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									             July 2011 - A Publication for Georgia Power Retirees

                      Value of Volunteer Time
The estimated dollar value of volunteer time for 2010 is $21.36 per hour.
That’s up from $20.85 in 2009. This dollar value is updated each spring by the
Independent Sector, the national leadership forum for charities, foundations,
and corporate giving programs. It is very difficult to put a dollar value on
volunteer time. Volunteers provide many intangibles that can not be easily
quantified. For example, volunteers demonstrate the amount of support an
organization has within a community, provide work for short periods of time,
and provide support on a wide range of projects. Statistics also show that
those people who volunteer generally give more personal financial support to
the charities where they volunteer. The new numbers are always released
prior to National Volunteer Week when all volunteers are recognized for the
great value they provide to their communities and the nation. Of course the
Ambassadors don’t wait for National Volunteer Week to make a difference in
their communities. Ambassadors are out helping others all year long. Listed
below are the community service hours for our organization this year.

                      Ambassador Service Hours
60,000                    56,000
                                        47,631        50,096
50,000       42,662
30,000                                                              22,739
             2007          2008          2009          2010         2011
Statesboro Chapter                                 Columbus Chapter
 Keel Receives                                     The Columbus Ambassadors
                                                   partnered with the Citizens to raise
 Double Awards                                     over $600 in sales during the 3 days
Robert Keel, a lifelong                            selling popcorn and drinks during
resident of Statesboro                             the Relay for Life campaign. This
and the youngest of seven children                 was a great way to let customers
born to the late George and Anna                   know that we support the American
Bell Keel, received double awards                  Cancer Society and it also gave us
from Mount Zion African Methodist                  the opportunity to connect with
Episcopal Church. He received                      individuals in our community who
both the Annual Steward Award as                   have been affected by cancer.
well as the Steward of the month of                Volunteers from the Ambassadors
January Award. Keel graduated                      were Sandra Rowan, Marie Lee,
from William James High School                     Gene & Marie Pearre, Bob & Judy
and is married to Louise Keel.                     McCrory, Suzanne Corley, Jim & Joan
They have three children and two                   Johnson, Martha & Richard Ward,
grandchildren. Keel is retired from                Betty Pugh and Debbie Lee.
Georgia Power and remains active
in the community. He is a member
of the Georgia Power Ambassador
Organization, Bulloch County
Equalization Board and is an active
member of the Mount Zion A.M.E.
Church. He works with the area
Food Bank and serves as a
volunteer for the local Boys and
Girls Club.

  The World According to Mister
When I was a boy I used to think that strong
meant having big muscles, great physical
power; but the longer I live, the more I realize
that real strength has much more to do with
what is not seen. Real strength has to do with
helping others.
                Fred Rogers
    West Georgia                         Ronnie Pate, First Vice President,
                                         presented a check in the amount of
      Chapter                            $670.00 as a donation to the Harvey’s
                                         House of Books from the West Georgia
                                         Chapter. This is for a landscaping project
                                         for the new library in Whitesburg. A
                                         plaque honoring the chapter for the
                                         donation is at the location in Whitesburg.
                                         The picture below shows the letter of
                                         thanks that was presented to Ronnie for
                                         the chapter.

Charles “Sut” Smith and his brother-
in-law, Jack, raced in the Randolph
County Cardboard Boat Regatta
Races, Saturday, May 14th. They
represented the Lake Wedowee
Property Owners Association. This
charity event for the Randolph County
Animal Shelter had 34 boats with 83      West Georgia Ambassadors teamed
rowers and raised $11,000! The start       up with Plant Yates Citizens to
was rough and crowded, but Sut and          participate in Relay for Life
Jack used their paddles to move
ahead of the other boats and raced to
the end. Another boat was closing in
on the last lap, but thank goodness
the race ended when it did!! Yes, they
won their race over four other boats!
The announcer commented “those
guys in the red comet will surely need
oxygen when this race is over”!
Pretty good for two guys in their 70s!
                                         Altahama Chapter
          Altamaha Chapter members are very
     involved in building ramps in the community
      through Open Doors to the Handicapped. A
       recent edition of Toombs County Magazine
             featured a 6 page article on this
       organization. There were many pictures of
      ramp builds by the Altamaha Ambassadors.
       To see more ramps built by Open Doors to
                  the Handicapped visit

                                                                           Mary Lou Stovall and Linda Dawson
                                                                              working table at blood drive

                                                                      Altamaha Chapter members
                                                                          working blood drive

Participants of the ramp build pictured with the grateful recipient

                                                                       Jerry Dawson working the front desk at blood drive

               The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the
                               grandest intention.

                                                        Oscar Wilde
Please send your recipes to the State Office for publication in the Senior Citizen.

                                           West Georgia
                                           Pound Cake
                      2 cups butter Crisco or 1 cup regular Crisco and 1 cup
                     8 eggs
                     2 ⅔ cups sugar
                     3 ½ cups Swans Down Cake Flour
                     ½ cup sweet milk
                     Dash of salt
                     1 ½ tbsp. flavor – rum, lemon, vanilla or coconut
                     Cream sugar and Crisco together until well mixed.
                     Alternate eggs and flour, mixing well.
                     Mix flavor and milk and add.
                     Mix approximately 10 minutes, scraping side of bowl well.
                     Bake in large round pound cake pan OR 16”L x 5”W x 4”
                     high pan.
                     Place in cold oven at 320o for 35 minutes then turn to 300o
                     for another 30-35 minutes. Leave in oven another 15-20
                     minutes after turning oven off. Take out of oven and let it
                     sit in pan another 15-20 minutes. Turn out and when
                     cooled you can ice if desired, but it is delicious plain.

                                                 Oriental Vegetable Dip
                                            1 cup mayo
                                            4 teaspoons soy sauce
                                            1 teaspoon ginger
                                            1 tablespoon grated onion
            West Georgia                    1 teaspoon vinegar
             Rum Balls                      Mix and enjoy with vegetables.
 4 cups crushed vanilla wafers
 1 cup chopped pecans
 1 can sweetened condensed milk
 ¼ cup rum
 Mix well and roll into 1” balls. Then
 roll balls in ½ cup of confection
 (powdered) sugar. Refrigerate.
 This poem was written by W. Mike Roper, a local manger in Vienna, Ga., in the
aftermath of the April 27 tornadoes that caused severe damage in Alabama and

                        We Have A Part
            Storms will come, tornados and hurricanes will rage
            As Mother nature places her stamp on another page
            For people will suffer and many lives will be lost
            To which no amount of money could cover the cost
            It’s during this time of sadness, desperation and woe
            That we must focus and with our strength bestow
            For we have a part and a role we must play
            As we continue working both night and day
            So let’s remember the task we have at hand
            And care for each other, yes every woman and man
            Then when we return from points far and away
            Let’s then give thanks for another productive and safe day

       Nov 15-17             Biltmore Estate & Asheville, NC
       Sept 9                Executive Committee Meeting
       Nov 20                Annual State Board Meeting

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