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Roadtrip To San Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco


									PAGE 8A *PAWPRINTS                                                                                 BACK PAGE                                                                                 MONDAY JUNE 9 ,2008

Roadtrip To
       San Francisco
The HROP Food’s class students went to look at culinary schools
B E  C    C    B -J
                                                Day Two:Thursday, April 24 at 7:30 am

                                                                                                                   we got up and left for our tour of the             A View of San Fransisco      ALL PHOTOS BY EMILEE CYPHERS
  Walking into the Culinary Institute of                                                                           Sugar Bowl Bakery lead by Kevin Ly.
America was like walking into Harvard for                                                                          We got to see the Brownie Bites (sold at
us.                                                                                                                Costco from this company) being made.
  The school has an old architecture style                                                                           There were so many Madeline being
and very elegant with the vineyards around                                                                         made, it was crazy! (Madelines are
it.                                                                                                                buttery cookies)
  Linda Adams the foods teacher takes                                                                                Ly owns the business himself from his
students on this trip to expand the students’                                                                      family coming over and starting a little
horizons and that’s what it should be about.                                                                       bakery and now it has two commercial
  It was a chance to visit several culinary                                                                        facilities just in San Francisco.
schools and take tours to see what they                                                                              There are over 1,000 different items
have to offer.                                                                                                     made and sold.
                                                                                                                     He gave us containers of brownie bites,
  Day One:          Wednesday, April 23 at                                                                         palmiers, and Madelines as a souvenir.
6:30 am we left for the HROP Restaurant                                                                              After the Sugar Bowl Bakery we
Culinary Fieldtrip down to San Francisco.                                                                          headed over to the City College to learn            The Sugar bowl Bakery
  It was Emilee Cyphers, Caitlyn Bell-                                                                             about their culinary
Johnson, Mariah Lindgren, Linda Adams                                                                              program lead by Lynda
(the foods teacher), Anne Harris (foods                                                                            Hirose.
teacher from Arcata High) and one of her                                                                             Then we headed over
students all in a van.                                   Culinary Insitituion of America at Greystone              to Berkeley to tour the
  The ride down to San Francisco was pretty                                                             Scharffen Berger Chocolate
boring, so some of us slept and others a read a             We had to drive around for awhile to        factory.
book.                                                     find a parking space because the van            We sat down in a room and
   We got to San Francisco 11:45 am and headed            was too tall for the parking garages and      learned how the company started
to our first destination, which was the Educated          there were no parking spaces open on          and how the chocolate was made.
Palate for a buffet luncheon (Educated Palate is          the street.                                     The worker gave us tasters of the
a certificate program of the City College and they          When we finally got into the                different kind of chocolates.
take students in to train them for two semesters          restaurant, it was very refreshing and          After the tour, we went to the gift
and then they go on their own).                           the food was delicious (especially the        shop and bought a couple things.
                                                                 dessert).                                Then we drove over to Napa
                                                                   We also got to tour their            Valley to our hotel and went to a                         Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory
                                                                 Kitchen facility and met the           shopping center. We came back to our hotel and
                                                                 teacher Chris Johnson.                 went swimming until we went to dinner at                 Day Three:              Friday, April 25 our last day
                                                                   “I learned about San Francisco       Piccolinos an Italian restaurant.                       we woke up at 7:00 am, got dressed, ate breakfast at
                                                                 City College program both main           We all enjoyed the food and the restaurant itself     Denny’s, and left for the Culinary Institute of America
                                                                 campus and restaurant,” stated         made us feel like we were in Italy.                     at Greystone.
                                                                 Adams.                                   When dinner was over we went back to our hotel          The school was ravishing and huge.
                                                                   Next we left and drove over to       and went swimming a little bit more, and then             We got there a little bit early so we went to the
                                                                 tour the California Culinary           headed to bed.                                          student store and got a couple souvenirs.
                                                                 Academy (also know was Le                                                                        Then we met our tour guide Maryanne and she
                                                                 Cordon Bleu).                                                                                  took us up the three stories and showed us all the
                                                                   The facility is very well                                                                    rooms.
                                                                 organized and has classes that                                                                   Their kitchen for learning was huge and very
                                                                 specialized in certain things like                                                             appealing.
                                                                 bartending or French Cuisines.                                                                   “The entrée at the CIA which consists of quail and
                                                                   The tour was lead by Michael                                                                 couscous has to have been my favorite meal on our
                                                                 Johnson and he showed us all the                                                               trip,” informed Adams.
                                                                 classrooms and even their                                                                        After our tour, we went to their restaurant: The
                                                                 gambling room.                                                                                 Wine Spectator Restaurant.
Le Cordon Bleu School
                                                                   We got to taste some Mushroom                                                                  Our food was already picked out for us and the
                                                   Risotto that one of the classes was preparing.                                                               appetizers were delivered quickly to our table.
                                                     After that, we went to our hotel and rested         From Left to right Emilee Cyphers, Mariah Lindgren,      The main course was quail on couscous (it was
                                                   for a little bit.                                     Caitlyn Bell-Johnson, and Arcata Student               delicious) and the presentation of the it was very
                                                     Then we walked down to Chinatown and                                                                       elegant and appetizing.
                                                   looked around in a few stores and decided to                                                                   Dessert the best part of the meal was Lava cake.
                                                   eat at Thai Stick (that was really good).                                                                      About 1:30 pm we headed for home and arrived
                                                                                                                                                                back about 6:00 pm.

                                                                                                           The Italian Restraurant we ate at.                           Dessert Buffet at Educated Palate

                    Arts of San Fransisco City College                                                                                  Pictures from the CIA

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