Quick Reference Guide to the How & Why of Storage Solutions for Cars

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					        Quick Reference Guide to the How & Why of Storage Solutions for Cars

Most sane people appreciate a good car. They recognize its value in their life and do not treat it as just
another commodity that is to be discarded for the next best thing that’s being advertized as the flavor
of the season. While food, clothing and shelter form the basic need pyramid for humans, cars too are
not that far behind. Food for the car is the fuel that’s fed through its filler lines; the clothing is taken
care of by the trims that cover the seats and other parts of the interior. Shelter too plays an important
role in making it feel safe and secure, thereby extending the years of useful service that it would
provide to its owners.

At times, it so happens that we may have to go away for a short while, whether on professional or
personal duties and the car may go unattended during this time. Now, some people have this misplaced
notion that throwing on a blue tarp or brown canvas should serve as sufficient protection for their
wheels while they are away. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is not the case. Those meager
levels of protection are woefully insufficient to ward off those harmful elements.

Times like these call for some more secure measures, like those offered by professionally run storage
facilities. By all means, one could go beyond canvas and tarp ways and opt for a custom fitting vehicle-
cover that fits their prized set of wheels like the proverbial glove. Sure enough, such solutions do offer
a higher level of protection from the harsh rays of the sun and could prevent the paint from fading. But
it’d only hold well in the short run, for periods of under a week. Anything longer and that specialized
storage solution offering climate controlled facilities might look like a better bet.

Having negotiated for the best deal with one’s preferred Storage Company, one would be forgiven for
thinking that all that’s left is for them to drop off their prized possession with them. However, there
still are a few key preparatory steps that need to be followed:
Regular road use exposes a car to innumerable corrosive substances that if left standing, could end up
corroding the metal structure and other parts of the interiors. This is why, Contrary to popular beliefs,
a thorough detailing job, both, for the exteriors as well as the interiors are highly recommended, to
help ward off rust and decay. The drive train components together with the Heating, Ventilation and
Air Conditioning (HVAC) system are other parts subsystems that require particular attention when a
vehicle is in storage. An easy fix to avoiding those expensive post-storage repair bills is to ensure that
the vehicle is regularly powered up and if possible, driven round the facility.

Keeping these key basic points in mind should go a long way in making your storage experience a happy
one. It still remains though, that one’s vehicle is only as safe and secure, as the hands that stores
them. So, choose wisely!

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