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					                             COMPASSIONATE NEWS
                             A Publication of CARE (Compassion for Animals—Respect for the Environment, Inc.)          Spring 2005

VOLUNTEERING: OPPORTUNITIES TO                                                               UP ‘N COMING
MAKE A DIFFERENCE                                                                            CARE EVENTS
     CARE has always encouraged our         folding table and one or more chairs
members to volunteer and participate        are needed as well. CARE will supply
in our events, and we’ve been               all of these items. Coordinators are             All events are vegan. Vegan is
extremely fortunate to have the help        also responsible for scheduling                  defined as containing no meat,
of many dedicated people over the           volunteers to staff the table and                fish, fowl or other animal products
years. Nonetheless, we still need more      contacting them if an event is                   such as dairy, eggs or honey.
volunteers! Sometimes getting               cancelled or postponed. Finally, a               CARE encourages the use of public
involved is a bit easier when you           coordinator is responsible for setting           transport and carpooling to events.
know more about the activity you’re         up and breaking down the table. It is            SEPTA: 215-580-7800 or
jumping into. With that in mind,            not as much work as it sounds if you   
below is a description of the areas         are organized and have enough                    Carpool info:
where CARE needs the most help              reliable people to help staff the table
along with what you, as a                   throughout the course of the event.              THURSDAY, MARCH 17
compassionate person committed to                • Volunteers staffing a table               Great American Meatout
creating a cruelty-free world, can do.      should be ready to engage interested             11am-3pm Sykes Hall, West Chester
     Tabling                                passersby in the many reasons for an             University, West Chester, PA
     The goal of tabling is imparting       ethically based vegan diet. You do               Volunteer at CARE’s table and
information and, ultimately, changing       NOT need to have encyclopedic                    encourage students to give up meat for
hearts and minds. For most volunteers       knowledge of animal rights history or            one day. Contact Gene Liberace at
who have ever tabled for CARE, the          philosophy to do this. It is enough to
experience has been rewarding and           simply be aware of the cruelties and             SUNDAY, MARCH 20
enjoyable.                                  environmental problems inherent in
     • Coordinators are the crux of a       modern agriculture and to want to                Brunch—Manor House Bed
tabling event. They need to have            convincingly discuss these issues.               & Breakfast
tabling materials on hand—generally              • Volunteers staffing a table need          11:30am-2pm 210 Virginia Avenue,
literature, signage, sign-up sheets, and    to be vegetarian.                                Phoenixville, PA
donation can. At most venues, a                                 Continued on page 2          Join us to celebrate the Great
                                                                                             American Meatout with a gourmet
                                                                                             vegan meal prepared by Harriet

 CARE CROSSROADS...                                                                          Chachkes. $12-15 per person.
                                                                                             Reservations are required. Call Lee
                                                                                             Ruslander at 610-857-2339.
      There was a lot to be thankful for at this year’s annual Vegetarian
 Thanksgiving. First and foremost was the camaraderie of like-minded souls,                  SUNDAY, APRIL 3
 followed by the many delicious homemade vegan dishes. There was the                         Annual Meeting
 music provided by Bob Pyle, a vegan entertainer up from Baltimore for the                   1-4pm SuTao Café, 81 Lancaster
 event. There was the wealth of information provided by Nick Cooney at the                   Avenue, Malvern, PA
 Hugs for Puppies table; Jeanette Fox at the Arbonne International Vegan                     CARE’s Seventh Annual General
 Cosmetics and Personal Care table; and, of course, our own Maryanne Appel                   Membership Meeting with a vegan
 at the CARE table. And then there was the shopping—at the jewelry, flea                     dinner, music, and guest speaker, Rob
 market, and raffle tables. Thanks to all who volunteered their time to make                 Teti, DVM, Executive Director of
                                                                                             Chenoa Manor. For details, call
 this a special event and to those who donated money, jewelry, and raffle or                 Maryanne Appel at 610-497-8927.
 flea market items. Of the money raised, CARE donated $100 to The Cow
 Sanctuary in Shiloh, NJ.                                                                    SUNDAY, APRIL 17
      Once again Nan Cardella graciously hosted our annual holiday potluck
 dinner at her home in Plymouth Meeting where there were many vegan                          Info Table at Philly’s Earth
 delights—and many talented vegan musicians!                                                 Day Fair
      Unfortunately our dinner for January at the Green Papaya in Exton was                  1-5pm Wissahickon Charter School,
 snowed out, leaving many disappointed and hungry people.                                    4700 Wissahickon Avenue,
      Congratulations to Board Member Barbara Ciuffetelli and husband Bernie                 Philadelphia, PA
 on the birth of their daughter, Eva, born on October 29, 2004.                              Help staff CARE’s table and educate
      Thanks to the John Paul Foundation for the $1,000 grant to CARE (our                   the public on the effects of meat
                                                                                             eating on the environment. Call
 first grant!) and much appreciation to Barb Riebman of Mobilization for                     Sheryl Richman at 215-242-0465 to
 Animals for making this possible.                                                           volunteer.
      CARE continues to grow! Thirty-two new people joined CARE in 2004,                                    Continued on page 3
 for a total of 114 members. This compares to 101 members in 2003.
                     CARE                                         INSIDE OUT
        Compassion for Animals—
     Respect for the Environment, Inc.
           is an all-volunteer,                                  SONO VEGETARIANO
      nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.                                 Every few years I repeat what is now becoming a ritual visit to keep the
                                                                 connection alive with my relatives in Italy. Since my first visit in 1977 they’ve
              Board of Directors                                 always been incredibly hospitable—they have to be—it’s a Sicilian thing.
    Maryanne Appel, President .. 610-497-8927                         In 2001, the family of one cousin questioned me about the use of the death
    Lydia Chaudhry, VP ............... 610-570-3858              penalty in the U.S. (Italy is the world’s leading nation in the opposition to the
    Barbara Ciuffetelli, Secretary ... 610-869-4859              death penalty and was largely responsible for its outlawing in the European
    Gene Liberace, Treasurer ...... 610-827-0879
    Mike Picofsky ........................ 610-565-6748          Union.) I promised them I would look into it back in the States, which I did. In
    Lee Ruslander ........................ 610-857-2339          doing so, through one of those “coincidences” we all have in life, I received a
    Renee Talley .......................... 610-701-9283         flyer on the gestation crates used for pigs. I was outraged and didn’t know what I
    Marian Walker ....................... 610-399-0138           could do. The White Dog Café was mentioned in the flyer so I called them and
                                                                 eventually attended their showing of “The Witness” on February 9, 2002. I
           Compassionate News                                    became a vegetarian from that day on.
    Maryanne Appel .............................. Advisor             In my next letter to Italy, which I copied to all three cousins’ families, I told
    Lydia Chaudhry ............................... Advisor
    Sheryl Richman .................................. Editor
                                                                 them what had happened and not to worry about the death penalty for humans
    Mary Yeaple ....................................... Design   when billions of times as many animals receive the death penalty each year after
    The Ink Spot .................................... Printing   being tortured first. I also stuffed each envelope full of leaflets. Well, thank
    The individual views expressed in articles                   heaven for the Sicilian respect thing because in this year’s trip, at all of the
    published in Compassionate News do not                       parties, they went out of their way to have special vegetarian plates for me.
    necessarily reflect the policy or position of                Overall, though, there was a pall of sadness hanging over the remaining six
                                                                 weeks of this trip. I soon came to the realization that a lot of my former
                                                                 enjoyment had to do with what I thought at the time was the excellent (animal-
               Contacting CARE                                   based) cuisine. Now, as a vegetarian/vegan, every time I saw the common sight of
    Address:         P. O. Box 847                               an animal carcass chained upside down in the ubiquitous local butcher shops or
                     West Chester, PA 19381                      the veal and swordfish on the menus or the many pellicerie (fur shops) in the
    Phone:           610-497-8927                                towns (many Italian women wear real furs—and leather along with the men), I
    Web site:                  felt a pang of pain. It was so frustrating not being able to do anything to help on
                                                                 such a short stay. I can only hope that the words “sono vegetariano” (I am
              Mission Statement                                  vegetarian) which I prefixed to every food order in every restaurant where I ate
         CARE is dedicated to promoting                          may be recalled some day when they hear it again—and they will.
          compassionate living through                                                                          —Mike Picofsky, CARE Board Member
            education and activism.
                                                                 VOLUNTEERING (continued)
                                                                      Veggie Fest and Vegetarian Thanksgiving
                                                                      These are CARE’s flagship events and have helped increase our membership
                                                                 and give us visibility throughout the Delaware Valley area. As such, CARE would
                                                                 like to continue and expand them as much as possible. These events are large
                                                                 and involved and ideally should have 4 to 5 person committees willing to
                                                                 correspond and meet occasionally to effectively plan and execute them.
    CARE—saving animals one meal at a time                            • Logistical planners to reserve parks, churches, and other meeting sites as
                                                                 well as getting permits, etc. as needed.
                                                                      • “Go-getters” to solicit donations and participation from grocers, health
VEGETARIAN                                                       food stores, vegetarian food manufacturers, restaurants, etc. This involves a
                                                                 willingness to spend a fair amount of time using email or phone to contact and
COMMERCIALS                                                      follow up with potential donors.
    Hugs for Puppies is producing ads                                 • People to recruit and keep track of the participating organizations who
for MTV to spread the message of                                 have display tables at Veggie Fest.
compassion and vegetarianism. With                                    • Public relations and advertising people to help design and/or distribute
your help, Hugs for Puppies can reach                            flyers and posters and create other ways to publicize these events.
the goal of $5,000—enough to reach                                    • Coordinators to recruit, schedule, and manage volunteers.
one million viewers in the                                            New Ideas Coupled with Action
Philadelphia region. Please send                                      CARE’s other outreach and education activities include Project Libra,
donations to Nick Cooney, 5018 Hazel                             Campaign Humane, and our ongoing potluck and restaurant dinners. However,
Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143, or                               we are always open to new ways to embrace activism on behalf of animals and
email for                              the environment. But what we need, in addition to the ideas, are committed
more information.                                                individuals who are able to plan, coordinate, and execute those ideas. As an
                                                                 example, CARE would benefit from engaging students more directly. Students
                                                                 tend to be open-minded, excited by social justice movements, and often have the
 Expressly Vegetarian Cafe                                       energy and passion needed for volunteerism. CARE’s membership is spread
                                                                 throughout areas with many colleges and universities. This is a great student
                                Monday thru Friday               outreach project in need of a coordinator.
                       11 a.m. - 2 p.m. (lunch hour)                  Fundraising
                       8700 Germantown Avenue                         We definitely need help in this area. Currently, the bulk of CARE’s income is
                          Philadelphia, PA 19118                 derived from membership dues and individual donations. We would love to hear
                                   215-247-6700                                                                                  Continued on page 4
 EVENTS SPONSORED BY OTHER GROUPS                                                                         DELICIOUS DISCOVERIES
COFFEEHOUSE AT EXPRESSLY VEGETARIAN CAFÉ                                                                  New Ways with Vegetables
Every second Saturday night at 7pm. March 12–the Johnson/Greene gospel quartet; April 9–                       Even a vegan can
TBA; May 14–singer/songwriter, Derek Sandstrom. The café is located at 8700 Germantown                    struggle to get enough
Avenue, Chestnut Hill, PA. Vegan food is available. Call 215-233-1286 for details.                        vegetables into their
FIRST ANNUAL GRASSROOTS ANIMAL RIGHTS CONFERENCE                                                          everyday diet. Here are two
March 31-April 3 in New York City, NY. An opportunity for grassroots activists to come                    preparations that go beyond simple
together across the nation to learn, organize, and mobilize. Registration fees range from $10-            steaming.
$40. For information and registration, go to                                             Roasting vegetables in the oven
SOWING SEEDS WORKSHOP                                                                                     is incredibly easy and will bring out
Saturday & Sunday, April 16 & 17 in Washington, DC. This 2-day training workshop, offered                 a deeper flavor than simply
by the International Institute for Humane Education, is designed to teach you how to offer                steaming or boiling. Lightly coat a
empowering and effective humane education programs. For details, go to                     mixture of broccoli and cauliflower
LECTURE WITH CLUB VEG                                                                                     florets, diced carrots, sweet
Saturday, May 14 at the PEAK Center, Lansdale, PA. Dr. Michael Greger will present                        potatoes, fennel—you name it—
lifesaving information on “Stopping Cancer Before It Starts.” For details, contact:                       with olive oil. Season to taste with or 267-481-0487.                                                                       salt and pepper and roast on a
AMERICAN VEGAN SOCIETY PICNIC AND SPEAKERS                                                                baking sheet or pan in 350o oven for
Sunday, May 29 at 56 Dinshah Lane, Malaga, NJ. Picnic lunch at 12:00 noon followed by                     30–40 minutes, stirring occasionally
two speakers: Dr. Milton Mills and Caryn Hartglass of EarthSave. Donation requested.                      until lightly browned and softened.
Please register by 5/24 by calling Freya at 856-694-2887.                                                 When vegetables are done, mix with
                                                                                                          slivered almonds, lemon juice, and/
                                                                                                          or chopped parsley.
UP ‘N COMING CARE EVENTS (continued)                                                                           Try making your own
                                                                                                          spanakopita or “spinach pie.” Frozen
                                                                                                          fillo sheets are widely available in 1-
THURSDAY, APRIL 21                               SATURDAY, MAY 21                                         pound packages in most
Info Table for Earth Day                         Dinner—Green Papaya                                      supermarkets. The Fillo Factory
11am-3pm Sykes Hall, West Chester                5:30pm 290 East Lancaster Avenue (Rt.                    brand makes vegan fillo pastry in
University, West Chester, PA                     30), Exton, PA (across the street from the               organic and whole wheat versions.
Encourage students to adopt an earth- and        Exton Mall)                                              Thaw overnight in the refrigerator
animal-friendly lifestyle. To volunteer,         Join us for camaraderie and a six-course                 and remember to keep them covered
contact Lydia Chaudhry at                        vegan meal in our own private room at                    while you assemble your recipe. or 610-570-3858.             this Vietnamese restaurant. $15 per
                                                 person. Reservations are required. Call                  Sauté chopped spinach (frozen is
SATURDAY, APRIL 23                               Lee Ruslander at 610-857-2339.                           fine) with onions and mushrooms
                                                                                                          and blend it in a food processor
Potluck Dinner                                   SATURDAY, JUNE 25                                        with silken tofu, lemon juice, and
6pm Ardmore, PA                                                                                           salt and pepper to taste. Line a pie
Come to eat and socialize with like-             Annual Veggie Fest                                       plate with fillo sheets, brushing
minded folks. Please bring a vegan               Noon-4pm Hoopes Park, West Chester,                      each layer lightly with oil. Arrange
potluck dish to share. RSVP to Denise            PA Save the date and look for a flyer in                 spinach on top and bake, covered
Tremblay or Harish Sethu at                      the mail.
610-896-1629.                                                                                             with foil at 400o for 30 minutes.
                                                                                                                              —Lydia Chaudhry,
SUNDAY, MAY 1                                                                                                        Vice-President, CARE Board
Info Table at Chester County
SPCA Walk for Paws
10am-3pm Brandywine Valley
Association’s Myrick Conservation Center,          Join CARE                                              NEW                     RENEW
Rte. 842, West Chester, PA
Come to walk your dog or to volunteer at
CARE’s table. Call Maryanne Appel at               Last Name                                           First Name
610-497-8927 for details.
Info Table at Mt. Airy Day                         City                                           State                    Zip
11am-5pm Cliveden and Upsala
Mansions, 6400 Germantown Avenue,                  Home Phone                                E-mail                                   Date
Philadelphia, PA                                    Yes, I would like to join CARE in its efforts toward compassionate living.
Spread the word of compassion at this               All levels include: newsletter; invitation to annual meeting; one free admission to Veggie Fest or
annual community celebration. Call                  Thanksgiving potluck; discounts on CARE’s t-shirts, books, and events
Sheryl Richman at 215-242-0465 to                       Individual: $20           Family: $30
volunteer. (rain date May 8)                            Supporter: $50 (also includes CARE’s t-shirt w/drawing of three food animals and saying: “I
                                                        don’t eat anything with eyes…except potatoes”—indicate size:        M     L    XL)
SATURDAY, MAY 14                                        Sustainer: $100 (also includes the book The Food Revolution OR the book The Pig Who Sang
Video Screening                                         to the Moon)
3pm & 5pm Whiteland Woods                               I do not wish to receive the complimentary t-shirt or book.
Community Clubhouse, Exton, PA.                         I’ve also enclosed a contribution of $_____ to help CARE in its work.
Two showings of the new video “The                      Yes, I would like to volunteer. Please contact me.
Peaceable Kingdom.” Light refreshments                   Make checks payable to CARE. Return to CARE, P.O. Box 847, West Chester, PA 19381.
will be served. For reservations, call Emily                                    CARE is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.
Perna at 610-662-1127.
 Risotto with Asparagus & Lemon                                                             (continued)
 4½ C. No-Chicken Broth                  ½ C. dry white wine                                from any interested members with
 3 t. olive oil                          1 bunch asparagus, cut into
 1 small/medium onion, chopped               bite-size pieces                               experience and expertise in
 2 cloves garlic, minced                 1 small lemon                                      professional fundraising.
 1½ C. Arborio rice                      Salt and pepper                                         Board Membership
       Set a timer for 30 minutes. Bring the broth to a boil in a small pan and then             There are currently eight
 reduce to a simmer. Maintaining the heat in the broth is important during the risotto      members on CARE’s Board of
 preparation.                                                                               Directors. The organization as a whole
       In a heavy pan warm the olive oil then sauté the onion and garlic for 3 to 5         would benefit by increasing this
 minutes with the heat between medium and medium high. Add the rice, coating it             number. The more of us there are, the
 with oil and stirring it for an additional 3 minutes. Rice will be shiny and fragrant.
 Add the wine.                                                                              easier it will become to manage
       Slowly add one cup of the broth to the rice. Stir and allow it to simmer. The rice   CARE’s current activities and to create
 will absorb the broth. Continue adding the broth one cup at a time, stirring and           new ones. The Board meets monthly
 allowing the rice to absorb it before adding more broth. When 10 minutes are left,         in West Chester. Beyond attendance at
 add the asparagus. Continue adding the broth until you have used the entire 4½ cups.       a minimum number of meetings, the
 The end result should be a creamy and tender risotto. Add lemon and salt and pepper        extent of a Board member’s
 to taste. Serves 4.
                                            —from the kitchen of Sue Styer, CARE member     participation and involvement can
                                                                                            vary. It can be exciting and
                                                                                            empowering to be a part of a Board
                                                                                            because you will have a real place to
                                                                                            float ideas and influence policy and
                                                                                                 Take the Next Step
  Honor or memorialize your human and nonhuman friends and                                       To learn more about volunteering
  support CARE at the same time.                                                            for CARE and to discuss ways you can
                                                                                            get involved, please contact Lydia
  Donor                    In Memory Of                                                     Chaudhry at
  Joe Noce                 his father, Joseph G. Noce                                       or Maryanne Appel at 610-497-8927.
                                                                                                                  —Lydia Chaudhry,
  Donor                    In Recognition Of                                                            Vice-President, CARE Board
  Anonymous                Zoray Godwin for all her work in organizing the
                           fifth annual Vegan Thanksgiving Day Feast

  Maryanne Appel
                           In Recognition Of
                           Sheryl Richman for her many years of invaluable
                                                                                             IT’S TIME TO
                           service to CARE and for her continuing support                    JOIN CARE
                                                                                                 If your mailing label has the
                                                                                             word “Join” on it, this is your last
“The central purpose of each life should be to dilute the misery in the world.”              complimentary issue of
                            ~~ Karl Menninger                                                Compassionate News. Please use
                                                                                             the form on Page 3 to become a
                                                                                             member and support our good
                              PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                      work. Thank you.

                                                                                                    RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
  PERMIT NO. 195
 WEST CHESTER, PA                                                                            WEST CHESTER PA 19381
        PAID                                                                                 PO BOX 847
   U.S. POSTAGE                                                       Respect for the Environment, Inc. (CARE)
                                                                      Compassion for Animals—

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