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									University Sponsored Project Travel

Office of Research Compliance and Administration
To Be Reimbursed
Travel Must Be:

   Authorized
          Who’s going and why
   Reasonable
          Coach flying and mid-priced hotels
   Appropriately Documented
          Reflect entire trip with receipts

       *If later than 30 days after a trip the payment may be
Why so many rules???

   The IRS
   Drexel University Legal and Contractual
   Terms of the Grant or Contract can be even
    more restrictive
The Responsibility to Comply

   Is that of the
   His/Her
Forms Are Available

   Receptionist at the
    Office- 3201 Arch
    Street 4th floor.
   Main Building- 1st
    floor outside of the
    Bursar’s Office
A Traveler May Not

   Approve his/her own form.
   The signature of a supervisor is required.
   These signatures certify that the travel reports are
    complete & accurate.
   Traveler must use his/her Drexel ID# NOT soc sec #.
Travel Advances
Travel Advance Form
Travel Advances Are Available

   For University Faculty &
   Cannot be used for
    students or non-
   Cannot be used to pay
    for pre- travel
    purchases on the
    traveler’s credit card.
Travel Advances are Not For

   Airfare
   Rail Tickets
   Hotels
   Use Department Purchasing Card for these items
Advances are Used For

   Meals and Miscellaneous (cab fare, buses)
   Not more than $100 per travel day
   Not more than $500 per trip
   Not earlier than 7 days before travel

* Any variation requires written approval from unit Senior VP and
    Senior VP for Finance and Treasury.
After Travel Advance is issued-

   A Travel Reimbursement Report form must be
    completed-signed by traveler, supervisor, Office of
    Research and sent to A/P*.
   Due within 30 days-or no further advances will be
   If not received by 60 days-the amount of the
    advance will be deducted from the Traveler’s

*Even if the trip is cancelled-this is only way to clear the traveler's record.
Travel Expense Reimbursement Report
Local Business &Entertainment Report
Local Business & Entertainment
Expense Report
Local Business & Entertainment
Expense report

   Expenses incurred within
    the metropolitan area of
   Generally not allowed on
    sponsored projects
   Considered Dept expenses
   Allowed on a sponsored
    project-ONLY if specifically
    budgeted in proposal &
    award document.
   This is Rare
Travel Expense Reimbursement Report
Which Form is Correct?

   Non-University                    Check Request-must use
                                      soc sec #
   Student/Faculty/Staff             Travel Expense Reimbursement Form-
                                      must use Drexel ID# NOT Soc Sec #

* Only 1 form per traveler per trip
             Single room rate
             Mid-range pricing
             No spouses
             No child care
             No kennel fees
             No laundry services
             No health club
             No in room movies
Meals are Reimbursed

                   No alcohol
                   Traveler’s itemized bill-
                    with cash receipt or
                    copy of credit card
                   Reasonable gratuity
                   Not over $60 per day
                   Per diems are not
Car Expenses-Traveler Has 2 options

 You can use your own car
 You can rent a car
Using your Own Automobile-facts #1

   You must have $100,000/$300,000 liability
   Not reimbursed for this.
   Any vehicle damage is not covered.
   Repairs are not covered.
   If you breakdown-resulting meals/lodging are
    not covered.
Using your Own Automobile-Facts #2

   You will be reimbursed at the University rate per
    mile. Currently this is 50.5 cents/mile.*
   Tolls-if applicable
   Parking-if applicable
   No gasoline will be reimbursed-this is figured into the
    per/mile rate.
   Normally not reimbursed for meals and lodging en

*Does not include travel to Drexel-so if you start at home-subtract the mileage to
    Drexel you would normally have.
If you rent a car

   You must qualify under
    Motor Vehicle Operator
    Policy-web site.
   Complete the Motor Vehicle
    Release Form.
   Submit it to Dept of Risk
    Management w/copy of your
    license at least 10 days
    before need for vehicle.
Rental Car Insurance

   Drexel does not carry insurance for physical
    damage or theft of a rented vehicle.
    –  If using a credit card in the driver’s name-this is
       provided by the credit card company.
    – If not-this must be purchased from the rental
       agency and the traveler will be reimbursed.
    * If renting a car in a foreign country-purchase ALL
       insurance offered by the company.

   Drexel does carry liability insurance. This is injury to
    other vehicles/people.
    –   This should NOT be purchased from care rental agency.
    –   If an employee is involved in such an accident while on
        University travel, a deductible will be charged to the
        traveler’s dept.
    –   This will be reimb to dept IF the University is able to recover
        its expenses.
    –   If you have an accident in a rented vehicle-report it
        immediately to Drexel’s Dept of Risk Management as well
        as the rental agency.
Car Rental Continued

   Mid-sized or compact cars only.
   15 passenger vans are prohibited by the
   Reimbursement is based on the original
    receipt from the rental company.
   To be reimbursed for gasoline not included
    on the rental invoice-original gas receipt
    must be attached.
Prepaid Expenses

   Conference Fees
   Airplane, Train tickets
   Hotel Reservations
   These will have been charged to Dept Purchasing
    card before the trip.

* Travel being paid for by a sponsored project requires
  PRIOR written approval from the Office of Research
  Compliance & Administration. E-mail is fine.
Prior Authorization Summary

   Sponsored Project          ORCA
    Travel using Credit
    Card                       Senior VP for Unit &
   Travel Advance >7days       Senior VP for Finance
    ahead or > $500             & Treasury.
   Foreign Travel             Traveler’s Senior VP &
                                VP for Research.
Getting your money back

   The Comptroller’s Accounts Payable Dept is responsible for
    ensuring that all University business travel expenses are
    reimbursed in accordance with this Travel Policy.
   AFTER approval of ORCA, IF properly documented-a check
    will be issued in 7-10 working days.
Attach- Receipts, Receipts,Receipts

  If credit card:                 If you paid cash:
 List as Pre-paid expense on      Attach original receipts
   Travel Form.                     showing proof of payment.
 Attach copy of receipts.         If small in size, tape to 81/2
 Originals remain with dept        x 11 paper so they won’t get
   for audit purposes.              lost.
 Attach e-mail ORCA
**Airline ticket receipts-
   regardless of how
   purchased must be attached
   to the Travel Report.
And More Receipts,Receipts,Receipts

   Attach Conference Brochure.
   Agenda
   Meeting Summary.
   ALL of these help to verify the purpose of travel.
   Try to get individual receipts i.e. if meals are shared.
   Remember-EACH authorized traveler should submit his/her own Travel
    Expense Reimbursement Report.
Each Traveler…..

   Must submit his/her own Travel Report.
   If dining together-split up the receipt.
   Even if all expenses were paid by credit card and $0.00 is due to the
    traveler, a signed Travel Expense Reimbursement Report must be
    sent to ORCA for approval with the attached e-mailed prior-approval
    from ORCA. A/P is required to do an audit on the trip.

            What NOT to do if you
            want to be reimbursed
           for travel expenses on a
              Sponsored Project.
What’s wrong here?

   Local meal expense on Federal Project.
   Not allowed unless award document
    specifies this category.
What’s wrong here?

   Too much money per day-$100 is limit per day
   Needs signature of VP of unit and VP of Finance and
What’s wrong here?

   Over 30 days since trip.
   Purpose is not explained.
   Wrong mileage rate.
   Gas not reimbursed-included in mileage rate.
   Too much money for food-$60 per day limit.
   Needs supervisor signature.
   Where are pre-paid expenses?
    –   Conference fee
    –   Hotel
    –   And these require pre-approval from ORCA

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