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					                                                                           Summer 2003

                              Swiss Herald
                                 Official Newsletter of the Swiss Society of Vancouver, B.C.

In this Issue:
 In this Issue:
 First of August at the Chalet
 Busy Summer at the Outdoors Club
 Vancouver’s Swiss Submarine
 Knabenmusik Schaffhausen in Vancouver
 Events at Swiss Clubs in Western Canada
 Profile: Adventures on the High Seas
 Swinglish – a New Swiss Language?
                             Swiss Herald
                                    Official Publication of the Swiss Society of Vancouver, B.C.
                                                                             Vol. 51. No. 2 -- Summer 2003

                                    Outdoors Club Members Ski with Nancy Greene
Coming Events
   July 13 -- Annual Program
      Crossbow Association
   July 15-16 -- Knabenmusik
July 19-20 -- Sunshine Coast Trip
          Outdoors Club
    July 20 -- Annual Program
      Crossbow Association.
July 26 -- August 1st Celebration
 SSV, SCMRA, Dorfmusik, SCCC
     Aug. 3-9 -- Kootenays
        Outdoors Club
 Aug. 17 -- Trophy Shoot & BBQ
      Crossbow Association

      Aug. 17 -- Canoeing           A group of ten members of the Swiss Outdoors Club went skiing at Sun Peaks
        Outdoors Club
                                    Resort last March. They stayed at the Cahilty Lodge, owned by Nancy Greene and
   Aug. 24 -- Needle Peak Hike      Al Raine (centre), who provided a memorable reception, and also acted as guides
          Outdoors Club             on the slopes. Sun Peaks is modelled after a typical Tyrolean village.Story on page 12.
  Aug. 31-Sept.1 -- Labour Day
       Weekend at Cabin
         Outdoors Club
                                     In This Issue
                                     President’s Notes               2           Herbstfest 2003                       19
         September                   First of August Celebration     3           News from Swiss Clubs                 20
    Sept. 2 -- BoD Meeting           SSV AGM Meeting Report          4           European Festival                     21
                                     Swiss Crossbow Association 6                Profiles: Urs Boxler                  22
   Sept. 7 - Annual Program
     Crossbow Association            Swiss Outdoors Club Events 8                Mulvehill Creek Wilderness            24
                                     Fraser Valley Bike Trip         9           Local News                            25
 Sept. 7 -- Hike to Mt. Whistler
         Outdoors Club               It Pays to Belong to the O.C. 10            Knabenmusik Schaffhausen              26
 Sept. 21 -- Annual Club Picnic      Outdoors Club Annual Picnic 11              This & That from Switzerland          27
         Outdoors Club               Skiing with Nancy Greene       12           Swinglish -- New Language             28
  Sept. 21 -- Annual Program         Seniors Page                   13           In Memoriam                           29
     Crossbow Association            Thank-you to our Volunteers 13              Teen Lounge                           30
  Sept. 28 -- Filmnachmittag         Swiss Choir -- alliop, alliop  14           Classifieds, Letters                  33
         Seniors Section             Swiss Submarine                15           2003 Calendar of Events               35
           October                   Honorary Memberships           16           Advertisers’ Index                    35
 Oct. 5 -- Hike to Mt. Winchester    Chamber of Commerce News 17                 SSV Directors & Committees            36
           Outdoors Club
       Oct. 24 -- Herbstfest                                 Cover photographs by Urs Boxler

                                                                                          Swiss Herald – Summer 2003        1
           President’s Notes
                                                                                                    Swiss Herald
               A Progress Report:                                                                   Vol. 51, No. 2, July 2003
                                                                                                    The SWISS HERALD is a quarterly non-prof-
    Preparing the SSV for the                                                                       it magazine published four times a year by
                                                                                                    the Swiss Society of Vancouver under the
        Next Generation                                                                             direction of its President, Rolf Brülhart. It is
                                                                                                    distributed free of charge to the membership
                     by Rolf Brülhart                                                               of said Society as well as through advertis-
                                                                                                    ers’ facilities, the Consulate General of
                                                                                                    Switzerland in Vancouver, the Swiss-
Dear members,                                     Acapella Ensemble, and out of the 14 volun-       Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and other
One third of the time mandated to your            teers, not mention the many members of the        areas.
Board of Directors (BoD) has already              Choir, ten were under 20 years old.
expired! Only three regular meetings of the             — A fourth indication is the very for-      For all Swiss Herald editorial and
BoD left, and your president and probably         mat and changing content of the “Swiss            advertising information, contact
some other members of the present BoD will        Herald” as well as attempts by the webmaster      the editor:
step down.                                        of the SSV website to integrate more young        Ernst Naef
   What would I like to see still implemented     people.                                           50-8111 Saunders Rd, Richmond,
within our mandate? Currently, most of our              — A fifth indication is the attempt by      BC V7A 4L9.
energy and resources, our programs and serv-      the Vancouver Swiss Choir to feature in this      tel 604-207-0302, fax 604-207-0305
ices, recruitment of new BoD members and          year’s Herbstfest a far wider range of musi-      e-mail:
other Executives, planning and execution of       cal contributions, including more young            Assistant Editor: Nick Schwabe,
activities are focused on maintaining the sta-    people and more children.                          tel 604-732-4471
tus-quo of an aging society. What I mean by             — A sixth indication: the Committee for    --------------------------------------------------
this is: We do everything possible and right-     Childrens Programs under the leadership of          2003 Advertising
ly so to fulfill the expectations of an aging     Valerie and Andre Fontaine, which became            and Editorial Dates
membership.                                       self-sufficient within one year, is ready to        Issue Board Meeting          Mailing Date
   In doing so, most of us on the BoD have        create more relevant actions for this age                 & Deadline
little energy, time or resources at hand and      group. Congratulations.                             #1    January 28             March 3
little motivation left to reflect on what your          — Let me add a final indication: recent-      #2    June 3                 July 2
                                                                                                      #3    September 2            October 1
BoD is obligated to do: prepare the SSV for       ly I was asked by one of our members why            #4    October 28             November 24
the needs and expectations of the next gen-       the SSV does not offer any kind of award
eration – the changing goals and objectives,      program for young people. I asked myself          Canadian Publication
programs and activities, services and bene-       why not? and put it on my “to-do list.”           Agreement no. 40788076
fits. I shall never forget the candid statement         Please, let us know how you feel about      Postmaster: Send address changes to:
of an active and intelligent 20-year-old SSV      this and other issues. What do you think          Swiss Society, PO Box 4468, 349 W.
                                                                                                    Georgia St., Vancouver, BC V6B 3Z8
member at last year’s Conference of the           could or should be done to prepare the SSV        The editors and publishers of the Swiss
Presidents of all Swiss Organizations in          for the next generation?                          Herald do not accept responsibility for
Western Canada, who said: “we don’t need              E-mail me at if         inaccuracies and/or omissions of materi-
the Swiss Societies, they need us.”               you have children (3-12) who would like to        als submitted by members and especially
                                                                                                    information sent by e-mail.
      Are there any indications that the SSV      participate in our first attempt at starting a
has started to change course? I hope so.          sing/dance group. We already have five

                                                                                                    Swiss Review
Here are a few indications:                       children interested in joining. We start in
   — The latest indication that the status-quo    June.
is opening up is “The Teen Lounge” in the             I would like to thank Erwin Doebeli for         For Swiss Review editorial and
last and this issue of the Herald.                his restless enthusiasm and his concern for
                                                                                                      advertising information, contact
    — The second indication is the participa-     the future of the SSV. I would also like to
tion of a Young Adult as advisory member          congratulate him and his wife Josette for           Elisabeth Reymond at
on the BoD. He informed us at the last meet-      being highlighted in the Premiere Issue of the      tel 250-549-1148 fax 250-558-6186
ing on June 3rd about the next three activities   new Journal “Achievers, Journeys to                 e-mail:
the “Youth Group” is planning for Summer          Success.”                                         Advertising Deadlines:
and Fall. In my memory this is the first time         The SCCC (B.C.) has changed its execu-        Issue 2 -- Feb. 21 (mailing: end of April)
a person only 20 years old sits on the BoD.       tive. I want to express our sincere thanks to
    — The third indication is the direct par-     out-going President Rick Wagner and his           Issue 3 --June 1 (mailing: end of July)
ticipation of “Teens” and “Young Adults”          wife Trish, and welcome new President             Issue 4 -- Sep. 1 (mailing: end of Oct.)
in the recent Spring Concert of the               Chuck Grossholz (see also page 17). We are
Vancouver Swiss Choir. By direct participa-       delighted to further strengthen the coopera-      Advertising costs:
                                                                                                    Size             1 Issue        Yearly
tion I mean not just as consumers of a great      tion between our groups, which Rick started.
                                                                                                    1 page            $600          $2,400
cultural and social program, but also as con-         I wish all of you a beautiful Summer.
                                                                                                    1/2 page          $300          $1,200
tributors. An enthusiastic, polite and profes-                                                      1/4 page          $150            $600
sionally versatile MC joined the Swiss Youth      Herzlich Rolf                                     1/8 page          $100            $400

2        Swiss Herald – Summer 2003
                       The Swiss Society of Vancouver
                The Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association
                  The Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce
                           The Vancouver Dorfmusik
                                    and the
                 Consulate General of Switzerland, Vancouver
                               invite you to the

           Swiss National Day

                       The Children’s Picnic
                    Saturday, July 26, 2003
                                                at the
    Mountain Range Chalet on Quarry Road, Coquitlam, BC
                                     Members and Guests only
                 Entrance Fee: $6.00                 Children (under 14) Free

                            Afternoon Children’s Picnic
Fun and games from 1:00-3:00 pm. Refreshments and light snacks will be served. Activities
  are geared for ages three and up, with a scavenger hunt for the 7-12 age group and a
          50-metre outdoor shoot for ages 14 and over (weather permitting).
                                    WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!
Valerie and Andre Fontaine will be available to help until July 12 (please call us until then at 604-708-
            5702), after that date, call Rolf Brülhart at 604-601-0070 for more information.

 Parents: please let us know in advance if you plan to join us for this fun afternoon!

                                   Evening Program
     5:00-7:00       Grilled Schüblig, Bratwurst & Potato salad
     7:00-8:00       Dorfmusik Concert
     8:00            Dance Music
     9:00            Official Ceremony including address by the Consul General
              and performances by the Swiss Choir
     9:30            Lampion Parade
    10:00            Dancing until 1:00 am

     Don’t forget to wear your Swiss National Costume, bring your First of August Lampions
                           and purchase a First of August “Abzeichen.”
             (Camping available. For information, call 604-942-4434. No pets, please)

                                                                                        Swiss Herald – Summer 2003   3
                                Swiss Society of Vancouver
                                Annual General Meeting Report
                                by Marianne Suter                              idealism and hard work that Switzerland
                                The 2003 Annual General Meeting of the         remained ‘on the map’ in Vancouver dur-
                                Swiss Society of Vancouver was held            ing the last 55 years.”
                                March 23 at the Vancouver Alpenclub.                 He said that the biggest challenge is
                                The event was opened by SSV President          to ensure that youth will take a more active
                                Rolf Brülhart, and chaired by David Varty.     role in the SSV. “The future of the club lies
                                    To start off the evening at the packed     in the hands of our children, for the immi-
                                Vancouver Alpenclub hall, President Rolf       gration from Switzerland has slowed down
                                Brülhart thanked the assembly for their        over the last decade. However, the SSV
                                interest in the Swiss Society, and extended    has made considerable efforts to actively
                                a special welcome to Robert Helfenstein,       involve and interest many second-genera-
                                the new Consul General of Switzerland in       tion Swiss in its activities.”
                                Vancouver.                                           In closing, Mr. Helfenstein expressed
                                    In his address, Rolf said he felt the      his wishes that the support be continued,
                                biggest challenge facing the SSV will be       and said he considers it of great impor-
                                the change in generations, with the            tance to have a strong and active Swiss
                                younger generation showing less interest       Society in Vancouver. He thanked the out-
                                in the Society. He said number one priori-     going members of the board, the volun-
                                ty will be able to maintain the current sta-   teers and the members of the various sub-
                                tus of the Society and secondly, to find       groups.
                                meaningful structures for our younger              In other association business, it was
                                Swiss members. Third priority, he said, is     decided to keep the annual membership
                                volunteer recognition.                         fee the same as last year.
                                    Rolf paid tribute to the different com-        Ms. Erna Schaefer, the newly-elected
                                mittees, including Markus Schaelle for his     Swiss Choir President, thanked her prede-
                                contributions in organizing various Youth      cessor for a great job and highlighted
                                outings last summer. He mentioned the          Choir events during the past year: Spring
                                Seniors Committee, which started off the       Concert, European Festival, Stockton, CA,
                                new year with great success through the        Herbstfest, Christmas Luncheon, Benefice
                                efforts of Werner Rutishauser and Maria        Concert at the Vancouver Alpenclub, and
                                Logan. A thank-you also went out to the        an event at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens.
                                Editor of the Swiss Herald, Ernst Naef.        In closing, Erna thanked the Conductor,
                                    Rolf reminded the assembly that the        Dubravko Pajalic and everyone involved
                                Board of Directors are always open to new      for their interest and support.
                                ideas and welcomes any new functions of            The Swiss Crossbow Association
                                the Executives. A special thank-you went       report was presented by Hans-Joerg
                                out to out-going board members Heinz           Mueller. He represented Elisabeth
                                Kuster (Membership and Treasurer) and          Reymond, who was unable to attend. The
                                Trudy Feller (Auditor). Rolf also publicly     club, he said, decided to discontinue the
                                thanked the Nominations Committee for          Visitors Shoot usually held on Father’s
                                their assistance and for their great job.      Day. The first shoot of the year was March
                                    Robert Helfenstein, the Consul             24th with very respectable scores
                                General of Switzerland in Vancouver and        achieved. The EASV (Swiss Federal
                                Honorary President of the Swiss Society,       Crossbow Association) introduced new
                                informed the assembly that, as of last         10pt. targets last year and they are now
                                November, he took up duties as Consul          mandatory for all Swiss shoots this year.
                                General here in Vancouver, “a dream post-      Endshoot was great this year. The last and
                                ing” for him and his wife Nicole. He           most important event was the Absenden on
                                expressed his respect for the achievements     November 23rd at the Chalet of the Swiss
                                of Swiss-born immigrants and second-           Canadian Mountain Range Assoc. Hans-
                                generation Swiss in building the SSV,          Joerg conveyed the President’s thanks to
                                adding that “it is because of the Society’s    everyone for his or her team effort

4   Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
throughout the year.                                              thanked the administrative team, the donors, the entertainers and
    Swiss Outdoors Club President Joe Mueller presented his       the Swiss Society. Joe stated to the assembly that the Outdoors
report starting off with a tribute to the many volunteers.        Club’s way of reporting events involves posting photos on the
Particularly mentioned were the cabin team; the hiking club;      website and in the Swiss Herald. He expressed his thanks to the
finance team and membership. He announced that Trudy Feller       editor of the Herald, Ernst Naef, to Nick Schwabe, Hans-Joerg
has resigned from her position as membership chair. He also       Mueller and Elisabeth Reymond of the Swiss Review.
                                                                      Marianne Suter presented Volunteer Recognition Awards to
                                                                  the following members for their contributions to the SSV: Helen
                                                                  Schaelle, Nick Gübeli, Jakob Stäubli, Johnny Menzi, Sepp
                                                                  Rinderli, Edi Kuenzli and Jeanette Kuenzli, Roesli Menzi, and
                                                                  Vreni Huser and Andy Huser. Plaques were also presented to the
                                                                  outgoing members of the Board of Directors with a special
                                                                  thank-you to Trudy Feller and Heinz Kuster.
                                                                      Nick Schwabe announced that Honorary Memberships were
          RED ROOSTER                                             being awarded to Elisabeth Reymond, Connie Morach, and Joe
                         Winery                                   Morach. (See story on page 16.)
                                                                      Erwin Doebeli expressed thanks to his Nominations
              Beat and Prudence Mahrer                            Committee for the many hours on the telephone and for all the
                    910 Debeck Road, RR1,                         hard work his team put in for this year’s nominations.
                                                                  After the committee reports, the floor was opened for nomina-
                    Naramata, B.C.                                tions. All nominees were voted in by acclaim.
                    Telephone 250-496-4041
                       Fax 250-496-5674
                                                                  SSV Board of Directors for 2003:
                                                                  President: Rolf Brülhart
                                                                  Vice-President & Legal Advisor: David Varty
                   Open daily 10 am to 6 pm
                                                                  Treasurer: Beat Joehl
                                                                  Membership: Hans-Joerg Mueller
                                                                  Secretary: Marianne Suter
                                                                  Advisory Members: Ernst Naef, Nick Schwabe, Marcus Schälle,
                                                                  Andy Sigrist, Sascha Geiser, Barbara Wirsching.
                       PRIME TRAVEL                               President, Swiss Crossbow Association: Elisabeth Reymond
                                                                  President, Swiss Outdoors Club: Joe Mueller
                                                                  President, Swiss Choir: Erna Schaefer:
     Direct Charter Flights to Switzerland with                   Entertainment: Peter Schaelle
                                                                  Auditors: Joachim Kundert, Urs Boxler,
                           BELAIR                                 Councillor of Swiss Abroad: vacant

     every Sunday from June 22 - September 7, 2003
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               We book all travel programs of                                WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW
                 HOTELPLAN & KUONI                                               WHAT’S GOING ON
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  • Corporate travel & conferences                                              AND OTHER EVENTS?
                                                                         DO YOU WANT TO KEEP RECEIVING
      Fraenzi Rieder (Certified Swiss Specialist)                     THE SWISS HERALD ON A REGULAR BASIS?
        Markus Bill (Swiss-Canadian Owner)                                             =============
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         1852 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC, V7V 1J6                         your 2003 membership dues yet,
   Ph: 604-925-1212 Fax: 604-925-1866 toll-free: 1-877-925-1212
                                                        DO IT TODAY!
                     BC Registration 3656-2

                                                                                                 Swiss Herald – Summer   2003     5
We are well underway with our shooting season and have                   ing the warmth along with a beautiful yellow striped garter
already participated in two postal matches with clubs who                snake. On the other side of the building a Robin had built a
are celebrating their 50th anniversary. On the next couple of            nest on the elbow of the downpipe and was busy feeding
shooting days we will be concentrating on our annual pro-                her young. Sometimes we even get to see a black bear wan-
gram, trying to better our score over last year’s.                       dering around the trap shooting area. We appreciate the
Sunday was a perfect day for shooting: it was agreeably                  beautiful location of our range and make sure to also take
warm, slightly overcast hence no change in the light on the              the time to observe and enjoy its surroundings.
targets and not a trace of a breeze. Some of us were doing
well until the concentration started to fade or the foot                 Our next shooting dates are: June 15 and 29, July 13
became numb! That is usually the signal to get up, take a                and 20, August 17 and 24, September 7 and 21. Come on
break and instead shoot the breeze with our fellow member.               up and visit us, dare to be different and shoot with the
At lunch time we were relaxing outside on our patio enjoy-               crossbow!

                                                                         Elisabeth Reymond

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    individual investors with
    ❚ Stocks                          ❚ Provincial Bonds
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                                      Call or stop by today.
                                      IR Name
                                      Albert F. Meister
                                      IR West Address
                                      555Street 12th Avenue, Suite 137
                                      Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7 Code
                                      IR City, Province, Postal
                                      IR 604-708-4277 Fax 604-708-4227
                                      Member CIPF


    Albert F. Meister

6        Swiss Herald – Summer 2003
Swiss Herald – Summer 2003   7
                           Summer and Fall Program 2003
Saturday/Sunday, July 12/13                                         ment, and always great fun. And then there is Hamling Lakes.
Fun on the Sunshine Coast:                                          Like last year, camping will be in Henry’s yard. If you think
                                                                    you’d like to join us, please let us know. Or if you have ques-
Experience the Princess Louise Inlet!                               tions, please contact us, or ask the Husers or Kuenzlis. They
Summer begins with this weekend! We’ll spend one, two, three        haven’t missed a year yet. Both Henry and Shirl plan to be
or more days on the sunshine Coast, in the Pender Harbor area,      away a fair bit of the summer, so try us both re: messages. For
playing golf, tennis, paddling kayaks, hiking, whatever you like.   Henry, phone/fax 250-226-6994, for Shirl, phone/fax 250-
The big thing however will be the boat trip to famous Princess      226-7543, or E-mail Hope to see you
Louise Inlet and Malibu Christian Camp.                             in August. Henry & Shirl
    We’ll embark on the boat on Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. in
Egmont (Egmont Marina Resort, home of Backeddy                      Sunday, August 17
Restaurant), cruise up through fascinating fjords to Princess       Canoeing with Fritz Graf
Louise Inlet, watch the Chatterbox waterfall, have a BBQ lunch
and then head onward to Malibu Camp.                                This outing is for water sport enthusiasts and is geared to
    Return to Egmont by 5:00 p.m. The trip is timed so that day-    novice and expert canoeists. Exact destination of canoe trip is
trippers can come up from and return to Vancouver the same          still to be determined depending on interest by applicants. For
day. But we urge you to spend a long weekend on the Sunshine        details and additional information contact
coast. July is the best time of the year.                           Fritz Graf at Tel. 604-322-5434
    Cost of the cruise trip is $100 per person, including lunch.
    Another Special! Our Paul and Barbara Kaeppli offer “Swiss      Sunday, August 24
discounts” for BBQ accommodation including generous break-          Alpine Hike to Needle Peak
fast and afternoon tea at their Irvines Landing residence.
Reserve with them in good time at or            Needle Peak is south of the summit of the Coquihalla Highway.
Tel. 604-883-0587.                                                  A rough trail to the lofty peak (elevation 2,100 m) first leads
     Since this trip is already almost sold out at press time,      through a steep forest, then over a ridge with subalpine forest
please reserve ASAP with Joe Mueller,          and finally over rocks that require use of the hands. Numerous
or Tel. 604-732-6213.                                               spots with great views allow stops for hikers who prefer the
                                                                    easy, lower terrain and do not want to reach the peak. Elevation
                                                                    gain from the highway to the peak: 850 m. Approximate time
August 3- 9                                                         for the return trip: six hours.
Come and Explore the Kootenays
— an open Invitation by Shirl Bayer and Henry Hutter                We meet at 9 a.m. at the Zopkios rest area (parking with wash-
Once again, for the eigth year, Henry and Shirl invite you to       rooms) near the summit of the Coquihalla Highway. When
join them for a week of ???? in the West Kootenays. These           coming from Vancouver, leave the highway at the top of the
question marks usually translate into great hikes into the          steep hill and drive through the underpass to the rest area at the
Valhallas and other parts of the Southern Selkirks, possibly a      opposite (north) side of the highway. The driving time from
canoe trip on one of our lakes or rivers, maybe a jass tourna-      Vancouver is approximately 2.5 hrs. For information and regis-
                                                                    tration call Peter Schaerer, Tel. 604-987-3716.

 Note to SSV and Subgrpoup Organizers and Leaders:                  Sunday, September 7
 If we do not receive the dates of your future events by the        Hike to MT. Whistler
 Herald’s deadlines (see page 2) your information will not          We meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Whistler Gondola station in
 appear in the respective issues. Please submit early!              Whistler, ride up to the mountain and then start from there for

8        Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
the 4-5 hour hike. There are several optional trails we can take      Sunday, October 5
to accommodate various fitness levels. September is best for
hiking, so take advantage of this guided hike. In the evening
                                                                      Hike to Mt. Winchester
you’ll have the option to recover over a glass of beer at the         We’ll meet 9 a.m. at our Glacier Springs Cabin, transfer to 4-
Whistler Village.                                                     wheel-drive vehicles and then drive half way up to our mountain.
     Cost for gondola ride: Adults over 19: $22.00; Youth, age        The rest of the trip will be a 4-5 hour return hike; easy for most
13-18: $19.00; Children, age 7-12: $14.00..                           people to handle. So, no excuse not to participate!
     For more information contact the trip leader: Beat Joehl at          Contact your trip leader Andy Huser at Tel. 604-731-4300
Tel. 604-596-4605
                                                                      Sunday, October 19
Sunday, Sept 21                                                       Hike to Mt. Strachan
Annual Picnic at our Glacier Springs                                  We meet at 9:30 a.m. at the far end of the parking lot of Cypress
                                                                      Bowl. The hike to Mt Strachan will be about two hours; allow an
Cabin, Wa.                                                            additional 1.5 hrs for the return trip. Easy to medium level.
Come and enjoy our cabin on this warm September Sunday.               October hikes are very colourful and offer a last chance for a
We’ll offer an afternoon of fun, games, good food and Swiss           good outing before winter rains set in. So, take advantage of this
folks music. Take advantage of this event to inspect our cabin,       trip.
to familiarize yourself with the beauty of the area and to revital-   Contact your trip leader Jakob Stäubli at Tel. 604-261-0070
ize old friendships. Bring your children along; we’ll have games
and competitive events for them. Don’t forget to bring prizes for
the tombola.                                                          Sunday, November 2
     See special advertisement in this Herald, page 11. For           Visit to Reifel Bird Sanctuary
more information contact Joe Mueller at Tel. 604-732-6213             Details in the next Herald. Contact Mary Brunold at
                                                                      Tel. 604-228-1307

 Bike Trip through the Upper
 Fraser Valley Sunday, May 18
 by Joe Mueller
 A group of 15 bikers followed Max
 Bissegger’s invitation to tour the Fraser
 Valley, on Victoria Sunday. On the
 first tour leg, Max lead us through lush
 meadows, along freshly seeded wheat
 fields and pastures to McDonald Park
 on a side arm of the Fraser River, north
 of Abbotsford. While some of us
 lunched there, others watched keen fish-
 ermen hook carps in the nearby slough.                                                    Above left: Our hosts, Urs and
 The second half of the tour took us back                                                  Dorli Meier; Above: Max Bissegger
 to Abbotsford, to Urs and Dorli Meier’s                                                   with Joe, Dennis and Greg; Below
 farm where we recovered our strength                                                      left: Lou and Irene. Centre: Helen
                                                                                           prepares lunch. Below right:
 over cake , fruit dessert, ice cream and
                                                                                           waiting for dessert.
 coffee. A mighty “ Thank you” to Max
 Bissegger for organizing and leading
 the trip, and to Urs and Dorli Meier
 for their hospitality.

                                                                                                     Swiss Herald – Summer 2003        9
                                 It Pays to Belong to
                              The Swiss Outdoors Club!
 The Swiss Outdoors Club is an integral part of the
 Swiss Society of Vancouver, B.C. It has 100 loyal         How to Get Keys to Our Cabin
 members, operates a 25-person capacity ski cabin in
 Glacier Springs, Washington year-round, and organ-        Call any trustee listed below for a key and instructions:
 izes club weekends, hikes, bike trips and ski tours.
 All Swiss and their friends in the region are wel-        Elisabeth Gübeli, 10855-143 St., Surrey      604-581-2841
 come to participate in any of our activities. We          Vreni Huser, 3061 5th Ave, Vancouver       604-731-4300
                                                           Jeanette Kuenzli, 5681 Sunrise Cres. East, Cloverdale
 believe in friendship, fitness and fun. So, join now
 and sign up with our membership chair, Barbara                                    th , Vancouver
                                                           Joe Mueller, 3605 W. 12                     604-732-6213
 Wirsching at 604-272-3571.
                                                           Andres Schneiter, 24705-108 Ave., Maple Ridge
 Membership Fees:                                                                                     604-467-1651
 Single:                                $10.00 per year    Ernie Weingand, 5191 Cambridge, Burnaby, 604-299-2943
 Family:                                $15.00 per year    Sepp Rinderli, 35737 Sunridge Place, Abbotsford
 Cabin Rental Rates:                                       Irene Fritschi-Neilen, #207, 5555-13A Ave. Delta
 Members of Club:                       $11.00 per night   Dorothy Meier, 36898 S. Parallel Road, Abbotsford
 Members of Swiss Society:              $17.00 per night                                              604-853-0890
 Non-members:                           $22.00 per night   Important contacts:
                                                           Membership Chair: Barbara Wirsching       604-272-3571
 Children (6-16 years)                  $50% discount      Cabin Manager: Jeanette Kuenzli           604-576-9617
 Children under 6 years:                No Charge          or Vreni Huser                            604-731-4300
 Group Rates (for Weekends):
 Winter Season:                         $450.00            Website:
 Summer Season:                         $350.00
                                                           See map below for directions to our Cabin.

10         Swiss Herald – Summer 2003
                         The Swiss Outdoors Club
                                        invites you to our

                               Annual Club Picnic
                at the Outdoors Club Cabin at Glacier Springs, Washington

                                    September 21, 2003
                                        from 12:00 to 17:00

Come for a scenic drive to the Mt. Baker area which is at its best in the Fall. Meet old and new
friends, join in the games, go for a family hike up the trail; and then relax over a glass of wine
 and Bratwurst as our Swiss musicians entertain you. This is truly a family event where young
                      and old can have a good time and enjoy themselves.

                                  Everyone is invited!

                                                                            Visit “The Lodge” Restaurant,
                                                                            Lounge & Deck for Fine Food
                                                                            and the Best View in the Pass

          Crowsnest Pass, Hwy. #3 • 2 Km. West of Coleman
            Toll Free: 1-866-562-7993 • Tel: (403) 562-7993

                                                                            Swiss Herald – Summer 2003      11
Outdoors Club Members Ski with Nancy Greene
by Veronika Mueller-Sans
When you visit the Sun Peaks resort for the first time, you are in for a big surprise. You   new to most of us) were on the newly
drive through the dry and arid countryside around Kamloops and then up the valley of         opened Mount Morrissey. When you
Heffley Creek, still through more dry, brown cattle country, and suddenly you come           have a smooth, newly groomed slope,
upon this beautiful little town, nestled in the snow along a mountain stream, surround-      covered with a blanket of fresh, light
ed by dark green forests.                                                                    powder, it is such a joy to make your
    The style of the village and of all the hotels and townhouses, we were told,was          own tracks between the groups of trees
inspired by a small town in the South Tyrol (Northern Italy). The big hotels look like       that they have left standing on those
a series of townhouses, in different pastel colors, and you can stroll under arcades         runs. We did not have sunshine all the
to check out restaurants and stores. And yet the ski slopes and the chairlifts that          time during our stay, but we were
take you as high as 2,080 meters are right outside the hotels’ back door.                    treated to fresh powder on three occa-
                                                                                             sions. Our three racers (Andy Huser,

         group of ten members of the           and many photographs of memorable             Sepp Rinderli and Edi Kuenzli ) most-
         Swiss Outdoors Club went              moments in her career.                        ly went off together, since they ski or
         skiing at Sun Peaks for four              For some of us, our first ski outing      board about twice as fast as the rest of
days from March 23rd to 27th, 2003.            consisted of a two to three-hour guid-        us, and they often went up as high as
We stayed at Nancy Greene and her              ed tour of the best slopes with Al or         the chairlifts would take them, to
husband Al Raine’s Cahilty Lodge.              with Nancy. To us grannies it seemed          admire the view or the clouds and seek
The two of them gave our group a               as if we had done a whole day’s work          out challenging runs. We slower ones,
wonderful reception the first evening,         by the time we stopped for lunch! But         on the other hand, were very lucky to
answering all our questions over a             it gave us a good idea of the runs we         receive some valuable ski instruction
glass of wine. The hotel exhibits              would enjoy most during the next few          from our Outdoors Clubmembers
Nancy Greene’s medals and trophies             days. The most enchanting ones (and           Heidi and Joe Batho. They pointed out
                                                                                             some of our bad old habits, and if we
                                                                                             did as they told us the improvements
                                                                                             were quite astonishing. Unfortunately,
                                                                                             the Bathos had to leave after two days,
                                                                                             but our president, Joe, took good care
                                                               The Swiss Outdoors
                                                               group (left) ready to         of us and kept reminding us to practice
                                                               take on the hills.            the “Batho” style.
                                                               Group members had a               The rides up on the quad chairs,
                                                               chance to ski with            and the little stops on the way down
                                                               Nancy Greene and Al
                                                                                             were perfect for chatting and getting to
                                                               Below, the ski lift at        know each other better. But we needed
                                                               Sun Peaks and a view          more socializing than that, such as jass
                                                               of the picturesque            games late into the evenings, and we
                                                               village.                      all went out for dinner together twice
                                                                                             and had a great time. And after a pic-
                                                                                             nic lunch together on the last day it
                                                                                             was time for good-byes. A heart-felt
                                                                                             thank-you to Joe for organizing this
                                                                                             wonderful holiday and a reminder to
                                                                                             him to make plans for next year.

12       Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
                                                                                         We’re Here to Help!
 Swiss Society                                                                      If you know of a Swiss person who
                                                                                       has become ill, or a Senior who

 Seniors Page                                                                          needs a friendly telephone call
                                                                                     or a visit, please telephone Maria
                                                                                     Logan (604-736-6238) or Werner
                                                                                        Rutishauser (604-929-6923).
                                                                                        Also, if someone has passed
         Filmnachmittage für Senioren                                                  away, please contact President
                                                                                           Rolf Brülhart so that an
                           im Deutschen Haus                                             appropriate gesture can be
             4875 Victoria Drive (Ecke 33rd Ave) Vancouver                             made toward the family, and an
                                                                                        obituary can be placed in the
                                                                                                 Swiss Herald.
 Datum                   Film               Anmeldungen bis spätestens
                                                                                       Attention New Seniors
 28. September          Wachtmeister Studer      22. September                       Please let the SSV know when
 26. Oktober            Käserei in der Vehfreude 20. Oktober                        you reach that magical birthday
 23. November           Gilberte de Courgenay    17. November                        -- 65 years young! We will then
                                                                                    add your name to the Seniors list
 6. Dezember            Christmas Luncheon                                              and you will be entitled to a
                                                                                     reduced membership fee in the
                  Kosten: für Kaffee und Kuchen: $5.00                               Swiss Society. What better way
       Anmeldungen bitte an: Werner Rutishauser Tel. 604-929-6923                    to start your senior lifestyle and
                                                                                               save money!!!

       Seniors Celebrate 90th Birthday                             A Thank You to Our Volunteers
                                                                We would like to express our thanks and apprecia-
                                                                  tion to the volunteers at the recent European
                                                                           Festival. A big Thank-You to:
                                                                 Maria Logan                Walter Kuhn
                                                                 Susanne Wilson             Walter Humbel
                                                                 Gisela & Peter Sporrer Erika Humbel
                                                                 Elisabeth Schüpbach        Barbara Wirsching
                                                                 Rosie Schüpbach            From the Swiss
                                                                 Aloka                      Consulate:
                                                                 Helen Schaelle             Claude Voutat
                                                                 Nick Schwabe               Bernadette Keel

                                                                 Volunteers were also indispensable at this year’s
                                                                Spring Choir Concert. We thank them all for their
Two long-time members of the SSV Seniors Section --                       dedication and committment:
Mina Holderer and Lydia Richter -- celebrated their 90th          Carmen Alvarez             Beat Joehl
birthday on May 19 with a luncheon in North Vancouver.            Ingrid Andig               Kevin Kirkland
The celebration was organized by Maria Logan (left), who
                                                                  Karen Brülhart             Jordan Lazaruk
also supplied the birthday cake. Mina Holderer still lives in
                                                                  Rolfli Brülhart            Helen & Peter Schaelle
her own home and Lydia Richter in her own apartment in
                                                                  Heidi Chen                 Frieda Schuster
North Vancouver. Congratulations to both!.
                                 Photo by Hansueli Haeberli.
                                                                  Andre Chow                 Eva Ziltener

                                                                                           Swiss Herald – Summer 2003     13
                                        “Es goht nüd übers Singe
                                      Drumm sölls au fröhli chlinge
                                                    aliopp- aliopp- aliopp”

            ords from the Swiss Choir of                                                   150 people hoped their fate was to be a
            Vancouver Annual Concert of                   by Melanie Crook                 winner that night (in fact a few of us at
            May 23rd 2003. For those of us     applause: They were so cool and so good     the back were practically on our knees in
on stage this must be true or we would         looking too — what a bonus! Eva             pleading prayer) but only one could be
not be there. Yes! Even those of us who        Ziltener not only sang beautifully but      the lucky duck and that someone is
forget to smile! We get so intent in think-    was also our fabulous MC. It was great      known to most, Margaret (Reta)
ing of all the little nuances of sound and     having so many younger people helping.      Wacher. What a feeling it must be when
word, rhythm and cadence, we rarely            It was nice just having them around:        you realize you have THE ticket and you
remember that we are being looked at as        Thank you all for a wonderful job.          can plan an exciting trip – Wow!
well as listened to. At least I hope we are!   Vancouver – Zurich/ Geneva –                For the first time ever, we were less well
     We did actually get many compli-          Vancouver...........Courtesy of Lufthansa   supported on the Tombola. We had many
ments on our performance: From those           (Thank you so much).                        prizes remaining including fine wines and
who enjoyed some old favourites and the        What a magnificent draw prize. At least     gift certificates for restaurants and spas.
ones who found pleasure in hearing com-
pletely new songs. With our director of
two years, Dubravko Pajalic, we contin-
ue to grow both musically; and in reper-
toire: A real musician, he just loves play-
ing around with any piece he digs up
from his secret world archives: (reached
through the internet) – hidden Swiss
gems – which he cuts and polishes, then
works on unceasingly, to get us to shine.
Oh! The patience of this diamond in our
     Not only the mixed choir enjoyed
singing but also our Event Men’s Choir
performed again and are becoming a
force of their own. The visiting choir
from Portland, Oregon “Jodelklub
Edelwyss“ were a pleasure to have as
guests. They sang in the traditional a cap-
pella yodel style and they brought along
their star performer Peter Rosenast who
is a great free-style yodeler. However it
was heard that Lisa Ward-Rieder was
missed even though she sang with the
mixed choir. We do have to ring the
changes so as not to stagnate.
Incidentally, who noticed that the
anthems were missing? Were they
missed? I have been advocating for many
years that we just get on with the songs
but others think we should not break with
tradition, so it may not be a permanent
change. (comments are welcome)
     Undoubtedly the stars of the evening
were our new performing youth group.
Four young people who sang “Unchained
Melody“ and earned tremendous

14       Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
Choir members work extremely hard to
find donations from very kind sponsors,         Erna Schaefer, President of                    did. We got married in Naefels and lived
who are in short supply these days; plus,       the Vancouver Swiss Choir                      in Staefa for four years.
each member buys gifts themselves, so                                                                Now it was his turn and he wanted
that we are able to still have quite a                                                         to return to Canada — back to Toronto! I
show. I personally have never been any-                                                        got a job with British Airways, since I
where were there are so many chances to                                                        had worked for six years with Swissair in
win. We don’t always get what we would                                                         Zurich, it was easy to get that job.
like, but it’s a gamble and it is meant to                                                           After two years I was offered a job
be a bit of fun. Thanks to all those who                                                       with Lufthansa. That was 28 years ago
helped us in our efforts..                                                                     and I am still working for them. Later on
     Bill Kaelin’s Trio was our back-                                                          I asked for a transfer to Vancouver. I am
ground and dance music provider and                                                            living in this beautiful city since 1982
with a large group continually on the                                                          and never regretted it a minute.
dance floor, evidently did a great job.                                                              I joined the Swiss Choir in January
     Much-work, music and melody…                                                              2002. My husband sadly passed away
                                               I would like to introduce myself as the-
Nussgipfli, Kuchen, coffee and klatsch...                                                      four months earlier. The singing and
                                               new president of the Swiss Choir.
So is our concert a success. However, let                                                      togetherness with the Choir members was
                                                     I was born in Glarus, Switzerland
us not forget the ten youth volunteers                                                         very healing for me. I really enjoy our
                                               and grew up in the beautiful, historic vil-
who, like last year, gave their best. I hope                                                   weekly rehearsals and the sitting together
                                               lage of Naefels.
all who attended enjoyed it and will come                                                      afterwards. We are like a big family. In
                                                     At a young age, I went to Lausanne
again – it just wouldn’t be the same                                                           February of this year I was elected as the
                                               and Lugano to practice French and Italian
without you! Thank you all.                                                                    new President. I had my doubts about
                                               and later on I travelled to Peru, where my
                                                                                               myself but everybody convinced my that
                                               brother had a restaurant in Lima. I stayed
                                                                                               I could do it. So I accepted.
                                               for three years with him and also attended
                                                                                                     I am very proud of this position. It is
                                               art school. After my return to
                                                                                               a bit of work but also lots of fun.
                                               Switzerland, the travel bug struck again
                                                                                               I just hope that our choir will grow and
                                               and I went to Toronto, where my sister
                                                                                               that we will be there for many years to
                                               lived. I found a job with a Swiss lawyer
                                               and worked for him for three years. At
                                               that time I got to know my husband, who
                                                                                               Thank you
                                               was from Amsterdam. I convinced him to
                                                                                               Erna Schaefer
                                               come back to Europe with me....and he

                                               Swiss-Designed Submarine at
                                               Vanvouver Maritime Museum
                                               Yes Virginia, there really IS such a thing as
                                               a Swiss submarine, and you can see it any
                                               time at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.
                                                   Ok, it is not a Swiss Navy submarine
                                               (insert appropriate jokes here) but this sub
                                               was nevertheless conceived and designed
                                               by a Swiss expert – none other than a
                                               member of the famous Piccard family.            and is credited with charting the Gulf
                                                    Not only was the submarine conceived       Stream in the late 1960s, and by using
                                               by a Swiss scientist, is was at the time of     state-of-the-art “Apollo” technology helped
                                               construction the largest deep-sea research      revolutionize the 1960s ocean research and
                                               submersible ever built, and broke numerous      space exploration, including the Apollo
                                               records during its many dives in the late       missions and the space station.
                                               1960s.                                                 After its research assignment ended,
                                                    In 1965, Swiss physicist and sub-          the sub was acquired by a North Vancouver
                                               mersible expert Jacques Piccard , son of the    company, who planned to use it for com-
   Politicians are like diapers:               famous Swiss physicist Auguste Piccard          mercial applications. It never happened,
    they need to be changed                    (1884-1962), received funding from the          and the sub rotted away in a North Van.
                                               Grumman Aircraft Corporation to design          yard for over 30 years. The company final-
         frequently -- and
                                               the unusual craft. The 50-foot, 130-ton sub     ly donated the craft to the museum, where
      for the same reason.                     was used extensively for ocean research         it is being restored to its former glory.

                                                                                                        Swiss Herald – Summer 2003       15
                  Swiss Society Awards Two Honorary Memberships
                                                         By Nick Schwabe

There are a number of members who are outstanding in their enthusiasm and commitment towards the Swiss Society and its activi-
ties. These volunteers are to be found within the ranks, from advisor to president. Without these dedicated workers, no organization
     could survive. In order to honor these individuals, the SSV bestows the Honorary Membership upon them. I quote from the
  Constitution: “Any person, irrespective of nationality or residence, who has earned the Society’s recognition through exceptional
             meritorious service or sympathetic and distinguished behavior, may be eligible for Honorary Membership.”
  The Board of Directors has therefore awarded this award to two well-known personalities: Joe Morach and Elisabeth Reymond.

     Joe and Connie Morach                   world championships, where he was win-
                                             ning medals.
                                                                                               Elisabeth Reymond
                                                1981-1983: Arosa and Bad Homburg,
                                             Germany. For more details see the 50th
                                             Anniversary issue of the Swiss Herald,
                                             page 21.
                                                1982: Joe became Jasskönig with
                                             4,390 points!
                                                1989-1996: Joe organized golf tourna-
                                             ments for the Swiss Society. Highlight
                                             was the 50th Anniversary of the SSV on
                                             October 3, 1998 at the Newland’s Golf &
                                             Country club in Langley, B.C.
                                                1989: Together with the Choir, Joe
Joe Morach arrived in Vancouver via                                                       Elisabeth Reymond arrived in Vancouver
                                             started the first Christmas Brunch at the
New York from Switzerland on the fourth                                                   in the early 70s. She became a member of
                                             UBC Golf Club.
of July 1957. The following year he                                                       the Swiss Society and a board member of
                                                1991: Joe organized the Jass
joined the Swiss Society and the                                                          the Crossbow Association after attending
                                             Tournament as a precursor to the Jass
Crossbow Association. In 1959 he also                                                     one of their visitor’s shoots in 1975. Most
                                             World Championship in Beckenried,
found a job at the Shaughnessy Golf &                                                     of the events organized by the Swiss
Country Club as a waiter.                                                                 Society were with the help of the sub-
                                                2000: Joe competed in the Eidge-
     In 1960 Joe met Connie at the Club                                                   groups and she spent countless evenings
                                             nössische Rifle Shooting Competition in
and in 1961 they got married. Christian,                                                  volunteering at Choir concerts and
                                             Bière by Morges, Switzerland.
born in 1963, daughter Colette and two                                                    dances. She was also an active member
                                                Connie Morach’s accomplishments
grandchildren round out the family.                                                       of the Guggemusig and enjoyed helping
                                             are: volunteering and assisting at many
     In 1977 Joe joined the executive of                                                  to sew the various costumes each year.
                                             children’s Christmas parties,
the Swiss Society and served in various                                                      In 1995 she was an integral part in
                                             carnivals/Fastnacht dances, First of
capacities until 1998. In the Crossbow                                                    organizing the concert for the Harmony
                                             August celebrations at the Chalet, Choir
Association, he became an executive in                                                    Band at the Plaza of Nations.
                                             concerts and Dorfmusik events. Ticket
1985 and he is still active there today.                                                  Furthermore, she was not only fond of
                                             sales, bar, kitchen, cleaning work was
    Joe and Connie, his loyal companion,                                                  crossbow shooting, but succeeded in
                                             never a toil, rather a joy for Connie, who
are also members of the Swiss Canadian                                                    becoming a top shooter. Numerous
                                             is a super volunteer as Joe’s right hand
Mountain Range Association since 1985.                                                    awards attest to her competitive spirit and
                                             and in her own right.
Of course we will not forget the many                                                     physical fitness – necessary for this
                                                As the saying goes: Behind every suc-
golf and jass tournaments and Christmas                                                   demanding sport.
                                             cessful man there is his woman!
Brunches they have organized over the                                                        In 1996 the Crossbowers travelled to
                                                Joe Morach worked for the Shaugh-
years on behalf of the Swiss Society, the                                                 Switzerland to participate in the Federal
                                             nessy Golf & Country Club for 37 years.
Crossbow Association and the Mountain                                                     Crossbow Festival in Frauenfeld. There
                                             He became head bartender and food &
Range. Here is a list of their accomplish-                                                she received on July 2 the Medal of Merit
                                             beverage manager. His infectious smile
ments: For many years Joe served as                                                       for her 15 years of service in the
                                             and unbeatable enthusiasm allowed him
range master and Connie as scorekeeper                                                    Vancouver Crossbow Executive. The
                                             to rub elbows with the crème de la crème
at the Crossbow Association.                                                              group’s adventures in Switzerland were
                                             of society – and after 37 years it shows –
   1976-2001: Crossbow Canada events                                                      expressed in her wonderful story about
                                             Joe surely has become the perfect gentle-
in various locations in Switzerland,                                                      the Frauenfeld trip in Herald #5, 1996.
including competing in six “Eidge-
nössischen” crossbow competitions and                                                                         Continued next page

16       Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
                                                                                         Securities Inc.; and Ron Rieder, First
New Directors at Swiss-Canadian Chamber of Commerce                                      Associates Investments Inc.
                                                                                            The Consul General of Switzerland,
Chuck Grossholz was elected President          the SCCC Board of Directors include
                                                                                         Mr. Robert Helfenstein, was named
of the SCCC during the association’s           Rick Wagner, Maxwell Floors Ltd., Past-
                                                                                         Honorary Director of the SCCC.
Annual General Meeting, which was              President; Bill Grossholz, CA Chandler
                                                                                            Chuck Grossholz is President of
recently held in Vancouver. Members of         Development Group, Treasurer; and Paul
                                                                                         Optimum Strategies Inc., an independent
                                               Weber, Secretary. Also on the Board are
                                                                                         financial services firm specializing in
Elisabeth Reymond, cont.from page 16           Ms. Debra Finlay, Borden Ladner Gervais
                                                                                         meeting the needs of business owners and
Then upon returning to Vancouver, Walter       LLP; Thomas A. Zingg, Bank Vontobel
Bürki retired after 32 years as president,     AG; Eric van Iersel, Lindt & Sprüngli;
                                                                                            Chuck was born, raised and educated
and handed Elisabeth the scepter to run        Oliver Reuter, Pacific International
                                                                                         in Vancouver, and “I understand the
the Crossbow Association.                                                                unique opportunities and differences
   Elisabeth’s shooting results at the                                                   within our community.”
Annual Championships of 1997 and 1998                                                       His interests include coaching youth
culminated in her being the top scorer, in                                               soccer as well as participating in a vari-
other words The Champion! She also                                                       ety of sports.
accepted the job of acting as liaison to the                                                He is involved in many charitable
Swiss Review, which is printed in                                                        functions.
Switzerland.                                                                                “As a First generation Swiss Canadian
   Even though she moved to the                                                          one of my goals is to continue to
Okanagan Valley, Elisabeth is still an                                                   bring value to our existing members and
active member of the Swiss Society, com-                                                 to attract new members by working
pletes the yearly program of the Cross-                   SCCC President                 with the excellent people on our board to
bow Association, and participates in                      Chuck Grossholz                create first class networking functions.”
Swiss Society events as much as possible.

                                                                                                  Swiss Herald –Summer 2003     17
                                             Experience the ultimate in chocolate.
                                             Taste what over 150 years of Swiss tradition,
                                             know-how and passion can produce.

                                                 Spend $20 at the Lindt
                                                 Maîtres Chocolatiers boutique and
                                                 receive a free 100g Excellence bar.
                                                 Coupon redeemable only at:
                                                 Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers at Sears,
                                                 Robson location, Main Level, 701 Granville St.
                                                 Coupon expires: August 31, 2003. Only original coupons accepted for redemption.

                                                          Immediately commencing:
     Renten und
     aufgeschobene Renten
                                                          Swiss Annuities and
                                                          Deferred Annuities
                                                          Move part of your hard-earned assets
                                                          to a safer environment:
                                                              -- Politically stable
                                                              -- Hard currency
                                                              -- Tax free
                                                          A country with exceptionally favourable
                                                          foundation for capital growth

       Please contact: Rolf Brülhart, Lic. Phil. I, M.A., 5577 Kings Road, U.B.C.,Vancouver, BC V6T 1K9.
                    Pager: 604-601-0070, Fax: 604-224-4381, e-mail:

18   Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
                             October is coming soon
                                Summer is not yet over,
                         but watch out for our second successful

  Featuring a variety of entertainment and young talents from within and outside
                               the Swiss Community!

                                  Organized by the
             Vancouver Swiss Choir
                            Friday, October 24, 2003, 8 pm
                                 at the Vancouver Alpenclub
               For more details, check the SSV website (
                           and the next issue of the Swiss Herald

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                                                                            Swiss Herald – Summer 2003   19
                  News from Other Swiss Clubs...
  Interior Swiss Society                      Voegeli, Past-President: Jerry Paravicini,   SCMRA News & Events
Eidgenossen in the BC Interior are lucky      Treasurer: Paul Ehrler, Secretary: Peter     by Marlies Baumann
-- they can celebrate the First of August     Thut, Director: Hans Pfaeffli, Director:     Our Spring Dinner Dance was a great
twice the same weekend.                       John Neilson.                                success – the food was excellent and
    On the actual August first, Friday at 6                                                those Polynesian dancers made you feel
p.m., the Interior Swiss Society will hold    Landsgemeinde in Alberta                     you were in Hawaii! You missed a great
its annual August 1st picnic at the           In June, the Edmonton Swiss society held     evening if you were not there. Thank you
Coldstream Creek Park in Coldstream.          a weekend of “Landsgemeinde” near            to all the organizers and helpers.
    Then revellers will have a second         Stettler, AB. The event included crossbow         Effective at the beginning of May,
opportunity to celebrate the Swiss nation-    shooting, games for the kids, jassen, a      we have welcomed a new caretaker.
al holiday, this time on Saturday and         concert and a bonfire.
Sunday, Aug. 3-4, at Fischer’s farm in           On August 30th, the Swiss Rifle Club      Shooting Dates
Cache Creek.                                  Tell will hold its Schützenfest in           The shooting dates for the rest of 2003
    Both events will be held outdoors, but    Edmonton.                                    are as follows:
the officials reportedly have ordered great                                                 July 13 - 50m & 30m Club
weather for the entire weekend.                                                                         Championship Shoot
    More information from the Society         Swiss Club Saskatoon                          July 26 National Day Celebration
website:      The Saskatoon Swiss Club will celebrate       July 26 50m & Childrens picnic
or Lilly Senn at 250-549-3711, e-mail:        the first of August on Aug. 2nd at Rösli      Sept 7      50m & 300m -- last day for                               and Georg Nievergelt’s farm in Hepburn,                   Club Championship
                                              Sask. with free sausages and buns, plus                   Trap “Cheese Shoot”
                                              Swiss wines, and of course Swiss songs                    (a fun event)
Victoria Swiss Society                        and a candle-light parade.
The fourth annual Victoria Swiss Club                                                       Sept 21 300m Consul Cup
                                                    The Club’s newsletter also informs      Oct 11/12 Schützenfest
Camp-Out will be held at the Qualicum         readers that six of the 26 Swiss cantons
Bay Resort September 5-7. There will be                                                     Oct 26      Saushoot (members only)
                                              celebrate their 200th anniversary this       Check out our new website:
a Jass tournament during the whole week-      year. They are: Aaargau, Graubünden, St.
end; dinner will be potluck at the club-                                          
                                              Gallen, Thurgau, Ticino and Vaud.
house. Accommodations range from tent
and RV sites to luxury accommodations.                                                     Swiss Club Matterhorn,
Call 250-757-2003 or check www.resort- for details.                                                                        Calgary:
     Due to the lack of funding there will
be no Swiss participation in the annual                                                    Theatergruppe Heimatstil to
Victoria Day parade in Victoria, the club                                                  Visit British Columbia
has announced.
     However, Peter and Tatiana Rösli-                                                     Das Schweizer Mundart
Komashko will offer a tour of Pendrith                                                     Theaterstück: Z’höch use! will
Farm on West Saanich Road followed by                                                      be presented by the Theater-
a Potluck BQQ on July 13. Anyone inter-                                                    gruppe Heimatstil during its 2004
ested should confirm with Darlene
                                                                                           tournee to British Columbia.
Burnell at 250-477-8578.                                                                       The group will be in
     The first of August celebration will
be held July 27 at Victoria’s Centennial                                                   Vancouver on Jan. 22 (James
Park.                                                                                      Cowan Theatre; tickets: Helen
                                                                                           Schaelle, 604-439-7338); in
Edmonton Swiss Men’s Choir                                                                 Vernon on Jan 24 (Halina Seniors
The Edmonton Swiss Men’s Choir has                                                         Centre; tickets: Lilly Senn, 250-
announced its newly-elected executive:                                                     549-3711) and in Calgary on Jan.
   President: Al Eshpeter, 51 Glen                                                         31( tickets: Brigitte Wilson,
Meadow Cr., St. Albert, AB T8N 3A2.
tel. 780-458-3357.Vice-President: Hans                                                     403-288-8595).

20       Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
                                                     European Festival 2003
                                                                                 by Rolf Brülhart
                                            Over 4,000 visitors and hundreds of performers and volunteers celebrated on May 31st
                                            this year’s 7th European Festival at the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby.
                                            Twenty-six European Cultural Associations provided a complex ethnic mix of peaceful-
                                            ly coexisting linguistic, cultural and religious heritage. Many of them were accompa-
                                            nied by their governmental bodies; the Swiss Consulate General of Vancouver had its
                                            own table of impressive information. Monique Fontaine, Peter Schaelle, Marianne
                                            Suter, Barbara Wirsching and Eva Ziltener deserve special thanks. The Vancouver
                                            Swiss Choir together with the two Alphornbläser Gusti Zürcher and Abe Inniger enter-
                                            tained the multicultural audience with traditional Swiss folk music. The “Switzerland
                                            Coffee Shop” serving outstanding coffee and Nussgipfel was extremely popular, and
                                            sold out before the end of the day. All in all, a perfect summer’s day event.
                                            Photos E. Naef
Jacqueline Fontaine is well protected
by symbolic representatives of two
countries: the famous Canadian
Mountie and the Swiss Herald in the
person of Nick Schwabe. A. Fontaine photo

            Econo Vans and Travel Vans
               Rentals, Sales and Buybacks
            We also rent canoes and mountain bikes
         Reasonable Rates Wir sprechen Deutsch.
                                                                  The Swiss Choir under the direction of Dubravko Pajalic
    For information, call Walter Humbel at 604-327-3213,          (above right). Volunteers at the “Swiss Coffee Shop” (left),
     1598 S.E. Marine Dr., Vancouver, B.C. V5P 2R4                and Alphorn virtuosos Gus Zürcher and Abe Inniger enter- email:                taining the visitors to the European Festival.

                                                                                                 Swiss Herald - Summer 2003   21
Profiles of Notable Swiss:
                                                                                          pursue education opportunities and went
Urs Boxler – “Life is Just a Journey”                                                     back to school, getting his bachelors
Sailor, photographer, computer wizard, adventurer, valued member of the Swiss             degree in California and an MBA at
Outdoors Club – Urs Boxler is all of the above and more. Urs and his wife Judy for        Northwestern University near Chicago.
many years lived a nomadic life, but they found their Shangri-La in Vancouver and along   Judy received her Masters in Computer
the coast of British Columbia. Story by Ernst Naef                                        Science at the same university at the
                                                                                          same time.

                                                                                             A three-week vacation in Switzerland
           hen Urs and Judy Boxler feel      programming. Even before finishing the       changed the Boxlers life again. Times in
           like going on a trip, they sim-   course, he was hired by a small consult-     Switzerland were good, there was a short-
           ply untie a few lines and         ing company to create programs using the     age of computer consultants, and so Urs
cables, start the engine and move their      then-huge mainframe computers, which         and Judy moved once again, settling in
living quarters wherever their fancy takes   took up entire rooms, and had far less       Zug and enjoying life in Europe. Urs
them – as long as it is on water, that is.   power than even the smallest of today’s      helped implement an early part of the
   The reason it has to be on water is       computers.                                   Swiss military’s human resources system,
because the Boxlers’ home is a 46-foot          The new job turned out even better        (if you were living in Switzerland in
cutter-rigged cruising sailboat, the         than expected: on his first day there he     1977, the program designed by Urs may
“Raven Song,” which during the rainy         met his future wife, Judy, an American       have sent you the dreaded ‘Marsch-
winter months is usually tied up in a        citizen who was also starting out in her     befehl’) while Judy was busy designing a
False Creek marina in Vancouver. But         first computer programming job. With the     sophisticated mathematical optimization
once spring arrives, the Boxler family       full support of Judy, Urs continued to       program for the SBB.
weighs anchor, hoists the sails and starts
                                                                                              But wanderlust struck once again and
another season of exploring the beautiful
                                                                                          soon the couple was off, travelling across
British Columbia coast.
                                                                                          Asia in their VW campervan. They even-
   The nomadic lifestyle is nothing new
                                                                                          tually ended up in Australia, where they
to Urs and Judy. Urs grew up in the Swiss
                                                                                          worked and travelled for almost two
towns of Kirchberg and Wil, canton St.
                                                                                          years, exploring the country from one end
Gallen, served his apprenticeship as an
                                                                                          to the other. They sold their van in
electrician, and later went back to school
                                                                                          Sydney, then travelled across the South
to learn more about electronics and com-
                                                                                          Pacific, and arrived in Vancouver in
merce. But the “good old Abenteuerlust”
                                                                                          1980, after a trip almost around the
struck Urs and, at age 23, he emigrated to
Canada “just to go and see the world.”
                                                                                              The adventurous couple loved
   He found work in the electronics shop
                                             Urs and Judy Boxler and their beloved        Vancouver and decided to stay. They
of DeHavilland Aircraft in Toronto and
                                             cruising sailboat “Raven Song”               bought a house, settled into good careers,
while there, took a course in computer
                                                                                          and stayed with the same employers and
                                                                                          in the same house for the next 20 years.
                                                                                              When Urs and Judy retired, they sold
                                                                                          their house and hired a builder of quality
                                                                                          steel hull yachts on Vancouver Island to
                                                                                          build their dream boat, designed to their
                                                                                          own design and layout.
                                                                                              Of course retirement, when you are
                                                                                          Urs and Judy Boxler, does not mean you
                                                                                          stop doing things. Quite the opposite.
                                                                                          When “Raven Song” is moored at False
                                                                                          Creek during winter, Urs keeps busy with
                                                                                          photography, a long-time hobby that has
                                                                                          turned into a sideline, actually a home-
                                                                                          based business. He is now selling some
                                                                                          of his travel and landscape photographs
                                                                                          as limited-edition prints on the web
                                                                                          (, and
                                                                                          is currently working on a book on pho-
                                                                                          tography – which is tentatively titled

22       Swiss Herald -- Summer 2003
“Photography for You.”                                            ‘looking into the crystal ball’ is not           The next Herald will be mailed at the
   During the next few summers, Urs                               deceptive, we see ourselves living on our               beginning of October
plans to add to his vast collection of pho-                       hilltop property on Pender Island, in a        Please send in your materials by Sept. 2
tographs during trips along the Pacific                           small house with a Kachelofen, with per-
Northwest coast, possibly as far as                               haps a smaller boat down at the marina
Alaska. Handling the big boat in any                              for some local cruising.”
weather condition will be no problem –                               Urs and Judy Boxler may well fulfill
Urs has crewed on offshore sailboats in                           their dream and start on yet another
the Atlantic and Pacific. A man of many                           adventure, but that doesn’t mean it will
talents, he is not only an accomplished                           be their last one.
sailor, but also, in his younger years, flew                         After all as Urs, the philosopher, says,
aerobatics in the beloved Bücker open-                            “life is just a journey.”
cockpit biplane back in Switzerland.
   “Living on board a sailing vessel is no
hardship at all,” he says, “the boat is spa-
cious and comfortable, and we have all                                      Did you notice…
the tools we need – while at the dock:                                  … that the last Swiss Revue,
high-speed internet, e-mail, telephone,                                    published by the Swiss
cable tv, and while cruising: voice and e-                               Government, was mailed in
mail connections via short wave radio –                                   France? The plastic cover
so we can work from anywhere.”                                                 sported a postal
   The next phase in Urs and Judy’s busy                              return address in Rossy, France.
lives is already under consideration. “The                                First effects of EU or just
cruising lifestyle should last for a number
                                                                            cheaper postal rates?
of years, but plans are already being for-
mulated for what comes after that. “If
                                                                                Just wondering.

 Book a suite for 1 night,
 receive the
   2nd night
                   *Offer valid until Oct. 31/03. Call for details.
                                                                                                                For reservations call

          Spectacular Alpine flowers are among the                                                     Tel: (250)578-7454 • Fax: (250)578-7451
             best in BC late July - early August.                                                      3220 Village Way, Sun Peaks, BC V0E 1Z1
               Alpine hiking accessible by lift                                                        
                   June 28 - September 1.                                                                Just 45 minutes from Kamloops, BC

                                                                                                                         Swiss Herald – Summer 2003    23
      Wilderness and Comfort in Mulvehill Creek

    t has everything to do with dreams of                                                 Hidden B.C. (“one of its kind”), Best
    majestic mountains, impenetrable            What does a Swiss psycholo-               Northwest (“3 stars”). Vancouver
    forests, breathtaking views and undis-     gist, and a big-time communica-            Magazine rated them among the top ten
turbed wildlife – dreams that changed the           tions consultant with an              retreats in B.C.
lives of Cornelia and René Hueppi, and         Honorary Doctorate in philoso-                Today, Mulvehill Creek Wilderness Inn
brought them from big-city life in Zurich                                                 and Bed & Breakfast is a four-season
                                                phy, have to do with a remote
to a remote wilderness area of British                                                    destination, popular with outdoor enthusi-
                                                       wilderness resort in               asts throughout the year and offering
                                                        British Columbia?                 numerous activities, including hiking,
   The search for a different lifestyle
ended when the Hueppi family –                                                            horseback riding and fishing in summer,
                                               the property and allows them to heat all   downhill and cross-country skiing as well
Cornelia, René, their two-year-old son
                                               buildings as well as the resort’s swim-    as snowshoeing and tobogganing (800 m
Tobias and their Bernese Mountain dogs,
                                               ming pool and hot tub.                     run with Davosers) in winter. It has also
found their paradise in Mulvehill Creek, a
                                                  Because of these efforts to save the    become a major destination for manage-
picturesque area on Upper Arrow Lake,
                                               environment, Mulvehill Creek in only its   ment retreats and seminars.
some 20 km south of Revelstoke, (which
                                               second season received the “First             One of the more recent attractions is a
was recently chosen as one of the top-ten
North American adventure locations).                                                      romantic wilderness chapel that doubles
“One of the things that attracted us to this                                              as a schoolhouse for seminars. The attrac-
area” says René, “is the climate and                                                      tive cedar chapel has proven to be a pop-
scenery, which is very reminiscent of the                                                 ular place for weddings and anniver-
Engadine.”                                                                                saries, with outdoor dining for up to 100
   They purchased a 100-acre peninsula                                                    guests.
complete with an historic hydro power
plant and, after many delays because of

                                               New Year’s Eve at Mulvehill Creek
                                               Wilderness Inn. The Wilderness
                                               Chapel (below) is a popular place for
                                               weddings and reunions. It also doubles
                                               as a schoolhouse for seminars and
                                               conferences.                               Berner Sennenhunde are part of the
                                                                                          Mulvehill Creek Resort.

                                                                                             Cornelia and René Hueppi are proud
                                                                                          of their achievements and love to let
Cornelia (Conny), Tobias and René J.                                                      other people share in their happiness.
Hueppi traded big-city life in Zurich for                                                 “When you leave the highway, you
new adventures in the British                                                             should come into another world,” they
Columbia wilderness.                                                                      declare. It is a world of their own, and
                                                                                          they enjoy every moment of it.
“red tape” were able to open a modest                                                        And if you get to talk to Cornelia or
three-unit Bed-and-Breakfast in 1996.                                                     René they might say: “Mier redet wie-n-
   Word about the Mulvehill Creek B&B                                                     eus de Schnabel gwachse-n-isch.
                                               Environmentally Responsible Tourism           Härzlich willkomme!
got around and soon the Swiss entrepre-
                                               Award” and the “Power Smart Green
neurs were able to add more space to
                                               Hotel Plus Award” among others. During     How to get there:
accommodate the steadily increasing
                                               the following years, the resort received   Mulvehill Creek Wilderness Inn and B&B
number of customers. One of the major                                                     is located off 4200 Hwy. 23 South,
                                               enthusiastic reviews from several major
undertakings was the renovation of the                                                    P.O. Box 1220, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0,
                                               tourist guides including Frommer’s (“one
ancient hydro power plant, which uses a                                                   T/F: 250-837-8649, Res: 1-888-837-8649.
                                               of the most superlative inns in all of
small part of the 100-m-high waterfall on                                                 e-mail:
                                               B.C.”) Michelin (“worth a detour”),

24       Swiss Herald – Summer 2003
                                                                                           new president, elected during the club’s
Open House at the                             This      &                                  AGM on May 30, is Andy Zlok, (604-
Swiss Consulate                                              That from                     321-3424) with Eric Wutschnik serving
On Saturday, April 5, 2003 the Con-
sulate General in Vancouver opened its         British Columbia                            as vice-president.
                                                                                                The Swiss Choir will perform on
doors for local Swiss and their families
to come and have a peek behind the                                                         November 27 at the Austrian Club as
                                              Two Swiss Restaurants                        guest choir.
scene. After being welcomed by the
Consul General, the guests moved
                                              Among the Best
freely amongst the rest of the staff          Two Swiss restaurants have been named        The Ultimate for
members and listened attentively to           among the top eating places in the area in   Chocaholics: Lindt Wine-and-
their explanations and descriptions of        Vancouver Magazine and the Vancouver
                                              Sun’s “Best Restaurants 2003” survey.        Chocolate Tasting Event
their respective work. Many an interest-                                                   The ultimate in delectable chocolate
ing question was asked and – hopefully            The William Tell Restaurant was
                                              named “Best Swiss” and La Belle              desserts, sinful concoctions made with
– answered satisfactorily. A table with                                                    chocolate combined with premium wines,
Swiss refreshments like Bündnerfleisch        Auberge received “Best of Burbs” as well
                                              as “Best in Ladner” awards.                  was presented by the Lindt Boutique this
and Swiss cheeses along with some                                                          past April. The mouth-watering “Lindt
Swiss wine was waiting for the guests         Austrian Club Celebrates                     Chocolate-and-Wine Pairing Evening”
before leaving.                               32th Anniversary                             took place at the Vancouver Wall Centre
    All in all there were 47 visitors
                                              Some 250 invited guests enjoyed              Hotel and was organized by store manag-
counted, and it seemed that they did not
                                              Schnitzel, good music and meeting old        er Eric van Iersel. Master chocolatiers
regret having paid us a visit that day.
                                              friends on May 24, when the Austria          Dominique and Cindy Duby created the
Thanks to all for the interest shown.
                                              Vancouver Club celebrated 32 years as a      unique desserts.
                                              club at its Richmond clubhouse. During          Wine-and-chocolate pairing events are
The staff of the Consulate General of
                                              the evening, club president Hans             very popular in Europe, and are just
Switzerland in Vancouver.
                                              Potomak announced his retirement. The        becoming known in North America.

     Enjoy superb food, sophisticated surroundings and
      a stunning view at Michel Segur’s award-winning
   restaurant in West Vancouver. In business for 22 years.
                 Open daily except Sundays.
   1373 Marine Drive (second floor) West Vancouver, BC

      Gourmet Foods in Amicable Surroundings.
             Try our fabulous “Steak and Frites”
                  Your Host: Philippe Segur
      Private Rooms - Meetings - Weddings - Anniversaries.
        tel 604-924-4913         fax 604-924-4914
         224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, BC
                         Open 7 Days.

                                                                                                   Swiss Herald – Summerr 2003    25
                                                                                                  formances during Calgary Stampede.
Knabenmusik Schaffhausen Visits Western Canada                                                    After the Stampede closes, the group
                                                                                                  travels to Vancouver, staying overnight at
                                                                                                  Three-Valley Gap and two nights at
One of the largest Swiss bands ever to             almost half of the musicians are girls.        Manning Provincial Park.
visit Western Canada will bring their                   The repertoire presented by the           Sunday, July 13 – Victoria: two-hour
unique brand of music to Calgary,                  young people from Schaffhausen ranges          concert at Beacon Hill Park at 13:30.
Victoria and Vancouver in July.                    from traditional Swiss folk music such as      Monday, July 14 – Victoria: concerts at
   The Knabenmusik Schaffhausen, a                 “Ländler”, Alphorn, “Löffeln” and              Market Square at noon, and in front of
band made up of musicians between the              “Talerschwingen” to marches, rock, and         the Legislature Building at 15:00.
ages of 12 and 22, arrives in Calgary on           classical pieces plus solo performances        Tuesday, July 15 – Visit to Butchard
July 2. It is followed a day later by a            by the drummers – a different and unique       Gardens, return trip to Vancouver, concert
group of some 50 people made up of                 kind of music for Canadian audiences and       at the Mountain Range Chalet begin-
family members, friends, and fans.                 a welcome reminder of home for the             ning at 18:00, followed by dinner.
   The band will entertain audiences dur-          Swiss community.                               Wednesday, July 16 – City Tour, fol-
ing the Calgary Stampede, then travel to             During its stay in Victoria, the band        lowed by one-hour concert at Granville
Victoria and Vancouver before returning            will stay at the University of Victoria, the   Market beginning at 14:30. Last concert
to Switzerland.                                    escorts at Laurel Point Inn. In Vancouver,     of the Vancouver visit will be later that
   Consisting of an impressive 97 people,          accommodation for the band will be pro-        evening at the Kitsilano Show Boat.
the Knabenmusik Schaffhausen is large              vided at UBC, while the accompanying           Thursday, July 17 – Return of the
by any standards: 75 wind-band members             group stays at the Georgian Court Hotel.       accompanying group to Switzerland.
(trumpets, saxophones, trombones, clar-                                                           Band members enjoy a free day in
inets, flutes, etc, and15 drummers, plus           Itinerary, July 2-18:                          Vancouver, including visits to Capilano
seven conductors and assorted officials.           Wednesday, July 2-12 – Arrival in              Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain.
Although named Knabenmusik, which                  Calgary, followed a day later by accom-        Friday, July 18 – Knabenmusik returns
can loosely be translated as “Boys’ Band”          panying group of 50 people. Various per-       to Switzerland.

                                                                               Did you know that British Columbia is larger than
                                                                            Germany and France combined? Larger than California,
               d                                                             Washington and Oregon together? Bigger than Texas,
            ene                                                                       and four times the size of the U.K.?
        t op
     jus                                                                          British Columbia – Now That’s Really Big!

     St. Moritz Patisserie                                                                        Sausage & Deli
        Swiss pastries, tortes, cakes
           - Engadiner Nusstorte - Swiss-style Rueblikuchen -
                                                                                   We offer a wide assortment of European
       - Schwarzwalder Torte - Apple Strudel - Zuger Kirschtorte -               sausages, cold cuts, imported cheeses and
            - Lemone con Torta - Hazelnut Chocolate Torte -                                specialty foods including
       Cheesecakes, Muffins, Scones, Bagels, Croissants, Brioche                               Swiss Specialties.
                         and much more                                             Also fine teas, home-made-salads, and
                                                                                              a variety of breads.
          St. Moritz Pastry                                                                       ------------------
                                                                                 Great selection of homeopathic products and
                and Cafe                                                               cosmetics, German music CDs,
           103-4416 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC                                   cassettes, magazines and newspapers.
                    tel 604-222-6880                                                   Fraserview Sausage & Deli
       Free coffee with purchase of any of our Swiss treats                     6579 Fraser St. (50th Ave),Vancouver, BC V5X 3T4

          Open 10 - 6 Mon-Thur. 10-8 Fri. 9-8 Sat.                                                604-325-1814

26       Swiss Herald - Summer 2003
     This & That                                                                              were planning to stay at the Dolder Grand
                                                                                              Hotel in Zurich this summer, you’re plum

                     from Switzerland                                                         out of luck.
                                                                                                   The 100-year-old hotel -- part
                                                                                              medieval fortress, part Renaissance
                                              Switzerland can be applied across               chateau -- used to be one of the grandest
Switzerland Considered Best                                                                   hotels in Europe, but lately it has fallen
Test Market for Europe                                                                        on hard times and guests stayed away in
                                                   Germany, while also offering many
The U.S. Department of Trade has chosen                                                       droves. Now, new Swiss owners have
                                              of the same advantages, has been found
Switzerland as the best country to intro-                                                     decided to close the hotel for a year and a
                                              to have a high degree of regulations and
duce new products to Europe.                                                                  half to restore it to its former glory, and
                                              bureaucratic procedures, complex regula-
     It cites the country’s highly devel-                                                     make it into one of the ten most beautiful
                                              tions, and protection of local suppliers.
oped multi-lingual market, its location in                                                    hotels in the world – at a cost of 140-160
                                                   France gets a more positive assess-
the centre of Europe, and a well-educated                                                     million Swiss Franks.
                                              ment from the U.S., but companies plan-
and affluent population as some of the                                                             Here’s a little tip: If the closing of
                                              ning to test market there are warned of
reasons. Liberal trade and investment                                                         the Dolder should interfere with your hol-
                                              high taxes and a 35-hour working week.
policies, a skilled workforce, and an                                                         iday plans in Zurich, don’t despair. We
absence of labour unrest are also men-                                                        know of another friendly little hotel that
tioned as positive factors.                   Dolder Hotel to be Restored
                                                                                              you might enjoy. It’s called the Baur-au-
     Two American chains already in           Einstein stayed there, so did Winston
                                                                                              Lac. Just bring plenty of cash.
Switzerland, Starbucks and McDonalds,         Churchill, Toscanini, Henry Kissinger
have found that lessons learned in            and countless other dignitaries, but if you                   See Troubles on page 31

                       The Old Bavaria Haus
                          “European Dining in the German Tradition”

                                         Schnitzel – Steak – Seafood
                                              Here are some examples of our extensive Menu:
                                                  Schwarzwälder Schnitzel
                                               With wild mushrooms and red wine sauce
                                                    Bavarian Pepper Steak
                                             With our special black and green pepper sauce
                                                    Spätzle “Hunter style”
                                               Made from scratch, with wild mushrooms
   Parties of up to 70                              Schnitzel Cordon Bleu
                                                  Delicious filling of ham and cheese                          Open for Dinner
   people are welcome                                                                                      Tues-Sun from 5 pm.
   for lunch and dinner.                                    Rouladen
                                                      Specialty of the House                                  “Schnitzelabend”
   Reservations required.                                                                                     every Wednesday
                                       233-6th Street, New Westminster, BC
                        check out our menu at: e-mail:

                                It’s worth the drive to New West!

                                                                                                       Swiss Herald – Summer 2003     27
Swinglish -- the New                               Fribourg University. “People feel more at
                                                   liberty to be creative with a language        For advertising information,
Swiss Language?                                    when it is not their own. They don’t                   contact:
Native English-speakers living in                  much care if it’s proper English or not.      Ernst Naef, Tel 604-207-0302
Switzerland are becoming increasingly              They’re creating these words for a pur-
aware that their language is widely spo-           pose.”
ken in their adoptive country, but they                The rise of this “Swiss English” or
may sometimes wonder about English                 “Swinglish” has been driven principally
expressions they had never encountered.            by large Swiss companies with interna-
    The Swiss have invented a whole                tional connections, many of whose meet-
series of “Swinglish” words that baffle an         ings are conducted in English, even when
English-speaker, or they use existing              no native English-speakers are present.
words in an idiosyncratic way: “handy,”
for example, does not mean practical or            English as the Common Language?
convenient, but a mobile phone. A                  English is becoming not just a way for
“recordman” is a record-holder in athlet-          the Swiss to communicate with foreign-
ics; “controlling” is management account-          ers, but also with each other. It is the
ing, and a “dancing” is a disco, or night-         multilingual nature of Switzerland that
club. A track suit is called a “trainer.” The      has helped to spread the use of English.
photograph in the new Swiss passport                  Swinglish should however not be mis-
will no longer be glued onto a page, it is         taken for the real English that is increas-
instead “gescannt” and “gelasert.” A new           ingly thrown into sentences Swiss people
car (or the lady of the house) gets a              use. Words like “know-how”, “insider
“facelifting.” And so on.                          tip”, “ticket”, “meeting”, or “weekend”
  “We can’t blame the Swiss for this. It’s         are used daily. “Sorry” has even replaced
a European phenomenon,” says Peter                 “es tut mir leid” on the rare occasions
Trudgill, head of English linguistics at           when people apologize…


            Traditionelle Rezepte
          Rein Biologische Zutaten
      OPEN: TUES - FRI 7am– 6:30pm SAT 7am– 6pm
               CLOSED: SUN & MON
 1 2 7 L O N S D A L E A V E , N O R T H V A NC O U V E R
       6 0 4 - 9 9 0 - 3 5 3 0 •

          New Website for Clearwater Lodge
  The website listed on the ad for Clearwater Lodge and
  Resort (see inside back cover) has changed and is no
  longer correct, the company has announced. To reach
            the Clearwater Lodge site, click on
               e-mail remains the same at:

28       Swiss Herald - Summer 2003
                        In Memoriam
                                                                          Do you need
                   Fritz Bollier, 1944-2003
Fritz Bollier was born in Basel on April 11, 1944. He served a four-      LEGAL HELP?
                        years apprenticeship as electronics technician,
                        and trained with the Swiss Army before start-     We can help with:
                                                                          Commercial Agreements,
                        ing employment as aircraft mechanic with          Contracts, Litigation,
                        Swissair.                                         Immigration, Personal
                           Fritz immigrated toVancouver in 1967,          Injury, Collections
                        where he worked as a mechanic and then, in a
                        complete change of careers, started training as
                        an optician. He worked for London Optical                   DAVID VARTY
                        until 1972, when he started his own optician’s
                        business, which he operated for some 20 years.
                                                                                      Varty & Company
Sadly, taking drugs caused Fritz to lose his health, wife and work,
but fortunately, rehabilitation through the Salvation Army helped him                Telephone 604-684-5356
renew his faith and life.
    He worked as a caretaker in Vernon and, although physically
weakened, last year managed to take a trip to the U.S. and Mexico.
After his trip, he returned to Vancouver to stay with his mother, then
returned to Vernon, where he died on April 8, 2003, just three days
before his 59th birthday.
Fritz was predeceased by his older sister, Pia, who died six days
before his birth, and by his father, Fritz Bollier, who passed away in
    Fritz is lovingly remembered by his mother, Rosa Zumbrunn, and
by his extended family and friends.
    A memorial service took place at he Martin Luther Evangelical
Lutheran Church in Vancouver on April 16.

   Ich danke Allen, welche Fritz Bollier die letzte
  Ehre erwiesen haben.
          Ganz speziellen Dank an Erika und Walter Humbel
  für ihre Hilfe und Beistand in Vernon und Vancouver in
  meinem Leid. Speziellen Dank auch Max Bischof für die
  tröstlichen Worte während der Abdankung, sowie herzlichen
  Dank dem Athletic Club, und der Familie Doebeli vom
  William Tell Restaurant für ihre grosszügige Spende. Auch
  Ulrich Bleiker, Franco Azzolini und Kurt Freiburghaus für
  ihre Alphornklänge, sowie Lisa Rieder-Ward für ihr Yodel-
  Lied, meinen aufrichtigen Dank.
          Einen herzlichen Dank allen Frauen, welche die guten
  Kuchen backten.
          In meinem grossen Leid habe ich gespürt wie viele
  aufrichtige Freunde während meiner schweren Zeit mir
  beigestanden sind.
    Gott segne Euch Alle.               Rosa Zumbrunn

       Dear Members,
      Von Herzen danke ich der Swiss Society für die
   Anerkennung vom Volunteer Work meines lieben verstorbenen
   Nikolaus Gübeli.
         Er war immer bereit, und es machte ihn glücklich, mit
   seinen Kentnissen anderen zu helfen.
         Ich wünsche dem Verein weiterhin viel Erfolg.
                                        Elisabeth Gübeli, Surrey

                                                                                                   Swiss Herald – Spring 2003   29
                                THE TEEN LOUNGE
                            A Forum for communication between our young people

                   Points of view contributed by a young member of the SSV

Topic: Legalize Marijuana                                                                  every little thing that is said in rap songs
                                                                                           affect the way we think then obviously
Karen B.                                                                                   we do not understand the concept that
I don’t think marijuana should be legal-                                                   these artists are trying to deliver, and I’m
ized. There are enough deaths from alco-                                                   telling you now, it is not violence.
hol and other things already, why bring in
another drug? I know that pot is pretty                                                    Topic:What causes teens to go bad?
easy to get so why are people making
such a big deal out of legalizing it?                                                      Karen B.
Unless you are hardcore addicts who
need the substance to function, why                                                        I think that, when people talk about how
worry so much? As for those who are                                                        a teen has turned bad, they don’t exactly
addicts, then there is obviously a reason                                                  know what they are implying. Teens
that it is ILLEGAL. All of you people                    Karen Brühlhart,                  don’t turn “bad”, they probably just go
who think it should be legalized probably                                                  through a change in their lives that has
don’t have much of an opinion on the                                                       been different from the normality of it
                                               I have started a forum on common top-       before. I do not agree that Christian kids
matter anyways, because if it were legal-
                                              ics that have been discussed in the news     aren’t as likely to change because of the
ized it would probably be something like
                                                 and at school. My goal is to have as      way they’ve been brought up because I
cigarettes that you have to be 19 to buy.
                                                many replies as possible in response to    know a lot of religious people who have
Topic: Street Racing                           my topics and opinions. If people would     changed and I don’t think that the reli-
                                                       like to reply to some of my         gion factor had much to do with it. I do
Karen B.                                                  topics they can simply           agree that parents can be a big factor and
 With the amount of street racing that                     e-mail them to me at            that the environment and people that you
goes on and from everything that you  or if they want       spend time with will affect you, so people
hear on the news about it I think that the    to voice their own opinions on something     should choose wisely about who they
government should just build a track. If        else then they should do the same. Any     spend their time with and what the conse-
people are going to be racing regardless         opinions or statements are welcome.       quences will be.
of laws and other peoples lives are at risk
then there should be something done to
                                                                                           Special thanks to Kira for e-mailing me
prevent innocent peoples lives being at       what is in their head. It’s them writing
                                                                                           about our teens lounge and expressing an
stake. If a track is built it should be       about feeling and EXPERIENCE. If you
                                                                                           interest in getting to meet new people. I
placed somewhere convenient away from         think that someone can be influenced by
                                                                                           hope that next year more young people
residential areas so that no one gets dis-    violence in rap or games then you should
                                                                                           will become involved and I encourage
turbed, but close enough so people don’t      think about all the other things that they
                                                                                           you all to mail me some things you
race TO the track.                            could be influenced by and then think
                                                                                           would like to see in the next issue. Have
                                              twice about your judgments. If we let
Topic: Rap and Games = Violence?                                                           a great summer!
                                                                                           Bis zum nächsten mal,
Karen B.                                       Do you have comments or opinions
                                              about any of the above topics, or any        Karen
Violence is everywhere. Rap is simply a          others? We’re looking forward
form of expression. Rappers are not                 to your answers or ideas!
telling people to go and act on what they          Get in touch with Karen at
are saying, they are simply letting out  

30       Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
 A Swiss Student’s Impressions of Vancouver                                                   What do you think of the Canadian
 By Karen Brühlhart, Grade 9                                                                  ladies?
                                                                                              They are great… I am wondering about
I recently had an opportunity to interview     I have to go back! The longer I stay in        how they can wear short skirts in
Peter Mattis, 20, a Swiss student who is       Vancouver the more pleasure I have here.       the cold season.
staying in Vancouver in order to improve       On the other hand, I’m looking forward
his English. Peter, who is from the            to seeing my family and my friends in          If you had one day left to live, what
Toggenburg, just finished his four-month       Switzerland, but think I could live here       would you do?
language school program in Vancouver.          for the rest of my life.                       I wouldn’t have enough time to do
Before returning home, he plans to hike        What do you think of the Canucks?              everything and hope I will never know
the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.      I love the people here!!! They are so          when my last day is! I would play music,
    I asked him about some of his impres-      friendly.                                      be together with my family and enjoy
sions of Vancouver.                                                                           the day.
                                               If you could change something in
What do you enjoy most about                   Vancouver what would it be?                    What is the thing that scares you most?
Vancouver?                                     No rain when I am visiting Vancouver.          A new world war and the president of
For me the environment here is the great-                                                     U.S.A.
est! Mountains, ocean and sun... I have        If you could take only one thing back
never seen a city like this before.            with you, what would it be?                    What is the craziest thing you have ever
                                               The no smoking bars.                           done?
What are some of the differences between                                                      I came to Canada… but I would do it
young people in Switzerland and the            What one thing would you miss the most         again.
youth in Canada?                               about Vancouver?
In my opinion the young people are             The Ocean.                                     Have you met anyone famous? If so who?
friendlier here in Canada. That means that                                                    No, but Michael J. Fox was in the same
they will always take you in as a friend;      What is your favourite sport?                  class as my teacher!!!
in Switzerland this is not always com-         Ice hockey, curling and soccer.

Would you live in Vancouver after finish-
                                                  Not a Member of
ing your studies or would you move back            theSSV yet?
to Switzerland?                                     Join Today!                                     Swiss
Troubles in Paradise...                                                                             on Display in
English soccer fans disgraced themselves in Zurich in late                                          Vancouver
March, running riot during the early hours of Saturday, March                                       Creations by Swiss cartoonists
29th. Five men were hospitalized — three with gunshot wounds,                                       residing in Switzerland will be
two with knife wounds — after a night that ended with 25 arrests.                                   on display at the Emily Carr
Police used teargas to break up the fight, which broke out in the                                   Institute on Granville Island this
Niederdorf, the city’s historic centre. The hooligans were venting                                  summer. Named “Töpfer &
their frustration at not being able to get tickets for a soccer match     Cie.”, the exhibit will open with an inauguration ceremo-
in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, where the English team played in a               ny on July 17, and run until August 17. It is organized
European Championship qualifying match.                                   jointly by the Swiss Consulate General, the Alliance
All of Switzerland watched in horror as protesters in                     Française and the Emily Carr Institute.
                                                                                 For more details contact the Consulate General of
Geneva and Lausanne went on a destructive three-day spree,
                                                                          Switzerland ( tel. 604-684-
lighting fires, blocking roads, smashing windows, looting stores
                                                                          223, the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design (604-844-
and throwing Molotov cocktails. The protests took place in Swiss
                                                                          3800) or Alliance Française Vancouver (604-327-1144).
cities because they were closest to the G8 summit at Evian,
France, which was sealed from the public. “Jacques Chirac was a
clever man,” said one agitated man from Lausanne. “He brought
the presidents and prime ministers to France and left the shit to                  Not a Member of the Swiss Society yet?
us.” Swiss taxpayers spent 40 million SFr on security for the           Why not join up and participiate in the many activities offered --
three-day event. The country now faces an additional bill in the           Outdoors Club, Swiss Choir, Seniors Events, Crossbow
                                                                         Association, plus each issue of the Swiss Herald. Join Now!
millions of francs to clean up the wreckage.

                                                                                                        Swiss Herald –Summer 2003        31
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     Vancouver Alpen Club
       Please visit our Club Restaurant
        open daily -- except Mondays
                from 11:30 am
          4875 Victoria Drive (at 33rd Ave)
             Vancouver, BC V5N 4P3
      Tel (604) 874-3811 Fax (604) 874-2989

                                                     Market Place Deli
                                                 Great Selection of European Specialties
                                                125 kinds of Cheese, including all Swiss cheeses
                                                      Try our fabulous Bündnerfleisch
                                                       Party Platters --French Cornichons
                                                         Homemade Salads & Meatloaf
                                                        Goulash, Dumplings, Sauerkraut
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32     Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
         Classified Ads                                             Letters to the Editor
Do you have something to sell or swap,      Dear Ernst,                                   A Word of Appreciation:
to give away or donate? Are you looking     I just wanted to let you know that the        A very warm welcome and special thanks
for something or someone? Why not tell      “New Herald” looks great! It is very          and appreciation for his excellent work to
the readers of the Swiss Herald about it?   informative and well written, and the         the new editor of the Swiss Herald, Ernst
The Ads are Free, and they work!            editorials are interesting. Looking at the    Naef. Keep up the good work.
Write, fax, e-mail or send your message     calendar, one could be very busy attend-
by carrier pigeon to the editor.            ing all the functions. I do enjoy the out-    Alfred Eigenmann
                                            ings with the Outdoors Club and try to
Zu Verkaufen: Eine Handorgel Marke          attend some of the functions and dances
“Adria” Grand Deluxe; eine Handorgel        etc.                                              Please address Classified Ads and
Marke “Hohner” Verdi 2; und ein                 I thank you for giving of your valu-                Letters to the Editor to:
Schweizerörgeli Marke “Oehrli”              able time to the Swiss Society and wish           Ernst Naef, 50-8111 Saunders Rd.,
Interlaken.                                 you good luck with the future publica-                 Richmond, BC V7A 4L9
Ruth, Tel. 1-250-838-0098.                  tions.                                           Tel 604-207-0302, Fax 604-207-0305
Zu Verkaufen: Schweizer Brief-              Irene Sturzenegger
markensammlung: FDC, 4er Block und
einzeln postfrisch und gestempelt, voll-    Looking for work in Canada
ständig von 1958 bis 2000, meist noch in    I am a 26-year-old Swiss citizen, looking     year in logistics, and two years in busi-
Original PTT-Umschlägen, viele Extras.      for work in Canada to further my educa-       ness processes.
René, Tel. 1-877-837-8649 or e-mail:        tion and work experience. My education            I would like to gather some work                    includes secondary school and an appren-      experience outside Switzerland and
                                            ticeship in electromechanics. I received      improve my language skills. I’m open to
For Sale: Large comfortable swivel                                                        any kind of work opportunities.
                                            training in robotics and pneumatics, and I
office chair; rosewood arms; brown                                                            Markus Zbinden, Liebefeld,
leather seat and back; adjustable height    graduated in computer applications, as
                                            process specialist, and as engineer in        Switzerland, tel. 0041 31 972 82 77, cell:
and tilt; $50.00.
                                            business processes.                           0041 79 617 29 88. e-mail:
David, 604 669-5249.
                                                 My experience includes four years in
                                            automation, two years in robotics, one

                                                                               Brief Psychotherapy Services
                                                                                 Individuals, Couples and Families
                                                                                   Elias De Almeida, Ph.D.
                                                                                       Registered Clinical Counsellor
                                                                                  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

                                                                               Office: 310-2902 West Broadway, Vancouver
                                                                                              Mailing address:
                                                                               203-8630 Osler Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4E7
                                                                                           Phone: 604-729-2140

    The Edmonton Swiss Choir
       “Promoting Swiss Ethnic Music and
           Swiss Culture in Canada”
                  G.A. (Jerry) Paravicini
         5420 -- 82nd Ave., Edmonton, AB T6B 0E6

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                   Your Swiss Optician

                                         Our Sausage is First European Quality
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34    Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
                                  2003 Calendar of Events
July                                                        January 2004
2        Swiss Herald #2                  mail-out          Jan               New Year’s Brunch               William Tell
12/13    Princess Louise Inlet trip       Outdoors Club     Jan 17-18         Ski Weekend at Cabin            Outdoors Club
13       Annual Program                   Crossbow Assn.
                                                            26                AGM                             Outdoors Club
16       Knabenmusik
19-20    Sunshine Coast trip              Outdoors Club      To check on the latest dates for Events, check
20       Annual Program                   Crossbow Assn.       the SSV website at:
26       1st of August Celebration        SSV,SCMRA,
                                          SCCC, Dorfmusik
26       Children’s Day Junior’s Shoot    SSV,SCMRA                                Advertisers’ Index
                                                             A&K Sausage                  34      Market Place Deli           32
                                                             Advantage Travel              5      Maxwell Floors              20
August                                                       Alpine Masonry               32      Metric Floor                34
                                                             Artisan Bakeshoppe           28      Old Bavaria Haus            27
3--9     Explore the Kootenays             Outdoors Club
                                                             Brief Psychotherapy          33      Optimum Strategies          32
17       Trophy Shoot and BBQ              Crossbow Assn.    Brulhart Insurance           18      Patisserie Bordeaux         32
17       Canoeing with Fritz Graf          Outdoors Club     Brumm Dentistry              17      Properties Victoria         34
24       Needle Peak hike                  Outdoors Club     Cahilty Lodge                23      Qualicum Beach Resort       33
24       Deadline for Oberdurnten & Sulgen Crossbow Assn.    Calvin’s Cafe                23      QCS                         28
                                                             Calvin’s Bistro              32      Red Rooster Winery           5
                                                             Chalet Helvetia               4      R&M Construction            34
September                                                    Chez Michel Rest.            25      Rechsteiner Notary          35
Aug 31-                                                      Clearwater Lodge           IBC       Steiger’s Swiss Cafe        33
Sept 1 Labour Day Wkd. at Cabin           Outdoors Club      Crowsnest Resort              11     St. Hubertus Winery         17
                                                             Edelweiss Imports             7      St. Moritz Pastry           26
2       Board of Directors meeting        SSV
                                                             Edmonton Choir               33      Suter Real Estate           28
        & deadline for Swiss Herald #3                       Edward Jones                  6      Swiss Bakery                34
7       Hike to Mt. Whistler              Outdoors Club      Eyes for You                 34      Swiss Deli                  34
7       Annnual Program                   Crossbow Assn.     Fraserview Deli              26      Swiss Gourmet Rest.         25
21      Annual Club Picnic                Outdoors Club      Go West                     IFC      Swiss Italy Rest.           34
21      Annual Program, Last Day          Crossbow Assn.     Griesser Spoon             IBC       Time & Gold                IFC
28      Filmnachmittag                    Seniors Section    Jacque’s Tapas               32      Travel BC                   21
28      Catch-up Day                      Crossbow Assn.     Kaegi Travel                 32      Vancouver Alpen Club        32
                                                             La Belle Auberge              6      Varty & Co.                 29
                                                             Lindt Chocolate              18      William Tell Rest.         IBC
                                                             Lufthansa Airlines           19      Wild West                   29
1        Swiss Herald #3                  mail-out
5        Hike to Mt. Winchester           Outdoors Club
11-12    Schutzenfest                     Crossbow Assn.
19       Mt.Strachan hike                 Outdoors Club                                Elisabeth Rechsteiner
24       Herbstfest                       Choir & others                                Notary Public
26       Endshoot                         Crossbow Assn.
26       Filmnachmittag                   Seniors Section                              My office is pleased to provide
TBA      Luncheon Speaker                 SCCC                                         you with the following professional
                                                                                       notarial services:
2        Reifel Bird Sanctuary            Outdoors Club             Real Estate Transfers – Mortgages – Wills –
4        Board of Directors meeting       SSV                       Powers of Attorney – Statutory and Sponsorship
         & deadline for Herald #4
                                                                    Declarations – Affidavits – Notarizations –
22      Awards, Dinner-Dance              Crossbow/SCMRA            Certified Copies. (Thought for today: Is your Will up
TBA      Jass Tournament                  SCMRA                     to date? Do you have Power of Attorney in place?)

1        Swiss Herald #4                  mailout
                                                                    Notaries … A trusted Tradition
6        Seniors Christmas Luncheon       SSV                       100-5050 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4C2
7        Children’s Christmas Party SSV                             Tel 604-433-1911 Fax 604-433-8970
14       Waldweihnacht Mt. Seymour        Outdoors Club             e-mail:
31       New Year’s Party                 SCMRA

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36        Swiss Herald –Summer 2003
                                                                          For Lovers of Food & Wine
                                                                            EXCEPTIONAL CUISINE FOR OVER 38 YEARS

                                                                           “The Classics” Tuesday through Saturday evenings
                                                                             “Swiss Farmer’s Buffet” Sunday evenings only

        Valbella Deli/Cafe
            and custom catering
                Now Under New Ownership

                                                                           Châteaubriand            Swiss Fondue              Meringue Glacée
                                                                               for 2                                           Au Chocolat

                        Harry and Roland Griesser

We offer a large variety of Valbella meats and sausages
          including the famous Bundnerfleisch
   Specializing in Game Meats, Fish, Cheese and
               European Imported Goods
          European-style Breads and Pastries
    Telephone and e-mail orders are welcome
                                                                                                 A Family Business
Orders are shipped same day via Greyhound and UPS                                          Erwin, Josette, Philippe Doebeli
                     -- fast, easy, convenient                                      (Taken in the Private Dining “Crossbow Room”)
     The Griesser Spoon Ltd.
         104B Elk Run Blvd., Canmore, AB T1W 1L1                                           765 Beatty Street
         tel 403-678-3637 fax 403-678-2343                                                Vancouver, BC V6B 2M4
On your next trip to beautiful Canmore, stop by and experience                          in the Georgian Court Hotel
               our exquisite home-made dishes.                                    tel. 604-688-3504 fax. 604-683-8810
 Open Mon-Fri 8 am-5:30 pm. Sat. 8 am - 4 pm. Closed Sundays & Holidays      email:
Return Address:
Swiss Society of Vancouver
P.O.Box 4468
349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3Z8

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