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									                                                      Burnett Heads - Port Bundaberg - Mon Repos.
                          September 2007-Issue No-147
                                           Produced by Burnett Heads Progress & Sports Assn; Inc.
                                             Printed by Classic Design and Print, 2/16 Electra Street, Bundaberg.
                                    Web Site                    -

        Norfolk Pines planted at South Head Park Lands
National Tree Day In Schools was on July 27th. Which also was                   Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but returned to school
the day of the Combined Coastal School Sports at Woongarra                               in a less than lively state for the Coastal Sports.
Stat School. Not to be deterred by the timetable clash, the Burnett               It is
Heads State School and Burnett Shire Council were able to plan                  hoped
the day in a way that allowed students to participate in both                  that the
events. Reforestation of areas of Burnett Heads is high on the                trees will
                                                  agenda with the              survive
                                                  council and the                in the
                                                  Burnett Heads               park and
                                                  Progress ans                     the
                                                  Sports Assn; Inc;           students
                                                  Burnett Heads                 will be
                                                  Foreshore                    keeping
                                                  Committee and                 an eye
                                                  other community              on their
                                                  organizations.              Progress
                                                   It was agreed that
                                                  a group of Year 7           The younger students also were able to participate in planting for
                                                  students would              National Tree Day. Our newest students in the Prep/Grade 1 class
participate in a planting of larger Norfolk Pines at South Head               were joined by a number of Councilors from Burnett Shire, to plant
Park Lands. School students, Teacher Miss Goodsell and                        some natives in the school grounds. Although a little shy to start
supportive year 7 parents walked down to the park early in the                with the students soon took to the task and will have an
day. The planting proved to be quite demanding and included                   opportunity to watch these trees grow along side them in the
some digging of holes with Burnett Shire Council Parks and                    school grounds.
Gardens Staff also on hand.

        11am - 4pm
                                                                                     11am - 2pm.
                                                                              This year The Creche & Kindergarten Association in Queensland,
 Come along for a Great Day Out
                                                                              our umbrella organization, celebrates 100 years of providing a
                                                                              kindergarten experience for Queensland children. At Burnett
        for all the family
                                                                              Heads Kindergarten we intend to celebrate by having a kindy
         Plenty of Stalls
                                                                              reunion on September 15th from 11am to 2pm, as this year also
         Activities & Fun                                                     celebrates the 21st Birthday of our current Kindy, the building of
                    Amusement Rides                                           which was a massive Kindy and community originated project.
               supplied by Rides and Slides                                   All families who have had an association with the Kindy since its
                                                                              beginnings in 1970 are invited. There will be a roll call, time
 Stall Sites Available--$10 per site.                                         capsule and a commemorative gift as well as display’s of photo
                                                                              and activities through-out our centre’s life.
 Team Obstacle Course                                                          We particularly need help with information on the early years of
  Prize of $100 Up for grabs                                                  our kindy.
 Team Obstacle Course Co-ordinator G. Henderson Ph: 4159 4986                  Please contact the Kindy on 41594566 for further information or if
  For fete details contact T. Jackson Ph: 4159 5285                           you would like to participate in the event.

                                         SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS AND MENTION THEIR ADS                                                    PAGE 1
September 2007                                                                                                                                                                   147

Community and Business Directory                                                                                Deadline for Advertisements and Articles
                                EMERGENCY 000
Qld Ambulance (Bargara) Inquiries...........................................131233.                                in the October 2007 Newsletter
Police (Bargara).....................................................................41 591444                     9am - Monday 17th September 2007
SES (Garry Allen) ...............................................................0412797772
                                                                                                                Marge Kidd, Editor...  Phone -- 41594484
Marine Rescue Burnett Heads................................................41 594349
Burnett Heads Community Hall, Internet Facility and Library. --- 41 594278                                         Email --
Burnett Shire Council.............................................................41 505400                          The following rates for Advertising apply..
AH & Public Hols - water, sewerage & emergency...............41 505400                                               Business card - $14. -- 1/6th of a page - $21.
Animal and Nuisance Control Officer - B.S.Council...........0414227844
Accurate Aerials ---------- 0402316314                       Allwired Autoelectrix -- ..41 521300                      ¼ of a page - $26. -- 1/3rd of a page - $30.
Allotment, Acreage, Slashing & Mowing …............................................ 41541274                           Half Page - $50. --- Full Page - $87.
AMS Computer Services ...................................................................… 41542267
Aussie Pooch Mobile Hydrobath.......................................................0412 577 860
Blue Water Club .................................................................................... 41594355        2007 TURTLE FESTIVAL
Book Exchange and Souvenir T-Shirts................................................0414592984
Burnett Heads Bakery ----41 594111 Burnett Heads Hair Salon ----- 41 595006                                                  Melbourne Cup Week
Burnett Heads Boat Hire ------------------------------------------------------- 0414 721883
Burnett Heads Kindergarten ---41 594566 Burnett Heads Marina --- 41 594129                                       Join in the activities.
Burnett Heads NHW -----41 594430                        Burnett Heads Over 50's -- 41 556426
Burnett Heads Post Office ---- 41 594800 Burnett Heads Store ------41 594280
                                                                                                                    For further information.
Burnett Heads Takeaway ----- 41 594287 Burnett Heads Soccer ---- 41 592840
Burnett Heads State Primary School.------------------------------------------ 41 302333
Burnett Sea Eagles -- 0412797772 Bundaberg Carpets & Vinyls --..- 41 532896                                              Ph: 07-41592787
Bundaberg Port Riverside Markets.......................................................41 595066
Bundaberg Port Marina ---- 41 595066 Bundaberg Sailing Club.---- 41 594424
Churches--------------- --Burnett Heads Uniting Church ,Zunker St -- 41 594284
                                                                                                                 Burnett Heads Community Hall is available for hire.
                                         Church Service,. 8am Sunday..                                          Hall Booking and Keys..        Our Kitchen is well stocked with
St John's Anglican Church, Paul Mittelheuser St ------------------ --. 41 594107                                 Available at community hall   crockery, cutlery etc for catering.
                                         1st & 3rd Sunday of each month 7am                                       between 9am and 3pm.            PA System available........
Captains Chandlery, Port Bundaberg .................................................. 41594399
                                                                                                                      Monday to Friday...      Our Barbeque area is also great.
CLAG --- (Crafty Ladies Activity Group)--------------------------------------- 41 594546
                                                                                                                       Ph...41 594278          Why not consider your local hall
Coastline Reality, Burnett Heads ------------------------------------------------ 41 594400
Coral Coast Chamber of Commerce ------------------------------------------- 41 592575
                                                                                                                 Hall keys also available           for your next function.
                                                                                                                 at Burnett Heads Store.
Coral Coast Garden Club -------- 41 594941                            The Crab Trap... ...41 595691                    Further details Contact -         Terry or Karen.. 41594979.
Dans Garden Bags ------ 41532895                      Dean Elliott Electrical -----0438 439 931
Des Allen and Company Funeral Chapels ------------------------------------ 41 532424                                 ABN: 97 548 112 373
Donnas Seafood’s ------------------------------------------------------------------ 41 595595
Economy Garden Sheds -----------------------------------.41533755.......040 351 3335
Highland - Ferguson Lawyer’s -------------------------------------------------- 41 533100
Hodgson Plumbing ------------------------------------------ 41 595993 ----0424 716 189
King of Air ------------------ 41 542142
.Lighthouse Hotel Motel -- 41 594202                   Lighthouse Caravan Park -- 41 594313
                                                                                                                      TV Antenna Installation
Man on a Bike ... 0409 959893                   Metal as Anything -- Welder --- 0428798004                                     TV and Video Tuning
Moose’s Bistro , Blue water Club ------------------------------------------------41 595160
                                                                                                                 Digital Set Top Boxes supplied and installed
Oaks Caravan Village -------- 41 594353 Oaks Village Store ---------- 41 594644
Paul Baker -- Solid Plasterer ------------------------------------------------- .0408016984                                Extra TV and Phone Outlets
Port Welding Specialist ------------------------------------------------------------ 41 594500
P.C.S --Printer Cartridge Services ---------------------------------------------- 41 511878
Richardson and Wrench, Burnett Heads ------------------------------------- 41 595460
                                                                                                                    Providing the best pictures possible!
Social Tennis ------- 41 594313                    Stephen Lane Electrical -------- 41 596945
Trumby’s Mowing and Handyman Services ----------------------------------- 41594340
                                                                                                                                   Dip.Rad.Eng., Dip.Tech.Teach
TS Bundaberg Navy Cadets Unit ----------------------------------------------- 41 594352
                                                                                                                             Licensed Technician – 30 years’ experience
Wayne Newton- Plumber ------------------------------------------------------- 0418733694
Yacht Deliveries, World Wide -- --------------------------------------------------41 594651                     Ph- 4159 4518 Mobile- 0402 316 314
       DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the
PAGE 2     views of the progress association or the editor unless expressly quoted and authorised.
September 2007                                                                                           Issue Number 147

     NEXT GENERAL MEETING                                     Bundaberg Port Authority annual meeting of the
                         OF THE                                 Technical Advisory Consultative Committee
  BURNETT HEADS PROGRESS                                          Bundaberg Port Authority held its annual TACC meeting
                                                                (Technical Advisory Consultative Committee) on 2 August
  and SPORTS ASSN; INC.                                            with a good roll up of people from Port of Bundaberg,
                                                               Environmental Scientists John Kennedy and Paul Anderson,
  10th OCTOBER 2007 at 7.30pm .                                   Port of Brisbane Corporation, Environmental Protection
                                                                    Agency, Burnett Shire Council, Queensland Sugar,
    AT THE COMMUNITY HALL                                       Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), Burnett Mary
          ALL WELCOME.                                           Regional Group and Len Harper and myself representing
                                                                     Burnett Heads Progress and Sports Association.
 Burnett Heads Progress & Sports Association Inc.             Major agenda items included
        PO Box 9041, Burnett Heads, Qld;. 4670.                        * Changes in Port organisational structure and
                 - COMMITTEE -                                management (Adam Johnston BPA)
 President : Terry Kelly:------------Phone 41594979                    * Groundwater monitoring (Paul Anderson)
 Vice President : Len Harper:------------- 41594040
 Secretary/Treasurer : Karen Kelly:------ 41594979
                                                                       * Spoil ground seagrass and macroinvertebrate
                Committee Members:                                     monitoring (John Kennedy)
  Mike Green -- 41594177.. Gwen Brown --- 41594860                     * Community Consultation initiatives of BPA (Adam
      MWN Editor -- Marj Kidd:---------------- --41594484              Johnston)
             Progress Association Meetings                             * Future Environmental direction of Port of
                                                                       Bundaberg (Brad Kitchen, Port of Brisbane
             The Executive Committee
              holds Monthly Meetings.
                                                                       * Stakeholder Issues
   If any residents have a matter they wish                   In response to a question from Burnett Heads Progress and
    discussed, please contact one of the
           committee members.                                 Sports Assn, Brad Kitchen expanded on his wide ranging
      General meetings are called                             presentation and assured the community that Port of
    throughout the year for special                           Brisbane Corp owns four large marinas around Brisbane and
         topics of discussion.                                has a well established community participation principal
                                                              required of its management team.
 Your dog clean, flea free                                    I would encourage residents to view Port of Brisbane, Port
                                                              Central and Northside Hamilton on the internet.
 and smelling great... Or it’s FREE!                          There is absolutely no doubt that Port of Brisbane has the
                                                              corporate capacity and the legislated authority to achieve
                                                              great outcomes for the Port and Burnett Heads and sooner
                                                              rather than later.
                                                              At this stage I am reasonably confident that the existing
                                                              community will become part of the evolution of Burnett
                                                              Heads and will be the better for it. Time will tell!!
      Warm Wash,                                  Ear and
      Blow Dry                                    Eye Clean

       Nail Clip                                Deodorise

      Dog Treats                                  Brush
                                                              The afternoon was given to a tour of the dredge “Brisbane”
                                                              (pictured) as it worked the shipping channel off Burnett
               “We Care”                                      Heads. “Mind Boggling” is the only description that comes to
                                                              me!! “Brisbane” spent 2 days maintenance dredging on the
       MOBILE HYDROBATH                                       channel before heading to Gove for a major six week
                                                              operation. “Brisbane” is the largest Australian owned sea
   Now servicing your area                                    going dredge currently in service.
                                                              Terry Kelly,
   PH: ANDREW 0421 577 860
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September 2007                                                                                                         Issue Number 147

 Save Our Swimming/Beach Area Group Submission.
Thank you to all who supported the Public Submission to the
Bundaberg Port Authority regarding their proposed plans to fill in
the Swimming Area and Beach adjacent to Jan McDonald Park
and creek at the old boat ramp for future Non Strategic Port Land.
The submission was delivered personally to the Bundaberg Port
Authority Administration Centre at Port Bundaberg on Friday 20 th
July. Thank you also to those who responded to the article relating
to this proposal in the July 2007 newsletter, and submitted
personal objections of the filling in of the area to the Port Authority.    The Brisbane Port Authority assume control of the Bundaberg Port
I have been informed that all the submissions relating to various           Authority on October the 1st 2007.
issues of the Bundaberg Port Authority Land Use Plan have been              The Burnett Heads Progress and Sports Association will be
passed on to the Brisbane Port Authority for consideration.                 holding a General Meeting on the evening of Wednesday 10th
                                                                            October 2007 at the Community Hall, all local residents are
                                                                            welcome to attend.
                                                                             Marj Kidd, for the Save Our Swimming/Beach Area Group.

                                                                                         POSITION VACANT
                                                                             The Burnett Heads Kindy urgently requires a
                                                                             cleaner for one hour per day after each Kindy
                 Ph: 0409 959 893                                              session (3 days per week). Please ring the
                                                                                kindy if you are interested on 41594566.
                                                                                  Experience and references preferred.
                                                                                  Would suit semi retired or pensioner.
    Local Burnett Heads Resident
                                                                                HODGSON PLUMBING
                                                                                   Lic.Plumber,Drainer,& Gas Fitter.
                                                                             BSA Lic No 1074115.     Maintenance & repairs.
                                                                                                   Hot & cold water repairs
                                                                                                      and installations.
                                                                                                     Drain clearing.
                                                                                                     Burnett Heads resident.
                                                                                                   Phone Len -- 41595993 - 0424 716 189
                                                                                                       Phone -- 41 594287
                                                                                                          OPEN 7 Days
         Come in and say HI to Sean and Leslee
                                                                              Fish & Chips
                           Hamburgers                                                                    Pizzas

                                Home                              Drinks,    Lasagne & Quiche
                              deliveries                            Milk   and much, much more.
                               $3.00                                 &
                                  Loaves of Bread $2.20         Ice Cream’s
      Opening Hours--     Monday 5pm - 7pm (except public holidays)
           Tuesday ,Wednesday and Thursday -- 10am - 7.00 pm
       Friday - 10am - 8pm Saturday - 8.30am - 8pm Sunday - 8.30am - 7.30pm
     DVD’s NOW AVAILABLE -- $5 OVERNIGHT Plenty to choose from -- New releases - Old Favourites - Children’s

September 2007                                                                               Issue Number 147

                  LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL MOTEL
                 66 ZUNKER STREET, BURNETT HEADS.
                 PH. 41 594202 FAX: 41 594675 email:

                 TAB              EIGHT MOTEL ROOMS                                KENO

             BISTRO OPEN 7 DAYS
                                New Chefs- Aaron and Lynne.
     LUNCH 12.00 - 2.00                                             DINNER 6.00 - 8.00
      Wednesdays                                                     Friday & Saturday Nights
    Buffet Lunch $10.00                                             All you can eat BUFFET - $10
    Includes Dessert and Drink                                         or Order from the Menu Board
    Why not come down ’and check out the GREAT RANGE from our Menu Board!!

                           LIGHTHOUSE GAMING ROOM
                              14 GAMING MACHINES
                     JETSETTER LINK -------- $5,470.00
                                    and climbing (correct at time of printing)

                         HAPPY HOURS THURSDAY
                       10.00am - Noon & 4.00 - 6.00pm.

 The Lighthouse Hotel -- A Member of -the Bottle-O-Group
     Look for our brochure every fortnight
               in your letterbox.
    Everyday Drive Thru
   Specials for September

    Clean Skins                 Sunny Vale                  Powers Gold                Black
       from                       Wine                        30 Pack
    $4.99 each                                                   2
                                    2                                                 6 Packs
     or ½ Doz                                                   for
                                   for                                                $14.00
   @ $4.50 each                   $15.00                      $56.00

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September 2007                                                                                                   Issue Number 147

   Burnett Heads Hall
                                                                      Burnett Heads Internet Facility.
 Open: MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9am-3pm                                          Burnett Heads Community Hall ---
Come down                                                               Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm. -- Manned by local volunteers.
to the Hall                                                                       $2.00 Per hour
and check
out our new                                                           Minimum
look Library
some great
                                                                      Print Outs
novels.                                                               15 c per copy
All our books
have been
donated by residents. Membership is free, just come along fill in a   41594278
borrower’s card and your on your way. Phone:- 4159 4278

                                                                       Des Allen & Co Funerals
   Do you need help with transport?                                                                     Bundaberg.
 St John Ambulance Transport Access Project offers frail                  Incorporating
 aged people with a disability, transport to medical
  appointments, shopping, outings etc.
                                                                       Springfield Gardens
 From more information                                                  Crematorium
  Contact:- 4151 1824 during business hours.

Most Wanted News
is now in colour                                                        Ph: 4153 2424
 on our Web Site
    Check it out!                                                        Des Allen and Bevan Rehbein.
                                                                         24 HOUR SERVICE
                                                                         22 Toonburra Street, BUNDABERG.

                                              RICHARDSON AND WRENCH REAL ESTATE NOW AT
                                              SHOP 2/31 ZUNKER STREET BURNETT HEADS.
  THE TEAM THAT WORKS FOR YOU. Ph Sue:- 4159 5460/ Mobile: 0427 008 350
  MAMMOTH MULTI AUCTION:- In rooms, Bargara Golf Club, 1st September @10am.
    20 Lots to be sold now or at Auction, including 13 prime Burnett Heads Allotments.
    Lots 78-86 Byron Street. #23 Nielson Avenue. # 56 Rickerts Road.
    # 30 Harbour Esplanade. #4 Hicks Street. And many more in Bargara.
   Call our team now for your obligation YOU LIST AND LET US DO THE REST.
          free property appraisal.
                        Richardson and Wrench specialists in :                      Vacant Land from:- $95,000.00
                       Coastal Real Estate Sales and Marketing.                       Houses from:- $292,00.00
                            Local Holiday Accommodation.                          Properties Sold:- 15 Corser Street,
                                                                                4 Dickenson Street, 80 Sea Park Road.

September 2007                                                                                  Issue Number 147

   CUTS-! COLORS-!                                      FOILS-!              CURLS-!
                   MENS & BOYS
                      CUTS -
                  LATEST STYLES.

                                 COLORS OR FOILS & STREAKS              SOFT CURLS
                ECIAL                ARE THE FRESH LOOK                ARE IN FASHION
         BER SP                     OF SPRING & .SUMMER
   SEPTEM IERCING                                                           NOW!
      EAR P 0                  DON’T WAIT! BOOK NOW FOR YOUR NEW LOOK

                                                                                     Burnett Heads
  Burnett Heads Hair Salon                                                         Shopping Complex.
      COASTLINE REALTY                                  Label
            No. 1 Selling Agent Since 1995

                Coastline Realty Pty Ltd
             33 Zunker Street, Burnett Heads
                  (opposite the Hotel)                                         •   Various Styles
                                                        Sun...Sand….Surf       •   Bikinis & Full Piece
                                                                               •   Fabulous Colours
                                                                               •   Great Designs
                                                                               •   Carvico—Italian Fabric

            PHONE (07) 4159 4400                                                          This year.
              Our Sales Staff                            Style-Armai   Direct To You No Middle Man
       LEN HARPER mobile: 0407 765 618                   $69.95        Arrange for Private Viewing
                      ah. 4159 4040
       CATE GREEN mobile: 0438 584 177                  Contact Gloria ... 0438 868 505 Mobile
                              ah. 4159 4177                       4159 4626 Home
   PETER COLCLOUGH mobile: 0428 444 592                   Swimwear on Display & For Sale
                       ah. 4159 2292                      At Burnett Heads Hair Salon
        Invite listings and sales inquiries and
        guarantee honest and ethical service.              Burnett Heads Bakery
    Please call and discuss your real estate needs.        Burnett Heads Shopping Complex
                                                           Zunker Street, Burnett Heads.
        CHECK OUR WINDOW DISPLAY                                                    Ph = 41594111
           OR VIEW THE WEB SITE                                          Burnett Heads Progress Association Inc.
                                     & Neighbourhood Watch thank you for
              ‘The Quiet Achievers’                                     providing supper for our various meetings.

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September 2007                                                                                                       Issue Number147

                                                                         Burnett Heads PLAYGROUP
                                                                           Invite all young mothers
                                                                                and fathers of
                                                                          Burnett Heads to a FREE
                                                                         Meet and Greet Morning Tea
                                                                          The Burnett Heads Hall Wednesday
                                                                               12th September at 9.30AM.
  Educating the children of Burnett Heads and Surrounding Communities.
                                                                            This will be a great opportunity to see what
                                                                            our local Playgroup has on offer and what
       Kindy Kids Water Conservation project                                we can all do to make it even better.
Our Kindy Kids Water Conservation project made possible with an
                                                                          For more information telephone Belinda - 4159 5442.
Australian Government Community Water Grant has been
completed. We were given $9,332.00 with which we installed a
14,500 litre tank, an automated water wise irrigation system,                          A fund-raiser will be held on
designed and planted a native garden and taught children about                                             st
smart water saving practices. Many thanks to Kelly’s Nursery for                   Sunday October 21 at the C.L.A.G.
donating some native plants and to all those who volunteered their          (Crafty Ladies Activity Group) Hoy & Cent Sale
time and helped with this worthwhile community Kindy project.
Some of our Kindy children pictured below with Paul Neville at the                 All profit from this day will be donated
official opening of the Water Tank                                                    to the Burnett Heads Playgroup.

                                                                             Play Group                       All ages are welcome.
                                                                         When: Every Wednesday morning 9am to Noon.
                                                                         WHERE: Burnett Heads Community Hall,
                                                                         at the rear section.
                                                                         Contact Belinda on 4159 5442 for more details
                                                                         or email:

                                                                           BURNETT HEADS POST OFFICE
                                                                                      & NEWSAGENCY.
                                                                                                         PHONE 41594800

This month we welcome the return of the warmer weather. Thank
you to the families who helped at our working bee to prepare for
the new spring growth. Our yard is beautiful at the moment and
the children are really enjoying playing in it.

This term we bought a new
lightbox for the children to                                                 BILL PAY - BANKING - POSTAGE
experience experimenting
with light, shade and colour                                                        PHONE CARDS -
mixing which Toby is doing in                                                  PRE PAID INTERNET HOURS
the photo. We were so lucky
to be able to buy this new                                                     PAPERS - MAGAZINES - FAXING
piece of equipment with our                                                          PHOTOCOPYING
fundraising. Keep your eyes                                                      STATIONERY - WILL KITS
peeled for our chocolate
sellers this month as we
                                                                          GIFTS - CARDS - WRAPPING PAPER
plunge into our chocolate
fundraiser. Please support                                                          MI LK - DRINKS
your local not for profit kindy
where the children benefit                                                       ALL AT THE ONE STOP
from all funds raised.                                                      39 ZUNKER STREET, BURNETT HEADS

September 2007                                                                                                                             Issue Number 147

                          Community Pink Breakfast                                                                        Saturday 13th October.
                                Burnett Heads Community are invited to
                              help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research
                                by coming to our Pink Ribbon breakfast
                             At the Burnett Heads Shopping Centre, Zunker St!

 Thank You Bob Ruddock.                                                                         There will be pink lamingtons donated by
Bob has been busy during the past month
re-painting the upstairs section of our
                                                                                                Bargara Bakery, and you are welcome
community hall. Bob spends many hours                                                          to bring a plate of pink goodies to share.
voluntarily during each year maintaining
the hall and gardens. We are so very
                                                                                                     Donations over $2 are tax
lucky to have someone like Bob, as we all                                                           deductible and receipted.
know buildings and grounds always                                                         Come along and support Breast Cancer Research
require maintenance, as the hall is the property of the Progress                             Contact Tracie Regan a/hrs Ph:-4159 4603
Assn; Bobs interest helps out so much and is very much
appreciated..                                                                               for more information on how you can help.
Thank you also to the CLAG Ladies who supplied the paint for                             --------------------------------
this project.                                                                                Welcome to the new operators of Donna’s Seafood’s,
Thank you also to the many other volunteers who are involved in                              Tony & Anastasia, Malcolm & Lisa, and their assistants,
many ways within the various clubs, organisations and services                               Teonnie & Donna G.,the smiling faces behind Donna’s Seafood’s.
within our community, you make a difference, although at times                               We wish them all the best.
un-noticed, every bit counts. Good on you all. Marj Kidd.
                                                                                             To Donna and Wayne, a sincere thank you for all your
                                                                                             support to the community during your years of operating Donna’s
                                                                                             Seafood’s and we wish you both all the best of enjoyment
 4 Wheel Drive Tractors.              Ron Mathews                                             for your future ventures.

   5ft-6ft Out-front                Ph:- 4154 1274
        Mowers.       Mobile:- 0405 500 415
  Spraying. Whipper snippering.
              Crane Truck.                                                                                                             Ph: 07 4159 5595
                                                                                                                                       Fax: 07 4159 4891
            Machinery Trailer                                                                          Shop 4 -- Moffat Street, Bundaberg Port Marina.
            Local area operator. ABN 16 343 230 695
                                                                                                    Direct from trawler to you!

                                                                                                                                The freshest selection of:-
                                                                                                                                  Prawns, Crabs, Bugs,
                                                                                                                                   Scallops, Oysters,
                                                                                                                                      Fish, Calamari,
                                                                                                      Plus a large selection
                                                                                                       of Frozen Seafood.
                                                                                                    NOW AVAILABLE -- Hot Food’s --
                                                                                                         Fish and chips etc.
                                                                                                                               Open 7 days ---
                                                                                                           Marina Drive

                                                                                                                                  Mon. to Sat.
                                                                                                                                 9am - 4.00pm
                                                                                                                                   Sunday -
                                                                                                                                9.30 am - 3pm

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September 2007                                                                                                       Issue Number 147

                   BURNETT HEADS OVER 50’S SOCIAL CLUB.               This year in Seniors Week the Burnett Heads Over 50's Social
                                                                      Club are having a lunch at the Lighthouse Hotel followed by an
                     The Members of the Burnett Heads Over 50's       open day commencing at 1.15 p.m. on Wednesday August 22
                     Social Club were pleased to welcome the          with free entry to the social afternoon indoor bowls, cards and
                     warmer weather after the cold weather at the     mahjongg.
beginning of July which resulted in many suffering from the flu       We would welcome anyone who would like to come along to our
which was very prevalent. Unfortunately our hard-working              Wednesday afternoon socials and our monthly Hoy and Cent
President Ken and wife Wendy were two of the ones who were on          Sales which are held on the first Saturday of each month. The
the sick list.                                                        next one is on Saturday September 1 starting at 1.30 p.m. with
The Club really appreciated all the work Ken did as the driver of     afternoon tea at 2.30 p.m. There are always great raffle and cent
the bus on the overnight trip to Rockhampton in late July. The trip   sale prizes and every hoy winner gets a prize as well as several
was a huge success with the Members who enjoyed both the              prizes for a 'Three card snap' which are the first three cards called
show at the Pilbeam Theatre and the cruise of the Gladstone           in a hoy game.
Harbour on the following day, pictured are some of the members        Highest bows scores for July were -
ready for the trip..                                                  04-07-07 Ken Small/Mervene MacGrath 142
                                                                      11-07-07 Charlie Demarco 144
                                                                      18-07-07 Von Sands 151 -- 25-07-07 No bowls this day

                                                                       Over 50’s Hoy and Cent Sale
                                                                         Saturday 1st September 2007
                                                                             At Burnett Heads Hall.
                                                                            Commencing at 1.30pm
                                                                       Afternoon tea is served at 2.30pm. A prize for every Hoy winner …
                                                                      Excellent raffle and cent sale prizes to be won, including
                                                                      fruit trays and jackpots , come along and join us.

                                                                         BOOK EXCHANGE
                                                                        And SOUVENIR T-SHIRTS
The commentary on the cruise was most interesting and                                        Mon-Fri.8:00am -4:00pm
informative as we wound our way along beside the terminals
where the big ships were loading, and around the many islands in                            Sat,Sun-10:00am - 3:00pm
the harbour. We then enjoyed a barbeque lunch in one of the
lovely parks along the marina before heading back to Bundaberg
                                                                        Burnett Heads Shopping Centre, Zunker Street.
and Burnett Heads.                                                    (OPPOSITE THE LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL)   Phone - 0414592984

   Economy Garden Sheds                                                          Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
                                                                                      Saturday 8am to Noon
          61 - 63 Princess St. East Bundaberg.                                          Display area open 7 days 8am to 6pm
  * KITS ARE IN EASY TO                                                                     WE ALSO MANUFACTURE
  ASSEMBLE PANEL FORM .                                                                     IN OUR WORKSHOP:--
 * STOCK SIZES OR MADE                                                                  * SHADE HOUSES * PUMP SHEDS
  TO YOUR SIZE AND REQUIREMENTS.                                                      * DOG KENNELS * GUINEA PIG CAGES
                                                                                   * AVIARIES ( good for chooks and cats too.)
                                                                                                                Ph: 41 533 755
  Whatever your requirements are, we are happy to help, Give us a call:-
                                                                                                                Fax: 4153 6125
             WE CAN DELIVER IN LOCAL AND SURROUNDING AREAS                                                Mobile: 040 351 3335
September 2007                                                                                                         Issue Number 147

 CRAFTY LADIES ACTIVITY GROUP     C.L.A.G                              The delicious meal was prepared by Shane Brady, the son of our
                                                                      lovely craft lady, Jenny Brady, Shane is a chef at the Italian
                                                                      Restaurant, Viva Italia and he was assisted by our friendly Nicole
   We welcome ladies of all ages to join our group..                  Moyle.
       We have a MAJOR FUNDRAISER in OCTOBER:-------
    please mark the date in your diary and on your calendars.
     CLAG are holding a Hoy & Cent Sale to fundraise for the
starting at 1.15pm. Excellent prizes, raffles, homemade afternoon
  tea, and a continuous jackpot. All profits from this Hoy & Cent
       Sale will be donated to the Burnett Heads Playgroup.
        Please come along and support this worthy cause.
              Everyone is welcome for a fun afternoon.

Oh what fun we had celebrating CHRISTMAS IN JULY.
The hall looked terrific all decorated with balloons, animals and
clowns galore, some our of Ladies came to the fore dressing up
to suit the occasion (pictured below).There were jokes, skits,
dancing with Flapper Girls and Santa's Helpers, and we even had
a visit from Rolf Harris, the man himself, and his poor old father,
                                                                      This month we have delivered another supply of crib rugs to the
who had a devil of a time keeping his pants from falling down.
                                                                      maternity ward and lovely warm knitted 'hug me tights' for the
As this is a pre-cursor for our annual Seniors Christmas
                                                                      Renal Unit as well as a box of goodies to use for their bingo
Luncheon, I cannot wait to see what the ladies come up with next.
                                                                      prizes. Tricare have received more knee-rugs, these have proved
                                                                      very popular amongst the residents, we have also put together a
                                                                      hamper and craft basket for the Gracie Dixon Centre Cent sale.

                                                                      Plant swapping day went extremely well with all who participated
                                                                      happy with their exchanges, we will have to continue to do this on
                                                                      a more regular basis.
                                                                      Craft this month has been on the backburner a little, as many of
                                                                      our ladies were busy preparing for the Christmas in July festivities;
                                                                      we have however been making beautiful flowers from crochet
                                                                      rings and handkerchiefs, also paper butterflies and flowers, to use
                                                                      as decorations for the upcoming Spring Fashion Parade.

                                                                      We have been very pleased with the success of our monthly Hoy
                                                                      & Cent Sales, with a good following from our community, we do
                                                                      our best to give you a very enjoyable afternoon, and we have a
                                                                      terrific Craft table every month, loaded with beautiful hand made
          C.LA.G                  HOY and CENT SALE                   items. So come along and have some fun, we do.

      Sunday 16th September 2007.                                     Our next Hoy & Cent Sale is Sunday 16th September, all are
              Community Hall, Zunker Street, Burnett Heads.           welcome, great prizes, continuous jackpot game, yummy
                  Starting 1.30 PM                                    homemade afternoon tea and craft stall.

         Excellent prizes.                                            Sue.
           Home made afternoon tea.
        So come and have a fun afternoon.
    For further information :-Phone Kay 41594546

  Ladies --dancing is an enjoyable,
   social activity & great exercise.
  Come along and have some fun
-- Burnett Heads Community Hall,
       Zunker Street     Price
 Tuesdays at 9.30am. : $3.00.
Come along and join in the fun
 For further information contact
         Julie- 41594589

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September 2007                                                                                                      Issue Number 147

 Bundaberg Sailing Club, Strathdees Road, Port Bundaberg.
The winter season has been raced and the winners have surfaced       The club ran a sailing coaching weekend last weekend which was
and a lot of fun was had by all competitors. A big thank you must    very well attended and a lot of knowledge was imparted from our
go to the people behind the scenes who make sure the beer and        imported coach, Lachlan Gilbert. Members of the Bundaberg
other drinks are cold and in stock, the food is hot and available,   Sailing Club as well as members of the Bundaberg Cruising Yacht
the clubhouse is presentable and all the winter maintenance          Club - hi guys - and some members from Yepoon Sailing Club
programme is attended to. This year we have had a great number       attended and learnt new rigging techniques as well as racing
of people turn out to help the stalwarts who are always there.       strategies and tactics as well as trimming the sails whilst
Amongst the new faces are Mick, John, Liz, George, Dave and          underway.
Dermot. Thank you to you all for your invaluable help...             Pictured at the recent sailing coaching weekend at the Bundaberg
To the 'regulars' a big 'thank                                                                             Sailing Club are from left to
you'. I know we know you                                                                                   right,Lachlan Gilbert (coach),
and you know you but for                                                                                   Brian Bedford (club member),
those who think we have                                                                                    Greg Whalley (club member
magic wands or don't know                                                                                  and organiser), Phil Baker
you...Reg, Paul, Clem,                                                                                     (BSC Commodore)
Byron, Ken, - Thanks                                                                                       ,discussing the finer points of
Guys...                                                                                                    sailing. Photo, courtesy of our
The clubhouse facilities are                                                                               member, Peter Arney.
a tad messy at the moment                                                                                  Thank you Lachlan for your
all due to our 'plumber' but                                                                               input and the way you handled
also due to a good cause                                                                                   the inexperienced and
as the new building ground                                                                                 sometimes basic questions.
works are nearly completed                                                                                 We are grateful for your
then the new facility can be                                                                               efforts... last!                                                                                           Continued page 13.....

                                     "Every Captain's Marine Store”
                                  Shop 2, Marina Drive, Bundaberg Port Marina Bevan Thomas
                                                     Qld; Australia. 4670                              Mobile:- 0421 171 855

  Phone:- 07 4159 4399 Fax:- 07 4159 4911 Email:-
                    Open -- Monday to Saturday 8am -- 5pm.
                 Fishing Equipment                                                                         Dive Gear
                       Rope -- Flares                                                              Marine Clothing
                  Marine paints and Hardware
                                                    Lighting , Plumbing , Electrical
                        Stainless Steel Bolts & Screws
                        Great Range of Brass and Timber (Marine Style) Gift Lines
                    Come down to the Marina and check out our great range of supples.

September 2007                                                                                                      Issue Number 147

Bundaberg Sailing Club continued...... The club AGM was held        Members of the general public are also invited to come to the
on Saturday 25th August immediately followed by a club general      Open Day and see some club activities and our facilities and
meeting and a sausage sizzle lunch.
                                                                    perhaps even go for a sail.
Our Summer Season starts on Saturday 1st September with the
blessing of the fleet and Commodores Cup race. Your new             So without further ado the new season is nearly here and some
committee encourages all members to attend this more social         extra events are being planned such as the 'Bargara Bash'
event as it also includes the only club open day in our calendar.   rematch which is being organised by the BCYC for the 30th
Invite your friends and make the occasion as friendly and as well   September. Looking forward to that one. Also the Midnight Run
attended as you can.                                                will be resurrected after a run of bad weather cancellations. That
                                                                    will be in 2008. Watch this space.
                                                                    Looking forward to seeing some new faces and reuniting with old
                                                                    Fair winds,
            HIGHLAND --                                             Philby, Commodore.
                                                                    Bundaberg Community Development Inc. Offer
                 FERGUSON                                            as part of Adult Learning Week 24 free training
                                                                    sessions which will be available to the community
                               LAWYERS                              during September 2007. These will be available during
                                                                    the month and will give people a chance to try out a range of
                                                                    training experiences. Some of which are:-
        3 Branyan Street, Bundaberg                                  First Aid Workshop for Parents -Telling your Story
                                                                     ‘Happy to be Me’ workshop - Making a Leadlight
          P.O. BOX 1142 Bundaberg, 4670.                             Sun-catcher - Computer Card Making Class -
                                                                    Mouse and Keyboard Fundamentals - Computer and Internet
                                                                    Literacy - Multicultural Cooking Demonstrations -
                                                                    Getting the best from your Job Network Provider.
                                                                         To participate and register contact Bundaberg Community
    Fax: 4153 3012               Phone: 4153 3100                     Development, School of Arts Building, Bourbong St; Bundaberg.
                                                                                               Ph:- 4153 3066

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September 2007                                                                                                   Issue Number 147

                 Coral Coast Garden Club Inc.                   Spring is officially here, and spring brings enormous activity to the
                                                                garden. The gardens burst into flower and the dormant plants
                      ‘Thoughts from the Nook’                  start putting their new growth on for the warmer months. Winter is
                                                                now officially over and it is easy to be tricked into planting all sorts
                   Our Annual Meeting was held on Monday 13th
                                                                of things that are really not ready to plant outside, as the nights
                   August at the Burnett Heads Community Hall   can still be cold.
followed by a delicious lunch supplied by our members.
Our Executive Committee elected for 2007-08 are as follows:-    Petunia, I find to be one of the annuals that can be grown all year.
 President - Pat Francey, Vice-President - Audrey Seymore       Petunia means tobacco in a South American Indian dialect; and
Secretary - Joan Smart, Treasurer - Gwen Brown.                 petunias are indeed a relative of the tobacco (Nicotine).
Management Committee...Jean Gray, Keith Brown, Elaine Briggs,   Petunia can be grown successfully in pots and hanging
Ray Seymore and Marion Dempsey.                                 baskets and they look great as they cascade down
                                                                over the sides. Once established, they need little
   Pictured below:- Joan Smart, Pat Francey, Audrey Seymore     attention apart from occasional watering if the soil
                        & Gwen Brown.                           becomes dry. Give weak liquid fertilizer when buds
                                                                appear. After the first flush of flowers, plants can be cut back and
                                                                given a liquid feed for second flowering in late summer or early
                                                                We had a great day at Cherie's place in July. Our September
                                                                meeting will be held at Ray and Audrey Seymore's home, 25
                                                                Shelly St., Burnett Heads. New members are welcome to come
                                                                along. Enquiries on 4159 4941.
                                                                Happy Gardening, Pat Francey, President
                                                                Thank you to the Garden Club for a lovely morning, being invited
                                                                to their AGM I was very impressed with the friendliness, delicious
                                                                lunch provided by members and the obvious co-operation
                                                                between the members. If you are looking for something to enjoy
                                                                why not consider joining this club which offers lots of social
                                                                interaction as well as their interest in gardening, you cant go
                                                                wrong. Marj Kidd.

                                     COMPUTER SERVICES.
                               Leads the way where others follow!

     MOBILE COMPUTER REPAIRS                                                      If it’s broke we fix it
  *Computer slowing down                                                 *Require fast internet
  *Need protection from viruses                                          *Network Solutions
  *Computer crashing or freezing                                         *Repairs and upgrades
  *Want wireless broad band installation                                 *Internet and email problems

                                                                                     PH - 4154 2267
      Shop 2/1 Kensington Street (near TAFE)                                 MOBILE 0429 657 343
September 2007                                                                                                      Issue Number 147

Burnett Heads State School Memorial Garden.                            Blue Water Sports Club Fishing Team
The P&C & members of the Coral Coast Gardening Club                  The Boating and Fisheries information seminar,
had a detailed conversation about the establishment of               sponsored by DJ's Fishing and Camping, was well
a Memorial Garden at the school, and also about the                  attended. All the new regulations and laws were
future of a frog pond area.                                          explained with lots of question and answer time.
Following the conversation, hardworking P&C members spent a           A very well presented seminar.
Saturday doing some seriously heavy work as they cleared the
frog pond area of cemented rock and dug over the area to be
used as the Memorial Garden.
It is hoped that with the assistance of the Gardening Club's
expertise, the Memorial garden will be complete for the
November 11 Armistice Day observance.
  ------- -- -------
-Rural Fire Brigade-Annual-General Meeting.
             Sunday 16th September 9am.
         Burnett Heads Rural Fire Brigade
            Welcomes all those interested in volunteering.           A great day was had by all those who attended the comp on Aug
                                                                     4th.The winner for the day was, of course, Mick Thompson who is
      Training sessions are held the first Monday of every month     making a bit of a habit of going out for just 2 hours and bringing
                      from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm .                      home more fish than anyone else. This time he had a nice bag of
    and the third Sunday of every month from 9:00 am to 11:00 am     3 Whiting and 3 Bream with a total point score of 57, the biggest
                                                                     Bream going .9 of a kilo. Great fish Mick! The fishing team will
                  BURNETT HEADS                                      meet on Friday 31st August at 6:30 pm at the Blue Water Club with
              STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE                                the comp day being held on Saturday 1st September, weigh-in at
                   Support your local SES.                           3.00pm. Hope to see you all there.
     Meetings are held at the Headquarters, Brewer Street
     the 2nd & 4th Monday evening of the month at 7pm.               Until then, tight lines…
              Contact:- Gary Allen, 0412797772                       Ray Smith, Team Captain

      You wil find our friendly MARINA           OPEN              7 DAYS                                    Phone: 07-41594129
      just inside the Burnett Heads Boat Harbour.                                                             Fax: 07-41594661
                                                                                                                  VHF 81
                                                                                                                ABN: 58103822500
                                                                    PO BOX 9077
                                                                    Burnett Heads
                                                                                  Also incorporating ---
          * Boat Building * Marina Berths

                                                                              BUNDABERG MARINE BROKERS
   * Slipway to 50 Tonne             * Marine & General Engineering Repairs
            * Hard-stand to 18 Tonne * Chandlery Shop including Stainless Steel Fittings
  * Fibreglass Materials
                                                      * Your One Stop Shop for Unleaded Petrol & Diesel Fuel & LP Gas
  * Marine Paints
                                              * PLUS LOTS OF OTHER GEAR                                                      * FISHING

                                                                                                                              * BAIT


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September 2007                                                                                                       Issue Number 147

 COMMUNITY BANK UPDATE                                                .Photo:- "Coral Coast Community Banking reaches out to
Burnett Heads received a direct view of the push to gain Coral        Burnett Heads with Steering Committee Members (L to R) Jim
Coast Community Banking on the Saturday (4 Aug.) before last.         Lewis, Noel Bowman and Terry Kelly presenting the proposed
On that day the community minded, and all volunteer Steering          banks huge advantages to a local resident.”
Committee Members, including Burnett Heads residents Terry
and Karen Kelly, set up an information distribution centre within
the Burnett Heads shopping precinct. Working from this base they
moved forward to distribute pledge forms, brochures, etc while at
the same time explaining to interested parties the huge
advantages community banking brings.
Spokesman for the Steering Committee group, Noel Bowman
said "these information points properly set up with appropriate
visual signage and abundant brochures gives us an opportunity to
meet and engage with the very people community banking
advantages". He went on to note that "community banking
carried out under the much respected Bendigo Bank franchising
arrangement, means that when in place our Coral Coast will have
gained a full service bank fully owned by its own local investors.
Indeed these same investors are most often the banks own
customers who rightly agree that its future profitability should be
retained within their community".
Steering Committee Chairman Jim Lewis chimed in to say "we            When concluding the interview Noel Bowman also drew attention
are extremely busy at the moment with information distribution        to the Steering Committees latest venture in promoting a 'Great
going on all round the Coral Coast from Burnett to Elliot Heads".     Trivia Challenge' scheduled to be held on Saturday evening 25

He continued by also advising that "this form of action would in      August and conducted at the Bargara Bowls Club. It should be a
conjunction with other more formal presentations to community         great evening Noel said "with prizes passing the $1000.00 mark
organisations, continue for as long as it takes and that his group    and the charity of benefit nominated as 'Sailability' the disabled
would welcome other well motivated volunteers seeking to              sailing organisation based at the Sailing Club at Burnett Heads.".
promote pro community objectives”                                     It should be noted that there are only a total of 20 x 6 person
                                                                      tables available and pre booking is advisable if not essential!

   KING of AIR                                                        Enquiries on any of the above subject matter should be directed
                                                                      to Steering Committee Secretary Grant Casey, telephone number
                                                                      4159 1935, or alternatively Terry and Karen on 4159 4979.
     Shop 8/66 Targo Street.
         Bundaberg                                                    Noel Bowman
                                                                      Media and Public Relations
    Ph.. 41542142 or 0413 013 181
     Mobile Service Available.                                                                                            * Marine
     Air Compressors. Air Tools.                                                                                            Work
            Sales, Service.
          Repairs & Installation.
                                                                                                       * Air Conditioning
                                                                                                          * Alternators
           Hoses, Parts & Fittings.
                                                                                                               * Starter Motors
   Generators. Lifting Chains & Slings.
                                                                        * Full Field Service                     * Rewiring
     4WD Safety Equipment.                                                                                        * Installation
                                                                                               Dale Hiscock
  Anchors, Ropes & Chains.                                                                                           W/Shop:
    Stainless Steel fittings.                                                                                     ( 07) 41521300
          Phone Bernie, Jason, Jody,                                                                               0409 553 250
             Nic, Laura and Mark                                                                                        Fax:
    For good service and great prices.                                                                              07 41521866
                                                                       2a/ 66 Targo Street, Bundaberg Q 4670

September 2007                                                                                                           Issue Number 147

Burnett Heads United Football Club                                                                                  th
                                                                      Under 14 girls team look likely to finish in 4 position and a semi-
What a season 2007 has been not only did the club                         final appearance once again.
enter it's first men's team into the Premier league but                     The under 7 and 10 teams are doing really well, enjoying
on Saturday 11 August that team played in it's first                        their football, unfortunately the under 7's will lose their coach
grand final in the FBI Cup against ATW. The team                            Patrick Curtin when he leaves to join the Navy on the 26th
had a terrific run into the final with several great wins                   August. Pat will be sadly missed not just by his team but by
against Alloway 3-1 and Diggers 8-2. The boys have                          the club as well. Pat is a member of the 1st division team as
been playing some very good football and only                               well as a very hardworking committee member who always
experience at this level has meant that the end results have been     puts his hand up when help is needed.
some narrow losses.
                                                                       Presentation dates for the club will be a Club Breakup including
Having kept ATW to a 0-0 draw in there last encounter it was                                             th
                                                                      junior presentation on Sunday 16 September commencing at
looking good for a great competitive game and it didn't disappoint    11am at Jack Norgate Oval and the competition teams
with scores locked at 0-0 at halftime both teams were brilliant in                                            th
                                                                      presentation will be held on Friday 12 October at Renee's Place.
defence with keeper Hamish Jansen playing at the top of his           This is an opportunity for the club to recognize all its members and
game throughout making several key saves as did ex Burnett            players and sponsors.
Heads boy Tyne Smith in the ATW goals.
                                                                      Thank you to everyone for there support over the year and see
The second half saw first ATW score then BHU equalize almost          you next month.
immediately with a great goal to Richmond Felstead only to have
                                                                      Yours in sport, Kim Tominich
Waves score again 20 minutes later but a superb free kick from
BHU player Duncan O'Brien curling the ball around the Waves                                 BURNETT HEADS/PORT BUNDABERG,
wall to equalize to send the game into extra time.                                          BARGARA 4

Unfortunately in extra time Waves took control and manage to                                Meetings are held at the Community Hall
score first a very easy goal then followed it with two more to give                         the 1st Thursday of each month at 7.30pm.
them the game 5-2. A scoreline not at all reflective of the game.                           All welcome.
Despite the loss the boys showed how great they can be as a
team and earnt a great deal of respect with there performances
throughout the season and have shown what great things will
                                                                                                  Port Welding
come in the future.                                                                                Specialist
As all competition teams are fast approaching the finals the                                                       ABN 67 781 478 660
women's and under 17's teams will finish in 5 positions outside                                     Shop 4, Trades Centre,
the top four, 3 division men's have struggled to find form all year                                 Bundaberg Port Marina
and despite many close games will finish their season outside of                                 PORT BUNDABERG Qld 4670
the finals as well.
                                                                              Ph: (07) 41594 500 Fax: 4159 4511
                                                                                    Mobile: 0402 301 542
   DAN’S GARDEN BAGS                                                                     * Stainless Steel
     Rubbish bin full of garden refuse?                                                    & Aluminium Fabrication.
   Don’t put up with it any longer.                                                      * Tube Bending.
                   Call the professionals and -----                                      * General Engineering.
             Take the rubbish out of gardening                                           * Trailer Repairs.
                    with a Garden Bag ---                                     We fabricate, repair and/or modify
                  Fill your bag with rubbish                                         to suit your needs
                and we will remove it for you.                                           No job too small
                   Keeps the garden tidy                                All work guaranteed by Qualified Senior Tradesman
                 and clippings in the bag.                                             We can come to you
                                                                                For quality service call JIM KAHLER
     Call Mike or Trish Richardson                                                    Service is available 24-7
       41532895 or 0414594155                                                      Contact after hours 41594195

                                SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS AND MENTION THEIR ADS                                                      PAGE 17
Septembe 2007                                                                                                           Issue Number 147

 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ---                                   What Does a Dad Do?
“A single mother had raised a son who was about to become a dad himself. What could she tell
             him about being a father? Thinking about her own dad she told him:
    Dads cook the BBQ; put fuel in the car; go into dark houses ahead of the family to make sure
it's safe; when they drop off the babysitter, they wait until she is safely inside before driving off;
they lock up at night; mow the lawn; and tighten the clothesline when it sags. He was always a
available; he listened; he allowed mistakes, didn't lecture when things went wrong but asked
“what did you learn …?”. He never laughed at her grandiose dreams; he admitted his mistakes
and tried to right them. He taught her to respect others and to give rather than to receive. By
                                                                                                         St. John’s Anglican Church.
observing her own father, she could say to her son “a dad is there in good times and bad times.              Paul Mittelheuser St;
He is his children's constant teacher, model and guide. From him, the children learn how to                     Burnett Heads.
handle adversity, anger, disappointment and success.”                                                             Worship:-
Fatherhood carries with it tremendous responsibilities from simple things like bringing the car              1st and 3rd Sunday
                                                                                                            of the month at 7am.
around to keep the family dry to standing by your unpopular decisions about reward and
punishment, fatherhood is hard and often unappreciated work, you don't always get a medal
let alone a Father's Day card. Dads you have the potential to be a powerful force in your child's            THE UNITING CHURCH
life look closely at your dear children today, what wisdom are you instilling in them for life and                IN AUSTRALIA
for eternity?                                                                                               Worship & Sunday School
                                                                                                         Zunker St Burnett Heads 8.00 am
“Fathers, don't exasperate your children by coming down hard on them.
                                                                                                                 Bargara 9.30 am
Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.                                   @ CWA rooms Neilsen Park.
The Bible - Ephesians 6:2 --- Pastor Kate Dix, Uniting Church in Australia.                                   Phone -- 41511 342

 COFFEE and CHAT MORNING. Burnett Heads Uniting Church                       Tennis Court Hire--         Booking and Keys Available at ----
      Every 4th Thursday Morning - 9.30-11 am.                                   Lighthouse Caravan Park
                                                                                             Contact -- Phone 41594313
     Why not come along for a morning of friendship.                           Social Tennis Tuesday Mornings 9am-12 noon.
    For further information contact Laurel; Ph.41594284                        -- $2.00 per person -- All welcome.

          Dean Elliott Electrical

                       Hot Water & Stove Repairs
                                         Smoke Detectors
                                             Safety Switches
                                                Ceiling Fans
                     For friendly and reliable service call
                                        0438 439 931
                         Fax: 4159 2035 PO Box 8612, Bargara. QLD, 4670

                Servicing Bargara & Coral Coast
September 2007                                                                                                            Issue Number 147

              Business hours:- 8.15am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday,
                     160 Hughes Road, Bargara, Qld, 4670.                              Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower
                                                                                       Reserve …
                Once again it is fantastic to see our                                  The Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower
                community members being recognised                                     Reserve is located approximately 17
                for their fantastic efforts to look after this                         km south-east of Bundaberg City off Coonarr Road in
beautiful Shire in the Tidy Towns 2007 competition.                                    Burnett Shire. It is designated as a Scenic Reserve for
          Meadowvale and District Community Group                                      Wildflower Conservation and was named after Vera
                                                                      Mayor Ray Duffy.
won the Environmental Protection Award for their                                       Scarth-Johnson, the famous local artist, botanist and
outstanding accomplishment in the protection of the                                    dedicated conservationist. Situated close to Kinkuna
local natural environment and a commitment to the preservation of     National Park, the Reserve protects 93.5 hectares of wallum
local fauna and flora.                                                heath vegetation and borders approximately 1 km of the Elliott
          For over twenty years a small group of very dedicated       River. The area supports ecosystems that contain a number of
group of residents, the Meadowvale and District Community Group       rare and vulnerable plant species including Melaleuca cheelii.
have been working tirelessly against the odds to protect                             Council has formed an advisory committee which has
Meadowvale Nature Park as unspoilt bush land to be enjoyed by         prepared a Draft Management Plan with the aim of protecting,
present and future generations.                                       managing and enhancing the Reserve's significant ecological
          The other winner from the Shire was Bargara who won the     values and floristic diversity.
Young Legends Award which is the recognition of outstanding                          The draft Plan proposes a number of management
accomplishment by youth and by a town/community that                  actions to guide future controls and decision making in relation to
encourages and promotes youth activity.                               the reserve The draft Plan can be viewed and downloaded by
          The year 6 classmates from Bargara State School are this    visiting A hard copy of the draft Plan is
years Young Legends Award winners for 2007. Each year on              available for viewing at Council offices in Hughes Road, Bargara
National Tree planting day the students choose a tree planting area   and at 42 Quay Street, Bundaberg.
and with the help of Ann and Frank Garrett from the Nielson Park      Burnett Shire Mayor, Ray Duffy, encourages all in the district, not
Beautification Advisory Group plant trees to help our environment.    just Burnett Shire residents to examine the draft Plan and have
Committed environmental work like this by the youth gives our         any comments back to Council by 29 August 2007.
community real hope for a greener future.
          Congratulations must go to all the winners of awards from   Innes Park Amenity Block Mural....
the 2007 Tidy Towns competition and I hope that next year we have     "Another public art project is underway for the Shire on the
many more winners from our fantastic Shire.                           foreshore at the Innes Park Reserve.
Raymond E Duffy
Mayor.                                                                Artist, Helen Francis, is creating a mural of local flora and fauna
                                                                      to clad the facility buildings. The project is expected to run
Burnett Shire Council's City Office....                               through to September and visitors are welcome to drop into the
The Burnett Shire Customer Service Centre was introduced by           site and see the work in progress."
Council when the office was relocated to the Administration
Centre situated at 160 Hughes Road, Bargara. Council also             10 000 Steps
operates a "One Stop Shop" for Customer Service at its Branch         If you already walk for exercise regularly or want to improve your
Office located within the Central Business District of Bundaberg      health, join the fun of the 10 000 Steps Walking Program. Burnett
at 42 Quay Street. These two (2) locations attend to a broad          Shire already has two walks marked and signed. One path runs
range of enquiries and business transactions across all facets of     from Nielson Park Life Savers Club to the carpark at Moneys
Council.                                                              Creek, Bargara and the other from Moore Park Beach Lifesavers
An integral part of Customer Service is Councils Call Centre.         Club via Pandanus Street to the Moore Park Beach State School.
This Centre is operated by Customer Service Officers and              For more information regarding the 10 000 Steps Program contact
enables customers to speak to an officer who can attend to their      Council's Community Liaison Officer Darren Roll on 07 4150 5400.
enquiry at the first point of contact. This Centre also provides an
“After Hours Contact” facility for emergencies or general
complaints by calling 07 4150 5400. Councils hours of operation                  BUNDABERG CARPETS
are 8.15 am to 4.45 pm, Monday to Friday.
                                                                                     & VINLYS.
 Historic Burnett Heads Lighthouse                                         Locally owned and operated.
       Open the 4th Sunday
   of each month 9am to noon
                                                                              Ph: 07 41532896
        Pictorial History on Display                                       Fax: 07 41514013
          Entry gold coin donation.                                          Ask for Joe.
      Open other times on request:-
     Contact Marge on Ph. 41594484                                         Corner of Crofton and Barolin Streets, Bundaberg.
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Septemer 2007                                                                                                       Issue Number 147

                                                                               New furniture and equipment is gradually being installed
                                                                      and at the present time the office will only be manned 3 mornings
                                                                      a week on Tuesdays (myself), Wednesdays (Faye Chatham) and
                                                                      Thursdays (Kim Allgood). Unfortunately, our attendance has to be
                                                                      subject to other commitments however we plan on extending
                                                                      these times once we settle in and more volunteers come onboard.
                                                                      Documents such as Membership Applications can be accessed
                                                                      from the office from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
                                                                               Apart from enabling the office bearers to collate data in
               By President, Greg Barnes                              one centralised location, the office gives us a physical presence in
                                                                      the heart of the Bargara CBD.
CHAMBER'S 10          ANNIVERSARY                                     JP SERVICE... As mentioned above, I'll be available in the
                                                                      Chamber's office on most Tuesday mornings between 9.00am &
On 25th August the Chamber will hold its 10th Annual                  Noon to assist anyone requiring the services of a Justice of the
General Meeting and it's interesting to reflect back                  Peace. Please either drop in or call me on 0407 155 727 to
on the days when a small group of us used to meet in the former       confirm that I will be available.
Irish Bar at the Bargara Beach Hotel and plan the formation of the
Chamber and a number of other activities.                             PAN SAVERS --- Harald & Isabel Hendricks have established Pan
                                                                      Savers Oceania at 6/14 See Street, Bargara to import and
Interestingly, it was in the Irish Bar where many innovative ideas    distribute the products throughout Australia & New Zealand.
were hatched over the odd pint of Guinness while sitting on the       These heat resistant (204 C) liners are an innovative product
timber slab benches in a dimly lit corner. Only once were we          targeted primarily for the commercial catering industry including
interrupted when the publican rode his Harley Davidson into the       restaurants, clubs, hotels, hospitals, retirement villages, etc. and
bar followed by his blue heeler and then parked it in the middle of   designed to provide significant savings and benefits in the way
the room but that was life!                                           food is prepared, heated, displayed and served. If you're involved
                                                                      in the catering industry they're well worth a look at
Events such as the Coral Coast Turtle Festival, Shakers & Movers
Dinner & Dance, Australia Day 'Beached Boys' Concert, CABE
Charity Golf Day, Coral Coast Destination Guide, WIN TV               We recently used the product in a Bain Marie at a BBQ for some
'Destinations' Documentary, Caledonian Pipe Band Roaming              200 people and that tedious task of scrubbing out trays coated
Restaurant Performances, Aerial Photography Project and many          with burnt food was non-existent. We simply lifted out the liners,
others came to fruition from the informal sessions in the Irish Bar   threw them in the bin and wiped the trays.
and later during other networking sessions. Without doubt though,     Samples and more information are available by calling 41592443
the two most important achievements for us have been the              or emailing
creation of the ANZAC Day Dawn Service/Gunfire Breakfast and
providing the groundwork and impetus for the Bargara                  INCOMING MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE
Streetscape project.                                                  At the time of writing nominations have been received for all
                                                                      positions on the Chamber's Management Committee with none
As evidenced by the wide scope of our activities, the Chamber         being contested.
has not isolated itself within the realms of the business and         Those nominated are: --PRESIDENT - Greg BARNES
corporate sectors but has recognised the need to become an             (Honorary Life Member/The Edge Marketing)
active player within the local community. I believe it is for this    VICE PRESIDENT - Faye CHATHAM (AU Trademarks)
reason coupled with the success of many projects that it has          VICE PRESIDENT - Alex GROVE (Carlyle Gardens Chemist)
gained credibility and wide spread support which in itself has        VICE PRESIDENT - Cathy WALSH (Conwal & Associates)
further enhanced its ability to raise funds for new challenges.       SECRETARY - Kim ALLGOOD (Allow Me Catering)
                                                                      TREASURER - Lindon HOWARD
At a more personal level, many valuable friendships have been         (Honorary Life Member/Bargara Post Office)
fostered through Chamber membership and several new business          COMMITTEE ----
operators that have come to the region have 'settled in' with the      Isobel BARNES (Honorary Life Member)
support of others they have met through the networking                John BRADFORD (Bargara Professional Painting Services)
opportunities that we strive to create.                               Robyn McKINNEY (Bargara Computing)
                                                                      Jane NETHERCOTE (Coastline Realty)
NEW CHAMBER OFFICE … It's with much pleasure and a sigh of            Louise URQUHART (Shoreline Serviced Apartments)
relief that we announce that the Chamber has now established its      Maarten VAN BOKKEL (Catalyst Media)
office next to the Windmill Restaurant and behind the Bargara
                                                                      Once again it's great to have a proactive and experience team at
Post Office. We are sharing the premises with Harald & Isabel
                                                                      the helm. Welcome back to the returning members and a warm
Hendrick's new import and distribution business, Pan Saver
                                                                      welcome also to the new members. We look forward to your fresh
Oceania (see article opposite).
                                                                      ideas and input.

September 2007                                                                                                                     Issue Number 147

                                                              Interested in volunteering at Mon Repos
                                                            Conservation Park during the turtle season?
                                                                            No special qualifications are needed, though being friendly and able to
Mon Repos Conservation Park can have over 30 000 visitors during the        converse with inquisitive visitors is a plus. The only requirement is a firm
turtle season. Volunteers assist with the nightly operations of the         commitment to the volunteer program and its goal, along with some time
information centre and on the beach. Duties include staffing the entrance   to donate!
and souvenir shop, providing visitors with information, assisting with      Volunteers are asked to make a commitment for the duration of the turtle
school groups and childrens activities, guiding visitor groups onto the     season from early November 07 to the end of March 08. Volunteers are
beach and assisting Rangers with turtle research activities.                required at Mon Repos seven nights a week, and from the individual
                                                                            volunteer we ask for:- *One to two evenings per week from 6.30pm to
                                                                            11pm. *Attendance of training nights conducted by QPWS Rangers
                                                                            during October and November 07.
                                                                             If you are interested in volunteering, please contact or leave a message
                                                                                           for Ranger staff at Mon Repos on 07 4159 1652
                                                                               by Monday 10th September. Staff will return your call and send out an
                                                                                 application form. Interviews for positions will commence thereafter.

   The Crab Trap is temporarily
     closed due to renovation                                                  YACHT DELIVERIES
   works to our processing room                                                World Wide Service.
      We apologise for any                                                            Care, Repair,
       inconvenience to our                                                          Rigging, Storage.
         valued customers                                                         From Small Ships to Tall ships!
   146 Buss Street, Burnett Heads                                            Phone Kit; 41594651- Mobile; 0427629752

           Stephen Lane Electrical
                                  For All Your Electrical Work
                          * Safety Switch installed from $160 plus GST
                                                       for 2 power circuits
      GREAT                   * Hot Water Services & Stove repairs
      RATES                   * Smoke Detectors & Security Lights SERVICE
                                   * New Electrical Installation
                            * Extra Telephone Line For The Internet
                                            Phone Stephen on ---
                          Mobile: 0409826862 Home: 41596945
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September 2007                                                                                                   Issue Number 147

BURNETT HEADS TIDE TIMES -- September 2007                   Duffys Bus
                                                             Time Table
                                                            Route 5 -
                                                            CITY - BURNETT HEADS - CITY
                                                            Servicing City, Kalkie,
                                                            Port Bundaberg, Kepnock High School

                                                            Monday to Friday Services 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -5 Saturday Services 2-3
                                                                  Service number     1 ------ - 2 -------- 3 ------ 4 -------- 5

                                                            Major Stops              AM ----------------     PM ----------------------
                                                                                   SDO          (SDO -- School Days Only)        SDO
                                                                                      -       8.30         12.30      2.10       3.13
                                                            Suncorp - Metway          -       8.32         12.32     2.11        3.15
                                                            Target                    -       8.35         12.35      2.15       3.16
                                                            Princess St              7.14     8.38         12.38      2.21          -
                                                            Kalkie                   7.18     8.42         12.42      2.28       3.40
                                                            Port Marina               -        8.53 12.53              -           -
                                                            Port & Rowlands Rds 7.25          8.55         12.55      2.37       3.50
                                                            Burnett Heads            7.30     9.00          1.00      2.42      3.55
                                                            Burnett Heads School 7.31         9.05          1.05      2.44      3.59
                                                            Shelley St               7.35 9.07            1.07 2.45 4 .00
                                                            Sea Park Rd              7.39 9.10            1.10 2.47 4.04
                                                            Kepnock High             7.55      -           -         -       3.30
                                                            Kalkie                   7.45 9.15            1.15       -      4.12
                                                            Princess St                   -   9.20          1.20        -        4.15
                                                            IGA                      8.00 9.30              1.30        -       4.20
                                                            Church                   8.01 9.31              1.31        -       4.21
                                                            Kmart                     8.02    -         -      -       -
                                                           Bus Time Table courtesy of Duffys Bus Company, Bundaberg.

                METAL                                             LOCAL PLUMBER
    Anything!                                                         WAYNE NEWTON
                                                               Professional Plumber, Drainer & Gasfitter
  Aluminium - Stainless & Steel                                33 years experience Qld BSC Lic 74126
          Fabrication                                       Kitchen Plumbing                       Sewers
                                                            Van ities & Sp as                      Bur st Pip es
  Marine -- Agricultural -- Domestic.                       Roofing & Gutters                      Gas Heaters
                                                            Blocked Drains                         Ho t & C old
                Frank Anink                                 Septic Drain Maintenan ce              Water
    Shed 5/ 24 Mc Lean St. Bundaberg.                                             Call Wayne on
     Ph: 41544400 Mobile: 0428798004                                        0418 733694 or 4159 4174
  Don't Throw It, Fix It!                                                 Normally within 24 hou rs service

 Home Address:- 22 Burnett Heads Road Ph.-- 41594323.

September 2007                                                                                                                Issue Number 147

                            Private Collector....Peter Mulhall.                                         PETER'S FISHY
                           Old or unusual fishing tackle..                                                 On the other hand, looking into the
                             Rods-Reels-Lures-Floats-                                                    gut contents of small black marlin
                              Patches-Badges-Books                                                       taken off central NSW has shown that,
                                                                                                         while they do eat a wide range of
                           or other fishing memorabilia.                                                 items, more often than not, a stomach
 4 Brewer St Burnett Heads, 4670              Ph. 41594935.                                              will be packed with baitfish of the
                                                                                                         same size (slimy mackerel, yellowtail).
Did You Know The deep-sea fish called the rat-trap fish, can eat                                         In fact, with all the heads of the
prey larger that itself. In it's dark world, it comes across food so        baitfish pointing in the same direction! It reminded me of opening
infrequently that when it does, it makes the most of it.                    a can of sardines.
 Fussy Fish “Why is it, that large fish often focus on small prey            Those who waft the fly rod tend to live by that old maxim, 'match
items, making them a pain in the bum to catch? For example,                 the hatch.' In other words, always present the quarry with an
barra and threadfin chasing those tiny jelly prawns, and mackerel           imitation of the most abundant natural food at the time. Wise
and tuna focusing on tiny glass eyes. How many of these mini                words, but in many situations, a bit of a dilemma. First you have
morsels would they need to eat to fill up, and why would a larger           to catch a fish to open its stomach to see what it has been feeding
offering seem to be of little interest to them when they are                on! Ah, the joys of fishing.
concentrating on the little things? It is the 'ice-cream complex,'
                                                                             Wots on the Chew: I put pen to paper after a morning fishing
because the small items are so tasty? Or do they lack the capacity
                                                                            trip in the town reach of the Burnett, with reports of Trevally on the
to multi-task, making it difficult to consider all options in front of
                                                                            chew. Two species were caught, big eye and giant and were taken
                                                                            on small metal lures, soft plastic's and fly's. A good morning of fun
 We often talk abut predatory fish as being 'opportunistic', which          was had. Reports of good numbers of diver whiting with most
simply means they take the opportunity to eat a wide range of               being small, yabbies and squid strip best. With calm, clear water
prey species, depending on where and when they find                         plenty of pike can be caught, these fish can be good training for
themselves. However, this does not necessarily mean that fish will          kids as they will eat any thing. Small baits and lures, also good
eat everything that passes by, including that tasty looking lure. In        fun on light fly gear. Bream at night with a few flathead and tailor.
fact, it is more likely that predators will tend to focus on the most       For the keen offshore reef's with a lot of snapper but remember
abundant food source in an area. Studies have shown this is                 size and bag limit.
because hunting different prey species requires different hunting
                                                                            Still some monster cobia as well as most other species. All reports
strategies and it is much more energy efficient to use one strategy
                                                                            tell me a lot of very large squid are being caught on inshore reef's
at a time.
                                                                            and coming into the mouth of the river. Good bait and tucker.
 Prey items taken from the stomach of a 5kg longtain tuna had
                                                                            IN THE KITCHEN ----- TREVALLY CROQUETTES
recently feasted on at least seven species of fish and one species
of squid. Clever tuna. But the really interesting aspect of this            Ingredients:-
varied diet is that each of the prey items is of a very similar, small      750g Trevally fillets, 2 tablespoons butter or margarine
size. Despite a tuna of this proportion being more than capable of
                                                                            3 tablespoons flour, 1 cup fish or chicken stock, ½ cup milk
eating much larger prey, it had locked in on a certain size. While
                                                                            1 tablespoon chopped parsley, 1 tablespoon chopped onion
it's possible the tuna had used its gill rakers to sift small items as it
swam through the water with its mouth open, it is more likely that          2/3 cup grated carrots, Salt to taste, pinch cayenne pepper
it visually locked in on this size prey because they were the most          Flour, 1 egg, beaten, Dry breadcrumbs, oil for shallow frying
abundant in its immediate surroundings.
                                                                             Method:- Skin the fillets and remove bones, mince finely using a
In my many years of peering into the entrails of fish, a most               food processor, set aside. In a saucepan melt butter stir in flour
surprising observation has been the many very small prey items in           and cook gently for 2 minutes. Gradually add stock and milk,
the stomachs of large marlin. This was mainly revealed in Hawaii            stirring constantly until sauce boils and thickens. Remove from
where examination of 250kg-plus blue marlin would often show                the heat and add parsley, onion, carrot, salt, cayenne pepper and
that they had been feeding on trigger fish, squid, prawn killers and        minced fish. Mix well. Chill mixture well then mould into croquette
crab larvae up to 2cm long. Now, unlike tuna, marlin do not                 shapes. Coat with flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.
possess any gill rakers at all, so the only conclusion possible is
                                                                            Rest in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Heat oil in pan and gently fry
that the marlin must have actively picked these tiny morsels from
                                                                            croquettes for 2-3 minutes on each side or until golden brown.
the water column.

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September 2007                                                                        Issue Number 147

     BLUE WATER SPORTS CLUB LTD.                                                             ACN010039657

                             CLUB WITH A MILLION DOLLAR VIEW
                               TRADING HOURS
                           10 AM TILL LATE -- 7 DAYS
                             Harbour Esplanade next to VMR
                                 Phone   41594355         Fax   41594698
                                      Email --

                  Annual General Meeting, Saturday 15th September, Blue Water Club at 2pm.
                   Positions open for nomination:- President, Treasurer plus 2 Directors.
                    All members are encouraged to attend and support your local club.

                      LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING at YOUR CLUB in September
                 Footy Tipping Every Friday Night      Watch the FOOTY on the Big Screen.
                      ENTERTAINMENT CALENDAR For September :-
          Sat; 1st Los Cobras Sun; 2nd Rod Bryant Sat; 8th TBA
   Sun; 9th Graham Ford Sat; 15th Stainless Steel Sun; 16th Rod Bryant
             Sat; 22nd Matt Farthing Sun; 23rd Graham Ford
              Sat; 29th Boogie Brothers Sun; 30th Rod Brant.

 Happy Hour all day Thursday.                            Lunch Time Snack menu
                                                         available from the Bar.
Full membership of the Blue Water Club entitles financial members:-        Blue Water Club
Access to the Pontoon, Hard Stand and Boat Ramp. Voting Rights.            Polo Shirts
Free membership to the Fishing Team, as well as Footy Tipping.             $30.00

  40 plus prizes                         Incorporating our Pick A Box and Cash Jackpot
          Tickets on sale from 4pm Raffles start at 5pm.

                                                                   Ph -- 41 595160

                       Open for Dinner 7 Nights ---6pm-8pm
                          ‘COURTESY BUS’-- Phone 0428595215
                      Courtesy Bus operates Wednesday to Saturday from 4.30pm
                                        Sunday’s from 3pm. .
                          -- INFORMATION for MEMBERS AND GUESTS --


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