mission critical systems are
constantly monitored 24/7 with real-time alerts and notification.
Precision Opinion understands confidentiality of data in today’s environment. Files that contain
sensitive data need to be protected. Whether stored on a PC or sent via e-mail — to that end,
Precision Opinion meets Federal government compliance and can deliver a secure manner of
exchanging sensitive data with clients and partners including FISMA, OMB, and FIPS-140 using
cryptographic modules. Precision Opinion offers secure client portals also such as SharePoint
including automated notifications of new data.

Audits and Alerts

Precision Opinion runs an internal security audit annually. In addition, we have been audited by
numerous security-conscious clients. These audits have variously checked everything from our server
vulnerability to common HTTP exploits, to ensuring that our staff e-mail connections are encrypted.
We have satisfied our clients’ need for high security each time.


                                                                 TECHNICAL OVERVIEW

All Precision Opinion systems must meet specifications to be redundant and easily scalable. All
mission critical systems are equipped with RAID 5 disk arrays allowing hard drives, power supplies,
and fans to be replaced on the fly without any downtime. In addition, servers are equipped with
spare memory and dual network connections as fail safes. Spare parts are always kept onsite. The
heart of the company runs on a gigabit network powered by Cisco equipment.
This core networking switch gear has redundant supervisor engines, power supplies, and fans.
Yes, even our interviewing workstations have gigabit at the desktop!
Precision Opinion network switches and routers are connected via redundant links and power
allowing top performance and bandwidth availability. All of this equipment is protected by our
PowerWare centralized uninterruptible power supply system. This UPS provides continuous power
in the event of an outage. The server room is on a separate panel that the UPS feeds for over 2
hours of uptime during an outage protecting all data so that it is written gracefully to all server
hard drives. Both of our locations are connected to telecom providers via direct fiber to the street
allowing faster transmission than traditional copper lines. Doing so permits us to participate in our
provider’s fiber SONICNet ring that allows us even more accessibility for dedicated calling in the
event of an outage. Precision Opinion maintains diversity and calling uptime by utilizing several major
telecom providers minimizing any loss of one service.


                                                                 TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
Infrastructure Specifications

WORKSTATIONS | All workstations meet or exceed the minimum specifications below:

 Operating System: Windows XP Professional XP SP3

         Hardware: Agent/Supervisor stations Pentium P4 2.8Ghz + recommended 512 MB RAM

            Display: 17” Flat Panel LCD

      Disk Capacity: 40GB Hard Drive

           Headset: Plantronics Encore H101N Dual Earpiece Noise-Cancelling

          Amplifier: Plantronics M10 and M12 Vista

WEB SERVERS        |

  Operating System: Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise 64-bit

         Hardware: HP Proliant DL380 G6 Server-class machine with Quad Core Dual Xeon Processors & 8 GB RAM.

      Disk Capacity: RAID Array (for redundancy) equipped with 15K high-speed SAS hard drives.
                     RAID 5 for Data / RAID 0+1 for OS / Server Certified

       Networking: Network Fault Tolerance Teamed Gigabit TCP/IP enabled


                                                                        TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
SQL SERVERS (2 Node Cluster) |

 Operating System: Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise 64-bit

         Hardware: HP Proliant DL380 G6-Server-class machine with Quad Core Dual Xeon Processors & 32GB RAM

     Disk capacity: RAID Array (for redundancy) equipped with 15K high-speed SAS hard drives. RAID 5  for Data /
                    RAID 0+1 for Transaction Logs and OS / Server Certified

      Networking : Network Fault Tolerance Teamed Gigabit TCP/IP enabled


 Operating System: Windows 2003 Server

         Hardware: Server-class machine with P4 Processor & 2 GB RAM.

     Disk capacity: RAID Array (for redundancy) / RAID 0+1 / Server Certified

       Networking: Gigabit TCP/IP enabled
        Telephony: •		22	PRIs	(Line	Side) 9	PRIs	(Agent	Side)
                     •		Outbound	(Over 506	calls	per	second)	/	Inbound
                     •		Interactive	Voice	Response	(IVR)
                     •		Digital	Recording	and	Playback
                     •		Internal	and	Remote	Monitoring

MINIMUM SERVER STANDARD | All servers meet or exceed the minimum specifications below.

 Operating System: Windows 2003 Server

         Hardware: HP Proliant DL380 G3 Server-class machine with Quad Core Dual Xeon Processors & 32 GB RAM.

     Disk capacity: RAID Array (for redundancy) equipped with 15K high-speed SCSI hard drives. RAID 5  for Data /
                    RAID 0+1 OS / Server Certified

       Networking: Network Fault Tolerance Teamed Gigabit TCP/IP enabled


                                                                          TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
Voxco Command Center

Voxco’s Command Center platform is one of the few true multichannel survey tools available on the
market. It simplifies management and boosts performance of multichannel campaigns by collecting
data from all collection modes and processing and distributing this data in highly customizable
formats in a totally secure environment.
It collects data from every survey mode: Telephone (CATI), Web (CAWI), Face-to-Face (CAPI), Mobile
and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Command Center creates consistent and rapidly adaptable
surveys through a centralized authoring utility, and then integrates data into a centralized database
for analysis and reporting.

•	   Command Center seamlessly integrates every survey mode
•	   CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
•	   CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)
•	   CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)
•	   IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
•	   Mobile
•	   Includes sophisticated Panel Management tool
•	   Survey uniformity ensured by unified questionnaire authoring
•	   Data from every channel downloaded into centralized SQL database for processing, analysis
     and reporting

                                                                  TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
•	   One of few true multi-channel survey tools available — makes multi-channel campaigns easier to
     deploy, manage and control
•	   Avoids hassle, waste of time and potential data deterioration due to difficulties of trying to
     manage incompatible platforms
•	   Surveys can be switched instantaneously from one channel to another (CATI to CAPI for example)
     with data from one channel automatically integrated into survey in another channel
•	   Gives you the power to process and publish your survey results in highly customizable formats in
     a secure environment

Voxco Pronto Predictive Dialer

The telephony package is a thoroughly field-proven solution meeting the demanding needs of survey
data collection. It is a powerful addition to CATI operations, dramatically increasing interviewer
efficiency and productivity. Companies will see a fast ROI based on 3 dialing modes available: Preview,
Power, and Predictive. Voxco’s predictive dialer is one of the few truly proprietary solutions on the
market, and is considered the industry standard for research work. Its dropped call rate control,
powerful algorithms, and automatic call dispositioning parameters are many proofs of this.
The tool also provides an extensive range of functions which include digital recording,
playback of sound files, and internal/external audio monitoring to improve and measure quality
of phone interviewing.
Inbound campaigns can also be managed efficiently on the system with functions for automatic
call blending, ACD, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for routing inbound calls. Automated IVR
surveys and automatic messaging are also supported on the system.
•	   Intelligent predictive algorithms
•	   Preview, Power, and Predictive dialing modes
•	   Full control over the drop rate
•	   Internal and remote monitoring for quality control
•	   Digital recording of full or partial conversations, and playback of sound files within surveys
•	   Real-time statistics on projects and interviewers’ status
•	   Operates as a stand-alone telephony solution or can also interface with most commercial PBXs


                                                                    TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
•	   Accurate call result detection
•	   ACD for call routing to the most appropriate group
•	   Interactive Voice Response used for surveying, inbound campaigns, and automatic messaging
•	   Do Not Call lists tailored to market research compliance regulations
•	   Proprietary dialer — one of the select few in the industry
•	   Designed specifically to integrate with Voxco’s Telephony (CATI) solution

•	   Increased productivity and fast ROI – minimal downtime for interviewers
•	   Minimizes dropped calls – 1% drop rate is the best in the industry
•	   Close integration with Voxco CATI solution
•	   Greater quality control
•	   Increased satisfaction of the interviewing workforce


                                                                   TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
Voxco Architecture Overview


                              TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
Backup & Disaster Recovery

Why does Precision Opinion collect data in Las Vegas? Nevada provides the ideal setting for disaster
avoidance as the area is considered a “safe-zone” from natural disasters. Nevada also has a highly
sophisticated power grid, is a rapidly growing market and is a gateway for data flow from the west
coast to the east coast.

Precision Opinion backs up on data and performs system maintenance on a constant basis. SQL Server
data is backed up real-time while most network files can be restored from shadow copies. Backups are
run nightly from server disk to network disk, then to tape allowing us to backup large amounts of data
in a short window of time. Servers are “snapshot” and imaged while network equipment configs are
stored for quick recovery. Utilizing our robotic library, full backups are run on Fridays with differential
backups through the following Friday. After backups are generated they are tested and verified for
integrity. Precision Opinion also utilizes a retention policy for backups. Copies of monthly, quarterly,
and annual backups are made and vaulted offsite.
The Precision Opinion tape backup system is designed for disaster-recovery. In case of a server failure,
or an “omygosh” moment (“I can’t believe I deleted the whoooole thing”), files can be restored to
where they were just before the disaster. It is not designed to serve as an archive for older and inactive
files. Precision Opinion is designated and currently is a hot site back-up facility under a government
sub-contract. 100% independently. Routine tests are performed to simulate these events and enforce
that Precision Opinion continues to meet and comply with government standards. In addition,
Precision Opinion has reciprocal agreements with multiple vendors to provide equipment, services,
resources, and workspace in the event of an emergency.

                                                                   TECHNICAL OVERVIEW

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