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									                                         Wolf Pack News

      9/27/11         Issue 6

          Calendar at a Glance                             LIGHT UP A STAR UPDATE
      9/28 – Yearbook 3:10 – 4:45          Oct. 3 (the catalog deadline) is just a week away. We are
  9/28 – Physics field trip 7:30 – 4pm        getting some great donations in, but look forward to
      9/28 – School Board Meeting
                                           receiving many more. Just a reminder that we are asking
                                           each family to be responsible for bringing in 3 donations.
 9/28 – JRH & HS Volleyball practice 3-
                  5pm                      We are counting on you for your support to obtain these
                                                     donations to make the auction a success.
9/29 – JR High Football practice 3-5pm
                                           We hope that you have each received your invitation for
   9/29 – HS Football practice 3-5pm
                                            the auction by now. If you haven't, please let Jane Fish
  9/29 – HS Volleyball practice 3-5pm    know at (360)848-7711. We are also happy to send one to
10/3 – 4-6th grade soccer Intramurals 3-       any family or friends that you might have who are
                  4pm                    interested in attending. We do have babysitting available as
10/3 - JR High Girls Volleyball 3-4:30pm   a fund-raiser for the high-school classes at the Mt. Vernon
      10/3 – 10/14 – ITBS Testing         SDA Church which is just up the street from McIntyre Hall.
 10/4 – 7-12th grade Intramurals 3:15 –     You can let Kristie Lindell know if you need babysitting
                  4:15                                 when you order your auction tickets.
10/4 – HS Football Practice 4:15 – 5pm          Once again, thank you for your support of SAA!
10/5 – JRH & HS Volleyball practice 3-
               5pm                                   A big thank you to those serving on our
    10/5 – Yearbook 3:10 – 4:45pm                    school board: Kaarsten Lang, Greg Fritz,
10/6 – JRH & HS Football practice 3-5pm                 Duane Gilliland, Todd Burger, John
   10/6 - HS Volleyball practice 3-5pm               Buxton, Brad Garvey, Jill Hilde, Wendy
10/10 - 4-6th grade soccer Intramurals 3-            Siapco, Voree Smith, Edwin Stickle, John
                  4pm                                  Thorn, Scott VonBergen, Mark Witas,
  10/10 – Career Counseling for JR’s &
            SR’s 9-10:30am
                                                     Arlene Salt, Jeff Carlson, Ruben Herrera,
  10/10 – JRH Girls Volleybal 3-4:30pm
                                                      Aracely Covarrubias, Epifanio Herrera,
 10/11 - 7-12th grade Intramurals 3:15 –                 Sandra Weaver, and Doug White.
10/11 - HS Football Practice 4:15 – 5pm      Lost & Found is kept in the big
 10/12 - JRH & HS Volleyball practice 3-       brown box just inside the
                 5pm                               school’s front door.
         10/12 – PSAT Testing                  Everything not picked up
    10/12 – Yearbook 3:10 – 4:45pm             weekly is donated to the
10/13 – 9th grade Mountain Bike field trip     Spruced Up Thrift Shop…
               to Anacortes
                                                  check the box often.
             10/30 - Auction
 It takes hands to build a school, but only hearts can build a family.
                                           The Cascade Eagles Pathfinders invite you to join
Hot Lunch: Med - $3, Large - $4,           them for Induction at 6:30PM tonight at NCSDA
Drink - $.50                                Church. This is a special time for our club when
Monday – Grilled Cheese                      we induct new Pathfinders. We have 10 new
Sandwich & Tomato Soup                        Pathfinders to induct this year, Praise God!!
Tuesday – Pizza, Salad and Juice ,           Thank you for your support of your Cascade
also avail. in small - $2.                   Eagles Pathfinders and God Bless. A freewill
Wednesday – Spaghetti Bake                  offering will be taken at the end of the service.
Thursday – Burritos, (1 burrito
(small) is avail. for $2.00)               We are placing our second order for Fred Meyer
Friday – Haystacks                         Scrip gift cards, since the first of the school year.
Lunch bucks are for sale in the              Thank you to all of you who are helping by
school office.                              purchasing these cards. Each order puts $245
                                                         into the school account.
                                            Our next general SCRIP order will be October

For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they
           shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.” Psalms 91:11, 12
This text in psalms had special meaning to me this last Sunday. As I was going over to Spokane
   for a principal’s retreat following our Fun Run, I had an encounter with another car going
 around a corner on I-90, just the other side of Snoqualmie pass. I was in the inside lane going
   about 75 miles an hour when I nodded off just enough to go into the other lane and side
 swipe an Acura SUV. I can’t remember seeing anything in front of me after I hit the other car,
 but I can remember vividly the car swerving from one side to the other as I struggled to keep
  the car under control. I thought I was going to end up flipping our little Honda Civic over.
 Needless to say, both cars were completely trashed on the sides we hit. I’m truly grateful that
 no one was hurt. Praise the Lord for guardian angels! “The angel of the Lord encamps round
                  about those who fear Him and He delivers them.” Psalms 34:7
 A big thanks to everyone who participated in our Fun Run last Sunday. In the morning before
the race started we had some rain and wind, but once we were ready for the Fun Run to start
the rain had stopped and the winds were calm, some great weather for running. It was nice to
see our former teacher and race originator Lucille Nelson and her husband Jud come and help
us out. Also, a big thanks for all the volunteers; timers, route marshals, those who helped with
registration, t-shirts, water station and removal of course. You are what made it a big success. I
                                    think everyone had a fun time.
Please keep the upcoming evangelistic meetings at the North Cascade, Mt. Vernon and Spanish
churches in your prayers. Students have been handing out invitations in the neighborhood and
 some will be fasting and praying for people in our communities to come to these evangelistic
                                   Serving in His Steps, Doug White
The Class of 2015 is pleased to                                  Art Corner
                                      We are off to a terrific start in the Pre –K thru 8th grade Art
 announce the following class                                      classes!
            officers:                   I am enjoying seeing all of the students’ creativity unfold
     President Brett Rowe              through the different projects we have been working on.
                                       Come by the first two bulletin boards in the lower hall to
    Spiritual Vice President          see the Pre-K through 4th grade sunflowers and nightscapes
      Giovanna Girotto                 and be sure to ask your 5th through 8th grader about the
  Social Vice President Joey          perspective lesson we are doing. Here are a few things that I
                                                  am collecting for future Art projects:
            Jordan!                     Old or sample CDs, Styrofoam balls, Empty spools from
   Class of 2014 game night                     thread, Glue sticks are always welcome.
                                       If you have any of these items you would like to donate,
Saturday, October 15th, in the                    drop them off in the office. Thanks!
   SAA school gym at 6PM.                        Tammy Paul         tpaul.sas@gmail.com
                                                           The Cascade Eagles Pathfinders are
                     Fun Run                       launching our 2012 Calendar Fundraiser.
1Mile Boys Noah Price 10.19, Ethan Hall 11.01,   We will be selling "Splendor of Washington"
Lincoln Buxton 12.17                                2012 Calendars for $10.00 a piece (an
1Mile Girls Emalyn Hall 9.25, Hallie Simpson      absolute steal of a deal!). These calendars
9.40, Katie Matthews 9.49                          feature the work of photographers Scott
Good job to all participants! John Schafer,      and Melody Gibson, showcasing spectacular
                                                     scenic photography. We have a large
Katriona Wallenfelsz, Makena VonBergen, Amy       inventory of these calendars and ready to
Schafer, Leili VonBergen, Esther Bieche, & Amber     sell, sell, sell! :-) They would make a
Edwards.                                         wonderful inexpensive Christmas present for
                                                       ALL your family and friends and everyone
5K Boys Rich Schafer 21.50, Anthony Burger             needs at least 1 calendar right? (especially
23.11, Scott VonBergen 24.21, Todd Lindell                 those who do not live in beautiful
                                                        Northwest) :-) Please find a Pathfinder
24.36, Bailley Schmidt 25.01                             near you to place your order and see a
5K Girls Laressa Farnsworth 25.08, Sheila               sample of the "Splendor or Washington"
VonBergen 29.08, Janelle Hilde 30.01, Quinn            calendar. OR contact Jeremy Schmidt @
Lindell 30.14, Karisse Lee 30.22                         jeremytallman@hotmail.com or Kristi
Good Job to all participants! Jefferson Richards,      Schmidt @ kristicounselor@hotmail.com.
Brian Fish, Erik Christensen, Kelby Carambot,           Thank you for supporting your Cascade
                                                                 Eagles Pathfinders! :-)
Brett Rowe, Jesse Paul, Garrett Wilson, Matthew
Lee, Scott Rowe, Matt Rowe, Paul Schafer, Isaac LIGHT UP A STAR AUCTION STUDENT
Farnsworth, John Cotter, Aubrey Carambot,                         HELPERS
Kallan Richards, Ellie Christensen, Natalie Fish,  We always need great student helpers
Terri Eggers, Tami Rowe, Josh Oxyer, Dana          the night of the auction. If you are in
                                                   grades 8-12 and you are interested in
Schafer, Jenna Christensen, Makena VonBergen,
                                                  helping, please call Mrs. Jane Girotto at
Jane Fish, Josi Schmidt, Jonathan Myers, Brenda
                                                    (360)982-4026. It will be on a first
Price, Carrie Myers, Ethan Hall, Kaarsten Lang,    come, first be able to help basis. We
and Julie Christensen.                            usually need 10-12 students. Thanks for
                                                        all of the great help you students have
                                                         given in the past in support of SAA.

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