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									Electronic Cigarette - The ION ICade Arcade Cabinet For
IPad Is What We're Going To Be Going Over In This Post

                        By Christopher Little -             http://www.alvinecigs.com

Maybe you are like us in that you feel it is pretty interesting when you consider electronic cigarette and
why you want to know more about it.

If you are comfortable with only knowing just a little bit about this, then that is fine but you can discover
a lot, actually, which will be to your advantage. Have you not ever just had the urge to follow-up with
something, and you did not have an immediate reason for it? So, here you are in your search to simply
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Our talk here will certainly not be comprehensive, but it will advance your knowledge base - that is for

I do not know about you, however when I was a kid one of my favorite memories was getting a roll of
quarters and going to the arcade that was in our nearby mall. My older brother was the one that always
took me to the mall to be able to play in the arcade and I think he had as much fun as I did back then.
Simply because someone had the brilliant idea that these games were very popular that they would
probably still be effective today, that now you can actually play these all over again. In this article we are
going to be looking at the ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad, which is just one of the choices you have
when playing the old-fashioned arcade style games.

For those of you who do not yet have an iPad, I ought to point out that this device will do you no good
since this is what this game works with. A thing that is rather unique relating to this product is the fact
that it actually looks like an arcade game, and all you do is use your iPad screen to be able to play the
games. In relation to using this product you're going to find that all you have to do is put your iPad
where the screen ought to be and the controllers will automatically connect wirelessly. The Atari
greatest hits app is something you're going to have to download to be able to use the games, you will
discover that the app is free and so is one game to go with it.

The cabinet itself is constructed of wood and you are going to discover that the iPad will fit at the
perfect angle in order for you to play the games. For individuals who remember the old arcade
controllers you're going to discover that this cabinet has them integrated at full size. Of course the best
thing relating to this entire system is that you're going to have the ability to play asteroids again just like
you used to.

If you want to hear what some of the other individuals had to say relating to this product you may want
to head on over to Amazon and have a look at some of the reviews which have been left. There have not
been a huge amount of reviews on this device but from the 14 customer reviews which are there, you're
going to discover that 10 of these men and women supplied this game with a four or five star rating.

If you happen to be wondering how much this item costs I ought to mention that it can be picked up on
Amazon right now for just $70.00. The retail price of this device is $129.99, which means just by
purchasing this from Amazon you are actually going to be getting this for 46% off the retail price.
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