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									Home Selling Process
Pre-Listing Activities by Agent
The only way to accurately price a home for sale is to know the competition. Most agents will simply review
properties in the Multiple Listing Service without actually viewing the properties to determine a fair market value
for your home. Home features and conditions vary greatly, and it is imperative to physically view all of your
potential competition. Our team does this before we meet with you to recommend the ideal list price.

We will review all information contained in the Home Seller’s Guide and promptly
address any questions, suggestions, and concerns you may have about listing
your property for sale. We will also review our CMA, which includes not only
properties for sale, but also pending, expired, or sold listings that are comparable
to your home from the past 6 to 12 months.

After reviewing the CMA together, we will determine the highest market value for
your home. You may or may not decide to list your home for the highest market
value, depending on your sales objectives.

We will determine how much profit you wish to make from the sale of your home, and also determine when you
want or need to move. We cannot meet your sales objectives if you do not share them with us. We are working
as a team to get the highest price possible in a time frame that works best for you.

Once you are comfortable with our listing process and together we have determined the right list price for your
home, we will review and complete the listing agreement. The listing agreement is a standard contract that all
members of the Texas Association of REALTORS use when listing homes for sale.

Staging your home for sale is one of the most important ingredients to a
timely and well-priced offer. Start by completing the recommended tasks
to prepare your home for sale in this booklet. Additionally, we will walk
through your home with you to provide recommendations for

Even before listing your home on the MLS, we will place a for sale sign in your yard. This will announce that
your home is for sale which creates excitement. It is important to keep this sign in clear view for “drive-by”
buyers as we receive multiple inquiries from buyers due to our for sale signs.

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Home Selling Process
The best way to sell your home is to make it as easy as possible for other agents to show. By placing a key to
your home in a lockbox on your house, we are able to track who enters your home and at what time, thus
enhancing security. Listings that are available for showing “by appointment only” receive on average 75% fewer

In the prelisting packet, there are several forms that need to be completed to start the sale process of your
home. They include the Seller’s Disclosure Notice, request for loan information, and marketing information.

Your listing agent will tour your home and make note of the most effective ways to market the property. They will
gather detailed information to include in the MLS listing, Flyers and the Internet, etc.

Marketing Activities by Team
Since 97% of buyers now use the Internet to begin their new home
search, we believe it is imperative to have high-quality photos of your
home available online. If there are any particular views that you would
like to have included in the photography, please be sure to notify us
before the photography appointment.

We create color flyers that will be made available for potential buyers.
We appreciate your input for the content of these flyers, as you know
your home better than anyone. Also, upon request, we are happy to
provide a proof via e-mail for your approval.

We will submit your property to the Multiple Listing Service. This service will list all of the details of your property,
including list price and showing instructions. Nearly all of the more than 20,000 real estate professionals in
Dallas Fort Worth subscribe to the Multiple Listing Service and use it to locate homes for their clients.

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Home Selling Process
Ongoing Advertising and Marketing
Approximately 97% of buyers now use the Internet to shop for their next home, so your home’s Web presence is
critical! However, simply being online is not enough.

Our Web site has become a cornerstone of our business.
We invest heavily in search-engine optimization strategies
to ensure that our website is one of the highest-ranked
results when buyers search for real estate in Dallas Fort
Worth. With innovate technology like our map-based home,
our site is among the best in the industry. Our goal is to
attract buyers and keep them interested by providing
relevant and accurate information about listings and the
market. We capture contact information from a large
percentage of the visitors to our site so our agents can
contact them personally to present your listing. Increasing
quality traffic to our Web site is a top priority, and we see
the results!

Realtor.com—Enhanced Showcase Listing
Our clients’ properties stand out to the 5 million+ individuals per month who each spend more than 40 minutes
searching for homes on REALTOR.com®. We differentiate our listings on REALTOR.com® by making our clients’
homes Showcase Listings. These Showcase Listings stand out by offering custom showcase banners on the
search results page, scrolling text to enhance distinctive characteristics of the home, additional photographs,
and a link to the virtual tour of our clients’ homes.

Additional Websites
In addition to FathomRealty.com and Realtor.com, your home will be listed on literally hundreds of Realtor and
Real Estate websites across the nation to include Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo! Real Estate, Google Base and more.
Our technology even allows us to upload your listing on our competitor’s websites.

We will contact every agent who shows your property to gather feedback about the condition, price and staging
of your home. Positive or negative, we will forward this information on to you as we receive it.

Your listing agent and listing manager will keep you up to date with verbal and e-mail status reports throughout
the listing process. You will be notified of any feedback from showing agents, and you will receive periodic
statistical reports detailing how many people have shown an interest in your property through the Web and other

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 Home Selling Process
Home Marketing Plan and Timeline
Fathom Realty’s proven marketing process generates results. Our refined strategies and processes are
designed to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Countless details must be completed to successfully get your
home on the market for sale. Our experience has taught us that it is best to have 10 days from the time you
sign the listing agreement to the time your home is fully marketed. This period allows us to properly pre-market
your home by targeting potential buyers before it even hits the MLS! Our ideal marketing timeline is as follows:

                         Marketing Activity                                                       Work Days
                         Listing Agent Collects Property Details for Marketing                            0
                         Sign in Yard                                                                     1
                         Lockbox on House                                                                 1
                         Photography Shot                                                                 1
                         Photos enhanced for Web and Print                                                2
                         Listing Entered on MLS                                                           3
                         Listing Available on Realtor.com*                                                4
                         Enhanced Listing Available on Realtor.com                                        4
                         Listing Available on FathomRealty.com*                                           5
                         Listing Available on Zillow, Trulia and other sites*                             5
                         Color Flyers Delivered to Property                                               6

                         * These Web sites pull listings directly from the MLS; this process may take up to three days.

When the Offer Comes In
Once a buyer has decided that they wish to buy your home, their agent will write an offer for the property using
TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) promulgated forms that are standard in our industry. At your first
available opportunity, your listing agent will meet with you to present the offer. He will review the terms of the
offer with you and recommend whether to counter the offer, accept the offer, or reject the offer and under what
terms. Once you and the buyer agree to the terms of the offer, we proceed to closing the transaction.

The several charges involved in selling your home vary based on the type of loan secured by the buyer. You
will have charges from the title company for closing fees, commission fees, and possibly portions of the buyer’s
closing costs as well. We will review in detail all of the charges you can expect to see at closing and what your
estimated net proceeds will be from the sale of your home.

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Home Selling Process
Closing Activities After an Offer
We will deliver and receipt the offer with the title company within 48 hours of all parties signing and agreeing to
the terms; at this point the offer becomes a contract. The title company will send copies of the contract to you.

To ensure a smooth closing, we will confirm that the title company has all the information they need about your
current mortgage loan, including payoff information.

Our team will work with the buyer’s agent and lender to ensure that all approvals and underwriting are being
completed in a timely manner for the closing date. We will also confirm that the buyer has arranged for a
property inspection and that the lender has ordered the appropriate appraisals.

After the buyer has an inspection conducted on your home, they will likely present an amendment to the
contract. They will request that you complete repairs on items that the inspector determined needed attention.
We will recommend whether you should counter the amendment, accept the amendment, or reject the
amendment and under what terms.

If you choose to accept the terms in the amendment, you may have to make
some repairs to your home. Recommended service providers are listed in the
back of this guide.

You should contact your utility companies and notify them of disconnection of service. Make the disconnect date
the day after the closing on your home. A listing of utility companies in your area is provided at the back of this

A copy of the Title Commitment for the property will be delivered to you, our team, the buyer, and the buyer’s
agent. We will review the document for you, looking for signs of any liens that will not be satisfied by closing
proceeds including tax liens and mechanic liens. Among other items, we will also review the Title Commitment
for evidence of non-resident alien status. Any of these items could interfere with our ability to close on the sale
of your home if not remedied in a timely manner.

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 Home Selling Process
We are continually in contact with you, the buyer’s agent, the title company, and the buyer’s lender during
closing preparation. We will coordinate everyone’s schedules and arrange for a mutually acceptable closing

We will review the final paperwork provided by the title company prior to closing to ensure that you receive all
entitled proceeds.

You will receive verbal and e-mail status reports as needed and as appropriate. Our team will not leave you
wondering about the next step in your home selling process.

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Home Selling Process
  Process Diagram

         Start Phase One                                                    Start Phase Two

          Market Research and CMA                                  Order           Mortgage           Send Loan to
              Initial Consultation                                Appraisal        Company            Underwriting
    Information About Brokerage Services
   Determine Sales Objectives and List Price

                                                                                Loan Approval

              Listing Agreement

                                                                   Order             Title              Title
                Home Staging                                       Survey          Company             Search

                    Marketing                                         Seller to Arrange to Cancel Utilities

                                                                          Mortgage Company Delivers
                                                                    Final Loan Documents to Title Company

    Receive Offer                 Negotiate
     on Property                Terms of Offer
                                                                   Title Company Prepares HUD 1 Statement

                Initial Contract

                                                                    Buyer Brings Cashier’s Check to Closing
               Home Inspection

                                                 Option Period:
                                                   7-10 Days
                                                                            Transfer Ownership
     Amendment              Negotiate Repairs

            Option Period Expires

        Proceed to Phase Two

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Pricing Your Home
Multiple factors influence the real estate market and, more specifically, the fair market value of your home. A
buyer wants to get the best possible price and terms when buying your home while you, the seller, want to get
the best possible price and terms from the buyer. There is a happy medium, and a Comparative Market
Analysis (CMA) defines this middle ground. It is crucial not to overprice your home. The CMA that we have
prepared for you will help to determine the list price that will allow you to sell your home for top dollar without
pushing yourself out of the market.

Factors That Affect the Value of Your Home
Location — Is your home in a desirable location? Is your home situated near high power lines, railroad tracks,
or other undesirable objects?

Competition — What are other comparable homes in the area selling for? We will evaluate active, pending,
sold, and expired listings from the past 6 to 12 months.

Supply and Demand — How many homes are available for sale in your area and in your price range? If there
are many, you will need to lower your price to attract a buyer. If there are few, you can likely raise the price and
still find a buyer.

Mortgage Market — What are the current mortgage interest rates?

Economy — Is the economy strong or in a recession?

Condition — Have you kept your home in good condition? Is it in move-in condition for a potential buyer, or will
they need to make repairs or replacements before moving in?

Style — Does your home have a livable floor plan that flows? Does it seem open and airy or choppy and dark?

Factors That Do Not Affect the Value of Your Home
Your Cost and Needs – Although you want to make a profit or “break even” on the sale of your home, the
buyers in the market are not affected by your financial situation.

Your Personal Aesthetic Improvements – If you recently repainted your entire home a pale yellow to suit
your taste, this may not be desirable to a potential buyer.

Reproduction Cost – This is a dollar figure that is calculated by insurance companies to establish the cost of
re-building the home from scratch. Although it is useful for new construction homes, it has little value in setting
a sale price for an existing home.

Assessed Value – This value is used by the government to charge property taxes. No matter how often the
assessed value of your home is reviewed, it is difficult to keep this value in line with the market value and
therefore is not a dependable guide.

Your Emotions – You cannot charge a buyer for sentiment. Similarly, don’t under price your home just to get
rid of it in a stressful situation such as divorce.

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Pricing Your Home
Dangers of Overpricing
The number one goal in pricing your home for sale is to price it right from the beginning. This will get you the
best price in a reasonable amount of time. A home that is priced right when it first goes on the market is shown
50% more often than one that is overpriced. A new listing is exciting, is shown more than older listings, and
generally sells for a higher price than older listings. Properties that are priced too high when they are first
introduced to the market attract fewer buyers, fewer showings, and fewer offers.

                         Asking price compared                  Percentage of potential buyers
                            to market value                      who will look at the property

                                 +15%                                        10%

                                 +10%                                        30%

                              Market Value                                   60%

                                  -10%                                       75%

                                  -15%                                       90%

Only as much as a buyer is willing to pay. Correctly priced properties sell faster and at a higher price. Please
keep in mind that unless a buyer is paying all cash, a home must be able to appraise for the sale price. A lender
will not loan money on a home that is over the market value for an area when compared to similar homes.

“We want to price high, because buyers can always make a lower offer.” In many markets, 30% of overpriced
homes do sell the first time and 70% don’t. Even though you may not have to sell, remember that you are
competing with sellers who do!

If your goal is to sell your house at top dollar, overpricing will work against you. If your home sits for months on
the market, it will likely sell below market value. A price adjustment should be made if your property is not sold
within 30 days.

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Preparing Your Home To Sell
Broaden the Appeal of Your Home
Walk through the house and pick out things that would enhance the value of the home if they were different. You’ll be
better able to prioritize this way. For example, repainting a child’s bubble-gum pink bedroom may attract more buyers
than something not as apparent, such as replacing an old dishwasher.

You can direct a potential buyer’s eye away from something negative or toward something positive. Use artwork or a
room’s own features such as a fireplace to capture a buyer’s attention. There is a fine line, however. You want buyers
to be able to appreciate the room and not just focus on the items in the room.

Remove any furniture that tightens spaces. If a couch or chair forces you to turn your body as you walk by or just
makes a passage appear smaller, get rid of it. Everybody wants more space.

Rid the house of personal effects, and don’t forget simple things like magnets on the refrigerator. Small distractions to
the buyer’s eyes will disturb their thinking, preventing them from picturing the house as theirs. You want the rooms to
look well-decorated and spacious, but avoid turning the house into a perfect home. Try to balance the brand-new look
with some of its lived-in warmth.

Potential buyers often feel uncomfortable in bedrooms and bathrooms because they are, by definition, personal and
private places. To counter this reaction, make bedrooms and bathrooms look like a model home (toss the lived-in feel
out the bathroom window). Clear off all surfaces of the bathroom – removing simple things like toothpaste and soap.
Put out nice, fresh towels instead. The goal is to make these rooms comfortable for buyers. If the buyers feel
comfortable, they’ll linger and picture themselves in the house.

Less is Definitely More
Clean out closets, pick up clutter, and pare down what’s inside. That goes for those treasured family photos and
mementos too. The reason? Besides adding a spacious feel to the home, pared-down surroundings can help potential
buyers better envision themselves and their family photos in the house.

Pack away items and special collections usually displayed in cabinets and hutches, and move a few pieces of
furniture out of the house. This will help buyers to better see where their furniture might go in the house.

Don’t forget to keep the house clean every minute it’s on the market. This takes great effort, but the buyer may need
to see it in the next five minutes, and you’ll need to be prepared.

So you like your house to “say something” about your personality. Well, it’s time to tone it down. Go buy some plain-
vanilla paint to cover those red-and-purple walls in your bedroom–it’ll make a difference when you’re trying to sell your
home. It’s easier for potential buyers to visualize colors they’re more comfortable with.

If you’ve got an Italian fresco on a living room wall that stops people in their tracks, they may lose sight of the rest of
the home’s wonderful features. If you’re resistant to do anything about it, ask someone you trust to give you an
independent view of your home. Your listing agent will tell you if the house looks cluttered or if any colors are too
bright. Some may see bright colors as gaudy. Listen to their answers and take their advice.

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Preparing Your Home To Sell
24 Simple Things to Make Your Home More Marketable
Have carpets cleaned and re-stretched or replace if worn or dated.
Clean or have house cleaned (top to bottom, baseboards and ceiling fans).
Pack away all small collections and jewelry; “little hands” have taking ways.
Put out the “oil” air fresheners in entry, kitchen and bathrooms the day it’s going on the market.
Wash windows inside and out (home will look newer and cleaner).
Arrange all closets to be presentable.
Fix all minor repairs, nail holes and touch up paint.
Touch up all painted trim where needed.
Replace all burned out light bulbs! Use a higher wattage in rooms with only one light fixture.
Brasso/polish all doorknobs and hardware in all rooms (an absolute must for older homes!). If you have brass fixtures, it’s worth
  the investment to replace them.
Leave out some family photos. This suggests “a happy and loved home,” not “we can’t wait to leave this house!”
Remove stuffed trophy heads and/or animal collections of any kind. It’s a PC thing, and it “themes” your home…you don’t want
  buyers referring to your home as “The Cow House!”
Limit toys to one toy box and pack the rest away. If you don’t have enough room to put them all away, the buyers will see that
  they won’t have room either (this also makes picking up for showings much faster).
Put away any boxes. The only things that should be on the floor are furniture!
Remove all kitchen appliances not used daily and only leave the functional kitchen décor items out. Keep all food items off the
  counter and off the top of the refrigerator.
Remove all magnets and papers from the front of the refrigerator and move only what you “can’t live without” to the side of the
  refrigerator. This will make the kitchen feel bigger.
Replace old stove drip pans, and for older stoves, add new burner covers; it helps it look newer.
Put all loose stuff on bathroom countertops under the sink. Only leave out the pretties! Everything else must go under the sink
  cabinets; this gives the appearance of more storage. Remember to wipe down the mirrors; it doubles everything good and bad!
Remove solar screens from the front of home; dark screens make a home seem unfriendly and cold. Place the screens in eye
  view in the garage so the buyer will see them.
Plant flowers in pots outside by the front door and along sidewalks and landscaping beds, if needed.
Freshen mulch in landscape beds.
Power wash patios, walkways, and driveway.
Clean out the garage & remove all the “extras”. Leave only tools, lawn equipment, bikes & cars. It’s key to show that at least one
  car does fit in the garage.
If both sides of the garage are full, rent a mini-storage to put all the extra stuff that is to be removed from the house and garage. If
  the house and garage are stuffed full they will assume you’re moving because the house is too small!
PETS: They should go with you for all showings. If it isn’t possible and you are gone during the day, consider a crate, kennel or
  dog run while the house in on the market. Over 50% of buyers are allergic, dislike, or are afraid of pets. This is the #1 reason
  buyers won’t buy or even enter a home with a pet!
SMOKERS: Over 75% of buyers will not buy a home that they think has been smoked in! Two reasons: one, for PC reasons and
  two, allergies. Freshly painting the entire interior and new carpeting are your best chance for top dollar! Plus, do not smoke in the
  home while on the market, and remove any ashtrays or other signs of smoke. A home that has been smoked in is the #2 leading
  reason why buyers don’t buy.

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