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									Loyalty Cards.

The first 3 questions we will mark as a class the last questions I will mark.

1: Identify hardware and software used in the process of using Loyalty cards? (4)

       The hardware and software used in the process of using loyalty cards is the machine that reads
the magnetic stripe or bar code of the card. The software that is used is database where data of the
customers are kept secure.

2: Explain the steps on how a loyalty card is works when a customer is using it a shop? (4)

         Loyalty card is work by having customer’s information on the card and in the shop’s databases.
When the customer checks out the products, they will give the staff the loyalty for them to read through
the machine. As the staff check out the things for the customers, the cost of the price are added and
how much they bought will go to the cost of how many points they earn from them. This information is
all stored in the shops databases.

3): Describe a Government policy that the Supermarket must follow when using loyalty Cards in their
business? (2)

        The information of the customers should be kept secure. Supermarkets cannot use the card to
earn profit, but does not give discounts or points to the customers. If the supermarket gives out loyalty
card but the card does not gives anything to the customers then the customers would not need to use
the loyalty card.

4): Choose 2 stakeholders and Evaluate how using Loyalty cards effects them? (8)

        The effects on staff are that more customers go to their shops which they can earn more profit,
but they would also have to employ more staffs to work in the shop. The staff would have to check if any
of the products are running out since customers would increase. There would also be problems with the
data of the customers where the information of the customers are flown out to other people.

        The other effect is on the customers because they would go to the shop often, to earn the
points or get the discounts. If the loyalty card is gone, they might not earn the points. Customers would
might also have their information of them taken by the others because the card would have their
information which is in the database of the shop.

5): On your Wiki, create a page called “assessment”, on their copy and paste your answer to questions 4,
so that I can mark it.

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