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             No. 251
             No. 151                                               SUNDAY, 14, 11, 2008
                                                           Sunday, NovemberMAY2010                                                      Price $1.00
                                                                                                                                        Price $1.00

        SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo                                                    fully licensed and
        District, Thursday, November                                              insured red Isuzu
        11, 2010:                                                                 Rodeo      bearing
          The body of an 8 year old boy,                                          license plates CY
        victim of a road traffic accident,                                        C-28249, on the
        lies inside the morgue at the San                                         right side of the
        Ignacio Community hospital as                                             road when travel-
        it awaits the legally required post                                       ling from the direc-
        mortem examination.                                                       tion of Belmopan to
             At around 6:45 pm on                                                 San Ignacio Town.
        Wednesday, November 10, San                                               The vehicle was          The red Isuzu Rodeo at the Police
        Ignacio police rushed out to                                              found with the              Sub-Station in Georgeville
        the village of Georgeville in                                             front driver’s side    glass on the driver’s shattered .
        response to a reported traffic              Kean Vasquez, 8               and hood dented,          On the spot investigation revealed that
        accident.                                SUNRISE: July 29, 2002           the windshield,        about half an hour earlier, at around 6:15 pm,
            Upon arrival at the scene,         SUNSET: November 10, 2010          driver’s door glass    the vehicle, driven by Myra Samos, 34,
        between miles 59 and 60 on the         the football field, police         and exterme rear       Belizean Public Officer/ First Class
        Western Highway in front of            encountered the overturned                                Clerk attached to the National Emergency
                                                                                                         Management Headquarters in the City of
                                                                                                         Belmopan and residing on 18th Street in San
        ST. ANDREW’S ANGLICAN                                                                            Ignacio Town, was returning home after the
        SCHOOL, San Ignacio Town,                                                                        day’s work when upon reaching that area
        Cayo District, Wednesday,                                                                        between miles 59 and 60 in the village of
        November 10, 2010:                                                                               Georgeville on the Western Highway, a male
         A group of one dozen mission-                                                                   child reportedly ran across the highway
        aries from the United States of                                                                  directly in front of the vehicle she was
        America are wrapping up their                                                                    driving.
        one week mission to Belize.                                                                          Samos told the police that while
          The team arrived on Monday,                                                                    maneuvering the vehicle in an attempt to
        November 8, and is primarily                                                                     avoid hitting the child, she lost control and
        engaged in enhancing the                 Some members of the team at St. Andrew’s                that after colliding with the child the
        worshiping environment inside                   Anglican Primary School                          vehicle flipped over.
        the Cornerstone Fellowship             Cornerstone Fellowship Church,     of school supplies        Upon hearing the impact of the collision,
        Church in San Ignacio Town.            an added feature of the team’s     which they shared      relatives and friends rushed to the scene. The
              Known as friends of              presence in Belize was their       among schools in       injured child was placed inside a relative’s
        Pastor Edwardo Lemus and               arrival with almost 2,500 pounds     Page 17 Please                       Please Turn To Page 6

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     Page 2 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788               -          -   Sunday, November 14, 2010

    District, Thursday, November
    11, 2010:
        Five male friends on a
    hunting expedition with a
    borrowed shotgun were arrested
    and charged for keeping a
    firearm without a gun license.
         Acting upon information
    received police           visited
    Plett’s farm, situated in
    the Green Hills area in the
    Mennonite community of
    Spanish Lookout at around 2:30
    pm on Wednesday, November
    10 where they intercepted a red                                                                       Wilmer Herrera, 27
    Ford Ranger pickup truck with
    five occupants on board. A
    search inside the cab of the
    vehicle led to the discovery of
    a 16 gauge, Russian made
    shotgun with serial number
    07053976 for which none of
    the five occupants could provide
    the requested gun license.
      All five persons were detained
    and escorted to the police station
    in San Ignacio where they                                Elmer Guerra, 32
    were all identified as Belizean      in the San Martin Community located on the outskirts of
    laborers, three of them residing     the City of Belmopan while the fourth individual resides
                                         in Maya Mopan also on the outskirts of the City of
                                         Belmopan and the fifth residing in Los Tambos village,
                                         nearest to the area where they were intercepted.
                                           The three residing in San Martin included the driver of
                                                                                                            Eden Quiroz, 26
                                         the vehicle Elmer Guerra, 32; Wilmer Herrera, 27 and
                                         Eden Quiroz, 26. The fourth and fifth occupants were
                                         identified as Jose Flores, 31 and Saul De La Rosa, 23
                                         residing in Maya Mopan and Los Tambos, respectively.
                                            Investigations revealed that the shotgun is owned by
                                         Oscar Barrera, a Belizean Pastor residing in the Salvapan
                                         community near the City of Belmopan and that it was on
                                         loan to the driver of the vehicle, Elmer Guerra, by the
                                         pastor’s wife since the pastor is reportedly out of the
                                             All five defendants, jointly charged with the
                                         offence of keeping a firearm without a gun license,
                                         appeared in court this Thursday morning where the
                                         driver, Elmer Guerra, pled guilty to the charge. He also
                                         agreed with the facts of the case presented by the
                                         prosecutor. Guerra was consequently sentenced to
                                         two years in jail. The joint charge against the other four
                                         was not immediately withdrawn as the prosecution                    Jose Flores, 31
                                         informed that advice from the Director of Public
                                                                             Prosecution will first
                                                                             be sought before
                                                                             making that determi-
                                                                                Interestingly how-
                                                                             ever, while they
                                                                             were said to be
                                                                             going on a hunting
                                                                             expedition, there was
                                                                             no     charge      for
                                                                             keeping unlicensed
                                                                             ammunition thereby
                                                                             suggesting that no
                                                                             ammunition was
                                                                             found in their posses-
                                                                             sion.                        Saul De La Rosa, 23

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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -           STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 -   -           Page 3

     SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo                                                             pants after which he
     District, Thursday, November                                                       was stabbed with a
     11, 2010:                                                                          knife below the left
       After evading the long arms of                                                   armpit and dragged
     the law for 45 days Abelino                                                        down the hill then
     “Papo” Briceno, 35, Belizean                                                       dumped into the
     labourer, wanted for attempt                                                       Macal River.
     murder and robbery, was                                                               The injured and
     arrested on November 4, 2010                                                       bleeding Velasquez
     during an early morning police                                                     remained floating in
     operation.                                                                         the water holding
        At around 5:00 a.m. on last                                                     on to a shrub on the
     Thursday, November 4, a team                                                       banks for about 8
     of policemen descened upon the                                                     hours, from around       Leonardo Velasquez, 44
     house Briceno was occupying in                                                     8:30 p.m. until        San Ignacio was arrested and
     the village of Georgeville where                                                   he was found by        charged for the attempt murder
     he was found.                                                                      a pedestrian after     and robbery of Velasquez. He
        A search of the house led             Abelino “Papo” Briceno, 35                4:00 .a.m. the         was remanded to prison and
     to the discovery of a small         attacked by two male persons one of whom       following morning.     brought back to court today
     transparent ziplock plastic bag     hit him in the head with a stone and when         Seven days after    where like Briceno he will
     containing 4 grams of marijuana     he fell to the ground, they proceeded to rob   the incident, a 17     be brought back to court on
     found inside the top right drawer   him of the $25 he had in the pocket of his     year old boy from      Friday, December 17, 2010.
     of a wooden closet inside his
        Briceno was wanted for the
     September 20, 2010 attack on
     Leonardo Velasquez, 44,
     Belizean labourer of a Trapiche
     address in Santa Elena Town.
       In the incident, Velasquez was

     “The Newspaper that cares and
      dares to bring out the truth”
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             Elena, Cayo,
       Belize, Central America
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              626- 3788
        Publisher: Alberto August
       Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
       Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
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     Page 4 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788               -                    -        Sunday, November 14, 2010
                                                                                                                          culture throughout the entire year.
                                                                                                                          If we cannot point to any
    Some Garifuna are putting their self interest above the overall interest of the Garinagu people.                      significant gains for the year then
    By: Wellington C. Ramos                                                                                               we wasted the entire year. We
                                         ary war for independence.            countries. In Belize, the Garinagu          continue to use this day for
                                             Due to these experiences,        people have made some significant           engaging in socializing and
                                         the Garinagu people are              strides in uplifting them selves in most    publicity stunts. Once the day is
                                         now scattered throughout the         areas compared to the other                 over, everybody goes back to their
                                         Caribbean, Honduras, Nicaragua,      countries where they live in Central        respective communities and
                                         Guatemala, Belize and the United     America and the Caribbean but               boast about the good times they
                                         States. In Central America, Hon-     poverty is becoming a problem.              had.
                                         duras have the largest Garifuna          The United States have proven               If the Garifuna people were to
                                         population with Belize in close      to be fertile ground for the                set up a Trust Fund for the
                                         second place.                        Garinagu people because they                preservation of their culture and
                                            Our people still maintain their   have always been an ethnic group            ask every Garifuna person in this
                                         culture despite all the difficult    that prides autonomy. Many of               world to just give $10.00 each, it
       This year will make 213 years     experiences they encountered         them are excelling in various               would generate millions of
    since the Garifuna people were       in their past.                       professions in the private sector           dollars that could help to build a
    forcefully removed by the               No matter where our people        and with government. Some                   Garifuna Village in every
    British off their native land St.    live, their main challenge is to     Garinagu people yearn for the               community in all societies
    Vincent and scattered throughout     maintain their culture among the     day when their people can                   Garifuna people reside world-
    other countries in the Caribbean     other dominant cultures in the       return to the good old days of              wide. This will help to preserve
    with their final destination being   countries where they reside          being autonomous, industrious,              the culture and provide employ-
    Rotan Honduras where they            today. In St. Vincent our native     independent, resilient and                  ment for our people to eleminate
    landed on April 12, 1797.            homeland, most of our people         warriors.                                   poverty in these countries where
       The removal occurred after        have lost their culture due to           Many Garifuna individuals               they reside. After all, spending the
    several years of resistance put      decrees past by the British          today have indicated that                   money continually in this fashion,
    up by my people to avoid the         against them after the takeover.     they intend to lead the struggle            has proven that we are not
    British from taking over our             In Nicaragua only a few          on behalf of our people to                  making any significant gains over
    country but in the end our brave     Garinagu exist and the culture       accomplish this goal. Yet, they             the years. The time has now come,
    King Chatoyer was forced to          is dying. In Honduras and            have not carved out a                       for a different group of leaders
    surrender on March 11, 1797. It      Guatemala, the Garinagu people       constructive and comprehensive              with vision to take us into a new
    is also 187 years since my           still have their culture intact      plan to fulfill their promises. For         direction because there is a lack
    ancestors left the shores of         but continue to face political       those who believe in those                  of visionary leadership in our
    Honduras to Belize after several     oppression and they are living in    individuals, I must warn them               communities today.
    of their relatives were massacred    extreme poverty compared to          that more accomplishments have                I am a Garifuna born and raised
    during the Honduran revolution-      the other citizens in their          been made by the Garinagu                   in the culture capital of Belize in
                                                                              culture collectively rather than            a place called Dangriga Town. I
                                                                              individually.                               have relatives in; Nicaragua,
                                                                                 The Garifuna individual place            Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and
                                                                              strong emphasis on family                   the United States who I have
                                                                              and culture. The role of their              shared these concerns with. Many
             #16 Burns Avenue San Ignacio Town, Cayo District                 ancestors in the upkeep and                 of them agree with me that this
                       Tel: 824-2031 Fax: 824-3029                            preservation of their culture is a          issue has been brought up by
                       Email:                            major component of their                    several Garifuna individuals but
                                                                              religious and cultural practices.           nobody wants to address it. I just
             PUBLIC NOTICE                                                        There will be several times in
                                                                              our lifetime, when the ancestors
                                                                                                                          hope and pray that a majority of
                                                                                                                          my people would take up this
          The Belize Bank Limited, San Ignacio Branch                         will empower members of our                 challenge so that we can begin a
         hereby advises the general public that its offices                   race to carry out meaningful                new journey.
                        will be closed on                                     activities on behalf of the                     We must consider bringing
                                                                              preservation of the culture. If             a case against the British
                Saturday, November, 20, 2010.                                 a Garifuna person is engaged                Government for forcefully
                                                                              in cultural activities that are             removing our people out of our
        The bank further advises that for your                                geared only towards his or her              native homeland St. Vincent
        everyday banking transactions during                                  own self-interest, our ancestors            and scattering us all over the
         the period when the bank is closed,                                  will not be pleased with those              Caribbean then dropping us off on
            Customers can use one of our                                      individuals.                                the island of Rotan Honduras like
             ATM’s located countrywide.                                            I have now come to the                 rejected cargoes. This act on
                                                                              conclusion, that too much of this           their part is inhumane and is in
           Customers can also use your Belize Bank                            is taking place in our society              violation of International Law as
                 VISA Debit or Credit Cards.                                  today in all the communities                is stated in the Human Rights
                                                                              where Garinagu reside. My                   Charter of the United Nations. We
       The Belize Bank Limited apologizes for any                             reason for this, is because these           deserve due compensation for the
             inconvenience this may cause.                                    individuals have failed to                  damages caused to us, which are
                                                                              implement any long term plan that           the main reasons why our people
       We take this opportunity to wish                                       will preserve the, language,
                                                                              religion, customs, traditions, arts,
                                                                                                                          are today living in deplorable
                                                                                                                          conditions in their respective
       all Belizeans a Happy and Safe                                         crafts and the other fundamental
                                                                              ingredients of our culture.
                                                                                                                               I ask that for this year ’s
           Garifuna Settlement Day                                                The 19th of November every
                                                                              year should be a moment and time
                                                                                                                          celebration, we ask ourselves
                                                                                                                          if we are satisfied with the state
                   Holiday.                                                   for us to re-examine what we have           of our culture today before we
                                                                              done to preserve and build on our           start celebrating.

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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -             STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 -    -          Page 5

     SANTA ELENA TOWN, Cayo                                                   to the Ambergris Hope Clinic
     District, Tuesday, November 9,                                           where on the advice of the
     2010:                                                                    medical officer on duty he was
       A funeral service was held this                                        rushed by boat to the Karl
     Tuesday evening for 24 year old                                          Heusner Memorial Hospital in
     Santa Elena resident, Lionel                                             Belize City for emergency
     Pinelo, who was fatally stabbed                                          medical treatment. Despite the
     on the island of San Pedro on                                            medical team’s best effort
     Friday, November 5, 2010.                                                Pinelo passed away shortly
       It is reported that Pinelo’s life                                      before 9:00 on Saturday,
     in Santa Elena was heading into                                          November 5, 2010.
     some turbulent times and in an                The Victim,                   Police investigation first led
     effort to change his lifestyle he           Lionel Pinelo, 24            to the detention of five men and      The Accused Murderer
     relocated to San Pedro Town           reportedly began between Pinelo    the formal arrest of one Jason           Jason Reyes, 21
     about 3 years ago where he            and the group of seven resulting   Reyes, 21, a resident of the        single murder charge was read
     worked as a furniture maker.          in one of them picking up a        Boca Del Rio area of San Pedro      to him by Magistrate Patricia
     Whilse working on the island he       broken bottle and, holding it by   Town, on the capital charge of      Arana after which he was
     made regular trips to Santa           the neck, the person inflicted a   murder.                             remanded to the Hattieville
     Elena to visit his 5 and 7 year       stab wound to Pinelo’s left rib      The accused appeared in San       Central Prison with orders to
     old children.                         cage.                              Pedro’s Magistrate Court on         be brought back to court on
        San Pedro police reports that        The injured Pinelo was rushed    Tuesday, November 9, where the      Wednesday, December 9, 2010.
     at around 9:30 p.m. on Friday,
     November 5, Pinelo was
     engaged in an altercation with a
     group of men from the Boca Del
     Rio area of San Pedro Town.
     The altercation reportedly
     occurred in front of Compadres
     Bar after which Pinelo departed
     the area. However, about two
     hours late , Pinelo returned to the
     area on a golf cart accompanied
     by four other persons.
        Whilst passing in front of the
     Compadres Bar they drove by a
     group of 3 men, standing outside
     the adjacent Rainbow Bar. One
     of the men reportedly stoned a
     bottle at the golf cart. Pinelo’s
     friend who was driving the cart
     reversed it towards the group
     that stoned the bottle. All five
     of them got off the cart and
     advanced towards the three men
     who were quickly joined by
     four others. A verbal exchange

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     Page 6 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788             -             -       Sunday, November 14, 2010

                                                                                                                having them neutered – instead
                                                                                                                of developing draconian
       Shanghai officials have re-     sanitation, the report said.        current range of 1,000 to 2,000      measures.
    portedly introduced a new            Under the policy, dog owners      yuan. Critics have said high            “The government should
    ‘one dog policy’, mirroring the    also must give their pets’          fees discourage people from reg-     improve public knowledge
    country’s one child policy, in     puppies to eligible no-dog          istering and vaccinating dogs.       about how to raise a dog and
    an attempt to free up living       households or to government-             The report quoted one           how to prevent them from
    space.                             approved adoption agencies          Shanghai dog-lover as saying         attacking people ... instead of
       A new draft dog law would       before the puppies reach three      officials should focus on            forcing us to raise one dog
    limit each household to just       months, the newspaper said.         educating citizens on how to         only,” a resident surnamed
    one canine, citing Shanghai’s      Dog ownership has grown             raise pets responsibly – such as     Wang said.
    population of 20 million           alongside China’s fast-expand-
    people and limited living space,   ing middle class with official
    the official China Daily           estimates putting Shanghai’s pet    Continued From Front Page            Church located across the
    reported.                          dog population at 800,000 –         car and rushed to the Loma           highway from the scene of the
       The government said tighter     although only a quarter of that     Luz Hospital where shortly           accident. A few minutes before
    regulation was needed due to       number are registered, the report   after arrival the child, with        the incident that ended his life,
    rampant barking, unscooped         said.                               severe head and body injuries,       Kean had just received his bible
    waste, and the growing risk of        The draft law also called for    was pronounced dead by Dr.           verse to memorize for the
    dog attacks, which affect          the annual licence fee to be cut    Joel Laza.                           Harvest ceremony when he
    the city’s environment and         to 300 yuan (£28) from the              The driver of the vehicle,       exited the church directly into
                                                                           Myra Samos, with visible             the path of the oncoming
                                                                           abrasions to the left hand           vehicle.
                                                                           (possibly a fracture) and                Organizers of theHarvest
                                                                           complaining with pain over her       Service are saying that the event
                                                                           body, was likewise rushed to         has been postponed from this
                                                                           the Loma Luz Hospital where          Sunday and that it might even
                                                                           she was admitted for treatment.      be cancelled.
                                                                              Samos has since been issued          Instead of a harvest, relatives
                                                                           with a Notice of Intended            and friends are now preparing to
                                                                           Prosecutions (NIP) as a more         lay little Kean Vasquez to rest.
                                                                           in-depth investigation continues.    He is survived by his mother,
                                                                           The vehicle remains parked           Rebecca Vasquez; father,
                                                                           at the police substation in          Aaron Lucas; brother, Keelon
                                                                           Georgeville.                         and sister, Ebony. He is also
     Pet dogs belonging to designer Hu Xi wear outfits designed by           The child was identified by the    survived by his maternal
     her in Beijing Photo: REUTERS 2:41PM GMT 11 Nov 2010                  mother to the police as Kean         grandmother and grandfather,
                                                                           Vasquez, 8, Belizean Standard        Carmela Caine and William
                                                                           1 student attending St. Hilda’s      “Bill” Jones, respectively. He is
                                                                           Anglican Primary School in           also survived by his paternal
                                                                           Georgeville.                         grandmother, Lorna Lucas as
                                                                               A close relative informed        well as by a host of aunts, uncles,
                                                                           that Kean was a part of a group      cousins other relatives and many
                                                                           practicing for this Sunday’s         friends including those from the
                                                                           Harvest inside the Pentecostal       school he attended.

                                                                             Vacancy Exists for the Position of:
                                                                                Jaguar Reef Lodge-Hopkins is looking for:
                                                                             Qualified waiters/waitress/ bartenders/ busboys
                                                                                     for its busy restaurants and bars.

                                                                                   • At least 2 years experience in a resort or
                                         Monday: Draft Beer $3.00
                                                                                             popular active restaurant.
                                         Tuesday: Local Rum $3.00                        • 2 letters of recommendation
                                       Wednesday: Panty Ripper $3.95                      • Working cell phone number
                                        Thursday: Pińa Colada $9.95
                                         Friday: Micheladas $4.00
                                                                                  • Willing to be flexible including holidays &
                                                                                                     long hours.
                                                                                    • Have access to housing in the area of
                                             The Home Of

          Mexican &
                                            MARGARITAS                       Salary: Negotiable Once Training & Evaluation is
                                              SPECIALS                                         Completed.
         Belizean Menu                    Mondays To Fridays:
                                                                                   For more information please contact:
         HAPPY HOUR                     Regular Margaritas: $6.95
                                        Straberry Margaritas: $7.95
                                                                                          Pierre (F&B Manager)
       Monday thru Friday
          5 to 7 P.M                      Blue Margaritas: $8.95      or call #520-7040

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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -        STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 - -   Page 7

     Cayo District, Wednesday,
     November 10, 2010:
         A Belizean laborer,
     from the San Martin
     area on the outskirts of
     the City of Belmopan
     was today charged for
     drug trafficking in San
     Ignacio’s Magistrate
         Information reaching
     us indicate that at around
     8 :00 p.m. on November                  WANTED FOR
     8, a lone policeman was
                                        DRUG TRAFFICKING
     driving his personal
                                                Jose Giron
     vehicle en route to Santa
     Familia from San Ignacio
     when upon reaching near
     the Branch Community
     his attention was drawn to
     two suspicious persons
     riding ahead of him on
     two separate bicycles.
       Upon approaching, one
     of them carrying a black
     knapsack sped off and
     took the bag off his back
     and threw it into nearby
     bushes after which he
     returned to the other
     one who pretended to be            INCARCERATED FOR
     fixing his bicycle. The             COURT FINE OWED
     police stopped the vehicle             Edwin Paula, 26
     and upon questioning them ued en route to the San Ignacio
     they identified themselves police station where both parcels
     as Jose Jiron, 27, Belizean were weighed in the presence of
     laborer from Teakettle Village the accused Edwin Paula. The
     and Edwin Paula, 26, Belizean first parcel tipped the scale at
     laborer residing at #124 St. 907 grams and the other
     Mathew Street, San Martin, weighed in at 1360 grams all for
     Belmopan.                           a total of 2,267 grams. Paula
         The policeman called for was subsequently arrested and
     backup from the officer charged for drug trafficking
     stationed in Santa Familia while up to press time Jose Jiron
     who arrived shortly thereafter. remains at large.
     In the presence of the two              Paula appeared in San
     detainees the two policemen Ignacio’s Magistrate Court on
     found the black knapsack Wednesday, November 10,
     containing two compressed where he pleaded not guilty to
     tape wrapped parcels which the drug trafficking charge. The
     when opened were both found case was adjourned until
     to contain suspected marijuana. Tuesday, December 28, 2010.
     Additional backup was Before Paula could leave the
     requested from the Quick dock Magistrate Albert Hoare
     Response Team arriving recognized him as a individual
     shortly thereafter in the police whom he has dealt with before
     mobile. Both detainers were in Belmopan’s Magistrate’s
     subsequently placed in the Court and when the records
     police vehicle for the ride to the were checked in Belmopan
     San Ignacio police station. Jiron was found defaulting in
     Upon slowing down at a pedes- the payment of a $10,000
     trian crossing at the entrance to drug trafficking fine in that
     the San Ignacio Juan Layout, jurisdiction. Magistrate Hoare
     Jose Jiron reportedly jumped out consequently ordered that he be
     of the vehicle and escaped into remanded to prison until the
     the darkness. The team contin- outstanding $7,753 is paid.

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     Page 8 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788              -                  -        Sunday, November 14, 2010
                                                                             thinking out of the box is good           values and it may not
                                                                             but know when you are veering             appeal to your superiors. Lucky
               ARIES:                                                        off track .Lucky Numbers: 03,             Numbers: 07, 64, 85.
              March 22 to                                                    47, 62.
                                                   August 22 to
               April 20                                                                                                             PISCES:
                                                   September 21
       You must get cracking and                                                        AQUARIUS:                                   February 20 to
                                            You are likely to take your
    there is no more time you can                                                       January 21 to                                  March 21
                                        own growth a little more
    afford to waste, especially if                                                      February 19                           There will be better
                                        seriously as you see a lot of good
    there are worries related to                                                It is a phase when you could           camaraderie at work. You come
                                        coming out of it for a number of
    money. You will have to drop the                                         be very introspective. You try to         across like-minded people who
                                        people. You may push in a
    “we’ll see as it comes”                                                  do well in all aspects but it             share similar interests. Your
                                        completely new direction also.
    approach. It is vital to curb he                                         may actually cause a burnout.             performance is better and that in
                                        Be brave and surge ahead
    expenses and pay off debts. Do                                           One can never really please               turn gives you more satisfaction.
                                        without doubting yourself. It
    not commit to any new business                                           everybody so don’t raise                  On the personal front, romance
                                        will do you good to keep views
    proposals or schemes. Lucky                                              expectations of people. You may           is in the air. Lucky Numbers:
                                        about other people’s perfor-
    Numbers: 12, 56, 82.                                                     lay excessive emphasis on                 33, 48, 95.
                                        mance to yourself. Lucky
                                        Numbers:18, 39, 86.
           April 21 to May 21                        LIBRA:                  Notice is hereby given that under         Notice is hereby given that under
                                                                             the Intoxicating Liquor License           the Intoxicating Liquor License
       Flippancy and gimmickry                    September 22 to            Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws         Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
    have now been put aside and                   October 23                 of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that     of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
    there is a genuine seriousness         The time for thinking and         MARGE & TOM GALLAGHER                     STEVEN & MIRIAM PLAYER
    about you as you convey to all      planning is over. It time for        are applying for the renewal of their     are applying for the renewal of their
    that you mean business. You set     action. Risks will be there and      RESTAURANT LIQUOR LICENSE                 MALT & CIDER LIQUOR
    your claim to money, prestige                                            for the year 2011 to operate              LICENSE for the year 2011 to
                                        so will the costs. Believe in your
                                                                             MOONRACER FARM LODGING                    operate COOMBE HARDING
    and power. You will be desirous     abilities and take on the            & TOURS located at Mile 9, Moun-          located in the village of Cristo Rey in
    of displaying authority in          challenges. Cursory caution          tain Pine Ridge Road, Cayo District.      the Cayo District.
    all possible areas. Lucky           should not be abandoned. Read
    Numbers: 19, 36, 68.                documents carefully before           Notice is hereby given that under         Notice is hereby given that under
                                        signing them. Lucky Numbers:         the Intoxicating Liquor License           the Intoxicating Liquor License
                                                                             Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws         Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
               GEMINI:                  05, 44, 69.                          of Belize, Revised Edition 2000,          of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
          May 22 to June 21                                                  that ROSALILIA CASTILLO is                FREDERICK WARRIOR                    is
      Acts of charity will draw you                   SCORPIO:               applying for a MALT & CIDER               applying for his PUBLICAN
    and you do your part without                    October 24 to            LIQUOR LICENSE for the                    SPECIAL LIQUOR LICENSE for
    any concern for what you                        November 21              remainder of 2010 to operate LAS          the year 2011 to operate RIVERSIDE
    gain out of it. What bothers you                                         PALOMAS located on 18th Street,           LODGE located in the village of
                                          The results and outcomes you
                                                                             San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District.    Bullet Tree Falls in the Cayo District.
    is your individual growth           have been seeking now come
    and you try to tackle that by       to you. Some favourable deal         Notice is hereby given that under
    increasing your efficiency at       may be struck. There are also        the Intoxicating Liquor License
    work and through academic           indications of new business          Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
    pursuit. Lucky Numbers: 24,         contacts getting established.        of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
                                                                             DIANA CHULIN is applying for the
    55, 78.                             You may explore new possibili-       renewal of her PUBLICAN
                                        ties and may even consider           SPECIAL LIQUOR LICENSE for
                 CANCER:                exploring an unconventional          the year 2011 to operate DIANA’S
                June 22 to              career option. Lucky Numbers:        BAR located in Cristo Rey Village in
                  July 23               20, 34, 77.                          the Cayo District.                              For All Your Lumber Needs
       Your personal equations will
    be good and you draw strength              SAGITTARIUS:                                                             EMPLOYMENT
    and satisfaction from them.                  November 22 to                                                        OPPORTUNITIES
    Work will no less than                      December 21
    hard physical labour. Be               It is a time for one major
    prepared. But your sign is more     wish fulfillment. It could be a
    comfortable when relationships      project that you have worked
    are in order. Rest can be dealt     on in the recent past. You             Applications are now being accepted for the positions
    with. Lucky Numbers: 06, 32,        may earn brownie points in your        of Curator and Office Assistant for Belize Botanic
    74                                  community through philan-              Gardens.
                                        thropic acts. Individuals              CURATOR: Applicants need a strong environmental commitment
                  LEO:                  who feel emotionally unsteady          and knowledge of conservation issues,excellent management skills,
                 July 24 to             should spare time for                  project management experience, degree in horticulture, botany,
                 August 21              meditation. Lucky Numbers:             environmental science or related field, grant writing experience a plus.
      It is a time when your name,      27, 72, 89.                            Minimum 2 years relevant experience.
    fame and reputation in your field
    of work get a boost. You feel               CAPRICORN:                     GARDEN ADMINISTRATOR: Applicants require excellent
    good and may even celebrate                 December 22 to                 written and spoken English, good organizational skills, horticultural
    your success. Do acknowledge                January 20                     experience, great people skills and excellent references. Minimum 2
    the people who you feel have          Too much to do and too little        years relevant experience.
    helped you in your ascent. Be       time may cause errors. Think,            Email resume to by November 30,
    careful though and do not take      plan and act rationally. Work                                           2010
    upon other people’s problems as     hard and work towards earning
    your own. Lucky Numbers:            more but keep time for loved                      Learn more about our organization at
    50, 71, 96.                         ones. Also, remember that                     

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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -       STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 - -   Page 9

                                 PUBLIC NOTICE OF INVESTMENT
       Notice given, pursuant to the Social Security Act, Chapter 44 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition
       2003(Investment Framework, Section 49):

       The Social Security Board, in its meeting of 2 November 2010, passed a resolution to approve the
       Investment Committee’s recommendation to invest the sum of $50,000,000 (Fifty Million Dollars)
       in the purchase of 10 million Ordinary Shares of Belize Telemedia Limited, at the price of $5.00 per
       share. These shares were offered for sale by the Government of Belize on 15 October 2010.

       The objectives of the investment are to grow the Fund by maximizing the total rate of return within
       prudent and acceptable levels of risk and liquidity, and to secure the economic well being of all
       contributors to the Fund.

       Members of the public wishing to express any concern may send a copy of this notice along with
       your comments to:

                                                    Chief Executive Officer
                                                     Social Security Board
                                                          P.O. Box 18
                                                    Belmopan City, Belize

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     Page 10 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788          -   -     Sunday, November 14, 2010

        Parcel No. 255 in Block No. 32 in the Esperanza Registration Area,Esperanza Village,
        Cayo District, measuring 4,385.373 Square Meters, being the property of Ervin Duncan
        Gordon and George A. Gordon with TITLE ABSOLUTE. The land is fully developed
        with frontage to the Western Highway, with full access to Water, Electricity, Cable,
        Telephone and Internet.
                         Contact Ervin Duncan Gordon at 8042509 at anytime.


                                                                   Santa E


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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -       STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 - -   Page 11

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     Page 12 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788               -             -      Sunday, November 14, 2010

                What Belizean Women Want                                     Por: Alejandro Ríos                 incriminan a los más altos
      George and his wife were ly-      thumbing through the pages.                Las declaraciones de          mandos del gobierno anterior.
    ing in bed the other night when       His wife was a little annoyed.     Robert Hertular, quien fuera        En su declaración Hertular
    he noticed she had bought a new     "Hey, what do you think you're       acusado por las autoridades         afirmo a la DEA que desde 1987,
    book to bed entitled, "What All     doing?"                              norteamericanas por tráfico de      es miembro de la “organización
    Belizean Women Want."                George calmly replied, "I just      drogas, y que fuera extraditado     Fonseca” afirmando que es un
      George grabbed the book out       wanted to see if they spelled        en el año 2004 a una prisión fed-   grupo dedicado al narcotráfico
    of her hands and started            my name right."                      eral de los Estados Unidos, para    y el lavado de dinero en los
                                                                             purgar una pena de 33 años de       Estados Unidos y Europa, en su
                   A Drunk’s Brilliant Idea                                  prisión, abrió una cloaca de        declaración a la corte se
     A drunk in a bar pukes all over    gave you some cash to cover the      escándalo en nuestro país, esto     especifica la implicación de el
    his own shirt, which was brand      cleaning bill.”                      debido a que sus declaraciones      entonces primer ministro Said
    new before he came in. “Damn,”         So the drunk goes home and        han sido un detonante de una        Muza y también de una
    he says. “I puked on my shirt       tells his wife about the guy who     bomba anunciada.                    institución bancaria beliceña. Se
    again. If the wife finds out,       puked on him. She reaches               Hertular fue acusado por la      abrió una puerta que nadie
    she’s gonna kill me.”               into his pocket and finds two        DEA de ingresar a los Estados       quería abrir, precisamente
        “Not to worry,” says the        twenties. “Why are there two         Unidos mas de 6 toneladas de        porque pone al descubierto al
    bartender as he sticks a $20 bill   twenties?” she asks.                 cocaína, con la ayuda del           partido azul, con todas sus
    in the drunk’s pocket. “Just tell     The drunk replies, “Oh, yeah,      entonces grupo gubernamental,       marañas negras y corruptibles,
    her someone puked on you and        he crapped in my pants, too.”        encabezado por el entonces          no hay que olvidar el caso de la
               Inviting A Bachelor To Supper                                 ministro Ralph Fonseca.             esposa de Ralph Fonseca,
       “Honey,” said Tom to his         cooking a fancy meal!”                 El agente federal antidrogas de   detenida en el aeropuerto
    wife, “I invited a friend home       “I know all that.” responded Tom.   los Estados Unidos Raymond          internacional de Miami, cuando
    for supper.”                           “Then why did you invite a        Kelly así como el agente federal    poseía 1.5 millones de dólares
      “What? Are you crazy? The         friend for supper?”                  encubierto Vince Willians,          americanos en efectivo, mismos
    house is a mess, I haven’t been         “Because the poor fool’s         estuvieron realizando los           que pretendía depositar en las
    shopping, all the dishes are        thinking about getting               contactos con Hertular, como        Islas Caymán, además del
    dirty, and I don’t feel like        married.”                            supuestos narcotraficantes          escándalo desatado cuando
                                                                             encubiertos para desarticular       perdió la vida el hijo de Ralph,
                                                                             este grupo delictivo, lo que        debido que el joven estudiante
                                                                             nunca imaginaron fue que al ten-    le heredo a su padre una fortuna
                                                                             der la trampa contra Hertular,      de millones de dólares ¿??. Pero
                                                                             aparecerían los nombres del         si eso no fuera poco, hay que
                                                                             entonces ministro de policía        recordar el caso de Eligió
                                                                             Ralph Fonseca, así como a           Briceño padre del líder del PUP
                                                                             complicidad del entonces Primer     John Briceño, quien también
                                                                             Ministro Said Muza y el             fuera detenido por agentes
                                                                             comisionado de policía. Hertular    antidrogas en la ciudad de Mi-
                                                                             fue sentenciado y las pruebas       ami Florida, hay que recordar
                                                                             grabadas en las llamadas            que Briceño fue ministro de
                                                                             telefónicas, entre los agentes      energía y comunicaciones en el
                                                                             encubiertos y el narcotraficante,      Please Turn To Page 13

                                                                                     Cayes resort looking for honest,
                                                                                 hardworking employees for the following
                                                                               Housekeeper/waitress with pleasant personality and

                                                                               Staff Cook with experience in preparation of Belizean cuisine

                                                                               Guest Cook with past resort experience

                                                                               Maintenance Personnel with experience in:
                                                                                                  Diesel Generators
                                                                                                  Outboard Engines
                                                                                                  Air Conditioning

                                                                                          Mail resumes and references to:
                                                                                          Human Resources Department
                                                                                                   PO Box 1676
                                                                                                    Belize City

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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -            STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 -    -                  Page 13
                                                                                                                  efforts at good practices.The
                                                                                                                  overarching objective is to
                                                                                                                  protect employees and self
     BELIZE CITY, Monday,                 which 696 of them resulted in      workplace.                           employed persons from the
     November 9, 2010:                    disabilities and 38 in deaths.       3. To sensitize the participants   debilitating physical, psycho-
        The Social Security Board in        Ms. Marian McNab, CEO in         about the proposed OSH               logical and emotional effects of
     partnership with the Ministry of     the Ministry of Labor, presented   legislation.                         worksite injury and occupational
     Labour is holding its first          an overview of the proposed          4. To challenge participants to    diseases.
     annual national Occupational         Occupational Safety and Health     engage in at least one new OSH          All the presentations will
     Safety and Health Conference         Bill which will be submitted to    effort to improve the work           be available on the Social
     during November 9 – 10, 2010         Cabinet next week.                 environment.                         Security website, www.
     at the Belize Biltmore Plaza,          The overall objectives of the        5. To recognize employers after the
     Belize City.                         conference are:                    who are currently making             conference.
        Participants from the various        1. To utilize existing best
     local sectors are presenting         practices within Belizean
     on relevant Occupational             industries to promote good
     Safety and Health topics at the      Occupational Safety and Health       Continued From Page 12             de prisión en los Estados
     conference.          During the      practices in all workplaces.       Gobierno de George Price,            Unidos, es definitivo que se
     opening ceremony held this              2. To increase awareness        pueden checar          logro a base de investigación de
     morning, Mrs. Merlene                of safety practices in the         time/magazine/article/               años, como consta en el
     Martinez, Chief Executive                                               0,9171966866-2,00.html . O su        expediente policiaco y la
     Officer Social Security Board,                                          caso publicado por el gobierno       declaración que inmiscuye a los
     highlighted the fact that Social                                        de los Estados Unidos en http://     Fonseca y Muza, pueden checar
     Security is in a unique position                              
     as it relates to vital information                                      america-elijio-briceno-              2 nd -c i rc ui t /1 3 37 78 5 . h tml
     available about the characteris-                                        37147101 Lo cuestionable es          Ahora que va a pasar con los
     tics of employment injuries.                                            ¿porque nunca supo la opinión        acusados, habrá seguimiento,
       The conference is designed to                                         publica? Porque los argumentos       pero los Estados Unidos
     bring much needed awareness to                                          han sido que con este dinero se      destaparon una cloaca, que va a
     the relevant stakeholders. In her                                       financiaban las campañas del         ser difícil de cerrar, Pero será el
     message, the CEO revealed                                               partido azul, la verdad esta         tiempo…el implacable tiempo el
     that in the last 5 years, Social                                        saliendo a la luz publica todo por   que nos de la razón, o el
     Security recorded 12,214 cases                                          un antecedente policiaco, si         privilegio de equivocarnos, solo
     of employment injury, of                                                Robert Hertular recibió 33 años      el tiempo, usted que opina?

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     Page 14 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788           -             -      Sunday, November 14, 2010
                                                                                                             in San Ignacio.
                                                                                                                The website promoting this
                                                                                                             international day of recognition
    BY: Peace Corps Volunteer,                                                                               states that, “International
    Christa Barker                                                                                           Men’s Day began on
       In an effort to recognize                                                                             November 19th 1999 in
    positive male role-models and to                                                                         Trinidad and Tobago and was
    promote International Men’s                                                                              supported by the United
    Day (Nov 19th), Peace Corps                                                                              Nations. The event received
    Volunteers Emily White and                                                                               wide support from men’s
    Christa Barker met with                                                                                  groups in USA, Europe, Africa,
    youth members of the                                                                                     Asia and the Caribbean.
    Cornerstone Youth Ambassa-                                                                                  This is an excellent idea and
    dors Program (YAP) for a                                                                                 would give some gender
    chance to discuss what a                                                                                 balance. Objectives of Interna-
    role-model is and to recognize                                                                           tional Men’s Day include a
    the good men in our lives.                                                                               focus on men’s and boy’s
       The group talked about how      the time we focus on women       their families and giving back to    health, improving gender
    it’s important to recognize and    and children and forget to       the community.                       relations,promoting gender
    respect the men we know who        appreciate the men who are         The youth shared stories about     equality and highlighting
    are leading good lives. Much of    leading good lives, supporting   men they know and respect and        positive male role models. It is
                                                                        then made posters which              an occasion for me to celebrate
                                                                        creatively expressed their ideas     their achievements and
                                                                        of a good role-model or their        contributions, in particular
            #31 Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town, Cayo                gratitude towards role-models        for their contributions to
                       Tel: 824-2160                                    they have - such as fathers,         community, family, marriage
         Offering the Best Prices in General                            uncles, older brothers and           and child care.”
                                                                        teachers. The posters are               For more information you
        Merchandise, Grocery and Hardware.                              available to view at the Corner-     can visit the website:
        We are offering 10% DISCOUNT on certain                         stone Foundations office located

        PHONE: (501)824 -2102; 824- 2758; FAX: 824 - 3759.

              Sacred Heart College
               Grand Raffle of the
           House and lot previously
        scheduled for drawing on July
         3rd, 2010, has been postponed
           until December 18th, 2010.                                    1998 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 1 ½
                                                                         cabin heavy and reliable working
        Tickets can be bought from any                                   truck, a/c, 2 WD, stereo, additional
        SHC student or faculty member.                                    camper for sale 8,000 BZ$
                                                                         (4,500 BZ$ duty paid)
         Tickets that were previously                                    Yamaha keyboard DGX 220 portable 76-key keyboard, played less
            bought are still valid.                                      than 100 hours for 500 BZ$
                                                                         100 young date palm trees in planting bags - become beautiful huge
                                                                         trees (like huge umbrellas) after 4 years giving delicious sweet fruits
          Support Sacred Heart College.                                  Please call 629-4628 and leave your name and phone number on the
                                                                         mailbox (as we're located in Arenal Village with no phone signal most
                 Sorry for any inconvenience caused.                     of the day) or better yet, send us an email to

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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -            STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 -       -               Page 15

                                                                                                                      medical supplies equipment
                                                                                                                      Doroteia Pathways Foundation
     SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo                                                                                           donated to Belize.
     District, Thursday, November                                                                                     Last but by no means least,
     11, 2010:                                                                                                        Doroteia Pathways Foundation
         In continuance of its annual                                                                                 extends a special thank you to
     humanitarian drive, Robert                                                                                       the Management and Staff
     Trausch of Doroteia Pathways                                                                                     of the San Ignacio Center of
     Foundation are back in town                                                                                      Employment Training for
     sharing materials and supplies.                                                                                  providing storage space.
        The recepients include the
     Army Cadet Corp receiving a
     computer and uniforms.
       Robert also donated a bicycle
     to be used by the Cadets as a
     raffle prize in helping raise
     money for the purchase of
     equipment and items needed by        of so many young people.            Octavia Waight, Belize Zoo,
     the cadets. An additional $50.00         He additionally thanked         Humane Society, Belmopan
     will be donated by Trausch to the    Bismillah Stores for selling the    Hospital and the San Ignacio
     cadet team selling the most raffle   bicycle at a discounted price.      Hospital.
     tickets.                                  Apart from running o17             Doroteia extends special
        In making the presentation        scholarships, Doroteia Pathways     thanks to Richard Tzul and
     Robert thanked the cadet             Foundation is also engaged in       members of the Rotary Club of
     supervisors who freely give          distribution of medical supplies    San Ignacio and the teachers                Robert Trausch of
     their time in trying to make a       and this years recepients include   from Benque Viejo for the help              Doroteia Pathways
     positive difference in the lives     the Benque Medical Clinic,          in unloading and distributing the              Foundation

                                                   Elections & Boundaries Department
                                                       Mahogany Street Extension
                                                        P.O. Box 913, Belize City

        Telephone: 501-222-4042/4992                                          Fax: 501-222-4991
        E-mail:                                            Website:

       Please Quote:
                                                Vacancies - Village Councils
      The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 7 of the Village Council
      Act, Chapter 88 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003 the following Village Council has declared
      vacancies within its coundil as follows:

                   District                   Village                          Name                        Position                Reason

                   Cayo                    Duck Run 1                     Johan Reimer                     Member               Resignation
                                                                          Juan Gonzalez                    Member               Resignation
                                                                       Adolfo Ruben Carillo                Member               Resignation
                                                                        Eddie Noel Escobar                 Member               Resignation

      By-election - Duck Run 1 Village

      The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 9(2) of the Village
      Council Act, Chapter 88 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, by-election to fill the vacant posts of members in the Duck Run 1
      Village Council is scheduled for Sunday December 5th, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

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     Page 16 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788          -   -   Sunday, November 14, 2010

                                                                     We are located off Joseph Andrews Drive, near
                                                                     the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town. Call us at
                                                                     824-2076 or 670-2329 E-mail:
            AS A
         An experienced
        Resort Manager
      with 7 years formal
           education in
       Management and
      15 years experience
               as a
        Resort Manager,
          experience in
          absolutely all
       departments, very
        strong in budget,
       cost control, guest
        relations, food &
         beverage, staff
          tours, sales &
       in website creation
       and search engine
      speaks 5 languages
       and working with
        love & passion is
           looking for a
        beautiful place to
      Please contact me via email

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     Sunday, November 14, 2010 -        STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 -      -               Page 17

                                                                                                                where the entire student body of
                                                                                                                almost 400 children assembled
     Continued From Front Page                                                                                  on the school’s square to
     the area.                                                                                                  welcome the team and to accept
        Some members of the team                                                                                the gifts they brought. During
     took time out from working                                                                                 the event each member of
     on the church to visit and                                                                                 the team took the opportunity
     distribute school supplies to                                                                              to individually introduce
     Sacred Heart Primary School,                                                                               themself to the assembled
     Faith Nazarene Primary School                                                                              students and teachers.
     and St. Andrew Anglican                                                                                         In expressing the school’s
     Primary School in San Ignacio                                                                              appreciation for the supplies
     as well as six other village                                                                               Principal Kathleen Staine
     schools in the community.                                                                                  assured the team that the
       The Mission To Belize team is                                 Principal Kathleen Staine (R)
                                                                                                                supplies would be put to good
     headed by Dave Dietrich and                                   addressing the team and students             use and that she hopes that this
     his wife Terry from Abiding       and Liliana Degues, Joe               Elementary School in Pearland,     will be the first of many other
     Harvest Church in Oklahoma.       Watkins and Diane Dreitzler.          Texas, USA.                        visits to the school. She wished
        The other ten members all         In a brief chat with the              Seven members of the team       them an enjoyable time in Belize
     from the Shepherd of the Heart    STAR Newspaper Elaine                 visited St. Andrew’s Anglican      and a safe return at the end of
     United Methodist Church in        informed that while several           School on Wednesday morning        their Mission to Belize.
     Pearland, Texas include Steve     companies in Pearland assisted
     and Elaine Welcome, David         with shipping costs and the
     and Sharon Stoneham, Paul         containers, the supplies were
     and Barbara Hamilton, Gene        all donated by Silver Creek

                                                                                      Student displaying some of the materials

                                                                 Elections & Boundaries Department
                                                                     Mahogany Street Extension
                                                                      P.O. Box 913, Belize City
                                         Telephone: 501-222-4042/4992                                         Fax: 501-222-4991
                                         E-mail:                                           Website:


        TEL: 824:2959                   Please Quote:
         Now Offering
       6” Cement Blocks                                        Vacancies - Village Councils
        For Only $1.10                 The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 7 of the Village Council
                                       Act, Chapter 88 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003 the following Village Council has declared
        Also providing top             vacancies within its coundil as follows:
          quality Dressed
        & Rough, Hardwood
      and Mahogany Lumber,                       District          Village                   Name                Position          Reason
       Sand, Cement, Steel,                       Cayo             Armenia                 Job Lopez              Member        Resignation
        Plywood, Celotex,
        Roofing, Doors And
        A Whole Lot More.
                                        By-election - Armenia Creek Village

                                           The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 9(2) of the Village
                                           Council Act, Chapter 88 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, by-election to fill the vacant
      Efficient Service and                posts of members in the Armenia Village Council is scheduled for Sunday December 5th, 2010 from
      Low Prices Everyday!                 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

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     Page 18 - STAR - Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788          -   -   Sunday, November 14, 2010

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shenreng9qgrg132 shenreng9qgrg132 http://