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					 Responding to
Community Needs

    June 2007

                     Community Challenges

Community            Donisthorpe Methodist Church Hall
Organisation         The hall is situated in the small, rural village of Donisthorpe and
                     is the only community facility available for OAP clubs, Weight
                     Watchers, children’s events, etc. It is anticipated that once the
                     hall has been decorated, it can be promoted for wider community
                     use including as a base of youth club activities.

The Challenge          To paint the hall (brick walls) (c. 18x10m) and skirting boards

Resources Required     Paint would be provided by the church. Additional resources –
                        brushes, dustsheets, ladders, etc would need to be sourced by
                        the team
                       OPTIONAL: Scaffolding may be required to reach higher areas
                        of wall

Location             Donisthorpe (north west Leicestershire)
Additional Notes      Photos available


Community            Friends of Holly Croft Park
Organisation         The Friends of Holly Croft Park are a group of volunteers who
                     work with the local community to promote the environmental,
                     historical, and artistic value of the park. They organise several
                     community events in the band stand each year e.g. drumming
                     workshop for young people.

The Challenge          To paint the inside walls and floor of the Holly Croft Park band
                        stand (c. 10x5m) and its two side anterooms

Resources Required     Paint will be provided by the Friends group.
                       Brushes, rollers, dustsheets, sweeping brushes, and ladders
                        would need to be sourced by the team

Location             Holly Croft Park, Hinckley
Additional Notes      Photos available
                      Challenge can only take place during working week


Community            VISTA
Organisation         A charity supporting c. 6,000 partially-sighted or blind people
                     across Leicestershire. Services include residential homes and
                     other accommodation to support independent living and
                     integration into the community, resource centre, day centre,
                     social and activity groups, home visiting, and talking newspaper.
                     Service-users include children as well as adults.

The Challenge        Challenge a

                        To renovate hardwood flooring in main hall

Resources Required      Some form of expertise is required in dealing with the
                         renovation of this type of flooring.

Location             Barwell, Hinckley


Community            Disability Day Centre, Christchurch Methodist Church
Organisation         The church is refurbishing its large community halls to host a new
                     day centre for c. 15-25 local adults with learning disabilities.

The Challenge        Challenge a
                      2 rooms on the upper level are in need of redecoration
                     Challenge b
                      Paved area at rear of the property is in need of weeding and
                        of general refurbishment.

Resources Required    The group are able to source materials for this project

Location             Shepshed
Additional Notes      Photos available
                      Challenges would require one larger team of 15-20 volunteers
                        or 2 teams


Community          Rawlins Community College
Organisation       The Rawlins Skills Centre provides an adult learning service for
                   adults (18yrs+) with mental health needs and learning disability
                   groups. In particular the groups are interested in developing
                   gardening skills and making better use of the area of land behind
                   the centre.
The Challenge      Challenge a
                    To create a practical garden area (7x8m) incorporating
                      designs and ideas from students. This may include slabbing
                      areas, erecting a greenhouse or shed, preparing a small
                      vegetable patch, developing raised beds, painting fencing, and
                      building bbq area.
Resources Required  There is no budget for this project. Volunteers would need to
                      source their own funds for the project materials.
Location           Quorn, Near Loughborough
Additional Notes    The Challenge would be available during the summer vacation
                      period (mid-July to early September)
                    Photos available
                    The Challenge could accommodate up to 2 teams


Community             Next Generation
Organisation          Charity providing a range of services for young people (13-25yrs)
                      at risk, vulnerable, or disaffected from mainstream society.
                      Emotional and practical support services include counselling, drug
                      and alcohol services, alternative therapies, employment and
                      training, and sexual health. Next Generation also have a mobile
                      outreach bus delivering youth issue-based sessions and
                      educational materials.

The Challenge         Challenge a
                        To strip back wallpaper from the entire upper floor of the
                           Next Generation building – formerly a self-contained flat,
                           This will kickstart a project to develop more space for drug
                           and complimentary therapies and services.

Resources Required         There is no budget for these projects. Volunteers would
                            need to source their own funds for the project materials.

Location              Hinckley
Additional Notes       It may be possible for one larger team of 11-15 volunteers to
                         tackle both challenges.
                       Photos available
                       There may be future painting challenges leading on from
                         Challenge a after re-plastering has taken place.


Community            Christian Counselling Centre
Organisation         A charity run entirely by volunteers, the Centre provides
                     counselling for the whole community for all issues for people
                     aged 10yrs+. Clients are referred via GPs, health visitors and
                     schools. The centre also offers drop-in sessions and hosts a
                     carers’ group, mental health advocacy group, and needle
                     exchange programme.

The Challenge        Challenge a
                       To overhaul the run-down entrance to the building including
                          the front garden (to pave over area leaving gaps for shrubs,
                          cut back foliage); paint the external archway; weed and
                          develop the courtyard area leading to counselling rooms for
                          people requiring disabled access

Resources Required       The charity would be happy to help contribute to some of
                          the Challenge resource costs.

Location             Market Harborough
Additional Notes      Photos available
                      The Challenge would suit a larger team of 11-15 volunteers

Community            Bal Sewa
Organisation         A small voluntary-led community group that organises a range of
                     sports activities for local young people. C. 15 young people
                     attend the group on a regular basis, aged 8-16yrs, boys and girls,
                     of different ethnic backgrounds, from the Blaby, Oadby and
                     Wigston area. ‘Bal Sewa’ translates as ‘Working with Children’.

The Challenge            To organise a fun day trip for the young people to help
                          them experience a different environment and bond as a
Resources Required       The young people will be asked to contribute a small
                          amount to the trip. The group does not have any additional
                          funding or resources for the project.

Location             The group come from the Oadby, Wigston and Blaby areas
Additional Notes      The trip would need to take place out-of-school hours e.g.
                        summer vacation or at a weekend


Community            Thurmaston Community Centre
Organisation         An entirely voluntary-led community centre providing facilities for
                     local people for 50 years. The Centre is launching a new
                     programme of activities this summer including anti-bullying
                     workshops, art and craft, sport and recreation, and parent-toddler

The Challenge              To paint the large building exterior to make it more inviting
                            and welcoming to visitors. The building is a mixture of
                            wooden panelling, window sills and plaster.
Resources Required         There is no budget for this projects. Volunteers would need
                            to source their own funds for the project materials.

Location             Thurmaston
Additional Notes      Each side of the building would accommodate one team of
                        10/11 volunteers i.e. the challenge could involve up to 4
                        teams at once.
                      Some parts of the building are high and may need scaffolding.

Community            Age Concern Lutterworth
Organisation         A small group providing a range of services for older people
                     including lunch clubs, practical help, and advice surgeries

The Challenge              To plan and deliver a high profile event to help raise the
                            profile of the group, fundraise, and raise interest in the local
                            community. The Challenge would involve working alongside
                            and ‘training’ the group clients so that they can use their
                            newly acquired skills in the future.
                           Ideas include an open air concert, sponsored events, quiz,
                            treasure hunt, and themed gathering

Resources Required         There is no budget for this project.

Location             Lutterworth
Additional Notes      Challenge could involve a team of 8 -25 volunteers depending
                        on type of event chosen


Community                 Stay and Play Drop In Centre
Organisation              This small local charity provides affordable crèche facilities to
                          families and carers of under 5s – a vital resource for local
                          mothers. It has soft play facilities and stimulating play activities
                          and operates on a drop in basis. The centre has recently
                          altered the building so that it can provide a café area for the
                     parents and children to socialise in.

The Challenge        Challenge
                     To paint a colourful mural on one of the café walls

Resources Required   Paint, brushes and ladders would be provided by the Centre

Location             Coalville, Leicestershire

Additional Notes     This would suit a small team of volunteers

Education Challenges

Community            Burton-on-the-Wolds School
Organisation         Burton-on-the-Wolds School has c. 115 children that attend from
                     the surrounding communities

The Challenge          To develop the entrance to the school to make more inviting
                        for pupils, parents, and visitors. This will include removing
                        existing fencing, digging and planting, trimming and wedding

Resources Required     There is no budget for this project. Volunteers would need to
                        source their own funds for the project materials.

Location             Burton-on-the-Wolds, Loughborough
Additional Notes       Photos available

B7 a – g

Community            Martinshaw County Primary School
The Challenge        Challenge a.
                       To tidy the pond area
                       To develop more secure fencing for area

                     Challenge b.
                       To develop an allotment area including developing pathways
                        and clear beds for planting (c. 3x10m)

                     Challenge c.
                     To create a safe play area in a wooded section of land including:
                        Trimming trees to safe level
                        Clearing overgrowth
                        Creating natural pathways between trees

                     Challenge d.
                        To develop grass areas surrounding playground into safe play
                         areas to encourage activity

                     Challenge e
                        To create safer play areas beneath two existing wooden
                         climbing frames by removing turf and replacing with bark

                     Challenge f

                        To develop large area of barren land next to Key Stage 1
                         playground into play area including grass

                     Challenge g
                        To develop enclosed overgrown wildlife area including
                         mending fencing, clearing overgrowth, and filling in former
                         pond area.

Resources Required     There is no budget for this project. Volunteers would need to
                        source their own funds for the project materials.

Location             Groby
Additional Notes       Challenge c and g may could accommodate a team of c. 15-20
                       The school is open to all creative suggestions for Challenges d
                        and f


Community            Brocks Hill Primary School
Organisation         The school would like support to ‘kick start’ a new wild flower
                     garden. The children would be involved with sowing seeds and
                     educational projects about the garden thereafter

The Challenge          To remove top soil from garden area (c. 4x8m) to 4” depth –
                        in order to allow flowers to flourish once planted

Resources Required     Spades, forks and wheelbarrows will be provided through the

Location             Oadby, Leicester
Additional Notes       The school would like the project to be complete ready for
                        Spring 2006 and planting of seeds
                       The challenge would require a team of c. 5-8 volunteers
                       Excess soil will be used to develop animal burrows, etc.
                       Photos available


Community            Queniborough Pre-School
Organisation         The Pre-School is based in a village hall and supports over 25
                     children aged 2-4yrs, four mornings each week.

The Challenge        To develop part of the outdoor area including:
                        Clearing overgrown weeds and nettles
                        Removing debris e.g. stones and slabs of tarmac
                        To put down bark/mulch to make safe play area
                        To extend patio area with additional slabbing (to allow for
                         more activities)
                        OPTIONAL: to paint storage shed
                        OPTIONAL: to develop flower beds for children to plant bulbs

Resources Required      There is no budget for this project. Volunteers would need to
                         source their own funds for the project materials including
                         tools and slabs.
Location             Queniborough
Additional Notes       The pre-school would like the project to be complete ready for
                        Summer 2006
                       The Challenge is not available on Mondays
                       Photos available

B14 a - e

Community            Countesthorpe Nursery School
Organisation         A nursery school for c. 50 children aged 3-5yrs old. The school
                     also provides before-after school activities for children up to 11yrs

The Challenge        Challenge c
                       To paint an ‘underwater’ mural onto a playground wall

                     Challenge e
                       To treat the new wooden play equipment in the playground

Resources Required     All materials and equipment will be provided by the school

Location             Countesthorpe, Leicester
Additional Notes       Challenges would need to take place during school holiday
                       Challenge c is a small area and could be completed alongside
                        Challenge a
                       The school children may help with designs and ideas for the
                       Photos available

B15 a - e

Community            Battling Brook Primary School
Organisation         Community primary school for c. 420 pupils (aged 4-11yrs) and
                     52 pre-school children (aged 3-4yrs).
The Challenge        Challenge e
                       To paint the wooden fencing around the nursery/U5s

Resources Required         For Challenge e, the school will provide paint
                           Team will need to source their own gardening/painting
                            equipment (e.g. brushes, spades, etc) for these Challenges

Location             Hinckley
Additional Notes      Photos available


Community                 Langmore Primary School

The Challenge             Challenge a)
                          Restore/revive the pond. Level the surrounding area, create a
                          design and plant or landscape as per the design.
                          Challenge b)
                          Level ground and erect a large shed. Dig and tidy the
                          surrounding area
                          Challenge c)
                          Create a outdoor reading and drama area and some seating
                          under some trees.

Resources Required         The school has some funds available for shed and wood.
                           Team would have to source spades and tools for the
                            challenge work

Location                   Oadby, Leicester

Additional Notes           Could be undertaken in term time or in the school holidays
                           Each challenge would involve 8 – 10 volunteers
                           Photos available on request

Local Environment Challenges

Community            BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)
The Challenge        Challenge a
                       Dry stone walling including clearance and stripping wall to
                          foundations, sorting stone and building the wall in courses

                      Challenge b
                       Developing nature area/park including developing footpaths,
                          hedge laying, planting, and grassland management

                      Challenge c
                       Heathland management including cutting back bracken and
                          scrub clearance

Resources Required     All materials and training provided by BTCV including gloves
                        (Volunteers may bring their own as gloves provided are large
                       Volunteers should wear steel toe capped boots if possible

Location             Challenge a: Markfield & Charnwood area
                     Challenge b: Ashby Magna
                     Challenge c: Charnwood
Additional Notes       Optional: a certificate for the dry-stone walling training is
                        available from BTCV at a charge

Community            Outwoods
Organisation         Outwoods is a very important scientific site covering over 100
                     acres of land. It breeds rare plants, and is home to special
                     species of birds and fossils.

The Challenge            Coppicing, felling and tidying up the nature area
                         Path laying
                         Fence making
                         Dry stone walling (Outwoods and Morley Quarry locations)

Resources Required     Volunteers are requested to wear appropriate gardening
                        clothes and sturdy shoes. All other equipment will be provided

Location             Between Loughborough & Woodhouse Eves
Additional Notes       Tree felling and coppicing needs to be carried out pre-March
                        or post-October
                       All work will be supervised


                         Melton and Oakham Waterway Society
Organisation          The society’s overall interest is the River Wreak. In particular, its
                      long term focus is to restore navigation to the Melton Waterway.
                      It is also concerned to tidy up banks and ensure riverside
                      walkways are accessible and attractive for local people to enjoy.
                      It is run entirely by volunteers and often works in partnership
                      with the local authority.

The Challenge         To restore a section of a riverside path near on the outskirts of
                      Melton Mowbray. The path is currently very muddy and
                      The challenge involves:
                          loading a boat/barge with sacks of gravel
                          transporting the barge across the river and unloading
                          laying the gravel on the pathway
                          shoring up the path structure I some places

Resources Required Materials for the path and barge will be provided by the society.
                   Some rakes and wheelbarrows would need to be sourced by the

                         Melton Mowbray

Additional Notes           A few of the Society’s own volunteers would work alongside
                            the challenge team
                          Photos available
                          Would suit a team of 15-20 volunteers
                          Some weather conditions could be a problem, but otherwise
                           available throughout the year

For more information about any of the
Team Challenges listed, please contact:

           Rosie Colls
Community Development Coordinator
      Leicestershire Cares
        42 Tower Street
            LE1 6WT

          (t) 0116 275 6469
         (m) 07843 350 124


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