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					 Dorchester                                                                                               Reporter
                                           “The News and Values Around the Neighborhood”
	 Volume	29		Issue	11	                                               Thursday,	March	15,	2012	                                          																																50¢

Quips,                                                ON TO MARLBOROUGH                                                                         State
barbs on                                                                                                                                        renews
breakfast                                                                                                                                       quest for
menu                                                                                                                                            trail funds
By gintautas duMcius                                                                                                                            No Plan B if
    nEws Editor                                                                                                                                 answer is ‘no’
  US Sen. Scott Brown
and former Obama                                                                                                                                 By gintautas duMcius
administration official                                                                                                                              nEws Editor
Elizabeth Warren have                                                                                                                             Months after federal
spent months criss-                                                                                                                             officials passed over their
crossing the state on                                                                                                                           initial proposal for fund-
their Senate campaigns,                                                                                                                         ing, the state’s Depart-
reaching out to voters                                                                                                                          ment of Conservation
and battling one another                                                                                                                        and Recreation (DCR)
through press releases.                                                                                                                         is renewing its pursuit
  On Sunday, the Wren-                                                                                                                          of federal dollars to
tham Republican and the                                                                                                                         complete the Neponset
Cambridge Democrat                                                                                                                              Greenway trail.
will attempt something                                                                                                                            Community activists
widely viewed by most                                                                                                                           and state agency officials
elected officials as harder                                                                                                                     were dealt a setback
than politicking – com-       The 14-player Dorchester Youth Hockey Pee Wee A team, led by Coach Richard Heap, will play for the                last December when
edy – as both are ex-         state championship this St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Marlborough. The team of 11-and-12 year-olds has             the US Department of
pected to speak at the St.    already won the Greater Boston League title with an impressive 27-1-1 record. Story, Page 5.                      Transportation did not
Patrick’s Day breakfast,                                                                                                                        pick the trail expansion
an annual roast hosted
by state Sen. Jack Hart
(D-South Boston) at the
                              Golden milestone for Lopez family                                                                                 for grant funds through
                                                                                                                                                a competitive process
                                                                                                                                                known as TIGER III.
Boston Convention and         Florist marks                                                                                                       DCR officials, who
Exhibition Center.            50 years in                                                                                                       are partnering with the
  “The main event is                                                                                                                            state Department of
Elizabeth Warren versus
Scott Brown,” said state
                              Adams Village                                                                                                     Transportation for the

Rep. Marty Walsh (D-              By Bill Forry                                                                                                   The Reporter ’s
Dorchester). “There’s a          Managing Editor
lot of pressure on both          The framed photo on                                                                                            view, Page 14
of them.”                     the wall of Don Lopez’s
  Warren is seeking to        office captured the mo-                                                                                           second attempt at funds
unseat Brown in the           ment when — fifty years                                                                                           for the ten-mile corridor,
state’s highest-profile       go this week — his                                                                                                said on Tuesday that
race this year. And as        father, Bernie Lopez, of-                                                                                         they are planning to
Sen. Hart once put it: The    ficially opened the doors                                                                                         resubmit the proposal
bigger you are, the bigger    of his new florist shop at                                                                                        next week, this time for
the target on your back       the corner of Adams and                                                                                           grant funds known as
at the breakfast.             Saranac streets. Bernie,                                                                                          TIGER IV. The agency,
  A local tradition, the      who learned the trade                                                                                             which would provide $2.5
breakfast will start at       from his dad — a Sicilian                                                                                         million for the project, is
10 a.m. and air on New        immigrant — moved            Don Lopez is flanked by his sons Mike, at left, and Donnie at right.                 asking for $12.4 million
England Cable News            the family business to                                                                    Bill Forry photo        from federal officials. Ad-
(NECN). The South             Adams Corner from            across Boston’s neigh-      workspace and a cooler.     Theresa, who played a        ditional funding would
Boston parade, which          Roxbury after being          borhoods and found a        Three Dorchester state      key role in running the      come from project spon-
starts at the Broadway        displaced by an urban        shoebox variety store       reps are in the 1962        store in those days. The     sors and partners, like
MBTA Station, goes            renewal project.             space with a basement       ribbon-cutting photo—       first dollar bill spent in   National Grid and Stop
(Continued on page 11)           He scouted locations      big enough for his          along with Don’s mother,                                   (Continued on page 9)
                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 7)

Dot House finds dental chief close to home                                                                                  INSIDE THIS WEEK
  By MElissa taBEEk                                        fortuitous visit.           who would prove to be                                    George Washington
spEcial to thE rEportEr                                       Nguyen has had a         a career-long mentor                                     took a risk, and then
  An eight-year old girl                                   lengthy journey from        to her.                                                  the British sailed out
in Vietnam had a tooth-                                    when she was eight            First his patient, then
                                                                                                                                                of town on Evacua-
ache that was causing                                      years old and where she     his “apprentice,” she
her an intense amount                                      is today, though. She       would go to Dorchester                                   tion Day, March 17,
of pain. Her mother gave                                   emigrated to Dorchester     House twice a week                                       1776. See Page 14.
her money to go find a                                     from Vietnam in 1991        after school to observe
doctor to fix her tooth.                                   with her mother, father,    Doherty at work. This
The little girl found a                                    and two siblings.           gave Nguyen an oppor-
dentist, and after the                                        Even though she was      tunity to learn dentistry
visit, the pain was gone.                                  18, because of her dif-     and English.
A seed had been planted.      Dr. Trang Nguyen             ficulties with English,       “Dr. Mark Doherty
  Dr. Trang Nguyen            Fortuitous visit             Nguyen had to repeat        has mentored me from
—who has recently been        Center (DHMSC) — was         two years at Cathedral      day one when I met him.
named Director of Dental      that little girl. She has    High School. It was         We didn’t understand                                         All contents copyright
Services at Dorchester        wanted to be a dentist       during this time that she   each other at all and                                            © 2012 Boston
House Multi-Service           ever since that first        met Dr. Mark Doherty,       (Continued on page 19)                                      Neighborhood News, Inc.
Page 2          THE REPoRTER                              March 15, 2012
                       Reporter’s Notebook
                                                                                                     On The Record
Plea change hearing                                                                                   Students will take stage
set in Wallace case                                                                                        at the Strand
       By gintautas duMcius               and receipts properly,” the filing said.
           nEws Editor                      After leaving public office, Wallace
  A hearing for a plea change has been    moved to Westwood and has two books
set for next week in the campaign         he hopes to have published soon, titled
finance violation case of former state    “Night Runner” and “Born Down on
Rep. Brian Wallace. The South             ‘A’ Street,” according to the filing.
Boston Democrat and his campaign            According to court documents, in
treasurer at the time were indicted       Nov. 2009 at OCPF, Wallace told
last year by a Suffolk grand jury for     officials that his treasurer had all
allegedly failing to report thousands     the bank records and he always
of dollars in campaign contributions      would review what Duross prepared
in 2008.                                  for filing with OCPF. In a separate
  Wallace’s attorney, Bill McDer-         sit-down with OCPF in Feb. 2010,
mott, declined to comment late            Wallace said he trusted Duross
Tuesday afternoon when asked about        completely and did not always look
the plea change hearing, which is         at OCPF reports he filed.
scheduled for March 20. A trial             In a separate filing, Duross’s
is tentatively scheduled for May,         attorney also asked for a motion for
according to court records.               continuance without a finding of
  Wallace, 62, served four terms          guilty and unsupervised probation.
in office, representing the Fourth        Duross has requested the severance
Suffolk District, which includes South    of his case and Wallace’s case.
Boston, Harbor Point, and some of           Duross, 51, is a South Boston sprin-
Uphams Corner. A screenwriter, a          kler fitter. His attorney, Thomas
former probation officer in Brighton      Finnerty, Jr., did not immediately         The Conservatory Lab Charter School will host a Spring Fling celebration at
District Court, and onetime aide to       respond to a request for comment on        the Strand Theatre on March 25 to present the achievement of the El Sistema
former mayor Ray Flynn, Wallace           Tuesday.                                   program, which provides music instruction to all of its students.The family-
said in March 2010 he would not run                                                  oriented program will begin at 2 p.m. The event, organized by the school’s
                                          Collins picks up                           Parent Advisory Council, will also feature Boston comedian Tom Hayes as MC
for reelection.
                                                                                     for an afternoon of choral and orchestral music performed by the students,
                                          state committee seat                       including Dorchester’s own Azadi Charles-Sampson, grade 6, pictured above.
                                            State Rep. Nick Collins (D-South         Go to for more information and tickets
                                          Boston) won a write-in campaign to
                                          grab a Democratic state committee
                                          seat, according to unofficial results.
                                          Collins gained 1,518 votes to local        Police probe infant’s death in car
                                          activist Craig Galvin’s 535. At the          Authorities are investigating the death of a six-month-old girl who was
                                          presidential primary election, voters      removed from a car parked at a fast food restaurant in Edward Everett Square
                                          could choose a party committeeman          on Saturday morning. Police say officers responding at the KFC restaurant on
                                          and a woman for their respective state     Columbia Road found emergency medical technicians removing the infant from
                                          Senate district. State Sen. Jack Hart      the vehicle. The baby was taken to Boston Medical Center, where physicians
                                          (D-South Boston) chose not to run          pronounced her dead. There were no visible signs of trauma on the infant.
                                          for the First Suffolk committee seat,      Police are waiting for results of an autopsy to determine the cause and manner
                                          leading Galvin, who last year ran for      of death.
                                          Dorchester’s District 3 City Council         Police say the baby’s mother was in the vehicle when emergency workers
                                          seat, to launch his candidacy. But a       arrived. Authorities did not immediately identify the infant or her mother.
                                          signature-gathering snafu prevented        They also did not say who called emergency workers at the scene and why
                                          him from getting his name on the           they were summoned to help. (AP)
                                          ballot and caused him to wage a
                                          write-in campaign.
                                            Collins jumped in last weekend,
                                                                                     Roberts Park rehab session on March 21
                                                                                       City plans for a $2.8 million improvement project at Roberts Playground will
Brian Wallace: Trial tentatively sched-   urging supporters to place stickers
                                                                                     be the focus on a meeting on Wed., March 21, at 6:30 p.m. inside the Great
uled for May.                             with his name on the ballot. Galvin
                                                                                     Hall on Norfolk Street. The project, financed through the city’s capital fund,
                                          claimed Collins had endorsed him for
                                                                                     will be put out to bid next winter and completed by fall 2013, according to the
  After the charges were formally         the committee seat, a claim Collins
                                                                                     city’s Parks and Recreation Department.
announced in July 2011, he pleaded        disputed. Galvin had the backing
not guilty and contended that the         of others within Dorchester’s State
charges should be settled in a civil
disposition with the state’s Office of
                                          House delegation, including state
                                          Rep. Marty Walsh.
                                                                                     School choice meetings continue this month
                                                                                        The Boston Public Schools will continue a series of community meetings to
Campaign and Political Finance.             Former City Councillor Maureen
                                                                                     discuss improvements to the student assignment/school choice process. The
  His campaign treasurer at the time,     Feeney, who did not have an op-
                                                                                     first such meeting is set for Thursday, March 22, a meeting is planned for
Timothy Duross, also pleaded not          ponent, won the race for First Suffolk
                                                                                     the Irving Middle School, 105 Cummins Highway, Roslindale, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
guilty.                                   committeewoman with 97 percent of
                                                                                        The will be four meetings on Saturday, March 24: Shelburne Community
  Candidates and their treasurers         the vote.                                  Center, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., 2730 Washington St., Roxbury (Cape Verdean Creole
are required to maintain records for                                                 and Somali interpreters.); East Boston High School, 9 a.m.-Noon, 86 White
campaign expenditures for six years       Connolly taps Dot parent                   St., East Boston (Spanish interpreters); Jackson/Mann K-8 School, 11 a.m.-2
after an election. Wallace and Duross     for policy director gig                    p.m., 40 Armington St., Allston (Mandarin and Spanish interpreters); Harbor
are accused of failing to report $6,345     City Councillor At-Large John            School, 9 a.m.-Noon, 11 Charles St., Dorchester (Vietnamese interpreters).
in campaign donations – 17 percent of     Connolly has hired Ann M. Walsh of            There are another four meetings scheduled for Saturday, March 31: The first
total contributions that year – from      Dorchester as his new policy director.     is from 9 a.m.-noon, at the Mildred Avenue K-8 School in Mattapan (Haitian
2008 reports. The charges come with       The Lower Mills resident is a former       interpreters); others include West Roxbury Education Complex, 9 a.m.-Noon
a penalty of one year in prison or a      Boston Public Schools parent who              1205 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury (Spanish interpreters); English High
$1,000 fine, or both.                     was part of a group fighting to keep       School,11 a.m.-2 p.m., 144 McBride St., Jamaica Plain (Mandarin, Somali and
  In a February 2012 filing request-      Lee Academy from merging with the          Spanish interpreters); and East Boston High School,11 a.m.-2 p.m., 86 White
ing that Wallace receive a $2,000         Lee School. She also was a teacher         St., East Boston (Spanish interpreters).
fine and community service, and           in Prince Georges County in the               For more information, see
a judgment without a finding, his         Washington, D.C. area, and worked
attorney wrote, “During the OCPF          on youth development with teenagers
investigation, Brian was responsive       and as a program manager for the               A Readers Guide to Today’s                                                                                Dorchester	Reporter

                                                                                          Dorchester Reporter
                                                                                                                                                                                                    (USPS	009-687)	
to all requests for information brought   Brian Honan Fellowship.                                                                                                                                    Published	Weekly
by the OCPF.” Pointing to similar           Walsh started her job in Connolly’s                                                                                                                      Periodical	postage	
                                                                                                                                                                                                     paid	at	Boston,	MA.		
state campaign finance cases that         office on March 12.
were not referred to the attorney           Connolly was first elected in 2007                                 March 15, 2012                                                                 POSTMASTER:		Send			ad-
                                                                                                                                                                                              dress	changes	to:	
general, the filing added that OCPF       and chairs the City Council’s educa-                                                                                                                 150	Mt.	Vernon	St.,	Suite	120
had been expected to recommend a          tion committee.                                                                                                                                         Dorchester,	MA	02125
                                                                                      Boys	&	Girls	Club	News	............ 20                       Days Remaining Until
“Civil Enforcement Order” and not                                                                                                                                                             Mail	 subscription	 rates	 $30.00	
                                            EDIToR’S NoTE: Material from                                                                 Next	Week’s	Reporter	................. 7             per	 year,	 payable	 in	 advance.	 	
refer the matter. OCPF ended up
                                                                                      Opinion/Editorial/Letters	............ 14                                                               Make	checks	and	money	orders	
doing the opposite and the case is        State House News Service was used                                                              Evacuation	Day	........................... 2         payable	 to	 The	 Dorchester	      	
currently being prosecuted by state       in this report. Check out updates to                                                                                                                Reporter	and	mail	to:													
                                                                                      Neighborhood	Notables	 ............ 16
                                                                                                           .                                                .
                                                                                                                                         First	Day	of	Spring	 ...................... 5
Attorney General Martha Coakley’s         Boston’s political scene at The Lit                                                                                                                  150	Mt.	Vernon	St.,	Suite	120
office.                                   Drop, located at                                                          Easter	........................................ 25        Dorchester,	MA	02125
                                                                                      View	from	Pope’s	Hill	................ 18
  “The public is protected by this        Email us at
sentence since it sends a message to      and follow us on Twitter: @LitDrop                                                                                   News Room: (617) 436-1222
Brian and other political candidates      and @gintautasd.                            Business	Directory..................... 22                               AdveRtisiNg: (617) 436-1222
that they must uphold the law and                                                                                                                               FAx PhoNe: (617) 825-5516
keep records of their contributions                                                   Obituaries	.................................. 30                        subscRiPtioNs: (617) 436-1222
                                                                         March 15, 2012                       THE REPoRTER                                         Page 3

AG sues Port Norfolk landlord for housing discrimination
By gintautas duMcius        a Section 8 federal hous-    reached for comment           in a fraudulent drug-        real estate agent that she     of housing and consumer
    nEws Editor             ing subsidy. The alleged     this week.                    screening operation.         did not want “those type       protection laws, and
   Attorney General         victim is a single mother,     The Lorenzo St. prop-       Smith pleaded not guilty.    of people” renting the         requirements for the
Martha Coakley’s of-        who lost her Dorchester      erty was at the center of        The allegation of         Lorenzo St. apartments.        Bragels to attend train-
fice has filed a housing    home last year and has       controversy last year as      housing discrimination       “Ms. Bragel stated that if     ing sessions on the state’s
discrimination lawsuit      a 21-year-old daughter       well. Members of Port         against the Bragels first    she rented to one Section      fair housing law.
against the owner of an     and a four-year-old son,     Norfolk’s civic associa-      arose in a complaint filed   8 tenant, then she would          “Realtors, brokers and
apartment building in       according to court docu-     tion in late September        with the Massachusetts       have to rent all the units     landlords in Massachu-
the Port Norfolk section    ments.                       objected to the operation     Commission Against           to Section 8 tenants,” the     setts must understand
of Dorchester.                Included in the lawsuit    of a sober home – a resi-     Discrimination in May        lawsuit says.                  that discrimination
   According to the         were Bragel Associates,      dential drug and alcohol      2011. The commission           When Bragel repeated         against those holding
lawsuit filed in Suffolk    the Bridgeview Realty        recovery program – out        found “probable cause” in    the statement to the           housing assistance subsi-
Superior Court, Shirley     Trust and George and         of the three-unit prop-       September 2011, accord-      potential tenant, the          dies is illegal and we will
Smith Bragel allegedly      Shirley Smith Bragel.        erty because they were        ing to court documents on    tenant started to cry,         seek to hold accountable
told a potential tenant     The Bragels, Quincy resi-    not notified in advance.      file in Suffolk Superior     according to the lawsuit.      those who break the
that she could not rent     dents who own several        Weeks later, the operator     Court.                         The attorney general’s       law,” Coakley said in a
an apartment at 12          properties in Boston and     of the sober home, Carl          Coakley’s lawsuit         office in the lawsuit          statement.
Lorenzo St. because the     office space on Dorches-     Smith, was indicted by        states that Shirley Bragel   asks for damages, up to
potential tenant received   ter Ave., could not be       Coakley for participating     told the alleged victim’s    $5,000 for each violation

Trauma team helps victims of violence at BMC
By MEEna raMakrishnan         Although the Violence      since the team’s in-          member or a person who       or an attempt has oc-          he reminds his clients.
spEcial to thE rEportEr     Intervention Advocacy        ception, Gilliam and          has suffered a gunshot       curred. Gilliam may work       “There’s no time limit
  The most courageous       program was already in       his colleague Andrea          or stab wound, each          with a social worker to        for when someone stops
people Clinician Keith      place, the need to provide   Malagon-Meagher have          person manifests grief       find alternative housing       grieving. You’re always
Gilliam knows are victims   immediate and long-term      already seen 162 patients     and trauma in their          with a relative or at a        going to carry that loved
and families who cope       medical services was         and family members            own way. Gilliam says        shelter outside of the city.   one with you.”
with attempted homicide     clear. In August of last     affected by attempted         he has to be as accom-       He also has to determine         The Community Vio-
or the loss of a loved      year, the Community          homicide and 44 people        modating as possible         if the person was a victim     lence Response Team’s
one. Their circumstances    Violence Response Team       coping with the loss of a     when understanding           for any negative activity      trauma services are
are all too common in       began providing free         sibling, child or parent.     his patients’ needs. At      in the community.              part of an overarching
the emergency room at       counseling services to       Dealing with trauma is        the same time he has to         Gilliam reinforces          commitment of injury
Boston Medical Center.      those impacted by vio-       different in each incident,   ensure they are safe after   the number of different        prevention, research and
  Last year, there were     lence. The group is made     but the recovery process      being discharged.            components to trauma           practice. Funding for the
191 victims of gunshot      up of one child and one      is always a long one, he        “I think the most im-      counseling. He tells his       group is provided by a
wounds and 264 victims      adult clinician, including   says.                         portant part is to be        patients that what they        one-year grant from the
of stabbings treated at     Gilliam, a licensed medi-       Gilliam continues to       as flexible as possible,”    are going through—in-          Massachusetts Office
the hospital—including      cal health counselor who     check in with patients        Gilliam says. “Everyone      creased anxiety, anger,        of Victim Assistance
more than half of all re-   sees the older patients.     from the start of his term.   grieves differently and      denial and post-traumatic      through the American
ported homicides in 2011.     “The mental health         Many of them come to          experiences trauma dif-      stress symptoms—are all        Recovery and Reinvest-
Out of the four level-one   component is so impor-       him from doctor refer-        ferently. And you have       normal. In turn, they are      ment Act and the Victims
trauma centers in the       tant and a necessary         rals. But often times,        to understand where          able to express what they      of Crime Act. Boston
city, Boston Medical Cen-   piece. The clients -the      he begins therapy with        folks are in the grieving    need to get out of sessions,   Medical Center is the
ter consistently receives   survivors- are some of the   victims right at their        process and be as sup-       which he says is crucial.      only institution in Boston
the highest number of       strongest people that I’ve   bedside when they wake        portive as you can be.”         “Grief is a journey, and    to receive the grant.
homicide victims for        ever met,” he said.          from surgery. Whether           Safety issues are at the   there’s a lot of hard, dif-
emergency services.           In the first six months    it’s counseling a family      forefront after a homicide   ficult patches at times,”
Page 4   THE REPoRTER   March 15, 2012
                                                                          March 15, 2012                         THE REPoRTER                                         Page 5

Pee Wee A team is skating for the state title this weekend
   By toM Mannion            Coach Heap has been          Then things started to        reach his potential, and       involved moving Bren-          clear.
spEcial to thE rEportEr      assisted this year by        roll: The boys went on        he knows the strengths of      dan Mannion and Sean             No matter what hap-
  The 14-player Dorches-     Phil Mastrogiacomo and       an impressive 13-game         the players well enough        Mannion up to forward          pens this weekend, this
ter Youth Hockey Pee         Steve Pizzarella.            winning streak during         to put them in positions       to join Jack McCarthy          season has been exciting
Wee A team, led by             Who would have             which they outscoring         to succeed.                    where they set up shop in      and fun for the boys,
Coach Richard Heap,          thought way back in          their opponents, 112-22.        Manning the blue line        front of the net, causing      their coaches, and their
will play for the state      September what lay              There was one bump in      most of the season were        big screens, and banging       fans. The memories will
championship this St.        ahead for this bunch         the road, a tough 2-1 loss    Travis Heap, John Mur-         in rebounds.                   last a lifetime.
Patrick’s Day weekend        of 11-to- 13-year-olds,      to Wellesley in late Janu-    ray, Dylan McDougall,            Then there are Kyle                      ***
in Marlborough, tak-         most of whom started         ary. But Coach Heap ral-      and Cullen Burke. They         Pizzarella, Buddy                A personal note to the
ing their 27-1-1 record      playing hockey together      lied his team right back      protected their end of         Penella, and Donovan           boys: If you continue
against the best Pee Wee     when they were barely        into winning form and         the ice ferociously while      Mannion, the “little pints     to follow Coach Heap’s
teams in the state.          able to walk, never mind     the victories kept com-       learning the transition        of pain in the butt” for       lead and keep working
  The roster includes        skate. But they’ve stuck     ing, right through this       game, getting the puck         any team. These three          as a team, who knows
Cullen Burke, John Con-      together like a strong       past weekend when the         out of their own end,          would fly around, dis-         what lies ahead for.
nolly , John B. Driscoll,    marriage through good        team won the District 1       moving it up to neutral        rupting potential threats      You will take a bit of
Travis Heap, Ryan            times and bad.               championship, going un-       ice, and knowing when          by not letting any offense     the “luck of the Irish”
Joyce, Brendan Man-            They started the sea-      defeated in the Greater       to rush or pass to the         get rolling.                   to Marlborough in your
nion, Donovan J. Man-        son with a 10-0 rout of      Boston League finals.         forward line, where Sam          The real confidence          quest for more magic.
nion, Sean Mannion,          Somerville then gained a        Coach Heap, with the       Mastrogiacomo, John            of this team lies on the       Congratulations and
Sam Mastrogiacomo,           3-3 tie against Wellesley,   help of Phil and Steve,       Connolly, and Ryan             shoulders of the guy           thank you to Coaches
Jack McCarthy, Dylan         which would prove to         got and kept his boys         Joyce could work their         between the pipes all          Heap, Mastrogiacomo,
McDougall, John T. Mur-      be a pivotal game in         in great shape with his       magic. The tenacious           season, John Driscoll.         and Pizzarella. Thanks
ray, William Penella         the standings because        stress on skating at prac-    back checking by these         “Mr. Calm and Cool” is         for taking us along for
and Kyle Pizzarella.         Wellesley turned out         tices. He pushes every        boys was impeccable all        their man, as his goals-       the ride.
                             to be a powerhouse.          one of these teens to         year long. One change          against average makes               – TOM MANNION

Proposed law would track hiring on state funded job sites
  By MElissa taBEEk          stick with companies         contracting goals, and        made are being met.            needed to solve the hir-       city and state officials,
spEcial to thE rEportEr      that it has an established   how they follow up on           The website would            ing problems in the state,     as well as community
   A Beacon Hill commit-     relationship with. This      these goals if a contractor   track projects in real-        it is important.               organizations, also sup-
tee has endorsed a bill      can make it difficult for    doesn’t meet them.”           time, rather than post-           “I don’t think it’s going   port the bill.
that aims to increase        “new players” to break         She added that guide-       project, in order to be        to be the silver bullet but       Chang-Diaz predicts
diversity on the site of     into the industry, she       lines state the Com-          utilized by job-seekers.       anything that increases        that the bill will go to
state construction proj-     said.                        monwealth’s goal for          The goal of having a web-      transparency in the            Senate Committee on
ects. The Legislature’s        Beyond providing           workforce diversity on        site is to create a level of   neighborhood and in our        Ways and Means next,
Joint Committee on           equal access to job oppor-   construction projects is      transparency that right        communities is a step          and while the timeline
State Administration         tunities in communities,     15.3 percent minority.        now doesn’t exist, accord-     forward,” said Tanaka.         remains unclear, she
and Oversight signed off     hiring business owners         The bill (S 1568) would     ing to Chang-Diaz, who            The bill has strong         is optimistic about it
on the bill last week. If    within the community         establish a website —         said it will increase the      support in both the            reaching Gov. Deval
it becomes law, it would     has long-term implica-       created by the state          pressure for contractors       community and in the           Patrick’s desk.
prompt the state to track    tions.                       and maintained by the         to meet their proposed         Statehouse. City Coun-            “It’s anyone’s guess,”
if projects are meeting        “It’s not just building    comptroller — to make         goals for projects.            cilors Tito Jackson and        said Chang-Diaz, “but
their goals for hiring       jobs, but it’s building      it easier to track what         Aaron Tanaka, execu-         Ayanna Pressley have           it’s also up to our coali-
minority and women-          wealth in our communi-       numbers are being used        tive director of the Boston    testified in support, as       tion of partners that care
owned businesses and         ties,” said Chang-Diaz.      by agencies and contrac-      Workers Alliance, said         well as activist Mel           about this bill to help get
local residents.               The city of Boston has     tors on projects, and if      that while transparency        King and Rev. Hurmon           it passed.”
   State Sen. Sonia          guidelines, known as the     those goals that were         is not the only thing          Hamilton. Several other
Chang-Diaz, the lead         Boston Residents Job
sponsor of the bill and a    Policy (BRJP), which
Jamaica Plain Democrat,      sets hiring goals for all
said it would codify the     publicly funded projects:
expectation that state       50 percent resident, 25
agencies will take into      percent minority, and 10
account a bidder’s capac-    percent female.
ity to subcontract and         In a story two weeks
hire a diverse workforce     ago, a Reporter analysis
in communities of color,     found that from 2009 to
as well as the bidder’s      2011, compliance with
past performance in          two of those three sub-
achieving that diver-        groups decreased. Resi-
sity, before granting        dent numbers decreased
them a new contract.         to 32.3 percent from 36.9
This gives bidders an        percent. Minority hiring
economic incentive to        dropped as well, decreas-
make a concerted effort      ing to 29.9 percent from
to reach higher numbers      41.4 percent. Female
in terms of diverse sub-     numbers made a small
contracting and hiring.      gain, increasing to 3.8
   “If they can put into     percent from 3.3 percent.
their bid that they are        State Rep. Martin J.
really going to work         Walsh attributed this
hard to reach out to         drop in meeting num-
minority-owned or            bers to a poor economy.
female businesses for        He said he expects the
subcontractors, that’ll      number of projects meet-
be a leg up on another       ing target numbers to
bid. It gives bidders a      increase in the next six
competitive edge,” said      months.
Chang-Diaz.                    In a statement, Chang-
   Chang-Diaz said that      Diaz described how
it is important to help      the state works at this
smaller businesses in        time: “Currently, state
order to provide a level     agencies have differing
playing field. Particu-      practices when it comes
larly in the construction    to settling workforce par-
field, she said, the state   ticipation goals, whether
can have a tendency to       they set diversity sub-
Page 6    THE REPoRTER     March 15, 2012

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day

             Join us on Saturday, March 17
                    St. Patrick’s Day
           for the best Corned Beef Sandwich
                     and traditional
         Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner

                         795 Adams St. • Dorchester

              “The friendliest and most popular pub in Boston”
                                                                          March 15, 2012                   THE REPoRTER                                    Page 7

Golden anniversary for Lopez the Florists
(Continued from page 1) has a badge a break in
the florist shop – from       here.”
the pocketbook of Helen          Like many retail busi-
Clancy – is framed along-     nesses, Lopez’s day gets
side the photo.               started before dawn, in
   “They’re all gone now:     his case with a trip into
Gigi Kenneally, Tom           the Boston Flower Ex-
Sheehan, my dad,” says        change near South Bay.
Don Lopez, 58, surveying      He is there by 5 o’clock
the photo. The lone living    to get the select choice
member of the lineup,         of flowers and plants to
Mrs. Lopez, now lives in a    stock his two massive
nursing home in Florida.      refrigeration units in the
   Bernie Lopez died in       basement of the Adams
May 2010 after spending       Street building.
several happy retirement         “It’s a funny business,
years in Florida with his     because you never really
bride. Today, Don runs        know what a given day
the operation alongside       will be like,” muses
the fourth generation of      Lopez. “Some days you’ll
Lopez men in the Boston       come in and the phones
flower trade: his sons        will be off the hook.”
Donnie, 26, and Mike,            On days like that,
24, who came to work in       Lopez leans on his key
the family business right     employee for the last 37
out of high school.           years, designer Steven
   “I want these guys to      Pizzarrella, an Adams
learn the business so I       Corner native who him-
can sneak out of here a       self started working in
little more,” says Don        the shop as a teenager.
with a laugh. He himself      Pizzarrella isn’t techni-
started working in the        cally family, but he’s as
Adams Village shop as         close as it gets. Along
a teenager in 1967.           with Don’s two sons—
   The florist business       who also design bouquets
has changed signifi-          and arrangements— the
cantly over the interven-     four-man team keeps a
ing years: The internet       regular two-truck de-         This photograph of the opening of Lopez the Florist was taken 50 years ago today at 10 a.m.
and 800 numbers have          livery service going on
                                                            much, either,” he says,   some of the other small   share the block, like the     a great base and great
pruned down the walk-in       normal days. In the high
                                                            adding that he misses     businesses that used to   hardware store. “It’s still   place to do business.”
trade at small shops like     season— Valentine’s
this one. Even holidays       and Mother’s Day, for
like Easter aren’t what       example— they contract
they once were, accord-       out to as many as 10
ing to Lopez, who can         other drivers.
remember that the store          “We all do everything
would be swarming with        here, from answering the
customers after Masses        door to designing casket
let out at the local par-     covers,” says Don.
ishes.                           His father would be
   “It’s not like that any    proud to see that the
more. People’s tastes         small storefront he
have changed,” he said.       passed along to his son
“When my father ran           is destined for the hands
the place, there wasn’t a     of the next generation
single inch of open shelf     of Lopez boys. “He’d be
space in here. Nowadays,      thrilled,” Don says of his
we don’t need all that        dad. “He was such a great
inventory. People aren’t      mentor and teacher to
looking for the silk flow-    me. I never went to floral
ers anymore. It has hit all   school. He just told me,
the mom and pop stores        keep your eyes open and
that way. We’ve had           watch what I do. That’s
to adjust and do more         how he learned, too, from
online ourselves.”            his father.
   The Lopez store is            “It’s still truly a per-
much bigger these days.       sonal business. When
In 1967, five years after     someone loses someone,
moving to Dorchester,         that’s when you want to
Bernie had done well          speak with a familiar
enough to buy the build-      voice, someone you know
ing and expand its foot-      and trust, not some 800
print to its current size.    operator. That’s the part
   What keeps Lopez           of the florist business
strong these days, Don        that will never change.
says, is a loyal customer     That’s when the tradi-
base that keeps turning       tion kicks in.”
to this family at the times      Don thinks that, in
when they’re needed           time, his sons will take
most. “The heart of our       the family business to
business is weddings          new heights. He has
and funerals. We have         no immediate plans to
done weddings for three       retire, but does look
generations for some          forward to more spring
families,” Lopez says.        days out on the golf
“And we’re well estab-        course.
lished with corporate            “This neighborhood
accounts, the police and      has been great to us. It
fire. We give anyone who      really hasn’t changed too

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Page 8    THE REPoRTER        March 15, 2012

         St. Patrick’s
         When reminiscing about St. Patrick’s Day, one cannot but re-
         flect upon “one of Boston’s great Irishmen,” Andrew Carney,
         the founder and benefactor of Carney Hospital.

                Steward Carney Hospital
            Because this is your neighborhood,
                your hospital, your health.

               Good things are happening
                  at Carney Hospital
   	        •		 Fast,	friendly	Emergency	Room	service

   	        •		 New	state-of-the-art	Operating	Rooms

   	        •	 New	dedicated	Family	Medicine	Department

   	        •		 Primary	Care	Physicians	accepting	new	patients

    For more information or to book an appointment call: 617-506-4400
                                                                        March 15, 2012                      THE REPoRTER                                         Page 9

State renews quest for federal funds for Neponset Trail

A map published by the state’s Dept. of Conservation and Recreation shows
the proposed route of the Neponset Greenway extension through Milton and
and Shop, according to       key segment of the trail   – Morrissey Boulevard to
DCR.                         along Dorchester Bay.      Tenean Beach – would        as reasons for optimism.      Dorchester, Mattapan,           before the Committee
  The planned expan-           An announcement          begin the following June.   A DCR spokeswoman             and Milton.                     on Transportation, the
sion includes two bridges    on the grant funding       The full project would be   added that they had been        Calling the missing           state, which has already
in Mattapan, and the         winners is expected in     complete in fall 2014,      asked to reapply.             links a “big priority           provided funding for the
completion of what’s         June. If the Neponset      under the current DCR          It’s unclear if there is   for me,” Forry said she         Kennedy Greenway,
considered a missing         Greenway trail is in-      plan.                       any sort of back-up plan      would work with fellow          would send $20 million
link in a trail stretching   cluded in the new outlay     “We know we’re com-       if the project again fails    lawmakers and Gov.              in additional money to
from South Boston to         of funds, construction     petitive, so we might       to pick up the federal        Deval Patrick, who lives        the park over five years.
the Blue Hills. One          could begin as early       prevail,” said Valerie      dollars.                      near the trail, to obtain          “Some of the funding
bridge is a pedestrian       as August, beginning       Burns, head of the Boston      “If we’re not successful   the funding. “We’re going       commitments do raise
passageway over the          with a segment along       Natural Areas Network,      with this round, we’ve        to fight for the rest of it.”   questions of equity,”
Mattapan MBTA sta-           the Neponset Valley        an advocacy group that      got to come up with the         The chase for fed-            Burns acknowledged,
tion, and the other span     Parkway in Hyde Park.      has been closely tracking   Plan B and really begin       eral funding along the          before adding, “But I
the river between Boston       Work on the second       the project.                to implement it,” Burns       Neponset comes as a             have to say I really am
and Milton.The project       phase – a one-mile           Burns pointed to less     said.                         spotlight shines on an-         encouraged that the
also includes fleshing       stretch between Milton’s   competition in this round      That would likely mean     other greenway in the           Patrick administration
out the trail near the       Central Avenue and Mat-    of TIGER grant applica-     a piecemeal approach,         city: The 15-acre Rose          seems committed to
rainbow gas tank owned       tapan Square – would       tions and to DCR joining    breaking up funding for       Kennedy Greenway in             figuring out how to fund
by National Grid, allow-     begin next March, while    up with the state trans-    the various segments          the center of Boston            this.”
ing for safer passage in a   work on a third segment    portation department        that must be built out.       that sprung up in the              Material from State
                                                                                    Money for that work           wake of the Big Dig.            House News Service was
Star Five Oil quits Bowdoin-Geneva site                                             would likely come from        Under a bill that was up        used in this report.
   Star Five Oil, a          requests for comment.      did not identify herself    state coffers, according to   for a hearing this week
Dorchester company           A woman who picked up      said the company had        state Rep. Linda Dorcena
frequently at odds           the phone last week but    merged with Empire Oil.     Forry, who represents
with city officials and

Bowdoin-Geneva resi-
dents, has apparently
left the neighborhood,
city officials say.

                                     St. Patrick’s Day
   The move came after
city officials issued an
abatement order in De-
cember to the company’s
owners, demanding they
remove trucks parked
illegally on the property,
including an oil truck
and an 18-wheeler. In
                                   R & R Landscape Co.
February, an 18-wheeler                    Residential and Commercial
parked on the company’s
lot was ticketed and                                    Serving the Greater Boston Area
   The city’s Inspection                                Landscape Contractor
Services Department
has clashed with Star                                   Landscape Installations
Five Oil in court, and in
July 2009 a judge found                                 Seasonal Maintenance Contracts
the company did not
have legal standing to                                  Spring & Fall Cleanup
park its trucks in a lot
adjacent to its Bowdoin-                                Fully Insured
Geneva building. But
the company continued                                   Tel.: 617-828-7404
to violate the law, city
officials said.                                         E-mail:
   Star Five owners have
not returned multiple
Page 10   THE REPoRTER   March 15, 2012
                                                                                                 March 15, 2012               THE REPoRTER                                   Page 11

    Quips, barbs on St. Patricks’s breakfast menu
(Continued from page 1)               Thomas Menino, Lt.                  jabbing. Gov. Deval            probably prove to be       Irish band, will provide    Sat., March 24 at 11
    down West Broadway,               Gov. Timothy Murray,                Patrick, who will be           fodder among the elected   on-scene music at the       a.m. and also make the
    and finishes up near the          state Senate President              returning on Sunday            officials who will be      breakfast. Comcast          broadcast available on
    Andrew Square station,            Therese Murray, House               from a vacation in the         taking the microphone.     SportsNet plans to re-      its OnDemand section.
    will follow the breakfast         Speaker Robert DeLeo,               US Virgin Islands and is         The Wolfe Tones, an      air the breakfast on
    at around 12:30 p.m.              and Joseph Kennedy                  skipping the breakfast,
      NECN’s Jim Braude               III, a Democrat who is              will likely to be a target
    will anchor coverage
                                                                                                             GERARD’S RESTAURANT
                                      running for US Rep.                 of quips, as will former
    of the breakfast, with            Barney Frank’s seat.                Gov. Mitt Romney, who
    political reporter Alison           Walsh predicted that              is struggling to lock up
    King providing reports            Kennedy, the son of                 the Republican nomina-
    from the breakfast
    floor. Among the ex-
                                      former Congressman
                                      Joseph Kennedy II, will
                                                                          tion for president.
                                                                            Lt. Gov. Murray’s Nov.
                                                                                                             Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Gerard’s
    pected guests: Mayor              likely come in for some             2 car crash could also

      HARBORPOINT LIQUORS                                                                                                 Featuring:
	          	          	          	         	          	           at	Shaws	Market				                              Corned Beef                                        Gerard’s
                                                                                                                                                               Corned Beef & Cabbage
                            Happy St. Patrick’s Day                                                                & Cabbage                                    a Dorchester tradition!

     Smirnoff Vodka                    Captain Morgan                        Jameson Irish                                   Red or Grey
              1.75 L                            1.75 L                         Whiskey
      Was: $23.99 Now: $20.99           Was: $31.99 Now: $27.99                    1.75 L
            Save $3.00                        Save $4.00                   Was: $46.99 Now: $41.99
       Bailey’s Irish                      Apothic Red                           Save $5.00
              750 ml
                                                750 ml
                                         Was: $11.99 Now: $9.99
                                                                             Jack Daniel’s                          Irish Fiddler Kevin Doherty
                                                                                   750 ml
      Was: $29.99 Now: $24.99                  Save $2.00                  Was: $26.99 Now: $22.99           performs through the day on March 17
            Save $5.00
                                               Mark West                         Save $4.00
      Guinness Draft                           Pinot Noir                Ciello Pinot Grigio                   Join us Saturday 11 a.m. - noon for
        12 pack bottles                         750 ml                              1.5 L
      Was: $14.99 Now: $12.99
       Save $2.00 (plus deposit)
                                         Was: $12.99 Now: $9.99             Was: $12.99 Now: $9.99          live broadcast WROL’s Irish Hit Parade
                                               Save $3.00                         Save $3.00
        Smithwick’s                    Bud & Bud Light                           Guinness
                                                                                                             Gerard’s is the home of a weekly Irish Session every
       12 pack bottles                    18 pack bottles                                                                 Wednesday night, 6-9 p.m.
                                                                                 8 pack cans
     Was: $14.99 Now: $12.99            Was: $15.99 Now: $13.99             Was: $13.10 Now: $11.99          Dorchester’s Best Irish Breakfast served every day
      Save $2.00 (plus deposit)          Save $2.00 (plus deposit)           Save $1.11 (plus deposit)
          Stock up for St. Patrick’s Day on Guinness, Baileys, Bushmills,                                             776 Adams Street
                     and everything you need for the parade!                                                           Adams Village
                 We will be open from 12:00 - 6:00 p.m. on Sunday
                        Massachusetts Sales Tax of 6.25% on all Beer, Liquor, and Wine.                                  Dorchester
               Sale Effective 03/11 - 3/24/12                    Open Mon-Sat 9:00am - 11:00pm                          617-282-6370
        45 Morrissey Blvd., Dorchester          617-282-1315
Page 12          THE REPoRTER                            March 15, 2012

         Arts & Entertainment                                                                                    Coming Up at the Boston Public Library
                                                                                                                Adams Street
                                                                                                                690 Adams Street • 617- 436-6900
                                                                                                                Codman Square

Mother Teresa St. Pat’s breakfast                                                                               690 Washington St. • 617-436-8214
                                                                                                                Fields Corner
                                                                                                                1520 Dorchester Ave. • 617-436-2155
helps to fund Brett Food Pantry                                                                                 Lower Mills
                                                                                                                27 Richmond Street • 617-298-7841
  By chris harding           pantry (which is open      ning journalist. Red Sox   Dorchester Hall of Fame      Uphams Corner
spEcial to thE rEportEr      every Thursday and         Team Internist Dr. Larry   are State Rep. Marty         500 Columbia Road • 617-265-0139
  This coming Sunday,        Saturday) continue to      Ronan co-chairs the        Walsh (D-Dorchester),
                                                                                                                Grove Hall
the local media will focus   grow. Pantry staff say     brunch fundraiser along    former Suffolk County
                                                                                                                57 Crawford St. • 617-427-3337
its attention on State       that just a few years      with the President and     Sheriff Richard Rouse,
Senator Jack Hart’s          ago they were serving      Chief Executive Officer    and event organizer          Mattapan Branch
nationally televised,        25 families a month.       of The New England         Mary Joyce Morris, plus      1350 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan • 617-298-9218
barb-swapping St. Pat-       Now they provide food      Council, James Brett for   two surprise honorees.
rick’s Day breakfast         for about 350 families     whose late mother the        Previous inductees           Homework Assistance Homework Assistance
at the Boston Conven-        each month out of their    pantry is named.           into the Dot Hall of Fame    Program (HAP). Trained mentors offer homework
tion Center. But on          450 registered families.     The musical portion      include Don Rodman,          help in the Rey Children’s Room when Boston Public
Saturday, the holiday          The principal speaker    of the program will fea-   Joanne Sullivan, Frank       Schools are in full session. Saturdays 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
itself, Dorchester insid-    will be Leigh Montville,   ture Lieutenant Pauline    Cleary, Roger Croke,         and Sundays 1-5pm.
ers know to look closer      former senior writer       Wells of the Cambridge     Elle McDermott, Dr.                     ADAMS STREET BRANCH
to home for an equally       for Sports Illustrated     Police Department. Last    Ronan, Robert Quinn,            Friday, March 16 9:30a.m. – Open Winter
meaningful late morning      who spent 21 years as      March the patriotic vo-    Maureen Feeney, Rich-        Playgroup. Make the library your playground this
Gaelic gala.                 a sports columnist for     calist appeared at the     ard Valentine, and Bill      winter in our open playgroup, for children ages
  March 17 is the date       the Boston Globe. His      Wilbur Theatre as the      Walczak.                     1 1/2 to 6. Toys, puppets, big books, board books,
for the sixth annual         subject will be one he     special guest of Ronan       Those wishing to buy       crafts, crayons, and more in our heated auditorium.
fundraising brunch for       is well acquainted with:   Tynan. Twice Lt. Wells     tickets or simply to make    Children must be accompanied by an adult.
the Mary Ann Brett Food      the Splendid Splinter.     has sung the national      a donation should write        11 a.m. – Introduction to Email. Class for those
Pantry of Blessed Moth-      Montville’s “Ted Wil-      anthem at Fenway Park.     checks payable to “Mary      wanting to start with an email account.
er Teresa Parish. The        liams: The Biography       Her most recent perfor-    Ann Brett Food Pantry          Tuesday, March 20, 10:30 a.m. – Reading
$100 a plate, 125-seat       of an American Hero,”      mance in Dorchester was    Blessed Mother Teresa        Readiness – Spring Session. Story times designed
celebration (featuring       about the Hall of Fame     at the 3rd annual Irish    Parish.” BMT is located      to develop the building blocks for literacy. Includes
a traditional breakfast      left fielder for the Red   Heritage Festival, where   at 800 Columbia Road,        games, manipulatives, songs and activities for
catered by Gerard’s of       Sox, won the Casey         she was backed by Devri,   Dorchester 02125.            children ages 3 - 5. Children must be accompanied
Adams Corner) runs           Award for best baseball    a local Irish band with      For ticket information     by an adult.
from 10 a.m. to noon in      book of 2004.              whom she frequently        call 617-436-2190 and                  CoDMAN SqUARE BRANCH
the lower church hall.         Also from Red Sox        collaborates.              leave a message for the        Friday, March 16, 10:30 a.m. – Preschool Story
  Over the past five         Nation will be the emcee     The breakfast also       pastor Fr. Jack Ahern,       Time. Every story time has three stories on a theme
years, the charity event     Dick Flavin, who is the    affords the opportunity    who in advance wishes        and a craft. 4p.m. Knitting Club. Vashti Massaqoi
has raised more than         Official Poet Laureate     to pay tribute to Dot-     contributors “Go raibh       of IMYE programs will teach a knitting class for
$100,000 for the cause.      of the team as well as     born and/or Dot-raised     míle maith agat!” (“Many     school-aged children until the end of the school year.
But the demands on the       a popular commentator      luminaries. This year’s    thanks!”)                      Tuesday, March 20, 11 a.m. – Preschool Story
                             and multi-Emmy win-        inductees into the                                      Time. Be sure to call in advance to verify that this
                                                                                                                event has not been rescheduled or canceled.
                                                                                                                  Wednesday, March 21, 4 p.m. – Knitting Club.
                                                                                   Harvard Glee,                Vashti Massaqoi of IMYE programs will teach a
                                                                                                                knitting class for school-aged children until the end
                                                                                   All Saints                   of the school year.
                                                                                   Choir plan                              FIELDS CoRNER BRANCH
                                                                                                                  Friday, March 16, 11 a.m. – Play to Learn
                                                                                   joint concert                Playgroup and Story Time. Free play time for parents
                                                                                                                and toddlers starts at 11 am with a short story
                                                                                   March 27                     and song session beginning at 11:30 am. This is a
                                                                                                                collaboration between Countdown to Kindergarten,
                                                                                     What do Harvard            Play to Learn playgroups, and the Fields Corner
                                                                                   Square and Dorchester’s      branch.
                                                                                   Ashmont neighborhood           Tuesday, March 20, 6:30 p.m. – Hatha Yoga.
                                                                                   have in common—be-           Free Hatha Yoga class taught by integral yoga
                                                                                   sides being stops at         instructor Alicia Zipp.
                                                                                   either end of the Red          Wednesday, March 21, 10:30 a.m. – Preschool
                                                                                   Line? They are both          Films and Fun. Preschool fun for kids ages 2 and up.
                                                                                   home to first-rate all-                   GRoVE HALL BRANCH
                                                                                   male choral ensembles:         Friday, March 16, 10:30 a.m. – Preschool
                                                                                   the Harvard Glee Club        Storybook Films. reschoolers are welcome to watch
                                                                                   and the Parish of All        beloved classic stories spring to life on the big
                                                                                   Saints’ Choir of Men &       screen with four short films. Meet in the children’s
                                                                                   Boys.                        activity room.
                                                                                     The musical directors        Saturday, March 17, 1 p.m. – An Afternoon of
                                                                                   of the groups—Andrew         Neil Simon. Play Around will be performing select
                                                                                   Sheranian (Ashmont)          scenes from American playwright Neil Simon’s plays
                                                                                   and Andrew Clark (Har-       “The Odd Couple” and “London Suite.”
                                                                                   vard)—have planned an          Monday, March 19, 1:30 p.m. – ESL Conversation
                                                                                   evening of socializing       Group. Improve your English language skills at the
                                                                                   and music-making for         ESL Conversation Group.
                                                                                   March 27th, culminating          Wednesday, March 21, 10:30 a.m. – Pierce
                                                                                   in a joint concert of the    House Story Time and Craft for Preschoolers.
                                                                                   ensembles at 7p.m. at        Registration required.
                                                                                   the Parish of All Saints,      Exhibition – Water Color Paintings by Vanessa
                                                                                   209 Ashmont Street,          Kelly-Loud. A native of Roxbury, Vanessa Kelly-
                                                                                   Dorchester.                  Loud brings to life through her work the rich cultural
                                                                                     The concert is free, and   traditions of Black women. Through March 31.
                                                                                   will last about one hour.                LoWER MILLS BRANCH
                                                                                   Mr. Sheranian especially       Thursday, March 15, 6:30 p.m. – Book Discus-
                                                                                   invites boys in the 3rd      sion. The Year We Left Home: A Novel by Jean
                                                                                   through 6th grades who       Thompson will be discussed.
                                                                                   are interested in singing      Tuesday, March 20, 10:30a.m. – Preschool Circle
                                                                                   and their parents to         Time. Come read stories, sing songs, and make crafts.
                                                                                   attend, and to speak with      Wednesday, March 21, 11 a.m. – Laptop Basics.
                                                                                   him more about the choir     Learn the basics of laptop use with one of the library’s
                                                                                   after the concert.           Windows or Mac laptops. Please call or come in to
                                                                                     For more information       sign up in advance.
                                                                                   about the respective                       MATTAPAN BRANCH
                                                                                   organizations, visit har-      Friday, March 16 10:30 a.m. – Toddler Films.
                                                                          and           Saturday, March 17, 10:30 a.m. – Laptop
                                                                                        Classes. Please call the Mattapan Branch Library
                                                                                       FoR THE lATEST           for more detail at 617-298-9218.
                                                                                     UpDATES loG oN To            Wednesday, March 21, 11:30 a.m. – Laptop
                                                                                     AND FolloW US oN                     UPHAMS CoRNER BRANCH
                                                                                          TWITTER                 Tuesday, March 20, 10:30 a.m. – Family Story
                                                                                         @DoTNEWS               Time. Story time lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and
                                                                                                                is followed by a craft and an open play time.
                                                                                  March 15, 2012                        THE REPoRTER                                       Page 13

                                                                                                                                                        News about people
                                                                                                                                                            in & around
                                                                                                                                                        our Neighborhoods

                             Island College Hospital,    munity educator and
                             Brooklyn, NY. He has        public health practitioner
                             served as the Head of       who is focused on reduc-
                             Clinic in the Refugee       ing health disparities
                             Camp in Singapore and       in Massachusetts. She
                             Indonesia, in addition      has spearheaded many
                             to working at Giadinh       projects to reduce health
                             Medical Training Center     disparities and to in-
                             in Saigon, Vietnam.         crease access to cultur-
                               Dr. Vu’s practice is      ally competent health
  Huy Linh Vu, M.D.,         located at 1100 Washing-    care for the estimated
an internist and pediatri-   ton Street, Dorchester.     80,000 Haitians living in
cian with strong ties to                 ***             Massachusetts.
the local Vietnamese           Dr. Michele David,          She serves as Chair
community, has joined        a Mattapan resident,        of the Board for Youth
the medical staff at         has joined the internal     and Family Enrichment
Beth Israel Deaconess        medicine department         Services, Inc., a com-
Hospital-Milton (BID-        of Harvard Vanguard         munity agency focused                   The Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of
Milton), formerly Milton     Medical Associates in       on addressing health                    Girl Scouts, placed larger than life, green sashes on the statues at Boston’s
Hospital.                    Cambridge. The multi-       disparities. Dr. David                  Women’s Memorial on Commonwealth Ave. on March 10. Pictured above are
  “We are thrilled to        specialty physician prac-   also has received several               members of the Roxbury Girl Scout Troop and Girl Scouts of Eastern Mas-
welcome Dr. Vu to the        tice with offices across    awards, including the                   sachusetts CEo Ruth Bramson. The sashes, made by Boston designer Denis
team,” said Joseph V.        eastern Massachusetts       2010 William A. Hinton                  Hajjar, were placed on statues of Abigail Adams, presidential advisor, Lucy
Morrissey, President,        is an affiliate of Atrius   Award given to her by the               Stone, women’s rights activist and Phillis Wheatley, poet – all of whom em-
Beth Israel Deaconess        Health.                     Massachusetts Commis-                   bodied the leadership roles in their lives that the Girl Scouts strive to instill
Hospital-Milton. “He           Prior to joining Har-     sioner of Public Health                 in their members. The March 10 event kicks off year long festivities planned
brings a broad range of      vard Vanguard, Dr.          in recognition of her                   for the 100th year anniversary. To get involved and take part in this historial
                             David was the internal      activism, commitment to                 year, visit
experience, particularly
among the Vietnamese         medicine department         public health and tireless              tive Community (EPIC)           This year marks the         Dorchester charter
community. We look           medical director at Medi-   work to educate others on               for driving among the        fourth time BCCS has           school have consistently
forward to growing along-    cal Legal Partnership in    health inequities.                      highest student achieve-     been selected as an EPIC       achieved top academic
side a physician of his      Boston. She also worked       Dr. David is an avid                  ment gains of the 179        award-winning school in        results. The school’s 2011
caliber.”                    at the National Center of   quilter and advocates                   schools participating        five years.                    MCAS results saw 100%
  Dr. Vu completed his       Excellence in Women’s       art therapy as a form                   in the EPIC National            “We are thrilled to be      of tenth grade students
Doctorate of Medicine        Health at Boston Uni-       of physical and mental                  Charter School Consor-       an EPIC award-winning          scoring Advanced or
at Saigon University         versity as director of      rehabilitation.                         tium. School leaders and     school for the fourth time!”   Proficient in both English
of Medicine in Saigon,       the Community Health                    ***                         teachers of BCCS will re-    said Shannah Varón,            Language Arts and Math.
Vietnam, before finish-      Programs.                     Boston Collegiate                     ceive individual financial   Executive Director, “It        BCCS is also the only
ing his clinical at Long       Dr. David is a com-       Charter School (BCCS)                   rewards in exchange for      is a true testament to the     public, non-exam school
                                                         is one of only fourteen                 working with New Lead-       enduring dedication of         in the state in which 100
                                                         charter schools from                    ers for New Schools to       our school leaders, teach-     percent of students have
        Bubbles’ Birthdays                               across the country to                   document and share the       ers, students, families,       passed the tenth grade
                                                         be honored by the New                   effective practices that     and community.”                Math MCAS for the past
       And Special Occasions                             Leaders for New Schools                 led to students’ success.       Students at the             nine years.
              By BarBara Mcdonough                       Effective Practice Incen-
  “The Godfather” movie debuted on Mar. 15, 40

years ago. Julius Caesar was assassinated on Mar.
15, in 44 BC. Maine was admitted to the Union
after being part of Massachusetts, on Mar. 15,             Peggy Walsh
1820. The US Military Academy was founded at
West Point, NY, on Mar. 16, 1802. Nat “King” Cole
                                                         Our Family Chain
was born in Montgomery, AL, on Mar. 17, 1919.
Evacuation Day (in 1776) is celebrated on Mar.
17. Mar. 17 is a national holiday in Ireland. The
New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade, with 200,000
                                                             In loving memory

                                                             Scott Michael
                                                                                                   St. Patrick’s Day
marchers, begins at 11 a.m. and takes six hours
to complete. Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th
president, was born in Caldwell, NJ, on Mar. 18,
                                                               Riley, Sr.
175 years ago. Sunday is the 111th St. Patrick’s/
Evacuation Day Parade in Boston.
  The Schick Company began marketing the
electric razor on Mar 18, 1931.The Isabella Stewart
Gardner in Boston was broken into early in the
morning on Mar. 18, 1990. The thieves stole 13
pieces of art, worth $500 million. First Parish
Church will celebrate its birthday on Mar. 19
(1630). William Bradford, who became the governor                August 26 1969
of the Plimouth Colony, was born in England in                   -March 19 2012
Mar. 19,1589. Mar. 19 is the feast day of St. Joseph,
the patron saint of fathers. Swallows traditionally             We little knew that morning
return to San Juan Capistrano on Mar. 19 each                That God would call your name.
year. WCVB-TV began telecasting on Mar. 19,
                                                                In life we loved you dearly;
1972, 40 years ago! Gen. Douglas McArthur made
his “I shall return….” speech on Mar. 20, 1942. The               In death we do the same.
John & Mary sailed from Plymouth, England, with               It broke our hearts to lose you,
140 settlers, on Mar. 20, 1630. Spring begins on
Tues., Mar. 20, at 1:14 a.m., EDT. Pocahontas died                but you did not go alone,
from Smallpox at about age 22 on Mar. 21, 1617.                For part of us went with you
  Celebrities having birthdays are: Danny Ainge,
                                                              The day God called you home.
53 on Mar. 17; Patrick “Dallas” Duffy, 63 on Mar.
17; Rob Lowe, 48 on Mar. 17; Queen Latifah, 42 on             You left us beautiful memories
Mar. 18; Glenn Close, 65 on Mar. 19; Bruce Willis,              Your love is still our guide,
57 on Mar. 19; Holly Hunter, 54 on Mar. 20; Hal
Linden, 81 on Mar. 20; Bruins great Bobby Orr,               And though we cannot see you,
64 on Mar. 20; Matthew Broderick, 50 on Mar. 21;                You are always by our side.
and Rosie O’Donnell, 50 on Mar. 21.                             Our family chain in broken
  Those celebrating their birthdays are Kay
Quigley, WROL’s Matt O’Donnell, Christine Parent               And nothing seems the same,
(Paul’s wife), Pat MacNaught, Katie Flynn, Buddy             But as God calls us one by one,
Murphy, Mary Ellen Tevnan, Isabella Delano,
Terry (Bielecki) Owens, Adgie Hurley, Sharon                     The chain will link again.
O’Neil, and Joe Harty.
  Also observing their birthdays are Lucy Hebard,
photographer Eileen O’Connor, Dan Harden,
                                                                          Author Unknown
Janusz Bartkiewicz, Melissa Mills, and twins
Joyce and Emily Meehan. Special good wishes are
sent to Mary Walsh, Marty’s Mom, on her special
birthday this week. William and Bridget Leahy
                                                                      Marsha,	Scott	Jr.	
                                                                       Michael,	Rachel
                                                                Cole,	Danielle	&	Jared
                                                                                                      Michael Capuano
are celebrating their anniversary this week.
Page 14              THE REPoRTER                                         March 15, 2012
                                                                         Evacuation Day: March 17, 1776:
Governor,                                                                Washington’s gamble turned the tide
legislators: Put our                                                                     By pEtEr F. stEvEns
Greenway on your                                                                           rEportEr staFF
                                                                            On the night of March 4, 1776, the Patriot officers
                                                                         gave the order to 2,000 or so men: no one was to speak
must-do list                                                             above a whisper. As American batteries opened up
                                                                         on British positions in and around Boston to cloak
   The Patrick administration and its legislative allies                 the long file of Continental troops in “blue and buff”
on Beacon Hill are once again pinning the future of                      greatcoats or other hues, who lugged timber and
the long-delayed Neponset Greenway expansion on                          cannons as silently as possible through the darkened
winning a federal grant worth almost $12 million.                        streets of Roxbury and into Dorchester.
   The state’s application for the federal grant is a                       Wincing from the blustery blasts off the Atlantic
good one and we hope it is successful. But, it was                       and from the heft of their ordnance, they pushed
a good application last year, too, and the Obama                         ever closer to their objective: Dorchester Heights.
administration did not fund it then. US Transporta-                      If spotted by the redcoat batteries, disaster loomed;
tion chief Ray LaHood bypassed the Greenway in                           if the procession reached the hills, the British regi-
allotting tax dollars to dozens of other transportation                  ments in Boston below and the British warships in
projects across the country -- including several in the                  the harbor and the Charles River would lay wide
president’s home state of Illinois.                                      open to lethal blasts of Colonial artillery from the
   So it comes as a shock to learn that our governor                     Heights. George Washington, the American com-
and our lawmakers have no Plan B to deal with                            mander, was rolling the dice in Dorchester.
the fallout from a second turndown. Why is there                            Washington had the wherewithal to destroy
no other plan in place to fund the Greenway’s                            Boston if necessary, “notwithstanding the property
construction, which could start as soon as this June                     and friends within it.” Since his arrival in Cambridge
if money is secured? Where is the sense of urgency                       in late June 1775, the Virginian had been grimly
on the part of our elected leaders to follow through                     determined to drive Sir William Howe’s redcoat
on their commitment, particularly to the people of                       regiments, over 9,000 strong, from the region and
Mattapan, who continue to be walled off from the                         break the stalemate. With the eye of the surveyor and
natural resources of the Neponset? Is there no one                       soldier, Washington soon grasped that emplacing
at the State House who cares enough about this                           batteries atop Dorchester Heights could put the            Dorchester Heights               Bill Coughlin photo
project – and the people in this community who’d                         British at his mercy. The problem he faced in doing
benefit from it – to take the lead here?                                 so was twofold: where to come up with the heavy
                                                                                                                                    2,000 bandages “prepared to dress the wounded.”
   You would think that our governor, the man who                        cannons necessary to pour metal upon the redocats,
                                                                                                                                       Many residents of Dorchester hauled timber
will criss-cross the country over the next few months                    and how to take the heights before the British could
                                                                                                                                    toward the Heights on that icy, blustery night,
preaching the virtues of the Obama government,                           respond with sea and land bombardments of exposed
                                                                                                                                    chief among them “Mr. Boies.” The History of
would be that up-front person, given his personal                        American troops approaching the hills or seize the
                                                                                                                                    Dorchester records: “The late Mr. William Sumner,
ties to the president and the fact that this project is,                 Heights before Washington.
                                                                                                                                    of Dorchester, so well remembered by many of those
literally, right in his backyard. Yes, it would take a                      On January 24, Henry Knox, a bold, portly
                                                                                                                                    now living [in the 1850s], drove one team. He carried
hard ask from governor to president to wrest those                       bookseller and former Bostonian, solved the first
                                                                                                                                    five loads before daylight, and remembered it with
millions from LaHood’s grasp, but surely he is up                        problem. Having seized Fort Ticonderoga, in upstate
                                                                                                                                    great satisfaction to his last days.”
to that. Yet on that same basis, he evidently didn’t                     New York, he and his men dragged the garrison’s
                                                                                                                                       With each step along the frozen track to the
make a push last year. Why?                                              ponderous cannons through dense snow and icy
                                                                                                                                    Heights, the men’s collective tension swelled: “No
   The essence of political support implies a two-way                    gusts all the way to Cambridge. Now, Washington
                                                                                                                                    man was allowed to speak above a whisper, and
process. Voters in Mattapan give to Deval Patrick                        turned his attention in earnest to Dorchester
                                                                                                                                    thus the work went on silently, and unknown to
(92 percent) and Barack Obama (95 percent). Should                       Heights.
                                                                                                                                    the enemy, whose attention was in the mean time
not these same voters expect due consideration given                        The American commander’s counterpart, Howe,
                                                                                                                                    attracted elsewhere by a constant cannonading kept
to federal help for a project involving a precious                       also had his sights on Dorchester Neck and the
                                                                                                                                    up from the American camp at Cambridge and in
natural resource that will breathe new life into their                   Heights. As The History of Dorchester notes, “For
neighborhood?                                                            a long time, the English officers had their attention
                                                                                                                                       The troops went right to work on the hills’ summits,
   In the months since the last TIGER grant proposal                     fixed on what they denominated, on their plan, the
                                                                                                                                    erecting gun emplacements and bastions with a
fell through, legislators have done nothing to advance                   twin hills, with the intention of fortifying them; but
                                                                                                                                    “bird’s-eye” and deadly view of Boston and the water
an alternative funding source in the state budget,                       while they were awaiting reinforcements enough to
                                                                                                                                    below. Once the Patriots had secured the position,
leaving everything to chance on this next round of                       hazard it, the good judgment of General Washington
                                                                                                                                    they dug in mortars and large-bore cannons.
competitive grants from LaHood’s purse.                                  prompted him to secure the hills, and he improved
                                                                                                                                       Howe, stunned to wake up on March 5 and find the
   Contrast that inaction about a Mattapan initiative                    the opportunity.”
                                                                                                                                    Patriots on the high ground of the Heights, wrote
with the efforts of lawmakers from another part of                          In early March, Washington and his staff rode
                                                                                                                                    to Lord Dartmouth: “It [the capture of the Heights]
Boston – the North End – who never stop advancing                        out to Dorchester, and reined in at the farm of
                                                                                                                                    must have been the employment of twelve thousand
their own legislation to get state funds for another                     Captain John Homans, who lived in “the upper end
                                                                                                                                    men.” Reportedly, the British general added: “The
Greenway, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, which                               of town.” Because the “ground [was] so much frozen
                                                                                                                                    rebels have done more in one night than my whole
in its short life has been lavished with millions in                     that earth could not be used, even had there been
                                                                                                                                    army would have done in a month.”
state and federal dollars. But it’s not enough, the                      time for it,” for any potential forts, embrasures,
                                                                                                                                       As the Americans solidified their Dorchester
North End delegation says as it members press for                        and gun emplacements on the Heights, the Patriot
                                                                                                                                    perch, their labors did not come without a price.
an additional $20 million over the next five years                       commanders were combing the region for “fascines,”
                                                                                                                                    A group of soldiers who “were so imprudent as to
for the downtown Greenway. Successful or not in                          bundles of wood used to erect defenses. Homans’s
                                                                                                                                    build a fire for their comfort” gave British gunners
the new bidding, give them credit for giving it their                    acreage was full of white birch. Washington ordered
                                                                                                                                    a vivid target. The redcoat cannons erupted in “a
best shot. They know that by asking for anything,                        a lieutenant and thirty men to cut down the birches
                                                                                                                                    severe fire upon them” from a battery at the corner
they’re likely to get something.                                         and make the fascines. Then he sent out dispatches
                                                                                                                                    of latter-day Washington and Dover Streets. Four
   It has become all too clear that the completion of                    summoning “the citizens of this and the neighboring
                                                                                                                                    Patriot soldiers and a surgeon named Dole died in
the Neponset Greenway is everyone’s second or third                      towns…to cart them [the fascines] on the night of
                                                                                                                                    the hail of shot.
priority, if that. It’s time for the men and women who                   the 4th, to the Heights.”
                                                                                                                                       On March 10, Abigail Adams wrote: “Sunday
represent us at the State House – from Governor                             The ground upon which Washington intended to
                                                                                                                                    evening…A most terrible and incessant cannonade
Patrick on down – to take ownership of this special                      gamble his force was inhabited by “nine dwelling
                                                                                                                                    [against the Heights] from half after eight till six this
project, make the hard asks to get it funded, and                        houses on the Neck, now South Boston.” Proof of the
                                                                                                                                    morning. I hear we lost four men killed and some
then get it done.                                                        importance that the British attached to the Heights
                                                                                                                                    wounded in attempting to take the hill nearest the
   No more excuses.                                                      was Howe’s map that detailed each home’s location,
                                                                                                                                    town, called Nook’s Hill.”
                                           – Bill Forry                  as well as “the road and principal trees.”
                                                                                                                                       The Americans’ fortification of the Heights placed

       The Reporter
                                                                            The war was literally about to arrive at the front
                                                                                                                                    the redcoats in peril - and Howe knew it from the
                                                                         doors of those nine Dorchester households, those of
                                                                                                                                    moment he first spied the “breastwork this morning
                                                                         “Mrs. Foster, Mr. Bird, Mr. Deluce, Mr. Williams, Mr.
                                                                                                                                    [March 5th] …on Dorchester peninsula, which from
    “The News & Values Around the Neighborhood”                          Farrington, Mr. Harrington, John Wiswall, Deacon
                                                                                                                                    its proximity had an entire command of Boston Neck
           A publication of Boston Neighborhood News Inc.                Blake, and Oliver Wiswall.” Since Mrs. Foster’s home
                                                                                                                                    and the south end of the town - a work which the
        150 Mt. Vernon St., Suite 120, Dorchester, MA 02125              “was one of the best in the neighborhood…it was
                                                                                                                                    king’s troops had most fearfully dreaded.”
                     Worldwide at                            difficult to convince the continentallers [sic.] that it
                                                                                                                                       Outmaneuvered by Washington and his “ragtag
            Mary Casey Forry, Publisher (1983-2004)                      did not belong to a tory, as some of the rooms were
                                                                                                                                    band” of Patriots, Howe had no choice but to abandon
               Edward W. Forry, Associate Publisher                      even papered, which was considered very luxurious
                                                                                                                                    Boston. His nearly 10,000 redcoats boarded the 125
                 William P. Forry, Managing Editor                       in those days. This house was the most westerly,
              Thomas F. Mulvoy, Jr., Associate Editor                                                                               transports and warships in Boston Harbor, with
                                                                         and Dea. Blake’s the most easterly, of any on the
                  Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor                                                                                    Washington’s guarantee that the British could leave
                                                                         peninsula, and these were both burnt by the British,
                Barbara Langis, Production Manager                                                                                  unmolested if they did not burn Boston. When the
                                                                         who now had possession of Boston.”On the night of
                 Jack Conboy, Advertising Manager                                                                                   victorious Americans entered Boston on March 17,
              News Room Phone: 617-436-1222, ext. 17                     March 4, as American cannons opened up on British
                                                                                                                                    the town had not been torched, but the redcoats
    Advertising: 617-436-2217 E-mail:             positions in a gambit to divert Howe’s attention from
                                                                                                                                    had vandalized churches, homes, warehouses, and
            The Reporter is not liable for errors appearing in           the Patriots’ move against the Heights, teams of
                                                                                                                                    other structures.
    advertisements beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error.   some 300 wagons and carts piled high with fascines
                                                                                                                                       The day of Boston’s liberation would become
           The right is reserved by The Reporter to edit, reject,        creaked toward the slopes. So, too, did approximately
                                                                                                                                    Evacuation Day – a date that would never have been
                      or cut any copy without notice.                    2,000 of Washington’s troops, cannons in tow, the
                                                                                                                                    possible unless the Patriots had taken and fortified
 Member: Dorchester Board of Trade, Mattapan Board of Trade              entire procession snaking forward with as much
               Next Issue: Thursday, March 22, 2012                                                                                 Dorchester Heights.
                                                                         silence as possible. Washington, anticipating that
                                                                                                                                       Peter F. Stevens is a historian and author, whose
      Next week’s Deadline: Monday, March 19 at 4 p.m.                   once his men climbed onto the Heights, the British
             Published weekly on Thursday mornings                                                                                  books include “The Voyage of the Catalpa” and
                                                                         would mount a bombardment and assault, had
 All contents © Copyright 2012 Boston Neighborhood News, Inc.                                                                       “Hidden History of the Boston Irish.”
                                                                         ordered the men moving through Dorchester to pack
                                                                         March 15, 2012                            THE REPoRTER                                                      Page 15

Occupy Boston protests MBTA fare, service plans
  As the MBTA eyes a         tion Building for a rally    system” and press for a      waiting for the MBTA to             is well beyond reach,” the              The T’s budget problems
path forward on fare         timed to precede state       “comprehensive state-        agree on a final proposal           Patrick administration                next year are smaller
hikes and service reduc-     transportation board         wide plan for affordable     before unveiling their              officials wrote.                      than those facing the
tions, members of the        meetings.                    and sustainable trans-       intentions.                            Davey and Davis said               Massachusetts Depart-
Occupy Boston move-            According to Occupy        portation that works for       In a letter to T custom-          they’d pursue one-time                ment of Transportation,
ment planned to join         Boston, protesters will      the 99 percent.”             ers on Tuesday, state               revenues to stave off                 which Davey oversees.
advocates for seniors        demand “no service cuts,       Legislative leaders are    Transportation Secre-               some service cuts for one             Patrick administra-
and low-income citizens      no fare hikes, no layoffs,   mulling plans to mitigate    tary Richard Davey and              year, but said the final              tion officials this week
yesterday afternoon          no privatization of our      the impact of fare hikes     MBTA Acting General                 plan will include fare                acknowledged a $285
outside the Transporta-      treasured public transit     and service cuts but are     Manager Jonathan Davis              hikes and service cuts.               million gap between
                                                                                       said the T would lay out            “Unfortunately, without               department revenues
City golf courses to open on March 17                                                  its final recommenda-
                                                                                       tions to close its $160
                                                                                                                           a new dedicated revenue
                                                                                                                           source, we know we will
                                                                                                                                                                 and expenses next year
                                                                                                                                                                 and said they plan to
  Boston’s pair of munici-   Devine course has been       includes 5,961 yards, is     million fiscal 2013 budget          be back in this very place            borrow money to close
pal golf courses, includ-    partially open, with the     considered the second        gap before a scheduled              next year,” the officials             that projected deficit.
ing the William Devine       clubhouse available for      oldest golf course in        April 4 board meeting.              wrote. “Many legislators                    – STATE HOUSE
course at Franklin Park,     use. The city renovated      the nation. In the 2011      “The system we have                 attended our public hear-                    NEWS SERVICE
will fully open on Satur-    the course’s fairway,        season, 32,000 rounds of     today we cannot afford              ings, acknowledging the
day, March 17, from dawn     the 16th hole, and new       golf were played. More in-   and the system we want              need for a new solution.”
to dusk. The other course    tees at the 4th, 7th and     formation is available at
is the George Wright,        15th holes, according to     http://www.cityofboston.
located in Hyde Park.        the Menino administra-       gov/golf/WJDGC/.
The recently–renovated       tion. The course, which


                                                                                          Paid for and Authorized by the Committee to Elect Linda Dorcena Forry • Vianka Perez-Belyea, Treasurer

                                                                                             St. Patrick’s Day

                                                                                                    Rep. Marty Walsh
Page 16         THE REPoRTER                             March 15, 2012

       Reporter’s Neighborhood Notables
  civic associations • clubs • arts & entertainment • churches • upcoming events
  The Police/Community meeting is usually the
second Thurs. of each month, 7 p.m., at a place
TBA. Call the Community Service officers at 617-
343-4524. The Detective Unit will be checking all
premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages to make
sure they check the I Ds of persons attempting to
purchase alcohol and to prevent the sale of persons
under the age of 21. Non-emergency line for seniors:
  For info, call B-3’s Community Service Office at
  Meeting on the first Thursday of each month at
the Plasterers’ Hall, 7 Fredericka St., at 7 p.m.
  Meetings are generally held the last Thursday
of the month). For info, see or call
Message Line: 617-822-8178. Ashmont Hill Yard
Sale, Sat., May 19.
  The monthly meeting, usually the second Tues. of
each month, 7 p.m., in Fr. Lane Hall at St. Brendan’s
Church. The next meeting will be Apr. 10. Info: or 617-825-1402.
clAm poINT cIvIc ASSN.
  The meetings are usually held on the second           The University of Massachusetts Boston, in partnership with Boston’s Bridge to Excellence Mentoring
Monday of each month (unless it’s a holiday) at the     Program and the BCYF Cleveland Community Center, launched a new youth-driven billboard campaign
Boynton/Bay Cove Building on Victory Rd., at 6:30       last week promoting mentoring throughout Boston’s neighborhoods. The unveiling event was held on
p.m. The upcoming dates are: Apr. 9, May 14, and        March 7 at the corner of Geneva Avenue and Bowdoin Street. Middle school students who participate
June 11. Info:                           in the Boston’s Bridge to Excellence mentoring program at the Cleveland Community Center created
colUmBIA-SAvIN HIll cIvIc ASSN.                         posters depicting their dream jobs, which UMass Boston’s community relations and graphic design
                                                        teams combined into a billboard design. Clear Channel donated ten billboards across the city to show-
  Meetings the first Mon. of each month, 7 p.m.,        case the work. Pictured above, (back row, left to right) Michael Triant, administrative coordinator at
at the Little House, 275 East Cottage St. For info:     the Cleveland Community Center, UMass Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley, Daphne Griffin, chief of                             Human Services for the city of Boston, and Dejon Rice, president of Boston’s Bridge to Excellence, Inc.
cUmmINS vAllEy ASSN.
  Cummins Valley Assn, meeting at the Mattahunt         FREEpoRT-ADAmS ASSN.                                     GRoom/HUmpHREyS NEIGHBoRHooD
Community Center, 100 Hebron St., Mattapan, on            The next meeting will be held on Wed., Apr.11, the     ASSN.
Mondays 6:30 p.m., for those living on and near         second Wed. of the month, 6:30 p.m., at the Fields         The GHNA meets on the third Wed. of each month,
Cummins Highway. For info on dates, call 617-791-       Corner CDC office (the old Dist. 11 police station), 1   7 p.m., in the Kroc Salvation Army Community
7359 or 617-202-1021.                                   Arcadia St. Rep. Mary Walsh will speak. There will       Center, 650 Dudley St., Dor., 02125. For info, call
EASTmAN-ElDER ASSN.                                     also be a representative from MA DOT, speaking           857-891-1072 or
  The association meets the third Thurs. of each        on the replacement of the Clayton St. Bridge. Barry      HANcocK ST. cIvIc ASSN.
month, 7 p.m., at the Uphams Corner Health Center,      Mullen will talk about the Fields Corner E-Mail            The next meetings are Mar. 15, Apr. 19, May
across from the fire station.                           Public Safety Alert. All are welcome.                    17, June 21, and July 19, in the Bird St. Com-
                                                                                                                                          munity Center, (second
                                                                                                                                          floor), 500 Columbia
                                                                                                                                          Rd., from 6:30 to 8
                                                                                                                                          p.m. the speakers for
                                                                                                                                          Mar, 15 Carolina Davila
                                                                                                                                          from Boston Partners in
                                                                                                                                          Education and Carlos
                                                                                                                                          Diaz Livingston, a B.
                                                                                                                                          Obama organizer. (The
                                                                                                                                          assn does not endorse
                                                                                                                                          any political candidate.)
                                                                                                                                          Info: hancockcivic@
                                                                                                                                            loWER mIllS
                                                                                                                                            cIvIc ASSN
                                                                                                                                              The monthly meet-
                                                                                                                                            ings are held the third
                                                                                                                                            Tuesday of the month
                                                                                                                                            (Mar. 20) in St. Grego-
                                                                                                                                            ry’s Auditorium, 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                                            Plans for the building
                                                                                                                                            at 67 Richmond St. will
                                                                                                                                            be discussed. Counc.
                                                                                                                                            Pres. Steve Murphy will
                                                                                                                                            be the guest speaker.
                                                                                                                                            THE MWRA and an
                                                                                                                                            engineering consultant
                                                                                                                                            will update the work
                                                                                                                                            on the MWRA’s Water
                                                                                                                                            Pipe Project. Please
                                                                                                                                            bring bottles and cans
                                                                                                                                            to the meeting.) Now
                                                                                                                                            is the time to become
                                                                                                                                            a member, send a $7
                                                                                                                                            check to DLMCA, 15
                                                                                                                                            Becket St., Dor., 02124-
                                                                                                                                            4803. Please include
                                                                                                                                            name, address, phone,
                                                                                                                                            and e-mail address.
                                                                                                                                            (Continued on page 22)

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  every day. See where crime is happening in and around your neighborhood— with timely updates each weekday.
March 15, 2012   THE REPoRTER   Page 17
Page 18          THE REPoRTER                                March 15, 2012
                                                                   View From PoPe’s Hill
   Hubby and I are all        daughter Sue ordered us                                                                  head. Only in the wintry        person, I think that she
ready for March 17.           the CD of Mitch Miller’s                                                                 weather did he wear a           is an amazing performer.
Hubby took his two green      Irish Sing-a-Longs so                                                                    hat. The incision bled the      She is a wonderful athlete
shirts from the closet in     we’ll have some great                                                                    first night and stained his     and a magnificent musi-
Paul’s old room. I went up    music in the kitchen on             “May you always have …                               pillow case and pillow.         cian, playing beautifully
in the attic and brought
down two green blouses,
                              the 17th.
                                           ***                    A sunbeam to warm you,                               For the rest of the week,
                                                                                                                       I knew how to replace his
                                                                                                                                                       while she is moving all
                                                                                                                                                       over the stage. Everyone
a Kelly green sweater,
and a green jacket. Hubby
                                 Thanks to an ad in this
                              paper, Hubby spotted
                                                                  Good luck to charm you,                              bandages (covering a dab
                                                                                                                       of Vaseline) each evening
                                                                                                                                                       loves Chloe, who sings
                                                                                                                                                       so sweetly. Her “Ave
put green window-cling
shamrocks on the front
                              that there would be a
                              St. Patrick’s Day Senior
                                                                  And a sheltering angel                               after I washed the incision
                                                                                                                       with peroxide before he
                                                                                                                                                       Maria” was just perfect.
                                                                                                                                                       Lisa Lambe, with the
door, all around our big
shiny-metallic shamrock.
                              Luncheon at Florian Hall
                              on March 2. Sen. Jack
                                                                  So nothing can harm you,                             went to bed. The eight
                                                                                                                       stitches came out a week
                                                                                                                                                       gorgeous red hair, has a
                                                                                                                                                       magnificent voice, too, and
Daughter Sue took out         Hart, Reps. Linda Forry,            Laughter to cheer you,                               later and the incision          the new performer Susan
her shamrock socks. She       Carlos Henriquez, and                                                                    looks great.                    was terrific. They sang
had already taken out         Marty Walsh, and City               Faithful friends near you,                                        ***                “The Water Is Wide” and
her green velour hoodie-
cardigan that I gave her a
                              Councilor Frank Baker
                              sponsored the event. (We            And whenever you pray,                                  On Friday evening,
                                                                                                                       March 9, Hubby, pal
                                                                                                                                                       “Bridge Over Troubled
                                                                                                                                                       Waters,” The gals even did
few years ago. I had also
bought daughter Jeanne
                              were sorry that Rep.
                              Carlos was ill and unable           Heaven to hear you.”                                 Eileen, and I had the
                                                                                                                       thrill of a lifetime. We
                                                                                                                                                       “A Tribute to Broadway.”
                                                                                                                                                       They ended with one of my
the same Kelly green
cardigan. This year, son
                              to attend that day.) When
                              pal Eileen Burke and I en-
                                                                                                An Irish Wish          had tickets for the Celtic
                                                                                                                       Women concert. We
                                                                                                                                                       favorite songs, “The Part-
                                                                                                                                                       ing Glass.” Paul Sullivan,
Paul asked if we could        tered the hall, our friend                                                               parked in Southie and           on WROL radio, plays the
find him a t-shirt with       Eileen Collins beckoned                                                                  grabbed a cab to take us        best version of that song
an Irish flag on the front    us to sit at her table. The   tores) gave out the bags     and Mary Reilly came          to the front door of the        each Saturday when he
that was not too gaudy.       waitresses at Florian         quickly. Inside we found     in together. I didn’t see     Wang Center. The outer          signs off his program after
He found the perfect shirt    were wonderful, as usual,     a generous sandwich on a     my buddy Ginny Aveni          area was mobbed. Crowds         being on the air from 10
himself on line. Speaking     bringing us coffee and        small sub roll. There was    until I heard that she        were going by us, heading       a.m. to 1 p.m. (It is also
of Irish, I am delighted      tea on that cold day.         also a little container of   won one of the many           to three more theaters.         sung at the end of one of
that Ch. 533, the Sounds      The music by Curragh’s        very tasty potato salad.     prizes, a large Irish flag.   It was so exciting. We          my favorite Irish movies,
of the Season Channel on      Fancy (Bob Fowkes and         Also in the bag was a        Quite a few seniors came      arrived at the Wang when        “Waking Ned Devine.” At
Boston’s Comcast Cable,       Brendan Gavaghan) put         raisin cookie. A bottle of   from Keystone: along          the ticket collectors had       the end of the show, Chloe
is now playing Irish mu-      us in a festive Irish mood.   cold water was already       with Eileen Collins, we       just opened the doors. We       told the audience that the
sic. (Hubby already taped     I loved seeing Peg Canty      placed at every chair. I     saw Cathy Coyne, Peg          filed inside where we had       cast loves to perform in
that channel for eight        and Sarah Doherty out         saw three huge cakes,        McDonough (no relation),      to wait in the magnificent      Boston. She said, “This is
hours on Sunday night.)       on the dance floor. They      which the waitresses cut     Dot Coulombre, Marie          lobby for the inner doors       the first time that we have
I think the music will        were terrific.                and then passed out the      Schallmo, Terry Ryan,         to open. We loved looking       ever received a standing
continue after March 17          We could see the bagged    slices to the seniors. The   Marilyn Ferrara, Mary         around at the beautiful         ovation in the middle of a
until the end of the month.   lunches piled up at the       gals thought that the        O’Toole, and pal Evie         walls and ceiling. The only     show.” By the way, my pal
I figure that there are not   bar’s counter. The wait-      scrumptious cakes were       Dunne. I loved seeing         term I could think of to        Eileen was ready to take
many Easter Songs for         resses and the aides of       made by one of the local     Caroline Innello at the       describe the lobby’s décor      the show’s two drummers
that channel; just “Easter    the politicians (Karen        food stores.                 luncheon. Phyllis Hart-       was “opulent.” Finally          home with her. I must
Parade” and “Here Comes       Crowley, Carol Houtal-           There were lots of        ford was there, as were       the inner doors opened          admit I agreed with her.
Peter Cottontail” come to     ing, Amanda Curley,           friends at this St. Pat-     Mary Sullivan, Theresa        and we found our seats          They were amazing, and
mind. Easter is on April      Katie Hurley, Allyson         rick’s luncheon. Rita Gil-   Hunt, Mary Burke, and         easily. The row’s letter        such a big part of the
8 this year. By the way,      Quinn, and Krista Zala-       lespie, Gemma Mariano,       Mary Maneikis, My long-       was painted on the aisle        musical accompaniment.
                                                                                         time friend Claire Perry      side of the first seat in big   So was the bagpiper. (How
                                                                                         was at the luncheon. So       letters so we found Row U       I love bagpipe music.) All
                                                                                         were Peg Canty, Carol         quite easily. As the people     the musicians at the show
                                                                                         Coakley, Sarah Doherty,       came in to sit down, most       were terrific!
                                                                                         and pal Carol Murphy.         had definitely Irish faces.        On the way out of the
                                                                                         Thelma Burns came over           Then it came to 8 p.m.       theater, we had an extra
                                                                                         to see Eileen Collins and     and the crowd hushed.           thrill. The bagpiper was
                                                                                         also greeted me. Dolly        Out came the four main          standing at the top of
                                                                                         Farquharson joined the        cast members, the young-        the gorgeous staircase at
                                                                                         group. I just happened        est, Chloe Agnew, Lisa          the Wang, playing for us.
                                                                                         to spot Marian Haddad,        Lambe with the long red         People stopped to listen
                                                                                         whom I have known for         curls, and the blonde           to him instead of leaving
                                                                                         such a long time. She         fiddler Mairead Nesbitt.        for home. That was so
                                                                                         brought her pal Sister        Eileen and I looked at          unexpected. When we
                                                                                         Joyce over to see me. I       the fourth gal and said in      finally got outside the
                                                                                         kidded Sister about her       a whisper to each other,        theater, Hubby hailed a
                                                                                         Irish heritage. She is        “Did Lisa Kelly dye her         cab, which took us back to
                                                                                         always fun to see. I thank    hair blonde?” We knew           our car in Southie. What
                                                                                         Sen. Jack, Rep. Linda,        in two minutes it wasn’t        a wonderful evening. I
                                                                                         Rep. Carlos, Rep. Marty,      Lisa. We later found out        can hardly wait to see the
                                                                                         and Councillor Frank for      that Lisa is pregnant           Celtic Woman Show on TV
                                                                                         the Senior St, Patrick’s      and did not come on the         to relive this wonderful
                                                                                         Luncheon. It was lots of      US tour. I really was           night.
                                                                                         fun. It was great seeing      disappointed because                         ***
                                                                                         so many friends on such       I love Lisa’s voice. She           Daughter Sue sent me
                                                                                         a pleasant occasion.          sings in my voice range         an article on Oreo Cookies.
                                                                                                     ***               so I can sing-a-long with       The delicious cookie was
                                                                                           I had only one problem      her at home. (She, Chloe,       100 years old on March 6.
                                                                                         with the senior luncheon.     and Mairead are the only        No one is really sure why
                                                                                         Hubby was unable to           three left of the original      the cookie is called Oreo.
                                                                                         attend because he had         five cast members.) Lisa’s      The latest ones look very
                                                                                         an appointment with Dr.       replacement was Susan           much like the ones from
                                                                                         Werth to have a squamous      McFadden, who had a             1912, with just a slight
                                                                                         removed from the back of      lovely voice and sang as if     difference in the design
                                                                                         his head. For 39 years,       she had been performing         on the chocolate discs.
                                                                                         Hubby was out in the          in the show for 10 years.       Thank goodness I didn’t
                                                                                         sun with the school buses        I was never really de-       run across the fudge-
                                                                                         for at least two hours a      lighted with the fiddler        covered Oreos in 1977. I do
                                                                                         day. He never realized        Mairead on the TV show,         remember the Halloween
                                                                                         he should cover his bald      but after seeing her in         Oreos, with orange cream
                                                                                                                                                       in the middle, in 1991, and
                                                                                                                                                       the Christmas Oreos in
                                                                                                                                                       1995, with red or green
                                                                                                                                                       cream. I think that the
                                                                                                                                                       best way to eat an Oreo is
                                                                                                                                                       to open the cookie up and
                                                                                                                                                       eat the cream first.
                                                                                                       Large Format Printing                                        ***
                                                                                                          Billboards • Banners                            I hope that you all enjoy
                                                                                                                                                       the St. Patrick’s Day’s
                                                                                                1022 Morrissey Boulevard, Dorchester                   festivities. “La Fheile
                                                                                                           617-282-2100                                Padraig brea dhibh go
                                                                                                                                                       leir.” Have a great St.
                                                                                                                       Pat’s, everyone!
                                                                               March 15, 2012                       THE REPoRTER                                      Page 19

                                                  Community Health News
Assessing the benefits of a really good sleep
    By suzannE rocklin         and conditions such as        get 7 or more hours of          environment, or a life       health history, physical     use.
    Mattapan coMMunity         diabetes, cardiovascular      sleep per night. Of these,      change such as change        exam, and laboratory           • Although exercise
      hEalth cEntEr            disease, obesity, and         10 percent report chronic       in work schedule. Even       tests. Sometimes special     can help with sleep,
  Nobody knows ex-             depression.                   insomnia. Americans             an inactive lifestyle can    tests may be ordered if      avoid stimulating ex-
actly why we sleep.              The National Sleep          are operating on a sleep        cause insomnia.              a breathing disorder or      ercise just before sleep.
The mechanisms of how          Foundation recom-             deficit that has implica-         Insomnia becomes           sleep apnea is suspected.      • Avoid large meals
sleep works and how it         mends that adults sleep       tions for work, study,          chronic when it lasts a        Different sleep prob-      just before sleep.
rejuvenates the body           7-9 hours a night in order    and their overall health.       month or more. At this       lems are often treated         • Avoid caffeine and
and mind are still mys-        to maintain good health.      Safety is also impacted         point, the possible causes   differently but com-         alcohol before sleep.
terious, but the simplest      Newborns, by contrast,        by a lack of sleep. It is       can multiply: chronic        mon recommendations            • Avoid naps during
answer to why is that          need 16-18 hours of sleep     recognized as a cause           pain, overactive thyroid,    abound, include a change     the day that are over 20
adequate rest by sleep         a day, and older children     for motor vehicle and           breathing problems,          in lifestyle and good        minutes in length
is necessary for healthy       and adolescents up to 9       machinery-related ac-           depression, menopause,       sleep hygiene. Following       If you are having dif-
functioning: it not only       hours.                        cidents, causing injury,        restless leg syndrome,       are some tips from the       ficulty sleeping, call
increases energy for             Over the past 20 years,     long-term disability, and       sleep apnea, the side        CDC:                         Mattapan Community
when a person is awake         a decline in sleep dura-      death.                          effects of medications. In     • Go to bed at the same    Health Center at 617-
but it also helps a person     tion for adults has taken       What is insomnia?             addition, commonly used      time each night and get      296-0061 and make
to live longer with less       hold. Changing lifestyle      Insomnia is trouble             substances like alcohol,     up at the same time each     an appointment with
disease.                       habits contribute to this     falling asleep or stay-         nicotine, or caffeine can    morning, even on the         one of our providers.
  Sleep is now recog-          effect as have longer         ing asleep, leading to          contribute to sustaining     weekend.                     Information on the fol-
nized as an essential          work days and late            too little sleep or poor-       insomnia.                      • Try to sleep in a        lowing websites can
part of health promotion       nights on the computer.       quality sleep. The most           If you think that you      quiet, dark, relaxing        be helpful:
and chronic disease              According to a report       common cause is stress.         are getting enough rest      environment                  sleep;;
management. Not get-           in 2011 from the Centers      But other things can lead       at night and are still         • When going go bed,       NSF@sleepfoundation.
ting enough sleep is           for Disease Control and       to insomnia: physical           tired, see your health       use it for sleep, not for    org;
associated with a num-         Prevention (CDC), only        discomfort, travel, an          care provider. Usu-          cell phone calls, TV-
ber of chronic diseases        40 percent of Americans       uncomfortable sleep             ally the visit includes a    watching, or computer

Dot House finds new dental chief close to home
(Continued from page 1)        Nguyen is able to pursue      up here. It’s the great           Part of the way she        besides mentoring aspir-     time and right place,”
somehow he helped me           her passion, which is         American story.”                hopes to bring in more       ing dentists and treating    she said. “I’m just a very
to communicate and to          passing on the knowl-            As part of her job,          providers is to make a       children in schools, her     lucky girl.”
learn dentistry,” said         edge she was fortunate        Nguyen spends Tuesdays          positive enough impact       children are her hobby.        Abrams says that it’s
Nguyen.                        enough to acquire as both     in Boston Public Schools,       on their Boston Uni-            “There’s a lot that I     the Dorchester House
   Even while attend-          a patient and employee        providing dental care.          versity student dentists     would like to do, but I      and its patients who are
ing Regis College and          of Dorchester House: the      Whether the children are        — who participate in         don’t have enough time,”     lucky: “Personally, she’s
pursuing a degree in           importance of preventa-       insured or uninsured,           10-week programs at          she said with a laugh.       delightful. Everyone
biochemistry, Nguyen           tive dental care.             she is able to provide          Dorchester Huse — that          Nguyen stressed that      likes working with her
would return to Dorches-         “Where I came from,         care with them including        they will want to come       it was only with the help    and to mix this wonder-
ter House whenever she         dental health wasn’t          exams, cleaning, and            back as she did, to work     of all the people she has    ful personality with an
had time off to work.          part of medical health.       oral hygiene education.         in a community health        met at Dorchester House      emerging leadership
   She graduated from          Treating this population      This program is called          center.                      that she was able to be      style, it’s been so exciting
Tufts University School        has had a great impact        Commonwealth Mobile               The mother of three        so successful.               for us to see.”
of Dentistry and received      on me and I try to get        Oral Health Services            young children said that        “I arrived at the right
a fellowship from Lu-          my message across one         (CMOHS).
theran Medical Center          person at a time,” said          The newly minted
for an Advanced Educa-         Nguyen.                       director also has many
tion General Dentistry           Joel Abrams, the            plans for the dental de-
(AEGD) residency at            president and CEO of the      partment at Dorchester
Dorchester House. After        Dorchester House, says        House. She would like
she finished her fel-          that choosing Nguyen to       to see the dental depart-
lowship, she became a          lead the dental practice      ment expand in order to
full-time provider at the      was satisfying in more        accommodate the large
center in 2002.                ways than one.                number of patients.
   Nguyen left briefly           “It’s always to look           Currently, there is a
to work in a private           within for talent, but        need for more providers
practice, but said it          this goes well beyond         to meet that increas-
wasn’t a good fit for he.      looking within,” says         ing number of patients.
She couldn’t stay away         Abrams. “She was actu-        Nguyen said the depart-
from Dorchester House          ally a patient of ours just   ment’s weakness, but it
for long.                      coming in as a youngster      is her “hope and goal” to
   In her current role,        and essentially growing       see that change.

                                                                  JOHN C.

           WILLIAM	LEE,	D.D.S.                                GALLAGHER
                 FAMILY	DENTISTRY                              Insurance Agency

        Office HOurs
       By AppOintment	          383	NEPONSET	AVE.
    evening HOurs AvAilABle	   DORCHESTER,	MA	02122                AUTO
                                                               Specializing in Hom-
                                                               eowners and Automobile
                                         20%    oFF            Insurance for over a half
                                        pREscRiptioN           century of reliable service
                                          EyE WEAR             to the Dorchester com-
                                                                New Accounts
       EyE & EyE optics                                           Welcome
     Downtown is now Uptown at Eye & Eye optics.                1471 Dorchester Ave.
     BoNUs pAiR oF siNGLE VisioN GLAssEs                        at Fields Corner MBTA
       iF yoU UsE FLEX spENDiNG pLAN                                  Phone:
    promotion valid thru February. Ask for more details.
     Located at Lower Mills   2271 Dorchester Avenue
       Bobin Nicholson, Lic. Dispensing Optician
                                                               “We	Get	Your	Plates”
           617-296-0066     Fax 617-296-0086
              eye exams by appointment
Page 20          THE REPoRTER                              March 15, 2012

                                                   Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester
  All-Star Basketball        son DePina (5), Jordan
        Program              Williams (4), Alberto
  Our four All-Star Bas-     Monteiro (2), Evandro
ketball teams competing      Teixeira (2), Anthony
in the N.E.N.E.A.P.C.        DoSouto, and Rafael
Basketball league are        Garcia. Looking forward,
nearing the end of regular   the Athletic program will
season play and hoping       host registration on 3/17
for an invitation to their   from 10:00-3:00 p.m. for
respective post-season       the 10-team Intermedi-
tournament. Our Boys         ate/Senior Basketball
12 & under team won          League (ages 13-18) and
their most recent home       the Co-ed Intramural
game by a score of 41-39     Indoor Soccer program
over the South Boston        which will include a
Boys and Girls Club.         4-team league, Clinic
Leading the team were        (ages 6 & 7) and All-Star
De’Andre Dew-Hollis          component. These pro-
(16), Erilson Teixeira       grams will begin in April.
(9), Luis Rodrigues (4),     For info please contact,
Keyshawn Barnes-Lacy         Athletic Director, Bruce
(3), Joseph Norman (2),      Seals at ext. 2210.
Eben Butler (2), Bryan           Walter Denney
DeLaCruz (2), Deijon         Youth Center Events
Holmes (2), Darian Kavu        This Thursday,
(1) and Kevin Zarnoch.       March 15th we will be
Our Girls 14 & under         celebrating our 9-year
All-Stars also pulled out    Anniversary of providing
a win in their most recent   programs at our Walter
game, a 20-19 victory        Denney Clubhouse lo-         The 12 finalists for the Music Clubhouse Idol competition line up at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorches-
over the John M. Barry       cated in the Harbor Point    ter. They took to the stage to narrow the field of candidates down to 4, each of whom will perform on
Boys and Girls Club of       section of Dorchester.       March 30 to determine who will move on to represent our Club at the regional performance on April
Newton. Leading the          Club members and their       13 at the Strand Theater.
way for our Stars were       parents are invited to
D’Mitra Weathers (12),       stop by the Center to
Daynaja DePina (6),          take part in a variety of
Alicia Feliciano (2), Mya    family activities. There
Nunes, Deanaja Dunbar-       will be food, games, tours
Lee, Jasmine Credle,         and more. The following
Betzalee Matos and           week, on March 20th
Shannon Zarnoch. Our         we will host a Health &
Boys 15 & under team         Wellness Fair which will
evened their record at 3-3   also be open to members
after winning their most     and their parents. These
recent game, a 77-75         special events comple-
overtime thriller against    ment ongoing programs
the Lynn Boys and Girls      such as U-Mass Tu-
Club. The home team          toring, Arts Classes,
was led by Terrell Davis     the Patriot’s Kids Café,
(39), Walter Dew-Hollis      Swim Lessons with U-
(18), Saide Smith (9),       Mass and our many
Devante Teixeira (5),        small group clubs. For
Mauro Barbosa (2), Der-      information on activities
                                                          Members of the Boys 12&U All-Star Basketball Team gather at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester.
ek Dykens (2), Christine     at our Walter Denney         our All-Stars stand at 5-5 on the season after defeating the South Boston Boys and Girls Club 41-39.
DaSilva (2), Armani Cor-     Clubhouse please contact
reia, JaCorey Kindell,       Unit Director, Queenette     that pre-registration is   parents and the Boston                graphs entered into the                 program are currently
James Alves and Morris       Santos at (617) 822-3701.    required. Throughout       College Splash - Col-                 Massachusetts Alliance                  working on pieces to be
Barnes. Lastly, our Boys      Education Program           the week we also offer     lege Tour (4/1) for High              of Boys and Girls Clubs                 included in the Mas-
18 & under team stands                  News              small group clubs such     School students. For                  exhibit which will be                   sachusetts Attorney
at 5-3 following a double      The Education program      as Mad Science (mon-       additional information                held at the State House                 General’s Victim Wit-
overtime win versus          offers drop-in Homework      days & wednesdays),        please contact Education              in June. The following                  ness Advocate Calendar.
the Waltham Boys             Help on a Monday to          Kids College (mondays),    Director, Emily Capurso               members will have their                 Once the winning pieces
and Girls Club, 92-90.       Thursday schedule (2:00-     Dough!, Time & Money       at 617-288-7120, ext.                 works presented: Barry                  are chosen, the Attorney
Leading the squad were       5:30) in the Education       (tuesdays), KidsLit        2320.                                 Pritchard, Najwah Nel-                  General will visit the
Bernard Barbosa (29),        Center. Homework Help        (thursdays) and T.G.I.F.     Fine Arts Program                   son, Aja Credle, Michelle               Club to acknowledge
Christopher Shelton          is complemented with         (fridays). Upcoming spe-       Exhibits at the                   Beazley, Kora Bazile,                   the artists. For more
(24), Paul Lewis (11),       a One-to-One Tutor-          cial events include our          State House                     Kyla Sneed, Ivanildo                    information on any of
Eduardo DeLeon (9), Jay      ing program that meets       Family Literacy Night        Congratulations to                  DaMoura, Karla San-                     our Art programs, or
Rodrigues (6), Daniel-       weekly. Please note          (3/23) for members and     ten of our members                    tana, Emily Espinal and                 the upcoming Spring
                                                                                     who were recognized                   Kelly Anne Talavera. In                 Registration from 3/26
                                                                                     this week by seeing                   addition to the exhibit,                to 3/30, please contact

              Byrne &                                                                their artwork and photo-              members in the Arts                     Donna Seery at ext. 1320.

           Drechsler, L.L.P.                                                            Dorchester
                        Attorneys at Law
                Eastern Harbor Office Park
            50 Redfield Street, Neponset Circle
             Dorchester, Massachusetts 02122
                                                                                                    victorian Dorchester:
  REPRESENTING SERIOUSLY INJURED INDIVIDUALS                                           The Architecture of the Railroad Suburb
            auto/motorcycle accidents, construction accidents,                                     by Andrew Saxe
      workplace injuries, slip and fall accidents, defective products,                                Sunday, March 18, at 2 p.m.
                                                                                       Andrew Saxe’s lecture gives historical context to the development of Dorchester, and the bulk of lecture is
               medical malpractice, head and burn injuries,                           dedicated to the history of extant houses featuring Mr. Saxe’s own, very recent photographs.
                                                                                       The arrival of the railroad in 1845 transformed Dorchester into a trove of intriguing Victorian residential
                     liquor liability and premises liability                          architecture. Boston’s best architects executed commissions in Dorchester, creating exuberant displays of their
                                                                                      craft. Happily, scores of Victorian homes have survived, and many have enjoyed loving restorations.

    Telephone (617) 265-3900 • Telefax (617) 265-3627                                                                  Dorchester Historical Society
                                                                                       195 Boston Street, Dorchester, MA 02125 •
                                                                           March 15, 2012                            THE REPoRTER                                                 Page 21

John Madden: NFL sheriff with a past
                                                                                         was out of control before          Panel and as chairman of
         Sports/Clark Booth                                                              he landed in Oakland               the coaches subcommit-
                                                                                         and doubtless not much             tee of the influential NFL
   Near everyone’s               And yet the breast-                                     improved after he left.            Competition Committee.
favorite allegorical           beating and protesta-                                     But on the Raiders, Mad-           In the entangled bureau-
masterpiece portraying         tions of shock and shame                                  den sharpened and culti-           cracy of the multi-billion
the slimy dynamics of          have been overwhelming                                    vated Tatum’s fury, and            dollar industry that the
monumental hypocrisy           while doubtless only                                      skillfully orchestrated            NFL has become, this is
comes from the WWII-           just beginning. Every-                                    it, and deployed it with           mighty important stuff.
era Hollywood cinematic        body who is anybody                                       malice aforethought.                 It’s in these exalted
gem “Casablanca.” You’ll       in this game is being                                     There were no “bounties”           capacities that Madden
quickly recall it’s that       asked to react and the       John Madden, chief of        on the Raiders; no slush           is being called upon to                     Clark Booth
delightful scene when          responses have been          the ’70s Raider vandals,     funds. Tatum and his               denounce the bounty
                                                            as 2012 NFL bounty                                                                                  He sounds angry.
Captain Louey, the cor-        almost uniform. “It is                                    buddies got no bonuses             business and all the                   Isn’t it nice to have
                                                            hunter? It is to wonder.
rupt Vichy gendarme            absolutely sinful,” they                                  for maiming opponents.             bad boys involved in it,            John Madden on-board
superbly played by             are essentially saying.      summer of 1978. It was       John Madden was too                and he’s doing it well,             in the campaign to clean
Claude Rains, uses his         Most confess to being        a meaningless, totally       smart for that and Al              sounding almost like a              up this nasty business
astounding discovery           utterly appalled while       irrelevant, pre-season       Davis, in all of his leg-          guy running for office. He          and isn’t it especially
that there is gambling         insisting, of course, that   exhibition having no         endary malice, wouldn’t            says he’s confident that            nice to see all those NFL
going on as an excuse          they had never heard of      issue or purpose for the     have tolerated it.                 his good friend Roger               warlords suddenly so
for closing down Rick          such behavior let alone      veterans other than to          Bounties are stupid.            Goodell, the commis-                hot and bothered about
Blaine’s (Humphrey             imagined it possible.        get them in shape and yet    These guys weren’t stu-            sioner, will come down              their dear game’s ever
Bogart’s) Roadhouse              But among the most         Tatum, who was a mad         pid. But if there were no          hard on the culprits.               mounting violence and
in order to appease the        anguished of football’s      dog on the field no mat-     bounties back then, the            He expresses no mercy               frightening dangers.
local Nazi nutcake. “I’m       good old boys now so         ter the circumstances,       players still benefited in         for Saints Coach Sean                  But you’ll pardon us
shocked, absolutely            piously declaiming this      found it necessary to        other meaningful ways.             Payton and GM Mickey                if we snicker when they
shocked, to find that          utter outrage is none        nail the Patriots’ fine      They knew what was                 Loomis. With the lodge              suggest there is some-
gambling is going on           other than John Madden.      wide-receiver, Darryl        expected of them and               brothers defecting, you             thing new about all this,
in this establishment,”        He wins my “Louey the        Stingley, with a brutal      they knew it was greatly           may expect both to even-            and I’m sure you will
Louey righteously bel-         Corrupt Vichy Gendarme       helmet to the base of the    to their advantage to              tually walk the plank. He           understand if we find
lows. Whereupon a              Memorial Award” for          spine shot on a simple       deliver it. And they also          says new regulations to             it even harder to accept
lackey from the roulette       righteous indignation        pass reception that left     knew what would hap-               protect quarterbacks and            John Madden having
table approaches him           beyond the call of duty,     Stingley paralyzed. He       pen if they didn’t.                running backs are neces-            much to say about this
with a swag and says;          let alone conscience.        never walked again,             Today, it is an august          sary because they’re                game’s issues of safety
“Your winnings, sir!”          Good old Uncle John! I       spent the rest of his life   John Madden -- retired as          so vulnerable. But he               and codes of conduct.
   It’s wonderfully ren-       could have predicted he      in a wheelchair, and         well from the broadcast            did not mention wide                For the friends of the
dered, a perfect demon-        would come up big on         died in his early ‘50’s. I   booth – who, in his role           receivers. Of Goodell,              late Darryl Stingley, that
stration of the repugnant      this one.                    knew Darryl Stingley.        as an elder statesmen,             he says “When he puts               is just a bit too much to
piety that lies at the           Most of you will mainly    I knew him well. He          serves as co-chair of the          some teeth in the rules             swallow.
essential core of all the      remember Madden as           was a heck of a fellow.      NFL’s so-called Safety             this won’t happen again.”
truly calculated deceit.       the amiable, often jovial,   What happened to him
   And now we have
another such brilliant
                               and always genial host of
                               many of network televi-
                                                            changed my view of
                                                            the National Football
                                                                                                              IT’S LARRY DOYLE TIME
illustration drawn from        sion’s most memorable        League. Permanently!             All proceeds benefit E.C. WEEK @ CAMP FATIMA
our own bankrupt times,        football moments over a        Madden was contrite
courtesy of the National       full generation. For some    at the time, even re-
Football League. It has        he became almost lov-        morseful. He said all the
to with the soaring            able, an avuncular pres-     right things, for which
scandal stemming from          ence full of wisdom. Sort    he has an obvious talent.
revelations that the New       of the Walter Cronkite       Interestingly, he quit
Orleans Saints secretly        of the color men. Only       coaching at the end of
allowed the funding of         vaguely remembered is        that ’78 season although
cash pools from which          the fact that Madden, in     he’d been wildly suc-            Exceptional Citizens’ (E.C.) Week is a co-ed weeklong camp for children and adults ages 9+
“bounties” were awarded        his earlier incarnation      cessful in Oakland for a      (campers) with mental and/or physical challenges. The camp is funded by contributions and is
to defensive players           that made him successful     decade and there was no       entirely free to all campers. Larry Doyle was a volunteer at EC Week and he loved being there and
who delivered hits suf-        and wealthy and a mem-       doubt a connection. I’m       being a part of it because the most important things to him in life were his Family, Friends, and
ficiently brutal to injure     ber of the Football Hall     not suggesting his regret     Faith and that’s what EC Week @ Camp Fatima represents. This is a great event to honor his life
opponents.                     of Fame, was the coach                                     and help make sure that these EC campers continue to have this as a highlight of their year and lives.
                                                            was not genuine. But I
   Reportedly, the going       of arguably the dirtiest,    don’t recall him ever em-                     Special guest appear-              FRIDAY MARCH 23, 2012
price on the Saints under      most vicious, and least      bracing the fundamental                       ance by Boston Bruins                         FLORIAN HALL
the enlightened direc-         principled team in the       point that as captain of                      own Rene Rancourt to                    55 Hallet Street, Dorchester MA
tion of former defensive       history of the NFL, the      that ship of sociopathic                      sing the national anthem
coordinator Greg Wil-          1970s Oakland Raiders.       football fools, he was es-                    at the fundraiser!!!!!!!!                6:30pm to Midnight
liams was a thousand             John was a smart           sentially responsible for     Please contact Stephen Doyle @ 617-642-7009 or to buy tickets ahead of
bucks if your victim had       fellow; rather canny, in     all their manic excesses,     time or to make a donation to this great cause. Checks made payable to Larry Doyle Fundraiser.
to be helped or, better        my estimation. He was        including the Stingley                       $20 Donation at the Door or Buy Your Ticket or Table in Advance!
still, carried off the field   pleasant and affable and     tragedy.                                         Live Auctions, Silent Auctions, Raffles, 50/50, Cash Bar, DJ
(they called them “cart-       always great with the          The late Jack Tatum
offs”), and $1,500 if you      media even as the team
knocked the sucker out         he was coaching was
of the game. Allegedly,
the hefty price of $10
                               being widely despised.
                               These were the years
                                                                                           Please come and celebrate
grand was placed on            when I was a regular on
the head of Packers QB
Brett Favre in the 2009
                               the NFL beat covering
                               the Patriots intensely
                                                                              Dorchester’s Sixth Annual
                                                                              St. Patrick’s Day Brunch
NFC title game. A tough        and I was skeptical of
cookie, Favre got run          the prevailing wisdom
into the ground on that        that maintained Madden
occasion, but escaped          was a swell fellow. It was
   The mounting scandal
                               nothing he ever said or
                               did to me, only the as-
                                                                  Saturday, March 17, 2012, 10 a.m. to 12 noon
has reputedly stunned          sumption that Al Davis,
people, although for
you to be “stunned” by
                               owner of the Raiders and
                               then the game’s de facto                   Blessed Mother Teresa Parish Hall
this, you either have          “Darth Vader,” wasn’t in
been residing on the           the habit of putting jolly                                800 Columbia Road, Dorchester
dark side of the moon          St. Nick in charge of his
the last three decades         football team. Nor would
or have spent all of your      the brigands of this
autumnal Sundays in            particular sporting penal
a cave safely protected        colony -- including such                               All proceeds to benefit
from the brainwashing          engaging characters as
dutifully performed ev-        Jack Tatum, Butch At-
                                                                                  Mary Ann Brett Food Pantry
ery week by CBS, NBC,          kinson, Phil Villipiano,                           Blessed Mother Teresa Parish
and ESPN. Given the            Otis Sistrunk, Marv
ferocity that routinely        Matuszak, and Ted ‘Mad
characterizes every NFL        Storch’ Hendricks -- have        $100 per person                                                           Dr. Larry Ronan and Jim Brett
game, nothing should           wanted to play for one.
surprise anyone who has          It all came down to that       Reservations will be held at door                                                            Co-Chairs
watched one for more           unforgettable evening
than 15 minutes.               in Oakland in the late
Page 22          THE REPoRTER                            March 15, 2012

                                                         Neighborhood Notables
(Continued from page 16)                                  First annual art contest open to Dorchester            home rehabilitation and low-cost home repairs. Info:
mccoRmAcK cIvIc ASSN.                                   children or children in Dorchester Schools, in grades    617-825-5000.
  Meetings the third Tues. of each month (Mar.          3 to 6; the theme “Veterans and Families” must           ADAmS ST. lIBRARy
20), at 7 p.m., in Blessed Mother Teresa Parish         include a Dot landmark or the Parade. All entries:         Become a member by sending dues to Friends of
Hall. Please bring canned goods to the meeting for      on 8 by 11 paper or on the template included, and        the Adams St. Library, c/o M. Cahill, 67 Oakton
a local food bank. Info:         done in pencil, crayon, paint, or marker. Mail (no       Ave., Dorchester, 02122. Family membership is
or 617-710-3793 The following meeting is Apr. 17.       e-mails) drawing or painting by Mar. 16 to Dot Day       $5; individuals, $3; seniors, $1; businesses, $10;
Clean-up pf the Polish Triangle is Sat., Apr. 28.       Art Contest, P.O. Box 220145, Dorchester, MA 02122.      and lifetime, $50. Monday Matinees at 2 p.m. with
Membership is only $5, Elections in June.               For info: check out               popcorn.
mEETINGHoUSE HIll cIvIc ASSN.                           KENNEDy lIBRARy                                          pIERcE HoUSE EvENTS
  The monthly meeting usually on the third Wednes-        “The Presidency of LBJ,” at the library on Mon.,         Stories and projects, every other Fri., from Mar. 9 to
day of the month, 7 p.m., at the First Parish Church.   Mar. 26, 5:30 to 7 p.m. For info and reservations,       Apr. 20: “From Farm to City,” Mar. 23; “Caterpillars
meeting. Info: 617-265-0749 or   call 617-514-1643 or e-mail: www.jfklibrary,org.         to Butterflies,” Apr. 6; and “Sheep to Shawl,” Apr. 20.
                                                        “Themselves,” an Irish girl’s new life in America,       Admission: $5 for first child, $2 for each additional
mElvIllE pARK ASSN.                                     Sat., Mar. 17, 10:30 a.m. “Crabgrass Puppet Theatre,”
  Clean-up of the MBTA Tunnel Cap (garden at                                                                     child; at the Pierce House, 24 Oakton Ave., Dor.
                                                        Tues., Apr. 17. 10:30 a.m. For reservations for the      Registration required; call 617-288-6041.
Shawmut Station), the first Sat. of each month,
                                                        free programs and forums: 617/514-1643 to be sure        IRISH pASToRAl cENTRE
from 10 a.m. to noon. The meetings are held at 6:30
                                                        of a seat or visit the web page:           The IPC, now located in St. Brendan Rectory, 15
p.m., at the Epiphany School, 154 Centre St., Dor.
pEABoDy SlopE ASSN.                                     mAyoR oF DoRcHESTER coNTEST                              Rita Road, welcomes seniors to a coffee hour each
                                                          Dorchester residents interested in being in the race   Wed. morning, from 10 a.m. to noon. There will be
  The Peabody Slope Neighborhood Assn’s next
                                                        for the Mayor’s contest are invited to the Comfort       a speaker each week. Call 617-265-5300 for info.
meeting the first Mon. of each month, at Dorchester
                                                        Inn, 900 Morrissey Blvd., 7 p.m., in the Conference      The IPC has a “Music for Memory” program, with
Academy, 18 Croftland Ave., 7 p.m. For info:
                                                        Room. Registration is open until the next meeting,       Maureen McNally. It meets once a month during or 617-533-8123.
                                                        Mar. 19. Call 857-756-3675 for info.                     the winter season. Welcome and refreshments at 4
popE’S HIll NEIGHBoRHooD ASSN.                          cEDAR GRovE lITTlE lEAGUE                                p.m., and singing from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Call the IPC
  Neighborhood E-Mail Alert system; sign up at
                                                          If your child is not yet registered, come to the       for additional dates and further info. The singing, giving your name, ad-
                                                        Adams St. Library on Wed., Mar. 21; Mon., Mar.           is free; donations for refreshments are welcomed.
dress, and e-mail address. PHNA meetings, usually
                                                        25, and Wed., Mar. 28, from 4 to 7 p.m. each day,        Loss/Bereavement Support Group (free), meetings on
the fourth Wed. of each month at the Leahy/Holloran
                                                        to register.                                             six Tuesdays, from Feb. 28 to Apr. 3, 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Community Center at 7 p.m. The Feb. meeting was
                                                        mURpHy/lEAHy-HolloRAN                                    Pre-registration is requested. Call 617-265-5300.
cancelled because of the weather. The next meeting
                                                        commUNITy cENTER                                         “Caring for the Carers,” Thurs., Mar. 29, 10 a.m.
is Wed., Mar. 28. The following meetings are: Apr.
                                                          Youth Beginner 1, on Tues. and Thurs., 4:20 to         to noon, at the IPC, with Eileen Smith, Wellness
25 and May 23.
                                                        4:50 p.m. @$25 pp. For info, check with the Aquatic      Professional;. Info and to reserve a place, call 617-
poRT NoRFolK cIvIc ASSN.                                                                                         265-5300, ext. 12.
  Meetings usually the third Thurs. of each month       Staff at 617-635-5150. Membership is just $20 per
at the Port Norfolk Yacht Club. Info: 617-265-5780.     family. Irish step dancing classes on Thurs. evenings    IRISH SocIAl clUB
                                                        from 7 to 8:45 p.m. Project D.E.E.P. needs tutors.         ISC dates: Sat., Mar. 17, Dave Healy (from 8
ST. mARK’S AREA cIvIc ASSN.                             Call 617-635-5027. Dot Substance Abuse Coalition         p.m. to midnight); Sun., Mar. 18, Brendan Grace;
  Meetings held the last Tues. of each month in                                                                  and Sun., Mar. 25, Fintan Stanley. Music begins
                                                        Community Meeting, Tues., Mar. 20, 6 to 7:30 p.m., at
the lower hall of St. Mark’s Church, at 7 p.m. Info:                                                             at 8 p.m. Admission, $10. The ISC is located at 119
                                                        the LHCC. Mrs. Helen Connolly, RN, BSN, will speak                                                                                                Park St., West Roxbury.
                                                        on “Maximizing Your Role as a Teen Influencer-What
DoRcHESTER HISToRIcAl SocIETy                           You Can Do to Help Prevent Prescription Drug Use.”       ANNUAl DoT DAy KIcK-oFF
  Historian Andrew Saxe will discuss “Victorian         A bus trip to Foxwoods for seniors, Wed., Apr. 25.         The annual Dot Day Kick-Off Dinner, with Gerard’s
Dorchester,” (The Architecture of the Railroad          Bus leaves at 9 a.m., and returns at 6 p.m. Cost is      famous meatloaf, will be held on Thurs., Mar. 29,
Suburb), at the monthly meeting on Sun., Mar. 18,       $25 (for roundtrip fare, $15 Keno Credit, and $10        6:30 p.m., at the First Parish Church, 10 Parish St.
at 2 p.m., at the Clapp House. The headquarters of      food voucher.) Call Lisa at the LHCC, 617-635-5150       Tickets available at the door: $15 for adults/$7 for
the DHS is the William Clapp House, 195 Boston          or e-mail:                  children/$30 for a family of four. Call 617-412-9822
St., near Edward Everett Square.                                                                                 for info.
                                                        cARNEy HoSpITAl’S pRoGRAmS
DoRcHESTER BoARD oF TRADE                                 A Breast-Cancer Support Group, the second              TEmplE SHAlom
  The address for the Dorchester Board of Trade,        Wednesday (only) of each month, 6:30 to 8 p.m.             The temple has relocated; the office, 38 Truro
P. O. Box 220452. Dor., MA 02122. Contact the           The Carney’s adult/child/infant CPR and First Aid        Lane, Milton; the mailing address, P.O. Box 870275,
Board at 617-398-DBOT (3268). The 19th annual           instructions every week for only $30. Call 617-296-      Milton, MA 02187; and the sanctuary, The Great
Luncheon with the Mayor will be held on Thurs.,         4012, X2093 for schedule.                                Hall, 495 Canton Ave., Milton. The phone number
Mar. 29 at Restaurante Cesaria, 266 Bowdoin St.;                                                                 remains the same: 617-698-3394 or e-mail: office@
seating begins at 11:45 a.m., with the program
                                                        FRANKlIN pARK Zoo
                                                          Playful Paws Playgroups, beginning Feb. 1 from for info.
beginning at noon. Cost is $55 for members; $65
for non-members. Seating is limited. Tickets must
                                                        10:15 to 11 a.m., in the meeting Barn at the zoo.        DIvINE mERcy cElEBRATIoN
                                                        Cost: $8 for members or $10 for non-members.               The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy celebrate the
be purchased in advance. RSVP to 617-398-3268 or
                                                        Pre-registration is required; call 617-989-3742. Call    Eucharist in honor of Divine Mercy on the third
pay online:
                                                        617-442-4141.                                            Friday of each month, at St. Ann’s in Dorchester,
DoRcHESTER DAy pARADE                                   GIRlS’ SUmmIT                                            with Exposition at 6 p.m., Chaplet of Mercy at 6:30
                                                          “Keep It Movin’” at the BCYF’s Center at Madison       p.m., and Mass at 7 p.m. In Mar., however, there will
  Licensed                                    Insured
            ble R
     Afforda Now oofing
                                                        Park, Sat., Mar. 31, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., focusing on    only be the Divine Mercy Retreat on Sat., Mar. 24,
                                                        health, sports, and fitness, with lunch. To RSVP,        beginning with Eucharistic Adoration at 1 p.m. and
           Call                                         call 617-635-4920, X2314.                                ending with Mass at 4 p.m. For further info: call the
           781-733-2156                                 ADAmS vIllAGE BUSINESS ASSN.                             Sisters at 617-288-1202, ext. 114. In Apr., the third
                                                                                                                 Fri will be suspended because of organizing Divine
  Best and Lowest Prices Around                           For info on the AVBA, call Mary at 617-697-3019.
                                                                                                                 Mercy Sunday on Apr. 15, always the Sunday after
        on Rubber Roofing                               KIT clARK SENIoR SERvIcES                                Easter. The next Third Friday Devotion is May 18.
                                                          Kit Clark Senior Services for those over 60:
               Residential & Commercial
                                                        health care, socialization, adult day health, memory     lENTEN coNFESSIoNS
             In Business for Over 20 Years!
                                                        respite, homemakers, personal care attendants,             Confessions will be heard from 6:30 to 8 p.m., on
       Specializing in all types of Roofing                                                                      the Wednesdays of Lent (to Apr. 4) at all Boston
                                                        mental health and substance abuse counseling,
      ROOFING                           REPAIRS
                                                        and transportation. The Kit Clark’s Senior Home          Catholic churches and chapels.
   Starting at $4000                  Starting at $50                                                                                                 (Continued on page 30)
                                                        Improvement Program for eligible homeowners with

                                                                                                                        B ARRON inc.
                                                                 ROOFING CO., INC.
                                                                                                                        Plumbing • Heating • Gas Fitting
                                                                                                                  	 	•	Water	Heaters				       B
                                                                                                                                             •		 oilers
                                                            ASPHALT SHINGLES • RUBBER ROOFING                     	 	•	Drain	Cleaning			       F
                                                                                                                                             •		 aucets,	Toilets,	Disposals
                                                              • COPPER WORK • SLATE • GUTTERS                     	 	•	Dependable	Service			 •	Repairs/Installs
                                                                        • CHIMNEYS                                          Call Dan @ 617-293-1086
                                                           Fully Insured                           State Reg.
                                                           Free Estimates                            #100253                               Lic. #31531/Insured
                                                                                                           • Free Estimates • Emergencies

 (617) 436-8828 DAYS                                     AUTO BODY REPAIRS	
                                                                                             (617)	825-1760
                                                                                             (617)	825-2594
                                                                                                                         Geo. H. Richard & Son
 (617) 282-3469                                          	                       	       FAX	(617)	825-7937	                  Roofing Co.
                                                                                                                                          Established 1865
    Steinbach’s Service                                                                                             All typeS of RoofinG
        Station Inc.                                       Free Pick-Up & Delivery Service
  COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE                                                                                       617.698.4698
   321 Adams St., Dorchester 02122                        150 Centre Street
                                                                                                                    Fully Insured                               Harry S. Richard
             Corner of Gibson Street                      Dorchester, MA 02124                                      Free Estimates                             MA Reg. #102415
       NOW State Inspection Center                                                                                           
March 15, 2012   THE REPoRTER   Page 23
Page 24   THE REPoRTER    March 15, 2012

              ASHMont MARket
                         & LIQUoRS

                 EVEN BETTER SELECTIONS!
                 Come	in	and	meet	the	new	guys!
                630 Adams Street • 617-825-1990
                   Happy St. Patrick’s Day

               from your friends at  Metamorphosis
          1153 Washington Street, Lower Mills • (617) 698-6520
                                                          March 15, 2012                  THE REPoRTER                     Page 25

      FoR tHe YeARS!

Peter, Harry, and John Georgoulopolous have worked side by side at the Ashmont Market since 1984.    Photo by Bill Forry

         Thank you to the neighborhood,
    Police and Firefighters for 29 great years!

                                                                                        Please help us in
                                                                                         welcoming the
                                                                                          new owners,
                                                                                        the Patel family
                                                                              New	owners,	same	great	
                                                                               service	and	selection!

               Happy St. Patrick’s Day
                           ASHMont MARket
                     630 Adams Street • 617-825-1990
Page 26   THE REPoRTER   March 15, 2012
                                               March 15, 2012             THE REPoRTER                           Page 27

       Celebrating 50 years in Adams Village
                                                 Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day
                                                         Full Service FloriSt
                                                                  Local and World Wide Delivery
                                                                   Family Owned & Operated
                                                     Fruit & BaSketS • Gourmet • corporate accountS

                                                                Toll-Free: Dial 1-800-847-7888
                                                                       Fax 617-265-0771
                                                                   742 Adams Street, Dorchester

                                                       All Major Credit Cards

            comE DoWN AND ENJoy
            AT GREENHIllS BAKERy!
Hot, Home-Made, Stick-To-Your-Ribs
      Lunch Specials Daily!!!
                                                                       Irish Specialties
  • Boiled dinner w/ Irish Boiling Bacon                        • Hot Irish Breakfast
     and or Grey or Red Corned Beef                             • Irish Lamb Stew
  • Guinness Beef Stew                                          • Irish Sausage Rolls
                                                                • Irish Whiskey Cakes
  • Shephard’s Pie
                                                                • Brown Soda Bread
                             Scones - 5 Flavors!                  & Raisin Bread
                             Fresh Sherry Truffles              • Round Bannock
                             Baileys Sponge Cake                • Treacle Soda Bread
                             Bailey’s Swiss Rolls               • Irish Barm Brack
                             Bailey’s Eclairs
                             Porter Cakes                        GUINNESS BEEF STEW
                             Barry’s Irish Tea                   IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE!

                                Many Other Specials Every Day
Greenhills Bakery                                                  Open Monday - Saturday 5AM to 6:30PM
780 Adams Street, Dorchester, MA 02124                                                Sunday 6AM - 2PM
Page 28    THE REPoRTER                   March 15, 2012

                                                              Mrs. Jones’ Soul Food
                                                               2255 Dorchester Ave., Lower Mills

                                                                          Special Daily Menu
                                                           Tuesday - Beef Brisket/Pigs Feet/Chitlins - Alternating
                                                           Wednesday - Meatloaf                           Every Da
                                                           Thursday - Oxtails                              Fried O
                                                           Friday -Fish & Grits
                                                           Saturday -Smoked Ham                     Take Out
                                                           Sunday - Deep Fried Turkey            617-696-0180
                                                                   Dinner Plates with two sides:
                                                             Pork Chops w/gravy...... $11.95     BBQ Ribs St. Louis Style.. 12.95
                                                             Fried Chicken Wings....... 10.95    Rib & Chicken Combo.... 13.95
                                                             BBQ Baby Back Ribs ..... 12.95      Ham Hocks (2) ................ 10.95
                                                             Half BBQ Chicken ...........11.95   Smoked Turkey
                                                             BBQ Chicken Wings ....... 10.95        Wing or Leg ................11.00

                                                           Sides: Mashed, Rice, Corn on the Cob, Potato Salad, Collard Greens,
                                                           Candied Yam, Mac & Cheese, Black Eyed Peas, Red or Pinto Beans,
                                                           Cabbage, Cole Slaw, Corn Bread Stuffing, Soup, Cornbread/Bread.

                                                           Lunch and Dinner - Tuesday thru Sunday 12 Noon - 8 PM
                                                                            CLOSED MONDAYS

                                                                   Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
          Have a
      Safe & Happy
     St. Patrick’s Day
          from the staff of
          BOSTON BAYSIDE                                                    Delicious, H lthier Food
          Jessie Cuddy        James Harrison                                  EAT-IN • TAKE OUTS
          617-875-7005         617-784-8635                  Fast, Hot, Delivery. Carry Outs, Catering
                                                                      We Use Low-Fat Products
                                                                    & Only High Quality Halal Meat
                                                            (617)     379-2434 (617) 379-2433
                                                                        fax (617) 379-2436
      BOSTON BAYSIDE PROPERTIES                                             Order Online
                2253a Dorchester Avenue
                 Dorchester, MA 02124
                                                                                OPEN EVERY DAY
                                                                        Delivery 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
                   Sales & Rentals                                     No artificial Ingredients, Additives or MSG
                                                                                       Zero Trans Fat
March 15, 2012   THE REPoRTER   Page 29
Page 30                THE REPoRTER                                              March 15, 2012

                                                                 RECENT OBITUARIES
   BEACH, Sarah                         man H. Benders both                    other relatives and a host          topher Harvey of            of Quincy, formerly of
Elizabeth of Dorchester.                of Atlanta, GA, Sean,                  of friends.                         Dorchester. Husband of      Dorchester, died un-
Mother of Warren (Phyl-                 Raynah, Endrea and                       CHICHESTER,                       the late of Earleen John-   expectedly at home,
lis) Beach of Mattapan                  Ryan Thibodeaux all of                 Francis X. of Stoughton.            son. Father of Dwayne       Sunday, March 4, 2012.
and Norman (Ulanda)                     Boston. Dear sister of                 Son of the late Edward              K. Johnson of Lowell,       He was born in Boston,
Beach of Dorchester.                    Patrick Norman of NY                   A. Sr. and Katherine F.             Nichole Johnson Graves      raised and educated in
Grandmother of Tarid                    and James Norman of                    (Connolly) Chichester.              of Martinsburg, WV,         Dorchester schools and
L. Powell and Nor-                      Montreal. She leaves                   Brother of Edward A. Jr.            Pamela K. Johnson of        was a graduate of South
                                                                               and his wife Kathleen               Pittsburgh, PA, Shelley     Boston High School,
                                                                               Chichester of Methuen,              K. Johnson of Dorchester    Class of 1969. He has
                                                                               Katherine and her                   and Scott K. Johnson of     lived in Quincy for thirty-
                                                                               husband James Wall                  Lowell. Brother of James    seven years, previously
               TEVNAN TEVNAN                                                   of Dorchester, Mary
                                                                               Chichester of Weymouth,
                                                                                                                   Johnson of Roxbury and
                                                                                                                   Mary Hyman of Dorches-
                                                                                                                                               in Dorchester. Fred was
                                                                                                                                               a warehouse manager
               100 City Hall Plaza      299 Gallivan Boulevard
                                        653                                    Mark and his wife Eileen            ter. He leaves a host of    and was employed with         Opanasets of South Bos-
               Boston, MA 02108         Dorchester, MA 02124                   Chichester of Randolph,             grandchildren, nieces,      the Marr Companies            ton, Karen Opanasets of
                   617-423-4100         617-265-4100                           Diane Chichester of                 nephews, other relatives    in Boston for the past        Fort Worth, TX, Peter
                                                                               Randolph, John and his              and friends.                eighteen years. He was        Opanasets of Millis and
                           Attorneys at Law                                    wife Aurora Chichester                PIZZARELLA, Jo-           an automobile enthu-          the late Paul Opanasets.
                                                       of Dorchester. Devoted              sephine (Maurici)           siast. He enjoyed old         Also survived by many
                                                                               uncle of John and Kris-             of Dorchester. Wife of      cars, especially hot rods     nieces and nephews. Fu-
                                                                               ten Wall, Conor, Emily,             Pasquale R. Mother of       and his 1955 Nomad.           neral from the Sweeney
                                                                               Devon and Katherine                 Richard of Plymouth,        He also loved animals.        Brothers Home for Fu-
                 “Close to Home”                                               Chichester. Late em-
                                                                               ployee of the Boston
                                                                                                                   Steven and his wife
                                                                                                                   Joann of Dorchester.
                                                                                                                                               Beloved husband for
                                                                                                                                               forty-one years of Susan
                                                                                                                                                                             nerals, 1 Independence
                                                                                                                                                                             Avenue, Quincy, Thurs-
                                                                               Globe.                              Sister of Tina Ruvido of    C. (Fasanelli) Opana-         day, March 8th at 9 a.m.
                                                                                 GAINES, Lawrence                  Braintree and the late      sets. Devoted father of       Funeral Mass in Saint
                                                                               Charles of Dorchester.              Henrietta Marsiglia.        Frederick J. Opanasets,       John the Baptist Church,
                                                                               Retired US Postal Ser-              Also survived by 6 loving   Jr., Suffolk County Sher-     44 School Street, Quincy
                                                                               vice Employee and late              grandchildren and 7         iff’s Dept., Joseph M.        at 10 o’clock. Relatives
                                                                               community activist and              great grandchildren.        Opanasets and James V.        and friends are invited
                                                                               Chairman of Citywide                Remembrances may            Opanasets all of Quincy.      to attend. Interment
                                                                               Coalition for Justice               be made in memory of        Cherished son of Alice        Cedar Grove Cemetery,
                                                                               and Equality. He leaves             Josephine to the Hos-       (Naudziunas) Opanasets
       Cedar Grove Cemetery                                                    his daughter Mawakana               pice of the North Shore     of Dorchester and the
                                                                                                                                                                             Dorchester. For those
                                                                                                                                                                             who wish, donations
                                                                               Onifade and her hus-                and Greater Boston, 75      late Walter Opanasets.        in Fred’s memory may
                 CONSECRATED IN 1868                                           band Yohance both of                Sylvan St., Suite B-102,    Dear brother of Walter        be made to the Quincy
          On the banks of the Neponset                                         Dorchester and her                  Danvers, MA 01923.          Opanasets of Braintree,       Animal Shelter, c/o 56
         Excellent “Pre-Need” Plan Available                                   mother Annette Osborne                oPANASETS,                Ernest Opanasets of           Broad Street, Quincy,
                                                                               Gaines of Redlands, CA.             Frederick J., Sr., 60,      Dorchester, Christine         MA 02169.
            Inquiries on gravesites are invited.
                                                                               Grandfather of Oyade
           Cemetery office open daily at
                                                                               and Ifatayo Onifade both
                                                                               of Dorchester. Brother of                          Neighborhood Notables
                  920 Adams St.                                                Gloria Beeks of Holbrook.
                                                                                                                   (Continued from page 22)                   tickets and info. The Confirmation III
              Dorchester, MA 02124                                             He leaves a host of other
                                                                               relatives and friends.              FIRST pARISH cHURcH                        Retreat will be held on Sun., Mar. 25,
             Telephone: 617-825-1360                                                                                  The church welcomes donations of food instead of Sun., Mar. 18, because of the
                                                                                 JoHNSoN, Chris-
                                                                                                                   and clothing for the needy each Sunday. St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the 18th.
                                COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                                                                                   Pot-Luck-Family-Fun-Night, the first ST. BRENDAN cHURcH
                                     SALE OF REAL ESTATE                                                           Fri. of each month, 6 p.m., in the parish     Stations of the Cross are said each
                                     UNDER M.G.L. c. 183A:6                                                        hall. The church is located at 10 Parish Lenten Friday, beginning at 7 p.m., in
                                                                                                                   St., Meetinghouse Hill.                    the main church. All are welcome. Men’s
    By virtue of a Judgment and Order of the Suffolk Superior Court (Civil Action No. 11-3078-A), in favor of                                                 clothing for the Long Island Shelter is
 establishing a lien pursuant to M.G.L. c. 183A:6 on the real estate known as UNIT 3 of QUINCY TERRACE                Confessions will be heard in English, still needed: shirts, pants, sweatshirts,
 CONDOMINIUM for the purposes of satisfying such lien, the real estate is scheduled for Public Auction             Spanish, and Vietnamese on Wed., Apr. sweaters, coats, jackets, rainwear,
 at 9:00 O’CLOCK A.M. ON THE 10th DAY OF APRIL, A.D. 2012, at 152 QUINCY STREET, UNIT 3,
 DORCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS. The premises to be sold are more particularly described as follows:                    4, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Fr. Paul Cloherty footwear, belts, hats, and white sox. The
                                                                                                                   is now in residence at Marian Manor in Food Pantry is in great need for non-
                                DESCRIPTION:                                                                       South Boston. Sovereign Bank is allowing perishable food. Please be generous. The
    Unit 3 of the Quincy Terrace Condominiums created by Master Deed dated October
 9, 2008 and recorded at the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds at Book 44123 Page 224
                                                                                                                   parishioners attending Sunday Mass to Guild’s annual auction, on Sat., Apr. 28.
 and shown on the Master Deed Condominium Floor Plan recorded in the Suffolk County                                park in their parking lot while at Mass. Mark your calendar. The Easter Bunny
 Registry of Deeds.                                                                                                Please donate to the Easter flowers and Brunch, Sun., Mar. 25, 11 a.m. Print
                                                                                                                   give the names of your loved ones to be name of person to be remembered on the
     The address of the Unit is 152 Quincy Street, Boston, Massachusetts.                                          remembered.                                outside of the Easter Flower envelope
     The Unit is shown on the plan, recorded with this first unit deed, to which is affixed a verified statement                                              and return to rectory by Mon., Apr. 2.;
 in the form provided by MGL c. 183A s. 9 and is conveyed subject to and with the benefit of the obligations,
                                                                                                                   ST. ANN cHURcH                             donation suggested, $10.
 restrictions, rights and liabilities contained within M.G.L. 183A, the Master Deed and Declaration of Trust.         St. Patrick’s Day Mass, Sat., Mar. 17,
                                                                                                                   9 a.m. Stations of the Cross are said each ST. cHRISTopHER cHURcH
     The Unit is conveyed together with the exclusive right and easement as specified in the                                                                     The Stations of the Cross each Wed.
 Master Deed.                                                                                                      Lenten Friday, beginning at 6 p.m. All
     The undivided percentage interest of the unit in the common areas and facilities is 33.6%.                    are welcome. St. Ann’s Lucky Thousand during Lent at 6 p.m. Rosary and Stations
     For title see deed to Victoria Heraldo dated January 6, 2011 and recorded with the Suffolk County Registry
                                                                                                                   Drawing, the second Monday of each in Spanish each Thurs., at 6 p.m. Small
 of Deeds in Book 47453, Page 122.                                                                                 month in the school cafeteria, at 7 p.m. faith groups on Thurs., 2 to 3:30 p.m.,
     In the event of a typographical error or omission contained in this publication, the description of the       The adult, teen, and youth choirs welcome in English, and at 11 a.m. on Sun., in
 premises contained in said Unit Deed shall control.                                                               new members. Work will soon begin on Spanish. A Spanish Retreat, on Sat.,
                                                                                                                   renovating the lower church. The church Mar. 24, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                               TERMS OF SALE:                                                      welcomes donations. 29th annual St. K clUB
       1. A non-refundable deposit payable in cash, certified or bank check in the amount of $5,000.00 for
          the unit shall be payable at the Auction.                                                                Ann’s Fundraiser to benefit the parish        The meetings are held every other
                                                                                                                   youth, Fri., May 11, Florian Hall. 6:30 Monday (Mar. 26, Apr. 9 & 30) in Florian
  2.      The balance of the purchase price is to be paid within thirty (30) days of the auction.                  p.m. Ticket is $150 per ticket, with a $40 Hall, 12:30 p.m. The club welcomes new
  3.      An Auctioneer’s Release Deed will be issued to the purchaser, upon payment of the balance of the
                                                                                                                   companion ticket. Call 617-265-6700 for members.
          purchase price, within thirty (30) days of the auction. The Deed shall convey the premises subject
          to, and with the benefit of, all restrictions, easements, improvements, outstanding tax titles,
          municipal or other public taxes, assessments, liens, or claims in the nature of liens, and existing
          encumbrances of record senior to the lien hereby being satisfied, whether or not reference to such
          restrictions, easements, improvements, outstanding tax titles, municipal or other public
          taxes, assessments, liens or claims in the nature of liens or encumbrances is made in the deed.

  4.      Additionally, and not by way of limitation, the sale shall be subject to and with the benefit of any
          and all tenants, tenancies, and occupants, if any.

  5.      No representation is or shall be made as to any amount of taxes due and outstanding.

  6.      The successful bidder shall pay the future condominium common charges commencing with the
          date of the auction.

  7.      No representation is or shall be made as to any other mortgages, liens, or encumbrances of record.

  8.      No representation is or shall be made as to the condition of the Premises or the Condominium.
          The Premises shall be sold “as is.”

  9.      Other items, if any, shall be announced at the sale.

 10.      The sale is subject to and in accordance with the Judgment and Order, a copy of which may be
          obtained from the seller’s counsel, Attorney Dean T. Lennon, Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks,
          P.C., 45 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 107, Braintree, MA 02184, (781) 843-5000.

                                                 QUINCY TERRACE CONDOMINIUM TRUST,
                                                 By its Board of Trustees
                                                                                                        March 15, 2012                        THE REPoRTER                Page 31
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   • Immigrants from Montserrat,                                         entrants must be registered in advance.      course, check our website
the “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean,”                                     Please email or call by March 14 if you for daily
celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as the an-                                   plan to participate. Each entrant should     news, expanded crime
niversary of 1768 slave revolt by their                                  prepare between 6 and 8 quarts of chili.     reports and our political
ancestors. To mark the occasion, the                                     Advance tickets, $15 per adult, $25 per      blog, The Lit Drop.
Montserrat community holds its own                                       family (up to 4 persons), additional
special celebration at 5 p.m. at the                                     children $5 each. Day-of the event,
Aspirers Community Center located at                                     admission is $20 per adult, $30 per fam-
358 Washington St., Dorchester.                                          ily. Contact Pat O’Neill at 617-265-5397
   Features Irish step dancers alongside                                 or
a mouth watering feast. Music will be                                    Thursday, March 29
provided by Albert “Dubai” Richards,                                        • Mayor Thomas Menino will be
former radio announcer for Radio                                         the featured speaker at the next
Antilles.                                                                Dorchester Board of Trade luncheon
Sunday, March 18                                                         on Thursday, March 29 at Restaurante
   • Dorchester Historical Society                                       Cesaria, 266 Bowdoin St., Dorchester,
presents a 2 p.m. lecture by Andrew                                      at 11:45 a.m. The program begins at
Saxe on “Victorian Dorchester: The                                       noon. Members: $55. Non-members
Architecture of the Railroad Suburb.”                                    $65. Seating is limited. Tickets must
Saxe gives historical context to the                                     be purchased in advance. RSVP to
development of Dorchester, and the                              or
bulk of lecture is dedicated to the                                      call 617-398-DBOT by March 26. Pay
history of extant houses featuring Mr.                                   online at DorchesterBoardofTrade,com
Saxe’s own, very recent photographs.                                        • Annual Dorchester Day Kick-Off
195 Boston Street, Dorchester. See                                       Dinner at First Parish Church, 10 Par-                                          ish St., Dorchester, 6:30 p.m. The annual
Monday, March 19                                                         meatloaf dinner and entertainment.
   • The Boston Parks and Recreation                                     Winning essays from the Dorchester
Department and the Mayor’s Office                                        Day Parade Committee will be awarded
of Neighborhood Services invite the                                      and read. Tickets can be purchased at
public to the first in a series of public                                the door. $15 for adults / $7 for children
meetings to discuss renovations to                                       or $30 for a family of four. For informa-
entrances, pathways and the cross                                        tion, please contact: Marty Hogan at
country course at Franklin Park in                                       617-412-9822.
Dorchester. 6 p.m., Devine Clubhouse,                                    Friday, March 30
1 Circuit Drive, Dorchester. The                                            •Second annual Boston City Singers
proposed project includes renovations                                    Gala to support scholarship fund,
to selected entrances, pathways and                                      6:30-10:30 p.m. at Venezia Waterfront
portions of the cross country course.                                    Restaurant, 20 Ericcson Street, Dorches-
Call 617- 961-3019.                                                      ter. Buffet dinner, a live and silent
Wednesday, March 21                                                      auction, and entertainment. Tickets
   • The first in a series of meetings                                   $120; companion ticket $79. For more
to discuss improvements to Roberts                                       information and sponsorship opportuni-
Playground field in Dorchester, 6:30                                     ties see
p.m., The Great Hall of the Codman                                       Saturday, March 31
Square Health Center, 6 Norfolk Street,                                     • In celebration of Women’s History
Dorchester. The proposed project                                         Month, middle and high school-age
includes a renovation of the athletic                                    Boston girls are invited to “Girls Summit
fields, which currently include softball,                                2012: Let’s Keep it Movin’” from 9 a.m. to
baseball, football, soccer, and cricket                                  2:30 p.m. at BCYF’s Recreation Center
fields. For further information, call                                    at Madison Park. Free. Focus on health,
617-961-3058.                                                            sports and fitness for young women and
Saturday, March 24                                                       will include interactive workshops and
   • Jazz Cabaret Night at First                                         activities, lunch, round-table discussions
Parish Church in Dorchester, 10                                          with professional women in the health,
Parish St., Meetinghouse Hill, 7                                         sports and fitness field, a free t-shirt
p.m. featuring Muse Stew with Scott                                      and more. To
Samenfeld on Guitar, Susanna Fiore                                       RSVP, please
on Piano, and Caryn Sandrew, vocals
and Special Guest Jay Girill on Bass.
Tickets $15 Cash Bar - Beer and wine
                                                                         contact Er-
                                                                         ika Butler,
                                                                         BCYF Girls’
                                                                                            FINNEGAN ASSOCIATES REALTORS
served. For more information call                                        Initiative
Sunday, March 25
                                                                         at 617-635-
                                                                                                   793 Adams Street, Adams Corner, Dorchester, MA
   • The 6th Annual all-Dorchester                                       4920 x2314                  (617) 282-8189                
Chili Cook-off will heat things up as a                                  or erika.but-
panel of distinguished judges will award                                 ler@cityof-
prizes including the golden bean pot. 3                        
                                                                                                                           WElcomE To:
                                      LeGAL notICeS
             CoMMonWeALtH oF
                 SUFFoLk, ss.
                                                            CoMMonWeALtH oF
                                                              tHe tRIAL CoURt
                                                                                                      206 Savin Hill Avenue Dorchester
              tHe tRIAL CoURt
       PRoBAte AnD FAMILY CoURt                        PRoBAte & FAMILY CoURt
             notICe AnD oRDeR:
       PetItIon FoR APPoIntMent
                                                             SUFFoLk DIVISIon                                                                                       SOLD
         oF GUARDIAn oF A MInoR                          Docket no. SU12C0062CA
          Docket no. SU12P0207GD                              In tHe MAtteR oF
                                                                                                                                                                  Large single
            In tHe InteReStS oF
         ZYAIR LeSHAWn RAnkInS                          IMARIe AnnGeLLA PAGAn
             oF DoRCHeSteR, MA                              of DoRCHeSteR, MA
       notice to all Interested Parties
     1. Hearing Date/time:	A	 hearing	 on	 a	
                                                         In the County of SUFFoLk
                                                            notICe oF PetItIon
                                                                                                                                                                  family home
Petition	for	Appointment	of	Guardian	of	a	Minor	
filed	 on	 01/31/2012	 by	 Pamela Y. Worrell	
of	 Dorchester,	 MA	 will	 be	 held	 03/29/2012
                                                          FoR CHAnGe oF nAMe
                                                           A	petition	has	been	presented	
                                                                                                                                                                with over 2,400
09:00 AM Guardianship of Minor Hear-
ing.	 Located	 at	 24 new Chardon Street,
                                                       by	Sheila	Andino	requesting	that	
                                                       IMARIE	ANNGELLE	PAGAN	be	
                                                                                                                                                                   s.f. of living
                                                                                                                                                                space. Has large
Boston, MA 02114.
     2. Response to Petition:	 You	 may	               allowed	to	change	her	name	as	
respond	by	filing	a	written	response	to	the	           follows:
                                                                                                                                                                 lot containing
Petition	or	by	appearing	in	person	at	the	hear-
ing.	If	you	choose	to	file	a	written	response,	           IMARIE	JAELYN	GARCIA
you	need	to:                                               IF	YOU	DESIRE	TO	OBJECT	
                                                                                                                                                                    14,810 s.f.
     File	the	original	with	the	Court;	and
     Mail	a	copy	to	all	interested	parties	at	least	   THERETO,	 YOU	 OR	 YOUR	
five	(5)	business	days	before	the	hearing.             ATTORNEY	 MUST	 FILE	 A	
                                                                                                                                                                 Call for more
     3. Counsel for the Minor:	 the	 Minor	            WRITTEN	 APPEARANCE	 IN	
(or	an	adult	on	behalf	of	the	minor)	has	the	
right	 to	 request	 that	 counsel	 be	 appointed	      SAID	COURT	AT	BOSTON	ON	
                                                       OR	BEFORE	TEN	O’CLOCk	IN	
                                                                                                                                                                information and
for	the	minor.
     4. Presence of the Minor at hearing:	A	
minor	over	age	14	has	the	right	to	be	present	         THE	MORNING	(10:00	AM)	ON	
at	any	hearing,	unless	the	Court	finds	that	it	
is	not	in	the	minor’s	best	interests.
     tHIS IS A LeGAL notICe:	An	important	
                                                       May	10,	2012.
                                                           Witness,	 HON.	 JOAN	 P.	                                                                              to schedule a
court	proceeding	that	may	affect	your	rights	
has	been	scheduled.	If	you	do	not	understand	
this	 notice	 or	 other	 court	 papers,	 please	
                                                       ARMSTRONG,	First	Justice	of	
                                                       this	Court.                                                                                                   showing.
contact	an	attorney	for	legal	advice.                      February	29,	2012
     February	23,	2012                                              Sandra	Giovannucci
                             Sandra	Giovannucci
                             Register	of	Probate                     Register	of	Probate
Page 32       THE REPoRTER                                March 15, 2012

                    BEERS                                                                              SPIRITS
    Guinness Stout .......... 12pk ...... $12.99          Bushmills ...................750ml ....$19.99             Hennessy Cognac .....750ml              ....$27.99
    Guinness Pub Draft .. 12pk ...... $11.99              Bushmills Honey .......750ml ....$19.99                   Remy Martin VSOP .750ml                 ....$39.99
    Harp ........................... 12pk ...... $11.99   Blackbush ..................750ml ....$33.99              Grand Marnier .........750ml            ....$28.99
    Murphys ...................... 4pk ......... $5.99    Michael Collins Single Malt 8 yr. .$31.99                 Chambord .................750ml         ....$23.99
    Smithwicks ................. 12pk ...... $11.99       Midleton Rare ...........750ml ..$102.99                  Bacardi .................... 1.75 ltr    ...$22.99
    Bud & Bud Light ....... 30pk ...... $18.99            Powers .......................750ml ....$17.99            Cpt. Morgan ............ 1.75 ltr        ...$27.99
    Coors Light ................ 30pk ...... $18.99       Redbreast ..................750ml ....$42.99              Dewars White Label . 1.75 ltr            ...$33.99
    Miller Lite .................. 30pk ...... $18.99
                                                          Tullamore Dew .........750ml ....$19.99                   Old Thompson ......... 1.75 ltr          ... $11.99
    Sam Adams ..............12pk btl ... $12.99
    Long Trail .................. 12pk ...... $12.99      Michael Collins ........750ml ....$19.99                  Canadian Club ........ 1.75 ltr          ...$17.99
    Magic Hat .................. 12pk ...... $12.99       Baileys .......................750ml ....$23.99           Makers Mark ........... 1.75 ltr         ...$42.99
    Sierra Nevada ..........12pk btl ... $13.99           Mollys .......................750ml ...... $9.99          Patron Silver ............ 1.75 ltr      ...$79.99
    Harpoon ..................... 12pk ...... $12.99      Bradys .......................750ml ...... $8.99          Tanqueray Gin ......... 1.75 ltr         ...$32.99
    Heineken Loose Case ................ $20.99           Carolans ...................750ml ...... $8.99            New Amsterdam Vodka 1.75 ltr             ...$17.99
    Corona Loose Case ................... $22.99
    Becks Loose Case ...................... $19.99                                                       WINES
                    ** All Beer Plus Deposit
                                                          Yellow Tail ..................................... $5.99   Gascon Malbec ............................. $9.99
                                                          Kendall Jackson Chardonnay .... $10.99                    Layer Cake Chardonnay ............ $10.99
                                                          Mark West Pinot Noir ................ $10.99              M&R Asti Spumante .................. $10.99
                                                          Smoking Loon .............................. $8.99
                                                                                                                    Clos du Bois Chardonnay ........... $10.99
                                                          Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio ... $19.99
                                                          Dr. Loosen Riesling ...................... $9.99          Freixenet ....................................... $7.99

                                                                                                                       Sale effective through March 18th

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