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EDITION     I   2011       The Buckeye Commerce Center Brings Employment Opportunities
Inside this Issue                and a Variety of Services to South-Central Phoenix
                                                                                                     franchising business. In addition
                                                                                                     to the employment opportunities,
                                                                                                     the community will benefit from a
                                                                                                     variety of menu options that they
                                                                                                     may enjoy for breakfast, lunch
                                                                                                     and dinner. Our friends, corporate
                                                                                                     partners and neighbors celebrated
                                                                                                     with us the grand opening of these
                                                                                                     restaurants on Saturday, February
                                                                                                     19th. We are open for business, so
                                                                                                     be sure to stop by for a tasty sub,
                                                                                                     gourmet salad or try a plate of your
                                                                                                     favorite Asian cuisine!
                           The area residents quickly em-     Department, Shift Employment Ser-         Just as it was anticipated, the
                        braced the hip new buildings that     vices, with more to come.              Buckeye Commerce Center is
                        stand tall along Buckeye Road and        CPLC is especially proud of the     becoming the vibrant commercial
                        10th Street. The Buckeye Com-         most recent addition to our com-       operation South-Central Phoenix
                        merce Center is becoming a            merce center: the three quick-         residents deserve. The center of-
                        successful development and it is      service restaurants. The estab-        fers additional options and a vari-
                        injecting energy and jobs back into   lishments, owned and operated          ety of services readily accessible to
                        the community.                        by CPLC, include Samurai Sam’s         anyone looking for employment, a
                           Thus far, the Buckeye Com-         Teriyaki Grill, Blimpie and Frullati   nice meal or insurance coverage.
                        merce Center has leased out over      Café & Bakery (a new franchise to      This thriving commercial devel-
                        14,000 square feet of new space.      Arizona). CPLC is excited to em-       opment is another testament to
                        The new businesses include a State    bark on a new economic develop-        CPLC’s commitment to economic
                        Farm Independent Agent, CPLC IT       ment project and venture into the      empowerment.

                                            Thousands of Families from Across the State
Upcoming Events                            Joined CPLC for its Annual Holiday Celebrations
                           Once again, Chicanos Por La                                               ment, parents benefited from the
                        Causa (CPLC) spread joy and hap-                                             information and services provided
                        piness this past holiday season in                                           at the health fairs.
                        Phoenix, Tucson and San Luis.                                                   These events would not be pos-
                        Santa and the Three Wise Men were                                            sible without the support of our
                        very busy this December taking                                               sponsors. CPLC appreciates the
                        pictures and giving a hug or two to                                          valuable contributions of our
                        children and their parents. Santa’s                                          community and corporate part-
                        work started as early as December                                            ners to our Phoenix celebration:
                        4 at our 42nd Annual “Angeles         managed to pay yet another visit       APS, State Farm, Chevron, the
                        del Barrio” Children’s Holiday        to approximately 8,000 kids and        Arizona Cardinals, Fry’s Food &
                        Celebration and Community             their families who joined us for our   Drug Stores, Prensa Hispana, La
                        Wellness Fair that took place         5th Annual “Para Los Niños”            Campesina and Univision 33. Tuc-
                        at Lowell Elementary. The follow-     Children’s Holiday Celebra-            son’s holiday party was made pos-
                        ing weekend, Santa made another       tion in southwestern Arizona.          sible by Cox, State Farm, BlueCross
                        stop in Tucson to say hello to the       Overall, approximately 18,000       BlueShield of Arizona, Citibank,
                        children in southern Arizona at our   families celebrated with us across     Univision and El Saguarito. San
                        27th Annual “Para Los Niños”          the state. Each child received a       Luis’ celebration was sponsored by
                        Christmas Party and Health            brand new toy and a candy-filled       the generous support of the City of
                        Resource Fair on Saturday, De-        stocking. In addition to other give-   San Luis, APS and Blue Cross Blue
                        cember 11. On the same day, Santa     aways, snacks and live entertain-      Shield of Arizona.

                  CPLC Celebrated its 12th Annual Esperanza Latino Teacher Awards
   Five outstanding teachers      High School, Jose Fernandez
were recognized at the 12th       of Frye Elementary School, Jo-
Annual Esperanza Latino           sephine Salazar of San Marcos
Teacher Awards Ceremony           Elementary School, Oscar Oli-
last Fall. CPLC was proud to      vas of Peoria High School and
award these teachers for the      Selina Alonzo of Maryvale High
exceptional work and support      School.
they provide to their communi-       The Esperanza Latino
ties, schools, and most impor-    Teacher Awards continues
tantly, their students.           to be the only program in Ari-
   Our distinguish guests en-     zona that honors Latino teach-
joyed a night of laughter and     ers. For the paste 12 years, Chi-
inspirational words from all      canos Por La Causa, Inc. has
of our speakers. They were es-    recognized over 95 outstanding
pecially captivated by the re-    Latino educators. “Twelve years
markable stories behind each      ago, CPLC identified the need
of our 2010 recipients. CPLC      to recognize the extraordinary
was delighted to honor Guada-     contributions of these devoted
lupe Meza of South Mountain       educators. Their hard work and
                                  dedication is no longer going
                                  unnoticed,” said Edmundo Hi-
                                  dalgo, President and CEO.
                                     Each of the recipients and
                                  their schools received a cash
                                  stipend among other gifts.           University.                          Esperanza Latino Teacher
                                  For the first time, teachers           CPLC would like to recognize       Awards Ceremony possible:
                                  were awarded a 50% schol-            our sponsors that through their      SRP, Cox Communications,
                                  arship towards a Masters or          commitment and contributions         3TV, The Arizona Republic and
                                  Doctoral program at Argosy           have made the 12th Annual            Univision.

      De Colores Shelter: Under the Spell of a “Magical Transformation” Thanks to Lowe’s
                                                                                                   For three consecutive days, the men and
                                                                                                women of Lowe’s worked tirelessly to com-
                                                                                                plete a wide range of renovation projects
                                                                                                at the shelter. In addition to the charming
                                                                                                outdoor area for the women, the volunteers
                                                                                                remodeled the counselors’ offices and re-
                                                                                                painted the children’s area.
                                                                                                   “The event was a wonderful display of
                                                                                                Lowes employees’ commitment to commu-
                                                                                                nity service,” said CPLC Recovery and Resil-
                                                                                                iency Director of Residential Services Dottie
                                                                                                O’Connell. “They performed a magical trans-
                                                                                                   Additionally, CPLC De Colores was
                                                                                                fortunate to be selected as the winner of
                                                                                                “Lowe’s Super Heroes Project”. The grant in
                                                                                                the amount of $25,000 was utilized to ac-
                                                                                                complish even more renovations at the shel-
                                                                                                ter. The work was completed in December.
   The staff and families at CPLC De Colo-     took of the challenge of remodeling the kitch-   Since then, CPLC De Colores can enjoy
 res are thrilled with the domestic violence   ens in the six transitional apartments. The      new flooring and matching window blinds
 shelter’s new look and amenities provided     home improvement store volunteers identi-        throughout the shelter, new refrigerators,
 by Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foun-    fied the need for these women to have a quiet    washers and dryers, and a new shed to store
 dation. The transformation began when Mr.     area to relax, reflect and gather strength to    the donations.
 Tony Vidal, Lowe’s District Manager and his   move forward. They immediately got to work          “The staff and families of CPLC De Colo-
 employees selected CPLC De Colores as         to build a quiet area with a gazebo over beau-   res cannot express in words their deep ap-
 their charity of choice.                      tiful outdoor tiles. Moreover, the volunteers    preciation for the generosity of Lowe’s, Mr.
   In the middle of the summer, more than      placed new patio furniture and adorned the       Vidal and the rest of their amazing team of
 100 associates rolled up their sleeves and    surroundings with beautiful plantings.           employees”, said O’Connell. “
D e
                           4i            nd

                           n                sar

                               i            r

              “  What’s right isn’t always popular and
                 what’s popular isn’t always right.
                                          - Howard Cosell   ”
                          ay 5, 2011
                      SHERATON WILD HORSE PASS
                      5594 West Wild Horse Pass Boulevard
                            Chandler, Arizona 85226

                               RECEPTION: 6 PM
                           DINNER & CEREMONY: 7 PM


                  For sponsorship and more information contact
           Priscilla Valencia at 602.257.0700 or at

                         CPLC Expands Operations in Nevada                                                     Are you ready
                                                                                                                 to Shift?

   We are very excited to share      Advisory Board to our CPLC        Development Manager, Bank
the great news with you today.       family. The governing body        of Nevada; Chelsie Campbell,
Last fall, CPLC’s Executive          consists of the following six     Government Affairs of Nevada
Board of Directors approved the      members: Francisco V. Aguilar,    Energy; Lisa Ruiz Lee, Assistant
expansion into Nevada. This is       Corporate and Communica-          Director Family Services, Clark
a significant accomplishment         tions Counsel for Agassi Graf     County; and Ken Lobean, HUD           CPLC welcomes the new
and a unique opportunity for         and the Andre Agassi Founda-      Director Las Vegas, Nevada.        Shift Employment Ser-
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.,         tion for Education; Nancy Ala-       As CPLC grows and evolves,      vices. Shift Employment
our corporate and community          mo Ed.D., Director Substitute     we will be able to provide the     Services assists organiza-
partners, and the community          Services, Human Resources         necessary tools to empower a       tions in expanding their con-
we serve. Currently, CPLC is in      Division Clark County School      much larger segment of our         sumer base and revenue by
the process of establishing itself   District; Joselyn Cousins, Se-    population beyond the borders      identifying Spanish bilingual
in the market and will be of-        nior Vice President Community     of one state.                      human capital among other
fering housing counseling and                                                                             specialized services.
small business lending to the                                                                                Furthermore, they provide
Las Vegas underserved popula-                                                                             clients with qualified and di-
tions. Eventually, the expansion                                                                          verse employees. In addition
will include providing family                                                                             they offer support services in
services and economic develop-                                                                            areas such as payroll, human
ment initiatives.                                                                                         resources     administration,
   Recently, CPLC’s top level                                                                             employee training and devel-
management traveled to Las                                                                                opment.
Vegas and joined Rupert Ruiz,                                                                                At the same time, Shift
CPLC Nevada Area Manager in                                                                               Employment           Services
welcoming the Nevada State                                                                                helps qualified candidates to
                                                                                                          find employment with com-
                                     Congratulations Martin!                                              panies that are seeking their
                                                                                                          specialized skills and exper-
                                       CPLC is pleased to announce     the School of Business.            tise.
                                     that Martin Quintana, CPLC          Martin is an active member          Shift Employment Ser-
                                     Chief Operating Officer was       of the Advisory Board for the      vices is a wholly owned sub-
                                     inducted into the ASU W.P.        W.P. Carey Executive MBA           sidiary of Chicanos Por La
                                     Carey School of Business 2010     Alumni program as well as a        Causa, Inc.
                                     Homecoming Hall of Fame.          member of the Board of Direc-         Their office is located at
                                     The Homecoming Hall of Fame       tors of the ASU Alumni Asso-       Buckeye Commerce Center on
                                     was established in 1977 to rec-   ciation.                           1024 E. Buckeye Road, Suite
                                     ognize top business alumni          The CPLC Family is very          155 in Phoenix. For more in-
                                     from Arizona State University     proud of all your accomplish-      formation please call Marisa
                                     who demonstrate leadership        ments and especially for this      Munoz, Shift Employment
                                     and achievement in their pro-     well-deserved      recognition.    Services Operations Man-
                                     fession, the community, and in    Congratulations Martin!            ager at (602) 307-9733.
 Champions                                     for Children lunCheon
                        Friday, march 25, 2011 • 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
                                arizona Biltmore / Gold room
Parenting Arizona, Inc., a program of CPLC, has been providing statewide multi-cultural family support and
parent education services that reduce child abuse and neglect for 33 years. The annual Champions for Children
luncheon is a fundraising event to help provide necessary funding for education and training classes that can be
life changing for the members as they learn positive and collaborative methods to best deal with their children
and parents. In addition, individuals and corporations from the community will be recognized and honored. These
individuals have positively affected families and children throughout Arizona.

                     CeleBratinG this year’s honorees

              Children’s Benefit                       Phoenix Coyotes’                      Arizona State Senator
                Foundation                            Captain Shane Doan                        Kyrsten Sinema

platinum sponsorship • $15,000                                 Gold sponsorship • $10,000
Everything in the Gold Sponsorship Package plus:               Everything in the Silver Sponsorship Package plus:
• Premier seating                                              • Company logo listed as Gold Sponsor on Parenting Arizona’s website
• Listed as Platinum Sponsor on Parenting Arizona’s website    • Signage at the event
• Premier signage at the event
                                                               Bronze sponsorship • $2,500
silver sponsorship • $5,000                                    • One table for 10 guests
• One table for 10 guests                                      • Company logo listed as Bronze Sponsor
• Company logo listed as Silver Sponsor on                       on event program and website
 event program and website
                                      Friends oF parentinG az • $1,000
                                      • One table for 10 guests
                                      • Company name listed as Friend of Parenting Arizona
                                        on event program and website

                        For RSVP and Sponsorship Information contact
                 Julie Rosen at 602-881-1990 or

CPLC ¡Viva Tucson!                            CPLC School Students Give Back to the Community
Tejano Festival Fall                Students at the CPLC Com-
                                 munity Schools continue to
       2010                      work hard to help beautify the
                                 community and protect our en-
                                    Early last November, Hiaki
                                 High School participated in the
                                 2010 Arizona Learn & Serve Fall
                                 Leadership Camp in Prescott,
                                 Arizona. The camp focused on
                                 intensive Service-Learning and
                                 teambuilding training. Students
                                 presented a sustainability ser-
                                 vice project to a statewide audi-
                                 ence of educators, students, and
                                 state public officials.
                                    “This overall experience will
                                 help CPLC Community Schools
   Over 7,000 people cel-        to continue on its path to be-
ebrated the most recent Chi-     coming a respected institution       the country, Toltecalli partici-         The students rolled up their
canos Por La Causa ¡Viva         for the implementation of the        pated in community service ef-        sleeves to help beautify their
Tucson! Tejano Festival.         service-learning model into its      forts that promoted the impor-        school and the community.
The event at the AVA Amphi-      academic program,” explained         tance of Service-Learning.            They planted various veg-
theatre in Tucson featured the   Luis Perales, CPLC Community            “I am very excited to par-         etables, shrubs and flowers to
following live entertainment     Schools Service - Learning Co-       ticipate in these projects,” said     ensure their schools’ garden is
line-up: Los Supers Reyes,       ordinator.                           Vianca Romero, Toltecalli High        lively and beautiful throughout
Shelly Lares, Stefani Montiel,      Toltecalli High School            School Senior. “They are hands-       the winter. In addition, the stu-
Thoze Guz, Michael Salgado,      was also active, participating in    on experiences that teach us          dents joined their family and
Los Texmaniac, Jesse Serrata     the National Service-Learning        and the community about the           neighbors from the south Tuc-
and Monica Castro.               Challenge Week. In conjunction       importance of protecting our          son community to clean Liberty
   During the festival, CPLC     with 1000’s of other schools in      environment.”                         Avenue.
had the pleasure of honoring
Mr. Bob Feinman with the                          14th Annual Southern Arizona Golf Tournament
“Raul Aguirre Chicano Music
                                                                                                            sors; Wendell Long, CEO Casino
Award” for his contribution
                                                                                                            del Sol; and Joseph Blair, Execu-
to the Latin music movement
                                                                                                            tive Director of Arizona Basketball
in Arizona for the past 41
                                                                                                            Alumni Association. Furthermore,
                                                                                                            CPLC would like to thank the
   The two-day celebration is
                                                                                                            event’s sponsors for their con-
already a tradition in Tucson.
                                                                                                            tinued support: COX, Blue Cross
This action-packed festival
                                                                                                            Blue Shield, Southwest Airlines,
promotes the richness of the
                                                                                                            Naff & Associates, Sol Casinos and
Latino culture. Parents en-
                                                                                                            the Pascua Yaqui Tribe.
joyed the live entertainment
                                                                                                               To learn more about CPLC
from the local bands to inter-
                                                                                                            events in southeastern Arizona,
nationally renowned artists
                                                                                                            please email eventstucson@
while kids had a wonderful
                                    Since 1996, CPLC has hosted       thanks to the generous contribu-
time at the carnival rides and
                                 the Southern Arizona Golf            tions of the participants of this
playing video games. CPLC
                                 Tournament to collect funds to       event. These scholarships make it
extends a special thank you
                                 support youth programs in Tuc-       possible for these students to ex-
to our corporate partners who
                                 son. These programs, “Querer es      pand their education regardless of
made ¡Viva Tucson! Tejano
                                 Poder”, “Corazón de Aztlán”, and     any financial or other challenges
Festival possible: Sol Casi-
                                 “Xinachtli” (Planting the Seed of    they may face.
nos, COX Communications,
                                 Knowledge) encourage students           The 14th Annual Southern
Bud Light and Budweiser.
                                 to engage in their communities,      Arizona Golf Tournament was
   CPLC is already gearing up
                                 promote greater self esteem, lead-   held on November 5, 2010 at the
for our next ¡Viva Tucson!
                                 ership development, and cultural     Arizona National Golf Club. The
Tejano Festival coming this
                                 awareness.                           event would not have been pos-
spring 2011. To learn how
                                    In addition, CPLC has been able   sible without the assistance of the
to participate, please email
                                 to award scholarships to 8th grad-   honorary chairs: Richard Elias,
                                 ers in Tucson for more 14 years,     Pima County Board of Supervi-
                                                                                       A PROMISE OF OPPORTUNITY                                   7

          Family Immigration Services are Now Available                                           A Valley Neighborhood Comes
             to Metropolitan Phoenix Area Residents                                                Together to Celebrate Peace
                                                           man Rights Day, CPLC and a group
                                                           of community and religious lead-
                                                                                                      and Stop the Violence
                                                           ers proudly celebrated this special
                                                           day with the grand opening of the
                                                           CPLC Family Immigration
                                                           Services in Phoenix. During the
                                                           ceremony, Elisa de la Vara, Con-
                                                           gressman Ed Pastor’s District Di-
                                                           rector and former CPLC Immigra-
                                                           tion Program’s Director, addressed
                                                           the audience with a moving speech
                                                           and words of encouragement as
                                                           CPLC continues its mission of pro-        The Phoenix Police Department reported over
                                                           viding the necessary tools to em-      300 violent crimes in 2010 in the South Moun-
                                                           power communities.                     tain area alone. In an effort to prevent from acts
                                                              Since December 10, 2010, the        of violence to take over our neighborhoods, Chi-
   For more than 30 years, Chicanos Por La        CPLC Family Immigration Services                canos Por La Causa joined efforts with Arizo-
Causa has assisted thousands of families in      office offers advice and assistance in fill-     nans for Gun Safety, St. Joseph’s Hospital and
securing citizenship and legal immigration       ing: family-based petitions; citizenship and     Medical Center and ASU Center for Violence
residence in the United States. Until recent-    naturalization applications; replacement or      Prevention and Community Safety to create
ly, the CPLC Immigration Program was             renewal of various immigration documents;        the TRUCE Program. This comprehensive
only readily accessible to residents of Somer-   and American Passport applications.              approach connects with high-risk individuals
ton and the surrounding areas in southwest          Anyone seeking assistance in these ser-       through outreach workers, faith-based leaders
Arizona. The distance is no longer an obsta-     vices may visit the new office located at 1122   and community organizations to convince those
cle to qualifying individuals.                   E. Buckeye Road, Suites B7-B8 in Phoenix.        young people to commit to a life of non-violence.
   This program is now available to the          The office is open to the public from Mon-          This past November, CPLC and other com-
greater Phoenix region with a population of      day through Thursday 8:30am -5:30pm. For         munity organizations invited the Hermoso Park
over two million people. On the 62nd Anni-       more information, please call (602) 307-         area neighbors to a peace and walk rally. This
versary of the Universal Declaration of Hu-      9738. Walk-ins are welcome!                      event is part of the TRUCE Program efforts to
                                                                                                  create awareness and promote participation of
      Over 100 Individuals Have a New Opportunity to Be                                           this community in south Phoenix to stop gun vi-
                                                                                                  olence. On Saturday, November 13, 2010, over
            Productive Members of the Community                                                   100 Phoenix area residents committed to a life
   The CPLC Westside Workforce Devel-                                                             of non-violence at the peace rally and enjoyed
opment Center that runs the Arizona                                                               a free barbeque celebration and live entertain-
Department of Corrections Prisoner                                                                ment with their families and friends.
Re-entry Initiative (ADC-PRI) cele-                                                                  Thus far, the program has mediated dozens
brated its 4th program graduation on Tues-                                                        of conflicts and prevented heated arguments
day, December 14, 2010.                                                                           from escalating to tragedies in south Phoenix.
   The graduates, their families, their pro-                                                      To find out how you can get involved, please call
bation officers, and the community at large                                                       (602) 527-1997.
gathered to celebrate the accomplishments
the participants achieved in the time spent
with our CPLC WWDC program.
                                                                                                    Thank you, Bank of America!
   Typically, these graduations are quite
emotional, and this one did not disappoint.
Our keynote speaker Mr. Frantz Beasley,
an ADC-PRI past graduate, wowed the
audience as is his custom. Tears of joy es-      dedication of Eusebio that these men have
caped from the eyes of family members as         graduated into a new life and made a signifi-
they congratulated the participants. Fur-        cant impact in the community they live in.”
thermore, a group of probation officers             The ADC-PRI program, through the
surprised Eusebio Quezada, Lead Case             work of all the staff at CPLC WWDC, has
Manager of our ADC-PRI, with a special           managed to touch the lives of 115 individu-
recognition for his commitment and tire-         als and their families and friends. This has
less work to help participants embark into a     been done through a comprehensive model          Bank of America recently made a $ 25,000 dona-
new journey full of wonderful possibilities.     that begins with merging two curriculums,        tion to CPLC. These funds will support housing
   “The ripple effects of this program are       continues with work readiness class sched-       counseling services in Tucson and Nogales. Thank
numerous,” said Jaqueline Perea, Opera-          ule, and relapse prevention program when         you Bank of America for your generous contribu-
tions Manager for CPLC. “It is thanks to the     necessary.                                       tions and commitment to our community!
                                                                                                      NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                        US POSTAGE
                                                                                                        PHOENIX, AZ
                                                                                                      PERMIT NO. 1662

   Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.
     1112 East Buckeye Road
   Phoenix, Arizona 85034-4043

                                                                                    A PROMISE OF OPPORTUNITY       8

                                          Our Seniors Enjoy a Full Social Calendar
   On Wednesday, November 24,
2010, Chicanos Por La Causa cel-
ebrated Thanksgiving at Casa Pri-
mavera. More than 100 seniors,
their families, and CPLC volunteers
enjoyed “A Thanksgiving Feast” at
CPLC Senior Center in west Phoe-
nix. Chef William Cunningham care-
fully planned and prepared the deli-
cious meal with the help of CPLC staff.
Volunteers from Magellan, Maxima,
AARP and CPLC staff served our se-
niors and their families. CPLC greatly
appreciates all of the volunteers for
helping us make this celebration a
great success year after year.
   As December arrived, our seniors          Valentine’s Day cannot come soon
were busy getting ready for Casa Pri-     enough for our active residents. Syl-
mavera’s Annual Christmas Program.        via Lopez, CPLC Senior Center Activ-
A group of residents practiced their      ity Coordinator, is making the final
lines for the Nativity scene while the    arrangements for the center’s Annu-
rest of the community at the center       al Valentine’s Dance. 2011 promises
searched for their best outfits to wear   to be another exciting year, full of
for the dance. On December 23, 2010,      activities and plenty of social events
the CPLC Senior Center was filled         at Casa Primavera. For more in-
with cheer and holiday music. Our se-     formation about volunteer opportu-
niors danced the night away and en-       nities at the center, please call (602)
joyed the entire Christmas program.       272-0054.

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