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									         PARKLANDS COLLEGE

PARKLANDS TIMES                                                                      Nov/Dec 2009

 Founder’s Message                                                                           DATES
 Lorraine Roth                                                                               FOR 2010:
 As 2009 draws to a close we look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2010.                Summer Quarter
 Congratulations on another year of outstanding achievements. Well done to our               13 Jan - 26 Mar
 learners, their principals and teachers, who during the course of 2009, have once again     Autumn Quarter
 given of their best and achieved so much.                                                   13 Apr to 9 Jun
                                                                                             Winter Quarter
 Finally, thank you to every parent for entrusting us with your children. We are sure that   13 Jul - 23 Sept
                                                                                             Spring Quarter
 you share in our pride as we delight in their achievements. I would also like to extend     5 Oct - 9 Dec
 my sincere appreciation to our educator body of 2009. Their dedication can never be
 underestimated; they have held the vision fast in times of challenge and have celebrated
           in the glory of our many achievements. With the continued support of such a
                                                                                             GATE TIMES
           committed team and the continuous backing of our parents and Board we will
           continue to grow from strength to strength.                                       PRE-PRIMARY
                                                                                             Monday - Friday
                                                                                             07h30 - 08h30
                   May the Holiday Season bring you its treasures in abundance:              12h45 - 14h30
                   lasting friendships, family joys, health and prosperity.
                                                                                             Monday - Thursday
                            January will bring new Beginnings...                             07h30 - 08h15
                                                                                             12h45 - 13h30
                     and the start of three hundred and sixty-five sun-kissed                14h00 - 14h45
                     mornings and starlit evenings, fifty-two weeks filled with              07h30 - 08h15
                         potential, twelve months bursting with promise.                     12h45 - 13h45
                      This is the time to dream, to look forward to the year                 SECONDARY
                       ahead and to journey within, to reflect on cherished                  Monday - Friday
                                                                                             07h00 - 08h10
                     memories and withdraw from the past. New beginnings                     14h10 - 14h50
                        beckon to recreate our life journey through vision,
                                       change and discovery.
          Secondary Faculty

                             From the Principal’s Office
                             Sylvia Steyn

                             The academic year is officially over and we want to congratulate our learners on their achievements
                             and thank our educators for preparing them so well. We now eagerly await the matric results which
                             will be released on 7 January 2010.

                             At the end of this year we say goodbye to the following staff members who are pursuing other ventures in
                             2010: Trevor Allen, Gary Mann, Jill Brown, Alexis Biccard and Jason Stegmann. We welcome the
                             following new staff members to our team: Sue Mackintosh, Robert Shaw, Chaise Fredericks and
                             Lucette Torbet. Tracy Pienaar has been appointed as our full-time sports coordinator for 2010.

                              Thank you to all the educators for your dedication this year, to the support and administrative staff, as
                              well as to all our coaches and part-time cultural staff. 2009 has been a good year on the sports fields
and in the cultural sphere, and we look forward to building on our successes in 2010. We have entered more sports teams in the
various leagues; there has been a marked growth in our dance and music department and with the planned staging of Annie next
year, our budding actors will be kept very busy.

I would also like to thank our parents for your ongoing support and wish you all a peaceful festive season. My wish for you is that this
year will end on a high note and next year start on a happy one.

Awards Evening 8 December 2009
Good evening Directors, Colleagues, Parents, Learners and Guests. The world is changing. Education is changing. The culture of
schools is changing. It was only last year that I spoke to you about all the new policies and terminology in education and here we are
– a new minister, a new department and a whole new dispensation. Many books have been written about change and Helené Bam,
our former Head Prefect, spoke to you brilliantly about change and growth at Honours Evening earlier this quarter. I can't match that,
so I will borrow from a book called “Flight of the Buffalo” written by James Belasco and Ralph Stayer.

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have -- and underestimate the value of what they may gain by
giving that up."

This is my official answer to all your “why” questions. Why must the school day look like that? Why do you offer this and not
that? Why have you chosen that route? Why are you using this examining body and not that one?

I repeat what I have said many times before… only dead fish go with the flow. If a leading educational institution like Parklands
risks nothing and tries nothing, shakes up nothing we will become nothing. We cannot wait for change to come to us, it is like
Barrack Obama said, “We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” However, and this is the
most important part of the argument, our starting point for change remains rooted in our stated mission that we are striving for
excellence. We won't ever willingly jeopardise our reputation and status in the educational community. That does not mean
that we do not make mistakes, but unlike some of our sportsmen like Joost and Tiger, we don't hope for them to go away by
denying them, we tackle them head-on.

About a month ago I was addressing the learners at assembly. I had seen an advertisement on television which really got me
thinking. I have to admit that mostly I fast forward through the ads, but I had read about this particular advertisement and was
intrigued.The ad shows Hollywood rebel James Dean walking the screen imagining what his life would have been like had he
not died in a car crash aged just 24. Technology brings the Rebel Without A Cause star back to life, showing him receiving a
lifetime achievement Oscar as a director, protesting against the Vietnam War, and as a humanitarian ambassador. Can we have
a look at this ad? I wanted to talk about the slogan … Given more time, imagine the possibilities. However, I completely
misread my audience. 75% of the learners had never heard of James Dean. So Mr Le Feuvre, who was in Grade 1 when I was
in matric, pointed out to me that I should have used Keith Heath Ledger who also died too young. Learners, you get the
picture? I'm talking about making the most of the time that you have.

This brings me back to my earlier point about change. Why wait? If you want to do something, do it now. And if it doesn't work
out, change it straight away. Why wait? One of the reasons why I still love being the principal of this College after 10 years is
because our managing director, Lorraine Roth, is willing to boldly change direction without wasting time if she believes the
change will be to the benefit of the College. For example, I would prepare a long motivation with back-up statistics and make an
appointment to see her, only for her to half-way through my speech say, “Go for it, darling.”

I recently read a “thought for the day” quote by Indira Ghandi who said: Whenever we take a step forward, we are bound to
disturb something.” I love it and I want to give this as a parting gift for the year to our learners. Plan to disturb something next
year. Move forward. Don't worry about what others may say. Get to your goal and then set a new one. If you are not one of
the fortunate ones to win a prize tonight, don't let it put you off, let it make you more determined.

Congratulations to those who are receiving prizes tonight. To you I say: don't think this is a great place to be. Think where can I
go from here?

Through the weekly round-up letter and the Parklands Times newsletter, you have been kept informed of all the events at the
College throughout the year and I am not going to repeat any of that tonight. Tomorrow the learners will also receive the

College Magazine with reports on all the sport, culture, clubs, societies and outreach projects of the past year. I would just like
to invite you to support us at the Bayside Centre from 14 – 23 December where our learners will be wrapping Christmas
presents in aid of One Life.

Looking ahead toat 2010: At Honours evening I introduced you to some of our new staff for 2010. Tonight it gives me great
pleasure to welcome Lucette Torbet to our team. Many of you will remember her from when our children were in Christopher
Robin Pre-primary. Lucette has lived in the UK for 10 years and now returns to teach Design and Technology at the College.
Lucettte is also a qualified chef and will be pioneering our Hospitality Department at the start of 2011.

Sadly we have to bid farewell to some of our educators: Alexis Biccard, who is relocating to Johannesburg, Jason Stegmann,
who is relocating to the southern suburbs, Jill Brown, who is taking a sabbatical from teaching, and Gary Mann and Trevor Allen,
who are both pursuing careers outside of education. We would like to thank them for their special contribution to the College
and invite them to keep close contact with us.

We wish Craig Bellwood and Corette van der Merwe all the very best as their babies are due to be born during the holidays.
Get as much sleep as you can, now. (Neither of them have done the nappy drill yet.)

I want to begin my thanks tonight by thanking my husband, Willie, for his loving support during the past year. We have survived
our first year in high school and I can now fully empathise with parents of teenagers. Twenty five years experience in education
means nothing when you have one in your own house. However, I am blessed by his tolerant appreciation of my passion for my

To thank our educators, I am going to borrow from Lee-ann Steynberg's speech at the Pre-Primary graduation last week., She
said a teacher is like an artist, their medium is the human mind and spirit, their canvas is our learners and their studio the
College. Well, educators in the secondary faculty, I believe you are all masters. Your styles differ, but this is what makes our art
gallery such an extraordinary place. Thank you for the special and unique touch you bring to the lives of our learners here.
Thank you to the IT team and the Admin team for you assistance this year and especially to Julie van der Merwe, my personal
assistant. A very special word of gratitude goes to the management team in the secondary faculty: My Associate Principals:
Ansie Bailly and Stephen Le Feuvre, The Faculty Tutors: Debbie Rowe, Sue Smid, Nicola Mackenzie, Ancia Vosloo, Steven
Joubert and Jane Hoskyn.

Finally to our Managing Director, Mrs Lorraine Roth: Thank you for everything you do to make this College such an exceptional
place of learning. I don't think people realise how hard you work and how deeply you care to ensure that the highest quality is
always maintained. Thank you for being a brave bundu-basher and for taking us with you, albeit screaming and shouting
sometimes. You set the tone for independent education on the West Coast when you turned sand into a landmark in 1998 and
when you celebrate Christopher Robin's 30th birthday next year, you can indeed look back on a proud legacy.

I would like to leave you with a final quote by Anne Frank: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting
to improve the world.”

                                  Apple ONE2ONE project
                                  Several College educators took to the Apple Mac iLife training like fish to water. They enjoyed
                                  a most inspiring and creative 3 day course run by Joe Moretti, an Apple Distinguished Educator
                                  from the UK who was flown out by the Core Group.

                                  Having seen the potential, and experienced the applications on a practical level, the educators
                                  are all fired up to use the technology as an aid to teaching and learning. Watch this space for
                                  more news on this project in 2010!

                                      Storm, Helené, Taryn, Claudette and Jane Hoskyn
                                          Some of the 2009 Matric Art learners enjoyed
                                       shards of Lindt chocolate immersed in a glass of
                                            bubbly at the traditional End of Year social.

                               Final House Assembly 2009…
                               Well done to the House Captains on
                               their excellent first House Assembly.

                                               The final minute of the Grade 12's
                                               examination on 30 November 2009.

                                                          Staffing Matters
                                                          At the end of this year we say goodbye to the following
                                                          staff members who are pursuing other ventures next year:
                                                          Trevor Allen (Sports Coordinator), Gary Mann, Jill Brown,
                                                          Alexis Biccard. We thank them for their contribution to the
                                                          College and wish them all the best for the future. Mrs
                                                          Corette van der Merwe (part-time music educator) will be
                                                          on maternity leave next quarter and Mr Craig Bellwood's
                                                          wife is to give birth during the December holidays.

Congratulations to the Whispers of the Heart Winners…
Name                          Grade                    Prize                    Entry                     Title
Janell Matthews               8                        1st                      Poem                      Gaze
Shalima Mkongi                12                       2nd                      Photo                     Sisters
Caitlin Jacobs                11                       3rd                      Poem                      Death of the Natural World
Krisy Voorn                   10                       4th                      Photo                     One step at a time
Sarah Donde                   7                        4th                      Art                       Flowers

                                      Janell Mathews, Grade 8

                             The epitome of you lingers in the darkness,
                       A bemused shadow that light cannot lead into its trickery.
                       The mythical shadow casts strange shapes on the wall...
                                       I can't find the source!
                 Which leaves me with a greater hunger and desire to learn its secret...

              Like a secret interweaving spiral going in the very place you'd least expect it.
                               It perplexes yet, it intrigues my very nature...

                        Yet I push myself forward, as you push me further back,
                       You are bonded wrapped up in antagonism and resistance,
                          And won't let anyone get behind your mask of fate....

                This elasticizing cycle leaves me bewildered because I wasn't before...
                 You've contrived an amusing adventure; I am resolute on solving.....
         What you didn't know is that my senses are keen and nearly never stray from the path
                                    of knowing all paths it crosses...
                                  A mind worth being able to conquer...

 So as my thoughts intermingle with my heart, I let go of the world, dancing about in its ever merriness,
                               Thoughts of your unhappiness consume me...
 But eventually I will give up to the consistent drag and let life wash me up again on life's frontal shore,
        And I shall once more be reunited with the clouds that I may float along in their dance...

                 That I may dance with them and not hide away the youth in my inner being...
      I will let no confusion of the soul, your soul, or be it mine, hinder and obstruct my everlasting
      gaze upon the future, my gaze through all humanity to a place, my gaze into the everlasting.

     Yet before I do let me gaze into these tender eyes once more before my farewell disturbs the
                                tranquility of the soft gentle blackness...

                                     Death of the Natural World
                                      Caitlin Jacobs, Grade 11

                                      Gadgets have enthralled us
                                  As we ignored when nature called us
                   Ornaments and trinkets have stolen our talents, our ability to feel
                  Our quest for possessions has become nothing but an endless wheel

                         How do we live as outsiders in a land that is our own?
                       Without the place we came from, our hearts just beat alone
                       Negligence in the worst degree could even claim our lives
                       As we take the world we have and stab it with blunt knives

                           What is natural beauty but a bird flying over sea?
                        Somehow grinding gears don't seem precious at all to me
                         Be grateful for the sky, the charmed little birds that sing
                          For if we do not change, the mourning bells will ring

                         The earth's very own funeral as everyone just looks on
                         All we ever truly needed, decayed and suddenly gone.

Trinity Music Results
Congratulations to the following learners on their wonderful results from the recent Trinity Music Examinations:
Johnathan Alp - Gr 2 Piano, Aya Fouad - Gr 2 Singing, Jared Paisley - Gr 7 Jazz Saxophone, Alannah Brannagan-Fuller - Gr 3
Saxophone & Gr 3 Guitar, Nicol Steyn - Gr 3 Singing & Gr 2 Violin, Claire Simonis - Gr 2 Singing, Emily Mitchelle - Gr 8 Flute,
Chambrez Zauchenberger - Gr 6 Saxophone, Wen Chen - Gr 3 Piano, Sasha Zauchenberger - Gr 2 Violin, So-Dam Lee - Gr 4
Piano, Mischka Daniels - Gr 3 Piano

Past Learner
Rebecca Cohen, 2008 matric learner received 92% for her pre-med year in Australia and is waiting to hear if she has been
selected to study medicine. Good luck Rebecca!

         Preparatory Faculty

                     From the Principal’s Office
                     Colleen Millar

                     As we complete the final leg of our educational journey for 2009, tributes resound as we reflect upon the
                     way in which we have grown as individuals and as a faculty. Congratulations to all those learners who
                     received special certificates of achievement at either our special assembly or awards ceremonies. We are
                     so proud of you!

                     2010 will witness the inevitable changes to the staffing department with the following members of staff
                     leaving the College: Mrs Sue Bellwood in Grade Three will be taking a leave of absence for a year in order
                     to spend some precious time with her new December arrival. Mrs Michelle Greyvensteyn will also be
                     spending more time with her family next year and Ms Sandra Kruger will resume her position as the
                     College's quality assurance consultant and curriculum developer. Finally, we say goodbye to Mrs Beulah
Watson, our Head of Culture, who is moving to Australia. These educators have truly been invaluable assets to the College and
will be sorely missed.

We welcome the following new educators to the Preparatory Faculty: Mrs Tara Girdlestone will be joining the Grade Five team
while Mr Gavin McKinney and Ms Gwyneth Wilkins will be teaching Grade Six. Ms Catherine Morrow takes up the leadership
mantle as Head of Culture in the Preparatory Faculty. On the administration front, Mrs Michelle Jackson has already assumed
her administrative duties as my secretary. We are also delighted to have Mrs Angel return to the Preparatory Faculty whilst Mrs
Edworthy is on accouchement leave. Ms van der Westhuizen, our resident OT specialist, will also be tying the knot these
holidays and our best wishes accompany her.

We also wish our Grade Six learners well as they cross the road next year. We are really going to miss them as they embark
upon the next stage of their journey, but we know that they will remain focused on their goals and that they will relish the
challenges that will come their way.

Finally, my sincere thanks for such a successful year must go to our academic, support and administrative staff for their unfailing
commitment to Parklands College. May you have a relaxing, well deserved holiday and we look forward to your safe return on
Wednesday 13 January 2010.

Grade Two and Three Awards Ceremony 2009
Colleen Millar

I read somewhere that a young man who was learning how to become a trapeze artist received some excellent advice from his
teacher who said, 'Throw your heart over the bars and your body will follow'.

2009 has been such a year for our Grade Two and Three learners. In the acquisition of certain vital tools and in trying to unlock
each child's potential, our teachers have, during the course of the year, continued to help our learners to throw their hearts into
their academic work, sporting endeavours and cultural activities, thereby guiding them to strive towards achieving ever greater
levels of success in all aspects of their lives. It has been wonderful to see how our learners have progressed throughout this
year and to observe the gradual development of these young learners.

Parklands College is an educational institution for change and growth, proudly bearing the banner of innovation, development
and progress, and placing within the grasp of each learner the tools to change and to grow in order to achieve his or her own
true potential. There is a sound academic grounding and a nurturing environment where learners experience a curriculum that
encourages them to question, to explore and to use technology effectively. It is a dynamic and progressive working environment
in which we inspire and stimulate our students with a wide range of enrichment and extension activities.

There is almost a sense of joy in learning that typifies the atmosphere on our campus and this year: our children have
experienced success in the classroom, on the sports field and in the arts. Today, I would like to take the time to sincerely
congratulate each and every learner who is receiving an award. Boys and girls, we are so proud of you. You have worked hard
this year and you have done well. I have really enjoyed seeing your good work, listening to you read, listening to your orals,
watching you at sport and sharing your special moments with you. Thank you all for a wonderful year whereby each one of you,
in your own small way, enriched our lives and made us smile. Please join me in congratulating them on an outstanding year.
Well done, boys and girls!

There are also few opportunities in a year where I am able to publicly thank the staff of the Preparatory Faculty for their
considerable support. Today I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Mrs Edworthy, Mrs Viljoen, Mrs Bellwood, Mrs
Finegan, Mrs Labuschagne and our specialist subject teachers for their professionalism, unstinting commitment and genuine
desire to do the very best for the learners in their charge which is reflected time and time again in the daily pattern of our life at
school. No one should underestimate these educators' commitment to the success and development of the learners - the close,
supportive relationships between the learners and staff are the foundation for so much at the school. I would also like to
specifically thank Mrs Wahl, my very capable HOD for the Foundation Phase, for her immense contribution to the College. It is
indeed a pleasure working with such a dedicated team of educators.

At this time of the year, it is inevitable that we have certain staffing changes as families relocate and grow. We have four
educators going on maternity leave: Mrs Bellwood's baby is due in December, Mrs van der Merwe, one of our resident
woodwind specialists, will have her little one in January, Mrs Edworthy is due in February and Mrs Finegan in April. Mrs
Greyvensteyn in Grade Four will be taking time off next year to spend with her little girls. She will indeed be a loss as she is
leaving behind that most satisfying of legacies – students who have been well taught by a sound teacher. Sadly, Mrs Watson is

also leaving us at the end of this quarter to move to Australia. She has played a pivotal role in the growth of the Cultural
Department and will be sorely missed for her commitment to excellence, her warmth towards her students and colleagues, and
her larger than life personality. Please join me in thanking them all for their outstanding contribution to the College and wishing
them well for the future. It is inevitable that we shall miss the parts played by such talented teachers but it is in the nature of
Parklands College that there are exceptionally able people in the wings who are ready to take up their positions. I am very
pleased to welcome the following educators: Mrs Lucelle Angel returns to the College in 2010, Mrs Tara Girdlestone who last
taught at Herzlia will be in Grade Five, Ms Gwyneth Wilkins from Chelsea Preparatory in Durban and Mr McKinney from
Edgemead Primary will both be adding their skills and expertise to the Grade Six team. I would also like to extend a very warm
welcome to our new Head of Culture, Ms Catherine Morrow, who hails all the way from Durban where she has taught at Durban
Girls' College, the Durban Music School and the University of KwaZulu Natal Durban.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many sacrifices that you make to give your child a world class
education. We strongly believe that education is a partnership between the home and school. Parental involvement is crucial to
the academic and social development of learners as commitment to excellence is only accomplished when families and schools
work together purposefully, with mutual respect and trust, in the pursuit of educational excellence for their children. We thank
you for your continued support and involvement in the life of the College as we certainly could not do it alone.

Grade One
My Outing to Imhoff Farm
Amy Jade Howlett
I went to Imhoff farm for a school outing. At Imhoff farm we learnt about animals, not just any animals, but farm animals. After
that we went to feed the animals and then we went to hold rabbits. Then we went to the cheesery. We saw how they get the
milk from the goats and we got to taste goat cheese and cows' cheese. It was delicious. Then when we came out of the
cheesery and we saw a nanny goat giving birth to a kid. We named it Luke. After that we had to leave. We went back to
school. When we arrived it was home time. It was fun at Imhoff farm.
Grade Two
The Cat and the Wool
Farah Essop
One day there lived a cat called Sam. She lived in a trash can. Sam was not happy. This one girl saw Sam and she took her
home. When they got home she gave her a ball of wool. Sam played and played until she got tired. Sam was just lying there.
She fell asleep and she had a dream. She was in the garden and there were other kittens too. They were playing a lot. Sam
did not get along with them. Then a little girl picked her up and took her to a place called Star World. There were super kittens
and singers there. Sam was walking around. She saw a beautiful flower and then picked it. A bird told Sam that the flower she
had just picked was a magic flower and you get nine wishes. So Sam used one wish and she wished to have a big ball of wool.
Sam got the wool and she was having so much fun with it. Then she got tired of it. She wished for fish and she got it. She ate
it all up. Then Sam wished for water and she drank and drank until she was full. Sam did not use up her wishes. Sam went
back to plant the flower. She went back home as her dream was over. She started playing with her wool again.
Grade Three
The Magic Snowman
Joshua Bradley
One day when I woke up if felt very cold. Then I figured out it was snowing. I quickly put some warm clothes on and went
outside. Just as I got outside I started to build a snowman. When it was done it suddenly came ALIVE! It said “Hello” in a funny
voice. Then it said, “Do you want to play with me in the snow?” I said, “Yes, but only after I get my sleigh.” Just as I got back we
looked for the highest mountain and once we found it we went down it on my sleigh. We kept on doing it until we had done it
five times each. Then we started to have a snowball fight. We had a fun time together! Later the sun came up and my
snowman melted. I was very upset. The next day it was snowing again so I made another snowman, but even better!
Suddenly this snowman came alive as well. I was very happy and from that day onwards every Winter I made a new snowman
to play with!
Grade Four
Scottish Times
Yet another sighting of the mysterious Loch Ness Monster has been reported and this time we've got evidence.

The sighting was made by an eighteen year old who had come to Scotland to study science and physics. The photograph
shows a gigantic sea creature with five metre long th and a small pointed head. The creature appeared to be bright pink with
black spots. We received the phone call on the 12 of October, two days ago to be exact. Myself and five other investigators
headed over to the scene of the sighting. We waited for about fifteen minutes and sure enough the creature emerged from the
murky water! But there was not only one creature, but two little ones following what was now thought to be the mother. There
were now crowds of people rushing to see what was going on and one little girl happened to fall into the lake! There were
people screaming and yelling and panicking. We just so happened to hear the screams and rushed over to help. I dived in and
swam over to the little girl. But I wasn't the only one who was going for the little girl, Nessie was too! Nessie seemed to be
somewhat enraged and determined to beat me to the prize. I don't quite know what happened to me, but I got to the girl first
and pulled her out as fast as I could. There were sighs of relief when the little girl opened her eyes.

This has been Olivia Naude reporting for The Scottish Times
Grade Five
Day and Night
Alex Priscu
Beep…beep…the black and red clock awakes me. My name is Alex Priscu, the Romanian national right wing. I stand up in the
massive room. The phone rings and I hear a voice: “Well done, you are going to Madrid!” I get ready for the Cribs Show and put
my best top on. I spray, wash, eat and wait…A loud, quick knock on the door, I allow them in my house. I show the crew
members the bathroom, kitchen, garden and study. Now they have left and I need to practise. I drive to the fields and play. My
team wear red tops and white shorts, you might have guessed right, it is Manchester United!

I have dark, brown hair and shiny brown eyes. I run a lot and talk a lot! I jump, sprint and throw very far. I was tall, weak and
slim at age 11-12 but I grew and grew. My dream was to be a soccer player, and here I am, a 20 year old soccer player. My
family motivated me a lot. I am a single child, I have thirty cousins. Before I leave, I take a tour of the stadium, the Old Trafford,

the grass as green as the Amazon and the sky is pitch black. The seats empty, the stadium filled with cherry red. I will miss this
but I need to move on. I am the first soccer millionaire. I am on a plane to Real Madrid…the wheels touch down…

Spain, filled with love and joy. My arrival has attracted many Spanish fans. Church bells ring, blue birds sing. The sun is hot, the
water so cool. My goal is to score goals and help the team, my future is bright. The Real Madrid Stadium is black and white,
very glossy and clean. I am invited to a party by my new team to welcome me. My jersey top number is number nine, I am very
proud to wear this! The party is loud and big, the waiters are running from one side to another. Finally I get back to my new
house. Now you know me…or do you?

Grade Six
Friday the13
Hannah Crawford

Why was this tragic event cast upon me? Why didn't I just take part like everyone else? You're probably confused. I'm getting
ahead of myself. I was just a simple thirteen year old boy from a Xhosa family. My life was easy and simple. I never believed
in Friday the 13 . Until it happened…
It was a lovely sunny day, Thursday the 12 of November. Dad was driving Maria and I to school. At school I was busy stuffing
books in my locker and I saw the poster. Friday the 13 , it read and showed a picture of a man with evil, blood red eyes and a
mysterious black cloak. His hand had fire burning out. I was staring at the disturbing picture and just shook my head. People
made such a big deal over superstitions and many are as gullible as a fish. Then my best friend, Tommy came and stood next
to me. His hazy blue eyes were beaming with self confidence. Tommy noticed me looking at the poster. I had only been at the
school for a year so Tommy explained that th this particular area (near a big park in an extremely old haunted building) there
were people who gathered every Friday 13 . They stood in a circle holding hands and sang songs to keep evil spirits away that
caused bad luck. When I walked home I thought the whole idea was mindless and stupid. I was wrong, very wrong ……..

Grade One
Outing to Imhoff, Cindy Mey

On Thursday 26 November the Grade Ones went on an outing to Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie, as part of their Life Skills
programme. They watched a puppet show which taught them a little more about some of the farm animals. They also learnt
how goat cheese is made. The children were then able to touch and feed many of the farm animals. The highlight of the trip
was watching a kid being born.

Orientation Morning, Carmen Thyssen
Saturday 7 November was Orientation morning for our 2010 Grade One learners. The event took place in our Pre-Primary hall.
It was a chilly morning, but this did not dampen the little ones' spirits. They were very excited and enthusiastic to meet their new
teachers and to see their classrooms. While they were actively involved in their classrooms the parents were treated to a school
uniform fashion show. The models were our current Grade Ones: Mathew Mizrachi, Sheldon Stanley, Ryan Baines, Bianca
Botha, Cayla Parkin, Justin Watling and William Millen. A warm welcome was extended by Mrs Millar and Mrs Wahl gave useful
tips to the new parents on how to make the transition into Grade One a happy and successful one. Miss Hindle and Mrs
Watson presented their Sporting and Cultural portfolios respectively. Tea and biscuits were served in the staff room to enable the
parents to interact with the staff and with each other. An enjoyable morning was had by all.

Grade Two
Outing to The World of Birds, Nicole Viljoen
On the 3 of December the Grade Twos went on an educational outing to the World of Birds. We were amazed at all the wild life
to be seen. We saw the most beautiful birds as well as monkeys, squirrels and a turtle sanctuary. The outing was enjoyed by
all and it was a wonderful way to end off our Grade Two year.

Grade Three
Open Top Bus Tour, Tammy Labuschagne

On Thursday 26 November the Grade Threes embarked on their Open Top Bus Tour
through Cape Town. All the learners had a turn to sit on the top and to experience the
force of the wind on their caps. They enjoyed the sound of shouting as they went under
a bridge. Each learner received a set of earphones and they could choose a language
in which to listen to the commentary. We were able to tour through the centre of town
and we passed many famous buildings such as The House of Parliament and The
District Six Museum. We then stopped off at Camps Bay Beach where the learners had
their lunch and played on the beach. It was a very enjoyable outing to end off our year!
This is what some of the learners had to say:

'We stopped off at the beach and we had a great time' - Phoebe Bogner

‘We learnt about the history of Cape Town' - Lithalelanga Chimusoro

International Food Day, Michelle Finegan

On Wednesday 25 November the Grade Threes dressed up and treated their peers and teachers to a wide and wonderful
selection of International Food! As part of our Around the World theme, the learners prepared an oral on the country they
researched, prepared food from their country and dressed up in the traditional clothing. It was an exciting day all round and we
would like to thank the Grade Three learners for the enormous effort they put into the day.

I thought there was lots of food that was delicious and I enjoyed it all, especially the French pancakes! I had four of them! -
Dylan van Heerden
Everyone wore very interesting costumes that showed me what people from around the world wear. - Kerry Howlett
There was lots of cool food, like Italian pizza, Indonesian chicken skewers, Canadian flapjacks with maple syrup and so on! -
Lauren Malcolm

Grade 6 Farewell 2009
Louise Wijker

Once again the Grade Six Farewell was a fabulous occasion! Having a carnival theme meant that the décor was vibrant and
colourful. The panoramic view of Table Bay was a fitting backdrop to a sparkling evening. Beautifully dressed learners had their
photographs taken, enjoyed a delectable meal and received a gift to treasure their Grade Six memories. Special thanks go to
Mrs Hawthorn for the backdrop for the photographs, Mrs Den Bakker for the table decorations and Mrs Vorster for the gift bags
and sweets. The Grade Six teachers and Parklands College wish all the Grade Six learners success and happiness as they
embark on their high school career in 2010.

Christmas Shoebox Presents
Michelle Finegan

For the past four weeks we have been collecting Christmas Shoebox Presents. On
Thursday 19 November we delivered all these wonderful presents to the Andrew Murray
Children's Home in Wellington. It was a scorcher of a day, but despite the heat, some of the
children from the home got out of the pool to help us unload the bus. It took us quite a while
to finish unloading all the presents. The children were so excited and wanted to choose a
present right then and there! We would like to extend our gratitude to all the learners and
parents for their continued support of our Outreach programme throughout the year. We
look forward to another successful year of Outreach in 2010.

Interhouse Athletics Day 2009
Kate Linder

Interhouse Athletics Day was held on Wednesday 2 December 2009. With examinations and tests complete, all the children
were rearing to compete. Every child from Grade Three to Six ran sprints, whilst only the brave chose to do the 1 200m long
distance races. All the children were awarded points for participation and it was a neck on neck race between the houses.
There was a spirited atmosphere and fun was had by all.

Grade One and Two Fun Gala
Meeghan Coetzee

The Grade One and Two Fun Gala was held on Friday 4 December. For many of our learners this was their first experience of
competitive swimming. They were all given the opportunity to participate in 25m freestyle and breaststroke races. Although
many chose to swim the lengths, others opted for the more relaxed relay races which included
ball, noodle and kicker board relays. The parents also took part in a 25m freestyle race which
had a very close finish. The children and their parents had a wonderful day and we look forward
to next year's events.

Grade One and Two Fun Sports Day
Gareth Knott

On Tuesday 1 December Parklands College had its annual Fun Sports Day for the Grade
Ones and Twos. We were blessed with great weather for outdoor activity and all our little
athletes were very excited to compete in their races. We had a variety of events for the
boys and girls which included 50m sprints, 400m, potato and spoon relays, three-legged
races and obstacle relays. We also got our parents and staff involved with a race at the
end. Overall it was a successful experience for our boys and girls and a day that will be
remembered by all that were a part of it.

Cricket Academy
Gareth Knott

Our Cricket Academy members were rewarded for all their hard work during the 2009 year with an educational outing to D&P
bat makers. We were shown the manufacturing process a cricket bat goes through from start to finish and were taken around
the different departments of the factory. Our cricketers were amazed to see how much effort and time goes into the making of a
bat. We were then taken to the D&P bat shop where they store the finished bats. Some of our cricketers were lucky enough to
hold bats that were made for Protea batsmen such as Jacques Kallis, Graeme Smith and JP Duminy. To end off the tour, the
director of D&P gave the learners a brief lesson about how different cricket balls are made and why there are different sizes. He
gave out small prizes to cricketers who answered questions correctly. Our Academy cricketers have no excuses for poorly
maintained cricket bats in the future.

International Ballet Examinations
Sylvia Stander

Our ballet examinations were held at the Waterfront Theatre School on 12 November. Forty dancers ranging from Grade 2-10
performed in front of Mrs Shirley Agata-Proust who resides and teaches in Canada. We are eagerly awaiting the results and th
should have them early next year. Well done to all of the dancers who participated in this exciting event. Medal Tests - The 7
of December saw 89 of our Modern, Tap and Hip Hop dancers participating in the Medal Tests. This is an enjoyable
assessment which allows the dancers to show off their skills and accumulated technique in a structured environment.

Spring Quarter Cultural News
Beulah Watson - HOD: Culture

Foundation Phase Arts Festivals
Our Foundation Phase Arts Festivals, recently staged in the Amphitheatre,
proved to be the culmination of an excellent year of cultural progress. Our
learners are confident performers and love to be on the stage performing and
being acknowledged. Their performances were an absolute treat for the
appreciative audiences, staff and learners, and have left vivid memories of
colour, rhythm, humour and emotion within all whom attended. Many thanks
and congratulations once again to the learners for showing us that they truly
'Can Do It'! Our team of educators, administrative staff and, most importantly,
our sound engineers, are second-to-none and always rise to the occasion.
Many thanks go to them for their dedication to our Cultural Department.
Trinity Music Results
Our 'finale' of Trinity Guildhall results certainly has given us reason to celebrate an outstanding
year's progress in the Music Department. Congratulations go to the following learners on their
success. Piano: Hannah Min (Grade 1), Jemma Shē (Grade 2), Aimee Otto (Grade 2), Bobbi
den Bakker (Grade 4) and Tae-Jun Park (Grade 5) Clarinet: Shaun Oberholzer (Grade 3) and
Jason van der Linden (Grade 3) Keyboard: Alex Priscu (Initial) Voice: Leanne Allen (Initial) Violin: Sophie Zaaiman (Initial),
Hannah Min (Grade 1), Zahra Payne (Grade 1) and Robert Walton (Grade 1)

Spring outreach visit
Gail Levitt

It has now become a tradition for our musicians to share the gift of music with the residents at Huis Zonnekus and River Glade
Retirement Village. On Friday, 27 November thirty Foundation Phase musicians entertained the elderly folk with various
instrumental items and singing Disney favourites like Wish upon a star and The lion sleeps tonight. Our annual Spring visit is
always very special as we conclude the programme with the learners handing out posies that are much appreciated by the

Many thanks go to Miss Levitt and the Foundation Phase choristers and musicians who recently visited Huis Zonnekus and
Riverglade Retirement Village. Our Foundation Phase learners kindly donated flowers and the halls of the Preparatory Faculty
were scented with Spring. Once again both establishments were grateful for the entertainment and sunny faces who visited

Johnathan Wilmans, Kristy-Anne Milne, Mathew Reaper, Tarryn Baines and Jack Carlisle participated in the Westridge
Challenge gala last Saturday. They achieved some outstanding results. Johnathan swam four events and achieved two gold
medals for the 100m backstroke and the 50m backstroke plus two silver medals for the 100m freestyle and the 50m butterfly.
Kristy-Anne won gold in the 100m backstroke and silver in the 50m backstroke. She has also qualified for the 50m backstroke
to take part in the Western Province Championships in December. Well done, Kristy! Matthew won gold in the 200m IM. Jack
received silver in the 200m IM and 100m backstroke, bronze in the 200m breaststroke and he won gold in the 50m backstroke.
Tarryn has improved her swimming times from where she was seeded – herewith her results in the finals on the day: 100
Backstroke (seed time: 1:35.02, finals time: 1:34.92, improved time: 0.10 second); 100 Freestyle (seed time: 1:24.01, finals time
1:20.80, improved time 3.2 seconds) and 50 Backstroke (seed time 45.15, finals time 41.81, improved time 3.34). Johnathan
Wilmans swam in the Walmer Gala winning two gold medals for the 100m butterfly and 200m backstroke as well as a second
place in the 400m freestyle. Johnathan is now very near to his goal of breaking the Western Province long course 200m
backstroke record and is also looking forward to competing in ten events at the upcoming Western Province LC Championships
in December. Liam Jordaan took part in the “Tiletoria West Coast Express” race on a mountain bike in two hours and received
a medal for his fine efforts. Well done, Liam! Alex Priscu. Alex has won the following medals in karate this year: Gichin Karate
Championship: 1 Gold (kumite) and 1 Silver (kata); Goju-Ryu Championship: 2 Silver (kumite and unison kata); Western
Province Championship: 1 Bronze (unison kata). On Saturday 31st October, he performed at the KSA Nationals Karate
Championship in "unison kata" and got a well deserved bronze medal to add to his collection– fantastic achievement, Alex!
James Robson, Ryan Bastos and Pano Giannakopolous have been included in the WP Zonal Cricket Trials. Well done boys!
Jurie Swart has been chosen as the only sponsored driver for Arrows X1 Gokart South Africa for 2010. The drive is awarded for
outstanding driving ability. Well done, Jurie! Lihlumelo and Lelesibini Bikwani both participated in the Black Panthers Figure
Skating Club / Junior Blades Inter Club Grades Competition on 25th October. They fared very well and received medals and
certificates for their efforts! Congratulations, girls! Jessica Watling, Abigail & Jessica Hawthorn and Olivia Naude took part
in the2nd “Avon Juntine iThemba Crusade of Hope” walk in aid of breast cancer. It was a very successful event with about 3000
people attending. Everyone was asked to dress up in pink to go with the theme for the walk. The girls were awarded a prize for
their costumes which they had to accept on stage. Samantha Kilian was in Johannesburg last month to receive her prize for
the Cartoon Network competition as well as the cheque she won for the school. She was interviewed by Lotus FM radio on
Tuesday. Well done, Samantha – you have done us proud! Rebecca Crous in Grade Four has attained an international
selection to skate for South Africa at the Sanat Claus cup in Budapest Hungary in December of this year. She will skate in the 9
and under section and is currently ranked number one in South Africa to represent the country for this event. She will be training
in London for four days with her coach before she flies to Budapest to compete. Nicholas Hanel in Grade 3 received the trophy
for the U9B 'Utility Player of the Year' at Table View Football Club. Congratulations, Nicholas. Congratulations to Filipe Acafrao
who received two trophies for karting. He won a silver trophy in 2009 in the Western Province championships and he also won
an earlier trophy for placing third. Joshua Cilliers was selected to represent South Africa in Figure Skating. He will be attending
the Kempen Trophy which takes place in Belgium from the 4 ‐ 6 February 2010. Mikhailan Naicker received a gold medal for
placing sixth in the recent Designer Golf Tournament and Joe Clews came second and received a trophy. Well done, chaps!
Congratulations to Cullen Keytel who recently received his Intermediate (Novice) Certificate of Competency for sailing at the
Zeekoevlei Yacht Club. We are very proud of him! Duncan Edwards recently competed in his first gala ‐ the Cape Town Inter
Club Gala hosted by Westridge and managed to achieve the following results whilst swimming in the Under 9 age group: 100m
freestyle ‐ first place (1min 55 sec); 50m backstroke ‐ first place (56 sec); 50m freestyle ‐ second place (53 sec). He was the
fastest Under 7 in two disciplines and the second fastest in one discipline. Well done on this great achievement! Tara Pohl in
Grade Three received the first Blaauwberg Sea Scouts 'Achiever Award for 2009'. This is one of the top awards at the Scouts
base. We are very proud of you, Tara! Li'l Welshies in Hout Bay recently held their Annual Riding Competition. Bianca Açafrao
rode Scooter and was awarded two 3rd places. Well done, Bianca. We are very proud of you! A hearty congratulations to
Joshua Sternslow in Grade One who received a trophy for 'Consistency in Development' in karate at the Tai-Shin Do Academy.

The Living Maths Olympiad: The following candidates received an award on Sunday 22 November at the Living Maths
Olympiad Awards Evening: Tae-Jun Park; Ryan Bastos and Gwangil Lee. Well done, chaps!

               Pre-Primary Faculty

                           From the Principal’s Office
                           Lee-ann Steynberg

                           We are once again at the end of the year and our last quarter in the Pre-Primary has been extremely eventful!
                           It is always incredibly rewarding to witness the big and small achievements of our learners and I would like to
                           congratulate each of them for their hard work throughout the year. We are pleased to be sending our reports
                           home electronically and appreciate your feedback and positive comments…

                                               “This is awesome!!! Made my day“ Congrats on saving trees and well done!!”
                               “You have taken the first step and that is the biggest one… a lot of companies are afraid to even take this
                              step… I'm really feeling very proud to be part of a school who embraces technology and is not afraid to take
                               the first step, especially because I know exactly what you are going through – I am really VERY PROUD!”

                                                       The Concert and Graduation was a special occasion and a great success. An enormous
                                                       amount of effort was put into this concert by the Pre-Primary staff and I would like to thank
                                                       them for their hard work and commitment. Special thanks to Riëtte Pieterse for co-ordinating
                                                       and organising this event (immediately after returning from Maternity leave). Riëtte has an
                                                       exceptional talent in this area and we greatly value her contribution and expertise. Please visit
                                                       reception to purchase photographs or order concert DVD's that will be available in January

                                                       A few of our Christopher Robin Pre-Primary learners were invited to The Living Maths
                                                       Mathletics Olympiad '09 Prize-Giving ceremony at the MTN Sciencentre. Christopher Robin
                                                       fared exceptionally well, there were over 15 000 learners that participated in the Cape and the
Mujaahid Salie, Abbi Laubenheimer and Abigail Qually   average score received was 15/25. As a result Mujaahid Salie, Abbi Laubenheimer and Abigail
                                                       Qually achieved first, second and third place certificates as they were considered TOP
                                                       ACHIEVERS in the Cape. We are very proud of our little learners.
We are pleased to announce the impending nuptials of Ingrid Vorster to Derick Lubbe on the 19 December 2009. We would like
to congratulate the couple and wish them all the very best for their special day and as they begin their life together!

I would like to acknowledge our parent body and extend our thanks to them for standing beside us and supporting us throughout
the year, especially for their wholehearted support of our final outreach project. The Home of Hope is a non-profit organisation
that exists to create a much needed support system and place of safety for abused, neglected and HIV infected children. Thank
you! Your participation, be it sending something for Outreach, cake sale's or reading a story is greatly appreciated.

                                                                       Good evening, Principals, honoured guests, parents and
                                                                       educators. Welcome and thank you for joining us on this
                                                                       wonderful occasion our annual Graduation and end of year
                                                                       concert. Tonight we bid farewell to our Grade O learners. We
                                                                       are proud of their achievements and wish them well as they
                                                                       proceed into formal education under the guidance of Mrs
                                                                       Millar, the Preparatory Faculty Principal. I have used the
                                                                       following quote by John Steinbeck in our 2009 magazine as I
                                                                       felt that it summed up the essence of a great teacher: I have
                                                                       come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that
                                                                       they are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching
                                                                       might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the
                                                                       human mind and spirit. I would like to elaborate on Steinbecks
                                                                       comments by saying that if a great teacher is an artist and their
                                                                       medium, the human mind and spirit, then their canvas is our
children and their studio, the college. I believe that teaching is a passion, a calling, a dedication to supporting, guiding and
helping others to achieve their potential and beyond. An artist will begin their work by forming a foundation, gradually building
on that foundation until finally they are ready to let go. Their work now stands before the world ready to make its impression. So
too, do we form a foundation for learning and begin this process in the Pre-Primary, then making the transition through each
Faculty until finally our learners stand before us, ready to face the choices and challenges of their future. In the Pre-Primary we
begin to build that foundation through the many choices each day. For us being a great teacher is not always about counting,
reading and writing, it is often about sharing, caring and guiding our little ones along the path of life. The simple act of teaching a
child to share builds team work vital for the work place, caring creates empathy for those who will one day lead. Taking the
opportunity to stand first in line or setting the ground rules for a soccer game are vital for leadership skills. Helping their friends
with Art or Maths leads to collaboration and problem solving, skills necessary for an ever changing future. Thank you to our
educators and support staff for their determination, support and efforts in guiding our little ones along the path of life. In ending I
would like to thank you the parents for your continued support and willingness to help. Without your involvement in the Pre-
Primary we would not be able to achieve the level of excellence that we do. Thank you

Grade 0
Owl, Pooh Bear and Rabbit’s House
Justine de Wet, Tali Maltz and Lucette Torbet

As the year draws to an end, we would like to thank all the learners, parents and carers for their participation, encouragement

          and support. A heartfelt congratulations to all our Graduates on their hard work, enthusiasm and
          diligence throughout the year. It was a pleasure and a privilege to educate such delightful little
          learners and we thank you for entrusting us with their care and education. We wish them all a safe
          and happy holiday and all the best for the remainder of their school journey.

          Grade 00
          Kanga, Roo and Christopher Robin’s House
          Candice Acheson, Suzette Watkins, Lyn-Maree van Enter

          We have come to the end of yet another chock-a-block school quarter and there have been an eventful couple of weeks indeed.
          With many events and activities, we have kept our days filled with excitement and fun-filled learning. This quarter has been
          characterised by personal views and expressions of equality and respect. We enjoyed a special workshop on anti-bullying, we
          learnt that everyone is special and deserving of respect and were given opportunities to explore ways to show kindness and
          love to our friends. Over the last few weeks the Grade 00's have also been very active, preparing for the annual, and always
          eagerly awaited, end of year concert. The excitement and anticipation were evident for days before the “Big Night.” In the end
          all went well and we were very proud of our talented learners, who performed beautifully on the night. The grade 00's have
          developed so much over the last year, it has been fabulous to watch them mature and grow. It has been a privilege to be a part
          of their lives and make a contribution towards this very important phase of their school careers.

          A big thank-you to all the parents for their support, enthusiasm and encouragement. We wish everybody the best of luck for
          Grade 0 in 2010! Have a wonderful festive season and should you be travelling during the holidays, please do so safely.

          Grade 000
          Honey Bee and Tigger’s House and Piglet’s Place
          Jayne Naidoo, Maliney Bailey and Ingrid Vorster

          What a wonderful year the Piglets, Tiggers and Honey Bee's have had! We have spent the year learning wonderful life lessons such as sharing
          and taking turns and the value of patience. During the last quarter we have learnt just how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful city and
          then “travelled” all around the world learning about the different cultures. We have loved being able to spend more time outdoors as the weather
          has finally started to warm up. We are really enjoyed our “Splash Party” during the last week of the quarter. The Tigger's and Honey Bee's
          practised very hard for the much anticipated year end concert and loved making the moms and dads very proud on the big night!

          We would like to thank all of our parents for their invaluable support throughout the year and trusting us with their precious little ones! We have
          grown through knowing each and every one of them. Have a joyful and festive season and please travel safely!

                secondary faculty
sport sport sport

                Congratulations to:
                Jillian Jooste who recently completed her Cecchetti Intermediate Ballet examination and was awarded Honours with
                Distinction (92%). Out of the 37 candidates in the Western Cape she was one of four who were invited to take part in the
                Cecchetti Society Major Awards evening (to qualify candidates have to achieve Honours or a Highly Commended). Kayla
                Bosman who has been officially contracted to dance in Cape Town City Ballet's Summer Season 2009/ 2010. She could
                not participate in the audition that took place on the 17th October 2009, due to an injury. Despite that they have given her
                due consideration and decided to include her for the season regardless and have offered her 3 separate contracts. She will
                be performing in: The Sleeping Princess - 18 December 2009 to 10 January 2010, Aqua Ballet - 2 and 3 January 2010
                (this one is special as the stage is set up over the water in the harbour with the audience sitting on land and they
                will be performing Act 2 from Swan Lake), The Firebird and Les Sylphides - Maynardville Season - 24 & 31 January
                2010, 7, 14 & The Masque, Muizenburg from 17 to 21 February 2010. All those who competed in the Cape Town
                Eisteddfod: Nina Cara, who received a Pass Grade in Modern Novice Set Dance (11 – 12 years), and Kiriaki Marantidis,
                who received a Gold Diploma for outstanding performance in an Amateur Modern Dance Trio (17 – 19 years).
                Final Sports Round-up - Congratulations must go to
                Emma Pietersen who was promoted to the WP U13 schools tennis A team (she was originally selected for the B team) to play in
                the Interprovincial tournament held on Friday & Saturday (the 30th & 31st of October). Western Province A came second in the
                tournament & all players received a silver medal. Emma earned Full WP colours for participating in the A team in this
                tournament. The U/14 Cricket Team played against Oude Molen. They scored 94 with Liam O'Donoghue taking 1 wicket for
                10 runs. Parklands went on to score 54 thus losing by 40 runs. The U/15 Cricket Team played against Herzlia. Herzlia scored
                95 with Ryan Hegarty taking 2 wickets for 15 runs. Parklands scored 99 - Devon Reid 31, Michael Paul Roth 22 and Tyron
                Britten 21. Thus Parklands won by 7 wickets. The U/19 Cricket Team played against Elkanah. They scored 147 and
                Parklands Scored 80 - Tyron Britten 18 and Ryan Hegarty 15 not out. Thus, Parklands lost by 67 runs. The Senior Softball
                Team played Fairmont and they won 5 – 4. The player of the match was Nikita Maesela (for her home run and catch). They also
                played Milnerton and won that match 12 – 6. The player of the match was Kathryn " Scrat " Nieuwstadt (for her home run and
                great fielding). The Junior Softball Team beat Settlers High 6 - 5 (player of the match was the catcher: Karly Ament) and
                Milnerton 9 – 4 (player of the match was Angela Marchese). Boys 1st Team Tennis: On Monday our boys played against the
                Bellville High School A team and beat them 4 - 2. Once again the commitment of the players was impressive and the man of the
                match award goes to Rhys Milne. Although he really struggled with his game, he persevered and won the match. Rhys, every
                tennis player, even the great Goran Ivanisevich has those days. He once said, "The trouble with me is that in every match, I play
                against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself.” It was impressive that you kept your cool and persevered. I
                want to thank all the boys and wish them a good holiday and I hope that they will come back eager for the new tennis season.
                The Boy's 2nd Tennis Team, playing in the Second League, won recently against Melkbos Private School, beating them 5
                games to 1. Justin Manser and Julian Albert both won their singles matches, with Julian putting up a valiant effort to pip his
                opponent narrowly winning 6-5. Well Done, Julian! They did however lose their doubles match. Brendon Malan and Alex
                Appollis easily won both their singles and doubles matches with intelligent and cautious play, capitalising on their opponents
                weaknesses. Man of the Match was Alex Appollis (consistent, intelligent and cautious play, winning everything easily on the
                opponent's weaknesses). Boys 3rd Team tennis: Playing in the 5th league the team lost to Tygerberg High School on
                Thursday. The wind had a major effect on the games. The boys played hard but in the end lost all their games. We have one
                game left for the season against Fairmont on Monday. Let's hope we win this one. The Girl's Tennis Team, playing in the 1st
                league, played Stellenberg. This is the first time Parklands has entered a girls' team in the league. Parklands won 5 -2 and
                player of the match was Emma Pietersen. Our Junior Softball Team played Edgemead and managed to beat them 12-9.
                And looking forward to 2010! Cricket 2010: We are excited to announce that we have entered a junior and a senior team into
                the WPYC Saturday league for 2010. The first fixture will be on the 30th of January 2010. Rugby 2010: Our rugby boys will be
                visiting Alan Zondagh's Rugby Performance Centre in April 2010 as pre-season preparation. They will be coached and
                mentored by Alan Zondagh and his team of experts at the RPC for two days. This will include core skills training and technical
                assistance. This will enable us to start the season with correct training methods and technical zeal.

                Well done to all our teams and coaches and thank you for your commitment. A special word of thanks to Mr Trevor Allen,
                who took our sports to a new level… we wish him all the best for 2010.

preparatory faculty
Sport Results
Cricket: U10A vs. Table View: Won by 9 wickets and 13
overs to spare. Player of the Match: Michael Liebenberg.
U11A vs. Reddam Atlantic: Won by 61 runs. Player of the
Match: Michael Nesbitt who was well supported by Joshua
Conradie (28 not out). Timothy North claimed a hat trick.
U10A vs Milnerton: won by 69 runs. Tieg 'O Sullivan (28
runs) and Nicholas Nesbitt (3 wickets) share the Player of
the Match. U10B vs Kenridge: won by 6 wickets. Player of
the Match: Cameron Levey scored 32 not out. U12B vs
Kenridge: won by 86 runs. Player of the Match: Michael
Nesbitt scored 99 not out. U11B vs. Eversdal: won by 65
runs. Timothy North earned Player of the Day, taking 3
wickets. Aleco Savvas scored 18 runs. U12A vs Pinelands North: won by 8 wickets with 8
overs to spare. Player of the Match: Matthew Bodington took 5 wickets. U10 B Parklands
College (25 all out) vs. Blouberg International “A team” (26 for 1): Blouberg International
won by 9 wickets. Player of the Match: Cameron Levey (top scorer with 10 runs). U11A
team vs. Bishops Prep U11A at Parklands College. Bishops won by 6 wickets. Player of the
match: Michael Liebenberg with 59 not out. We played a match against a sponsored UK
touring team and although we lost, our boys played very well against a strong county team.
There were lots of little victories along the way!
Tennis: Parklands College A league played against Elkanah: Won 10-0. Player of the
Match: Tina Hadjidakis. Our B league played against Elkanah and we drew 5-5. Player of
the Match: Joshua Conradie. Parklands College B league played Parow West: Won 9-1.
Player of the Match: Joshua Bradley and Christopher Gruber. Parklands College A league vs. Edgemead:
Lost 8-2. Player of the Match: Luca Powell. Josh played a tournament at Atlantic Tennis Academy recently
and was the overall winner. He had some tough games but his perseverance paid off as he walked away
with a fantastic Dunlop tennis backpack as first prize. Jason has selected him to play in his "Super Squad"
training program for next year. Ryan played in his last tennis tournament of the year. He won the
tournament. He played four matches, the scores were: 4-0, 4-2, 4-0 and 4-3. He was so happy in the
end….his last comment was “they were giants”!!! All his opponents were 9 going on 10! Luca.............. took
part in the ATA tournament – section 3 – last week-end with amazing results. Luca won three matches ( 6-
0; 6-2; 6-2) and made it into a nail biting final which after being tied at 5 games each was finally decided by
a tie breaker which ended the match at 7-5 in favour of his opponent. Everyone including the coaches
where amazed at Luca’s spirited performance which came extremely close to beating a very experienced and strong player. At the
prize giving the coaches compared the marathon final to a “Wimbledon” final. We are extremely proud that Luca achieved second
place in only his second tournament in Section 3. Jonathan, Matthew and Jack will be swimming in the WP Champs from Friday 11
December until Tuesday the 15 December - they all had very good qualifying times. Jonathan will be swimming in 10 event and 4
relays in the group 12-13 year olds. Matthew in 8 events in the group 12-13 year olds and Jack in 12 events in the group 11 & under.
Good luck boys!

Grade 6 Farewell


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