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					                        Achievement Based Résumé - Chronological
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                      “Increasing business image thru first impressions & efficiency…”

         Administrative Assistant           Discrete Executive Practices         Budget Management
         Personnel Records                  Payroll Management                   QuickBooks
         Event Coordination                 MSWord / PowerPoint / Excel          Bi-Lingual

     Supported a staff of 30 sales and fitness professionals, with annual revenues of $2-2.5 million. Handled
     office communications and records of over 400 individual clients and 12 fitness center accounts.
     Assisted in implementing several Spanish speaking programs that grew to $200,000 within 2 years;
     worked with individuals’ insurance carriers in cases of rehabilitative therapy.

                                       PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Executive Assistant, Office Administrator
   Global Fitness Association Tampa, FL                        2000 to 2011
  Executive Assistance: Worked closely with the business owners to ensure that business and operating policies
   were clearly transmitted to appropriate staff members. Maintained a personal confidential file of letters and
   other communication for each executive. Scheduled flight, hotel and car rental travel arrangements for the
   president and faculty. Oversaw an executive travel & expense budget of $150-200,000.
  Event Coordination: Arranged for conference site(s) locally to host the Fitness by the Bay conference for an
   average of 200 attendees. Coordinated 15 to 20 Guest Speakers (sports medicine doctors and chiropractors)
   along with their personal travel arrangements and accommodations. Negotiated best costs for meeting space
   accommodations and a gala dinner; obtained menu selections for approval. Arranged schedules and activities of
   exhibiting companies so as to ensure maximum visibility and interaction with clients. Prepared marketing
   materials such as PowerPoint & video presentations, targeted brochures, flyers, samples and other promotional
   materials, for presentation to attendees. Last year’s Event budget was $125,000.
  Office Administration: Performed Human Resources functions such as maintaining employee records, sick
   days, employee benefits compensation, vacation, and insuring compliance with applicable Florida statutes and
   laws. Served as liaison between employees and health insurance representatives. Ensured that each employee
   had and understood a copy of the current Employee Handbook.
   Coordinated a $175,000 monthly payroll with an outside payroll firm. Calculated quarterly sales bonuses &
   commissions, and submitted to owners for approval: submitted appropriate employee raise documentation.
   Implemented QuickBooks and performed general office accounting tasks such as Accounts Receivable,
   Accounts Payable, and the maintenance of five corporate checking and credit card accounts.
  Budget Management: Managed a monthly office expense budget that grew from $800 to over $2,500 within
   five years. Monitored expendable supplies usage for 5 Trainers and 3 administrative assistants; copy paper,
   individual printer ink, badges, linen and uniform cleaning, and a variety of other variables. Prepared 6 month
   forecasts of each cost center needs, and provided draft budgets for each.
   Administered a printing services account of over $17,000 annually, to include outside contracts and four offices
   copiers and commercial printers. Established and maintained a cost center accounting system which enabled
   usage to be charged to the appropriate center; this reduced monthly cost from over $2,000 to less than $1,450.
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Executive Administrative Assistant
   ING Americas Atlanta, GA                                     1997 to 2000
   A financial management conglomerate dealing primarily in the international financial, real estate, and mortgage
   arenas, along with corporate acquisitions. World-wide, ING Is a multi-billion dollar annual revenue producer
   with over 100,000 employees. At the time, the Atlanta division was a major revenue producer in the US.
  Administrative support: Handled office communications requirements such as telephone, facsimile, bulk and
   special handling items of mail, and on-line Email for the Regional Manager. Arranged special off-site dinners
   and luncheons. Prepared executive sales and other business presentations using PowerPoint and printed media;
   contracted with local printing sources for special brochures and flyers. Oversaw an annual office expense
   budget of $12,000.
   Coordinated individual and group travel arrangements, including international routings and accommodations;
   arranged destination activities and business agendas. Worked through local in-country agencies to schedule
   meeting accommodations and support activities. Travel budgets averaged $200,000 per year.
   As a special assignment, handled international requirements for the CEO, Latin America, and an executive field
   staff of four. Maintained all appointments, and handled all communications.

                                  EDUCATION AND RELATED TRAINING
                 MBTI Business Training Institute                             New York, NY
                 Diploma in Secretarial and Public Relations
                 Oliver Business University                                   New York, NY
                 Bachelor Degree in Tourism

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